My Angel(fourth and final installment) by Assripper916

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True Story | Black, Consensual Sex, First Time, School

RECAP **I met Roxanne in our freshman year of high school. I sat right behind her in English class. On the very first day, I just happened to have a need for a pencil and asked her if I could borrow one. That question became a conversation, and soon enough we were talking constantly. I got to know her and she me. We very quickly became good friends and I started calling her Roxy, because she liked it better than Roxanne. At the time I didn’t know this but, she would become my best friend. The time flew by that year. As we entered our sophomore year, I joined the wrestling team and she joined the dance club. We didn’t get to see each other as often as we liked, but we made pacts to see every one of the other’s performances. One of my matches that she came to, I quickly set my opponent up to get hit with a fireman’s carry and pinned him in fifteen seconds. After the match was over, she ran up to me and wrapped her arms around me in a warm hiug. She also gave me a peck on the cheek. When she did that I felt like I was flying through the sky at lightning speed. It was the first time I realized I had feelings deeper than friendship for Roxanne. The year again, went by quickly and before I knew what happened, junior year was starting. I had spent almost the entire summer with Roxy, and after that I was ready to ask her to be my girlfriend. But on the first day back, she walks up to me and introduces me to a guy named Shane (as I affectionately refer to him as The Douche)…..her new boyfriend. I was heartbroken, to say the least. I felt that the dreams I had about her, us being together would never come true. But, I knew that what we had couldn’t just die like that, so I made sure nothing changed between us. We stayed close as ever. As we got into junior year, I could tell when things were rocky between Roxy and The Douche. She would always be extra moody and especially quiet. We went through an entire year of up and downs. Summer came and Roxy seemed to cheer up, even though she was still with……The Douche. But, I managed to look past that. Senior year came out of the blue and I was back to regular ole’ classes. After being sexually assaulted by a nymphomaniac cheerleader and having to fight off her family of crazy redneck cousins, the last day was here. The last day of high school**

*I woke up to the sound of Disturbed’s “Haunted” playing. “Shit,” I thought to myself, “I gotta get up and get to school.” I hopped out of bed hitting “off” on my Ipod alarm. I walked in to bathroom, looked into the mirror and reminisced about how I went from a scrawny 5’1, 103 lbs little kid to a muscular 6’1, 165 lbs state wrestler. “Damn, three years of wrestling has really paid off”, I said to myself. “WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?” my mom screamed from downstairs. “Nobody, relax!” I yelled back. “Well if you don’t stop talking to yourself, you’re gonna be late!” she yelled back again. I looked back at my clock and it showed 7:50. “Shit she’s right” I said under my breath. I hopped in the shower, got dressed and ran downstairs. As I was racing to the door my mom’s asked, “Don’t you need a backpack or something?” “Yea right. Like I gonna do anything work-related on the last day of school?” was my replied as I booked it out the front door. “Hey, remember I’m going to Detroit today so you’re on your own for the next week.” Yes. I got to my Acura and peeled out of the driveway and started on the way to school.

As I pulled into the school parking lot, the bell rang. “GOT DAMN IT!” I said to nobody in particular. As I ran to my home period, I thought to myself, “It’s official, I’ve been late every day of school this year. Guess I lost that bet.” I rounded the corner, and entered my classroom. The sounds of an unorderly class full of anxious seniors hit me full blast. It was so loud I could think straight. I had a very nonchalant home room teacher, so she didn’t care as I walked in late and sat at my desk. “Psssssh, turn around”, somebody whispered in my ear from behind me. I whipped my head around to see who I was going to backhand, and there she was, Roxanne, just sitting their gleaming. “Gotcha didn’t I?” she said with such an infectious that I had to chuckle too. “What are you doing here” I asked, “This isn’t your homeroom.” “Well, I decided to hang out in here with you today, I’m sure Mr. Ekersely won’t miss me.” I really didn’t care why she was here, I was just glad she was. As I looked at her I was reminded of when I first meet her. Beautiful, outgoing, yet, still very opinionated and extremely smart. She had really grown into her body as well. Cup size at the very least, a very high C, toned abs and legs from all the dancing, and a butt that was firm and tight. And to top it all off, that smooth Aztec bronze colored skin to hold it all together.

