Brian and Brianna - Chapter One by fatdogscott

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“Hey, Bubba, whatcha watching?” my fourteen year old twin sister asked as she came bounding into the living room, flopping down on the couch beside me. She has called my Bubba since we were able to talk.

“Nothing… not a thing on except soaps and court TV.” I continued flipping through the channels for a few more minutes before giving up and handing her the remote. She flipped through them as well, but couldn’t find anything interesting either.

“Hey, can you keep a secret?” she asked with a little gleam in her beautiful blue eyes.

“That depends… is it gonna get me in trouble?” I teased.

“Well, maybe, and maybe not if you can keep quiet about it.”

I thought for a second before answering, “Yeah, I think I can. What?”

Brianna said, “Katie gave me something to stash away until she can sneak back into her dad’s closet to put it back. She almost got busted yesterday when her dad came home early. I had no idea what she was doing or where she went.” Katie was Brianna’s best friend since she moved into the area about three years ago.

“So… what is it then?” Now my curiosity was piqued, particularly since it was something that she almost got ‘busted’ for.

“Oh, you might like this one,” she retorted before dashing off to be her room. A few minutes passed before she came back flashing a DVD at me, and then she sat down next to me handing me the dirty little secret.

I looked at the cover and title realizing real quick that it was a porn DVD, with at least 10 scenes on both sides of the cover. “Holy shit!! This was in her dad’s closet?” I was stunned! Not only did my sister include me in this little secret, but she was handing me the evidence of it too!

“Yup! Katie says he’s got boxes of porn magazines and movies stashed away. I’ve never seen one, so I thought maybe we could watch it now, if you’re interested.”

Interested? Hell yeah I was interested. I’ve never seen a naked woman, not even in Playboy or Penthouse yet. Not that I haven’t tried; it’s just that an opportunity hasn’t come up yet. I looked up from the DVD to my sister who was anxiously awaiting my answer. Then I looked over to the clock calculating how much time we had before our parents were scheduled home from work, counting as much as at least two hours of ‘free’ time. “Sure! Why not?”

She took the plastic box from me and proceeded to put it in the DVD player, grabbing the correct remote for it before sitting down next to me again. After a few moments of it whirring up, the screen was blasted by a very sexy woman in a very low cut shirt staring back at me with her breasts pressed together showing a massive amount of cleavage.

My sister and I have always had a close, loving relationship, but we’ve not seen each other nude since we were kids. I haven’t even seen her in her underwear since she started wearing a bra, but she has seen me in mine as that’s pretty much all I wear when sleeping, and she’s had to wake me up a few times for school. However, this moment was just a little awkward because I’ve never known Brianna to be outwardly interested in something as naughty as this, and here we were about to watch some of the naughtiest scenes I’ve ever encountered.

Brianna pressed ‘Play’ and sat back kicking her shoeless feet up on top the coffee table. She still wore her cutesy white socks, which made her calves look that much more attractive. Her bare thighs added another level of beauty to her long legs, capped with her orange shorts. The weather hadn’t dropped yet this school year, so we changed into clothes left over from summer when we got home in the afternoons. She had on a tee-shirt that looked to be a little too small as her bra covered breasts seemed like they were about to poke through the worn material. I guess I hadn’t noticed that my sister really was quite the attractive young lady that she apparently had become overnight. How did I miss that?

I returned my attention back to the television when the scene faded in from black. The sound quality was really poor as you can hear the birds chirping outside of the bedroom set. This particular scene came bearing in on a woman, maybe 18 or 19, apparently still asleep in bed with the covers mostly thrown off of her body. She was wearing a tee-shirt twisted around her upper body, and her butt was to the ceiling, covered in black lace as she laid face down. A few moments later and she stirred, moving her arm that was closest to the camera so that her hand was under her pelvis. A moment later and she was slowly starting to hump her hand.

This intrigued me because I had no idea that girls play with themselves, let alone how. As it is, I only started jacking off about a year ago, which took the previous year to figure out how when I kept getting spontaneous erections. I don’t think my sister has even tried playing with herself, but what do I know? It’s not like I’m just going to ask her… or would now be the right opportunity to ask?

“Bree, what is she doing?”

Without looking away she answered, “I think she’s masturbating? I’m not sure. That’s not how I do it.”

