01 - The Chico Tales by Shady+Lady+Julie

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Michelle stood before the full length mirror and wiggled into her yoga pants all the while cursing and muttering over and over "stupid, stupid, stupid." Then she pulled her favourite varsity sweat shirt over her 34B breasts before getting her brown hair into a tight ponytail. She threaded the ponytail through the back of the Yankees baseball cap her father bought her, when he took her to the stadium last summer, and then looked at herself in the mirror before throwing herself face down on the bed and cursing all over again. "Stupid fucking time differences,” she muttered, staring at the blank screen of her smartphone, referring to the fact that most of her friends from college were still in their beds back in New York, while she was stuck in England, five hours ahead in time, but years behind in many other ways.

It had seemed like a great idea at the time, having just finished her senior year at college, she remembered her parents offering her the prospect of six months in England, as a gap year, while she made up her mind whether to get a job or go to graduate school. It sounded so wonderful at the time, even though her Mom couldn’t accompany her & her Dad. While Mom would miss them both, she had to stay behind for her job. Michelle was excited though, that she could actually take Chico with her, the family black lab mix, and Michelle’s best friend since she was 13, as his pet passport was all up to date.

What Michelle hadn't counted on though, was that her Dad’s assignment was in a rural village, and not in the midst of the London rock and punk clubs that she was envisioning. The locals all talked funny and she couldn’t get over how damned quiet everything was in the countryside.

At first, the quaint, little cottage seemed idyllic, nestled in a small hamlet, looking like something out of Camelot or Harry Potter. However, the reality set in that there was one pub in town, full of old farmers and their strapping sons, who were as thick and dense as the cows they prattled on about.

It had been three months since they had been in England and the glamour had worn off. Michelle was homesick and face-timed with her Mom whenever their schedules would jive with the time difference. If there was any saving grace about this God forsaken village, it was their neighbour Julie, who had been so kind to Micelle the month before.

Julie thought that was Michelle walking down the country road, about two miles away from the cottage. As she slowed down to greet her, she noticed Michelle was dressed a lot nicer than for a walk down a country road, and her face was covered in tears.

“Get in love,” Julie called to Michelle, “let me drive you the rest of the way home.”

Michelle was angry and in no mood to talk with anyone, but her feet were killing her, from walking almost three miles in her nicest Kenneth Cole heels.

“Thank you,” she said with a sniffle, and got into the car, trying to hide her tears and bloodshot eyes. The skirt showed off a good portion of her thighs as she sat, and she pulled her sweater tighter around the silk blouse she was wearing, shivering a bit from the damp evening air.

Julie knew better than to pry, having helped raise her niece when her brother-in-law and sister split, so the two rode in silence as the car bounced and jostled down the old dirt road.

“Tell me what happened, dear,” Julie finally interjected, sensing the time was right to talk.

“Even in England, men are jerks,” Michelle finally blurted out, blowing her nose into an overused tissue.

Michelle went on to recount the particularly disastrous date she experienced earlier that evening. She had finally been asked out, since coming to England, by one of the cuter farmer’s sons. When they got to the pub, she figured out it was just one of the local boys showing her off like a trophy, as the one to take out the American girl staying at the old Wellington place.

At first this made her feel special and unique, and it was nice to finally be with people her own age, and males other than her father and her dog. However, William, her date, seemed more interest in drinking with his mates, and them all taking the micky out of her "quaint" accent and her "cute way" of talking, than in learning more about her. After he downed his 6th pint, and refilled it without even offering her another drink, she decided there was no way she would be letting him drive her home. When he and his mates went to play darts, she left the tavern, without anyone of them noticing, and started the long walk home to the cottage.

Julie listened quietly as Michelle poured her heart out, and she really felt sorry for her neighbour.

Dropping her at the front door of the cottage, Julie offered, “if you’re feet aren’t ruined from walking in those bloody shoes, would you like to join me tomorrow for my morning run?”

Michelle’s face lit up at the invitation, and the opportunity to work out some energy and aggression, although not quite the way she was hoping for when she headed out on the date several hours ago.

The next morning, Julie knocked on the cottage door, and Michelle was already up and dressed, and stretching in the kitchen.

