Tim, the Teenage Part XXI by batnut515

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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. I thought I’d try a different look, but you guys didn’t seem to like it, so I’m going back to the old way. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Twenty-One By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter VI: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - Summer Camp Campers Part 2 - The Girl's Showers (mc, mf, ff)

By Tuesday, I was sick of not having a girl of my own. After that Saturday afternoon, Scooter, Paul, and Gina were constantly disappearing to have three way sex. I was still a little sore from that experience and I simply didn't have any interest in joining them. The others were taking things slow. This was fine with me, but nobody was interested in doing anything but doing things with the girls. Joey even turned down the chance to check out the girl's while they showered to be with Tracy for a half hour longer. On Wednesday, we awoke to the sounds of thunder and rain. All outdoor activities were canceled during thunderstorms, and by lunch time, the sour weather had soured everyone's moods. When Mick and Jen had an argument, the girls took Jen's side, and the guys took Mick's. I realized that all the time they had been spending together had finally made them sick of each other. I knew this would only be temporary, so I jumped at the chance to have my fun while they were disgruntled enough to listen.

We left the girls and went to our cabin, finding the cabin to feel cooler than the extremely muggy outdoor air. I basked in the silence as I planned my move, then after everyone had settled in, I began. "Hey Jerry. How about a look at those magazines you brought with you." "Huh? How did you.. Oh. Oh yeah. Okay. There isn't anything else to do." I had refused to link up with anyone the past two nights, so everyone was pretty horny. Joey offered to share his lower bunk with me, and I accepted. I wasn't surprised at all when Joey's hand went down my pants and started to get me worked up. But I stopped his efforts and said, "Sorry, bud. I'm not in the mood for a jerk off." I let twenty minutes go by before making my next move, knowing everyone would be good and ready after the second exchanging of magazines. "I don't suppose anyone would be interested in checking out the shower scene later. I believe the girls will be taking a shower in about thirty minutes having nothing else to do."

I was satisfied by the positive response, and made the critical move. "Okay, here is the deal. Today we have a peep show with the girls, and tomorrow you guys will let me surprise you with a more hands on kind of show. Then I'll let you go back to your girlfriends if you want too. But you have to promise you will give me your full attention tomorrow." Joey knew better that to go into it blindly, so I flashed him a mental picture of what I had in mind. The rest agreed once Joey did, and in fifteen minutes we were on our way to the girl's showers. The warm muggy air made wearing a shirt a bad idea since it would be soaked within minutes even without the rain. And the rain had turned the paths to mud, making shoes an even worse idea. Therefore, the six of us only wore our shorts, and I suspected several had not worn any underwear. I know I hadn't.

Joey went with me to find one of the counselors while the others borrowed six chairs and waited my return to enter the showers. I had spent the earlier part of the week planting commands in the girls that would be triggered by an announcement by Big Tim. Once I was handed the PA, I simply read off the weather forecast which predicated rain for the rest of the day. Tomorrow would be sunny, hot, and very humid, and I was probably the only one pleased to know that. I said my trigger word three times, and knew it had worked when the first group of girls headed for their cabins. Joey and I raced to the showers, Joey winning by a mile after I had slipped and managed to cover myself with mud from head to toe. As I joined up with the others, I grinned at Joey and said, "Does this remind you of anything?" "Hey, yeah. The nude mud wrestling. Are you thinking about doing it later?" "I wasn't planning on it, but maybe."

I let Joey explain to the rest what we were talking about while I showered the mud off. I didn't bother to put my shorts back on. None of the girls would notice anything was out of place even if we brought in a herd of camels. As the first set of girls walked in, I said, "The rules are simple. No touching. You can get as close as you want, and after their shower, I'll line them up and have them pose for us. Girls, you may begin." All the girls began their undressing, making the guys shorts tent. They were all content to stay seated and watch the girls as they started their regular shower routine. I scanned the girls to find that most of them were pure of heart and had not had much sexual experience. Only two of the twelve had done anything more than kissy feely stuff, and only one had lost their virginity. Disappointed, I let all the girls go after they posed like centerfold models.

Gina was in the next group, which made several of the guys glance at me and Paul. All I said was, "In for a penny, in for a pound." I had better luck with these girls. My scan found two of the girls enjoyed giving blow jobs to their boyfriends, and a third who liked girls. Amy, one of the two blow girls, had captured Jerry's interest. The brunette had a nice body, decent tits, and had just lost her virginity a month ago to her long time boyfriend. I got up out of my chair and walked over to Jerry's, my hard on sticking straight out, catching each guy's attention as I walked in front of them. I held out my hand to Jerry, and after a moment's confusion, Jerry took my hand and stood up. I stuck my finger into the elastic of his shorts and pulled them down, making his boner pop up almost hitting me in the face. Jerry blushed, and his boner started to deflate, but then I led him up to Amy.

