The Party: The Beginning by mr.sooner

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Fantasm | Authoritarian, BDSM, First Time, Male, Old Female, Rape, Teen Female, Violence

Chapter One: The Beginning

I was fifteen when I took my first Party job. No, that’s a lie. I had actually been running errands for them for years. This was my first sanctioned job by the Party though and did more to set me up for the future than anything else in life. I remember the day like it was yesterday, although it was twenty years ago.

The local messenger found me huddled in the two room apartment that I kept in an abandoned building. It was below freezing outside and I was attempting to keep the small oil stove lit to get some meager heat. Oil was expensive and a luxury I couldn’t afford so I had to use whatever I could scrounged from the empty, desolate streets. I had just burned my fingertips on a match when the small kid crawled in through the door, which was only propped up to keep the cold out. He told me in an excited, rapid fire manner that the local Lieutenant wanted to see me. At first, fear gripped my heart. What had I done to gain the attention of the Party? My first thought was to run away and I seriously considered it. However, when I looked around my shabby place and heard my stomach growl I realized I had nowhere to go. Maybe death would be better.

I slipped on my cleanest clothes, but they still showed dirt and stains from months without being washed. As I trudged along the cracked sidewalk I mulled over the situation. Most likely, I was going to be drafted and sent into the army. I knew the Party officials were paid for boys enlisting. I had hoped to avoid it because the fighting was heavy and would certainly lead to an early death. It was a thirty minute walk to the area of the city that was still functioning after the bombings from the First Attack and First Defense. There were a few people on the streets, but no cars. Only the Party drove cars. I made my way quickly down the street trying not to draw attention to myself. There was little chance of that though, as people tended to mind their own business these days.

I didn’t know exactly where the Lieutenant conducted business, but I knew the general area and hoped to find a Party member to tell me. When I started walking down the street I didn’t even need to do that. Standing in a crowd in front of an old supermarket was a group of people that must be Party members or associates. As I drew closer I guessed that two guys were the protection detail. They each had leather jackets, short hair-cuts and scars on their hands and faces. I was more than a little intimidated by them. Hanging around them were some prostitutes. You could tell that they were pretty at one time, but sadly used up even in their early twenties. I drew up and the two toughs took notice of me.

“I’m, um, I’m here to see the Lieutenant,” I said, trying to sound like it was no big deal.

“You are, huh? Who the hell are you?” one of the toughs demanded.

“I’m Kale.”

“Kale, ain’t that a sweet name. You wanna try something else sweet? Forget about that old bastard and hang out with me,” one of the prostitutes said as she lifted up her skirt to reveal her hairy muff. The thick tangle of hair covered her entire pussy. I blushed at the sight of her bare crotch. I had yet to have sex and the only naked girls I had seen were in magazines or far awa.

“Aww…you embarrassed him. I bet you’re still a virgin, ain’t ya?” the other hooker said. She was blonde and slightly better looking that the brunette.

“Yeah? How ‘bout we go out back and take one of these girls virginity together? I’ll take the front and you take the back.”

I blushed a deeper shade of red and shook my head no at the thought of fucking one of these girls in the ass.

“What? They ain’t good enough for?”

The tough that was standing closest to me moved in far quicker than I imagined he could move. He wrapped his arm around my neck and had me in a headlock before I could react. A sharp twang sounded and the cold steel of a switchblade was pressed against my cheek. I could smell the garlic and stale beer on the tough’s breath as he spoke.

“No, how about you kiss my friend here to make up?”

The brunette stepped closer and hiked her skirt up once again to reveal her fur covered pussy. Her body odor was nauseating up close and I struggled to escape the guy’s clutches.

“Hey! You assholes, what are you doing?”, a voice behind me yelled.

“This little punk is about to kiss the lady!”

“Well, she ain’t no later. Leave the kid alone. Didn’t he tell you he was here to see the L-T?”

The tough holding me let me go and said that he was just kidding around and that he didn’t know what I was here for. I stepped past him toward my savior. He was an older gentleman, neat in appearance. He had a bald head and I couldn’t tell his age, but guessed it was around forty. He wore a navy blue track suit with black dress shoes which I thought was strange. He beckoned me inside and I followed a few steps back.

