The perfect Bi-rthday present by Tiathingy

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Oral Sex, Wife

For nearly five years they had fantasised about getting a third person involved with their sex lives. On many occasions they had reached mutual orgasms while discussing exactly what they would do with another man.

Unusually, it was Paul's idea to get another man involved and although he wasn't gay he did want to suck a big stiff cock. One of the real drivers though was the fantasy of seeing his wife with another man's cock buried into her arse or pussy. He really wanted to see another man using and maybe abusing his wife.

They shared everything; their fantasies, their deep dark thoughts and they would constantly fantasise about fucking and sucking in as many different ways as possible. Paul had been close to organising an escort and even contacted a number of them but nothing came of it; he was scared.

It wasn't until Chrissy organised it that their dream became a reality. It was Paul's 25th birthday and so Chrissy bit the bullet and organised a special birthday present including a stay in a beautiful hotel. She didn't tell him about her real present and made sure she looked gorgeous as well.

Arriving at the hotel Paul was excited about the evening ahead; a beautiful meal, great wine and maybe some naughty fun afterwards. They would normally get up to something a bit risky – fucking in the toilets or a quick blow job in the lift were pretty typical for them.

After settling into their suite and a dip in the pool, Chrissy made her move. She swam up to him and casually put her hand near Paul's cock and instantly it started to react. Moving a little closer so no one could hear, she whispered "I've sorted out a little present for you and it is going to meet us in the bar in about 20 minutes, so after your hard-on goes down we need to get out of here, okay?"

Paul used this opportunity to grope his 23 year old wife's tit and smiled when he heard her words. He didn't really have a clue but wondered if she had got him a sports car to drive or a special bottle of wine as a present. "Come on Chrissy, don't leave me like this", Paul watched Chrissy bikini clad arse slowly wade through the water towards the dressing room. "Can't we go to the Jacuzzi first?"

Chrissy smiled as she remembered the first time they had sex in a public jacuzzi, amazing and intense lust that day and an experience neither would forget. It started when the jacuzzi became free of strangers and before long Chrissy was pretty much naked and had Paul's stiff cock sliding easily up her arse. Her tits had been sucked and groped and it was only a miracle that no one walked in on them.

"Come on Paul, we have 20 minutes" Chrissy carried on walking and Paul kept on watch her perfect arse get out of the pool and disappear into the changing room. Paul's hard-on had reduced enough so that he could get out without exposing too much.

After a quick shower Paul walked out to sit and wait for Chrissy. Within a couple of minutes Chrissy walked out of the changing room in a beautiful dress that he hadn't seen before. He walked towards her and had a massive smile on it face "Are you my birthday present?" Paul pulled Chrissy towards him and instantly grabbed her arse and noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Oh my god! Can we go straight to our room as I want to fuck you now?" Chrissy smiled and pulled away from Paul, "No we can't, let's go and get your present shall we?" Chrissy didn't see how Paul's face looked a picture of total disappointment but it didn't stop her smiling as she walked to the lift.

Paul caught up as the door opened and Chrissy hit the button for the bar. She snuggled up to Paul and promised him that he wouldn't regret it. The doors opened and Chrissy led Paul to the bar where she picked the most isolated booth she could find.

The waiter arrived and without saying a word Chrissy ordered three glasses of champagne. As the waiter left Paul turned to Chrissy and asked the obvious question as to why three glasses. "Oh the extra glass is for your birthday present". Paul's face was another picture, panic, shock and then excitement and nervousness.

Paul's stomach turned and his mind raced with what Chrissy had just said, "You mean now, as in right now?" Chrissy's looked at Paul and was a little concerned that Paul didn't want to do this and she had made an massive mistake. "We only have to have a drink and if you don't like him..." her words were rendered useless by the growing smile on his face.

He moved closer to Chrissy and softly put his hand on her inner thigh and kissed her slowly on the lips. "Thank you. I am nervous but I am very excited", Chrissy moved her hands over to his groin to softly rub his cock, feeling a little more confident. "I have so many questions," Paul moved his hand slowly up her thigh and under the bottom of her dress.

He rubbed her leg and got closer to her pussy but before he could reach his goal the waiter came over with the champagne. Paul didn't move his hand away and as the waiter placed the glasses on to the table he noticed the waiter's eyes looking at Chrissy lap. Paul continued to rub her thigh and without resistance Chrissy opened her legs further and knew exactly what Paul was trying to do.

The waiter took his time putting the final glass down and it was impressive that he didn't spill any as his eyes never moved from Chrissy spread legs. The silence was palpable and Paul's hand got higher he was sure that Chrissy's beautiful bald pussy was on show. He gentry rubbed her clit all the time looking at his turned on wife and the very turned on waiter.