Over the next month, the two women became fast friends, despite the over 20 year age difference between them. And the two struck quite the pair. At 5'8" Julie was a good 4 inches taller than Michelle, and her broad shoulders and 40C breasts equally dwarfed her younger companion.

Julie would often pull her dark auburn hair into a ponytail, or some times in a French plait, but could never understand the American fondness for baseball hats. Even though she was older, her fitness level was such that on some days Michelle had to push herself to keep up. While competitive, Michelle didn’t mind, as the sight of Julie’s firm behind in her spandex running pants, reminded Michelle of her sophomore year girlfriend, who first got Michelle into running.

Michelle had also started to look to Julie as almost a surrogate Mother, and when they weren't running or going to gym together, they would talk about all sorts of things. Julie clearly wasn’t from round the area, and explained that she came from Newcastle, and her husband was from Ireland.

Michelle’s mind wandered to the last gym session when she had watched Julie get stripped for the shower, and she couldn’t help noticing Julie was totally shaved down below. Michelle nervously blurted out a question about it, and Julie simply smiled like a sphinx, and explained, "keeps things neat and simple," Michelle pondering her words, and staring at her still pert ass, as she wandered into the shower.

After Julie dropped gave her a ride home from the gym, it was that mental image of Julie’s back and ass that was in Michelle's mind, as she slipped her hand inside her yoga pants, and under her panties. Touching herself gently, while lying on her bed, Michelle imagined for a moment that it was Julie's finger touching her, as Julie's husband, JJ, watched the two women play. Michelle felt herself get wetter as her finger slipped inside herself, picturing JJ's dark curly hair, and shining green emerald eyes, as he unzipped and pulled out his thick cock, that was already an impressive length, semi hard.

Just as Michelle was about to imagine taking JJ’s cock into her mouth, while Julie’s tongue danced over her hardening clit, her father's voice from downstairs snapped her out of her daydream into reality.

"I'm off Mitchie," he shouted from the kitchen, using her pet name, "I will be back late, so please take Chico for a walk, that is, if you can find that darned dog."

Reluctantly, she pulled her hand out of her pants, pausing to taste herself on her fingers. It had been over three months now without any sex, from man or woman, which had her even more frustrated than the fact they drove on the wrong side of the road!

Shaking the last of her fantasy out of her head, Michelle went downstairs to begin the hunt for Chico, and sniggered to herself, “this backwater village probably doesn’t even know what a lesbian is, let alone having there be one around here.”

Michelle watched her father's car pull away, calling out the front door for Chico. They could never let Chico out unattended at home, for fear of him being run over. However, since there was nothing for miles except chickens, cows and countryside, they often didn’t see Chico for an entire day, but knew he wouldn’t wander too far, and that he’d come home when he was called.

Calling his name and whistling, Michelle grabbed a pair of training shoes and wandered into the back garden. "No doubt off chasing wabbits," she muttered in her best Elmer Fudd impression, while looking around the garden. Well, they called it a garden here, but it was more like a field with a patch of woods at the bottom of the hill, that covered more than an acre.

On one side of the cottage was a farmer’s field, and on the other side, through a country gate, was Julie & JJ’s home, which had a similar layout to the cottage Michelle and her father had rented.

Michelle's heart jumped into her mouth as she saw that Julie’s country gate was left open, "Oh my god," she thought, "if Chico has dug up Julie’s prized garden, I’ll be mortified."

Breaking into a jog, Michelle ran through the open gate and into her neighbour’s yard, frantically looking for Chico. Hoping to find him and spirit him back home unseen, she quietly searched the garden, calling his name in a ‘loud whisper,’ while growing concerned.

Feeling foolish, she finally decided to come clean and get Julie's help, walking around to the back door of Julie’s house.

The back entrance had a stable door, which allowed the top to be opened, to allow in fresh air, while the bottom remained closed. The back door led to a boot room, and then onto the big country kitchen.

Michelle noticed the top of the door was open, and just as she was about to call out for Julie, but the sight that greeted her stopped her dead in her tracks.

It took Michelle awhile to fully process the images her eyes were sending to her brain. Her first thought was that Chico had gone mad and attacked her neighbour, as she could see him hunched on top of Julie, who was kneeling in the kitchen.

