Chace McCartson - Part IV by A2O

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Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Male, Rape, Romance, Slavery, Stockholm Syndrome, Submission, Teen Female, Torture

Hi guys.

It's a long time since I published the previous part of this story. I really hope I still have readers for these because, if I do, there are a lot of other parts to come.

This part is huge and I know that. Next parts will be smaller... I think.

Here goes some considerations:

- Even if there are some good conventional sex scenes and possibly a good dose of romance to come, this story tends to get darker as it goes, involving - more - torture, extreme sex, bestiality and some other stuff.

- I'm not an English speaker and I know I make a lot of mistakes, but I have no one to proof-read for me in time to post, cause I'm really busy and the only time I have I write and I post, so, sorry for any mistake or error.

- All the characters follows the stipulated by the site, being older than 16 years old.


What follows is a fictional story which has focus on slavery and rape, but not made to offend anyone. If you feel offended by kidnapping, raping, humiliation or torture of any kind, please, quit reading.




Chace McCartson - Part IV

Erika was lying on her side, her face and shoulder buried in that big and comfy white pillow, sheets covering her up to her breasts. I was seating beside her, behind her, caressing her long and wavy dark hair and watching her recover the color on her face and on her lips, watching her body relax and the shivering go away. I've already heard about almost death experiences changing people, but I never expected that someone's almost death experience would change me this way. I mean, I still wanted to have absurdly rough sex with her, to torture her, but I felt way different about her now.

Now I would do everything in my power to turn this into a way of life for her, not just let her rot down there while I satisfy my needs of control and abuse. Her moaning was still filling my mind, not letting anything else in. They were pristine, untouched, honest... She didn't even know what was happening to her. Her innocence seduced me in a way nobody could.

I wanted to bathe her, but to do it I would need to blindfold her again and I didn't want this. So I just brought her to her bed and covered her. Then I went upstairs, took one of my pillows, twice the size of the one I've bought for her and carefully put it under her head, staying there just watching her for almost ten minutes, until she appeared to be awaking. She frowned twice and squirmed a little, so I put my hand on her shoulder before she opened her eyes, talking to her as soon as she tried to move her face.

"Don't turn your head, little girl," I said smoothly. She inhaled deeply, in fear. "Don't worry, I'll do nothing to you, just don't look to me cause you're not wearing your blindfold. You don't need to answer me either, I know you are hoarse," I said still caressing her hair. She started shivering again. I think that couldn't be avoided at that moment. "Do you hurt anywhere?"

She took a moment thinking and unfortunately I couldn't see her face to try to figure out what she was thinking, but she just curled up a little in the sheets to keep her breasts covered and, taking out part of an arm, she pointed to her own neck.

"Your throat, right?" I asked and she nodded, "And down there, are you hurt?"

Erika cringed a little more and nodded shyly.

"Ok. Rest here for more 10 minutes then go take a bath. I'm going out to buy us something good to eat and some medicine for your throat. Don't do anything stupid, ok?" I asked and she nodded again.

Finding something good to eat in the surroundings was a hard task. The best I got was pizza, what I was sure she wasn't complaining about. After buying four pizzas and a remedy for sore throat I was back. I stopped by the sentry-box and offered one pizza box to Bob.

"Thanks, boss." The balding and stout guy said in his black uniform, taking the box through the open window.

"Bob, do you know what I'm doing in there?" I asked.

"No sir, Roy just instructed me that nobody comes in and nobody leaves until I can't check with you, sir." The guy looked austere, focused. That was good.

"So Roy instructed you well. Good night, Bob."

"Good night, sir."

After parking the car in the garage I gave a quick look around and in a near shadow was that black and big dog watching me, his pointed ears making it look like a devilish creature.

"Come here, Beast." I said and he obeyed, running and stopping just in front of me, imposing like a real guard dog had to be. "Here, take it," I said throwing a piece of pizza for him, which he caught in mid air but instead of eating it he just pressed it against the ground with his teeth and stood rigid, almost in attack position. Fuck, they brainwashed my dog! It was a really interesting thing to see, how my stupid and roistering dog turned into this little monster ready to follow orders and deny completely his instincts. Exactly what I intended to do with the girls I'd take for me. I want them to understand that their suffering makes me happy and that they want to make me happy, are they used to or excited by pain or not. "Eat," I said, and Beast devoured it voraciously.

