Laura, my friendly neighbor, part 3 by DONNIE

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The story so far

As an 11 year old girl, I met a neighbor in the swimming pool in our apartment building. I went back to her apartment with her and she

fingered me to my first orgasm. After doing this several times over some weeks, She taught me about oral sex, both how to give it and enjoy receiving it.

Continuing ...

For my twelfth birthday, Laura wanted to do something special. She told me about a week before my birthday, but wouldn't tell me anything more. All she would say was "Don't arrange to do anything on the Saturday after your birthday." So I didn't. All my family celebrations were held the weekend before my birthday.

At long last that Saturday arrived. Laura had, without telling me, asked my mother if she could take me out for a hike in the woods as a treat for my birthday. As mother had come to know Laura over the

last several weeks, she was OK with the idea.

So we got in Laura's car and headed off to the woods. She wouldn't tell me where we were going, just that I'd enjoy it. And, since I hadn't been for a hike in the woods in a long time, I was pretty certain

I would enjoy it, especially in the company of my dear friend, Laura.

After about an hour's driving, we ended up in the parking lot of a national park. All the way there, Laura had been teasing me by running her hand up my leg and poking it inside my shorts to play

with my pussy.

Needless to say, I was wet just about the whole trip! A few times I pulled the leg of my shorts aside and let her put her finger into my pussy. At one point I thought I was going to have an orgasm, but I held off. A lot of the time Laura had her finger in her pussy too. She would pull her juicy finger out and hold it in front of my nose. I would sniff at it, loving the sexy aroma, and then I would take the her finger and put it in my mouth to suck the creamy sap off.

Although the day was really warm and sunny, the park seemed almost deserted. We had each taken a small backpack with some food and drink in them so we hoisted them onto our backs and

started out. As we walked, Laura held my hand in hers and it felt so wonderful. I just felt so wanted.

When we came to a small clearing, Laura stopped, turned and enfolded me in her arms. This made me feel even more special, being held by someone I had come to love. Our faces moved towards each other, our lips met and we kissed, deeply. I could feel her pubic mound pressing against my stomach and I could tell that I was as wet as a fish.

Laura looked around and found a small path leading farther into the bush. It looked like nobody had been on it for quite a while, so we

turned into it. Eventually we came to an even smaller clearing. Laura removed my back pack and lifted my tee shirt up over my head, exposing my chest and stomach. Then she did the same to herself. We pressed our naked flesh together.

I felt myself being turned around so that my back and shoulders were against Laura's chest. Her fingers started playing with my nipples, first just gently rubbing them, then tweaking them with her finger tips. This made me weak at the knees: Laura had taught me to enjoy the sensations of my nipples being played with.

One hand left my nipple and slowly moved down my chest, over my stomach to the waist band of my shorts. I felt my stomach tense, almost convulsing, at the gentle light touch of her hand. Then I felt her fingers worming their way into my shorts, eventually touching the top of my wet pussy.

By this point I was leaning back into Laura, with her almost holding me upright. As her fingers slid down my pussy I involuntarily sucked in my breath; the sensation was so strong. Then, as so many times before, she began moving her finger up and down, slithering in and out of my juicy slit, still inside my shorts. I relaxed into her arms and let the feelings build up and up, knowing that before long they would

overwhelm me.

Laura never missed a beat, never changed the pace of her masturbation of me, nor of her massage of my nipple. Slowly but surely the feelings mounted until, with a gasp and a shudder, my legs almost caved in and I was wracked with an intense orgasm. I don't know whether it was my imagination or not, but the orgasms seemed to be gaining in intensity each time, and they were definitely more intense when Laura stood behind me, supporting me and

bringing me off.

When I felt able to move I turned to Laura, who was standing with an ear-to-ear grin. She had told me several times that it was a total turn-on for her to make me cum. I looked down at her shorts and, needless to say, she had a wet spot at the base of her crotch.

So, as I'd done several times before, I knelt in front of her, slowly pulling her shorts and undies down, uncovering her pussy. It had sex cream smeared all around the split in her vagina as it had oozed

through her pubic hair.

Kneeling on the ground, I put one hand around her buttocks, cupping one of her cheeks. With the other I ran my fingers up through her pubic hair and into her sopping slit spreading the pink labia apart for better access. I bent over and licked the juice from the exposed labia and slowly eased my tongue in to discover the nub that was her clitoris. The inside of her pussy was hot and wet with pussy nectar, which I promptly licked off, looking up at her and grinning.

"You wicked girl," she groaned as I placed my lips and mouth fully onto her pussy and, while sucking on it, started moving my fingers in and out of her vagina.

After what seemed to be only a minute she whispered, "Stop, I'm nearly there." Wondering why she wanted me to stop before she came, I looked up at her.

"Stand up," she requested. I stood up, facing Laura, who bent her knees a little so that our pussies were lined up at the same Height. Pulling me towards her, she touched the tip of my pussy to hers. Then she moved so close that our two pussies were now rubbing against each other.

This was a new sensation, and I could feel my pussy pressing on hers, my almost bare cunny being tickled by her pubic hair. She seemed to be excited by this sensual contact, and I heard her moan as she pressed my young body into hers and held me tightly, her hands reaching around to cup and squeeze my immature butt cheeks.

When she was finished with her tender orgasm she released my ass cheeks and stepped back, allowing me to see how sopping wet her pussy was, her pubic hair clinging to her flesh, and some of the wetness sticking to my hairless pubic mound.

The she knelt down in front of me, put her mouth on my cunny and licked me until I also felt a wonderful cum.

"Mmm, your pussy tastes delicious," she said.

Standing up again, she once more enfolded me into her arms, kissing my lips. I sometimes used to think that her kisses were almost as good as the orgasms she gave me. I loved the taste of my own pussy juice on her mouth and tongue.

"Want to try something else new?" she enquired with a grin.

"Sure," I grinned back.

"Turn around then, and bend over," she instructed.

Puzzled, I turned my back to her, then bent over, pointing my ass at her. I heard rather than saw her kneel and felt her hands on the cheeks of my ass, gently spreading them.

I jumped bodily at the next sensation. I could feel her nose bury itself in my ass crack. This was a huge shock to me. I couldn't imagine why she would want to smell something so dirty. Not that my ass was dirty at that time It was just that I had always associated it with the dirtiest part of my body. Having her smelling me there felt so naughty and wicked, but extremely exciting as well.

But if I thought that was a shock, the next sensation almost made me collapse on the ground. I could feel a wet sensation and realized

that she had stuck her tongue in there. Now this really was nasty and dirty. Yet, it gave me the most incredible pleasurable sensation, feeling her tongue lapping around my rose bud.

So much so that I started fingering my pussy, masturbating myself while she licked and probed and prodded my ass hole with her tongue. Again, the intensity of my orgasm almost made me faint, my legs buckling a little.

Laura caught me, stood me up to face her and asked, "Did you like that?"

Oh god. How could I reply to that? Again I became a deaf mute, merely capable of nodding my head.

"Mmm, good. There are lots of other things we can do with your sweet little bottom, baby girl," she replied.

And so we started our hike. We stopped a couple more times to have a kiss and a play but we just fingered each other at those times. All the way home in the car I couldn't stop thinking about what Laura had said. What were the other things we could do with my ass?

I've never forgotten my twelfth birthday!

Rating: 87%, Read 37764 times, Posted Apr 24, 2006

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Girl, Lesbian


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