A Good Fucking Night Part 4 by truebutchanged

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Fiction | Anal, Asian, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Boy, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Female, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome

I can keep this story going as long as you guys want. After 150 positive votes, I'll take that as a sign to write the next part. I'm hoping to add a little of everything into the overall story, so comment suggestions will be considered for future parts as I care about my reader's thoughts. Please read parts one, two, and three first, as it will help paint the story. Thank you and enjoy part four.

Tyler looked at his phone, showing that it was 2:30 already. Looking at the party, he could tell everyone felt their stamina leaving with the early hours.

There were girls passed out on the couches or on the floors, some completely naked, obviously intoxicated to their limits. Tyler barked a warning to a kid who was trying to feel up Tayler, who was now passed out a few feet away from where he now sat with Hannah, watching a movie together.

He turned back to his innocent new friend. Questions raced through his head as he found himself more and more interested in the girl.

"So don't take this as me saying I don't want you here, cause I am glad you came, but... why? I mean you obviously don't drink. You don't seem to be talking to anyone. Did you come with someone? I'm just curious," he managed to stammer out.

"I do drink. Occasionally. Well, not that often really," the gorgeous dark haired girl replied. "I came with Eric. He and I are really good friends. But I figure one of us has to stay..." her eyes turned to where the pair could see Eric, nude but for a pair of boxer shorts, dancing like a drunken fool and bouncing around, grinding against random women. "..... functional," she finished appropriately. The pair smiled at each other.

Tyler was still monitoring the party from the chair, but he decided to make another round. He excused himself from Hannah, promising to be back, and with her smiling her okay, he headed for the basement.

"Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera was blaring through every speaker as Tyler entered the downstairs dance room. He took inventory of his surroundings, finding a good dozen or so people were still dancing, despite the alcohol and late hour. His eyes shot across the room to find Makayla continuing Whitney's misery, much to Tyler's enjoyment. He headed over there to get a better look at the scene.

Makayla held Whitney against the wall by her neck, gently but forcefully holding her in place. Whitney had a bag over her face, only a hole around her mouth, but that was the only covering her entire body had. Makayla was announcing proudly for anyone in the basement that for only five dollars, they could do whatever they wanted to the girl. Six or Seven guys already stood around her, Whitney's hands extended, touching whatever dick she could find, a few guys groping her body. Makayla saw Tyler approach and smiled. "Her backtalk lost her $1,000 from you guys, so I figured we had to make that back!" Makayla explained. She happily showed him a Ziplock bag of cash which looked to have a hundred dollars already in it. Tyler laughed and gave his agreements.

"I've already paid my dues right? I get it for free?" Tyler questioned, but without even waiting for a response, he pushed through the pile of guys, pushed Whitney onto her knees, unzipped his jeans, and forced his dick into her mouth through the hole in the bag. Makayla giggled as Whitney's muffled shock could be heard. "Nah, I'm just playing," Tyler assured, retracting his dick and rezipping his jeans, a playful slap coming across Whitney's face. "Don't be afraid to use all of her, guys. She's worth it," he announced to the group, the circle quickly tightening its perimeter. Makayla thanked him and with that, Tyler was headed back upstairs.

On his way up the stairs, he ran into Amber, who again pestered him about sending the pictures.

"I did send them! Last time you asked, I did it right then and there," Tyler defended himself.

"I never got them..." Amber said annoyance creeping up in her voice.

Tyler looked at his phone, and saw his mistake. "Ooooh, I sent them to your sister instead, my bad. Go find her and she can give them to you."

Amber thanked him and left trying to find Ashley. Tyler was now in the living room, taking in the spectacle around him.

A new game of beer pong had started, a good eight people enjoying that, and the second keg was now being guzzled by a group of kids. Tyler entered the group, slapping them on the back, egging them to down as much as they could. Sierra and Jake were among them, Sierra taking the opportunity of putting the nozzle to her mouth and signaling for the group to turn on the pressured bear. The group cheered as her audible glugs could be heard, swallowing just as fast as the beer was pouring out. The group shouted a countdown from ten. "Three! TWO!! ONE!!!!" They all erupted into cheering as Sierra stood back victorious. She grabbed Jake by the back of the head and kissing him forcefully. Jake didn't even act surprised by the ambush-make-out session, kissing her back and pushing her against the wall. The pair stopped, looked at each other, then ran upstairs to continue in private.

