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My names Brad and I'm here to tell you about my sixteenth birthday. My family had planned a surprise party for me but they had no idea that I had my own surprise planned for them. But before I start I'll tell you a bit about me and my family.

I'll start with My Dad, Bob, he's 39 years old and works a lot with the company he started back before I was born. He's an average sized man for his age, not really over weight, but a pretty big potbelly. I'm 5'11 now, I quite a bit bigger than my dad (in more ways than one), he's only 5'6. My cock is about 11.5 inches when it's hard and from what I've seen of my dad in the showers when I was a kid I would be surprised if my dad was even 5 inches when hard. He started smoking when he was 20 and those years definitely showed, he was also almost completely bald. I'm pretty sure the only thing my mom Linda found attractive about him was his money. My Father and I are both from Australia, but my step-mom, Linda, is from Japan.

My biological Mother died when I was still very young and after that my Dad moved to the States and found Linda. I loved her just like she was my mother. It did, however, make it hard for me not be attracted to her, knowing it was completely legal. . Moms tits were easily 36C but I had never stolen a bra or asked to find out. She was short too which I always found really sexy in women standing only 5'1 and weighed about 100lbs most of that being in the chest. Even though she was 32, she had never had only had the only child always took amazing care of her body and it showed. She had perfectly straight black hair and never had any need for makeup. She was amazingly flirty and yet perfectly innocent all at the same time it drove me crazy.

Even my half-sister, which I know is illegal, was so hot that I tried really hard to justify it and knowing she was only my half-sister was more than enough for me. I knew she still had half the genes I had from my dad, but the genes she got from her mom had made her the cutest, and shortest (She was the shortest girl in her grade at only 4'10''), girl I had ever seen. The other nice feature Janet had started to inherit from her mom was those beautiful tits, Janet was nowhere near as big yet, but still had a really nice 34B. But I should probably get back to what happened when I opened the door for my "surprise" birthday party.

As I opened the door and stepped into the living room it was much darker than normal. The lights weren't normally all out this early in the day and I guess they thought I would just shrug it off like some kind of idiot. I turned on the light and of course everyone popped up and yelled surprise. I tried to act as surprised as I could but I got bored quickly. My mom was the first to walk over with a present in hand for me and I was happy she volunteered like that. I grabbed the gift from her hands and before she let it go I leaned in and whispered into her ear - "I've got a real surprise for you llllinda", I almost licked her ear with the sound of that 'l' in her name and I noticed a shiver run down her neck. She turned around and almost stumbled on her feet as she walked away confused I looked up and smiled as I slowly unwrapped the first present.

Once the final bit of wrapping paper hit the floor, Linda had finally returned to where she was before and was watching me open her present. She was again confused though, the gift she had handed me was the same weight, and size, it even had the same wrapping paper, but it was not the present she had bought for me. I had found all the gifts the family had gotten for me more than a week ago and it had given me more than enough time to make perfect copies with my own gifts. All Linda could see was a plain looking shoe box, similar to the one she had wrapped my original present in, and yet not the right one. I opened it up to so only I could see the inside and I read the card I pretended she had wrote aloud - "Happy birthday son, I hope you don't mind if I buy you a present that's as much for me as it is for you. I feel like we don't spend as much time together as we should so anytime you want to play a game with me here's some toys we can use, remember, you're never too old for toys! Love Mom".

Linda was completely stunned at this point, she clearly couldn't figure out why I would do something like this but when I held up the "toys" she had supposedly bought for me I think her shock turned more to fear. The first thing I held up from the box was a bright pink collar with a silver metal hoop in the front and a name she couldn't quite read embroidered into the back (it was SLUT in fake diamonds and it was just cheaply bedazzled). I didn't let her look at it for long before I put it back and pulled out a small oval piece of plastic and a remote control that I'm sure she couldn't identify. I, of course, knew it to be a remote control vibrator with 10 level settings and a 2 mile range which would make it extremely useful. And the last thing I pulled out was by far the scariest for Linda because there was no hiding what it was. I pulled it out as slowly as I could so everyone would have plenty of time to comprehend what they were seeing, a butt plug. It was not an ordinary butt plug however, it looked like the tip of some oversized giants cock made out of plastic. It was over a foot high and completely white, not white like somebody's skin color I mean white like a sheet of paper. It was made clearly made to resemble a humans cock but the tip seemed too pointed at first glance but I quickly pointed it directly at mom and gave her the most sincere thank-you I had ever given for a present as the rest of my family starred speechless. I put everything back in the box, gave my mother a hug as she stood frozen in my embrace I again whispered in her ear - "Thanks for the toys mom, I can't wait to use them on youuuu" blowing into her ear with the end of my sentence and forcing my body into the end of the hug as I did, she still stood completely motionless without even putting her arms around me for the hug.

