She Really Wanted It by newdcpl

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Fiction | Bestiality

She really wanted it, but she couldn’t let herself do it. Not with her dog, and really not with any other dog. But she wanted it.

She had fantasized about a dog taking her since she was in high school. Maybe it was a safer version of the rape fantasy, the being out of control but enjoying it type of thing. Her fantasy was like many others’: she had come out of a shower and while bending over a dog jumped on her from behind. In her fantasy the dog found her opening quickly and she just as quickly succumbed to the feelings, the incredible sensations of the dog’s penis swelling inside of her, its rapid thrusts. It was a safe way to lose her virginity while not losing her virginity, to experience penetration but somehow for it not to count as “sex”. Years later she still fantasized about having sex with a dog, but it was just that, a fantasy. She had even had owned a few dogs since then, but all of them had been neutered and so none of them ever really came close to resembling the dog of her fantasy.

But that all changed when we rescued a dog from the countryside. She had been thinking about getting another dog when one day she read the advertisement of a dog needing a home. I agreed to go look at it, but knew as soon as we met him that he was coming home with us. He was a shepherd husky mix and was a sweet, gentle, but seriously neglected dog. His sad eyes that followed us as we walked around the dog pen told me that we couldn’t leave him behind, and so he came home with us.

He was a young dog, of unknown exact age but seemed to be about 2 years old. He hadn’t been neutered, and that was something new to both of us. He wasn’t boisterous, but whenever he saw us after being apart for some period of time, he let us know how happy he was to see us. It took some getting used to.

Then one night she let it slip that she had thought about having sex with him. She quickly explained that it was just fantasy and that she would never do it with him. She said she didn’t want to change their relationship. To her it was like sleeping with one of our own children. But I didn’t see it that way and I began to realize that deep down, neither did she. But she couldn’t admit it, and couldn’t bring herself to admit anything otherwise, and so I let it drop.

About six months passed after that night before it ever came up again. It was nearly a year after we had adopted him and we still hadn’t neutered him because it was too expensive at first and then became a question of “why do it?” since he seemed to be fine intact. He wasn’t aggressive towards other dogs or people and didn’t seem overly excitable. Nothing but his “happy greeting” would indicate he wasn’t neutered, and so he remained intact. With our last child out of the house and off to college, sex became something that we could do wherever and whenever, and it was after one of our hotter impromptu sessions of sex after drinking some wine and watching a movie I went to the bathroom to wash off, and Rhett got up to follow me. He always seemed slightly interested in our sex, but never intruded or really indicated any serious desire to investigate the smells further. But when I went to wash up, I petted him before getting to the bathroom and he smelled Jill’s juices on my hands. He licked my hands enthusiastically and I immediately remembered the earlier discussions and fantasies. I quietly pushed him away and told him to go to Jill. She was still on the sofa, naked, with my cum dripping out of her, basking in what I would like to think was the afterglow. I watched from around the corner as he came up to her and stuck his muzzle in between her legs. She startled, and it made him jump back, but only temporarily. Her smell had gotten to him, and he wanted more. He thrust his nose right back into her crotch and began to lick, and for a moment she let him. Then she came to her more sober senses and pushed him away. It was then that I knew that she really wanted him, but couldn’t let herself do it. And so I began to think about just how I could set it up to happen. And this is what I came up with:

After an evening of some heavier than usual drinking, I got her to go upstairs with the promise of something a little different for the night. As she approached our bedroom and started in toward it, I stopped her and steered her towards our guest room. When she looked in, she saw the guest bed and floor in front of it covered with some extra sheets and various ropes and sashes extending from different corners and sides of the bed. She looked at me and said, “so you want to tie me up and have your way with me?”

“Something like that little girl” I responded. “You know you shouldn’t have gotten into our liquor cabinet while we were and out and now you will have to learn your lesson.”

I led her to the bed and began to kiss her, but she fell right into the role and resisted my kiss. I pushed her to the bed, using my weight to keep her down in place while I slipped two restraints around her wrists. What she didn’t realize though was these restraints were crossed up, and as I pulled them in tight they forced her to turn over face down on the bed.

“What are you doing?” revealing a bit of surprise that made her even more convincing in her role of the babysitter.

“Giving you what you really need,” I replied matter of factly.

“No, please…don’t” she pleaded, getting back into her role. What she couldn’t see was the smile on my face as she squirmed and pleaded. She couldn’t really tell what I was up to. Normally when we played this game, I either “woke her” with my dick in her face or tied her up on her back and made her suck my cock before I then worked her pussy. Sometimes in the fantasy I spared her virginity, and other times I didn’t. I guess this time she figured I was just going for her virginity, and in some ways she didn’t know just how right she was.

With her arms tightly secured holding her upper body face down on the bed, I then went to get her legs. She provided her usual resistance, mocking a struggle, and stopped fighting so much once I slipped a loop around each ankle, thinking I was done. But then I slid the loops up to the back of her knees and pulled the end of the cord that I had attached to each of the leg restraints. It ran under the bed and tied to the two leg restraints that were looped around the legs of the bed underneath. As I pulled the cord, it pulled her legs in toward the bed and at the same time spread them slightly. Tying it off to the bed railing she was straddling, she was now securely tied to the bed, face down, ass out, with her knees on the floor next to the bed. I’ll call it the praying for mercy position.

She was still clothed in her night shirt and panties, and I ran my hands over her body, slipping my fingers under her to feel her nipples hardening under her night shirt. She began to whimper, “please don’t Mr. Washington…I’m a virgin…I didn’t mean to really drink your whiskey.”

“Please!” I barked, “you certainly did mean to drink my whiskey. Maybe you didn’t mean to get caught. Or did you?”

“Wh…what do you mean?” she cried.