"Thank you the champagne", he withdraw his hand and slowly licked his fingers tasting his wife's juices. The waiter obviously got the point and slowly turned his back and walked back to the bar with a screaming erection. "That one was a good one; he will be wanking on that for weeks" Paul smiled as he proudly sat back and pondered his work.

His posture stiffened as a good looking man appeared at the bar, he ordered a drink at the bar and sat down. "Is that him?" asked Paul. Chrissy had recovered a little and shook her head indicating that this wasn't the man. "He is younger and a little shorter, less stocky". "What did you say to him?" Paul started to look around the bar not looking at Chrissy who smiled at Paul's nervousness.

"Look don't worry, all we are doing is having a drink with a new friend. What happens after that is up to you. It is your birthday". Chrissy placed her other hand on his and tried to comfort Paul. "Don't worry, it will be fine". "His name is Marco and here he is". Chrissy got up and went to greet Paul's birthday present.

Chrissy embraced Marco like an old friend and even kissed him on the cheek. As Paul watched his beautiful wife walk towards him his stomach was churning but he held out his hand and welcomed Marco warmly. He offered him a seat and also the glass of champagne and sat down.

"Let me put your mind at rest Paul, we will do as little as you want or as much as you want. At the moment all we are going to do is sit here, have a lovely chat and a couple of glasses of champagne and if you want to leave it there then there is no hard feelings. Is that okay with you?" Marco said and placed his hand on Paul's knee.

Paul looked into Marco's eyes and nearly jumped up when he felt another man's touch. He forced a smiled and agreed with Marco and quickly took a large sip of champagne. "Excellent Paul!" Paul also picked up his champagne. "Excellent choice on the champagne by the way" Marco moved his hand chatted with Chrissy.

It took a little while before Paul joined into the conversation but he managed to laugh and started asking questions of Marco. "How did you get started?", "How long have you been doing this?", "What is the strangest thing you have done?" It didn't matter how many questions Paul asked Marco answered them calmly and with humour.

"So Paul why do you want to do this?" It was Marco's turn to ask the questions. Paul looked to Chrissy held her hand and started speaking. "It is something I have wanted to do for ages, to experiment to push my boundaries a little." Paul sounded more enthusiastic than he expected. "I find men attractive and we have fantasised countless times about sucking a cock" his words trailed off as he realised what he said out loud.

"Excellent Paul, that is exactly what I want to hear. So I want you to unzip my trousers and take out my cock", Marco looked Paul directly in the eyes as he said this to gauge how to handle moving forward. There was a long pause until someone moved which turned out to be Chrissy who put her hand on Paul's leg and squeezed his leg as a way to encourage Paul.

Paul felt her hand and even though his head and stomach were spinning he slowly moved his hand towards Marco's groin. He looked up to see if anyone could see what was going on and looked ridiculously guilty but he carried on moving his hand. Marco watched and smiled as Paul's hand reached his trousers. Paul's hand was shaking but he managed to grab hold of the top of the zipper and pulled down.

The zipper got to the bottom and Paul moved his hand into the open slot and instantly felt Marco's cock. It was sizeable and even through Marco wasn't fully hard Paul could feel it getting more rigid. He was excited and nervous but wasn't turned on, but he moved and grabbed his cock.

The warmth and increasing girth of Marco's cock were surprising and Paul started to slowly manipulate him. Paul couldn't keep his eyes off his covered hand but started to relax a little. He didn't feel Chrissy move closer to him and only recognised what was happening when she kissed him on the check and whispered "Happy birthday sweetie". She moved her hand to his groin and felt Paul's stiff cock.

"Looks like Paul is enjoying himself, I say we move this upstairs with a bottle of champagne and get into something a little more comfortable." Paul nearly jumped as Chrissy said these words. He looked at Marco and as saw him nod his head so he squeezed his stiff cock and withdrew his hand.

Marco zipped himself up and with the two boys walked to the bar. Chrissy ordered a bottle of 'Bolly' and as they waited at the bar Marco slipped his hand over to Paul's arse. Chrissy took the bottle and the three clean glasses and started to walk towards the lift. She pressed the button and almost instantly the doors of the lift opened.

They arrived at their suite and the journey in the lift was done in almost complete silence. Paul entered first and turned on the lights and put his jacket on the back of the chair. He turned as Chrissy put the champagne and the glasses down on the side table. Marco made his way to a single high backed chair and accepted another glass of champagne.

"If it is okay with you I will take a couple of minutes to freshen up", "Of course Marco the toilet is over there". Chrissy brought over Paul's glass and slipped her hand around his waist and hugged him. When they were alone Chrissy turned to him and said "Are you sure you want to do this?"Chrissy looked into his eyes and waited for a response.