I moved to my father who was also frozen in shock and grabbed the present hanging from his left hand. Originally, Bob had gotten me some season tickets for my favorite sports team, and it was a nice present but it wasn't as nice as what he was about to give me. I took the small present from him and before I opened it again read the birthday card he had gotten me aloud (His original card simply said "Happy birthday son" but this one was a little different) - "Son, I know I don't normally say this but I love you. You are a man now and deserve to be treated as such. Happy birthday son, enjoy your present, it's all yours." I tried to pretend like I was as confused about the card as everyone else was, especially my Dad. He definitely didn't think I was a man yet so he was already worried I would be opening some kind of porno magazine or something. But the gift I was holding looked exactly like the one he had gotten me and was nowhere near thick enough to be anything but the tickets right? I gave my Dad a big innocent smile as I put down the card and started to open his present. Being extra careful with the wrapping paper so I wouldn't damage the contents I got the last of it off and held in front me a couple sheets of paper stapled together. It wasn't the tickets, but Bob still didn't seem too worried, it was just some paper, probably not a big deal. "Oh my gosh Dad, Thank you so much" was all I said. "For what?" was his confused response. I wanted to play with him a bit more but instead I cut to the chase. "Power of Attorney you dope. I guess that's the senility you wrote about in here. Did you already forget what you got me for my birthday? I guess you forgot you signed the deed to the house to me in here too? I sure hope your memory problems don't get you in trouble at work dad we still need your paycheck but from now on I guess I should be the one to make all the big decisions, thanks Dad."

With my Mom and Dad both in complete shock now and my sister starting to realize what was going on, when I went to grab her gift from her hands the grip she had on it was like a vice. She was not that strong though, and one quick tug got it out of her hands. She had gotten me a really nice outfit, at least by the standards our parents had set, and I figured she probably bought it with my mom's help but it was nowhere near as nice as the outfits I had bought for the two of us. I again took the card and read it aloud - "Happy birthday Brad, I saw these in the store and had to buy them for us. You're going to look so good in it ;)". Janet always wrote little smiles and stuff in her notes so it actually looked and sounded like something she would write and to both our parents I'm sure they were glad to finally see a normal card. But Janet knew that was not what she had written, she had bought that outfit for me on her own and she would never buy something for herself on her brothers birthday and why were the gifts from her parents so unusual? She clearly knew something was going on but when I pulled the outfits out of the clothing store box she became as frightened as her mother was at seeing her new toy. The outfit was a classic French maid uniform with the lace in all the right spots and once I had given her everything that belonged to her I pulled out my outfit. It was a pair of my boxers which I had owned for years with a fancy feature, the crotch was cut out. "Not very subtle sis, but I like it" was all I could say without laughing "Oh and there's these..." at the bottom of the box was a pair of heels to go with my sister's new uniform and they were as subtle as my newly improved boxers.

Once all the gifts had been opened, my family could only stand still completely stunned so I helped myself to the cake that was in the kitchen without any candles or song. I walked back into the living room and took control of the situation with a few quick words - "Ok, Janet, go upstairs and throw on that outfit, I'll throw on the boxers you got for me. Mom, here, - I tossed her collar to her - put this on, and take everything else off. Dad, if you still want to live here and keep your business for a few more days then you'll just sit down on the couch and be real quiet." Without being able to respond everyone slowly started to move and respond to my commands. They couldn't figure out how it had happened so quickly but they were suddenly my slaves.

My mother had slowly removed the beautiful dress she had worn for the party and was standing now in just her bra and underwear. Before she could undo her bra I moved toward her and cupped both her tits in my hands as I looked deep into her eyes. She was still frightened, I think the thought of that dildo was still in her mind, but she still looked at me with the love she had as always had for me and it made me so happy to know she still had some trust left for me it would make this all much easier. I stopped her from unhooking her bra and I did it myself slowly sliding it off her shoulders and throwing it towards my father who sat starring at the two of us. I moved behind my mother resting my chin on top of her head and slowly slid my hands all over her body before grabbing to overfull handfuls of her massive tits. I pinched and rolled her nipples between my fingers making her moan softly as she tried to contain herself for her husband's sake but I could already tell she hadn't been satisfied in a long time and it would be impossible for her to be quiet forever.