“You’re a smart girl. You would have known that I would notice your drunkenness and the whiskey missing. You wanted to get caught. And now I’m going to give you something that you want!” I pulled out my knife and then cut and ripped her panties off of her. She let out a startled cry. “No, pleeeease don’t!” “I’m a virgin, and I’m saving myself. Please don’t do this to me…”

“What if I just use my finger like this?” I asked as I thrust it inside of her already wet pussy. It wasn’t as tight as a virgin’s really, but she did a good job of keeping it pretty tight by clenching down as I slid my middle finger into her.

“o…ok…that…that will be oh….O!.. I mean ok..”

I was working my finger into her and rubbing up against her g-spot. At the same time I was rubbing her clit with my thumb.

We kept this game up for a bit until I made her cum with just my fingers. Then I got up and put a blind fold on her, and started to take off my pants. She then began to plead with me to not fuck her. “You promised!” while at the same time squirming her ass up as high as she could get it. (While she played her role well, she usually would lose it at some time and just give into the pure sensations throbbing in her pussy, and this night was no exception with her getting close to that point.) I got behind her and then thrust my finger up inside her again. She was surprised, expecting my cock. Then I stuck another finger in her, and then another. I worked my fingers in and our and all around, and then as her breathing quickened, abruptly stopped and got up.

“Wha…what are you doing?” she cried, almost forgetting her role and nearly begging me to continue.

“Getting you what you want and need.” I replied, and then left the room.

I closed the door behind me and listened from the other side. I heard her struggling with her restraints, but as best as I could tell, she didn’t get anywhere. I then went down the hallway to where Rhett was lying.

He looked at me with his curious eyes and cocked his head as I approached him, half naked. I then held out my hand with the pussy juice soaked fingers and he began to sniff and then lick them furiously. I smiled as I watched him lap them up while his bright red cock emerged from his sheath. He indeed was happier than usual, and I then took the next step.

I slipped some socks onto his legs using the stretchy bandaging the vet had given us years before for another dog of ours’ injury. With the socks on firmly, I led Rhett down the hallway and paused at the door. I could hear Jill inside pleading to be let go, and then I opened the door.

“Where did you go?” she demanded. She couldn’t see me due to the blindfold, but she could hear me. And she could tell I had someone else with me.

“Who else is there? Good God Jack! What the fuck are you doing?’

Now, now Jill, it’s Mr. Washington. And you’ll see soon enough who’s here.

It was then that Jill could hear Rhett’s panting.

“Oh god…no, please no…”

“You don’t want to lose your virginity do you, Jill?”

“No Mr. Washing…, I mean Jack I don’t want to do this”

“But I do think you do, Jill. And remember, it’s Mr. Washington. You don’t want your parents to know about your drinking do you?” And before she could reply, I let Rhett stick his muzzle into her crotch. He instantly started to lap her juices up and she barely could mutter a coherent response.

“No, Ja…Mr. Washingtahhh….Oh god don’t.. don’t… stop oh fuck Rrrrrhhhhetttttt-t-t-t!!!”

She came with a force that she knew only a few times before and sprayed her juices all over the bed and Rhett’s face, but it only encouraged him more, and his cock was now fully emerged. I had his collar with one hand and his back end with the other, but he was beginning to move around slipping my grasp on his haunches. With Jill gasping for breath, I pulled him off of her. She thought I was pulling him completely away as she let out, “That was so fucking amazing. Oh my god! Why haven’t I done that before?” I just grinned as I led Rhett back toward her pussy but then gently pulled up on his collar. He took my cue immediately and mounted up on top of Jill, his penis thrusting every which way. I let go of his collar and reached down to the base of his cock and grasping him as firmly as I dared (he was bucking all over the place) I guided his cock towards and then into Jill’s pussy. She let out a moan unlike any I had ever heard. It was more guttural, more base. The animal in her had been released.

Rhett’s thrusts became more intense, and I let go of his base. His knot had begun to get bigger and I just let him go. With a few more thrusts, he got his knot in and Jill shrieked.

Rhett pounded hard but didn’t come out like he had before, and as much as I tried, I only could get glimpse of where his cock went into Jill’s pussy. But I could tell he was in, and Jill was moaning, yelling, shrieking…everything. What surprised me most was Rhett’s not caring at all about all the noise she was making. Rhett fucked her for I don’t know how long. No more than 10, maybe 15 minutes before he came hard. I knew he came because Jill let out an “oh god…fuuuckkkk” that she does when I cum in her at the same time she’s cumming. Jack then slowed and then stopped moving and remained pretty still. Jill just lay there, moaning about him filling her up, how hot it was, and some other thoughts that I couldn’t really understand as she seemingly slipped in and out of consciousness or some altered state of ecstasy. They stayed knotted together for what seemed like eternity, but probably wasn’t more than 10 minutes before he popped out, with his knot still pretty swollen. And then the cum poured out. And I mean POURED out. I’ve given her cream pies, but never anything like that. Rhett immediately went to

her pussy and started to lap up his and her juices, but I pushed him aside and started to lick her dripping pussy. I did my best, knowing that my tongue could never match Rhett’s, but I managed to squeeze another orgasm out of Jill. She was nearly passed out from all of the sex and whiskey by now, so I untied her limp body and led Rhett out of the room. I took off his socks and led him back into the front room to his bed. He tried to go back down the hallway, but I gave him a firm no and he turned back toward his bed.

I looked at him as I put out the lights and said my usual, “good boy.” But this time I meant it differently, and the look on his face that he made as put his head down and licked his chops made me think he was smiling and saying “good night back at ya!”

I then headed back to the guest room to see how Jill was doing…

Rating: 93%, Read 356167 times, Posted Jan 11, 2011

Fiction | Bestiality


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