Skeletons in my Closet part 17 by fishido

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True Story | Bi-sexual, Female, Male, Romance, Written by women

Skeletons in my closet part 17

The truth about Sara and love in the shower

Megan and I met at the island in the kitchen. I told her I would clean the living room up before Sara and Linda got here. Megan told me no need as she had done it earlier this morning as she didn't think I would want to see her cum crusted panties and other things.

”You know there are many bedrooms in here,” I said smiling at her.

Megan told me the only bedroom daddy would do it in was her’s or the living room. She told me the other bedrooms and the family room was off-limits. Our bedroom especially. I didn't ask her why.

”Anyone here, ” I heard Sara's voice say.

”Great it's that fucking bitch,” Megan said in a low tone.

Linda and Sara came walking hand in hand in the back door and to the kitchen island. Linda let go of Sara’s hand as she ran to me. She wrapped her arms around me hugging and kissing me on my cheek.

”Welcome home Kate, I have missed you so much,” Linda said breaking her hug.

I looked to see Sara looking at Megan. I also saw Megan looking at Sara. Linda saw it also.

”You two want me to get Keith?” Linda asked them both.

Sara shook her head no and walked to me. Linda walked to Megan as she too shook her head no. Sara hugged me as Linda hugged Megan.

Their looks at each other were those of pure hate. I knew those looks the same I once had for both Keith and Megan. Linda asked Megan where daddy was at. She told her he was sleeping.

”Your daddy told us to stop at the store for some breakfast groceries, but we forgot.” ” Come join me,” Linda said taking Megan's hand leading her out the door.

”Kate we need to talk,” Sara said to me taking my hand walking me to the family room.

”Does this have to do with you and Megan?” I asked.

She told me I had better sit down. I sat down on the sofa as she walked around the family room. In a way, she reminded me of what Megan had done at my house when she came to see me.

Sara went to that family picture wall. Her hand rubbed over them like Keith and I had done before. Her hand stopped at that picture of her and Keith as King and queen during homecoming. It looked crumbled and semi ripped.

”Yes but also, Keith and you,” Sara.

Sara looked nervous. Sara told me what I am about to tell you should have been told to you a long time ago. Please do not blame Keith. He was not untruthful with you just following my wishes.

”Kate I got transferred to Keith's school because I got caught having sex with another girl at my old school. I wasn't into boys back then or now,” Sara said.

She explained her parents were well respected and very upset with her. Being gay was not well accepted back them. They told her she was never to see that girl again.

They even sent her to live with her aunt about a half-hour away thinking that would be far enough away. Her aunt was divorced and lived alone in Keith's town they even transferred me to Keith's school.

She was a freshman and Keith would be a senior. Her aunt was even the cheerleader coach so she had become a cheerleader. She wasn't very popular due to being new and also most of the other girls thought she was a cheerleader only because of her aunt.

Cheerleading practice and football practice started even before the school year did. They both held practice at the same time. Sometimes the players would talk to the cheerleaders. I noticed right away the other girls were always flocking to and flirting with Keith.

”He was very popular in high school, a highly sought after prize for any girl,” Sara said to me smiling.

On the first day of practice, Keith came over and introduced himself to me. The other girls flocked around him. They sort of just pushed me aside to get to him before I could reply. I didn't care as I really didn't want anything to do with him or them anyways.

At the end of our practice, my aunt came over to me and informed me I would have to walk home as she had other work to do at school. It was only a 15, 20 minutes walk to home. Keith was walking by and heard.

”Mrs. Owens, I could take your niece home, if that is Ok with you,” Keith said.

My aunt looked at me. I shook my head no. My aunt smiled at me telling me that boy might do me some good. I told her I could walk.

Keith looked at me smiling as he said,” You know there are lions, tigers, and bears out there,” giving that little laugh he has.

Keith held out his hand and I took it. He then asked my aunt if we could stop at the root beer stand for a little snack. My aunt told him to have me home by 9.

Keith walked me over to his car. You know the one Kate. That same one he picked you and Megan up in which belongs to her now and still sits in the garage.

Keith walked me right past the rest of those girls holding my hand. Their mouths hanging wide open in disbelief. He opened the door for me then closed me in his car. He placed his practice equipment in the trunk.

