Her eyes were watching me by Rikter

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Erotica, Girl, Gothic, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, School, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young

Cold, that would have to be the word to describe it. But that was more likely to be the adrenaline than the late evening air, as the bones in my hands collided with the space just below his eye socket and were instantly shattered. It was nothing like how they showed it in movies or on the TV, in that, the guy goes down and his opponent stands over him, lightly wiping the drops of blood off of his fist with the bottom of his shirt. No, I should have known that the small fragile bones in my knuckles stood little chance against his skull. But what could I do? I was angry...angry......furious and he definitely had it coming to him. My good hand grabbed hold of my recently fractured one as the realization of my mistake hit me as hard as the fist accelerating towards my stomach, I keeled over and despite the sudden burst of pain, I felt a slight twitch of jealousy at his better choice of target. That, however, didn't last long as I was hoisted up by my shoulders, by two unseen pairs of arms and leaving me on my knees. My head risked a look up and was rewarded with an open-palmed punch crashing against my nose. My vision went dark for a moment and as my sight flooded back to me, I caught a glimpse through the small group surrounding me. of her eyes still watching me.

Her eyes were watching me, and even through the groups of hopeful party goers I could still make out her features; her light olive skin and dark hair fused with her black nails and those two focussed brown eyes. Even from across the room I felt her darkened chills gripping me as she continued to watch me, unmoving. I wanted to look away, to walk away, but I found myself still staring. I was already sucked in, my control was beyond broken, whether it was the alcohol in my cup or the lust in her eyes, she had me trapped. At another corner of the party, one overly-confident guest had tried his luck with the older sister of our host, getting a slap and a shove in the place of a reply. His unfortunate attempts at getting a handful of a college girl's pair of breasts would have gone unnoticed had it not been for his clumsy attempt at catching himself leading to an embarrassing display as he ended up knocking over a vase of flowers, causing many guests (myself included) to turn their heads towards the noise. My care for the noise quickly evaporated, and when I turned back to my new found affliction, I found myself free of her glance and watched as she had begun talking to another guest, an older guy I recognized as one of the members of the school's football team. I would have expected relief to wash over me as I regained my control, but was only met with a sharp emptiness.

The night continued, I made small talk with some faces I recognized and even had short lived flirting session with one of the more drunk guests, before she left, complaining about my lack of attention towards her. It was true, despite my better wishes I couldn't help looking back across the room trying to catch her eyes again, but each time failing to do so. It seemed that every time I looked back at her, she had moved closer to her new found friend and it wasn't long before she was sat on his lap with her lips pushed against his and his hands firmly placed on her ass. The sight made my stomach shrink and caused me to call it a night. I left the two soon-to-be lovers to it and headed off to find my friend for a lift home. It didn't take long since I found him charging down the staircase with a pink shirt in hand. My instant line of questions were soon answered as my attention was grabbed by a blonde who I realized to be the host at the top of the stairs screaming at my friend, while clutching at her large and now exposed breasts. I didn’t take long to catch on, and sprinted out of the front door following my friend as we scrambled into his car and sped away from the house.

The car journey was mostly a blur, I could hear Josh's voice faintly, off in the distance, but my mind was filled with the image of her. I don’t remember arriving at my house or thanking Josh for the lift, but I found myself in my room the next morning, face down on my bed and still wearing the same clothes I had the night before. Memories of the night before hit me as she entered my mind once more. I pushed them out of my mind for the time being and made my way downstairs. Both my parents had already left the house as was common on a Saturday morning. A list of chores rested on the kitchen top. The first few chores took just over an hour and left me with one left as I took a break for lunch. I grabbed a glass of water from the tap and some leftover pizza out of the fridge before heading outside and starting the lawnmower. Out of all of the chores left for me, the one I liked the most, or at least the one I hated the least, was mowing the lawn. I was out in the sun and could take my shirt off while working to start on an early tan. Another benefit of mowing the lawn was the attention of my neighbor Charlotte, a girl in my year who seemed to come out and sunbathe every Saturday, just after I began working. I had caught her several times, watching me work without a shirt on and smiled as her face turned ruby red. I wasn't an overly athletic teenager, but I played sports with friends and took care of myself which allowed me to enjoy moments like these.