As I entered the luxurious and classic house, looking at the stylish wooden Victorian furniture slightly visible on the low light, as I liked it – comfortable and dark – I thought about what I wanted. I just wanted a girl to use any way I'd want, to fuck her and sexually torture her senseless and, instead, I got Erika. She wasn't what I expected. I wanted a woman that knew what was happening to her, that had the gut to defy me, even if just on the beginning. Even so, it was obvious Erika's potential to keep me entertained. She was absurdly beautiful, she was damn young and inexperienced, everything was new for her and, the best of all, I really thought I could bring her to my side. Her previous life sucked so much that I was almost certain that with just a little effort I could make her comfortable with me, maybe even make her fall in love with me, in a disturbed, syndromic way, but I'd bet I could. That was what I was aiming for at that moment. I wanted her to start wanting me, but knowing who I am, the real Chace, not the over controlled and businessman Chace that Gabrielle was into.

As I reached the door to the basement I activated the sound system, "Erika, lay exactly as you were when I left and put the pillow over your head," and turning the monitor on I saw her doing as I said, so I entered.

I headed to her room and left the pizza over the nightstand then went to the bathroom, where I unlocked the medicine cabinet and took the tube of an anesthetic gynecological cream I had bought to use in case I had punished too severely the girl that would be here with me. My thoughts were to use it if I had exaggerated in the use of one of the devices, or fisting her, maybe cutting or piercing her somehow. Now I was about to use it just to relieve her from the soreness caused by two days of sex. I barely could believe that was happening.

When I came back she was still lying on her side, sheets covering up to her breasts and her head was covered by the huge pillow as I had instructed. I just spooned her, feeling her start to shiver in my arms, what I loved.

"This will only help you, so relax," I said lifting the pillow a little, close to her ear. It didn't have any effect on her shuddering, especially while I was sliding the sheet off her small body. She was lying on her left side; I bent a little and took her right leg just beneath her knee and pulled it up, bending it. Then I spread some of the cream on my fingers and reached her tiny slit with my fingers. When I first touched her I expected her to wince, to squirm... But it didn't happen. I honestly thought that she had started to believe me. A part of me died when I rubbed her petals with the tips of my index and middle fingers, slightly spreading her lips to come in and I had no resistance from her part and no reaction other than feeling her body becoming a little stiff. But at the same time that I mourned the fact that the fight was over, I liked the fact that she was getting used to me and that she wasn't lying when she implored me to go easy on her as "she was already mine", as she said. My fingers went in, sinking in that so tight entrance, moving in and out slowly and carefully and, as soon as I had them inside her the deepest I could, I started moving them in circles, spreading the cream on the internal walls of her little pussy.

That's when the fun started. She started moving her pelvis as I moved inside of her. Her tiny fingers clawed on the mattress and her legs started trembling. I took my fingers out slowly and watched her stop, her chest heaving furiously, while I put some more cream on my fingers. With my free hand I slowly start to take the pillow off her head.

"Keep your eyes closed, little girl. Don't open, your life depends on it." I said and took the pillow in my hand while admiring her face, her eyes shut really tight and her frightened expression. I lifted her head carefully and slid the pillow beneath it, laying her comfortably on it. Then, while looking to her slightly freckled and gorgeous face, I inserted my fingers on her once again. Her bent leg squirmed a little and her pussy was wet, warm. She was aroused, fuck! "So you are enjoying it, huh?" I whispered at her ear.

Her cheeks became absurdly red and tears started to roll. She was completely ashamed and that was awesome for me. She couldn't stop her body from reacting to the soothing sensation of the cream and the soft touch of my fingers inside her. I kept moving, caressing, massaging her insides carefully and her waist started moving again, she couldn't help rocking her pelvis, part as involuntary discomfort but most of it as she couldn't avoid the pleasure and the agony she was feeling all at once. She was sobbing openly now, trying to bury her face on the pillow and escape the shame, but I held her neck with my free hand and turned her face to me. Her lips parted and her breath slow but heavy, tears streaming on her blushing face and a hurtful moan escaped from her, an exhausted and agonizing moan. Instantly I remembered her completely limp in my arms a couple hours ago. I stopped. Fuck! I had to control myself.

"Is it better? Did it stop hurting?" I asked her.

"Yes," She mumbled in response.