A moment of realization hit us both like a Mack truck. For her it was admitting that she masturbated, and for me it confirmed that she did indeed do it too. She turned to look at me with her face turning all shades of reds, “Oh my god. I can’t believe I just told you that. I’m so embarrassed.”

I just smiled and returned my attention back to the scene. Now the actress was blatantly and vigorously humping her hand, even moaning out loud now. As the scene continued, I realized that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea because now my own shorts were showing evidence that I was getting turned on. I shifted around to make it less uncomfortable, unsuccessfully, but I caught my sister’s attention because of it.

She looked to my crotch and her eyes got real big. I was busted and we both knew it. “This is having an effect on you, huh? Does it hurt when you get big like that?” she inquired.

“Sort of. Mostly it’s just uncomfortable in this position.”

“What do you do when it gets like that in order for it to be comfortable?” She genuinely was curious.

Since she was being genuine, I decided not to fib and answered, “I have to shift it around so that it doesn’t go down my leg.”

After a few moments she asked, “So why don’t you do it then if it’s that uncomfortable? I won’t tell anyone. I mean, who am I gonna tell anyway?”

“Are you sure? I don’t wanna make you feel this is weird or anything.” I liked how we could be so open and honest with each other, and I didn’t want to ruin it because I was getting horny.

“Bubba… come on! It’s me! You have every right to be comfortable, and that thing looks like it’s about to rip your shorts. Go ahead. I won’t mind.”

I shrugged and dipped my hand into my shorts to roll my penis so that it pointed toward my left pocket, which felt a lot better. She glanced back to my crotch when I was done and added, “I meant that if you need to take it out, it won’t bother me. I know how stuff like this can get a guy all worked up, and mom did tell me that when a guy gets like that, the only real solution is for him to, you know… take care of it one way or another.”

“Mom told you that?” I muttered to myself more than anything.

“Uh-huh,” she answered without taking her attention from the action on the screen, which now the woman was on her back with her hand vividly inside her panties. “I was helping her with the laundry about a year ago and I noticed some crusty stuff on your boxers, so I asked her about it. She said that you probably had a wet dream, and that’s when she explained some things about boys and their ‘needs’. She also told me that masturbating was perfectly natural and that’s why neither of us has said anything to you about your underwear. She even told me that it’s perfectly alright if I wanted to experiment by touching my own body.” Not giving me time to be embarrassed about that, she piped up with, “Now that’s how I normally do it,” meaning how she masturbated.

I was once again taken aback by her openness, and once again she was embarrassed. I just had to speak up this time, “Didn’t you just say that masturbating was completely natural? How can you be embarrassed now?”

She looked back at me, glancing once again at my crotch before looking me in the eyes. “Well I am. I never thought I’d be having this conversation with you, or anybody for that matter. I don’t even talk about it to mom. It’s just something I’ve never had reason to talk about with anyone, not even to Katie. The most we’ve ever done together is just to feel each other’s boobs to see if there was a difference… there really isn’t.”

We returned our attention back to the movie at the sound of a doorbell in the background. The woman got out of bed not even bothering to put on any more clothes than what she slept in. She opened the door and a guy was there. They had some small talk before he came into the house. A few more moments of flirting later and the woman dropped to her knees while rubbing his crotch, right there in the foyer of her home. Brianna and I watched intently as she unzipped his pants, dropping them and his boxers to his ankles. His penis was large, but not erect. She grabbed it with one hand and stroked it a few times, like I would normally do when I masturbated. It wasn’t long before it was about half hard.

Brianna looked at me. “He doesn’t have any hair down there!” she exclaimed rather alarmingly. “Are all guys that huge?”

She once again looked to my crotch for a second before I could answer. “How would I know? I don’t go around asking guys how big they are.”

“Well, is yours that big?” Her eyes were now latched to the outline of my penis held tightly in my shorts. A wet spot was forming where my pre-cum was leaking, and because of the beige color, the spot was really standing out.

“Not THAT big, but close to it.” I had to be honest, the guy in the movie did have a rather large penis compared to mine, but I wasn’t about to admit that to her. I did find it really odd that he didn’t have any pubic hair… must have shaved it or something.

We once again watched the woman as she started sucking on his manhood. “That’s called a blowjob?” my sister asked.