Tyler left the group, finding his way outside, enjoying the view. There were at least 15 girls with either their boobs or more completely showing, either swimming in the pool or enjoying the lawn chairs, basking in the moonlight. A few were getting rowdy, either having fun with the few guys around them or even with each other. The group spotted Tyler and cheered for their host as a large group exited the pool and surrounded him jumping up and down, begging him to finally join them.

"Ladies, I'm just making the rounds here. I'll join you later tonight, I give you my word," the boy responded to the crowd, but apparently that wasn't good enough for the nude girls. A small group of them started pushing him towards the pool, which Tyler easily evaded. But after the first few girls were obviously failing, more girls joined in, Tyler now being herded back by a dozen at least. Try as he might, he could not break through their ranks, and found himself at the edge of the pool, Kayla taking the lead and pushing him over the side, into the cool water. The girls then proceeded to dive in after him in mass amounts, until Tyler was accompanied by all of his attackers. They all cheered their victory as he grinned, completely soaked.

Kayla swam up to him and kissed him in her success before swimming away and continuing her make out session with another lucky girl.

Tyler asked the group if they were happy now, and proceeded to exit the swimming pool. The group moaned in disappointment, but were happy to at least get him wet.

And get him wet they did. Tyler was now stood out of the pool, noticing his jeans had sopped up enough water to triple their previous weight. He stripped them, his boxers being a thinner material and not as absorbent. He took off his shirt as well, throwing the set at an unoccupied chair before heading inside.

The minute he walked through the swinging glass doors, he made eye contact with Hannah. In his near-nudity he felt a wave of shame and guilt come over him as he thought about how bad he must have looked to the innocent girl, her eyes widening from the shock of seeing him like this.

Seconds later however, he was awarded a giggle from the girl across the house, making him feel a lot better. He exhaled, realizing that he had been holding his breath, and walked over to her.

"I'm... sorry about this. The girls pushed me into the pool out there..." Tyler defended his bold nakedness.

"I figured!" Hannah replied, then explained, "Your hair is still wet."

"Oh, yeah probably obvious," Tyler replied. "I'll head upstairs and get some new clothes on.... unless you don't mind..." He added quickly.

"Very smooth..." Hannah sarcastically congratulated, before answering, "No I really don't mind. Not like I haven't seen a guy shirtless before." Although she was playing it cool, Tyler noticed she kept glancing at his body. Tyler took pride in his chiseled appearance, and he was happy to see Hannah actually taking an interest in him physically.

"Then I guess I'll stay," Tyler winked. "Now where were we?" He climbed up into the chair with her as he had been a few minutes ago. He slinked his arm around her, which she responded only by looking at him with a playful "are you serious" look, but soon laid her head against his chest. The two turned their attention to the movie, but Tyler could notice Hannah's occasional glances at his uncovered body. He could have sworn that he saw her look towards his boxers as well.

"Hey Hannah?" a few minutes later Tyler questioned, getting her attention again. She looked up at him, and he took his moment to lean in for a kiss. He closed his eyes and moved in to place his lips onto hers, but only felt her cheek. He opened his eyes to find that she had turned her face. They both sat there in awkward silence for a few seconds before Hannah piped up.

"I am so sorry..." Hannah apologized, "It's just... how many girls have you kissed tonight? How many girls have you had sex with?" She waited for a response momentarily, but knew she had made her point. "Exactly", she continued. "I really like you. Believe me, I do. But I don't want to be just another statistic from 'that night', you know?" Hannah explained.

"No, I get it. I'm sorry that I made you uncomfortable by trying.." Tyler said, obvious tones of disappointment in his voice.

"No, that's not it. I like you..." Hannah assured, "and I have your number, right? Maybe after this party is all said and done, and you aren't keeping tally of how many girls you've slept with, we can meet up, go for dinner, something like that. I would love to spend more time with you. But I just don't want to be 'just another girl' from your party."