I wanted so much to tell her how I felt, right then and there, how I’ve felt about her for the last two years but, something in me just could bring myself to say anything. I think she could tell something was up, but she didn’t press. So we chatted about trivial stuff, teacher who sucked, friends we would miss, friends we wouldn’t. As we talked, she seemed very….chipper. It wasn’t the strangest thing in the world, just a bit unusual. She was kind of going on a bit like those ditzy stereotypical blondes, and she only does that when she is nervous. “Hey, you okay?” I asked, breaking here tirade on how badly the cafeteria food was. “Huh, yea I’m fine.” She replied, but she avoided eye contact. “Who you trying to fool, huh? Did you forget I know you like the rules of a wrestling match?” I said with a slightly joking tone. “You’re right something is up that I want to talk to you about, but not here and not now.” she said. And as if on cue, the bell rang. She jumped up quickly and made a beeline for the door. “Wait a minute, I…..” I started to say, but she just looked back at me and said, “In good time, my eager compadre.” And then she was gone. Thinking to myself, “We’ll she did say she’d tell me, just not now”, I walked out the class to head to my next class.**

*Beach sure is nice today. Wait, wasn’t I at school? Oh well, it’s such a nice day out. Oh look there’s Roxy. I run towards her. The moment is right, I have to tell her now, or I may not get another chance. “Roxanne, look I have something I’ve wanted to tell you for so long. It’s just been eating me up inside, and I can’t hold on to it any longer. Roxy, I……”. “Wait a minute. Before you tell me your secret I want you to wake up. Do you hear me Malik? Malik, wake UP!

“Huh, what’s going on?” I almost shouted with a start.” Damn it, it was only a dream” I thought in my head bitterly. “Well, now that you’re awake, Mr. King, can I continue?” said Mr. Thompson, the biggest pain in my ass since freshman year. “Whateves” was my lazy ass reply. Mr. Thompson started again. “Now, just because you are graduating does not mean that you are done with school. You college is just three months away. Instead of partying this summer and destroying your brain and liver with alcohol, you should spend it study up on college curriculum that you will have in the fall. I also wish to say………” the rest of his lecture was lost on me because my pants started to vibrate. I pulled out my phone and saw that I had a new text from Roxanne. It read Still want to know what’s up?. I quickly and very sneakily, I might add, replied back Of course I do. And lightning quick, she re-texted Meet me at the big oak tree in the quad after this class. My heart began to race. I tried to anticipate what she could want to talk to me about, but I just didn’t have a clue. The rest of the class was kind of hazy, and before I realized the time had past, the bell rang. I stood up, and left the class set on finding out the mystery that was plaguing me.**

*I got to the quad area kinda fast. I got to the baby hill where the tree was and I could clearly see Roxy there. But someone else was there too. I could make it out till I got a little closer. “Ugh…..this muthafucka”. It was The Douche, Roxanne boyfriend. Biggest douche bag in the world. And it doesn’t help that I beat him for the varsity spot for the 170lbs weight class. I came up from behind them, so they hadn’t seen me yet, but I could start to hear what they were saying. “Listen, how you gonna try to play me? You don’t know how bad you’re fucking up ” came out of his mouth and Roxanne replied with, “Look I’ve made up my mind and you can’t change it. Just get lost.” The Douche took a step back looking shocked, then raised his hand and slapped Roxanne. “Bitch……” is all he got out. I don’t know how I covered the distance so fast, but all of a sudden I was in his face and connected with a strong right. He staggered and fell back two steps and I came in with a left hook to the temple, grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into a right knee, followed by an upper cut. He hit the ground bleeding, but now I couldn’t control myself. I mounted him and just let go a flurry of punches to him. Left, Right, Left, Left, Left…..the world around me was a blur and I could vaguely hear Roxanne say something. It sound like, “Look out”. Then I got hit by a fucking tank. The schools on site cop, Officer Poe. The fattest man in the history of the fucking police department. He’s slow as hell, but his full 450 lbs hit me unaware, so I was pretty much stuck. I never realized how much I loved breathing until I couldn’t anymore. Poe’s fat ass was crushing the air right out of me, it was so bad, I didn’t even try to struggle. I was too busy trying to conserve air. Just when I thought I was going to pass out, he handcuffed me and stood up. I breathed a sigh of relief that his enormous ass was finally off my back. He stood me up and with a very smug tone said, “Even on the last day, you punks can’t give it a rest. C’mon, you’re going to the station.” I couldn’t give two shits on where he was taking me. The only thing on my mind was where Roxy was, and was she alright. I tried to look around for her but the super blob kept pushing me forward. We got down to his patrol car and he basically kicked me into the backseat. Bitch. He got in the front and we on our way to the station.**

