Joe chapter 5 by Krejik

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I woke up slowly, groggy. The light from outside spilling in, it gave the room a red glow. No wait, the walls were pink. Why were the walls pink?

"I'll be right there!" I heard Cynthia call out to someone. Footsteps passed down the hall.

"Shit, I cheated on my girlfriend with her little sister" I berated myself. Was Cynthia my girlfriend? No one knew about us. We never talked about it. "Fuck for that matter I boned my sister and she's not my girlfriend," I tried to rationalize.

Ok there was really something wrong with me. I slept with my little sister's best friend while she pretended to be my sister, I let my sister ride my dick while she thought I was her boyfriend and now I spent all night cumming in my sister's best friend's little sister. Shit I'm all mixed up. To top it off I haven't used protection with any of them and none of them are on birth control!

I got up to get dressed, when I saw motion out the window. I looked out and saw Cynthia and Bella's dad mowing the yard.

"Fuck!" I leaped back.

He hadn't seen me. When his back was to the window I reached in front of the glass to get my clothes. I got dressed in Bella's bed. I could see our sex stains in her sheets. Not my problem, that queenly 13 year old will have to deal with it herself.

What an asshole I've become, leaving a 13 year old to explain to her parents the cum and virgin blood on her sheets. I had to think, I needed to get out of this pink hell. Ok I'll go out the front door since her dad's out back. I opened her door to hear a vacuum in the hall heading towards me.

I closed the door and backed up into the pink walled hell. The only place left was her closet. I heard voices in the hall, the vacuum stopped. I looked longingly at the window with the vacuum off I could hear the mower was farther away now. Maybe...

I ran to the window. Pulled the glass up and climbed out. I ran around the side of the house and hid in the bushes. There I waited and watched. Cynthia and Bella's dad never looked so tough. The man looked like he could mow the yard with his eyes. He looked mad as hell!

I slunk back to be sure he couldn't see my neon shorts. Damn my parents for their insistence that I wear colors cars could see when I went out for a run.

This morning gave a whole new meaning to the kids in the neighborhood calling their dad Mr T. Their last name started with a T and was hard to pronounce.

MrT stopped the mower and walked into the garage. I bolted like a rabbit from the bushes. Ran the whole way home. Walked right into the front door and remembered...

"Shit!" It was Saturday, mom and dad would be home and I just walked in wearing the same clothes from last night. Did they know I didn't sleep here?

"Don't worry, mom's friend Tammy is in the hospital. They left a note this morning," Aida said. She sounded upset that I stayed out late and wouldn't get caught.

"I need to talk or I'll die," I pleaded with her.

Her face sagged. "Ok, but I only enjoyed it because I thought you were Charlie," she admitted. "It will never happen again you pervert!"

I sighed, yes we needed to air it all out so she could help me. I never even thought what my sister must have thought of me just letting her ride my ready rod not stopping her.

"Ok, the truth... Please just listen," I spoke in a rush so she couldn't stop me. "I have been sleeping with Cynthia and somehow it started off with her pretending to be you. I didn't know that was you that night. I thought she was pretending again. Even though she knows I enjoy her more when she is herself." I breathed and checked my sister's expression.

She looked doubtful. I continued, "I realize we had done... Something," i stammered not sure how else to say that. "And it made me question why I enjoyed Cynthia so much. I went for a walk to clear my head last night and went to her house."

Aida was sitting now, when had she sat down? So was I. Hmm. "So I tapped on her window and went in we did it together all night only it wasn't Cynthia, it was Bella-"

"What! You are making this up! Bullshit" my sister interrupted. She didn't believe any of it.

"Ok so I made up you fucking me two weeks ago?!" I screamed.

That got her attention. She turned pale as blood drained from her face. "No," she almost whispered.

"I slept with the three of you and don't know what's happening to me," I pleaded with her again. "You're my sister and despite that little accident, neither of us knew what was really happening, I need your advice about what I can do to fix this."

"I don't think I would have knowingly let you do that, I just really thought you were Cynthia." I had sputtered. I knew I needed to work out the trouble with my sister first.

She could see my sincere need to work it out. We talked for a long time. Aida was very clear that there was no chance of a me and her type situation again, ever. Then she helped me see that Cynthia was the right choice for me. She didn't like me dating her best friend but she liked me with a 13 year old even less. She would put in a good word for me with Cynthia but it would be up to Cynthia to take me back.

She even went with me to buy condoms, she made me buy and extra box for her and Charles. Probably not a good idea, the guy at the counter looked us both up and down then nodded good job to me. My sister paled but stayed with me.

Cynthia came over that night and my sister left us alone to talk, after talking privately to Aida. I told her what happened with my sister and she burst out laughing!

"I know, I figured it out that morning when I woke your sister and she was all excited about how great the sex with Charles was on the couch!" She couldn't stop laughing. "Did you see her face that morning when you were there instead?"

"You're not mad?" I asked

"No, it's our fault for pretending to be her when we had sex. Hell our own parents joke that me and her look like twins and that's in broad daylight."

Then she hugged me and we laughed together. She started kissing me and pulling at my shirt. We removed our clothes she sat me down in my office chair.

"Tell me if I'm better the your sister," she said as she mounted my pole. She put my hands on her ass and began wiggling my throbbing rod into her wet hole.

"Oh that's so good, Cynthia!" I panted.

"Mmm yeah Joe you like my pussy?"

"Oh yeah!" I wanted to please her. Her pussy was great. I saw her dark brown eyes looking into mine, and a vision of hazel eyes ruling over me popped in my head.

I started cumming in her teen vagina. "Uh forgot... The... Uh... Condoms" I managed between grunts from my orgasm.

"Shh, we don't need them today," she whispered. "Maybe not for a long time," she admitted almost inaudibly.


Cynthia didn't answer. She climbed off me and began sucking me hard again using her tongue and both hands to please my raw pole.

"Mmm I love the taste of our juices," she said as she lapped them off my balls.

She worked wonders with her tongue. Her hand pumping up and down my once again hard staff.

I lifted her off the floor and laid her on the edge of my bed. Her legs automatically opened up for me. I could see her triangle patch of short pubes. Again the moment was invaded by the sight and taste of Cynthia's little sister, her pubic hair was thin and short too. Cynthia trimmed hers, Bella's were like that because she was so young.

I blinked the vision away and focused on Cynthia's big round tits. Her nipples were knobs that I sucked into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it. Then I licked her pale brown saucer areola.

Her legs wrapped around me, "fuck me again, Joe." How could I resist, such a nice request.

I thrust my manhood into her waiting hole. I stood in front of her, her legs came up around my shoulders. The view was excellent.

"Ok times up!!! Mom and dad are home!" My sister yelled from the other side of the door.

Cynthia leaped from bed and we both scrambled to find our clothes and put them on. I beat her only because I grabbed new clothes from my drawers.

That day Cynthia was a week late for her period.

Rating: 92%, Read 27091 times, Posted Jan 05, 2015

Fiction | Blowjob, Teen Female, Teen Male


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