I stopped playing with my mother's tits and without saying a word I dropped my pants and threw my shirt off as quickly as I could. My mother still stood motionless with her back turned to me and I removed my boxers and held them out in front of her face to make her realize I was now completely naked but she still didn't turn to look. I was now completely hard so with where I was standing the tip of my cock was almost touching her back. Linda hadn't seen my cock since I was a baby so she probably thought I was hung like my father so when she felt the fat tip of my cock against the middle of her back she gasped and almost jumped realizing just how much thicker I was than him. I bent it up so I could press the entire length of it against her spine and wrapped my arms around her as I did. When I did that, she began to shiver with a bit of fear as my cock was the size of about half her spine she was convinced there was no way it would ever fit inside her.

I slid my thumbs down her side in between her skin and the lace of her panties and toyed with them for a short while before beginning to slide them to the floor. She stepped out willingly and I again threw the underwear to my father who still sat with a glazed look on his face. I slowly stood up running both my hands up the inside of her thighs and before I had stood up completely I stopped with my fingers less than an inch away from her lips. I rubbed both my index fingers just on the outside of her pussy and while I stood the rest of the way up put more and more pressure on them making sure not to enter her yet. As I continued to rub her pussy I moved one hand around the front of her stomach, down again to her pussy and began to rub her clit. With my arms wrapped around her making her shudder with excitement I noticed her daughter at the top of the stairs and slowed my motions making sure to get her eyes open so she could see what a sexy girl she had raised.

Janet stood at the top of the stairs for a while until I gestured her to come join us, she was more than shy about what she was wearing having never worn anything that slutty in her life before that moment. The skirt was way too short even for a girl as short as her, and the heels made it almost impossible for her to make it down the stairs, if it wasn't for the railing she definitely would have fallen. When she got to the bottom of the stairs I reminded her that she was missing the white bonnet that belonged on her head. She begged me to forget about it but I demanded that she make her way back up the stairs to get it so she did. In the couple minutes in took her to go and get it I made sure to work a finger from each of my hands into her mother's tight hole. Linda was having more and more trouble containing her moans and when Janet finally returned with her complete outfit I think seeing her daughter dressed like a slut pushed her into her first orgasm in years. Janet watched as her Mother's legs went limp and I held her up with now 2 fingers from each hand plunged completely into her went cunt. Janet didn't look scared though, it looked as if she was struggling to keep from rubbing herself through her uniform and her legs were starting to get weak beneath her. Once Linda started to regain her strength I stood her back up and removed my fingers.

I stood in between my step-mother and half-sister with two fingers on each hand dripping with Linda's cum juice. I moved my hand in front of each of their faces and they instantly knew what I was asking them to do. Without speaking both women opened their mouths and I slid the sloppy fingers into their mouths. I'm sure Linda had at one point or another tasted herself but I don't think Janet ever wanted to know what her mother's cum tasted like but she didn't seem to mind it. Both women closed their eyes and I felt both tongues winding around my fingers trying to get every last bit of slime off my fingers. I looked back at my dad still on the couch and again smiled and said thank you for the great birthday party. I pulled my fingers out of their mouths and stepped to the side so my Linda and Janet could face each other clearly.

Janet had never seen Linda naked before, and the first thing she noticed was the first thing everyone notices about Linda, her tits. She starred so long at her mother's tits that eventually the only thing Linda could think to do was to take her daughters hand and place it on her tit. Janet wasn't sure what to do but she grabbed hold and when she tightened her grip around her mom's nipple she noticed her mother moan so she did it again and it got the same result. Slowly Janet started to play with both her mother's nipples pinching and twisting them to see what make her mother wince in pain and what made her moan with pleasure. I leaned in and whispered into Linda's ear so that Janet could not hear but Linda smiled and moved in to kiss her daughter. Gently on the forehead first, then softly on the cheek and slowly moving towards her lips with Janet still tugging on her tits Linda planted a deep passionate kiss on her daughters lips and slowly pressed her tongue forward forcing her lips apart. They joined tongues and as I had now pulled out my iphone to film a little clip the scene was perfect with Linda now trying to pull down the shoulders of her daughter's French maid outfit and her daughter still pulling ad twisting harder and harder on her mother's tits all while they continued to swap spit in a classic all-tongue Japanese kiss. By the time the wild passion had dimmed a bit I had put my iphone away and neither of them knew I had the footage. I stood back up and slowly separated them reminding them who was in charge and that's when Janet finally noticed my cock.