I didn’t bother to answer as it sounded like a rhetorical question. A few minutes later and she stood up, leading the guy into her kitchen. Somehow we missed how the guy’s pants, shoes, socks and underwear were removed, and now the guy took off his shirt leaving him naked as the day he was born. The woman sat on the kitchen counter, which she cleared moments before. The man helped her to remove her shirt and I was finally exposed to my first bare breasts; and mighty good looking ones too. He fondled them some before taking a nipple into his mouth.

“I bet that feels awesome,” my sister said barely above a whisper. She started squirming on the couch a little, shifting her thighs back and forth a little. Her arms were crossed just below her breasts making them stand out even more than before. Her right thumb was lightly brushing what I could only assume was her own nipple… her bra was doing a good job of hiding both.

We weren’t but maybe 10 minutes into the movie before Brianna turned back to me, “Bubba, you know that you can take care of that if you need to. It totally would be cool with me. I’ll even give you some of my lotion if it helps.”

“So you’d be cool if I just started jacking off right here in front of you?” I was still leery about all of this.

“Well, what’s the alternative? You go to your room to do it? Then you’d miss the movie. I know you need to do it. Besides, I know you do it just about every night… our beds are practically side-by-side with a very thin wall between us. I can hear your mattress,” she stated matter-of-fact like. “That wet spot is getting bigger and bigger. That’s called pre-cum, right?”

I just nodded my response. She quickly bounced off of the couch and ran off down the hall. Moments later she came back with one of her bottles of lotion.

“Here. Katie says there her brother uses it when he does it. She knows because she has to constantly replace hers when he runs out of his. I’ve heard that guys like to use lotion. Is that right?”

“To tell the truth, I’ve never tried it that way,” I said as I took it from her, and the she once again sat back down next to me, but this time a little closer than before. “You’re serious about this, aren’t you? You don’t think it’s a little weird?”

“It may be a little weird, but we’re cool like that, right? If you don’t want to, I understand. I’m just saying that it would be alright with me if you wanted to.”

I wasn’t sure about this, and I realized that I’d be the only showing off my privates if I did this, so I decided to turn this conversation a little. “What about you? Are you gonna do it too?”

“I haven’t made up my mind, but I will admit… this movie is getting to me too. I’ve tried doing it before a couple of times, but I think I’m doing it wrong. Both mom and Katie told that if I had an orgasm, I’d know it. So far I haven’t really seen ‘sparks’ like they way they describe it.”

We went back to watching the action on screen for a few minutes before Brianna spoke up again. “My nipples are as hard as stones, and my panties are about soaked clear through. Speaking of that, I might need to get a towel. See? My shorts aren’t doing a good job of hiding it either.” She stood up before me and pulled the legs of her shorts out away from her crotch showing that she indeed was wet. Then she suddenly said, “Wait. Do you need a towel too if you do it? Doesn’t it make a mess?”

“Yeah, and if I’m not careful, it could get all over the place.”

With that, she left to go get us both towels. She handed me a hand towel while setting a regular towel doubled-over in her spot. Before sitting she asked, “Well? Are you gonna do it or not?” I didn’t answer, but instead just looked up at her not sure how to respond. I wanted to, but this whole thing was just way out of normal for us. “Would you feel better if I were naked too?” she asked.

That got my attention! “You’d get naked just so I could do it?”

“Well, the truth is, I kind of want to see it. I mean, I’ve never seen one up close, and I can’t trust that this movie might have some ‘Hollywood Magic’ in it. And I’m also getting so horny that I might do it too. Maybe I’ll finally have an orgasm and see what all the real fuss is about.” She hesitated for a moment, but then she reached for her shirt’s bottom hem, paused again for a second, and then pulled her shirt off over her head.

My eyes just about bugged out of their sockets. I couldn’t believe how brazen she could be about all of this. “Holy shit, Bree!!! I can’t believe you did that!”

“Wanna see how daring I can really be?” It was like she wasn’t the same person anymore. She reached around her back with one arm and somehow undid the clasp to her bra.

I’ve seen her 32B bra in the laundry basket before, and I’ve even tried to work the clasp a few times but could never get it to undo as fast as she just did. BAM! Off came her bra, and I was sitting there staring at two of the loveliest sets of breasts I’ve ever laid eyes on. Then again, they were only the second set I’ve ever seen, and the first pair was only just a few minutes ago on the TV.

“Well, what do you think? Are they as pretty as hers?” She pointed to the TV.