*They uncuffed me and threw me in this large cell with about four other dudes in there. “Have fun”, they booking officer said as he closed the cell door. I replied with a very witty, “Fuck you, dick buffer”. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t witty, but it was the best I had at the moment. I turned around and took a better look at the dudes I was locked up with. The one taking a piss looked homeless and I could smell the booze on him from where I stood. The other three where all dressed in Dickies pants or shorts and where wearing red flannels, red Chuck Taylors, and red bandannas on the head and one around the ankle. “Damn, these fools is gonna be trouble”, I thought as I took a seat on the bench on the far right of the cell. As I sat, I started to think about Roxanne. Was she alright? Did someone take care of that douche that hit her? I was lost in my thoughts until a voice across the room brought me back. “Ey fool, I like dem shoes.” I turned to look and damnit; it was one of the dudes in red. Shit, just what I needed; another fight. I just ignored him at first, and then another one of them said, “My boy is talking to you.” I tried my best to continue ignoring them, but in my mind I knew that this wasn’t going to end well.

“Oh, so you’re going to just ignore us fool?” All three of those cats stood up and started walking towards me. “Shit, I really don’t want to fight right now,” I thought to myself, “but I’ll be damned if I let these fools catch me sitting down.” So, I jumped up and just launched myself at the nearest one, hoping to catch him off guard. It worked, he was expecting it, and I snaked him, he caught it right in the jaw. He went down quick, but the other two recovered from the surprise way quicker than I expected. I felt one shot to the back of my head that almost dropped me. I saw a flash of white, but no pain, but it soon followed. I tried to turn around and swung twice, connecting both times. I think I hit one of them in the face and the other in the stomach. I tried to separate them, but that first blow to the head left me hella dazed and they overpowered me. The blows from both sides started to rain down. One of the dudes got behind me and held my arms behind my back and the one I knocked out first had finally got back up and held me legs. Then the last one started throwing heavy blows to my stomach and a couple to the face. Just when I was on the verge of passing out, the cell door opened and four cops ran in and bum rushed the three guys and the bangers quickly stopped struggling. The odd man out cop, helped steady me and said, “You’ve made bail. C’mon let’s get you signed out.” We walked back to the main room expecting my parents to be there and ready to bitch me out, but I heard a high voice, “Oh my god, what happened?” that didn’t match my mom’s voice. It was Roxanne standing there, with a look of shock and horror on her face. The only thing running through my mind was, “what is she doing her? Get her out, I don’t want her seeing me like this.” “Can you help me get him to the car, please?” asked Roxanne to the cop. We got out of the station and I got put in the front seat. I saw Roxanne run around the car and get in the driver’s seat. “Don’t worry Malik; I’m going to take care of you.” Then I passed out.