Paul pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Chrissy felt comfortable with her present to Paul and returned his kiss. They didn't stop as Marco came back into the room and sat in his chair. As they separated Marco asked if he was ready. "Come here and kneel in front of me". Paul looked at Chrissy and she smiled and watched as he walked towards Marco.

Paul slipped to the floor and felt very nervous. Marco nodded to Paul and un-buttoned his trousers and un-zipped his fly. Paul took a second to admire Marco's cock and gently took it in his hand; he started to move his hand up his stiffening shaft and was very gentle.

Marco's smiled as he watched this married man message his cock in front of his wife – he loved his life sometimes and knew that this was a massive secret that only these three would know. He looked over to Chrissy who was sitting in raptures looking as her husband was wanking another man's cock. He was checking to see if everything was okay as he didn't want to cause any problems but he was sure from her expression that he could move forward.

He moved his hand behind Paul's head and gently pulled him closer to the tip of his cock. Paul followed and softly opened his mouth and took in about three inches of the eight on offer. Marco's cock felt unsurprisingly foreign in his mouth but he was getting used to it and starting to enjoy it. He bobbed his head a little quicker and took in a little bit more of his shaft.

Paul worked his new toy with a confidence that surprised Marco and also Chrissy who was staring intently at her husband on his knees taking almost six inches of cock. She was getting turned on and leaning forward and didn't really know what to do next. They had talked a lot about her getting involved and she made sure that Marco was bi-sexual before she hired him.

Paul was getting a good head of steam going and started with some enhanced techniques. He was using his tongue to explore Marco's cock and even went and sucked his balls. He looked up a few times and saw from Marco's face that he was doing okay. He noticed out of the corner of his eye Chrissy moving over to him and felt her hand squeeze his shoulder.

He didn't stop sucking cock as she knelt down beside him to undo his flies. Chrissy wasn't surprised to feel that Paul was rock hard and she kept her hand moving as she manipulated his cock. It wasn't the easiest position to give him a hand job but this was the deal they made when they fantasised about doing this.

She lay down on her side and was able to feed Paul's cock into her mouth and slowly started to suck. Almost simultaneously she heard two groans come from both boys as they enjoyed their blow jobs. She bobbed her head and wanked his cock as she withdrew her mouth.

Paul excitement was reaching a new level and he could see that his wife's skirt had ridden up and he moved his hand so he could massage her tits over the top of blouse. Who said boys couldn't multi-task, he was sucking, being sucked and was playing with tits. Chrissy didn't move and even opened her legs a little as he massaged her boob.

Paul could feel that he wasn't a million miles from coming and somehow felt that Marco wasn't either. He moved his hand to under his wife blouse and squeezed her bare tits; her nipples were erect and this made him very happy. He started to pump his cock into his wife's throat a little faster and saw that she had raised her hips to bring her pussy closer to his hand.

Marco grabbed Paul's head a little harder and started to guide him a little deeper; he knew that he was close and wanted to give Paul a full experience. They hadn't discussed coming in his mouth but he knew he would take his spunk like a pro. He saw Chrissy lying on her side and Paul playing with her tits and could see her beautiful nipples. He hoped he would have some of that but didn't know where it would go after the blow job.

Paul was getting more comfortable and knew that Chrissy was enjoying herself so he moved his hands down her flat stomach and started to stroke the outside of her pussy. She met his movement perfectly and swallowed all of Paul's cock as he increased his speed and from years of cumming she knew he was close. Paul managed to pull her skirt up so he could curl his hand around her mound.

Marco moved his second hand to cup both sides of Paul head and met his eyes. He nodded to Paul and Paul nodded back and he closed his eyes and put his head back as he finally let go of the pressure. He forced Paul's head down on his cock and shot his load down his throat. Paul's eyes showed a little panic as he felt like he was chocking but he calmed and started to swallow.

Marco didn't let go and Paul kept on sucking away until he took everything that shot into his mouth. Paul was impressive and Marco let go and allowed him to take a breath. It wasn't long before Paul withdrew from his wife's mouth and started to spunk all over her face and tits.

He slumped next to his wife and took a breath to calm what had been the best night of his life. He turned and smiled at his wife and without thinking he kissed her passionately. She didn't mind that just a second before he had another man's cum in his throat she kissed him back.

Breaking apart they both looked at Marco whose still rigid cock was obviously not finished for the night and started to smile. "What are we going to do now?", Marco asked as he helped Chrissy to her feet.

Rating: 92%, Read 25563 times, Posted Mar 20, 2017

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Oral Sex, Wife


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