Her jaw dropped again in shock, she had seen a couple cocks before but nothing like this. Even when she looked at porn, which wasn't very much, the boys always had regular sized dicks but mine was a monster. They both needed some instruction so I gave it to them - "Alright, both of you, on your knees. Linda, I'm sure you've given a blowjob before it's time to teach your daughter all your skills, get to it." Linda took her daughters hand and guided her to her knees and side by side they both looked in awe at the cock they now had to try and fit in their mouths. Linda placed one of Janet's hands on my balls and showed her how to gently massage them then she took her other hand and showed her how to stroke the base of my cock up and down slowly. Once Janet's hands were working in unison Linda told her to watch and learn how to the tongue. With Janet watching intently, Linda stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of my cock and begin to slowly move her tongue all around the base of the head of my cock. She even stopped and slowly tried to dig the tip of her tongue into the hole of my cock, I had no idea what she was trying to do but she seemed to be having so much fun with my cock like it was a brand new toy it drove me nuts. She then started to plant individual kisses all along my shaft up and down even kissing my balls as Janet continued to massage them. Linda even made sure to wet her tongue and stick it out to moisten my balls as much as she could and Janet noticed it made the feeling of rubbing my balls much softer she like it. Finally, Linda moved again to the top of my cock and made sure her daughter was watching as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed as much of as she could. When she bobbed back up she reminded her daughter to keep her teeth off of it and told her to keep playing with her tongue even while its moving down her throat. Janet nodded and said she understood so I told the girls to switch places.

Janet seemed eager to put her mother's advice to good use and was quickly opening her mouth to see how much of my cock she could fit in her mouth. Linda was now rubbing my balls and looked up in time to stop Janet reminding her that she had to do everything she had seen including the kissing and licking. Janet apologized to her mother and looked up and apologized to me before she before gently licking the tip of my cock just as her mother had. It was amazing feeling two women with such similar styles try their best to pleasure my cock and Janet had such a unique way of licking around the tip of my cock like it she was trying to taste a fine delicacy for the first time. When she stuck her tongue in the tip like her mother had done she pulled away at first getting a weird taste of pre-cum but her mother ensured her she would learn to love the taste and after trying a few more times Janet found she really did enjoy the flavor it left in her mouth. Finally, it was time for her to test herself and see how much she could fit in her mouth. She had made a mental note of how much her mother had fit and secretly wanted to beat her but once she had fit the head of my cock in her mouth she began to realize how hard it would be. Her jaw was completely stretched and she could already feel my cock pressing against the back of her throat but she only had to go another inch to beat her mom so she took as deep a breath as she could manage through her nose and in on shove forced herself as far down on my cock as she could before she gagged and had to throw herself off it with tears forming in her eyes.

Linda went to Janet and began rubbing her hair telling her how proud she was and what a good job she had done. I also walked over and patted her on the head thanking her for a great blowjob she looked up and smiled at me with pride in her eyes. I then put Linda in position to start sucking my balls and she did as I began jerking my cock in front of Janet's face. I asked if she knew what was about to happen and she said no with a curious look in her eye. That look was all I need and I exploded all over her face, instantly making her open her mouth in shock which perfectly caught the second stream of cum hitting her in the back of the throat. She swallowed almost right away just to catch her breath and gasping for breath earned her another spurt of cum before I left the last few blots on the top of her head. Janet had no idea what had just happened she just tried to clear her mouth swallowing as much of the taste away as she could realizing that it was just a stronger version of the taste she had enjoyed earlier she again began to like it by the time it was all gone. She sat perfectly still until her mother again came beside her to consol her. Her mother told her that it was just my cum and she should actually be happy he put it on her face because that way she can choose if she wants to rub it in, or maybe lick it off, or even get a friend to lick it off. Janet was happy now and realizing she had cum on her face that she could do with as she pleased she stood up and opened her left completely and her right a little and said - "I want to share my cum, but only with someone who hasn't tasted it before...Brad do you want it?" - "No sis, I think if you want someone to try it who has never tasted it before you're going to have to go with dad." - "Alright Dad, it's all yours"