As the minutes went on, I found the thought of the girl from last night beginning to creep back. I tried pushing the thoughts from my mind once more but failed to do so, I needed a way of taking my mind off of the situation, and that’s when my eyes fell once more on my neighbor, flaunting her body in her skimpy swimwear. My feelings for her had never delved too far into the sexual, due to our families close friendship, but in this moment of anxiety, I couldn’t help but think about all the ways in which she could help me relax. I tried to speed up the chore, by cutting corners and picking up the pace and by the time I had put the lawn mower in the shed, the half naked beauty next door was still tanning in front of her pool. I walked over to our shared fence.

"you know that's really unfair, don't you?" I tell her with a slight scoff, causing her to look up.

"what?" She replied, with a knowing smile creeping along her face.

"there are men just trying to enjoy the outdoors, read a book or spend some time with their wives, and here you are showing off almost every inch of you. how on earth are we supposed to focus on anything when you're about, dressed like that?" I get a laugh out of her .

"well you aren't exactly leaving much to the imagination either" she quickly quips back to me.

"I thought I saw you staring" I smile as I watch the blood rush to her cheeks as she looked away.

"but, if you're still happy seeing me with my shirt on, my parents aren't home till pretty late, so maybe you could come round and watch a movie?" Her face turns back to meet mine, still slightly flustered.

"uh.......yeah that would be great I'll text you when I'm free" she smiles as I turn on my heel and head back inside.

I spend the rest of the afternoon switching back and forth between working out and finishing off pieces of homework. My attention is finally gripped by my phone vibrating and lighting up to show a message telling me that Charlotte would be over in twenty minutes. I jumped in the shower for a quick wash and put on my some aftershave and my favorite top. By the time the doorbell went, I had already picked out a movie for us to watch. I had decided to go for a cliché and watch a horror movie, which from the smile on her face, she was more than happy to watch.

The movie was on, lights were off and Charlotte and I were sat on opposite sides of the living room sofa, I was laying across the arm rest with my legs up between her me and her. The first thirty minutes of the movie went by uneventful, overly-attractive group in their late 20's playing characters supposed to be 10 years younger as well as the occasional shot of a shadowy figure watching them. It wasn’t until the first real scare, that my night started to get interesting. One of the main stars had walked down an empty corridor before the lights suddenly went out, after some wondering around in the dark, the lights flashed back on to reveal the hanging body of one of the girl's close friends. The scare didn't really shock me too much and was heavily bloated by the obnoxious sound effect, but I had to admit that it had the desired effect on the girl sitting next to me. As the minute she saw the body she jumped in fear, bringing her feet up onto the sofa next to mine. She either didn't seem to notice or care about how close she was to me, as her legs intertwined with my own. I looked across at her, but her eyes were focused on the movie, although despite the low amount of light, I was almost certain I could see a smile creep along the side of her lips.

We continued watching the movie, a few more forgettable characters got attacked and the jump scares only got worse. Despite her previous show of fear, the movie didn't seem to have any effect on her, which was fine by me, because I was really enjoying our current position. This enjoyment only continued to grow as her foot moved up my inner thigh and rested only inches away from my crotch. I started questioning what this meant. Was it a mistake or a signal? This was soon answered by her soft rubbing of my thigh. I took my eyes away from the screen and found them met with hers, her face slightly angled downwards, which allowed her to look up at me from across the sofa. This look left no doubt in my mind as I shot back the same sly smile at her. A moment of despair hit me as she moved her legs away from me. Had I done something wrong? Should I have been so sure that was a signal? My fear was quickly washed away as she turned her body around and began crawling on her hands knees towards me across the sofa. She climbed between my upright knees and I felt her soft hands steady herself on chest, she looked down at me, trying to give an innocent look, before lowering her lips close to mine. I lifted my shoulders off of the sofa, but failed to make contact as she lifted herself away from me and pushed down on my torso. Her quiet giggle let me know that she wanted to tease me and make me have to work for it. I don’t mind playing games most nights, but tonight I needed this, bad. I faked a sad face to which she laughed and began lowering herself back down to me. This time however I took my advantage to grab her sides and twist our positions, so that I was now above her and looking down. She tried to push against my new found control, but quickly gave up as my lips pressed against her. The kiss was soft and caring, all in the attempt of her relaxing before things turned to more in line with type of excitement. The kiss got more intense as I let her hands go and placed one on the side her face drawing her closer and another on the small of her back, pushing her body up against mine.

