One Big Horny Weasley Family- Chapter 01 The Morning After by naughtydragon

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Chapter 1- The Morning After

Ron looked at himself in the mirror and groaned; he looked as bad as his hangover felt. His eyes were bloodshot, it looked as if he had tried to cut his own hair, and he was wearing full facial make-up that was smeared from sleeping in it. He opened the medicine cabinet looking for a bottle of Madam Rosmerta's Morning-After Medicine, unfortunately there was none. He shook his head as he looked in the mirror again, "Never again, never, ever again. Not if I live to be older than Dumbledore am I ever doing that again."

He was referring to the previous night's party at Fred and George's. It had been a couples-only party. The only rules were that you had to have a date and you had to be of legal drinking age. He had, of course, gone with Hermione. They had been married for a few years now, but last night was the first time that they had been to a really wild party since their newly-wed days. He rummaged through the cabinet and finally found a jar of Hermione's make-up remover. After liberal use, he was finally able to look at himself in the mirror again. He was trying to remember how the make-up had gotten there in the first place. Then he remembered; Harry had dared him to let Lavender make him over. After drinking three George Thorogoods in an hour, who was he to refuse his best friend's request? "Never, ever, ever, again." He leaned his head against the mirror, thankful for its cool surface.

He shuffled back down the hall to his room. Hermione was half out of the covers, wearing an official pair of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes Glow-in-the-Dark Boxer Shorts. He stopped and scratched his head, he didn't own a pair of those, and neither did Hermione. So where did she get them? More importantly, how had she ended up in them? He sat down on the edge of the bed and thought about it, "Oh, yeah," he nodded, remembering that Angelina had dared Fred and Hermione to go upstairs and trade underwear. He decided then that Hermione looked better in boxers than Fred did in a red thong. Panicking, he looked down and was relieved to see he was wearing his own underwear. He was definitely never drinking that much again. Hermione probably shouldn't drink like that again either.

"Oh good, you're back." His wife was just way too chipper this morning.

"Morning sweetie." He reached over and gave her butt an affectionate pat. "I didn't do anything stupid, like parade around in your knickers last night, did I?" He was almost afraid of the answer as he felt his wife lean into his back and hug him.

"No, that would have been Fred. You,” she said as she walked her fingers up his back, “got to show everyone the Amazing Bouncing Penis." Ron buried his face in his hands. The Amazing Bouncing Penis was a discovery of Hermione's during their honeymoon. After a day and a half in bed, Ron's body was just worn out; however, the mind and the wife were both willing. So, as Hermione nibbled on his ear and told him all the things she wanted to do to him, he had contracted some muscles and forced blood into his groin. The combination of incoming blood and muscle contractions had caused his semi-erect penis to 'bounce.' Not for all the gold in Gringotts was ever getting that drunk in mixed company again.

Hermione tugged on his shoulders as she lay back down. "Honey, come up here and lay down. I want you to see something."

Ron turned around and crawled across the bed. She slapped an open magazine down on his pillow. "Was this what you had in mind?" There in front of him was a picture of three people engaged in rather carnal activity. It was a two page shot of a man screwing the maid from behind while the maid had her face buried between another woman's legs. Ron blinked several times, not fully comprehending how he had gotten into this situation. Finally, memory kicked in and he groaned at his own behavior:

"Ron, truth or dare?" Katie Bell asked.

"Truth," he answered, knocking back another shot of scotch. Harry had just performed 'I'm a Little Tea Pot' in his underwear, and Ron didn’t want to do something that embarrassing.

"What's the one thing you want to see, that you know you'll never get to see?"

Ron was pretty sure that if he hadn't been several shots into that bottle of scotch he would have said something like 'a crumple-horned snorkack.' However, the liquor had sabotaged his brain-to-mouth filter and the risqué nature of the questions, answers, and dares had him fixated on sex. "My lovely wife with her arse in the air and her face in another woman's quim."

There was much whooping and hollering at that answer. Hermione pulled her shirt over her head to cover her face, which exposed her red lace bra to everyone.

"Woohoo, two for the price of one," shouted Lee Jordan.

A spontaneous bra-judging contest broke out at that point. Ginny won with a magical number. It had clown faces over each boob that opened their mouths to expose her nipples when they got hard.

"Yeah, something like that." He was amazed that she didn't sound mad. As he dared a glance at her face, she didn't even look mad. "I'm sorry, sweetie, I shouldn't have said that. You know that-" She silenced him with a kiss.

"It's okay, it was just a game, and I know you love me." She leaned over and kissed him again.

"Where did you get this, anyway?"

"Fred's private collection. It didn't take us that long to change underwear."

"So, you're not mad?"

"No. I am a little shocked. I didn't know you had those kind of fantasies."

"I think every man has that fantasy. Why do you think Pansy was so bloody popular when it came out that she swung both ways?"