"Jerry, this is Amy. Remember that blow job I promised? Well, she's gonna do it if you're okay with it." His boner had snapped back to attention, and his breath had quickened a bit. "Uhm, I don't know. I mean, she's great and all, but... I wouldn't want her to, er, do it if she didn't want to." "Amy, this is Jerry, your new boyfriend for an hour. He is the most sexiest man alive. He's a bit nervous about you giving him a blow job." Amy pressed her wet soapy body up to Jerry's and wrapped her arms behind his neck. I couldn't help gasping myself as Amy licked his lips and said, "Baby, give me some cream." She slid her sudsy chest down his, leaving a trail of soap behind. Jerry shuttered as his dick traveled between the valley between her breasts.

When Amy's face reached his crotch, she took her hand and spread the soap all ready deposited on his prick, cleaning it while giving him a short hand job. Amy guided him by the dick into the shower water, rinsing the soap off both of them. Jerry jumped when her hot mouth closed over his hard meat, then relaxed as Amy began to work his organ over. When he closed his eyes, I walked over to Joey who was now standing naked checking out another girl. "I thought you said no touching?" Joey said eyeing the squirming Jerry. "Sorry. I promised him a blow job the first day we were here. Amy was willing. I don't want to make any of the girls do anything they haven't enjoyed doing before. I'm checking each girl out as they shower. Everyone will get a blow job. I'm just..."

"He touched me," a girl said suddenly. "Okay, all you girls but Amy stand over against the wall," I said. "Who screwed up?" "Sorry," Mick said. "I wasn't thinking and I.." "Take off your shorts and underwear and sit down. Don't worry. You'll like this punishment." Once he sat down, I said, "Your hands and feet are now tied together, and you can not get out of your chair. Guards, do your worst to the prisoner." Five of the girls stepped up to Mick and started to touch and swirl their hands over Mick's body, but never touching his crotch. They teased him by brushing their nipples against his cheeks, but never allowed his tongue or lips to touch them. I inserted a block to prevent Mick from cumming before his punishment was over.

After a few minutes of this kind of torture, Mick was gasping, stretching against his imaginary bonds, trying desperately to touch their skin with his lips and tongue. When one of the girls began using her tongue on his neck, he simply went limp and closed his eyes. A pair of lips began kissing his stomach, while third girl ran her hands up and down his thighs, each time getting closer and closer to his crotch. The other guys were watching this intense action, and I nearly missed Jerry's orgasm. Amy didn't take it in her mouth but used her hand while he shot his load across the shower room. When his orgasm ended, he staggered and almost fell down backwards, but managed to regain his balance with Amy's help. Then Amy re-engulfed his deflating dick and began slurping like mad. Jerry staggered once more, then slowly sank down to a sitting position. Having successfully restored his hardon, Amy slowed her efforts, then removed her mouth and worked her hand slowly over it.

Another loud moan from Mick drew my attention to him again, and I was shocked to find one of the girls had begun to jerk him off. "Hey!" I said as I stepped forward and took hold of the girl's arm. "The rules were no touching of the prisoner's crotch. Why did you do that?" She let go and said, "Sorry. I just wanted to, that's all." I poked around her head a minute and found something I had missed before. Rita had lived a fairly sheltered life. She lived with her mother and went to an all girl's school. One of her friends showed her a XXX video that triggered Rita's sexual interests big time. She had never spent that much time with guys until this camp, and with everyone running around half naked most of the time, Rita had started to loose control.

"Rita, since you broke the rules, you are no longer a guard. Guards, release the prisoner and join the others along the wall." The four remaining girls stopped their efforts and untied Mick's imaginary bonds. Mick's right hand immediately started stroking his cock, trying to get past my block. Rita's mind was constantly processing the new information it was gathering about males. I watched her thoughts as her lust pushed her imagination into visualizing the taste, feel, and other senses of several sexual acts. I formed the opinion that Rita would most likely turn out to be a nymphomaniac if her sex drive wasn't turned down. Before I could act on this new information, the next set of girls arrived. "Rita and Amy stay. The rest get dressed and go. Mick, stop doing that. You're gonna hurt yourself." I motioned Jerry to move back to his chair, and told the third group to begin. Amy had followed Jerry to his seat and was sitting on his lap.