Janet walked toward my Dad and he tried to pull back but there really wasn't anywhere he could go and he knew he had to do it because he knew if he didn't he'd be out on the street. His daughter seemed so innocent too just wanting to share in something she thought tasted good. She even put a bit on her finger and licked it off right in front of him to show him how good it was just like he used to do with her vegetables when he was younger. Then Linda sat down beside Bob and placed her hand on his thigh, she leaned in and whispered into her ear like she always did in bed and told him they both had to do exactly what I said because of the birthday presents he had given me. -"It's all your fault honey, but I'm not upset, just go with it and I promise it will all feel goooood". As she said this she had moved her hand slowly up his thigh, it was always so easy for her to get him off that's why she hadn't had an orgasm in so long. Bob was now rock hard and his daughter was still smiling in front of him covered in my cock waiting for him to lick it off. - "Cmon, dad it's getting dry hurry up don't let it go to waste it's so yummmy"

Finally Bob closed his eyes and the second he did my iphone was back out. He slowly moved in much to my appreciation, the slower he went the longer this video would be and I knew a few people who would love to see it around Christmas time. He reached his arms around his daughter as if to give her a normal hug and a kiss on the forehead knowing her forehead was covered in my cum and with his tongue sticking out the tiniest bit he moved in all with eyes completely closed probably hoping to find a spot clear of cum at first but he was heading straight for a thick glob that had landed just above her right eye. His tongue touched it first and with how slow he was moving he knew exactly what it was before his lips even made contact. His daughter encouraged him to open his mouth and swallow a little bit but he wanted to try and keep as much of it on the outside of his mouth as possible. His wife again leaned in almost touching his fully erect cock now and licked his ear, something that always drove him wild, and told him to kiss his daughters forehead like he would kiss her, to open his mouth and let it all in. Being encouraged like this by his wife and daughter eventually broke Bob down and still with his eyes closed he opened his mouth and began to lap up my cum off his daughters face. I got so many good close up shots of just his face and tongue licking cum of a blank forehead plus a bunch of really personal ones where he's licking huge globs of cum of his daughters lips and cheeks. I figured some pictures for the family some pictures for the public it was perfect and he did it all with eyes closed I guess hoping it wouldn't taste as bad.

Once Janet's face was cleaned, Bob had actually gotten used to the taste and although he would never admit to liking it obviously didn't it mind it by the end of it all. His wife and daughter were proud of him and teased him about looking like he enjoyed it and he tried to ensure them it was torture but he was clearly lying. I stood up with new energy and wanted to try the last of my toys. I walked over to the box that was laying innocently on the floor, almost everyone had forgotten about it except me but when I stood up with the enormous white cock in my hand. For the first time everyone got a chance to really examine the shape of the oversized butt plug, the diameter of the tip had to be no larger than a dime but it grew out so fast that by half way down it was it was already fully stretched to about 6 inches in diameter. I'm sure if I had had asked anyone of them if they thought they could take it they would have said no so I decided to put it to a vote knowing full well who they would select.

I stood in front of the my three family members sitting on the couch as I held the butt plug and said. "Ok, this one is up to the three of you. Who thinks Janet should have to take it?..." Nobody puts up there hands..."Ok, who thinks Linda should have to take it?"...Slowly Bob puts up his hand and looks Linda in the face with a pleading look. "Please honey, I already had to lick my son's cum off my daughters face can't you do this for us? There's no way I can take butt plug thing up my ass, it'll tear me to pieces." - "What and you think I can take it? Look at how much smaller I am than you, you asshole. You aren't going to convince me to vote to put it up my own ass you idiot. Maybe if you're daughter truly cared about you, you could convince her but I doubt that very much." Bob looked slowly over at his daughter who was smiling the same beautiful smile she had whenever she wanted something from him. It was the same smile she had when she had asked him to lick the cum off her face and he knew he could never say no to that beautiful smile. She leaned in and he expected a kiss on the cheek as usual but she planted a more passionate one on his lips and then when to his side where she licked his ear like she saw Linda doing earlier and his leg twitched as he nearly came in his pants with no other contact needed. She whispered in his ear - "Be braaaave daddy, you know we all love you, I know you're a strong man you can do anything you set your mind to, remember when you told me that daddy? I know you can taaaake it dadddy." "Well", I said, "Guess we should do it for formalities sake anyways, so who thinks Bob should take it?"...Slowly both Linda and Janet put up their hands both while rubbing Bob's shoulders and thighs and whispering sweet nothings in his ear but he couldn't stop looking at me smiling back at him holding what would soon be in his ass.

