Diana my Workmate by J.E.B

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Fiction | Anal, At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Female, Hardcore, Male

Diana and I work at a Private school in the city as teachers, to be honest, the job is boring with all the teaching and staff meetings and to keep ourselves entertained we have to keep ourselves with odd conversations. I’m 28 years old, fairly good looking and I have worked with Diana for about a month.

“Mmmhh….look at that little ass,” I said to Diana.

“John you have to be joking me, she’s like 14 years old and technically your student,” Diana said as a cute girl with a perfect ass walked away wearing a tight school uniform.

“Yeah but we both agree she is really hot,” I said.

“Does your wife know what a spoil you are?” Diana asked.

“No. you’re not going to tell her, are you Diana?” I asked while laughing.

I sat back in my chair with an evil grin on my face. We sat there in silence for few minutes and then a voice in my head asked me to go for it. A hunch.

“So after work do you want to go in a private place and get naked?” I asked Diana when we were alone in the staffroom.

“In your fucking dream John. First of all I have a loving husband and we have been married for two years and even if I wasn’t you still don’t have a chance,” she said.

“Okay but when you’ll be ready I’m here to please you.” I said turning to my manual scheme.

For the next few hours we talked about movies and I told her about my dinner last night with my wife Sarah. The morning was really busy as lots of students came for consultation. Then in the middle of the day it began slowing down, and we were bored again.

I started fantasizing the same thought as I did earlier and started getting really horny. I looked over at Diana and she was going through a scheme of work manual.

Without a thought I uttered.

“You know Diana, I think you are the prettiest woman I have ever met,” I said.

“No. I’m not,” she blushed really hard.

“Yes you are,” I said.

“All the girls you’ve seen not forgetting your wife you think I’m the prettiest,” she asked.

“You are the most attractive woman I have ever seen by far, even my wife isn’t close to how attractive you are. I love your brown eyes and your lips drives me crazy,” I said.

Her face was beat red now.

“Thank you very much John that is very sweet of you.”

“And I love your nose, and that pouty look you get on your face, and mmm you have the nicest ass I have ever seen……Oh sorry I will stop.” I said.

“Well you can keep going,” she said smiling.

“Ok, like I was saying you have the nicest ass. I love every time when you get up to go to the teachers’ washrooms; I love to watch your ass the whole way,” I said.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes. The way you kinda swing it as you walk, and your boobs are like the perfect pyramid of Giza. They are perfected in size and bouncy, and I love when you wear a sleeveless shirt and your bra strap is showing,” I said.

She looked down and I presume she saw I had a hard-on on my pants.

“Your husband is a lucky man as he gets to have his cock sucked by the most beautiful woman in the whole universe. If I was him I would lick every part of your body all day long.”

I was now rubbing my dick through my pants under the teacher’s table and I saw she was watching. She kept looking and her just staring got me really horny and maybe rubbing my dick made her horny to. And then she did unexpected. She turned and face me and spread her legs and hiked up her skirt a little by little until I could see her panties underneath her skirt. My eyes widened, and I increased the speed.

Rubbing my cock. She pulled her panties aside revealing her shaved pussy to me and bit her lips and stuck her fingers in her cunt and then with two fingers she circled her clit.

I moaned a little as I undid my fly and zipper and pulled my pants down slightly and pulled my cock out of the hole in the boxer. My cock is a lot bigger and that’s what makes me prouder as a man. I have never measured but I can approximate to about 9 inch. We sat there watching each other masturbate. She started moaning to …….all of a sudden the staffroom door opened.

It was the Principal and we both quickly straightened up.

“How are you all doing today” he said.

“Ahh fine, good” we both stuttered.

“I just needed to drop these and if Mr. Kioko gets back from his class, tell him to come see me,” he said smiling.

He left and my heart was still racing, I looked over at her and her face was red as I rolled away under my desk with my belt undone and my boxers showing.

“I don’t think he saw anything.” I said.

“Thank god that scared the shit out of me!” I said.

I fixed my pants and she fixed her skirt and we both just sat there letting our heart rates come down which took several minutes.

“I completely hate your husband.” I said.

“Ahh you can be jealous, but don’t hate him.” she said.

“I hate him and I’m jealous of him, I wish there was some way I could get back at him.” I said.

“Get back at him? For what he didn’t do nothing to you.” she said.

“He get you. Fucking lucky asshole.” I said.

She smiled.

Few minutes later she got up and went to the teachers washrooms. She knew I was looking at her ass on the way there. After couple of minutes she came and sat down and worked on her books.

“Your ass looks so hot.” I said bluntly.

“John I think we need to be professionals and…”

“How am I supposed not to think of you in that way in this staffroom?” I whispered to Diana.

She just sat there and listen, I felt my dick rising again.

“And the thought of you fingering your beautiful pussy while I sat close to you working my dick under the teacher’s desk,” I said again whispering.

“MMM I know that is pretty hard to forget.” she said as she grabbed my right hand and brought it down to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy with my fingers through her pants.