* I woke up in a dark room and my body on fire, but nothing that was going to keep me down. I stood up and soon realized I was in Roxanne’s room. “Where is she at?” I wondered. But, before I went to find her, I walked into her bathroom and checked myself in the bathroom mirror. I now realized I wasn’t wearing a shirt, just my jeans and I could see some pretty nasty looking bruises on my torso. My face wasn’t as bad as I though. A baby shiner, and cut up lip. For getting jumped in holding, I didn’t look too bad. Then I heard, “Malik?” I replied, “Roxanne, I’m in here.” She walked in and I swear that she somehow got more beautiful. “What are you doing walking around? You heard the doctor; he said no walking around for a while.” Confused, I replied, “What are you talking about? When did I see a doctor?” “Yesterday, remember? I called this doctor who still does house calls.” I think I said before that I was confused. “Wait, so what day is it then?” Roxanne replied, “Its Sunday about 6:30. C’mon on let’s get you back into the bed.” She helped me limp back into her room and sat me on her bed and she opened the blinds a little showing the view of the sun just beginning to set. She sat down next to me and looked my face over. I then remember how all this started. I gently grabbed her chin and turned her head so I could see her face better. “Forget about me, are you okay?” I asked. I could see a bit of a welt where that bitch muthafucka slapped her. She grabbed my hand and said with a bit of a chuckle, “You get jumped by a gang and ask me if I’m all right. Yes, I’m fine.” But, now that the subject was up I needed to know more. “Why the hell was he so angry anyway, other than the fact that he’s a super bitch?” She replied, “He didn’t like what I had to tell him. And you know how he takes that kinda of thing.” And very smugly, I replied, “Well, he got his, stupid little fuck.” I noticed how seriously Roxanne was looking at me. Before I could ask her what was up, she said, “When you came around there were two things that I wanted to do. One was slap the hell out of you for being so stupid and getting jumped in that station and scaring me like that”, and as she said it a single tear ran down her cheek and made me feel worse than shit. But, she wiped the tear away and continued, “And so I figured I can still do the other thing.” And she leaned in and kissed me. Full, luscious, lips on mine. I was in complete bliss. This must be heaven. Damn, that must mean that I’m dead. No, I don’t think that even heaven could produce feelings like these. And then I knew. I knew what she wanted to tell me. What was driving me crazy, and why this whole mess started in the first place. She left Shane for me. She felt the same way about me that I felt about her. And by extension, she must know how I feel about her. She knows about the nights where she was the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. All of our feelings, intimate and open, where all exchange in that passionate kiss we shared in the light of the sunset. We both pulled back at the same time, realizing what had transpired. And, so I said, the only thing that could be said to this woman, who over the years, I had befriended and fallen for. My hand reached for hers and held it ever so gently yet firmly as I said, “I love you.” When I imagined me finally saying those words to her, I thought a huge weight would still be on me because I’d have to hope her reply was the same. But, it wasn’t a worry to me now. I already knew her reply, but it didn’t take my breath away any less when another tear rolled down her cheek and she said, “I love you too.” I was actually afraid that my heart would burst from all the emotion. I put my hand on her face, caressing her soft and smooth cheek and wiped her tear away with my thumb. She placed her hand on top mine, just that simple touch blew me away. So much love in a simple touch…..was beyond unreal. I knew that it was with her, that I was prepared to spend the rest of my breathing days on this earth with. Our eyes met and a smile crosses her face that simply took my breath away. As the sunset hit its peak, the light from the sky shone on her face and made her look ethereal. Her crimson hair shone and her emerald green eyes sparkled with the intensity of ten suns. I felt like I could have sat there forever and just gazed upon her beauty. The pain that my physical self had been experienced, was gone. It was almost beyond words. We sat there, looking at each other, for what have must have been only a few moments but, within those moments, those few and beautiful moments, we lived a lifetime. She spoke first, leaning in close, and whispered in my ear, “I want you to be my first….” To be honest, didn’t expect her to be a virgin,(not calling her a slut or anything, it just surprised me.” I replied in a low voice, “I would be happy to be”. She moved in on me and straddled my lap. We kissed again, still filled with passion but now with lust present as well. I moved from her lips to her neck. She had a perfume on, not overpower, very subtle scents of vanilla and lavender that was driving me crazy. As I softly kissed her neck, she kept having short intakes of breath and let out little moans of pleasure. “Ah, right