I removed my fingers from her, watching her gasp when my fingers finally let her little slit rest, "There is pizza and some medicine for your throat on the nightstand. Try to have a good night of sleep and don't worry about tomorrow, you'll not suffer, I promise," I said caressing her cheek with the back of my hand and getting up. I didn't look to her again. If I did I'd see her glistening pussy lips and her trembling legs and I'd come back to her bed and leave only in the morning.

Soon after leaving I caught myself watching her through the monitor. She sat at the edge of the bed eating a slice of pizza and I felt myself throbbing inside my pants when I saw her rubbing her thighs against each other. I just wished the night to be over fast.

In fact it did. I didn't realize how tired I was. Soon as I landed on my bed I blacked out. When I woke up I took a shower and checked the monitor while having breakfast. She was wandering through the room where I had build her a little gym, curiously checking the apparels. It looked like she was awake for a while now. Then she walked to the sex room, stopping beneath the door-frame, like she was lacking courage to enter. I went to brush my teeth and when I came back she was standing still in front of the torture chamber's door. That's when I called her.

"Erika, get ready for me, I'm coming for you in 15 minutes."

She looked up, like the ceiling was talking to her, then she walked calmly to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, checked her already brushed hair on the mirror then spent some time staring at the white bottle containing her pills. Erika was completely different, she wasn't smiling, she wasn't looking happy, but she was relaxed. Calm. After a while, admiring her, I got why: She trusted me. I said that she wouldn't suffer today and she believed it. And the incredible thing was, I really wasn't. Even with a million things I had in mind and that my blood urged to do to her, I wasn't doing them today. I was definitely doing, but not now. I watched her swallowing her pill with a glass of water and I went to the door. She should be waiting for me when I got there.

And there she was, that perfect petite girl standing there. I spent some time admiring the view, as I did yesterday. Her small but slender body, her girly curves, that wavy dark brown hair falling all the way to her waist. She had a little gap where her legs joined, making the contour of her pretty and delicate pussy visible from behind, just below that heart shaped and tight little ass. I walked slowly to her hearing her breath becoming heavy, fast. I passed my arms around her slowly, carefully hugging her, my arms just beneath her beautiful breasts. I was just wearing denim pants and socks this time, so I could feel the smooth, porcelain white skin of her back touching my chest.

She was shivering as always, but wasn't avoiding me today, neither curling up. When I pulled her to me, she came, her back and her head resting on my chest.

"I really like your behavior today. Are you feeling better?" I asked.

"Yes..." She answered. Her voice still a little hoarse, but audible.

"As I said, I can make you feel good too and that is what I intend to do today," I said giving her a small kiss on the neck, watching her squirm with the tingling sensation. "Come with me," I said getting her hand and walking her to the bed.

"Y-You promised you wouldn't make me suffer today..." She almost whimpered as soon as she figured where I was taking her.

"And I didn't lie to you, I'll not hurt you today..." I said taking her in my arms and laying her on the sex room's king sized bed, "... But you must remember that you are still mine."

She was visibly apprehensive, her arms up and sprawled to the sides of her head, her breath becoming heavier each second, while I got on the bed and started to take my pants off. I was hearing her breath and seeing her chest heaving frantically when I caressed then grabbed her legs, taking them apart, she gasped and started to sob softly in fear.

"Relax, babe." I leaned over her and passed her legs across my back, keeping them apart with my own legs, taking her in the missionary position, "Put your arms around my neck."

She hesitantly groped blindly, touching my face for mistake and then laced her arms around my neck. I bent a little further and kissed her. Her lips were trembling. My dick went rock hard and I let the weight of my hips fall upon hers, my member pressing the sensitive skin of her full, girly outer lips. I forced my tongue inside her mouth and started probing, making hers dance with mine. With one of my hands I caressed her cheek while the other squeezed her right breast softly, enjoying the touch of her smooth skin.

"Erika, I'm all you have. Every touch, every caress, every word you'll have for a good part of the rest of your life, they will come from me. I'll have what I want from you, but nothing is stopping me from making you happy too," I said with my face so close to hers that I could feel her breathe on my skin, my fingers playing with her right nipple, caressing that pinkish brown and delicate nub. "You can be my slave during all this time, or you can be my little partner. Choice is yours," I said and started kissing her again, and again, and again for minutes, until I felt her starting to relax, to breath and gasp softly while my hands traveled her perfect little body. So, when I thought she was ready, I took my throbbing hard dick in my hand and started rubbing it on her little pussy.