I pulled her hair aside and started kissing her neck, and I unbuttoned her dress pants and pulled down the zipper and worked my hand down to her bare pussy.

“You are so evil John.” She said rubbing my fingers in her cunt.

I took a big sigh and looked her at for a moment.

“Well it’s almost time for lunch break, why don’t we just skip lunch and go and lock ourselves in the teachers’ washroom for an hour.” I said.

“Oh yea let’s do It.” She said.

We both clocked out and we both separately walked to the teachers’ washroom. She got there first and when I walked in she was sitting on a sink waiting. I walked in and locked the door and turned the lights on. She rushed up to me kissing me, and quickly I started taking off her shirt. I grabbed her tits and tore her bra off, as she was undoing my belt. She took off my pants till I was down in my boxers. I stepped back and slip off my boxer. She unbuttoned her pants till she was down to just her pink panty.

I swung her around, wrapping my hand around her, I pressed my lips against her lips. Then, I pulled her into me. She moaned when I planted a kiss on her lips and without any resistance, our tongues began playing around in a dance of passion. Her hands began caressing my forearms, running up the back of my neck running through my hair. She was mine now. It was a regular infidelity kiss. Just between two teachers.

After some few minutes of passionate kissing, I grabbed her hand and put it on my hard cock. She rubbed her hand on my dick and then I released the kiss and took my hand off hers. Her hand just stayed there and kept rubbing my cock.

“You’re so beautiful Diana and I want to fuck you,” I whispered.

She took a step back and slowly she knelt down being careful and started sucking my cock. She rolled her tongue around my circumcised head, and then I moaned loudly. Nodding up and down, wrapping her fingers around the base, she sucked my dick again.

“You whore, you look hot sucking my dick,” I said.

“I’m your dirty slut John, I feel both dirty and thrilled with your dick in my mouth,” Diana said.

“You really want to be my fucking whore Diana?” I asked.

“Yes, yes. I’ve always wanted to be your whore since the first time I saw you in the staffroom,” she panted.

“Will you allow me to do whatever I want?” I asked.

“Yes, do whatever you want with me, I’m your little slut,” she said.

“Mmmhh… you are such a good slut,” I said as I took off my underwear.

She took of her pink undies and threw them at me. I took of my shirt off and we were totally naked in the teachers’ washroom and then I grabbed both of her arms and threw her on the center of the washroom floor.

“How would your husband feel when he found out that I’m going to fuck his loving wife?”

“He will be fucking sore,” she replied, “stop talking about my husband and fuck me.”

I jumped on top of her and guided my dick in her pussy, and started fucking her really hard with all my energy.

She was breathing heavily, savoring the feeling of wholeness as my huge cock sheathed within her. My toned body pressing her breasts, her nipples smashed on my chest. She wrapped her arms around my body, her hands resting on my shoulder blades, I kissed her once again.

Withdrawing my dick from her. I gently slid it back into her warmth, then withdrew once again. Diana’s lips were parted and her eyes were tightly shut, concentrating only on our joining. Diana was now getting into a rhythm, matching my movement in details as she slid down her hand on the side of my ribcage. She wrapped her legs around my lower back, pulling my dick further into her with every thrust as I continued to fuck my workmate

She started moaning and it immediately turned into a scream.


I was grunting and I grabbed the back of her head and thrust in and out as hard as I could.

“Ahh…Ohh, John…god….ohh harder,” Diana moaned, “I’m your whore.”

My confidence was boosted again by her sluttish words and then I sped up my thrust. Diana wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled my face to hers, once again we interlocked our lips and tongues as I fucked her hard. As I continued to thrust inside her, Diana spread her legs wide and her pussy began rhythmically clench and release my dick as I pumped into her still. She closed her eyes and let out a soft prolonged moan as an orgasm took over.

Realizing she was cumming, I allowed myself to finish as well. I grabbed her shoulder from beneath and pumped into her depths. I released one strong rope of semen into Diana as my orgasm took over my body. I managed to pull my cock from its home after the first spurt as I collapsed onto Diana. I continued to thrust as my dick slid into my workmate’s pussy as we pressed tightly together. I jetted three, then four more gradually weaker spurts into her until I finally completely collapsed onto her.

We lay on the washroom floor catching our breath for several minutes as we regain our composure from our mutual orgasm. Finally, I raised up separating our stomach and leaving a string of our cum connecting us. Diana opened her eyes weakly, smiling with her hand on my thigh she wiped our cum from my stomach with her other hand and spread it onto hers.

“That was better than my husband’s?” Diana said.

I looked up surprised.

“Fuck yes I’m better than him,” I boasted.

I sat on the floor and Diana knelt and reached for my dick. Her strokes were slow at first but she sped up on the pace progressively. Diana even used some weird movement with her hands that made me feel so good. Diana was a real pro at this and as my hunch suggested, she had a whore gene in her. I tried to stay quiet but I couldn’t again contain myself anymore.

“God it feels so good, Diana,” I moaned as I reached to her left boob.

