Evening Party by Blondieee

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A few hours later, I step out of my cab wearing a tight black dress with a sweetheart neckline, showing off my delicate curves. Down my body, cleanly shaved legs, down to a pair of nude shimmery heels. My blonde hair fell loosely around my shoulders and I didn't waste time with lots of make up or jewelry. Subtle eyeliner and full lashes framing my doe baby blues.

I walk inside and order just a water, I observing the crowd and leaning against the cocktail tables, feeling much taller than my usual 5'2" self in my heels! I happen to notice numerous very attractive, seemingly single men across the room that I mentally remind myself to keep tabs on. Then I happen to notice you.

My eyes are immediately drawn to your guarded aura. You don't seem pleased to be here either with your head tipped downward, stiff shoulders, and hands dug in your pockets. I study you casually, but closely. Dark hair combed to perfection with the perfect amount of pomade, what looks like deep green eyes framed with thick lashes, and a wonderfully sharp jawline splashed with a few day's stubble. Guesstimating, I assume you're around 6'2" and dressed very nicely with a green tie that suits your complexion.

Just as I begin to wander from my consciously aware self, your eyes look up directly at mine.

No smile, no smirk. Just a blank stare. I immediately break the line of untranslatable communication, staring at the table. I try to sip the cool water in my now lightly trembling hands to cool my now reddened cheeks, coming up with no help. I take a sharp breath in and smooth out my still smooth dress, then turn quickly to stalk off to the restrooms down a dark hall.

As I walk, I begin to realize I probably chose the wrong dark hallway, slowing to an unsure, slow pace. Only then do I realize there's the muffled click of dress shoes on the floor behind me. I whip around quickly to see you standing almost directly behind me, eyes now gleaming as I realize they are indeed a sea of green.

Shocked, I stumble backwards, and your expression softens. You extend a gentle hand, "My name is Darren. I couldn't help but notice you seemed a bit lost, apologies if I've startled you."

At the sound of your confusingly comforting voice, I visibly relax, shaking your large hand, "Ann. And, yes... I am a bit lost, I could've sworn the restrooms were down this way."

"They're actually on the exact opposite wall back in the main ballroom..." Your eyes darken further with humor, clearing your throat that sounds suspiciously like stifling a chuckle.

I shake my head and smirk at you, gently brushing past you to head back to the ballroom as much as my soul wants me to stay anywhere near Darren.

However, I don't get far as you gently reach out for my wrist and clasp it in a gentle hold. As we were near a wall, you easily move me so my body is pressed against the hotel wall, your body close, but not on me.

"Pardon me for being so forward, but I know a woman in need when I see one. If you'd like me to let go, just say the word. But this is your only chance."

Stunned into temporary silence, I swallow and wet my lips quietly in contemplation. After a million things go through my head, I dip my head in a small sign of approval, wondering just what in the hell I think I'm doing.

Then, he presses against me.

And good lord almighty, I can only think to myself about how I am not going to be able to take the massive girth on this man...

All I can do now is hope for two things: he'll be gentle and that he brought a condom.

Your hands begin to explore my body as my mind suddenly begins to race. The concerns of getting caught made all of my senses on hyper alter. Your large hands caressed my soft thighs, rubbing slow circles with your thumbs on my hips, fingernails gently grazing. I tilt my head backwards against your chest, realizing you smell distinctly of after shave and pinewood. This causes a slight smile to play on my lips, which you immediately notice.

"What are you smiling at, little girl?" You mumble into my ear in between nibbles. Before I can answer, you've moved your hand from my hip to clasp around the base of my jaw. Then, you firmly move my jaw to where you have full access to my mouth. You engage me in a deep, passionate kiss, exploring my lips and mouth with your tongue. I almost don't notice your hand slipping down to the hem of my dress, lifting it up. Almost. Fear of being caught grips me again for a moment, causing my entire body to tense.

"Relax," you whisper against my lips. "I'm in control. You're fine. No one can see us."

Again, I visibly relax into your chest. You're very good at easing me back into the mood in this constant battle between alert and oblivious.

However, my attention is completely snapped to us, this moment, and our bodies as you slip my lace panties down my thighs, letting them fall onto my feet.

"I need this. I need you," I finally say, speaking up in a surprisingly steady voice. I lean back with my exposed pussy to press against you. You moan, but I can tell you're taken aback by me finally responding. I reach back behind me and fumble with your belt for a moment, but you finally cut me some slack and undo your belt yourself, unzipping your pants and slipping your cock out without slipping your pants down much.

I take the opportunity to grasp your cock, lowering it to where I'm straddling your cock, it held at attention beneath my body, pressure concentrated on my clit from the head of your cock. I shiver and lean against the wall, bracing myself with my hands. "I need you right now," i gasp, grabbing your hands and guiding them to my hips. You quickly snap back into "in control" demeanor and grip me tightly. You move your hips back and forth, gliding along my slit, conveniently coating your cock in my juices.

After what feels like ages of your cock teasing my slit, you finally pull back enough to where the head rests lightly against my opening. You press in me just enough to have a substantial amount of pressure, but still don't enter me.

You take this moment to grip my jaw again, making me angle my neck to look back and up at you. Your dark green eyes pierce mine and I can see the animalistic glow.

"I'm about to claim you. You'll be mine after this.. I can tell you don't do this often, which makes it even better. Just remember, you're mine, little dove."

Your words excite me, unleashing butterflies in my stomach. In the peak of my rush of excitement, you finally press your cock deep into me. You enter me in one fluid motion, but the intensity of taking your girth doesn't hit me until you're buried deep within me. I take a sharp inward breath and grip your forearm that's holding my neck, biting my lip from crying out.

You move the other hand that was on my hip down to my clit, massaging me into releasing plenty of natural lubricant on your cock. You shush me comfortingly and kiss me from the corner of my mouth down to my collar bone. I suddenly realize all of my weight is on both you and the wall, I'd gone completely weak in the knees. I snake the arm that isn't attached to your forearm up and behind your neck, holding myself up at least partly with leverage from your strong back and neck.

You begin to finally thrust, as I've adjusted enough.

"I've never.. Had a man so deep inside me.." I gasp between silent moments of bliss.

"I told you I'd claim you, little dove," you whisper again, ending your statement with an especially deep thrust into my cervix. I let out a small whimper which is met with more massaging from your fingers on my clit. I begin to feel a building in my body. It's the most familiar feeling in the world, but foreign in context. Suddenly, I realize I'm building to an orgasm.

"I've never had an orgasm with a man before," I blurt out before thinking.

Instead of answering with words, you chuckle darkly and thrust harder.

I stifle a scream out loud as my vision begins to fade, but hell if I care! I'm practically on a different planet right now. It seems like ages of sheer, blinding bliss pass before I finally am conscious and aware again. I catch the subtle hints that you're about to climax as well. I push deep back onto you instinctually as you release your cum deep inside of me, I feel your muscular chest clenching behind me, your hand on my throat tightening in ecstasy. Finally, I hear the low, animalistic growl from deep within your throat against my chest, making me feel accomplished and primal in having milked you.

Rating: 74%, Read 11858 times, Posted May 13, 2016

Fantasy |


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