"Alright," Tyler concluded. "I understand that. I would love to hang out with you again. What are you doing tomorrow night?" Tyler quickly replied, before correcting himself, "I mean tonight! It's already tomorrow," he jested.

"Well I need to take Eric home, but after that I was just going to sleep. I can push that back though. Maybe I can come back here and help you clean up a little?" Hannah suggested.

Tyler assured her she wasn't required to help him clean, but after she insisted, the two called it a 'date'.

They settled back down to watch the movie, Tyler holding the girl close to him, when suddenly they were interrupted.

Dreshaun, one of few black kids that went to Tyler's school came up to him and extending his arm for a modified handshake. "What's up my nigga?" Dre announced, slapping Tyler's hand before fist bumping it. It wasn't like Tyler's school was racist or anything, but demographically the area didn't have many African Americans. Tyler was actually fairly good friends with Dre, the two sharing a football and basketball team throughout school.

"What's going on man?" Tyler countered the boy's greeting.

"Ah man, my girl, my girl Jessica is hella ready upstairs right now. But she likes the threesomes, man, you know what I'm saying?" Dre explained. "We figure good way to say thanks for inviting us to your party is by letting you be that man, you know what I'm saying?" He finished, not seeming to acknowledge Tyler had a girl under his arm already.

"Ah man, I can't. I got a girl right here that I am currently... wooing," Tyler responded, flashing a wink to Hannah.

Dre was about to speak his accepting of the situation when Hannah quickly piped up. "No no! Don't turn her down because of me!" Dre and Tyler both looked at Hannah, wondering if she was serious.

Waiting a response, but not getting any, Hannah continued. "Well we aren't dating. And I've never been the jealous type. Loyalty sure, but jealous no. You can go have fun tonight."

"Now that's a fucking trap right there, nigga," Dre responded, "That's scandalous right there. Don't be falling for none of that trap right there!"

Hannah looked hurt at his response. "No, I mean it. I want him to go have fun tonight." She turned to Tyler, "After all, I shot you down. I can't expect you to not have your needs met when we aren't even together, right? Please? Don't not do this just because you think I'll hold it against you. I'm really not like that."

Tyler felt conflicted, but Hannah's constant pressure actually made him feel better about it. "Well.... alright I guess?" Tyler said wearily.

"That's a fucking amazing girl you got right there, my nigga, you best be keeping her, aight? Shes a fucking gem, you know what I'm saying?" Dre concluded before walking up, being followed by a slightly confused Tyler. He looked back at Hannah as he walked away, Hannah's only response was a playful shooing motion, telling him to go already.

Satisfied, Tyler turned his attention to upstairs. He reached the top steps, being beaten by Dre only a few steps ahead of him,. The two boys found Jessica already topless with nothing but Daisy Duke style shorts on. She was a dark haired girl, Tyler guessing that she was half asian, half south american as her face was mixed with the genes. Her jet black hair was kept short, not quite touching her shoulders. She had small B cup boobs that were visible for all who walked by and the stereotypical perfect asian ass.

"YAY!" she shouted, "I hoped you wouldn't be too busy!"

"Nah girl, his woman down there actually let him. She actually told him to do it, can you believe that shit? We gone be having a talk about the tight-ass leash you have me on when we get home," Dre joked around with her as he led her inside Tyler's room.

With that, he threw the girl onto the bed, placing one hand around her neck as he fumbled with her shorts with the other. "Damn baby girl, I been waiting for this all fucking night!" He turned to Tyler, "Don't be scared boy, she ain't exactly shy, you know what I'm saying?" He laughed as he smacked her titty, causing Jessica to wince as she smiled in pleasure.

Tyler had fantasized about the petite girl plenty of times before, and didn't really mind if he had to share her with her boyfriend. He dropped his boxers, allowing his deflated member to hang down which brought a gasp from Jessica. "Oh my God!" she shouted, "Baby he's as big as you! I didn't know white dicks got that big!"

