Cheyennes Story, Part II, New Powers... by tWoK4m3Lz

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Lesbian, Mind Control, Transgendered


Cheyenne was in her locked room thinking of what to do next. She lay on her bed and closed her eyes. She wished it was all a dream; that all the previous events hadnt happened. She felt a familiar feeling in her crotch... She looked down to see the huge bulge in her pants starting to shrink. A few moments later it was completely gone and she was back to her former self. She was shocked to say the least! Cheyenne pinched her arm hard thinking she may be dreaming, but she was wide awake. From the info She had, Cheyenne thought that she must have control over her organ. She experimented with her newfound abilities for a while before she heard a knock on her door. She opened the door and saw her mother in the door with a basket of laundry. 

"Hi Chey,just bringing you some clothes" her mom said as she made her way to the closet to hang up the clothes. The whole time Cheyenne was either staring at her mothers luscious tits or round ass. She started to get horny and felt the heat rise in her. Cheyenne thought if she had control over her body maybe she could control this too. She concentrated hard to lower her temparature. But instead of cooling off, she only heated up! She started to sweat once more, sweat running down her face and neck trickling inbetween her tits and soaking her shirt. She blacked out again.

When she awoke she was once more on her little perch watching herself. She was on the floor sweating a storm as her mother rushed over to help her. The "other" Cheyenne awoke looking up at her mother. She moved in for what seemed like a hug or embrace, but kissed her mother full on the lips pushing her tongue into her mothers mouth. Samantha tensed, then softened in her daughters kiss adding her own tongue into her daughters mouth. Cheyennes body slowly started to cool and she was sweating less the more action she got. Cheyenne slowly pushed her hand up her mothers blouse and was surprised at the firmness of her mothers breasts. That explained why she wasnt wearing a bra: she didnt need it. Cheyenne could go as far as she wanted there was no fear of getting caught, her father wouldnt be home till 9 and her siblings were at soccer practice which lasted till 6. She had another 3 hours with her new plaything. She didnt know where these thoughts were coming from but they were flooding her brain and pushing aside all rationality.

Now the other Cheyenne commanded her mother: "take off your clothes!" and to the real Cheyennes surprise her mother complied without hesetation almost ripping her clothes off, tearing out four buttons of her blouse. She marveled at her mothers body, her mouth watering at the thought of fucking her silly. Cheyenne took off her own clothes now and willed by her cock, her mother gasping at the sight, but not reacting much more. Cheyenne thought that must be emitting something like pheromones or even brain waves. She didnt really care as lust began to flood her brain again. 

Her cock was so big that it was impossible to stand erect and hung under its own weight. She commanded her mother to kneel infront of her and she gladly did. "Suck my cock" Cheyenne said to her mother. She took the dick dangling in front of her face and lifted it to her mouth running her tounge all over it getting it slick with saliva. Then she slowly started to take it into her mouth. After about two minutes she only managed to get 3 inches into her mouth. The other Cheyenne started to get angry with Samantha and grabbed the back of her head pushing her cock into her mothers throat. She was surprised and coughed as the thick cock slid down her esophogus. Cheyenne could see her mothers throat expand immensly around her tool. Something was odd though: her mother was still breathing she only coughed once but then calmy accepted her faith. But Cheyenne was  not going to be the one to complain. As she continued to ram her dick down her mothers throat she felt she hit something: the entrance to her stomach! 

At this point her mother was drewling over Cheyennes ballsack, saliva dripping down her chin and down Cheys balls and onto her chest. Now Cheyenne started to viciously fuck down her mothers throat until her stomach entrance began to relax. Then Cheys dick slid into Samanthas stomach right when she hit peak and she unleashed a torrent of cum into her mothers stomach. Samanthas belly began to expand more and more as loads of jizz flowed into her. After two minutes of nonstop cumming, her mother looked 6 months pregnant, except in all the wrong place. 

Cheyenne pulled her cock out of her mothers cum filled belly just as her mother began to vomit up about a gallon of semen. Cheyenne became angry at this and slapped her mother hard for wasting her cum. "eat it!" she commanded and her mother immediatly began to shovel handfulls of cum into her mouth. She was having difficulties swallowing it all but she did in the end. All the while Cheyenne was marvelling at her mothers luscious rear end. While her mother was still trying to slurp up cum Cheyenne lined up her cock with her mothers pussy. Her mother gasped as the head of her daughters cock pushed into her tight cunt. Cheyenne grabbed her mothers hips and shoved in 3" of her dick. Then another three. And another three. Then she hit her mothers cervix and paused. Her mother was going insane with pleasure. Cheyenne was having trouble holding back now and mercilessly rammed in and out of her mother. She was close to coming now and as she felt her cock swell, her mothers cervix opened and cheyennes cock pushed into her mothers womb, immediately hitting the back. Chey was about 10 inches in as she bagan to cum, realeasing about three times the amount of cum as before. After a few seconds her mothers stomach began to rise even more, nom making her look like she was about to bear five or six babies. 

She looked obscene as she lay there, rubbing her enourmous belly in shock and awe, copious amounts of jizz streaming out of her pussy forming a puddle on the floor. Cheyenne was still spraying cum all over the place covering her mother and the floor in a thick layer of semen. Her mothers beautiful hair was glistening white and her skin was covered in the thick creamy cum. As she finally stopped cumming, Cheyenne fell to the floor exhausted. She was satisfied. For now. 

As she looked at her mother, covered in cum, seeming to be close to giving birth to an elephant, her cock began to twitch again growing larger and larger until it was about 21 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. Her mother licked her lips at the sight of her daughters massive cock and she began to deepthroat it once more. After five or six minutes Cheyenne was writhing in pleasure her cock hard as rock and her balls aching for release. Her testicles were about the size of two tennisballs pulsing and aching insanely as they filled with cum ready to fire a load bigger than before. As her mother kept licking and sucking her penis, cheyennes balls started to visibly grow about 1 inch in diameter. Her sac started to get insanely heavy as her nuts kept swelling bigger and bigger till they were about 6 to 7 inches in diameter and hung down to her knees. She could feel her nuts filling more and more with cum until her mother grabbed her daughters ass and began to force the 21 inch tool down her throat. When the head shoved into her stomach, Cheyenne bagan to cum again, pumping 10 or 15 gallons of cum into her mothers. Her stomach expanded more until finally she started to vomit up cum and at the same time cum began to flow from her ass as it was too much for her to handle. An hour later Cheyenne awoke naked on the floor with her mother in a quarter inch pool of her cum. Her flaccid cock hing between her legs still measuring about 15 inches and her nuts hadnt gotten considerably smaller either. About 2 inches less in diameter now. She willed away her "assets" and told her mother to clean up. Her siblings would be home soon...

Rating: 73%, Read 17887 times, Posted Sep 18, 2010

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Lesbian, Mind Control, Transgendered


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