We wound through empty aisles of the store to the back corner where the florescent lights buzzed and flickered. Knocking on a wooden door the man opened it and motioned me inside. I took a small, cautious step inside a small office. The room was dominated by a desk, behind which sat the fatest man I’d ever seen. He easily tipped the scale at five hundred pounds. There were bits of paper scattered around the office like confetti and mounds of paperwork piled on the desk. I stood by the door still unsure of what to do. I watched the man lean back in his chair and swat something away with his hand. I was shocked to see a young girl stand up from behind the desk. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and it dawned on me that she had been giving him a blowjob. The girl was beautiful. She had short black hair, large green eyes, a slender frame and was about my age. I had an immediate crush on her and felt sorry for her. She looked at me in embarrassment when she realized I was not a usual person around the office. She lowered her gaze and left through a side door on the opposite side of the office from where I’d entered.

“Come, come. You are Kale,” it was a comment rather than a question. “Please sit, sit,” he said and waved a beefy hand toward a gray metal chair. I dutifully sat down.

“I have a problem Mister Kale. I need help. Will you help me?”

“Um, yes, sir.”

The fat Lieutenant smiled and leaned forward. He explained the problem quickly and simply. A man operated a bakery a few blocks away and had failed to pay his taxes to the Party. However, whenever anyone went to persuade him a loyal watch of local residents warned him and we would disappear or relocate. So far, the Party looked inept in taming his flagrant disregard for the Party. Since I was only a boy and was not associated with the Party, it was decided that I could get close when no one else could. Handing me a small pistol fitted with a silencer the Lieutenant was asking me to kill this man. In return, I would be well compensated.

I had never killed anyone. The gun felt heavy in my hands. The fat man stared at me as I stared at the gun.

“You will do this,” the Lieutenant said with some finality. “Now, go…go do this.”

I stood up to leave and knew at that moment that I no longer had a real choice in the matter. I never really had a choice once I entered the Lieutenant’s office. I made my way back out through the store and into the sunlight of the day. The toughs were gathered around a car listening to the radio and smoking. I hurried past them to avoid another confrontation. Making my way a few streets down I looked over the gun once more before slipping it into my waistband. The baggy shirt and coat I wore easily concealed it from view. Following the fat man’s advice I worked my way south several miles before turning east and coming back north. To anyone watching, it would appear as if I was coming from the highway. Hopefully this would fool them to thinking I was just another lost kid.

It was late afternoon by the time I made it to the street where the baker was working. I had already spotted several people watching from windows, but no one paid me much mind here. I strode around and looked through a few trashcans in search for food. I was trying to blend in, but I was also hungry and cold. An hour after first appearing I made my way to a trashcan fire to get warm, but was quickly chased away by some homeless, foul smelling men.

As darkness fell I huddled by the front steps of the row house where the baker worked. It was detached from the others and I hoped to find a way in after dark. As I leaned against the stone steps, the rotting cover I was up against splintered from my weight. I looked around to see if anyone was drawn to the noise. Curiously I pulled back the dilapidated boards and could peer into a crawl space beneath the steps and into the basement. My heart jumped at my good fortune and I lost no time in crawling into the space. I pulled the boards back the best I could before jumping down into the basement. It was cold, dark area but I could sense I was surrounded my junk I couldn’t see. I walked towards the stairs that led to the main floor and then around for a place to hide. In the thin light of a match I noted some large barrels that I could squeeze behind. As the match burned down I took a look at my watch. It was seven now, with any luck in four or five hours the man would be sleeping and I could do it then. I huddled down to wait; cold, scared and tired.

Sometime later my head jerked up. I blinked a few times. I had fallen asleep and adrenaline surged through me. Had I messed up? Was it morning? Staying perfectly still to listen I heard the doorknob at the top of the stairs turn. The door creaked open and a splashed of light washed over the room. Someone heavy was walking down the stairs and trying not to make noise which I found odd. As the person got to the final few rungs I could make out dark hair around a balding head, thick gut but strong arms and legs. I knew this to be my target. It was the baker. Staying hidden I watched the man cross to a bench on the far side of the room. Reaching into his pocket he pulled something out and set it down on the table. Next I heard the faint sound of a zipper and watched in udder confusion as the man dropped his pants to the floor. I almost laughed as he reached forward and started to masturbate.