Then Michelle’s ears caught up to the images in her brain, and the sounds coming from Julie that told her that this was no attack.

"Oh yes, fuck me hard Chico," Julie moaned, as the black lab rapidly pounded away at her upturned ass. He had no idea what the human was saying, but it sounded encouraging to him, so he continued to pump away at his willing bitch beneath him, as he had been doing two or three times a week for the last month.

Michelle stood frozen to the ground, with her mouth agape, as she could see Chico's red cock slamming into Julie's pussy from her vantage point. It looked bigger and angrier than she had ever seen it before, and Chico was moving with an enthusiasm she had never seen.

Michelle's brain was telling her to turn and run, but other parts of her body, namely her clit and pussy, were demanding she stay and watch this vulgar display of wanton pleasure. Without realizing it, she felt her own hands dip into her yoga pants, and Michelle started to rub herself, while watching her sexy neighbour and new best friend, be brutally fucked by her family dog.

Julie was moaning and screaming as Chico slammed into her, filling her full of his wonderfully hard dog cock. She could feel the banging of his knot, seeking entry to her stretched and well lubricated pussy. Julie concentrated and relaxed herself, and allowed his knot to slip inside her, letting loose a loud moan of pleasure, as her pussy lips closed around it. She felt Chico swell inside her, and Julie yelled again, as her orgasm hit at the same time that Chico started to fill her with his watery seed.

Michelle was transfixed as she watched the swelling at the base of Chico's cock push at Julie's pussy. She had to bite her lip to stay quiet, as the sights and sounds poured over and through her body, when she saw Chico push the big knot inside her friend.

Michelle felt the band of the yoga pants cut into her arm, as she forced her hand deeper and pushed two fingers deep inside her soaking pussy. Finger fucking herself harder, Michelle’s body trembled, as her orgasm was rapidly approaching.

Suddenly, Chico twisted around, still locked into Julie pussy, and stood ass to ass with his bitch. Recognising his mistress, Chico let out a bark of joy, and tried to move toward her, seeking the love and reassurance Michelle had provided since she was a little girl.

He had forgotten though, that he was still tied to Julie, and the sudden tugging to disengage his knot caused her to let out a loud yelp, her pleasure being sharply transformed into pain.

Ducking down behind the lower half of the stable door, Michelle crouched, panting from fear of being caught, and also in frustration from her second orgasm being interrupted moments before she was about to go over the edge.

Keeping low, she scuttled back through the garden, and slipped into her house.

Michelle sat on one of the stools at the breakfast bar, and tried to catch her breath. She tried to convince herself she was dreaming, but the sights and sounds that were replying in her mind were too raw, feral and passionate not to be real. It felt like her whole body was on fire, and the major source of her heat was between her legs.

She pushed her yoga pants and panties down and off her legs in a single motion, and leaned back on the breakfast bar, opening her legs and rubbing herself frantically, as she closed her eyes and relived the unbelievable scene she had just witnessed.

Her fingers weren't enough, so she tore open the refrigerator door, and grabbed one of the smooth cucumbers Julie had given them from her greenhouse. Michelle gasped at the contrast of the cold vegetable against her flaming pussy, and pushed the tapered cucumber deep into her pussy. She gripping the end tightly, and began to fuck herself hard. Her juices were flowing around the cucumber, and down into the crack of her ass, and the empty cottage filled with the squelching sounds of her organic dildo invading her dripping young cunt.

Michelle was jerked from her reverie back to reality, at the feel of the cold, wet nose pushing into her crotch. Looking down, Michelle stared into the warm, brown eyes of Chico, who was licking at the cucumber, and the juices that covered her legs and thighs. Michelle had never thought about Chico in this way, but the fire burning inside her incinerated all rational thoughts from her brain.

Pulling the cucumber from her soaking pussy, Michelle spread her legs wider, and implored Chico loudly, "Lick my cunt Chico! MAKE ME CUM!" Chico knew by her smell and taste what was required of him, and set to the task enthusiastically, lapping his coarse tongue over his young mistress’s pussy and clit.

As Michelle was on the brink of orgasm, for the third time today, a familiar laugh from the doorway interrupted her release yet again.

"Wondered where Chico got his experience from, perhaps now we know."