She gasped, and then asked softly, "Y-You will not hurt me?" Her accent more evident then never, making it sound somewhat sexy. It made me smile.

"No, not now" I said, "I will hurt you eventually, I'll hurt you bad. But I'll reward you too, when you are to me what I want you to be and, now, I want you to give yourself to me. So, what do you choose?" I said, the tip of my nose touching hers, my left hand cupping the side of her face.

She took a deep breath and, shivering, spread her legs a little more, letting her face rest in my hand. Tears rolled from the blindfold to my hand and her lips went apart in a silent scream when I pushed myself forward, the head of my cock struggling to get inside her. I forced it once, twice... At the third time, not pushing so hard, I surpassed the tightness of her lips and felt the velvety sensation of her insides on me once again. She wasn't that wet, but she was. And she was warm like always but, that time, I was savoring each detail as I slowly inserted more and more of me inside of her and, that time, she didn't struggle. Erika tightened her grip around me and started her personal war against that storm of bodily sensations.

I was fucking her slowly, going in and out gently, and I was rewarded with her pussy becoming wetter and wetter, hotter. I kept caressing her right breast and giving her occasional kisses on the neck, on her mouth... Soon she was breathing heavy, paused and deeply. Her cheeks turned red and her shivering turned into something less perceptible. When I noticed she was ready I started humping, fucking her little pussy just rough enough to make her like it.

"Nngh!" She groaned at first, when I thrust in, then she started panting and some little moans started to escape from her, "Ah... Auh... Ohh..." Making me test all my resolve to keep it like that, not thrusting as fiercely and as deeply as I wanted too. But soon it turned easily to endure, as her little body felt like it was melting around me. She was really getting into it.

"Feeling good, little girl?" I whispered in her ear, never stopping my motions inside of that damn tight little crevice.

She let her beautiful and reddened face fall in shame and I slowed my pace again, thrusting really, really slow, but forcing myself forward so my dick rubbed really hard on her tiny clit. Making her gasp frantically every time I sunk in.

"You don't have to be ashamed, babe..." I took her right protuberant nipple between my index finger and thumb and pulled it softly, extending it and her breast a little, she gasped and let out a little squeal, "...There are things that I'll do to you, that you would never think they could feel so good..." I pull a little more, making her arch her back while my cock is fully inside of her, "... And that's what will make you want to be here with me..." I let her nipple go and she groans. I start moving again and her pussy tightens even more around me, in a way I felt that wasn't possible.

I start groaning loud and fucking my little girl, while her soft and lovely moans turn into something more and more urgent. Her legs tighten and tremble around me and, noticing what is happening, I quicken my rhythm. I was reaching deeper and deeper inside Erika's little cunt and the few groans of protest she made mixed with her moans of pleasure. Our hips were connecting every time my drove myself in, completely buried inside her.

"Do you want to come, little girl?" I asked her panting. She buried her face on my shoulder and didn't answer, just kept moaning and gasping. I was amazed by how intense things are to her. She had the ability to turn regular sex in something amazing for me, what I considered impossible. "Huh? Do you want to have an orgasm, babe?" I asked her again.

From the apex of her arousal, she asked me: "O-Once?"

That made me laugh. She was worried that I could lock her in a chain of orgasms like I did yesterday. Ok, maybe she had the right of being worried; she almost died, after all.

I slowed a bit, took her chin in my hand and turned her face to me, never stopping my member inside of her, "Yes, just one. Do you want?"

She swallowed dry, and answered shyly "Y... Yes..."

"So ask me politely, as the educated girl you are."

Erika managed to look even more embarrassed then she practically mewed...

"C-can you m-make me... Ahn... C-come ple-ease?"

I couldn't resist. I kissed her hard, sucking her little mouth into mine and sticking my tongue inside her. My movements became frantic. I did my best not to hurt her, but I was hurting her, I knew that. She was groaning inside my mouth, squealing for every thrust. I wanted to be inside her at any cost, deeper as I could, deeper in that hot and soaked little being beneath me. I wanted her badly. I started cumming, jolting inside of her but I didn't stop moving. I wanted her to come and when I felt she start twitching inside I went crazy. I forced myself to go faster. My cum was oozing from her and dripping to the bed. Then she escaped my kiss and squealed with all she got left.

