Bath house fun by toddh1970

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True Story | Anal, BDSM, Domination, Exhibitionism, Non-consensual sex, Submission, Transgendered, Transsexual

I'm a transwoman living in Canada. I found out about this gay bath house in the city so I taped my 36 B tits tight to my chest and went last weekend.

I payed the man to get in and headed for a locker I got along with a towel and a couple of condoms. I was a pretty scared to undress as I was wearing women's clothing underneath my sweatpants, t-shirt and slightly bulky jacket. I quickly got undressed and wrapped myself in the towel. No one saw me yet.

I looked around for a while seeing a lot of locked rooms, some with glory holes some with bars and others with windows. I even saw a few guys roaming the halls too.

I headed downstairs to the steam rooms, sauna and showers. No one was there so I striped my towel off and showered then headed into the wet steam rooms. It was like a maze. I found myself coming out the other entrance. I then entered the sauna. I sat down with my towel around my breasts and just enjoyed the heat. Suddenly an asian guy about 20 years old enters and sat beside me. I got nervous so I closed my eyes. A few seconds later I feel his hand on my leg. Startled I jump a bit, this poor guy dame near shit himself. I apologized as I got up and left.

Around the corner I find a bed with a viewing sitting area and six tvs showing manly gay porn but there was one showing straight porn.

I watched the tvs with much interest as my small cock twitched under my towel, Feeling brave I open my towel fully and start to stroke my small cock.

I didn't have to wait very long when suddenly three guys enter the room I'm in. I quickly cover up. They sat down and started to watch the porn. I was scared to look at them but could tell they were stroking there dicks. One guy gets up and drops to his knees in front of another and starts giving him head. I look over and find I'm getting turned on at the site so I start stroking my cock again. The third guy gets up and walks over in front of me, smiles and opens my towel, he was quit surprised when he sees my tits, he squeezed one then drops down and sucks my cock. He had all of me in his mouth and licking my balls at the same time in one quick motion.

I was hoping for something like this to happen but was still scared. I just sat there and allowed him to suck me. He was good at what he was doing but then he tried to put a finger in my ass. This scared me so I stood up and left saying I'm sorry. I'm not ready for that. I went into the wet steam room and sat down for a minute to think about it. I told myself that this was why I was here, to explore my sexuality, to experiment. Finally building up enough courage to go back in there to find nobody there.

I was dissapointed but thought I'll just go upstairs and look for him or somebody else. I showered again and headed upstairs.

I found a play area with multiple glory holes and a sex swing in the middle of the room. The glory hole wall with multiple holes was only about four feet tall and was two or three steps up from the main play area. There was nobody in here as I got curious about the swing. I walked up to it and noticed a box on the floor, I opened it and saw a bunch of bondage stuff. Handcuffes, punchers for nipples. That sort of stuff. I turn my attention to the swing and studied it for a bit. Then thought I need to try this so I dropped my towel and climbed in. I lied on my back hanging my ass off the edge and put my feet in the stirrups that went up the chain with my legs spread wide. As I sat back in noticed a tv on the ceiling playing gay porn. It showed two young studs fucking one another in a swing just like the one I'm now in. I didn't hear a guy come in behind the glory hole wall. I started to jerk my small cock, fully exposed to anyone that might be looking. I'm also playing with my tits. I closed my eyes and thought what it must feel like to take a cock in my ass. I was lost in my own world and didn't hear him come down the steps and walk right up to me in the swing.

Suddenly I felt a tounge on my ass. I was trapped and caught. I have never been caught before and as such was scared to death. My friend was licking and probing my ass so much that I started to relax and so I went with it. He then gets up and puts this wooden pole between my knees, velcroing it to my knees. This held my knees apart a little more. He sucked my cock for a bit. But I can't get hard anymore. I couldn't see his cock. He then came around to my hands and handcuffed my wrists to the chains holding the swing from the ceiling. I looked up at the tv. The guy in the swing was positioned the same way as I and the other guy was burred balls deep in his ass. My new friend without saying a word applied some lube to my ass and put a condom on then pushed a button on the wall that I missed earlier and lowered me down a bit. He then came up to me and put his cock head to my ass.