As Keith got in I said, ”You know there aren't lions, tigers, and bears in these parts.”

”You sure about that,” Keith replied smiling as he pointed to those other girls.

Those girls just stood there as they watched us drive away. We talked on the way to the root beer stand. Keith told me he is always hungry after practice. I asked him why did he pick me out of all those girls as he didn't even know me.

”Because I know them,” ”I don't know you, Dorothy,” Keith replied smiling.

My name is Sara I told him. Oh, you called me Dorothy because of the lions, tigers, and bear thing. As it had just registered in my mind. We both laughed out loud.

We went to the root beer stand. Keith told me the root beer was the best around and the cheeseburgers were to die for. He told me he would order for us. He was right about the root beer and food.

I told him about myself other than why I was transferred to his school. His buddies and their girlfriends came over as soon as we had pulled onto the lot. They all said hi and some asked him who I was.

Keith smiled and introduced me, ”This is Sara, she is from Kansas.”

I smacked his arm and we laughed. His friends not only talked to him but to me also. I rather enjoyed that with being the new girl on the block. We stayed till it was time for him to get me home.

Keith got out opened my door. He took my hand as he walked me up to the house. My aunt was sitting on the porch. Keith told her home safe and sound.

”How’s your mom and dad?” My aunt asked.

”Just fine Mrs. Owen,” Keith replied.

”Tell them I said hi and will see them soon,” my aunt said to him smiling.

Keith shook my hand as he told me it had been fun but he needed to get home himself. While having a hold of his hand I pulled him toward me and thanked him for the ride home. I had him bend over a little as I kissed him on his cheek. It was nothing more than a thank-you kiss.

He sort of smiled and walked to his car and left. I turned to my aunt who was smiling at me. He just brought me home from practice that is all I told her joining her on the porch.

I asked her about him and his parents. She told me he was one of the most respectable and popular boys at school. That was why she allowed him to drive me home she trusted him. His parents were as charming as him and owned a construction company in town here.

My aunt smiled as she asked, ”He was charming wasn’t he?”

I laughed going into the house as I replied, ”Yeah for a tinman.”

She just looked at me funny. I explained it to her later. The next day at practice the other girls talked and joked with me like we all were best friends. All because of Keith.

Keith would drive me home every day after practice from that day forward. During that time we became good friends. By the time school actually started everyone saw us as a couple. We started dating by going to dinner then drive around or to an indoor movie theater.

My aunt had no problem with me going out with Keith as long as he had me home by 9. He always did too. She often invited him to join us on the porch or in her home. She would allow him to stay until 11.

I found out my aunt was close friends of Keith's parents. On many Saturdays, we would join them and others for a bbq. My aunt seemed to enjoy herself there. I did too as his own parents thought Keith and I were a couple.

My aunt and I would always leave before nine or ten. She would take me back to her house telling me she was going out for a while. I didn't know till years later she herself was part of his parent's circle of friends.

”As your mom Kate, my aunt was a swinger too,” Sara said to me smiling.

Keith was always the perfect gentleman on our dates and all the rest of the time. I was also as popular in school like him. Everyone liked me. All because they thought Keith was my boyfriend. We sort of became a couple at school.

I would kiss him lightly on his lips after our dates. I felt I owed him that much. Keith even met my parents who approved of him very much. Mom and dad thought I was no longer a lesbian. However, I still lived with my aunt as we each enjoyed the other's company.

One weekend Keith got my aunt's permission to take me to the drive-in movies. He had too as the movies wouldn’t be over till way after midnight. At the drive-in, our kissing went a little too far.

”Kate I missed my girlfriend and believe me I was horny,” Sara said.

I told Keith I was a virgin and planned on staying that way. However, there was other stuff we could do I told him as I unzipped his pants. Once I saw the size of his cock most of those ideas went out the window.

I don't think I could have taken him in my mouth. Plus he sure in the hell wasn't going to butt fuck me with that thing in his pants. I told him he could eat me out and I would give him a handjob.

Keith did me first bringing me to a few orgasms but not like my girlfriend could but at least I had them. I then jacked him off letting him play with my tits till he shot a load into a napkin. When the deed was done I started to cry wildly.

