It all started with picking up my sister's panties by Twink+Mike+420

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I remember when I was a senior in highschool and the first time I held my twin sister's panties when folding laundry. I was curious from then on out. I pick them up and sniffed them, they smelled like all the rest of the laundry. It didn't satisfy my curiousity. I had to think for a moment... and then it hit me. I walked into the bathroom we shared and just looked at our dirty hamper filled with both our clothes and couldn't wait till everyone was asleep.

It was painful sitting through dinner knowing what was up stairs. I had put denim on just to help hide my hard on I had been sporting since picking up my sister's panties. I was just watching the clock waiting. Finally after all the dishes were done and my family finished watching TV everyone started yawning. I knew it was soon.

Everyone was alseep, and my cock was excited. I started dumping clothes out of the hamper that my sister and I shared and found it! right near the top were a pair of panties my sister had worn yesterday. I took a huge whiff and smelled it. It was differented than earlier. My sister's pussy. My dick just started leaking and I almost came in my pants. I needed more though. I wanted an experience that would make me cum in my pants.... or maybe panties.

I stripped off my clothes off and started stepping into a pair of panties my sister had worn. It was heaven. So much softer than my briefs, cotton lined. I could feel them start slipping into my butt causing the panties to run across the head of my cock and that did it. I starting cumming in my panties and filling them up with cum. My cum started leaking out of the cotton and I couldn't stop. Grabbing my butt with my own hands, squeezing. I was riding so high, I rubbed my hands around my body and into my panties, or my sister's panties filled with my cum. The first time my fingers had run through my cum and I fell in love with the tecture. And I became curious again.

I took my pointer finger and ran it into my cum and then ran my cum covered fingering through my lips and tasted my cum. It was incredible and I lapped up as much as I could. Needing more I took my sister's panties off and started licking them. I had cum right where her pussy rested for a day and enjoyed the mixed taste.

I finally started coming down from the most intense experience of my life and looked into the mirror. I knew I was changed and then looked at my sister's panties. I got dressed and put what were now my panties into my pocket to make sure no one saw me leaving with them. Knowing everyone was asleep I went to my room and put the panties on under a pair of shorts to go play video games. But I had to say I was distracted while playing and had to stop to cum again into my panties. I couldn't get over the taste of myself.

I woke up with my panties up my ass crack like a thong trying to push into my asshole and the biggest morning wood I ever had. I was laying on my stomach and started rubbing against my bed. I remembered the sensation of cumming just rubbing against the cotton from last night and wanted it again. I though about how good I looked in the panties and the new feeling of the panties sliding into my ass crack was pushinge me over the edge. I started cumming against my bed and couldn't help but moan a bit. wow. I had never done that.

It was getting into mid morning so I had to get up. The last thing I needed was my mom coming into my room to wake me up. What a sight that would be. I had to do my best to clean up though. I took off my cum soak panties and started licking up as much cum as possible. I was hooked.

I stayed busy during the day to avoid thinking about the next time I could wear my panties. My family and I were cleaning up lunch as my sister announced she would be not be at dinner. She was headed out for the night. I was invited to hang out, but I said no. Told her I was too tired.

After finishing dinner my parents said they were going out for a movie and would be back around midnight. I looked at the clock and did math in my head. I would have almost three hours with an empty house. No way my sister would be back before my parents. I actually helped my parents out the door. The sooner they were gone the less chance they would see the spot forming on my shorts. Thinking about the pleasure that was going to happen.

They left, I watched the car pull away, and did a 180 to run up the stairs. I went for the panties I had on just this morning and couldn't wait. I I smelled them. Sniffing what was now just the smell of my cum. I had cum so much into these that my sisters smell was gone. I couldn't help but think of that first taste I had. I can tell the difference between her cotton with the taste of her pussy on it versus cotton panties soaked with my own taste.

I wanted to get that fresh taste of her again. I went to the bathroom and I didn't even need to dig this time. Right on top were a pair she must have worn today. I went straight for them and smooshed the crotch into my nose. ahhhh. It was probably just my imagination but I swear I could still feel the warmth of her pussy. I took my tounge and dragged it across and my cock was about to break through my shorts. I took the panties off my tounge and actually looked at them. They were a bit different.

I started thinking about the feeling this morning. Feeling the cotton panties pressing into my ass crack. I knew it would be a different feeling with these, possibly better. I was holding my sister's thong. I gave them one more lick and started taking off my shorts. I couldn't wait to wear these for the next three hours.