His daughter and his wife stood him up and began to undo his pants. He had fanticized about that fact more than once but never in this kind of scenario. Once his pants were off his wife began to take his top off while his daughter took her time massaging his cock through his boxers before removing them. He stepped out of his boxers as his shirt cleared his body and he noticed that I had placed the putt plug on our glass living room table. It had a suction cup end so there was no way it was moving and in fact when he wasn't looking I had applied a layer of super glue so that baby was part of the table now. With a woman on each arm guiding him to the table Bob was beginning to shiver with fear. His wife kissed him on the cheek and did her best to reassure him while Janet continued to play with his small package. Together they turned him around so he was facing away from the dildo and looking straight at me.

I handed Janet a bottle of lube and told Linda to help her apply it. As they did this I pulled out my iphone in clear view of Bob and explained to him that I already had footage of him licking the cum off his daughter so he had better continue to do what I say or that footage would be seen by everyone, even though I was planning to show it regardless of what he did he still complied and stood motionless in front of the butt plug as his daughter and wife lubed it up for him. Finally they were done and out of the shot so I turned on the iphone camera and started my interview in the fakest voice I could manage - "Please for the record what is your name, city of residence, and current occupation?" - "Bob Watermyer, Sacramento California, CEO and Founder of Bobs Compnay INC." - "Good, and what are you about to do here Bob?" - "I'm about to sit down, on a...butt plug" - "Well get too it Bob makes that company incorporated proud."

Slowly Bob started to squat down. I could tell he wished he had worked out more because holding a squat position was not easy. He was used to being able to just plop down wherever and whenever he pleased so once that motion started it was hard to control. He felt the very tip of the plastic pierce his anus and it felt almost like the tip of his finger which he had tried in the shower on occasion. Slowly more and more fed into his ass until it began to feel more like the most painful shit he had ever taken. He looked down and realized he had only sat a few inches into ass and his hole was maybe stretched to an inch or two at the widest. There was so much more to go he was sure there was no way he would be able to fit it all but that's when his legs gave out. They had been shaking the entire time and finally locked up on his they shot out almost perfectly straight and his ass went from 1 to 2 inches wide to easily 3 to 4 inches wide. The only thing that stopped him from going further was the resistance in his hips and pelvis. He had a look on his face as though he had broken a hip as he tried to get the tips of his toes back on solid ground to support himself.

That was when Janet walked into my shot and at first I was upset but when I saw her grab a hold of my father's feet and stretch his legs out even straighter I smiled. Her face still wasn't in the shot and she hadn't said a word I could easily edit her to look like something else and Bob looked so much more uncomfortable like that. I then saw Linda walk into the shot, but thankfully she had put a pillowcase over her head and walked straight behind dad so there was no time to be noticed. She placed both hands under Bob's armpits as if to help pull him up and I'm sure I heard Bob sigh with relief even in the midst of his painful groans and cries but then Linda's hands most smoothly over Bobs chest and connect over his rib cage. She gave him a big hug and threw her pillowcase whispered "I'm sorry honey, but I have to do this, he says you have to take it allll" and while giving her husband the tightest hug she had ever given him she jumped up and wrapped her legs around the table. The only reason the table didn't break is because this family buys expensive solid stuff. Needless to say the force was enough to drive the last of the butt plug home and the look on my dad's face was priceless.

There was no way in hell he would be able to pry himself loose from that wedge but I wanted to be sure so I gave Janet and Linda a bit of chain that came with the collar I gave Linda and told them to tie his hands together underneath the table and also to tie his ankles to the leg of the table so he couldn't stand up or separate from the butt plug even if he tried. The look on Bob's face hadn't changed, he was still trying to comprehend how he was able to be alive with this thing inside of him. It was like he needed to give birth but the child had decided to jump back inside. His legs were number and tears were steadily pouring from his eyes but he dare not sob because he dare not move. When his daughter grabbed his ankles to tie them to the table his whole body was riveted with the most painful sensation he's ever experienced and again when his wife pulled his arms back to time to the table. He was again frozen but now in even more excruciating pain as his wife and daughter again began to play with his cock and balls. He realized now that his erection had never gone away, in fact there was a good amount of pre-cum pouring out the top. His daughter dabbed her finger in it and he thought for a second she would taste his cum but instead she shoved the finger in his mouth and again he had to taste cum.

I told Linda and Janet to leave Dad alone for a while to think and they said their goodbyes. Before they left both Linda and Janet planet a kiss on Bob's lips and before they turned away they both knelt down one last time and each planted a kiss on one of Bob's nuts letting their tongues sneak out just a little. Bob was so close to bursting it hurt but it just wasn't enough and as I walked away with his daughter and wife under my arms he knew I was in charge. All he could do i sit there with a footlong butt plug up his ass while my iphone streamed it all to his company headquarters....

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