"HUUUAAAAAAAARGH!!!" Her body tensed. She arched her back and I kept moving while I felt her body spasm, all her muscles contracting and her pussy clenched my dick inside her. Her head started rocking back and forth while the wave of feeling was slowly letting her relax, "Huuuuuuuh... Huuuh... Huh..." She groaned while I stopped moving and I held her in my arms feeling her little body starting to relax.

I fell over her exhausted. Wasted. Feeling her beneath me and her tears rolling down my neck, where her face was snuggling.

I withdrew from her, making her wince, then I rolled on the bed, making her rest on top of me. I held her tight and felt her relaxing, her breath turning back to normal.

"Did I hurt you, little girl?" I asked looking down, lying on my back and crossing my hands beneath my head.

"Yes," she whispered after a second.

"Do I have to apologize for hurting you like this?" I asked grinning, asking sarcastically.

"No," She whispered shyly.


It was Tuesday night. I had spent two days admiring my little girl through the video system, since I had left her at the basement Sunday night. Now I was heading to my date with Gabrielle, who was very suspicious about me these last days. She noticed that I had completely lost my focus and that I was spending too much time locked in my office. Unfortunately for her, she would never know why.

The weird thing was that I was heading to the first real date I was having with her, the date that could be the start of the first real relationship I would have and yet, while I was handing the keys of my Mercedes to the chauffeur in front of that fancy French restaurant, the only thing that I could think of was the last chat I had with Erika.

"I'm leaving you here. If anything happens to you, you press the panic button. Ok?"

"Yes sir."

"Yes sir? Hell, I liked that, keep it."

"Yes sir..." And for a brief moment, she giggled.

I had told her to clean herself for me; I had scared the hell out of her telling that I would fuck her tiny little ass the next time I'd be with her. I told her that next weekend we should spend most of our time in the torture chamber. She was shaking, terrified, but I told her that it was what I wanted, that I would keep her unscarred and if she behaved accordingly to what I expected of her she would be rewarded with more “vanilla Sundays”, as I started to call that surprisingly good thing we had last Sunday.

More surprisingly was the way she was being cool about it. Of course she looked scared when I told her things, looked apprehensive, worried, but it all was starting to fade absurdly soon. She giggled, for only a second, but I saw her giggle! Maybe I was absurdly right about her. Maybe I could really make her want this. It wasn't what I wanted at first, I wanted the extreme experience of raping a girl, of defiling her body against her will, but now... Now I just wanted to try her, to make her experience these abusive, intrusive, disturbing things and help her get through them. Make her my partner on this...

"Chace? Chace, are you even listening to me?" Gabrielle asked.

"Oh... Sure. Sorry," Fuck, I had lost myself in these thoughts just in front of her.

We were sitting on our table. Gabrielle was stunning, wearing a beautiful and sexy red dress.

"Those problems you took the weekend to solve are still haunting you, huh?" She asked visibly upset, crossing her legs and playing with her drink.

Fuck, I was screwing things up again. I got up from the chair and walked around the table, sitting in the chair beside her. That really would be embarrassing for her. The atmosphere in the restaurant was really discreet, with tables widely separated from each other and the half-light, yet many eyes were on her, many but mine.

"I'm sorry babe, I really am," I said holding her waist, "I'm trying hard to not screw this up, but you know me..." I said in an apologetic tone.

"It shouldn't be so hard if you weren't forcing yourself to do this..." She almost whispered, still looking down.


"It looks like you are here for mere formality, like you'd rather be somewhere else. This date was supposed to be our chance to know each other apart from work or sex, wasn't it?" She said and I couldn't feel any anger in her, it was more like she was trying to settle things up, not like she was heading to a tizzy or something.

"I'm just trying to do the right thing here," I said bending and kissing her neck. She smelled really good. "How can I make it up to you?" I asked.

She looked at me, like I had said exactly what she wanted to hear and I started to think that it was all a mistake after all, she was exactly like the other women I've known, ready to manipulate me... Boy, was I wrong...

"That's the point. Why don't you stop trying to do things like everybody else does, why don't you stop faking and just let me know you?" Gabrielle had a gleam in her chocolate eyes and the words came out so decided, so determined, that I was sure that she was waiting a long time to tell me this.