The experience was out of this world when Diana massaged my balls while gently pumped my cock. This was new found experience not even from my wife or the girls I have dated in my life. With the all simulation I was subjected to by her perfect breasts my dick couldn’t hold it anymore.

“I’m cumming,” I whispered. “Open your mouth Diana.”

Diana really went for it and I felt my cum shoot straight into my workmate’s mouth. She swallowed it without any complaint and then sucked the head, milking my dick for any more cum. After Diana was done milking any little cum was left in my dick, she crawled back up and gave me a kiss. I could taste myself a little bit but I was so horny again to be bothered.

I pushed Diana onto the floor and she went down without any resistance but with obedience to her master. At the moment I was a sex god and Diana was my whore to do as I pleased with.

“Lay down,” I demanded

She did as she was told.

Once she was settled down I turned her over and gave a slap on her ass.

“Do you want to fuck my ass?” she asked. “You can fuck me in the ass.”

“Are you sure?”

Diana replied by getting on her elbows and knees. She put saliva on her finger, then reached around and twirled her finger around her asshole before sliding it in altogether. I actually enjoyed the feeling and the sight of watching Diana, my workmate finger her asshole. She then looked at me giving me a sign to put some saliva on my dick to help slide in.

I got behind her and guided my cock onto the tip of her asshole. Little push, I felt my cock entering her asshole. Diana huffed quite loudly and moaned like she was in pain, it was painful for me too as it was so tight but with persistence I got my dick all the way in. My dick all way in it was easier to fuck her and honestly it felt amazing.

“I fucking love your cock in my ass John,” Diana moaned.

I grabbed her by the waist and I started fucking my workmate’s tight asshole quite hard. It felt good. It felt godly treating my workmate as a whore.

Diana reached around and rubbed her clit heatedly while I pound into her asshole.

“Ahhh keep going. Don’t stop, don’t stop John,” Diana said. It was all I wanted to hear to increase my pounding.

I fucked her hard, bumpily in and bumpily out, and Diana was more than responsive. She moaned loudly as my dick stroked her sides, stimulating every nerve without fail.

“Ahhh Diana, mmm.” I groaned down at her, letting her know I was enjoying her as much she was enjoying me.

Keeping up the pace, gyrating against Diana, like a gun, we both gasped for air and cried out with every thrust. We were sweating, screwing like shepherd dogs on heat. My whole body tingled with anticipation.

Diana squealed and moaned like a slut, my dirty little whore, with a cracked voice. She clawed at my hips and her back was almost arched with desire. My cum boiled inside of me again, I had to get rid of it. I had to get it into Diana’s asshole.

I snarled, reaching out and grasping her wrist with my hands. I pulled back and began to fuck Diana wildly. She went all nuts, her head thrown back, gasping through her teeth and unable to retrain herself as the sounds exploded past her lips. She took it like a pro, relishing every inch of me.

I sped back and forth inside of her, churning her innards into a firestorm of delight. My legs began to feel the familiar pressure built at the base of my skull.

“Diana, I’m going to…..I’m going to cum,” I could rarely get the words out.

My workmate, my dirty little whore, cried out louder and on the verge of screaming my cock grew hot. I lunged forward into my lover, cumming into Diana’s asshole.

Panting and sweating in the afterglow of powerful orgasm, I leaned forward and kissed her tired lips.

“That was amazing John,” she cooed.

“That was all you Diana,” I answered with a smile.

After that I pretty much fell asleep on the bathroom floor. I don’t know what Diana did but what felt like a three minutes later I was woken up by Diana.

“John, John get up,” Diana was rocking me while sobbing.

“What is the matter?”

“We are late.”

At first I had no idea what she was talking and then I realized what she was talking about.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m fucking sure,” Diana was in tears, “What are we going to do?”

“Nothing we can do is in here.”

I couldn’t think as I was in a complete shock. No way we have missed the after lunch teachers’ meeting. The next three minutes of cleaning ourselves we argued and pretty much hated each other for getting ourselves into that mess. The mess of infidelity and probably getting fired. Those three minutes were torture to me. Many scenarios went through my head, none with a pleasant ending. Cleaning ourselves and wearing our clothes in three minutes which truly seemed like an eternity we heard a familiar voice calling our names.

“Diana and John we both know you are in there,” Mr. Kioko’s voice came outside the door, “Your presence is required in the big Man’s office.”

I knew what it meant to me and I knew what it meant to Diana too. It was the beginning of our problems and possibly the end of my new found relationship with Diana, our Jobs and maybe our marriages. All of these predicaments were because of a hunch that Diana had it in her (sluttish gene). Fuck the hunch in the first place. Fuck the big man and his dogs. Fuck Mr. Kioko for not addressing Diana and I as a Mrs. and Mr. Fuck his arrogance. And if I was going down then it will be without a fucking fight.

Rating: 90%, Read 15565 times, Posted Jun 27, 2019

Fiction | Anal, At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Female, Hardcore, Male


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