Priest...Cast a Spell by phyllisroger

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True Story | Consensual Sex, First Time, Threesome

Father Daniel’s “Spell.” by Roger and Phyllisroger [email protected]

I was young and nubile and also, this was the important part, longed for and loved orgasms and climaxes and all kinds of things like that which were a kind of ‘forbidden fruit.’ After all, I was not that old but my body was fully developed. Nice breasts, a slender waist and a pussy that wouldn’t stop wanting attention…not to mention anal…another joy. I was all systems “go” and systems were ready to go with any suggestion, or no suggestion at all.

Then there was this young priest, Father Daniel, in his dark robe and dangling religious cross with the little Man on it…an almost naked symbol of rectitude...erectitude!...…nailed to a cross but what stuck in my mind was this Man with only a loin cloth concealing his privates. It should not have been erotic but for me, a young woman, I imagined him stripped of that cloth, revealing a deprived, nascent penis which I would anoint with my lips, lick with my tongue, work my feminine magic on his body until he was alive, erect, wah lah...glorious pulsing erectitude! dripping with pre-cum and my body ready to stir him and IT to an ecstatic “religious” experience…me leaping on the cross, grasping his shoulders, lifting to position and my legs embracing that body, looking down at his hard cock in full display between my legs, lunging my cunt onto his hard cock…again and AGAIN!Him mumbling: “Forgive me Father…but she knows what to do.” Feeling him enter my wet body, churning me, holding Him tight and then His ejaculation and His spiritual sperm oozing from my hot cunt. He softens, smiles and I slip down, licking Him dry, both of us still shivering in a forbidden delight. Mary Magdalene, her feverish kisses on Him, His cock milking her cunt to ecstasy had nothing on our last minute encounter. He should have been ashamed yielding to earthly pleasure even with his beloved Mary. I had no shame when it came to fucking.

But such was not to happen except in my sacrilegious dreams. Father Daniel’s dangling cross was only a symbol that aroused my imagination…my wicked thoughts…which were now in the form and flesh of dear handsome, hot Father Daniel…his black robe and the cross symbolizing what was beneath his robe…as I already knew, it having been secretly revealed to me: it was a beautiful cock ready for my attentions. I thought priests were circumcised but he explained that at birth there was no idea of a religious bent and thus he had foreskin with which I like to play in our little sex games. His dangling cross was the only dangling thing when we were together!

Becky and I would take turns milking that wonderful instrument of pleasure until Father Daniel lay in an exhausted state having pleased us both. He seduced me one early afternoon after school but then the fun began as I shamed him to admit that he was a sinful fucking machine…not just with me but with both Becky and me…I loved riding him and sucking him off with a religious zeal. He was young and virile…extremely virile…and Becky and I tasted of his virility. I called him every sinful and dirty name before, during and after our fuck sessions and it all made him hotter still.

One afternoon, Becky left early after one of our ‘fuck sessions’ and Father Daniel whispered in my ear: “Phyllis. I want to meet you away from church and spend more time, alone, just with you.” His words sent erotic chills through cunt lips spontaneously twitching...shivers all over.

Becky and I were best friends but also competitors for the priest’s attentions in some erotic way. We girls each wanted to be his favorite, I suppose. Daniel continued: “I know a motel in town. Why don’t we meet there…just you and me?” I nodded and cuddled in to him…we were both naked, except for his cross resting on my breast, and exhausted and cuddling in his private room. I loved rubbing my body over his nakedness, feeling his limp cock on my wet cunt…knowing I was the cause both of inflaming it and also of putting it to sleep...surely a power of the gods! My power over this devout one. I reached and felt his balls and thought of seeing him alone. It was erotic to think of our ‘secret’ time without Becky sharing. I was under his ‘Spell.’

The next day couldn’t come soon enough. The motel was walking distance from school and I walked there as soon as class was over, knocking on the room he had indicated. . I was filled with religious fervor as I knocked on the motel door. This time, like the first time between us, we were to be alone and I wondered about it…was aroused by the thoughts of it…all day at school. I had dressed…underdressed…for the occasion. I was already trembling in anticipation because Father Daniel was a relentless sexual being…he would never get tired while fucking me and would pound away until I was shaking and lifting and crying…he would lick the tears from my cheeks while, even then, still finishing me off fucking away with extra strokes. Then he would lie on top of me…when I caught my breath I would reach between us and stroke him as he would gradually go soft. This was a religious experience for me.

I knocked on the door, it opened and I entered. There was my handsome priest in his seductive robe…the cross dangling down suggestively. We embraced and he whispered: “You’re a special girl, Phyllis. Are you ready for your surprise?” ‘Surprise?’ I thought. It was quiet in the room and I held on, wondering. “The Gospel of John reports ‘Jesus wept.’” he said and I waited for my surprise. “You make me weep sometimes,” he said. “We have a divine intervention every time we fuck…it’s like my cock gets hard just thinking of you and your body... and your cunt.” “That’s not a nice word, Father,” I teased. “Nice isn’t the word,” he said, “divine is more like it and when it’s your ‘cunt’ my cock is in desperate need. And I’m not the only one who feels that way.”