Keith wrapped me in his arms. He asked me what was wrong. I told him the truth of why I lived with my aunt and went to his school.

I told him while our fun had been enjoyable and he is fun to be with I wasn't really into him and missed my old girlfriend. I was a lesbian and had liked girls since I could remember.

I told him we only stay in touch over the phone when we can. I asked Keith to please at least keep my secret. That if he didn't want to see me again I understood sobbing.

Keith wiped my tears from my eyes. He told me he understood about people wanting you to be something your not. Keith told me my secret was safe with him. He told me he had a secret too.

”I don't really like or care for any of those girls at school and being with you keeps them away,” Keith said.

Your not gay too are you I asked him. Keith laughed telling me no just haven't found that right woman yet but if he didn't people might start thinking that.

”You help me Sara and I will help you,” Keith said. ”I just need some time to think how to pull this off, give me till Monday to come up with a plan,” he added.

Come Monday at school. Keith told me he had come up with a plan for how I could see and be with my old girlfriend. He told me we would discuss it on tonight's date. Over dinner, Keith told me his plan.

Keith and I would become make-believe high school sweethearts as well as having make-believe dates. He explained my girlfriend would have to be part of his plan as well. He would pick me up as well as my old girlfriend. Her telling everyone he was her new boyfriend like I was.

He would drop me off a block or so from her house when picking her up. That way it looked like they were a couple too. Then come back and pick me up. I called my girlfriend from a phone booth with Keith.

We explained our plan to her. She told us both she was willing to try. But Keith would have to meet her parents just to make it appear right. Keith told her he had no problems with that.

That plan worked like a charm. Her parents were happy as was my aunt and my parents as they thought Keith was our boyfriend. While everyone at school thought we were high school sweethearts.

Most of the time he would just drop us off somewhere like a far enough away mall or park. He would then come back later picking us up. Taking her home first them taking me home.

”We both even faked kissed him goodnight on his lips, making it more convincing,” Sara said.

We did so our parents and my aunt believed our fake dates. The only problem we ran into was when our parents or my aunt invited him to dinner. Especially if same night. However, Keith would tell them he was needed at home but how about tomorrow night, somehow we always pulled it off with our families.

Sometimes he would take us both to a fancy dinner in a town no one knew any of us. We maybe saw a movie with him there as well or played putt-putt golf which we all enjoyed. Keith never joined us in sex and he and I never had any type of sex again. We did let him watch us in his car sometimes but that was it.

”Sure we both teased each other around our friends at school and acted like high school lovers.” ”We even got voted homecoming king and queen,” Sara said pointing to that crumbled photo of them. ”Everybody thought we were the perfect couple. However, we were not as Keith was just covering for me and my girlfriend,” Sara added.

Keith met my brother Danny when he had met my own parents. Danny also knew my secret as well. They became best friends. Danny even talked him into joining the army with him. I hated Danny for enlisting and getting Keith to enlist. Especially in the fact I was going to lose the ability to see my girlfriend. We had pulled that off for a full year of school and part of summer break.

We played our game right up to the day Keith left for the army. We were pen-pals while he was in the service. We stayed in touch for two reasons. One he was stationed with my brother at the beginning of his service. Two I wanted him to watch over my brother.

Keith and my brother would come home on leave and we played the same game. Only this time I was with Keith and my brother was with my girlfriend. The boys got us together, then they went their way while we went ours.

No one ever knew the difference for the rest of my time in High School for 3 more years. Everyone thought we were even engaged when I was a junior. We had done so only to keep my parents happy. I even wore a real engagement ring that Keith had actually given to her. Sara held out her hand showing me it. Nothing fancy just a small diamond ring.

”That man had kept my secret as well as being my own knight in shiny armor,” Sara said tears filling her eyes.

After I graduated from high school I didn't care who knew I was gay. My family even accepted that fact. By then Keith had taught me to be who I was and what I was as it didn't matter to anyone but myself. We stayed pen pals as him and my brother were mostly always together fighting wars.

”I always asked Keith to watch over my brother and for my brother to watch over Keith,” Sara told me.

She explained she and her girlfriend had gone their separate ways. She had accused Sara of loving Keith behind her back many times. She had grown tired of her not trusting her.