“Bree, they’re beautiful. I can’t believe I’m sitting here staring at the most beautiful thing God could create, and they belong to my sister of all people!”

“Haha. Thanks. They’re not very big… only a B-cup. Mom’s are a C, almost D-cup.” She cupped both in her hands and sort of swooshed her hands back and forth underneath, as if to showcase them. “WOW! That wet spot just got a little bigger. Did you, what’s the word? Ejaculate?”

“Huh?” I looked down and noticed how big it was getting… almost two inches in diameter now. I was really pouring out the pre-cum. “Oh, no… I didn’t cum yet.”

“Well, are you going to show me then?” She really was wanting to see me do this!

“This is so unlike us, but… here goes.” I leaned back, unsnapped the button, and then lowered the zipper. Brianna leaned in closer, but then she really surprised me by helping me to take them off. Instantly my boxers tented out away from my body taking the elastic waistband with it, and the wet spot wasn’t nearly as prominently displayed as my boxers were dark blue. Brianna tossed my shorts in the pile with her shirt and bra.

I leaned back again to lift my butt off the couch so that I could slide my boxers down. Brianna didn’t help me this time, but she did just stood there staring at probably one of the hardest erections I’ve ever had to date. My pole was solidly erect standing a good two inches off from my belly. I sat upright while looking for Brianna’s reaction. She had a completely new look on her face; one that I’ve never seen before. I dare say that it was one of pure lust. Her eyes were sort of glazed over, and her mouth was slightly open with her tongue just barely at her lips, slowly swiping side to side.

“Holy shit, Bubba! It’s beautiful! And HUGE!” Brianna rarely ever curses, but I didn’t think now was the time to chastise her about it. She leaned in closer for an inspection, still standing in front of me. “And your hair is so thick down there. How big is it?”

“I’ve never measured it before, but I’d guess about 6 or 7 inches.” I really had no idea how big I was, but I was a little proud of it.

She leaned down further still and I noticed that her breasts didn’t droop like the ones on the actress still playing out the scene on TV, who was now on her hands and knees, still on the counter, with the guy rubbing her panty covered butt. Brianna slowly returned to her spot on the couch, making sure that the towel didn’t slide away, still staring blatantly at my engorged penis.

Slowly, tentatively, like her arm had a mind of its own, she reached for my throbbing member. I flexed it once causing Brianna to flinch. “Why did it do that? It’s like it is alive or something.”

“I just flexed my muscles down there. You see how it bobs like that? That’s because of the blood pumping through it… it’s timed to my heartbeat.”

“That is freakin’ cool! Can I touch it?”

“If you want to, sure.” I was staring intensely at her breasts, each with about ¾” nipples capped on them, and about a ½” of that was puckered into pencil erasure sized nubs. “You can touch mine if you want. Have you ever felt a girl’s boobs before?” I just shook my head. “Here…” She took my right hand and placed it firmly on her left breast.

She returned to reach for my now aching penis while I slowly fondled her breast. The skin was very soft, and the tissue under was sort of squishy, but resilient. The nipples weren’t really hard as stones, but definitely different compared to the rest of the breast.

Brianna tentatively touched the underside of my erection with just a finger; poking it to the side and then letting it sort of ‘bounce’ back into position. She did this a few times like she was testing it. She finally wrapped her hand around most of it, which felt exquisite!

“Wow!! It’s like ultra soft and smooth on the surface, but still kinda rippled, and inside it’s like a bone. Is that why they call them ‘boners’?” I just nodded when our eyes met once again. She returned her attention to it, “And it’s so warm too.”

While Brianna was getting to know my ‘better half’ down there, I was getting caught up in her breasts before she broke the silence again. “I can see why you don’t use lotion. It’s pouring out its own lubricant!” She slowly started stroking me, making sure to get more pre-cum from my tip. I could not believe how great it felt when someone other than me did that. I had to seriously concentrate to keep from blowing my wad right there and then.

“It’s never been that much before. This is so wild!” I focused more on her breast before switching to the other one. Brianna twisted her body to give me better access; sort of hugging me with her left arm while her right continued to stroke me. Our faces were practically touching each other and I could hear her breathing harder than normal “Bree, your boobs are so soft. I never imagined it would be like this. Why do your nipples get hard like that?”

“I have no idea, but they’re kind of wired directly to my pussy. Each time you pull on them, I gush a little more each time.”