It didn’t take long before I felt her tongue pushing against my lips, which I happily welcomed, as she found mine and began exploring my mouth. My hands met at the back of her bra and made short work of the clasp. Our kiss was broken for an instant as she maneuvered her arms out of the bra and threw it aside. My hands went to the hem of her shirt before lifting it over her head to reveal her firm but large breasts. Our lips smashed together as my hands explored the exposed body beneath me, rolling her nipples between my thumb and finger, drawing a quiet moan from her mouth. This sound was only amplified as my lips moved from hers and instead began sucking deeply into her neck. From the way her body reacted to my attentive sucking, it was undoubtedly one of her more sensitive spots and made for an easy target to increase her horniness. My hands moved from her breasts to the back of her neck as she lifted her head, allowing me more access. I increased the pressure and was met with greater moaning as her hands gripped the sides of the sofa and her body raised to meet mine, I could feel legs wrap around my waist and the space between press against my rapidly growing erection. To her annoyance, I removed my lips from her neck and inspected my handiwork and to my delight, a large purple mark was clearly visible just above her collarbone. I smiled down at her and I could see the anger in her eyes as she realized just how much she had inflated my ego by allowing herself to respond with such an uncontrolled amount of lust. The punishment definitely fitted the crime as I felt her hand fumble with my belt and the zip of my jeans before climbing out from under me. I sat facing her as she kneeled down on the floor in front of the sofa. She maintained full eye contact as she pulled my jeans from my legs and wrapped her hands around the bulge in my underwear. This eye contact was broken almost as soon as she felt the bulge, as she looked down to fully assess the size of it.

A lot of people try to make out to their friends that half of their body mass could be found hanging between their legs and for the most part I would laugh and play along, but I never really needed the ego boost, because the face that girls make seeing my cock for the first time was all I needed. This face was being perfectly imitated by the blonde haired beauty that kneeled before me. As expected she tugged at my waistband and I lifted up to allow her to remove the last piece of clothing between her and my dick. Most girls usually take it in their hand and make a comment about the size, However this wasn't one of those girls. As soon as the head of my erect cock came into view, Charlotte lips parted and her head was already bobbing up and down, trying to force as much of me inside of her as she could. The feeling was overwhelming. I could feel her tongue swirling around the tip and while her lips made it halfway down my 8 inch rod, one of her hands was making up the difference as it was firmly stroking the base. I knew at this rate I wouldn’t last long, so I decided to make the most of it. My hands went to the back of her head and slowly started to push down, more of my cock entered her mouth and at this point must have been reaching her throat. But she kept her gag reflex in check as I began picking up the pace. I took hold of her hair and began pushing my hips to meet her bobbing. I started to facefuck her as the pressure in me started to build up

"I'm........I'm about to fuckin' cum" I moaned out loudly, her response was astounding. She pushed her mouth down hard on my cock, taking at least 7 inches into her. My cock exploded in torrents of cum and forced their way down Charlotte's throat, while some dripped out the side of her mouth. My body relaxed, overcome with ecstasy, as my new found slut climbed up next to me and cuddled up into the side of my torso. With her arms wrapped around my body we fell into a deep sleep.

Rating: 80%, Read 13811 times, Posted Mar 16, 2016

Fantasy | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Erotica, Girl, Gothic, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, School, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young


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