Then one day reading a letter from Keith she realized that she might actually be in love with Keith. The next time Keith came home. Sara told him her true feelings.

”Kate that man left me down as gently as he could.” Sara said.

Keith explained I was just upset over the split up with my girlfriend. I told him he was wrong my feelings for him were real. He reminded me I was a lesbian. I told him I would prove I wasn't he could have me right here right now.

”You can do anything you want to me,” Sara said to Keith.

”Sara I can't, I am in the army always away from home, never knowing if or when I would see you, I would have no time for you,” Keith said.

I knew Keith by then. I told him that had been the first time he had ever lied to me. He told me he had because sometimes the truth can hurt worst than a lie. I asked him what was the truth.

Keith showed me a picture of him in uniform and of you in a pirate outfit. I asked him who she was. He told me, Ms. K, she is the woman he had been seeking.

”I am deeply in love with her she just doesn't know it,” Keith said to me.

What the hell was he talking about she didn't know I asked him? He explained about fearing rejection from you. I told him that he was crazy. He told me war can do that to some men. I knew he was right as my brother was having his own problems.

I told Keith he was right that I was still a lesbian just lonely. Keith told me he knew how to fix that. Sara told me Keith told her to dress up hot and sexy as he was taking her out. They went to dinner where they talked.

Keith told her to look around. She did and saw many women making eye contact with her and Keith. Keith told her she could have any of those women just like he could.

Keith brought her to my bar after dinner. She told me, Keith pointed to me telling her someday that women will be my wife. Just like any other woman in here could be yours.

From that day forward she used to come to my bar with Keith looking for girls like her. She told me Keith had many friends mostly the kids of people his parents knew. Only those kids were adults now. They like Keith knew their parents were swingers and were continuing the lifestyle.

She would party with Keith, her brother and his friends even have sex with some of those women or ones she picked up in my bar. Sometimes they all went to a hotel or often back to Keith's place where they all were welcomed. I never had sex with Keith or my brother or other men just women.

”Keith only had eyes for one woman back then, that being Ms. K,” Sara said taking my hand. ”We all only met at your bar because Keith wanted too,” Sara added.

Sara told me sure they all went back to his parent's place after they left mine. Sara told me his parents accepted her as part of the family. Keith had told them the truth about them before leaving for the army. His mom thought it was so sweet of him for helping me that way.

She used to call me all the time checking up on me asking me if I needed anything taking me to lunch often. At first, I didn’t know why she had done that. It finally got the best of me so I asked her over lunch.

His mom told me she was following her son’s wishes. Keith had asked her to watch over me as he told her I was special to him. She told me after all you were his make-believe wife to be touching that ring. She told me she would be very happy if someday we stopped playing make-believe.

Her words to me caused me to question who I was anymore. I wasn't for sure I was a lesbian as my fun with women just didn't feel like it used too. Plus Keith always seemed to be in my thoughts.

Tragically, his parents were killed in a car wreck a little later. Keith had been in the service for eight years. Plus he had just reenlisted before his parents died. He couldn’t run his company being away so he had a management company run it for him.

Keith also kept a small circle of friends including me. We all still met at your bar and then to his place when he was home. Keith would join some of those friends but it wasn't sex they were having instead they were learning the art of lovemaking.

”It was a little strange as there was Keith a man of war learning and teaching the art of lovemaking,” Sara said with a little laugh.

Sara explained Keith confided in her on leave while at my bar. He even showed me that picture of you and him again. He told me how just that picture gave him peace when on missions as he was growing tired of war. He told me he was torn between making war and making love.

“I never told him I was torn between being a lesbian and wanting him,” Sara said.

However, I was completely unsure as I seemed to have true feelings for him but kept them to myself. Keith told her he would love to just make love to you and forget about the wars. I told him to go for it. Keith told me he couldn't as that woman will reject a man like me. I told him he was crazy once again.

I told him I could get you for him. He told me don't you dare. Then be yourself. I told him to be who he is and what he was. After all, you told me that same thing once.

However, that man just couldn't bring himself to do it. He wanted too but in his mind, he only saw you rejecting him. I would stay with him at your bar just to keep other women away from him as I had done in high school and to find my own pickup.