I panic a bit and ask him if he's big as I still hadn't seen his cock yet.

He just smiled and said relax, this is going to hurt a bit. Then he pushed his cock head in and stopped. Now I've played with dildos and vibrators for a while now but he was huge. As pain shot through my body and I jerk and contort in different ways. My friend grabs my cock and tugs it a couple times as the pain subsides until I only feel his pulse though his cock.

He slowly starts to push in as he plays with my little cock. He starts to pick up his pace and is fucking me hard and fast in no time. My tits are bouncing. I can hear moaning and grunting sounds as I study the rest of the room but no one else Is there I thought.

My friend was giving me exactly what I wanted and I was in heaven. I've been fucked a couple times before but I new instantly I'd need to do this again. After about twenty minutes or so, my friend grunted and filled his condom with his seed. He pulled his dick out of me and walks away. I call to him to let me go but he just ignored me.

I got ready scared.

Here I am, a transwoman in a gay bath house handcuffed to a sex swing with my legs being held apart and I'm totally naked in the middle of an open area for anyone to find. What the fuck am I going to do now. If I call out someone might want to take advantage of me but if I don't then someone will eventually find me and possibly take advantage of me. Either way it looks like I'm gonna be used for a while.

As I contemplate my situation I hear someone coming. When I see it's a guy with a big burly chest with mussels and thick hair all over his body and a huge cock hanging low. It must have been at least 8 inches long and as thick as his bulky arm. I think I was in shock because I just stared at him. He said something but I didn't hear him. He approached me and touched my ass with his finger. That's when I new he wasn't going to let me go just yet.

I asked him go undo the handcuffs because they hurt. He kept playing with my ass. I started pleading with him but got no response.

He then went behind me and said I think you talk to much. I'll fix that.

He then put a gag ball in my mouth and straped it to my head.

He then went back to my ass and shoved his thumb in. This felt good. He played with my ass for a while. Then put a condom on and burred his stump in my bio pussy. Holy fuck was he big. He had a hard time getting into me but finely he was in. Pain gave way to pleasure as he rode me. He reached for my tits as he fucked away. Pinching and squeezing my nipples. Suddenly I feel another set of hands on me but I couldn't care less as long as he kept fucking me. My feet kept coming out of the stirrups so the second guy tied my feet as well. Now I'm totally incapacitated. Mr stumpy was fucking me steady, not to fast. The other guy then started suckling my left tit and rubbing my right one. Im so fucking hot. I've never been this submissive but then again I didn't have much choice either. His cock is so big, my gawd. He's splitting me in two.

I looked over to the glory hole wall to see a crowd of guys, some with there cocks out and stroking away. And others sticking there cocks though the holes.

I tipped over the edge and my soft little cock started to cum. No one was touching it. It just started to sport all over my belly. The guy sucking my tits swooped in and licked it up but there was more. He got that to them sucked my little dick in and sucked hard.

Mr stump finely grunted, pulled out, rips the condom off and splatters me and this guy sucking me with cum.

God I felt so fuckin empty. Like he ripped my soul out when he pulled out.

Mr stumpy then asked me if I wanted to be let go.

I have to be honest, I thought about telling him no. I'm not full yet but my senses returned and I said yes please.

He releases me and helped me to my feet but I can barley stand. I can feel ass juices dripping down my inner legs but walk with pride and a little help back to my locker.

Mr stump gave me his card and told me to call him. He's a personal trainer at some health club so I told him as I grab his cock. As long as I get this again, then I will as soon as I recover.

He just smiles and walked away. I make my way downstairs and showered then went back to the play area to get my towel. There was still half a dozen or so guys there but I was spent. I got back to my locker got dressed and left.

Rating: 93%, Read 89143 times, Posted May 03, 2016

True Story | Anal, BDSM, Domination, Exhibitionism, Non-consensual sex, Submission, Transgendered, Transsexual


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