I had never heard her use that word like that before, pussy, and I think it turned me on even more. This was a side of her I’d never witnessed before, but the way things were shaping up, this wouldn’t be the last time I’d hear her talk dirty like that.

I looked back up to the TV in time to see that now the woman was completely naked, laying on her back and the guy looked like was going in to lick her vagina. I noticed that she didn’t have any hair down there either. “Is that what a vagina really looks like?”

Brianna turned to look without taking her hand away from the slow stroking she was giving me. Suddenly she froze when she saw what I was asking about. “Well, NO! She doesn’t have any hair down there either!” Brianna turned back and explained further, “I mean, I keep mine trimmed so that when I wear a bathing suit the hairs don’t poke out of the leg holes, but I never thought about shaving it like hers… completely.”

With that she stood back up forcing me to let go of her breast, and her hand slipped off of my penis. Next she removed her shorts like it wasn’t any big deal at all, and she stood really close in front of me. “See? When I do this, you can sort of see what I’m talking about.” She pulled her panties tightly against her crotch making her slit very prominent.

I almost blew my wad again at that beautiful sight. I leaned in closer to see what she was talking about, and I did see a few short stray hairs sticking out, while at the same time I noticed a very different smell; one that I’ve never smelled before, and I really liked it! I don’t know exactly what made me do it, but I reached with my right hand directly to that slit in her panties, and with an upward swoop, I swiped my middle finger through her gash.

“Oh my god! That felt great! Do it again, Bubba!”

So, I did it again, and again, and several more times, and with each pass she pushed harder against me, each time with a slight whimper. I noticed how my finger was getting wetter and wetter. This was completely new to me. Her cleft was so soft, even encased in her now sheer looking panties.

She suddenly stopped, took a step back, and very quickly shucked her panties causing her to be just as naked as I was. Brianna resumed her position in front of me, but this time with a little more space between her feet. “Do me some more please, Bubba. It feels so good when you do it!” she pleaded.

I immediately noticed her pubic hair, which was a very light brown matching that of the hair on her head, and cut very short, like a military buzz cut for a trooper. Secondly I noticed that now her scent was way stronger, and it lured me in even closer than before. This time I decided to hold on to her right hip, sort of turning her body into me, while my left hand extended to meet my new found favorite thing in the world… her vagina. I quickly started stroking up and down her slit taking in the slipperiness, the textures held within, and noticing that she was really starting to breathe rapidly. For an inexperienced person, I guess I was doing alright.

After just a minute or so I looked up and noticed she had her head slightly tilted back with her eyes closed, relishing the sensations I was causing in her body. I’ve always had a fascination with how cute she could be, but this look was something entirely different. She appeared to be lost in her own little world, swaying her long hair back and forth loosely behind her. Brianna had steadied herself with her left hand embracing my head close to her body, but her right hand was free to squeeze one of those perky nipples of hers, and I too noticed how they elicited more juice from her vagina. Soon she was really leaning heavily against me while still humping her crotch into my now two digits.

A few minutes later, to break her spell just a bit, I asked, “How does this feel?”

Without opening her eyes, she answered, “Mmm, Bubba! I think I’m almost there. It might finally happen this time. Please don’t stop. Please!”

I picked up the pace a little more which caused an immediate reaction in her. Now she was really grinding her hips into my hand. “Uh! Uh! Yes! I’m almost there! I can’t believe how great this feels! Keep going, Bubba. Keep go… oh! OH! OH!!! YES! YES! Its happening, Bubba! IT’S HAPPEN….. AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! OH GOD! YES!! YES! YES! YES! OHHHhhhhhhhhh… MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm…” I couldn’t believe how loud she got.

With as quickly as she started having what I’m assuming to be an orgasm, it took quite a bit more time for her to dwindle down back to earth. When her body began to relax, I quickly realized that she didn’t have the strength to stand on her own anymore. Pulling her into me as I pushed into the couch, I caught her from falling, and she sat astride my lap while her right arm went around my neck. She sat in a way that was sort of squishing my now semi-erect penis between us, but leaned her head against my left shoulder. I was so caught up in giving her pleasure that I guess my erection wilted some, but not completely.