”All the women and the girls in your bar wanted him, Keith won't be with any of them but told them I could show them a good time,” Sara said.

Many walked away a few did have fun with me most thinking that included Keith. However, it didn't but he watched us have fun. If any woman made a play for Keith at your bar Sara told me she chased them off by pretending he was hers. Keith only wanted you.

Then one day I got a call from Danny telling me he himself was alright but their mission had gone horribly wrong. Keith had been shot up pretty badly. Danny told me Keith's war was over.

In time Keith healed physically but not mentally and returned home. He took over his family construction company. His friends and I realized he was not the same as his war had changed him somehow.

”He felt guilty about those men he lost,” Sara told me.

Sara told me she stuck on him like glue. I was not sure if it was loving him or because of their friendship. Well to be honest Kate, I loved him but was still torn between men and women. I wasn't for sure just who I was or what I was any longer. I even tried to get him to make love to me once again. But he told me he couldn’t as he just couldn't love anymore.

He allowed his friends to still play at his place. But he rarely was there. He sort of asked me to host his friends so he didn't have too. He would get on that Harley and just ride off in the wind.

She told me his friends still met with him at my bar. One night Keith introduced me to a lovely woman named Linda telling me I might enjoy her and telling her she might enjoy me. We both fell in love that first night.

Keith was troubled by his war because of losing those men and because he was afraid of you. Linda and I took care of him at your bar because of what he had done for us. I had told Linda what he had done for me when in High School. She told me about him accepting and respecting her for being truthful about being gay. We let him watch when he wanted but he never touched either of us.

When my brother's time was up he returned home. He was totally fucked up. However, he seemed at peace here around Keith.

The others in his circle of friends grew older or they didn't enjoy Keith not being around and stopped coming around. Linda and I were a couple by then we were madly in love.

It soon was just the four of us. Danny would date and we both took over our parent's dealership. Keith helped us by leasing his fleet trucks from us and buying his personal vehicles. He even gave us all keys telling us we were family and welcomed at any time. Even when he was not home.

Linda and I would come here every weekend it was our lover's getaway. We loved our time here as we could be who and what we were. We both would go out with Keith for dinner every Saturday we stayed here.

We always ended up at your bar as well as caring for him and me teasing him to keep other women away. It was like play-acting we had done in school. Often Keith went alone telling us he wanted to be alone. We both told him many times to remember that picture that got him through his war maybe he finally needed to take action.

In the days ahead that was just what he did. We both asked for details but he told us a gentleman never kisses and tells. Keith told Linda and me we could still use his place just not when he brought you here. As he had no idea how to explain the two of us and everything else in his life.

One day he called me telling me he had met your daughter and was overjoyed she had taken to him. He even explained your mom was friends of his parents which he was unsure of just how to explain that as well.

The next thing we knew you were dating him then going to work for him. Linda wanted to tell you the truth about me and so did Keith. However, I was against it. I agreed to just you knowing about Linda being gay and having a lover but not knowing who I was yet.

I told Keith I was afraid I could ruin everything if you knew I once had a relationship with him. Even if it was just as make-believe. You might see it as others around us always had.

”Kate, you had jealousy in your eyes since the first time you saw me with him in your bar,” Sara said.

I asked Keith to promise me to keep that secret just like he had once before. He told me he would but someday I would have to tell you the truth myself. I thought that day would never come as you two were the perfect couple and there was no make-believe between you two.

”Today is that day, Kate,” Sara said.

”Did you love him back then?” I asked Sara.

“I won't lie, Kate, I did for a very long time but he didn't love me, perhaps that was why he introduced me to Linda.” ”Using her to keep me away from him like I had done keeping so many other women away from him,” Sara replied removing that engagement ring she wore.

Sara pressed it into my hand then closed my fingers around it as she said, ”Kate we only ever did that one thing, one time.” I am sorry for never telling you” ”We joke with each other but I swear on my love for Linda it is the truth,” ”Keith was never mine, you were always his,” Sara added tears filling her eyes.

My own eyes filled with tears not because I hated her but because that story was just so emotional. I then heard I swear she is telling you the truth on my own love for you Kate, I looked and saw Keith standing there.