"Well quit considering dem Chinese needledicks you been with white boys, and maybe your eyes will be opened," Dre countered, releasing his own black 11 inch wank. With that, he flipped the girl onto all fours, wasting no time in impaling her snatch. "Come on boy, she wants a little DP up in here!" he instructed, signaling for Tyler to join in at his girlfriends mouth. Tyler didn't object as he quickly mounted the girls face, Jessica instinctively swallowing his dick with ease. Tyler was amazed at how easily she was able to slide the entire width of the dick into her mouth, only making contact through her lips and tongue.

"Damn bro, you got her to suck real good!" Tyler congratulated the man as Dre just smiled, still pumping into her pussy. Jessica continued to bob her head, each time more of Tyler's dick disappeared into her oral cavity. Tyler could feel the tip of his dick bang at the back of the girls throat, but the girl didn't even take notice, let alone gag, as she continued to swallow his member.

"Nigga, you gatta pull at the back of her head. Make her your bitch when she's sucking you! She likes it rough, don't forget that," Dre coached as he forcefully smacked on the girls ass, causing a muffled yelp to escape her lips. Tyler happily listed to the instructions, gripping the girls hair with one hand, her shoulder with his other, forcefully pulling the girls face completely onto his member. He could feel the warmth of the girls throat as he witnessed his entire dick vanish into the girls mouth, causing her only to cough a little before she recomposed herself and started gliding her tongue around his shaft.

"Fuuuuuck yes!" Tyler shouted, as he pulled the girls head back, causing her to catch her breath, spittle hanging down her lips, a little precum mixed in with it. Without hesitation, he pulled her back down, again watching her engulf the entire cock with ease.

To his disappointment, Jessica pulled back, but then was overjoyed as she was looking up at him. "I think you're plenty lubricated enough," she observed, adjusting her position. "Come fuck my ass now?" she pleaded.

Tyler didn't have to be told twice. He crept behind the girl, standing opposite of Dre, still plowing into her cunt. He lined his cock up, slowly pushing into her ass hole. She winced and screamed a little, as the girl tried to hold in her pain, replacing it with only a "Fuck yeah!".

Tyler was now pumping vigorously into her ass, the girl gasping and panting heavily as she was fucked in both of her holes. Now syncing up with Dre's rhythm, Tyler noticed the girl taking much pleasure in the 2-man-saw routine. It was only minutes later that the girl screamed out, announcing her welcomed orgasm, and collapsing onto the bed, laying on her side.

Tyler was about to pull out, but he noticed Dre continuing to go at it, thrusting harder than ever into her pussy. Dre looked at him and shrugged, "Just cause she's finished don't mean she's gatta quit, yo!"

Tyler concurred, continuing to fuck mercilessly into her rectum, causing the girl to moan at every thrust, matched by her moans every time Dre banged against her cervix. Dre reached down, wrapping a hand around the girls neck, using his added grip as momentum to fuck her even faster than he had before. His quick deep thrusts were met by her screaming in pleasure, and seconds later, she erupted into a second quick orgasm. Dre quickly followed, grunting as his dick blew his sticky load deep into her loins, still pumping his hips against hers as his cock slowly softened, finally popping out of her snatch all together.

The girl looked at Tyler, longing for him to be as pleased as the both of them. She begged him to cum for her, deep inside her ass, hoping to speed up his process so he would be able to share their ecstasy faster.

"Please baby? I want your hot sticky cum deep inside my asshole! Give me your cum baby! Oh fuck yes! Give it to me baby!"

Tyler was very aroused by the girls enthusiastic talk, knowing he would love to give her what she asked for. He bent down, gripping her tits, squeezing and pulling on them for added thrust, grunting as he fucked her even deeper. She screamed out in desire as he picked up his pace, his ball sack slapping against the back of her pussy.

In between breaths, Jessica attempted to lick at her boyfriends dick, cleaning off their combined juices, loving the taste. She longed for Tyler to send his load inside her, knowing it would feel amazing deep in her anus.

Not long after, she was rewarded with that very feeling. Tyler grunted loudly as his dick started pulsing, sending wave after wave of semen into her tight ass. He continued to pump into her vigorously as the girl felt the hot ropes of cum deep inside of her. She felt her brain start to shut off as her eyes rolled back, making her yell out in another ecstatic orgasm. Tyler felt her anal sphincter spasm, milking out the remaining cum from his dick. Finally, he withdrew, the trio happily spent.