Something told me that this was my opportunity. I gently eased myself from behind the barrels and pulled the gun from my waistband. I wasn’t sure I could look at the guy if he turned around so I aimed at his back. Closing my eyes I pulled the trigger. The gun made more sound that I thought it would, like a loud clap as it bucked in my hands. Instantly the baker fell to the ground with a muffled thud. The dirt floor ensured that his fall was mostly silent. I didn’t check if he was dead. He wasn’t moving and made no sound so I just assumed that he was.

“Dad? Dad!,” I heard a girl yell, followed by the pounding of feet on stairs.

I whirled around but she flew right past me as if she hadn’t seen me at all. She went to his side to check on him. I watched for a few seconds as she shook him and called his name. She stood and seemed poised to go back upstairs when she froze. She had finally seen me. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I thought to bring the gun up.

“Please…no,” she whispered in a soft, pleading voice. I didn’t know what to do. I hadn’t been told to kill anyone else, much less a young woman. She was tall and thin. She had blonde hair that fell past her shoulders and had a sad, desperate look in her eyes. I decided not to kill her, but I had to tie her up or something. Looking around I spotted some twine.

“Just do as I say and I promise I won’t hurt you. I gotta tie you up, but you’ll be fine,” I hissed. She nodded and stayed still.

I directed her to lie on the floor with her hands behind her back and feet together. Working quickly I bound her wrists, feet and put a gag on her at the last minute. I was huffing from the excitement and quick work.

“Okay, I’m just gonna get some food and then I’ll be gone. Someone will find you in the morning.”

I went up the stairs carefully and peered down the hall. The doorway directly in front of me led to the kitchen and I crossed into it quickly. Grabbing a bag from a small table I began to put bread into it along with a few cans of vegetables. Suddenly I froze in place. A sound from down the hall caused me to turn slowly. I put the bag down on the table and kept the gun in front of me. Walking on my tiptoes I passed an empty living room and came to a door half closed. I pushed it open to reveal a bedroom. In the little light that came in through a window I could see a woman lying in bed.

“Carl is that you?” she asked as she sat up.

Realizing it wasn’t Carl she opened her mouth to scream, but it was cut off by the look of the pistol I held a few feet from her face.

“If you wanna live, then shut up. I just want some food.”

I crossed over to the right side of the bed and grabbed a scarf that was hanging behind the door. I instructed her to put her hand on the bedpost and I tied it there. Working quickly I used another scarf, belt and tie to lash her to the bed. I asked if anyone else was home, but she shook her head no. I was about to leave when I though to gag her, too. I couldn’t find anything at first, but took some pleasure in opening a drawer to find a few pair of panties. Taking one out I shoved it into her mouth. That one act changed me forever.

I had already killed, or so I thought, but now as I reached across the bed the covers fell off of her. In the waning moonlight I caught sight of the woman’s bare chest. She was sleeping nude, or at least topless. I had never seen such large tits before. The woman wasn’t small by any means. She weighed well over two-hundred, and had those massive tits. I stared at those twin mounds of flesh for a long time. I finally blinked and came back to reality and realized that my cock was hard from the sight. I wonder if she was completely naked? I had to find out.

I pulled the sheet down the rest of her body. Her flesh was bare to the world. Her stomach had rolls of fat and her thighs were thick, but they couldn’t hide the thick bush of black hair at the top of her legs. My cock grew even harder at the sight of this woman, tied to the bed and nude before me. I could do whatever I wanted to her. I could do whatever I wanted! The thought kept repeating in my head until I was virtually shouting it on the inside.

I was going to get laid. I shrugged off my coat and kicked my boots off, all while staring at the hairy muff in front of me. It dawned on the woman that she was about to be raped and was looking at me, but it wasn’t with fear. Instead she remained quiet with a look of…expectation. I didn’t really care though. I pulled my pants and underwear off to let my young cock spring out in front of me. I wasn’t big, only six inches or so at the time, but I thought it was a decent size.