Michelle opened her eyes, and blinked a few times, to adjust to the light coming from behind the voice, and stared into the lovely face of her just-fucked neighbour, Julie.

Undeterred by her arrival, Chico continued to lick his life- long companion, and latest human bitch, which finally pushed Michelle over the top. As if having an out of body experience, Michelle wondered who was grunting and yelling at such a fever pitch, when she realized it was herself, exploding in a thunderous orgasm, as she came on Chico's probing and exploring tongue.

Michelle felt a soft hand slide under her top and pinch her braless nipple, causing further jolts tremors to shoot through her young body, as Julie's warm, open lips press against her own, in a long, passionate kiss, causing her to cum over and over.

Breaking the kiss for a moment Michelle panted, "I never have done this before," nodding to Chico, who had withdrawn and was busy licking his angry red cock, which stuck out at both of them.

"He is a very good fuck," Julie whispered lovingly in Michelle’s ear, while stroking and playing with her nipple, "as I think you should find out."

Michelle was in a sexual daze, as she slid herself off the stool, dropping to the floor on all fours and sticking her round ass high into the air. She moaned with pure lust as Julie's hand reached under and cupped her pussy, pulling her hips a little higher.

"Don't want Chico getting his aim wrong, do we love?" she asked with a laugh, as Michelle twisted her head around to see Julie holding the overly enthusiastic Chico by the collar, while stroking his veiny red cock with her other hand.

Michelle could see Chico's cock was hanging down, but it was hard as a steel rod, and she actually found herself drooling at the thought of it being inside her. By the way Julie's hand looked dwarfed by it, and barely fitted around it, Michelle guessed Chico’s cock was at least 9 inches, and thick.

With Julie’s guidance, Chico climbed onto Michelle’s back, and she felt his weight and his soft belly fur rubbing her tingling skin, as Chico tried to thrust himself into her warm and welcoming opening. Michelle looked under herself and saw that Julie had Chico's cock firmly in hand, and was rubbing the young girl’s pussy and clit with the tip, keeping him from entering her.

Julie leaned forward and kissed Michelle hard on the mouth, as she released her grip, allowing the black lab to lurch forward and fully penetrate his young mistress.

Michelle exhaled with a moan as Chico impaled her, her dog virginity leaving her body with the warm breath that filled her lover’s mouth. Chico then started to drive his hips in and out of her, like a steam engine.

Michelle was in dog heaven, as he fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked before, his strong cock driving in and out of her already puffy pussy lips.

Once again, Julie's fingers tweaked Michelle’s nipple, triggering an orgasm that became prolonged and intensified, as Julie's other hand pinched Michelle’s clit, as the dog continuously pumped at her core.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD," Michelle screamed at the top of her voice, as Chico rammed his knot into his new bitch’s filthy cunt.

"Feels wonderful, doesn't it?" Julie purred in Michelle's ear, as the knot swelled even bigger inside her. Michelle was lost for words, as the knot started to throb and pulse, sending her into fits of ecstasy, her moans and screams filling the kitchen, as Chico flooded her womb with his hot dog cum.

Michelle felt Chico turn, like she had seen him do with Julie, and hung her head down to the cool, tiled floor, as she tried to clear her brain and come down from the most powerful orgasm in her young life, while the tingling persisted, with Chico firmly locked inside her.

She was still experiencing mini orgasms, from the knot lodged inside her, when she heard the front door slam and a voice shouting from the foyer.

"Hey Mitchie, where are you?" shouted her father, his voice getting louder as he neared the kitchen, "where are you? I have a something that I’m sure will lift your spirits.”

Her brain had not fully engaged yet, and her entire body was too exhausted to move, from the primal fucking she had just received.

Giddy with excitement, having pulled off this surprise visit to cheer up their daughter, Michelle’s mother and father jumped into the kitchen, shouting in unison, “SURPRI…!” their voices trailing off, as they stood and stared in shock at the scene before them.

Yanking himself from Michelle, Chico eagerly ran up to stunned couple, wagging his tail, with his exposed cock still hanging lewdly beneath him, covered in their daughter’s cum, as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Rating: 94%, Read 577140 times, Posted Oct 31, 2018

Fiction | Bestiality, Lesbian


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