"Oh." Hermione reached over and flipped the page, then another, and another. "How magnanimous are you feeling this morning?" Ron responded with a 'huh?' "How open minded are you to hypothetical ideas?"

"Since you're not mad about last night, pretty open minded." His wife grinned at him; her look was positively devilish. Then she kissed him, deeply, amorously; in a way that only she could. Several minutes later she broke the kiss, leaving him breathless. "Gods above, you are an amazing woman."

"You have no idea, but I'm about to tell you." She leaned against him and draped her arm over his shoulders. "I'm going to tell you a story that will bring your fantasy into the realm of possibility."


Ron was a monster, that's all there was to it. He was a cruel, heartless, unfeeling, beast of a boy. Hermione ran up the stairs to her room. She never wanted to hear the name Viktor Krum again, and she never wanted to see Ron either. She burst into the room and threw herself onto her bed, weeping great torrents of tears. She felt a hand on her back.

"It's okay, Hermione. Get him out of your system." Eventually, Hermione's crying slowed until it trickled to a stop. The entire time there was a soft soothing voice attached to a hand rubbing her back and smoothing her hair. When she had finally stopped crying and blown her nose, she turned over to see who it was that had been so kind to her.

"Lavender," Hermione sniffled, "thank you." Hermione felt her dorm mate's arms slip around her. She leaned onto the shoulder being offered. "What's wrong with me? Why is he so mean to me?" She felt herself being pushed upright and then a gentle hand brushed away a stray lock of hair.

"There's nothing wrong with you, dear." Hermione looked into the eyes of her sympathizer. She wanted to believe what she was saying. "Nothing wrong at all."

"Then why is he so mean to me?"

"You frighten him. You make him feel things he doesn't understand. He likes you; he likes you a lot, so he hates that you had something with another guy."

"But I didn't!"

"Really?" Hermione shook her head and told Lavender all about it. About the letters and the invitations to Bulgaria, about Ron's reaction, about agonizing over the decision, and about how cruel Ron had been ever since she decided to go. Lavender shook her head and smiled. "What's almost funny about this is that you like him as much as he likes you, you just can't figure out how to say it."

A fresh wave of crying overtook Hermione, and Lavender chased it away. "So how do I tell him?"

"You don't." Hermione looked at her friend as if she had flipped her lid. "Don't tell him. Show him."


"With a kiss."

"That is the most ridic-" the feeling of Lavender's lips pressing against hers cut her off. Out of instinct she reacted, returning the kiss. This lasted for almost three seconds before Hermione could gather enough wits to break away.

"Lavender! What are you doing?"

Lavender simply smiled. "See what I mean? You kissed me back before you realized you were doing it." Hermione was breathing heavily. "If I was Ron, do you think you would have broken away?" Hermione shrugged, not trusting herself to answer. Lavender stood up to leave. "You may have the answers to a million and one questions, but you don't know the first thing about boys. Trust me, if you kiss him, you win." She turned and walked toward the door.

"Lavender, wait?" She came back over and sat down on the bed.

"What is it, dear?"

"I, I've never, you know, kissed a boy." Hermione looked up, a plaintive look in her eyes. "How do you... do it... and not... look like a fool?"

"Do you want me to teach you?" Not quite sure what else to do, nor trusting her voice, Hermione nodded. "Okay." Lavender moved closer to her. Her hand was soft as it caressed over Hermione's skin. "Normally, he's going to lead the way, like this." She felt her jaw cupped by Lavender's long, slender hand. She followed the gentle pressure willingly. She closed her eyes and gave into the sensation. The lips that touched her own were soft and supple, whereas her lips stayed tightly pursed. Lavender pushed against them and opened her mouth slightly. Then they were gone.

"Hermione," Lavender said with a frustrated tone. "You have to react, feel what is happening, go with it. This," Lavender pursed her lips tightly, "is how you kiss your grandmother, not your boyfriend."

Hermione felt herself flush with embarrassment. She had never been so inept at anything in her whole life. "Can we... try it again?" Lavender nodded and leaned in again. This time Hermione puckered slightly, and when Lavender's lips pressed against her own, she focused on the feeling, luxuriating in it. When the other lips opened, she followed suit. The hand on her face moved around behind her head and pulled her in. She moved closer, her arms finding their way around her partner of their own accord. When a tongue ran over her lips, she opened her mouth in surprise. She felt the tongue move in and swirl around inside her mouth. Giving in to the sensation, she moved her own tongue forward tentatively.

"Ah-huh," she felt the encouragement in her mouth more than she heard it, but the praise made her feel wonderful. She began to move her tongue more aggressively. The response was something she was not expecting. She felt her tongue being sucked on; drawn deeper into the mouth she was kissing. There were a few more flicks from the tongue that started it, then her tongue was released and a few light kisses finished it up.