I’m not the only one I thought? What does he mean and I hugged him tight, his cross pressing against my breasts, feeling his hard cock against my body. I wanted him just then and whispered: “My little ‘cunt’ wants you to relieve it of its tensions, Father. What is my surprise you dirty man?” Just then the bathroom door opened and I looked to see another man of the cloth emerge. His smile was huge and lecherous! Another good-looking man! I got more of those shivers at the whole idea. It was to be a threesome! Not an animal threesome with Father Daniel’s dog but a human one. That had never happened to me, I was a little scared and I suddenly wished Becky was with me.

“This is Father James from another parish. We have been friends and shared stories…I told him of the delightful young nubile parishioner named Phyllis. James and I have confided in all things. His congregation is older and he is one horny devil…so he is my surprise.” I looked at him then and at the door to our room. “Maybe I should leave,” I said. Father Daniel and James looked at each other. James said: “Maybe you should leave but first have a look at things.”

That said, Father James lifted his dark robe. He was fully erect. All of him and when I say ‘all’ of him there was a great deal in the word ‘all’ as far as James was concerned. He was huge and stiff, flexing and already dripping. “My congregants are mostly elderly,” he said, “and when Danny told me about ‘his’ little Phyllis I had to ask to join you…my cock is very needy.” I looked at his face, his eyes and down to his stiff member. God! I thought, are no priests circumcised? My Daniel and now his friend James…both of them with foreskin.

Father James approached as I thought of leaving but my hand went to him…the head of his cock peeking out…his flesh was so hot and his cock dripping. I grasped and moved the skin over the head of his enormous cock. It was captivating me and flexed in my hand. I bent to kiss and lick as I moved the foreskin to expose him. He tasted sweet. “You taste sweet,” I said, looking up at him. He smiled and I kissed and licked. Father Daniel was holding me from behind, massaging my waist and lifting my dress. It was too late to leave. I wanted to stay and enjoy my surprise. Daniel was a very good priest and beside all that, my little cunt had been aching for a ride all day.

My dress now at my waist and Daniel’s cock moving from behind and caressing between my legs. I was licking and stroking his friend, James, whose fingers were in my hair and on my ears. I was hot and a little scared. James was a monster. I didn’t know if he would hurt me. I was young and small and so was my cunt. It was just the right size for a regular man or even a regular doggie but what about James? I kissed and sucked and stroked. His balls were tightening in my hands. Daniel was milking me, teasing me, his cock back and forth, from behind, between my legs, smoothing the lips of my wet cunt with his hot cock as I moved on it, undulating, and building my heat.

James pulled my face away and held me up to him with a delicious kissing. “Don’t,” he said, “you’re going to bring me off too soon. There is a better way to bring me off.” “I’m just a little girl,” I whispered. “I don’t know…”

James hands caressed my face, smoothing my lips that were wet from his huge cock. “You taste good,” I said. He licked my lips and smiled. “Little James wants to taste you.” “He’s not little,” I said and gulped for breath, “he’s kind of big…huge.” I let out my breath and sat on the couch, letting my dress down.

James sat beside me, holding me. Father Daniel opened a bottle: “Sacrificial wine,” he said and we all laughed. “Am I the sacrifice?” I laughed. Now I was surrounded by horny men who said: “To you, Phyllis.” “To me, the sacrificial lamb,” I said and we clicked glasses and drank. I reached under Father James’ robe to examine him again. My hand seemed inadequate to the task but he was still hard and I stroked him. He stuck out his legs and pulled up his robe, letting out a huge sigh, I looked at my Daniel: “This is a very big surprise!” Then I leaned over James for another kiss and lick, his strength flexing as I held him with both hands. It was my dragon and he was on fire. I played with the foreskin, back and forth, “You’re going to make me cum,” James said and I slowed and drank some more wine.

“I need to relax a little,” I said. “Let me get used to the idea of being a sacrifice for you two...of my tiny little cunt and ‘little’ James.” They clicked their glasses with mine. It was quiet in the room. I heard cars passing by outside. My head was dizzy and not just from the wine. I had to cool down a bit before we got into the ‘sacrificial lamb’ part of the afternoon. What would I tell Becky? What should I tell Becky? I sort of wished Becky were here just now. I felt very vulnerable and alone but also very extra hot. Thinking of Becky fucking James reassuring. I would tell her of this new experience and we would have a giggle-fest..

Daniel leaned in and kissed; his hand under my dress, petting me. “You’re really wet Phyllis. Do you like my little surprise?” he said. “I’m nervous and there is nothing ‘little’ about it,” I said. “It’ll be okay. He’s a priest.” “But,” I said, “he’s a very big fucking priest!” I was still playing with James and judging his length and breadth. I changed the subject.