there, oh….” ,escaped from her lips. It was amazing how beautiful she just sounded. She pulled back, and I thought something was wrong but she went for the bottom of her shirt and took it of her slender frame. I stared at two beautiful globes of flesh almost pouring out of this lacy blue and pink bra. She looked deep into my eyes, and I could have sworn she was looking at my soul and in a voice barely about a whisper, said “Go ahead.” I started to kiss her neck again and slowly began working my way down to her cleavage. She let out a sound that I can only describe as a cross between a giggle and a moan. “It tickles a little” she said. At the same time, my hands came from the small of her back, to her bra clasp. I was worried it would be awkward if I couldn’t get the damn thing off, but luck was on my side and I got it on the first try. The bra slid off of her and landed between us, revealing her marvelous breasts. They weren’t enormous, but they weren’t anything to laugh at either. My guess would be in the mid to high C range, just like I though before. I reached for the right one and gently caressed it. It was firm and supple, they were the perfect set of breasts, complete with small pink, yet perky nipples and quarter sized areolas. I put my mouth to the left one and slowly began flicking the nipple with my tongue while massaging the right. That definitely got a positive reaction because she started to moan again. “Hmmm, just like that baby. Oooooooh, keep doing it, just like that. Ah ah ah….”. And while she was voicing her pleasure, mine was all in my head. Both of them. While my mind was thinking, “This is perfect, I could do this for hours,” my other head was thinking different. I could feel my dick starting to swell in my pants… Even in the midst of her orgasmic pleasure, she must have felt it to because she playfully said, “Wow, I wonder what could be causing that?” Kissing her, I replied, “You know what’s causing it.”She rolled off of my lap and lay back on the bed. “Pants’, she said, “off”. I stood up and undid my belt and took off my pants and slid out of my boxers, revealing my raging hard on. My 9 inches of glory, just flapping in the breeze. “Oooo, my my. I never thought you’d be so big…”, Roxy said again in that seductively playful voice. I sat back don on the bed and half laid over and said sarcastically, “Well thanks for the vote of confidence babe”, acting hurt. She sat up a little, kissed me, and said, “You know I’m just playing baby.” We kept kissing, becoming more and more enveloped in each other’s touch. I broke off the kiss and began kissing other parts of her magnificent body. As I worked my way down past the breasts, to the stomach she let out sighs of pleasure that were music to my ears. “Yes, lower, yes baby, oooooh go even lower.” I came to her pants and undid the button and slid the pants off a little. She was wearing these lacy panties that must have been a matching set to the bra she was wearing earlier. I got her pants all the way of and just took a moment to look at the sight in front of me. Roxanne, the girl I spent years, pining after, here with me, laying naked and wanting to be with me. This time it was me who almost shed a tear, but for the sake of machismo, I held it back. I came back down to Roxy’s level and gave her a quick kiss before asking, “Do you want to take them off or should I?” She replied with a sexy little voice that almost made me bust right there,” You take them off”. So I figured I had to bring something to the bed, so I took her panties off….with my mouth. It wasn’t even difficult. And I was reward with the sight of her rosy, pink punani. I very slowly put my face down, closing the distance between my face and her “lips”. I kissed the inside of her thigh, working my way towards her pussy. “Oh, you fucking tease. You’re driving me crazy baby!” she moaned, dragging out the word crazy. “Alright, I guess I’ve tortured you enough.” I replied and stuck my tongue into her. I started off by slowly wiggling my tongue around, making sure I was stretching it as far is it could. Must have been doing it right because Roxy started to clench up and her breathing became a lot more shallow and more rapid on intake. Feeling these changes, I pulled out my tongue and began to lick and flick hit clit with my tongue. “Oh shit-, what the fuck? Ah, ah ah, oh my goddddd!” she screamed and squealed in ecstasy. At that point my only goal was to make her cum. She squirmed and wiggled her body as my tongue and lips alternated on her clit and kissing her sweet and succulent pussy. I could swear it almost tasted like mangos. And the more I got into it, the more she let her pleasure be known, “Shit, shit shit shit shit, aaaaaaaaah FUCK!” she screamed yet again, but this time I felt a wave of clear liquid just splash my face. My mouth was open too, so a torrent of her girl cum just ran down my throat. “Nice. Fucking nice.” I said sputtering and in between coughs. “Baby, are you alright?” she said with a bit of shock, still sounding out of breath. “Yea, that’s exactly what I wanted to happen.” I said as I kissed her once again. “I can’t even describe how that felt, except that it was amazing,” she said, “but I want you….now” . So I laid down, face