I climbed onto the bed between the woman’s large thighs. I had never even touched a girl before, much less fucked one. I mean, I knew the basics but I was still curious. Reaching between her legs I probed past the hairy bush to touch her pussy. I was surprised to find that she was wet, which I knew was a sign of excitement. I looked up at her in surprise and I could tell from her expression that she wasn’t in fear but was breathing heavy. Our eyes met and she nodded, giving me permission to fuck her. Not wanting to wait anymore I got on my knees and inched closer to her. Reaching down I spread her hairy cunt so that I could position the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I held my breath as the warm wetness of her glory hole engulfed my virgin cock. I easily slid into her depths until my balls rested against her ass. Our pubic hair intertwined in a mesh. The feeling was wonderful. She wasn’t as tight or hard to get into as I had imagined, but then I realized she was an older woman. I ran my cock out and pushed in a few more times. While the feeling of her hot cunt was exciting it wasn’t the grip that I had come to expect. I could only hope that the next time I had sex it would be with a younger woman with a tighter cunt.

Wait! What was I thinking? Tied up in the basement was a young girl. She couldn’t be much more than eighteen or nineteen. I pulled out of the woman who looked disappointed and confused. Gathering my clothes I headed back down the hall and made my way downstairs.

I padded down the stairs slowly in case the girl had escaped or was trying to hide, but she was curled up in the fetal position softly crying. I put my clothes on top of barrel and looked at her. She was blonde and very thin, with a plain face that was neither pretty nor ugly. She looked at me in fear. She would not take it as easily as her mother. Why shouldn’t she be afraid though? There I was, just under six feet, thin but with sinewy muscle and my erect cock slick with her mother’s pussy juice on it. I took my knife from my pants and walked over to the girl.

“Just, don’t struggle. It will be over soon. I didn’t hurt your mother…in fact, she kinda liked it,” I told the girl. She squirmed and tried to scream in reply.

I rolled the girl onto her back, suddenly in a fury to get my cock inside her. Using my knife I cut the front of her shirt open. Her tits were small, almost non-existent, so I didn’t spend any time on them. Instead I unbuttoned her pants and roughly yanked them down. Her white panties were pulled down with her pants to reveal her fur covered pussy. Unlike her mother I could see her outer pussy lips through the light covered muff. I spread the girls legs apart at the knees and climbed on top of her. I tried to spread her pussy lips apart to insert my cock like I did with her mother, but she was too tight and not willingly wet. Plus she was rocking back and forth struggling against my weight. I was at a loss of what to do. Looking around in desperation I saw a bottle of cooking oil and a plan formed.

I got up from her and crossed to over her father who lay unmoving on the ground where I shot him. Curiously I picked up the blue cloth which he had had and looked them over. It was a pair of blue satin bikini style panties that were too small to be his wife’s. Suddenly I chuckled. The old pervert was down here jacking off with a pair of his daughter’s panties. Taking both back to the girl I tossed them to her and explained how daddy was pumping his cock with his girls underwear. Next, I opened the bottle of oil and resumed my position on top of her legs. She continued to struggle but was no match for my weight on her. I poured the entire bottle on her pussy. It matted her young bush down and flowed onto the floor. Her pussy lips were even more visible now.

Once again I positioned the tip of my cock along the base of her slit. This time I was able to split her outer pussy lips and slide into her. It took another minute of small stroked in and out to lube her up so that I could slip all the way into her canal. She was so much tighter and hotter than her mom. She wasn’t as wet, but the oil was seeping in and helping smooth the strokes. I started slowly, allowing the oil to coat my cock and her pussy. Finally I was too horny and began a rapid succession of hard slams into her pussy. My balls slapped against her ass and there was a wet slurping sound between us. My cock would stretch her pussy lips out before I buried myself into her again. She grunted with pain and despair with each thrust which only made the scene even hotter. After only a minute or two I felt the need to cum overwhelm my system. I rammed as deep in her as I could before my balls exploded in the best orgasm of my young life. My balls tightened and my cock twitched as I unloaded my hot seed deep in her womb. She was reduced to tears as my semen flooded her pussy, but I didn’t care. My cock seemed to spasm forever and I when I pulled free from her, cum mixed with oil was leaking from her snatch.

I stood and had mixed emotions about what I’d just done. I was satisfied, that was for sure, but a little guilty about raping the two women. A noise on the street drew my attention and I knew it was time to go. I picked up the blue panties from the ground and used them to clean my slippery cock before tossing them back on the girl. Her eyes burned with hatred through her tears and I was glad I’d raped her.

