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I had just arrived in a new town was just starting to learn my way around. Where to go what to do. That sort of thing. I had found a couple of small

quaint bars to go out to and have a little fun dancing meeting new people that sort of thing. You know trying to fit in a little. Find some people that I liked hanging out with making new friends. Week days were pretty average the same people coming in after work having a drink before going home. Friendly conversation dinner or whatever you do to unwind from your day. So far I liked most of the people I had met. Seemed like your everyday normal type people. It was usually fairly quiet on the weeknights. But I hadn't came in on the weekends yet so I thought well maybe this week I'll check out the place on a Friday or Saturday see if it livens up around here. So I finished my work week and decided that I would wait and come in on Saturday the bartender had told me earlier in the week that they had music on the weekends so I wanted to see what kind of music it was. And if it was good dancing music. I hadn't been out dancing for a long time.

I was at home trying to figure out what to where out that night. I finally decided on Red low cut tight tank top with a short black and red mini skirt.

With my black and red come and fuck me pumps. It was summer time so it was warm out so I didn't take a jacket or anything. I checked in the mirror and thought not bad. Looks pretty hot. Stylish hip and sexy. Who know maybe I'll even get lucky tonight. I was getting pretty horny not having a met a man yet. I figured for a women my age I looked pretty damn good. I am in my early 40's about 5.5ft. Blond hair down to the middle of my back. I think I have a nice figure. I have big tits. 40 DD's. A small waist 27” or so.

And I usually turn heads when ever I walk by. And I can be quite a tease when I'm in the mood to turn heads. I like to be center of attention at times.

So off I went. When I got there I was surprised that the place was packed.

I didn't know it could get that busy. I started looking around and was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the crowd were good looking men and in my age group. So I went to the bar and got a drink. The music was just starting up. Playing a little R&B classic rock. Good music for dancing.

I wasn't there long before a guy came up and asked it I wanted to dance . I said sure. Lets go. It was a fast song so we did a little fast step with a little

swing thrown in there. We were doing pretty good to when I looked around

I noticed we were kind of drawing a little attention lots of people watching. I thought to myself well we must look good or something. I turned my attention back to my dance partner. Didn't think much of it. The song was over so he escorted me back to my spot at the bar and asked if he could buy me a drink. I said sure so we stood at the bar talking for a while. Danced a few more times and then the band was taking a break. So he asked if I would like to shoot a game of pool. They had a separate little room off the side with a couple of tables. I like to play pool now and then. We got lucky and there was an open table. There was a bunch of guys playing on the other tables so

we found a table and got our drinks. He offered to let me start. So I went to the other end of table and bent over to take a shot. I forgot the my skirt was

a little short for this. So pretty soon I noticed that we had a lot of people around us. I wasn't paying attention to them much. The guy and I got talking

and I asked him his name He said I could call him Hank. He had a pretty

heavy accent. So I had to get up close to him to hear him and to understand him. I told him my name was Carly. We were having fun playing and dancing and I thought he was really cute, So I was happy for the time being.

Pretty soon I noticed every time I took a shot he was standing behind me. I asked him if he was enjoying the view. He came up close and said that he was definitely enjoying the view. He told me that I was a beautiful women.

I smiled and thanked him. He looked at me and said no thank you. Then pretty soon he asked me if I dressed this way all the time. I looked down and didn't see what was wrong with how I was dressed and said yes when I went out I liked to look good. He smiled at me and said well I was definitely something to look at. With my high heels on and short skirt on every time I bent over to take a shot. I was showing a lot of leg. My skirt was short enough to let you know that I wasn't wearing anything under it. I was used to it so it didn't dawn on me that when I bent over my skirt was riding up just enough to show a little bit of my pussy. So when he said that I was something to watch he meant it. I finally caught on to what was going on it didn't bother me though. I mean that's what short skirts are for is to get attention. And attention I was getting. So when I could I would bend and lean way down close to the table. Witch put my ass up higher and as close to his face as I could get away with. A couple of time's out of the corner of my eye I saw begin to reach up. He would catch himself and put his hand back down. I chuckled to myself. I really started to play with him. I had a couple of other spectators also that were paying pretty close attention to. At one point when I was at the other end of the table taking a shot a guy walked by and stopped at a table just behind me. Hid friends pointed out the view. As he was standing there I felt a finger run up the back of my leg. And stop just short of my slit. I bent over even farther to take my shot. And gave him a very good view of my pussy. He licked his lips and asked if I needed any help with my shot. I told him not yet. But if I got one that I didn't think I could make I might ask him for his advice. He smiled and said sure not a problem. Ask anytime. Hank asked me if there was a problem I said no no

that guy was just asking me if I needed help with my shot. He came up behind me and told me that If I needed any help with a shot just to ask and he would be willing to show me and how. And put his arms around my waist and held to Que stick in front of me. I could feel that he had quite a nice package.