Her head was spinning; she could feel the exquisite pressure lingering on her lips. As she licked her lips she could taste the remnants of Lavender’s flavored lipstick. "You learn very quickly, that was good."

"Are you sure?"

"Quite." Lavender gave her an appraising look; she blushed under the scrutiny. "Do you want to try it again?" She nodded, not trusting herself to speak. Lavender leaned in again but this time when their lips met Hermione was not so tentative. She wanted to experience that feeling again, but she wanted more of it. She crushed her lips against Lavender's, her tongue pushed forward, wrestling with the tongue that was trying to enter her mouth. After a long time of this, she became aware of another sensation. Her breasts were tingling, not painfully, but she was suddenly very aware of her nipples pressing against her bra. She shifted her shoulders trying to relieve the not entirely uncomfortable feeling when she felt pressure against her chest.

Lavender moaned into her mouth, Hermione did the same. She realized that the pressure she was feeling were Lavender's breasts pressing against her own. She tried to ignore the sensation and think about the kissing, but the more she tried to ignore it the more acutely aware she became of Lavender's own nipples pushing against her. She shifted back and forth a couple of times trying to relieve the pressure, but apparently Lavender had mistaken her intentions. She felt the girl's hands slide up her flanks and cup her breasts. She gave out an almost involuntary moan.

She gave in as Lavender pushed her down onto the bed. She felt the other girl's weight settle half on her, half next to her. She felt the buttons of her shirt being undone, and she began to protest, breaking the kiss in the process. "Shh, calm down." Lavender's voice was quiet and soothing. "You're going to like this part."

"I, I don't know." Hermione could hear the tremor in her voice.

"Have you enjoyed it so far?" She nodded. "Then let me show you some more." Lavender's lips settled over her own again and the girls began a long slow kiss. Hermione forced herself to relax when she felt Lavender's smooth hand on the skin of her ribs. She gasped when her bra was opened, then moaned when she felt a hand squeeze her breast. It was heavenly, almost too much to bear. She felt her tie being removed, then the rest of her buttons undone. She shrugged out of the shirt as it was pulled away from her shoulders.

Then Lavender's lips were gone. Hermione started to protest, and then she felt something warm and wet on her nipple. "Oh God," she heard herself say in ecstatic rapture. She brought her hand down and wound it into Lavender's heavy, golden hair. She felt fire in her legs as Lavender began to gently caress her calves in long strokes. She was vaguely aware that the hand got a little higher with each stroke, but she was so far gone in the bliss of what the tongue was doing to her nipple that she didn't really care.

She moaned again when her other nipple became wet and warm. She was being suckled, her tit drawn into a warm, soft mouth. Suddenly she realized it couldn't be Lavender, because her fingers were entwined in the girl's hair. She opened her eyes to see dark hair falling down over dark skin. "Parvati!" she gasped.

"Is this a private game, or can anyone play?" Lavender lifted her head and gave Parvati a deep kiss.

"Well, it started out as a private lesson on how to kiss." Lavender dragged her tongue over Hermione's sensitive nipple, eliciting a soft moan. "It got better from there." Hermione was in shock. She didn't know what to do or say. When it was just she and Lavender, she had been able to pretend it was Ron. At that point she was still learning. Now though, it was something else. Something... carnal... base... sexual.

She felt lips against her own again. This time though, the lips were stronger and firmer. They didn't ask like Lavender's had. These lips commanded, pushing against her, drawing her along with them. She was breathless and unbalanced when they broke away. "Ron will probably be more like that when he kisses you," Lavender said quietly. "Parvati kisses more like a boy, she's a little impatient sometimes." She could feel fingers that she assumed were Parvati's tweaking her nipple and flicking over it. It was setting her breast on fire.

"So, is there room for me in this bed?" Parvati asked. Hermione could feel their eyes on her. She didn't know. There was so much to think about. They would probably laugh at her if she said no; tease her for being a prude, like they had last year. On the other hand, this was so... sexual. It rather scared her. She felt Lavender's lips trailing along her neck, then over her chest and it was suddenly very difficult to think. She felt nails drag up the inside of her thigh and she arced and moaned.

She opened her eyes so she could see where her hand needed to be. She wound her fingers into Parvati's hair and pulled her down to kiss her. The sensations coursing through her were incredible. Parvati was kissing her, her tongue plundering Hermione's mouth, while she groped Hermione's breast. On the other side of her body, Lavender was kissing and licking her nipple while her hand slid under Hermione's skirt and stroked her inner thighs.

Suddenly the lips disappeared from her body. She opened her eyes to see what was going on. Within seconds, Lavender and Parvati were bereft of clothing, and the dormitory door was locked. The two girls crawled back onto the bed. Only this time, while they were groping her, they were also kissing and groping each other. She felt hands on her thighs again, spreading her legs. Then fingers were poking under the cotton fabric, teasing her very sensitive vagina. She clamped her legs together. She was a virgin and intended to stay that way until she chose otherwise.