"I don't because you wouldn't like what you'd find out," I said serious. Maybe she would love to know that I want to spank, to torture, to rape... And that I had just caged a teenage girl in the underground of my secret house so I could have my disturbed way with her, and only her. So I could try to have a normal life with the first woman that made me glimpse the perspective of a normal life.

"And do you think I want to live a lie? To know that you're not being yourself and just get over it? I'm not that shallow, Chace..." And she was all heat when she said that, like she was getting it off her chest. "I made it very clear that I wasn't interested in your money... I thought I had made it very clear that I’d do anything for you..."

Gabrielle looked down, staring at her own hands through her long lashes. She had no clue what she was asking for and I'd let it very clear to her.

"I'm doing everything I can to have a good time with you. You don't really wanna know me, you just think you do. But if you think you can't be with me knowing that I'm trying to protect you from myself... I think we should go home."

She looked at me shocked, probably about how straight I was.

"There's not even an option? I mean, wouldn't you even let me try to like the real you?" Tears were forming a pool in her eyes and that was breaking me apart. I knew I'd screw things up eventually. Even when it is not me, it is about me.

"I don't think I could afford to lose you if you don't like what you see," I answer, and it's the truth.

"Let me try..." She starts saying but I shush her with the tip of my finger.

"If you think I'm diminishing what you mean to me somehow, you're wrong. I just don't want to lose you, I'm serious. And I don't want to talk about it anymore."

It was terrible. I helped her get a cab, as I didn’t think that prolonging that would help us in any way. She looked broken, trying to stiff and to hold back her emotions. The last time our eyes crossed that night she had disappointment and anguish all over her face. I couldn't believe that even when I try to do the right thing, I do the wrong thing. For a moment I saw what could be a hell of a good future waving me good bye through that sad chocolate eyes in that cab.

I had screwed things up bad that time. That made me possessed. Possessed at the fucked up part of me that insists to want me to have pleasure in disturbed things and that now was incarnate in the form of a little girl in my basement.

I got into the Mercedes, 11:30 PM, and held the phone tight in my ear: "Erika, get ready for me, I'm coming for you in thirty minutes." My foot pressed on the gas pedal making the engine roar to life and shooting forward.

I didn't check the camera, I didn't warn her again, I just entered the basement wishing – for her sake – that she was already blindfolded and waiting for me, otherwise I'd start on her right in the entrance...

When I opened the door there she was, noticeably nervous by the situation, but that wouldn't last. I wouldn't give her the time to feel apprehensive. I just held her hand and pulled her with me, in my path to the torture room. She gasped in surprise, probably expecting that I would hug her from behind, like I did all the other times... But that wasn't like the other times.

The way I was touching her, the way I didn't talk to her, the way I just pulled her from place to place and holding her fiercely enough to hurt every time she lost her balance... She started to sob quietly, knowing that something was wrong. She just couldn't figure out how much wrong it was.

"D-Did I do something wrong?" She asked when the first tears started to roll down her cheeks, but I didn't answer.

Soon as we were inside I asked her dryly to put her hands together up her head and I buckled leather cuffs on her wrists then I hung them to the chain hanging from the ceiling. I came to the crank on the wall and started turning it fast, listening to her whimpers when it begun to stir and lift her. I stopped when she was tiptoed and cuffed her ankles as well, linking them with a 3 feet spreader bar.

"W-What..." She started to say in a faltering voice when I interrupted.

"Shut up," I said taking the ball gag from my back pocket, "Just open your mouth and don't say anything."

I strapped the ball gag on her mouth. I could see that it was a little too big for her, the red rubber ball barely passing her teeth, and that it would start to hurt her jaw soon, but I didn't care. Actually, it was perfect. I was ready to make a point. For me and for her. I was angry, very angry. Angry with Gabrielle that didn't let me try to have a normal relationship with her, angry at Erika that was twisting my intentions, making me feel things I wasn't supposed to be feeling... Both of them were manipulating me... I was angry at myself and Erika was paying the price.

I took a flogger from the drawer, with five falls, made of horse leather and one of my heaviest floggers. Nothing that could scrape or scar, but leave damn bad wounds. That thing would hurt like hell, especially when hitting certain places... Erika discovered it as soon as I suddenly hit her left breast. I had to prove to myself that I didn't care for her. That I didn't care for no one but myself. She was mine to use and that was it.