He put one hand on my hip and pulled it back towards him and pointed down

the stick and said hit the Que ball right here and made a little mark on the ball

His other hand was very lightly coming up the back of my thigh but he didn't stop just short of my slit. He ran right up it. I'm sure that he noticed that by now with all this attention I was beginning to get a little wet. I herd him put his finger in his mouth and pull it back out. I laughed. Thought to myself that's my kind of man. Pretty soon he went back over to our table and ordered a couple more drinks for us and I came over and instead of sitting down next to him I sat down on his knee. And took a couple sips off my drink and turned to him you don't mind do you? Of course not. In fact why don't you sit back a little farther. So I scooted back a bit and he put both arms around me pulled me into him and in the process spread my legs a bit. Just enough so that he could slide a finger or 2 into my pussy. I lifted up just enough so he could move his hand under me instead of going over my thigh.

When he did he stuck a couple finger's in me and I ground my pussy down on

them. He was making me really sticky. I told him hey were back here in this dark corner where no one can see us very well and were behind the table. Undo your zipper. I want to sit on your dick for a bit. Your making me so hot. He leaned back unzipped his pants and he had a nice cock to about 11 or 12 inches maybe. Soon as he got it out I slid up a little higher and slid my pussy lips right over the top and sat back in his lap. Oh god it felt so good. It

had been a while since I had had any. I told him your going to make me cum so easy. He just smiled up at me and said be my guest. I aim to please. I laughed hard. Which I shouldn't have done. People looked over at us. The guy that had ran his finger up me earlier was talking to his friends and then pointing to us. He figured out what we were doing. Very slowly him and his friends got up and started our way. I told hank hey don't move for a minute were going to have company in a second. The way my skirt fell no one could actually see anything. It looked like I was just sitting on his lap. They came over and just started talking to us. Asking Hank questions just making general conversation knowing that they were just making it harder to for us.

I was cumming so hard that I could hardly keep a straight face. Hank could feel my pussy clenching and unclenching his dick. He knew I was cumming hard and so he leaned forward like he was going to stand up. The other guys backed up then and turned around and walked back to there table. Hank moved again just like he had only this time he said look at me. I tuned my head to him he knew that I was just about to loose it when he smiled at me and I could feel him squirting his cum so deep into my pussy he grabbed my face and kissed me like he was sucking all my air from me. He knew that if he didn't I was gonna scream. Thank God the music was loud enough no one could hear the noise I did make. But most of it went straight down his throat. He gave me one more deep hard push and then leaned back a little. I relaxed my pussy lips a bit so I could get a couple of deep breaths. I grabbed a couple of our cocktail napkins so that when I moved off him I didn't drench the front of his pants with our juice. And so not to gush cum juice all over the floor to. I took the napkins and put them between my legs to catch the all the cum leaking from my pussy. Since my skirt still covered him he zipped up and I slipped off him and down next to him in seat. I excused myself for a moment and went to the ladies room. Freshened up a bit and came back out

and asked him if he wanted to dance some more. This time it was a slow song so he pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear that was amazing.