I pulled them up and they were more satin than soft. I didn't think my cock could get any harder but then I felt what wasn't quite a string, but turned into one as the back of this thong went up between my ass crack. It was amazing. Pulling my balls into me and feeling something between my crack. My cock starting to leak. I wanted to taste my cum again. I couldn't go any where I just layed down on my bathroom floor and squating down the panties got tighter and my precum was flowing. I scooped the string of cum off that was dripping of my tip into my mouth and had more to taste by the time I went for more. Being in this thong and feeling something against my ass was amazing. I started jerking my cock and cum flew in seconds. Spraying up to my check almost hitting my face and each shot making a trail from my neck back down to my cock. I had to catch my breath.

I ran my finger down my check and up to the tip of my cock then straight to my mouth. I sentually licked the cum off my finger. and layed on the floor for the next few minutes repeating. I got up and had to take a few breaths.

I didn't even bother to wipe myself. I just went and laid in my bed. I had to close my eyes for a minute to try to be able to focus on something other than making myself cum. I saw my laptop and opend it up hoping it would distract me. I still had 2.5 hours tills anyone would be home, and even then it won't stop me much. Just limit me to my room.

I tried surfing the web but it didn't take long till my browsing went in a different direction. I pulled up an incognito page and stared at the google search bar. I think I was scared to type so I just pulled up I knew there wide genre section would catch my interest. I was scrolling and went past F, then L, and then M. I didn't see any title catching my name. I kept going till I saw the picture of a cock sticking out of panties. I didn't even realize what I was looking at till I saw the title "shemales." I kept scrolling, but got the end of the alphabet.

I knew I was curious but couldn't admit it to myself. I thought. And decided that I was curious earlier. and then looked down and saw my thong.... and steel hard cock sticking out. I went back and clicked the link.

The first video I saw looked like one of those almost generic pornstars or that is what I thought. I looked down her body and her hand was wrapped around a gorgeous cock. Hairless. What must have been 7-8 inches. Perfect. I had to click on it. I watched her dance around in a skimpy outfit then strip and lay down onto a bed. Her cock standing and her look. Lustfully looking at the camera as she rubbed herself. I saw her precum flowing and mine turned on too. I beat her to licking it up though. My finger instanstly went to it and into my waiting mouth. But she beat me too the next manuever.

Her finger went past her cock and into her crack. Showing me her hairless rose bud. She rubbed around it and pressed into it slowly with her finger. She moved around a bit then pulled out to get more pre cum. This time she went straight back into her ass. Lubing herself with her own pre cum.

I almost came on sight. I couldn't resist. I paused the video and did the same thing she did to catch up. I wrapped my finger in pre cum dripping from my cock and licked it off. Moved my finger to my waiting ass. I hesitated and started rubbing around the rim. I had never done this before. I was riding this pleasure wave to high to fall now and slowly pressed in. I could feel my finger pop into and a new sensation hit. I went straight back for more pre cum though. I did something different though. I couldn't stand not tasting myself, so I put my finger into my mouthg, tasting both my cum and my ass for the first time. I sucked my finger then spit it backout onto my finger. I used that to lube myself more, and plounged my finger into the ass. It was a new world, I could tell.

I left my finger in my ass for a moment getting used to the feeling. Then slowly pulled out a bit, but not to far and back in slowly. I eased my self out, pulling out a little more each time. I got the end of my finger, and plunged all the way back in. Fucking myself. I restarted the video with my finger in my ass.

The shemale quickly pulled her finger out to taste the whole finger and all of herself. I did the same. It was amazing. I soaked my finger in saliva again and put it back in me. The shemale was now going at herself with two fingers in a way that would have changed me. I just stuck with one till it was going in easy. Then I wanted to match her. I pulled my finger out and sucked on two fingers and was ready for more. I eased them both in and could feel the difference. The stretch. It was a lot. I focused on the video watching the shemale fuck herself, wanting to do the same. Both my fingers got all the way in and I couldn't hold off. I started going in and out and I was moaning again. I hit a spot in my ass that made my cock jump.

I kept hitting that spot, with my fingers all the way in. It feels so good I can't even focus on the video. My cock started shooting cum and I haven't stroked it since the video started. I shot up in the air and this time past my chest onto my chin. Spraying cum up to my neck was the biggest thing before, but this time I passed that. I couldn't stop fucking my self and kept cumming. I looked back at the video and saw the shemale had upgraded. She was now fucking herself with an 8 inch dildo and started to cum ropes.

Rating: 82%, Read 41096 times, Posted Nov 01, 2019

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing, Male, Masturbation, Solo, Teen, Teen Male, Transsexual


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