“You men won’t like me for this but I have a fantasy,” I said. James said: “About…?” “I said you wouldn’t like it but here goes…” I drank some more wine and told them of my Jesus fantasy…of fucking Him on the cross and how He liked it all and came in me…came hard. I told them all about Mary Magdalene and how they liked kissing. “Tell me, fathers, how could Jesus have loved kissing her and not fondled and fucked Mary?” Now we were all laughing. I pulled on Daniel’s cross and slapped him on the chest with it. James looked at us and took hold of his cross and playfully slapped my chest. “You’re making my nipples hard!” I teased.

Now I had both priests…one on either side…and slipped their robes to their waists. They were both beautiful though of different sizes and I couldn’t take my mind of the size of James…I had never seen…or imagined…such a tool. “I don’t know,” I repeated, “he’s huge and I’m little.” “And tight,” said Daniel. I was a nervous little girl.

James stood and took my hand saying: “Now’s the time to find out.” He pulled me to my feet and I followed him to the bed. “I know what you like little Phyllis and I know what ‘little James’ likes to do. He is one hungry, starved fellow these many months of my good behavior.” He was teasing me and I loved it. He was so gentle and kind but I was nervous and full of wonder.

The time had come. He pushed me back on the bed, putting a pillow under my head. James reached for another pillow and lifted my bottom, lifted my dress, spread apart my legs. I felt a sudden coolness where I was hot and looked between my legs to see the head of his cock emerge from its foreskin. It was so sexy and hot to see the dragon come out of its cave. My dragon. Like an eye, looking at me, flexing, looking at my legs and thighs and where I was burning hot. My mind was full of words: ‘hungry,’ ‘starved,’ ‘huge,’ ‘wet,’ ‘cunt.’ My starving cunt! I began to relax on the soft pillows. James’ hands smoothing my thighs, petting my cunt with approval--encouragement... adjusting my position on the pillows telling me sweet, naughty things. I was relaxing, readying for my role as lamb..

James leaned over me, kissing and licking my mouth, and I tensed in anticipation. His cock touched and played. I reached down with both hands. I could barely get hold of him and pushed the skin down to reveal his cock which was a deep pink and oozing his precum. We were two hot bodies: a priest and his penitent. He was against my cunt now, sliding along the folds, nudging my clit. I shivered as he played with my stiff clit. It was hot and delicious and I lifted and held myself. His cock now parting my small cunt lips…kissing me again and pushing…he held my knees far apart and I felt entirely open, ready to be taken, to be fucked and ravished...and, Yes!...skewered on his luring shaft...his dragon in my cave.

Then his cockhead was spreading me, hurting me but hurting nice! Slowly the dragon was setting me on fire, to a new height of ecstasy and I lifted and spread myself. “You’re sweet,” he said. “Your cunt is beautiful and wet and…” “Oh God! Dear God!” I oozed. “Father, you’re spreading me so wide.” “You’re tight Phyllis…your cunt is gripping me…unh!” I was holding myself now as the dragon was stroking, was going deep. I felt him along my legs and along the walls of my cunt. I began to relax and respond. He moved inside and then out. My hands went to his waist…our mouths kissing, breathing. I was panting with each thrust…I was going somewhere I had never been. Tears were on my cheeks…he leaned into me and I bit his ear. He punished me then with a sudden deep thrust...he had entered my body...deep in my soul...…his balls pounding my bottom.

I was going deaf or my head was pounding or my entire body was releasing on this monster taking me places. I tasted the blood from his ear and swallowed and held him…HELD HIM…I opened my eyes but it was a blur…I shook my head and cried out for another thrust and another climax taking all my soul and body…then he slowed…don’t slow…keep fucking…never…never stop…and he fucked me fully, completely, milking the essence of me...I went blank, shook, shuddered, bit him again, he/we finally slowed and he laid on me…an impaled young woman. I took him all...had luxuriated in his dragon breath of fire...a godly fire. I was so proud. I didn’t want him to soften or leave my cunt. He belonged in my cunt and I squeezed on my dragon. Squeezed hard. “You’re beautiful,” James said and I kissed his ear where it had bled. “Some girls are scared when they see it,” he said, “It can be a curse for me.” I licked his ear again, tasting the blood, whispered: ”I disagree with those girls…I think, my cunt knows, it is a gift from God!” We snuggled in.

Father Daniel was holding my hand. “Watching the two of you made me come…just watching,” he said. I looked up at him and at his cock, puckered my lips. He moved close and I licked the last droppings of his cum. I was exhausted and kissed his cock. I began to hear again, the cars outside our room passing along the highway and it all calmed me down, back to my senses from such an afternoon. James was lying beside me and I reached out and petted his soft cock…his dragon…’little James” all soft and smooth. I would have to tell Becky all about it. She would be jealous but I would tell her that there is this James and this ‘little James.’ I was sure she would forgive me for ‘sneaking off’ like I had…as long as she got a chance to enjoy the new priest and his “surprise.” It was a big surprise…HUGE! I felt so very warm and soft and squeezed my little dragon which had ‘dozed off.’ I wanted that beast to set me on fire again, soon!

Rating: 93%, Read 5309 times, Posted Nov 11, 2020

True Story | Consensual Sex, First Time, Threesome


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