The fingers were withdrawn, but she watched, fascinated, as the two girls who were kissing over the top of her threaded their fingers through each other's pubic hair. Not wanting to be completely left out, she sat up. Lavender's breasts were large and heavy before her face. Inches opposite, Parvati's breasts were smaller, but her areolas were large and dark and presented an interesting contrast to Lavender's tight, pink nipples.

Hermione brought an experimental hand up and touched Lavender's breast. It was soft but firm, and certainly much larger than her own. She ran her thumb over the nipple, drawing a muted groan from the owner. She turned her head and eyed the almost black nipple directly in front of her. She leaned in and kissed it, flicking her tongue over it as Lavender had done to her. She felt an arm slip around her and sharp nails draw lightly up her back. She shivered, and sucked the small breast into her mouth.

The three girls collapsed back down onto the mattress; a frenzy of tongues and lips, kissing, slurping, nibbling, and sucking. Hermione slithered out of the bed when Parvati tried to kiss her way into Hermione's underwear. She was getting uncomfortable with the amount of attention that was being paid to that area. However, she couldn't tear her eyes away when the other two girls turned head and tail on each other with Parvati on top and their faces in each other’s crotches.

She stood next to the bed and watched, entranced as Lavender's tongue opened her lover and moved through the folds of dark flesh, exposing the pink within. Lavender opened her eyes and smiled up at Hermione. A hand took hold of her own and pulled her closer, then extended her middle finger, and rubbed it over Parvati's lips. Lavender brought the digit lower and sucked it into her mouth.

Hermione rubbed her fingers over the exposed area again, but this time she stuck the finger in her own mouth. The taste was rich, kind of sweet- almost like corn syrup. "Do you want to try?" Lavender asked her. Hermione shook her head no, but sat down at the head of the bed so she could watch the carnal scene before her. She spread her legs and placed her feet on the bed frame.

She began to rub herself through her knickers. The area was swollen, warm, and very sensitive; and the more she touched it the more she wanted to touch it. Her breathing became labored and shallow as she pressed harder and experimented with different ways to move her hand. She could feel liquid soaking through the cotton material, which alarmed her at first but she kept rubbing and enjoying the marvelous things she was doing to herself.

Lavender began to whimper and pant. She could also hear Parvati moaning and saying something, though she couldn't understand what. Her rubbing intensified as the other girls got louder. As she watched, Parvati's hips dipped and began to grind against Lavender's face.

Hermione's hands began to move more frantically. She reached under the thin sheath of cotton and inadvertently touched a small bump that was poking out. The shiver that shot through her was pure ecstasy. Tentatively she did it again, more deliberately. Before she knew what had happened, she was rubbing her finger furiously over the little nub, her cries becoming louder and louder. She forced her eyes open to see what was going on with her dorm-mates.

Lavender had her hands on Parvati's ass, her thumbs pulling the girl's opening wide. Her tongue was absolutely punishing a small area of her dark skinned lover. As Hermione watched, a semi-clear liquid flooded from Parvati's open hole. Lavender began to lap at it vociferously, practically licking the pussy clean. Suddenly, Lavender began saying, 'Yes, yes, yes." Her head thrashed wildly back and forth. Then she went rigid. Hermione could hold back no longer. She gave into the feeling that was racing through her blood. She jammed her eyes shut and opened her mouth to scream, but shoved her fist in so that she wouldn't alert the entire tower as to what was happening.

When she opened her eyes again, her dorm mates were lying in each other's arms, looking at her. "Look at that Parvati, our little prefect is becoming a woman. She kisses like a pro and screams like a banshee." Lavender wriggled out of Parvati's embrace and slid up next to Hermione. "Feel better now dear?" Hermione nodded. Then Lavender's lips were on her own and she was kissing the other girl, reveling in the taste of the tongue in her mouth.


"Hermione, I had no idea!" Ron's eyes were wide with shock and his cock was full with desire. "Wow, that really happened, just like that?"

Hermione leaned over and kissed her husband, sucking his tongue into her mouth. "Just like that, and just the once. That afternoon I cornered you in the common room. Lavender was right, as soon as I kissed you, you stopped fighting me." Ron just nodded; there was nothing to say. He also couldn't think much around the idea of his wife sucking Parvati's cum off of Lavender's tongue.

"I think I can arrange for you to get your fantasy, but you have to fulfill mine first."

"What's that?" Ron asked.

"I'll tell you after you fuck me."

Rating: 91%, Read 86326 times, Posted Sep 14, 2020

Fiction | Fan fiction, Female, First Time, Lesbian, Male, Teen Female, Threesome


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