Keith came to us both. He hugged us and wiped our tears away. He kissed Sara on her cheek while kissing me on my lips passionately.

I gave Sara that ring back telling her it meant much more to her than it ever would to me. I took both their hands telling them I believed them both. That everything was ok between the three of us.

I asked them both but what about Megan. Sara told me during one of those joking times with Keith while I was gone. Megan came after her. The two took to fighting as both knew how to fight because of being shown by Keith. Sara first when they were together then Megan when she was younger and growing tits.

Keith was upset with them both. He asked them what was going on. Megan told him nothing. Sara told him bullshit she was jealous of her and had no reason to be. Keith told Sara perhaps she needed to know the truth.

Sara sat Megan down and told her the truth also. At first, it seemed ok but things soon changed. As that story lied twisted in her mind as she believes I still love the same man she does, not Keith but daddy. To her, I am his first love at least that is what Beth tells us.

”I respect Keith well enough to keep my tongue when he is around, but when he is not I just can't as she gets under my skin,” Sara said.

I hugged Sara telling her I don't blame her for her actions toward Megan. But please remember my daughter has problems. Sara told me she knows but I should be careful too as my pictures were the first destroyed or ripped from that family wall pointing to it.

“All of us are unsure of her actions concerning you Kate,” Sara said with true concern in her eyes and voice.

Keith asked Sara to give us some time. Sara told him OK. She wrapped me in her arms.

She kissed me passionately telling me she hoped she had not hurt our own relationship as she and Linda had truly missed me as much as Keith had. I kissed her back passionately telling her it was Ok and that I missed them both in the same way.

Sara looked at Keith as she said, ”I would kiss you too, but you still look like shit and you stink,” giving a little laugh as she walked away.

Keith looked at me as he started to say something. I pressed my finger to his lips. I told him I needed no explanation. But Sara was right he did stink with that old sweat from work.

I smiled at him as I asked, ”Care to take a shower together?”

Keith kissed me deeply then walked me to our bedroom to our bathroom. Inside the bathroom, Keith turned the shower on. We undressed and climbed in together.

My body seemed to feel with warmth as he embraced me letting the water cascade down over us. That warmth spread to between my legs as I felt my pussy started to tingle. It seemed nothing had changed.

This man who I had not been with for a year still brought great pleasure to me as we shared an intimate moment with him kissing me passionately. Keith could barely contain his feelings for me as his hands masterfully roamed my whole body. His fingers rubbing lightly over all my erogenous zone from my head down to my thighs.

I didn't mind at all as I had missed his loving touch. I eagerly reached for his penis, which was already hard for me. My hand ran over the head of his cock. It was soaked with pre-cum.

I rubbed his juices under his tip making his dick throb and tremble in my hands. Adding a splash of water, I started teasing his balls, groping his shaft and kissing his neck – right behind his ear.

Keith started moaning telling me he had missed my touch as I stroked him, the warm water beating down on him and I added to the sensation. Keith's pre-cum was covering my hand with desire. He indeed hadn't had sex for a while I thought.

My hand pumped and pulled on his big cock. Keith's cock started to swell and throb in my hand. I whispered please not yet as I felt he might cum at my touch. Keith consciously restrained himself from cumming. He held firmly onto my hand and moved to place them with his together on my pussy lips.

I felt his fingers slide between them still moist from my daydreams of him and now dripping from his touch. We slid our fingers together, slowly, without penetration, just feeling the rhythm of each other’s movements on my pussy lips. I thought this was new and it felt wonderful.

I moaned quietly, my body aching for him to stuff our fingers into my throbbing pussy. Just when I couldn’t stand his teases any longer, he got on his knees and pushed me against the shower wall. He dove his face into my pussy.

His tongue lapping wildly everywhere on my pussy. The shower water was hitting my breasts, gently fondling my nipples, making them grow hard until it rolled down my stomach and onto his forehead. The water didn’t distract him from pleasuring me.

The water gave him an extra little challenge. Only causing him to breathe deeply through his mouth, while inhaling my scent and exhaling, even more, warmth against my clit. His licks got harder and deeper.

His licking caused my legs to tremble almost falling. Keith removed his face from between my legs. He pushed me tighter against the wall, he had access to my every need. Keith kissed me deeply with me kissing him back.