Tyler thanked the couple, who insisted that they should be thanking him, and with that, he replaced his boxers and left the room. The moment he left his bedroom however, he was greeted with another amazing sight. The room directly to the left of his was wide open, allowing anyone who passed a perfect visual of the sexual experience going on inside. He noticed his friends Randy and Tim furiously fucking their shared girl in similar fashion to what Tyler had just done moments before. He admired the girl they had coaxed into the three-way as she screamed in pleasure, the two dicks fucking in perfect rhythm to each other.

The had light brown hair to about half way down her back. She was a larger girl, 5'10 maybe, but slim, with amazing hips and ass. She had pleasant C-cup tits that Tyler could see shaking from the fucking she was receiving.

"Damn fellas, give that girl a breather, I think she's about ready to burst!" Tyler announced his presence, stepping into the room.

"Nah man, I think she's fine," Tim replied. "Tyler, I want you to meet Savannah. Savannah, Tyler." Savannah looked up, her eyes glazed over with lust. Or was it.....

"Nice to............UGH! Meet you...." Savannah managed to get out between the thrusts she was receiving.

"Pleasure," Tyler responded, amazingly aroused yet again. "Mind if I give her my two-cents guys?" he asked. Both of his friends replied with a 'go ahead', and Tyler quickly dropped his boxers, sliding his softened dick into the girl's mouth, which she took without saying a word.

The girl was drunkenly sloppy, which was perfectly fine by Tyler, as she licked around at the head of his dick, seeming to struggle at placing her mouth around the entire circumference. Tyler held his flopping member in his hand, allowing for her to insert it more easily into her mouth. The girl focused on his pisshole, flicking at it with her tongue as she perfected her sucking motion. Both boys continued to fuck her separate holes below, causing her to be hit with an extreme orgasm. She screamed out, still using her tongue to pleasure Tyler as she felt her body become weak.

"Dang boy, you're a stud tonight!" Tyler heard Jessica yell from the doorway as the former partners of his headed back downstairs, Jessica now being completely nude. Tyler laughed as he started humping Savannah's mouth, causing her to make short gagging noises as he banged against her throat.

Tyler looked down, noticing a cup of alcohol on the headboard of the bed. He noticed it was still a quarter full, and he bent down to pick it up, feeling his buzz was completely gone.

Before he could bring the cup half way to his mouth, he was met by both Randy and Tim, demanding him to stop. "Woh woh woh man, I don't think you should drink that..." Randy urged. Tyler's puzzled look told Tim that he should give an explanation.

"Look man, we just... don't think you need to be out of it tonight," Tim said nervously.

"Dude, a quarter cup of a mixed drink isn't going to fuck me up," Tyler assured.

"But..... It all depends on what's IN the mixed drink..." Tim countered.

"Is it tequila? I know that shit hits me hard, but this much is not going to be a problem guys."

"Dude..." Randy objected. Then in a hushed tone, "It's ex."

Tyler didn't comprehend what that meant for a moment, so Randy nodded his head toward Savannah. Tyler looked down, her eyes were still glazed as she took in all three of their dicks. Finally it all made sense to Tyler. The boys had put ecstasy in her drink so she would be more willing to do what they wanted.

"Shit bro, that's all kinds of fucked up," Tyler scolded, still not ceasing his pumping motions into the drugged girl's mouth.

"It's not like its her first time taking it. She's a fucking raver, she takes it all the time to have fun at parties. Maybe not as much as we gave her, but still. It's not like shes incoherent. She just.... feels the love tonight," Randy chuckled as he finished with his joke.

Tyler shrugged, acknowledging that Randy was probably right. Besides, it's not like the two of them used ruffies on the poor girl, she was still willing to do this. "Alright, whatever works for ya. Let me know when you can get a girl to go to bed with you without substance though, and I'll give you your man card back," Tyler lightened the subject, joking back.