I can't believe you just did that to me without a second thought. He asked do

you do this sort of thing often. I smiled and said that not often but I have been known to take what I want when I want and where I want. Independent women huh. I laughed and said yes very. Then he whispered in my ear. Why don't you let me show you what I can do without a room full of spectators. What did you have in mind I asked. He said come home with me and let me show you. I told him I would have to think about it. Knowing that I had already made my mind up. And was so glad that he asked me to come to his place. Because I had decided hours earlier that we were going home together that night one way or another. But I didn't want him to know that. So I changed the subject and kiddingly asked him what was wrong with spectators. I said they could easily have been more than just spectators. Those guys that came over I'm sure had full intentions of being more than just spectators. He says did you want them to be? I just shrugged my shoulder's. Gave him a maybe. Never know. I could see the wheels in his head turning. I laughed. He's says cheeky girls. It was still a couple of hours before the band would be quitting and the bar closing so we had plenty of time to play. But I did let him in on that I would love to come home with him. I could tell he was thinking something but I just wasn't sure what. He went and got us a couple of more drinks. Want to play some more pool. I think I was winning when we were distracted. Playing on my competitive side. I said sure I'll kick your butt some more. He laughed. Some how he kept making sure that all my shots were at the other end of the table and in front of those guys. And then on one shot in particular he looks at me and tells me I have to lean forward more and reach for it. So I did then I saw him nod to one of the guys. I thought that sneaky bastard. He wants to see me get fucked by more than one and other guys. He's going to get this started. I wasn't sure how to stop it. Or if I wanted to stop it. So I reached for the shot like I didn't have a clue what he was up to. All the sudden I feel this hand slide up my leg and this guy leans over me like he was showing me how to shoot the shot. His thumb is now deep in my pussy he's working it around. His two friends are flanking him one on each side. Then they pull me up from the shot. And lead me to the other end of the table. There's kind of a

side that no one can see what's going on really or at least not without really looking hard. They put the que ball back out in front of me to make it look like there showing me how to do this. When the one that had his thumb in me made me lean over deep. Rubbed his hand up and down my pussy. Of course I was starting to get nice and wet by not. The guy to his right was leaning over the table and had one hand under me and was squeezing my nipple hard. I loved it. And the one on the left was using his hand to play with my clit. It was making me squirm quite a bit. I could see Hank kind of out in front of me. Licking his lips and rubbing his cock under the table. He

was getting really turned on by the whole scene. Which in turn was making me hotter and hotter. The one guy that started with the thumb now had his dick out and was fucking my wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. Not caring now if anyone else saw what he was doing either. So they kind of backed my up in to the corner and there was this movable wall type thing and moved me behind that and made me get down on my knee's. The one was behind me fucking my pussy the other one was putting his dick in my mouth and the other one jacking off and under me eating my pussy. The guy I was sucking off just came in my mouth so the other one switched places. The other one was cumming in my pussy to. So they switched places also and then finally Hank couldn't stand it any longer and came over with his dick in his hand. He told the one that was fucking me to hang on for a minute. And he makes the one fucking me slide under me so that I'm sitting on him and then Hank comes from behind my and pushes me forward and tells me to spread my legs wider no wider. Then he grabs me by the ass and starts rubbing his dick up and down around my ass. I'm so wet from all this that his dick is just wet in seconds. So he takes a hold of me and puts his dick in my ass real slow at first lets me get used to it a bit. Then he pushes harder and harder till he's all the way in. Then he holds it there for a bit. God damn I'm getting fucked in all wholes. WOW. I can't even believe the way that it's making my pussy so fucking wet. I'm sucking this guys dick like never before. I can't get enough of all of it. And then Hank starts moving his dick in and out in and out. Picking up his tempo every couple of strokes. Then he smacks my ass a time or 2. I suck harder on this dude's dick. Then Hank gives it to me. I mean he start fuking my ass like I've never been fucked before. Oh My God. Oh My Fucking God. He spreads my ass cheeks apart a little more and then gives it to me long deep and hard.

Long deep and hard. Long deep and hard. Then I can feel his dick getting rock hard which means he's getting ready to cum..So now it deep deeper harder harder. Deep and hard Deep and hard. God Damn. And now he grabs my hips and slams his dick into me a couple of times and then goes as deep as he can and holds it there. And I feel him convulse and I can feel his cum squirting into me It feel s like a fountain going off. I swear he hooked me up to live wire some how and is shooting electricity through me. They all get off within seconds of each other. I'm cumming so hard that he can feel me cumming like he was in my pussy. I'm cumming so hard that it's squirting out of me like a man cums. And I look at him and tell him that he's not done for the night that when he gets me home I'm gonna show him just what he's doing to me. And I want to watch him cum like that again and again and again. That he's going to get the best or the worst workout he's ever had. Or done or however you want to put it. The other guys were fun and o.k. but they didn't have a dick anywhere near what he had. That I wanted that dick all to myself and in every way possible. And he makes me hornier than I could have ever imagined. I wanted and want to fuck him in every way shape and form. I have never been so turned on in all my life. He makes me fucking crazy. And I want to fuck him crazy. And I'm going to fuck him crazy and crazy and crazy.

Rating: 77%, Read 7068 times, Posted Jul 21, 2008

Fantasy |


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