He considerately inserted a finger. It entered easily, indicating that I wanted more – that I could handle more. He slowly inserted a second finger, causing me to gasp in pleasure.

Still, my body was asking for more so he inserted a third one, and then the fourth one until my pussy was full.

My legs were having trouble holding me up. He was thrusting his hand with waves of water splashing over his arm enhancing all sounds. The water rolled over my clit, which was now throbbing for more.

I felt one of those out of control orgasm coming over me. My whole body shook as I moaned out his name. I wanted to cum badly as it had been a long time since I had this feeling flowing through my body.

Keith didn’t let me cum – not just yet. He removed his fingers from my pussy. Keith told me he needed to be inside of me. He needed to feel my body against his, feel my limbs shudder over him, feel my pussy squeezing to orgasm around his cock.

All this was a new form of lovemaking for me. Even coming from Keith. My mind suddenly filled with an image of him and Megan in the shower.

That image cleared from my mind as Keith turned me around to the shower wall. I support myself against the wall while he got behind me. He rubbed that lovely big cock at my pussy from behind as water cascaded down my back.

Keith penetrated me from behind. My body tensed both from pleasure and the full force of his cock entering me all at once. That loss of control feeling came over me again. Keith started to fuck me.

His thrusts were deep and focused and he held onto my hips as I shook. Slipping an arm around my thigh, he made sure that my needs were being catered to. His fingers made small, gentle circles around my hard clit. It was just what I needed to send me over the edge.

I gripped onto the tiles, trying not to slip as a wave of pleasure washed over me. My loud pleasure screams echoed through the bathroom. Keith buried his cock fully into me from behind.

My pussy squeezed around his cock as I felt it swell then throb. We both screamed loudly as his sperm splashed into my pussy. I let go of all inhibitions as my pussy had convulsions around his cock. Our love juices splashed from my pussy almost as powerful as the showerhead as his cock slipped from my pussy.

My soaking hair covering my face, I gasped for air once my body stopped shaking. I turned to face Keith. He had a smile plastered on his face, eyes sparkling just as I remembered after making love to me.

He wrapped me in his arms as my arms went around his neck. We kissed passionately, his lips felt like no other man’s lip upon mine. Our tongues tasted each other as we kissed.

Keith broke our kiss as he said, ”Welcome home Kate,” smiling at me.

I pecked at his lips with mine as I replied, ”I love you Keith, and have missed you so much.”

”I love you too Kate always have and always will,” Keith said.

We washed each other then climbed out of the shower. We dried each other kissing as well. Keith told me to dress as he was taking us all out to dinner. I started toward my closet as I had left most of my sexy dinner wear here when I left.

Keith stopped me as he said, ”Wait a minute Kate don't, I have something for you.”

Keith handed me two boxes from under the bed. They were birthday boxes. One box had in a new pair of washed jeans as well as a new western-style custom made tank top. He told me he had got them for my birthday. The other box had a pair of rattle snakeskin boots just like his in my size.

”Megan got you those for your birthday,” Keith said smiling.

Keith told me he would rather I dressed in those clothes as we were going to a new western type steak house for dinner. We both dressed, those jeans were a bit tight as I had put a few pounds on. I had to lie on the bed to zip them up. That western tank top I loved. It made my 38C tits spill just enough out to bring one's eyes to them.

Keith dressed in jeans, a western shirt, and his own rattle snakeskin boots. He took my hand and walked me to the family room. Sara and Megan were sitting on that leather sofa with Linda between them holding both their hands. I noticed they all were dressed like us. Megan even showing off her big tits as she was dressed almost identical to me. They all sat there in silence looking at us both.

”What?” Keith asked give them all that look.

”Good things we don't have close neighbors.” Linda said smiling.

”Was that sex or punishment?” Sara asked smiling.

”Oh that was sex believe me,” Megan replied smiling.

Keith looked at me and said, ”I told you to wear that ball gag.”

Megan looked to Keith as she asked, ”What’s a ball gag, Daddy?”

Keith looked at me. I walked over and bent down. I whispered in her ear telling her what it was.

”OH hell no there is no way,” Megan yelled.

”Do we even have one of them?” Megan asked causing us all to laugh.

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