He started jacking himself off while the girl used her tongue to swirl around the head of his dick. He finally burst his load, sending cum all over the girls face, dripping into her mouth, to which the girl quickly licked up all within reach, swallowing it and showing off her empty mouth proudly. Tyler pulled his boxers back up, complimenting, "Damn guys, you got yourselves a good one, I'll give you that. But I'm out of here. Later."

With that, he left the girl with her two lovers. He headed for the staircase, hearing heavy moaning in at least 3 other rooms, but one was very loud screaming, as if in pain. Tyler shrugged it off, figuring it was just another fetish. He knew that he had experienced plenty of crazy girls that night, and figured he couldn't judge the ones he hadn't gotten to....... yet. He headed down the staircase, noticing Hannah, but decided to get a drink first from the kitchen before he joined her.

He poured himself a whiskey with root beer, and poured a second, much more root beer filled one for Hannah. He turned to head back towards his crush when he almost ran into Amber.

"There you are! Have you seen Ashley? I've been looking for her for ever!" Amber said, a little alarm in her voice.

Tyler glanced at the clock, showing it was 3:45 AM. "You still haven't found her for the pictures? That was over an hour ago..." Tyler replied, puzzled.

"I was hoping she was with you upstairs or something..." Amber admitted, even more worried now.

"Well have you texted her? I'm sure she's around her somewhere. Why don't you check upstairs? She has to be with someone..." Tyler suggested.

"She's not answering her texts or her calls. And she just gave her virginity to you, and if I know my sister, she isn't going to just hop right onto the next guy. She's.... selective to say the least. But okay, I'll look I guess..." Amber said, fake reinsurance in her voice. She turned and headed towards the staircase, leaving Tyler to find Hannah in the living room.

"Here you are, my dear," Tyler said in his perfect gentleman tone, handing the mixed drink to Hannah.

"Oh, thank you, but I really shouldn't drink," Hannah objected.

"This has less than a shot of alcohol in it, it's mostly all soda. You'll be fine, I promise. I'll be right here, making sure you don't go too wild," Tyler convinced with a wink.

With that, Hannah took the drink, slowly sipping on it as Tyler sat down next to her, his arm again finding its way around her shoulder. "Did you have fun?" she asked jokingly.

"I guess so..." Tyler replied, not sure what to say. "You didn't want to hear details, did you?" he joked.

"Haha, no thank you. I was just curious is all. I heard her having a great time, that's for sure," Hannah congratulated him, returning her focus to the ending of the movie. Tyler tried to focus on the TV as well. He saw a Spanish army break into the fighting scene to destroy the fountain of youth, but he wasn't very interested in the movie.

He kept glancing at Hannah. Her gorgeous body was modestly covered, but he could see the all-around shape. She was petite, maybe 5'4, no more than 100 pounds. Her face told him that she was of mixed backgrounds, but most prominently was Alaskan. She had long dark black hair to the bottom her shoulder blades, and he could make out quite large breasts pushing against her t-shirt.

The two of them sat there in the chair, enjoying each others company, but Tyler knew that he wanted this girl. Physically she was gorgeous. Comically she was amazing. Intellectually she was brilliant. She was perfect for him, and he would convince her that he was perfect for her as well.


Some time later, Tyler awoke to his phone vibrating, alerting him that he had a picture message. It was from a number that he didn't have in his phone, but he figured that a lot of people at the party had gotten it for directions to his house in case they couldn't find it.

Opening the picture, he found Amber and Ashley both completely naked, sitting on their knees. They had tape across their mouths, their eye makeup smeared, and their hands were clearly tied behind their backs. They had writing all over them, it looked like lipstick had been used as a pen, declaring them sluts, whores, and any other name imaginable. The caption under the picture read "For rent, 100 dollars an hour for the pair!"

Tyler looked around, finding that more than half of the party was now asleep. He looked at his phone, telling him that it was 6 o'clock in the morning. Hannah was asleep on his arm, looking absolutely stunning as she snuggled against him. He wished he had time to admire her, but there was something very wrong with the picture he had received. He stood up slowly, as to not wake Hannah up, and headed upstairs...

Rating: 89%, Read 75249 times, Posted Jul 09, 2012

Fiction | Anal, Asian, Bi-sexual, Black, Blowjob, Boy, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Female, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome


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