The little girl squealed in surprise and started struggling in her restraints, trying to escape the second hit the cracked on her right breast.

"MMMMMGGGUUUHHHHHH!" She howled in pain and that was just the first of several painful and gagged screams.

That is what you mean to me, you little whore, I thought to myself. Letting all my rage come out and unleashing hell on her.

She danced the dance of pain, struggling and trying to blindly avoid my assaults. I was hitting her severely, putting real strength on it, and I didn't spare any of her sensitive parts. I hit both her breasts, thighs, inner thighs, armpits... When the blow landed on the full lips of her tiny pussy for the first time she squealed like I was killing her. Apart from her face, I hit her hard everywhere, over and over again, completely pitiless... It took some time for me to come to senses again and to realize what I was doing... To realize I wasn't enjoying what I was doing. To realize that whenever I think I screwed up something, I'm able to screw things up even more...

It was four or five minutes later that I really could see the scene: we were both sweaty, her chest was shining with her uncontrollable drooling, and she had given up screaming or fighting... Her body was contorted in pain, legs trembling, her little feet twisted, bent towards each other. She couldn't stand and had peed herself. Her head bobbing slowly forward and it was easy to notice the difficulty she had to breathe. Swollen red stripes and marks were all over her once porcelain white and perfect little body. I had hit her right nipple so hard that its base was surrounded by a dark red mark, like it could start bleeding any moment. She wasn't standing anymore; she was hanging from the ceiling like a piece of meat. Like an agonizing piece of meat.

I let the flogger fall.

What the hell was I thinking?

I approach her slowly, not knowing what to do. I started trying to remove the ball gag, but she her jaw was so stiff and it was so big that I had to do a real effort to take it off. Lots of drool spilled to the floor and she gasped for air. I gathered her messy and soaked hair in a ponytail and lifted her numb face. She was limp, Erika just shivered when I cupped her cheek with my right hand... And she rested her face in my palm.

Fuck. I was trying my best to understand how that could be. Was she trying to dissuade me to continue? Or was she just being the way she is, delicate, fragile and submissive? Her trembling was starting to lessen...

"Erika... What are you doing?" I asked.

She gasped afraid and removed her face from my hand, "S-sorry..."

"No!" I took her face with my both hands, caressing her cheeks with my thumbs, "No, you silly girl. It is ok! You did it because you thought we were finished, right?”

"T-there is m-more?" She managed to mumbled in panic and started to breathe like she was hyperventilating.

"No! No... It's over babe. It is over... You did great, little girl." I said in a soothing tone and she let her face rest in my hands again, breathing deeply and moaning in pain.

"I-It will..." She started saying, or trying to say, while I could feel tears rolling in my hand, "... It will a-always be lik-ke t-this?"

I looked to her torn little body, far more hurt than it would be necessary for me to enjoy my time with a girl like her and answered, "No, babe. Consider it a test that you have passed with distinction."

And I realized.

That was just Erika being Erika. Being lovely and trying to be loved, just like she tried unsuccessfully with her father. Erika considered it what I always told her that her life with me was going to be. She endured it and now her little face rests in my hand, having on her conscience that she have made her part of the deal.

That's when I realized that things weren't the way I wanted them to be, and that I was being an idiot.

Erika wanted to have what Gabrielle didn't want, just to be loved. Gabrielle was forcing me to let her have what Erika is forced to endure.

I had finally understood how things were supposed to be and what I should do.

I started unfastening her blindfold.

"N-No! P-Please s-sir I don't want to d-die!" She screamed and I ignored, letting the blindfold fall behind her while she kept her eyes closed tight.

I kept caressing her speckled cheeks for a while, and then I crouched and removed the spreader bar from her ankles, letting only the cuffs. Then I removed the hook from the chain hanging from the ceiling, disconnecting the cuffs on her wrists, just to see her fall forward, in my arms.

Then I tried something I had thought of since I tested if she remembered me for the first time.

"Can I help you, Missy?" I mimicked the first phrase I ever said to her, on purpose...

That's when I remembered how incredibly beautiful were her bright blue eyes when seeing close, when she opened them in big surprise.


Next: Recognition, the meeting with the Kidnapper and Gabrielle's test.

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