up, raging boner just erect in the air. “Just lower yourself on it; it will you complete control how fast you go. It’ll make it much easier.” I said, knowing that this was going to hurt her a little bit. “Okay, I trust you” was all she said before for she straddled and then mounted me dick. The first half inch got in and then we hit her hymen. “Are you ready baby?” I asked and she replied by grabbing my hand and dropping from her squatting position to mounting me on her knees. She didn’t say a word, but she did squeeze my hand unbelievably hard and a couple of tears flowed freely down her cheek. I sat up and wiped the tears from her face and gave her a kiss. “It’s alright babe, just take a second to get used to it.” I said and then laid back and waited. Soon, she started to rock back and forth on me. “Nhhh, nhhh, ahhhh” were the sounds of the sighs that she made. After rocking on me for about a minute, she started to bounce up and down on my cock. “Oh fuck, that feels good. Ah, never felt like this in my life! Sssss-ooooooh, damn it feels so fucking good.” And she was SCREAMING this. I was in complete bliss myself but couldn’t help but wonder,” She was a virgin a couple minutes again and now she’s riding me and screaming like a pro. She must have been repressing a freak!” Roxy bouncing up and down, up and down, had me feeling like I was swimming in pussy. I was doing my absolute best trying not to bust my nut, that would have been a mood killer. “Damn baby, ride that shit!” I said starting to want to talk dirty. I smacked her ass and got a resounding THWACK and a very sexy little “Oooooooh” as my reward. She slowed down on the bouncing and started to grind on my cock. That dancing really paid off for her let me tell you. I was caught in a blender of feelings, and I was still thinking to myself, “DON’T BUST YOUR NUT!”. She bent down to me and started kissing me this time. All the passion was replaced with a primal lust and she playful nibbled on my lip and I responded my smacking her ass again. “Oooooh, I love it when you do that.”She sat up and put her hands on my chest and started bouncing just her ass on me. Did I mention how much dance must have paid off for her. “Damn baby! Just keep doing that. Oh shit, just like that.” Was all I could say. At this point I wasn’t focused on anything except how good her ass felt and the sound of the smacking sounds her ass made when it hit my thighs. “Mmmhm, you like that, don’t you? You want me to slow it down?” and she went back to grinding on me. I don’t really get what happened, but something inside me was like, “You gotta tame that!” So I grabbed her wonderful ass with both hands, which by the was ever so firm, yet still had the right amount of jiggle to it, and hiked her in the air just about an inch or two and just started slamming my hips upward into to her now very moist pussy. “HOLY FUCK! AAAAAHHHHHHH! OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHITTTTTTTTT! Fuck me baby, fuck me!” she screamed so loud I was pretty sure that the cops were on their way. “Yea girl, take it, oh just take it all!” I threw caution to the wind. If the cops came, they came. Fuck them. My mind was exploding. I was seeing stars, birds, and everything else. My breathing was ragged but Roxy’s was worse than mine. “Mhmm, give to me baby. I fucking love it like that. Aaahhhhh, I think I’m going to cum again, AAAAAAHHHHHH!” and I once again felt her girly juices all over me, but now it was just lubing my cock and making her already sopping wet pussy even wetter. But, I didn’t stop. I kept on going with the cock jamming I was dealing out. Every time I slammed into her, the squish of wet flesh on flesh echoed throughout the room. I was burning up. It was so hot and I just kept giving it my all, but my time was coming. I could feel my balls tighten up and that familiar feeling became evident. “Fuck baby, I’m gonna bust. Shit, I’m bout to nut!” She screamed, still in pleasure because I still hadn’t stopped fucking, “Cum in me baby, I’m on the pill!” I needed no more incentive. I put everything I had left in me and gave one last powerful thrust deep in her pussy, making her scream my name, “MALIKKKKKK!”. All I could muster in reply was “NRGHHAHHHHHH!” and I exploded into her vagina. I felt shot after shot of my jizz shoot deep into her. “Oh SHIT!” was my only cry. After what seemed like an eternity, the orgasms stopped and Roxy collapsed on to my chest and just lay there out of breath and utterly drained of all energy. I was in no better shape. On top of the physical strain my body just took, the pain of the ass whupping I took a day ago returned. All I could do was lay there and stare into Roxanne’s eyes. Coincidently, that was all I wanted to do anyway. Her voice brought me back from deep within the swimming pools of her eyes and she said the three words I will never get tired of hearing, “I love you Malik.” This time, I couldn’t hold the tear back, but this time she was the one to wipe it off my face and I said, “I love you too Roxanne.” She then laid her head down on my chest, right under my chin and fell asleep. “This is perfect” I said to myself as I held my angel the entire night through.

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