I dressed quickly and made a last check of everything. I had the gun, all my things and a bag of food. I crossed to the entry point and once again crawled through the wooden boards. It was still dark outside and everything remained still. I didn’t want to risk being the lone person about so I huddled there by the steps hidden by garbage cans. If the girl or her mother sounded an alarm I could be off quickly. Once again I slept.

I awoke a little time later. I may have slept for an hour or two at the most. The sun was just starting to lighten the sky and the early risers were out on the street. I tucked away all of the things I had and waited patiently for a group of men to pass. When they did I crept out of my hiding spot and walking a few steps behind them so it might appear that I belonged with their group. I followed them for a block before turning south and made my way along the long trek that I took the day before.

No one was hanging around outside as I approached the Lieutenants office this time. I was grateful to avoid a conflict, but part of me was disappointed that I wouldn’t get the chance to shoot the guy who messed me with the yesterday. I went up to the store and found the front door locked. I was about to knock when I heard a chain rattling from inside. The gray haired man who saved me yesterday pulled me inside.

“The L-T is waiting for you.”

I walked along the same deserted aisle to the back office. The door was ajar and I knocked on it as I peered inside. The fat Lieutenant was still behind the desk and I suddenly wondered if he ever left here at all.

“Kale, Kale, you little shit, come in, come in,” he beckoned in a loud, boisterous manner.

I stepped inside and it was if the nothing had been moved since my last visit. The Lieutenant still had on the same faded blue button up shirt, the food containers still scattered on the floor and the same cigarette smoke seemed to hang in the air. I held the gun out for him to take.

“No, no…sit down. Keep it. You earned it.”

I sat down and was secretly pleased to have my own gun now. I had never owned one before. I tried to act cool about it because that is what a professional would do, or so I thought.

“You had a busy night, eh?”

“Yes, sir. I killed the baker.”

“Hah! That is where you are wrong little man,” the fat man laughed. My face drained of color. I hadn’t killed him? But I saw him lying there. I suddenly feared that I was about to meet my end for failing on my mission.

“Don’t worry Kale. You did much better, even if it was by accident. We keep it to ourselves, huh? Tell me what happened.”

I told him the story of how I got there, finding the broken boards and shooting the baker in the back. I left out the part with the girls and skipped to the end.

“Oh, but that’s not all you did is it? Please, tell it all,” his tone suddenly serious I knew he knew.

I told him how I had found the woman naked and then raped the daughter downstairs. I wasn’t sure how the Party felt about such things, but I hoped I might get a pass if I was completely honest.

“You did well, Kale. The baker is now better than dead. He is paralyzed. No movement. Now he will be a burden to the community. Plus, the girls are now…well, they are not saying so much, but everyone knows that they were raped. Before there was hatred, but no fear. Now, because of you, there is fear!”

I let out of huge sigh at not being in trouble. The praise was nice and I hoped that I could get a few more jobs that might pay money. The fat Lieutenant was looking over me like a prized student and I felt uncomfortable.

“Okay. Now, we talk money. How much do you charge for paralyzing this man? Huh? Speak up, speak up.”

I had no idea how much to charge for such a thing. I was just hoping to get on the good side of the Party so they might have a few errands for me to run to make some money.

“Uh, I don’t really know. I just wanted you to know that I was here if you needed me for something. I won’t charge anything.”

The Lieutenant stared hard at me and I gulped, hoping I hadn’t offended him.

“So you just want to make a name for yourself. I like that. The Party likes that. Here is one hundred for you,” he said handing over the bills. It was more than I’d ever had at one time. “Come back to see me in two or three days and I will have another job for you. Then we will talk money. Do you want to be a member of the Party someday?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Stick with me and you shall.”

I left the Lieutenants office and made my way out to the street. It was early afternoon and the sky was a clear blue. The sun was out and warmed the cold street. The gray hair man was leaning into a car window talking with someone and gave me a nod as I walked past. I returned the nod as if it was something I did every day. I still carried my bag of stolen food and headed on the long walk home. I stopped by a local black market dealer to get a can of oil first. For the first time in months I would have a warm night’s sleep and hot bath. I was excited about my future.

Rating: 85%, Read 40299 times, Posted Jan 21, 2014

Fantasm | Authoritarian, BDSM, First Time, Male, Old Female, Rape, Teen Female, Violence


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