My First Facial, and Big Cock by cravescum

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True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Gay, Young

My First Facial, and Big Cock

After my first experience at the bathhouse it’s hard to remember which is my second gay experience. I’m pretty sure its this one though.

Part of what got me so bi-curious was porn. I love porn! I love watching chicks sucking big cocks and getting fucked in the ass, and some gay porn too, but most gay porn just isn’t done as well as straight porn. What I’ve always liked most was facials. I love watching huge loads cum out of huge cocks, all over a smooth pretty face and mouth. I made the decision that I was gonna get a load all over my face that night.

I’ve always gotten turned on by craigslist and chatting and just using the net to meet people. I decided to finally meet someone off the net. I posted on craigslist that I wanted a big cock in my ass and a huge load all over my face. I also posted my stats at the time, 21yo 6’3” 170lbs dark hair blue eyes. I got many responses. Any one who’s used CL knows there are many flakes on it and you usually don’t score more than half the time. After an hour of weeding people out I found my cock for the night. A nice tall guy in Boulder. This was only going to be my second time so I was very nervous, cause it was kind of a far drive and he had a really big cock, 8 inches long and thick. The only cock I had had in me was 6 inches. But, I had been shoving comb handles and cigar tubes up my ass since I was a young teen. Big cock is what I wanted, so I went.

When I arrived he came out to meet me, what a gentleman! He had asked me to wear a wife beater cause he liked that, that turned me on so I did. He was bi recently broken up, this made me want his cock even more. He was tall slender dark hair and eyes. He said I looked hot, which made me feel more comfortable. We sat on his couch and talked for a few. I kept staring at his crotch, but being new to this, I didn’t know what to do. He looked at me and said “do you want it?” I said Yes. He unzipped and pulled out his half hard cock and started stroking it. I took it in my hands stroked it a little, used the precum dripping down it as lube. It was big, long and sexy.

I could not wait any longer, I bent over and put his big dick in my mouth. As soon as it was in he moaned and gasped, I think I took him by surprise. He began thrusting his hips into my face. I could taste more delicious precum dribbling into my mouth. I love the taste and feel of precum, especially when there’s a lot. He was moaning louder now and he was rock hard. I got on my knees in front of him and began really getting into it. I asked him to take pictures with my camera and he agreed. He shot some good ones with his big dick hanging out of my mouth.

I then asked him to stand up, I wanted to be as far below him as possible. I sucked his cock very aggressively, until he had to stop me because he was gonna cum. He took his dick out of my mouth and laid it across my face and started dropping it on my face, I loved this, I wanted that big veiny cock in my tight hole. I looked up and asked if he still wanted to fuck me, and he said “oh yeah.”

One challenge I’ve always had being a bottom is that I’m extremely tight. I warned him of this. Im so tight some guys have had a hard time getting in me. Of course as soon as the condom was on he was a little softer and couldn’t get it in, damn condoms! I needed that dick in my ass. I tore the condom off and sucked it like no tomorrow. I didn’t really mind the taste of the condom. I began slapping his dick on my face hard, he loved it, and it made him rock hard again. He quickly threw a condom on and bent me over the arm of the couch and slowly slid in me.

He had loosened me up a little before but it was very different from the 6 inch cock I had in me my first time. It was painful! He told me to relax and he slowly slid in and out of me. As soon as I relaxed it felt amazing. Chills went down my spine, and I got goose bumps on my ass and legs. I told him he could fuck me harder now, and he did. He started pounding away, so hard that I started moaning. He said “yeah thats it, moan for my cock” which made me moan even louder. I looked back at him and said “fuck yeah, fuck my tight ass with that big long cock.” when I said that he stopped because he was close again, he said “your too fun, I don’t wanna be done yet.” He then flipped me on my back and put my legs over his shoulders and began pumping away at my hole harder and harder.

I have a very sensitive prostate, I figured this out long ago by stuffing things in my ass. I couldn’t even touch my cock or it would have exploded, he was hitting my prostate so hard. After banging me like that for a while he picked me up and put me on my hands and knees and slid back in me. I was in bliss, my first big cock sliding in and out of my ass and pleasing it with my body. He grabbed my ass and spit on my hole while he was fucking me, it felt so fucking good, I moaned really loud. He said “I’m gonna cum soon” I said “shoot it all over my face,” “you want it on your face?” he asked. I said “yes, I want you to cover my face in your hot cum!” he pulled out, tore off the condom and told me to suck it. I sucked it so hard, I was jerking my cock really hard now. He groaned, and said “you ready?” “ give it to me” I begged him. The look on his face was so hot, I could tell he was very turned on knowing he’s in his 40’s and he’s about to cum on a young 21 year old face.

His cum felt so warm, I loved it immediately. It came out of his cock string after string after string. If I had to guess now, I’d say he dropped 8-10 strings of cum on my face. I came immediately, my cock exploded all over the place. He looked down at me, naked on his floor, on my knees, asshole gaping, and face covered in cum I could tell I had pleased him well. I used my shirt to wipe it off, even though I didn’t want to wipe it off. I made a little small talk but he rushed me out, which I kinda liked. As I walked to my car I had a huge smile, because I was soaked in cum from a big cock.

Rating: 88%, Read 40506 times, Posted Apr 09, 2010

True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Gay, Young


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