I waited a few minutes allowing her to bask in the glow of her very first orgasm, and I took pride in knowing that I helped to cause it. From what I just witnessed, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I also took a moment to examine the fingers that got soaked by her emissions, sniffing them and finally licking one just to see what it was like. Not bad… not bad at all. I can see why the guy on the TV wanted to lick that lady’s vagina. Maybe if I played my cards right I could do that to Brianna some time.

After calming down some more, she finally spoke up, “Wow! So that’s what an orgasm feels like! I can’t wait to do that again! And I owe it all to you. Thank you so much, Brian.”

That caught me off guard. “Brian? You haven’t called me that in a very long time. Why now?”

“Because you made me feel like a woman… a REAL woman. WOW!” Then she leaned in and kissed me square on the lips, and held that for a moment or two before quickly pulling back. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry… Is it wrong that I want to kiss you?”

“Bree, with what all we’ve done this afternoon that can be considered ‘wrong’, which is basically incest, do you think a kiss is going to make much more of a difference?”

She answered by kissing me quickly again, and once more, and that’s when I pulled her more into me. She sat up suddenly and repositioned herself to straddle my legs, and then pulled my face into hers, kissing me with a little more passion. She surprised me by snaking her tongue out to meet my lips. I was hesitant at first because this was my first real kiss, but then I opened mine so that I could take in her tongue.

I’ve never French-kissed a girl before, but I was quickly learning how much I liked it. At the same time I used both hands to encase her lovely breasts, tweaking the nipples as I went. With her passion renewed, her right hand slithered down to my now very erect penis, which was covered in even more pre-cum. She pulled it against her vagina and slowly began to rise, then fall, up and down, sending electric sparks all across my body.

Breaking our kissing frenzy, she asked, “Does this feel good to you? Because it feels sooo good to me. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel. Is that even possible? Oh, who cares! I want you to, what did you call it before, cum? Yeah! I want you to cum for me. Please let me make you feel good too.”

I leaned back in to kiss her and used that as my answer. She was really working me good down there, and I was rapidly approaching that point of no return. “Bree, if you keep that up, I’m gonna blow!”

With that she quickly repositioned herself down on her knees while stroking me even faster than before. “Do it, Bubba! I wanna see it when it happens. Am I doing this right?”

“Oh, Bree, you couldn’t do it any more right than if I put it inside you and fucked you with it.” I surprised myself because I’ve never used that word in front of her before.

She quickly got a gleam in her eyes again. “Maybe some other time we can try that, but right now I want to watch it come out,” she responded. “Katie explained that it spurts out, and I wanna see that.”

“You better be careful being that close to me. It’s gonna blow all over you,” I warned.

“I don’t care! I want to bathe in your cum. Give it to me, Bubba. Do it! Do it!”

She returned to watching my penis as her hand was increasing in speed and grip. It felt so amazing and I was very surprised at how well I was able to hold off this long, but that wouldn’t be for very much longer.

Finally I had to let loose. I grunted with gritted teeth, “Here it comes, Bree!” One… two… three… four huge spurts came flying out, followed by several smaller ones that dribbled down her hand. My whole world seemed to get reduced into tunnel vision, and I barely noticed where my spurts landed, which was all over her face and hair. Electric shock waves coursed through my body from head to toe, and back again several times. Tingles caused the hairs on my arms and legs to stand, as well as the back of my neck. I’ve had some doozy climaxes before, but this one was WAY over the top by comparison.

I exhaled when I finally came back to my senses and took a few deep breaths. I looked up to see that my sister’s face and hair was covered in my cum while she was examining her cum covered hand. Slowly she brought that hand up to her nose and took a quick sniff, and then another like she wasn’t sure what she smelled. Finally she stuck out her tongue for a quick taste. Deciding that it wasn’t nasty, she took another one.

“It’s got a strange texture, but I like it!” Brianna then proceeded to clean off her hand, sucking fingers one by one. Next she started swiping her face here and there licking all of that off. I just sat watching in amazement. I still couldn’t quite get a grip that all of this was happening.

With my erection mostly deflated, and quite satisfied for the moment, I took a quick glance at the clock and noticed that a half an hour had passed. The scene on the TV was complexly different, but still had the same lady in it. She was kissing another woman hardcore while they both were rubbing their hands in each other’s shorts. I’m not sure what it was about that, but my erection was suddenly coming back, and Brianna noticed.

“It’s so cool how it does that! Does this mean you’re ready for round two?” she asked, still with my cum in her hair.


Chapter Two in the works.

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