I led Rita over to Mick and said, "Mick, I'm gonna wake Rita up in a minute, but before I do, I want to know if you would like to go all the way with her if she is willing." Joey said, "Hey, isn't that against your rules? You always said you wouldn't make a girl do it the first time." "Her head is filled with thoughts of sex, but she has never actually been close enough to a guy before to do it. She's a virgin, but I don't think she would have gone home one even if I hadn't have shown up. I'm not going to do anything but make sure she doesn't freak out when I wake her. It will be up to Rita. I just wanted to give Mick the chance to loose his virginity on another virgin. What do you say, Mick?" Mick sat there staring at Rita, his hand still holding his semi hard dick. Several times it had gotten harder, but then deflated again.

When he blinked his eyes, he said, "Nah. I think I'll wait." "Wait for what?" Paul said in a mocking tone. "I don't know... The right girl I guess." Before Paul could comment I said, "That's what Joey and I did." "Yeah, so shut up Paul," Joey said. "Shit. What's the big deal? Pussy is pussy," Paul muttered. "Who cares what's attached to it." Joey thought to me, "He needs to be taught a lesson." I replied, "Yeah, I know. But how?" Scooter answered that question for me. "Paul, you never loved any of those girls, did you. Shit, I wish I had waited," Scooter said. "There's your answer," Joey said out loud. "Yeah. And Rita is perfect for the task." "What are you guys talking about?" Scooter asked. I ignored him and took Rita over to the far corner where no one could hear. I brought her out of her daze and explained the plan. She was more than willing. Rita at that point would have done anything with me standing in front of her nude like that. Just as I was about to turn around, there was a "He touched me."

I whipped around, just in time to see Paul squeeze a tit which caused the owner to say, "He's touching me again!" "Paul, stop," I said calmly. He not only ignored my instruction, he grabbed started fondling the girl all over. "Last warning, Paul." "I tired of this no touch shit," he said before taking a nipple into his mouth. The girl he was molesting was being to cooperate with his stimulation. "Rita, you know what to do?" "I think so," Rita replied. "Go get him then." Rita walked up behind Paul just as he started to move him and his now willing victim down to the floor. Rita reached out and placed her hand on the back of his left shoulder, moving it up his neck and cheek. The moment she had made skin contact, I flooded him with feelings of happiness and excitement. Paul forgot about the girl he was about to fuck, following the movement of Rita's hand to prevent losing contact. Rita turned Paul around to face her. As his eyes focused on Rita's face, I sent sensations to Paul's mind that would ensure he found her the most beautiful site he had ever seen.

As I went through Paul's mind, I inserted small harmless commands that indirectly made him fall completely in love with her while making him wait for Rita to initiate any sexual activity. As their lips met, I finished my meddling by ensuring their love affair would come to a close painlessly on Sunday, the day they both went home. All of that had taken less than thirty seconds. "What the hell did you do to my brother?" Scooter said not taking his eyes off the embraced pair. Joey walked up to Scooter, put his arm over Scooter's shoulders and said in a dreamy voice, "What do you think? Paul just fell in love for the first time." "But.. But what about Gina?" Scooter said slightly panicked. I peeked in his head, finding he had genuine feelings for her. Gina had even sneaked a private lovemaking with him without Paul's knowledge. "I guess you will just have to take care of her," I thought to Scooter. Scooter's eyes met mine, and I felt his thanks. "Well, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm horny," Mick said stroking his cock. Jerry was feeling Amy's tits while she gave him a hand job. Joey was nude, hard, and examining some of the girls, while Scooter's eyes were glazed over watching his brother.

I began scanning the girls while they finished their shower. I smiled when I found two of them were not only cum drinkers, but pussy lickers too. "Barb, Amy, and Trish, come over here." As the blond and the two brunettes stood before me, I made a few quick alterations and woke them up. "How about some oral sex?" I asked them. "That sounds fun," all three said. The next group of girls arrived at that time which included Penny and Dana. Barb walked up to Scooter and frenched him deeply, while Trish and Amy got on their knees and started licking Joey's and Mick's balls. I took Dana's hand and led her to Jerry. "What are you gonna do?" Jerry said nervously. "Dana, could you tell us the fantasy about Jerry you had last night?" "Uhm, I don't really want too." "Why?" "Because... I don't want Jerry to think I'm dirty." Jerry stood up, took her hands, then said "I'd never think you were dirty. Kinky maybe. But you couldn't be any worse than I am."

She looked at her hands and said, "I pretended we were in a boat together kissing, and we... started to do a little more. I took your thingy out and sucked on it like I do my brother." "Your brother?" Jerry said in shock. "I've sucked his little dicky.. I guess since seventh grade," Dana said softly. She continued to stare at her hands, afraid to look at Jerry's face. "Shit. I didn't expect anything like that." "She didn't get caught by her mom like you did," I reminded him. "Dana? Do you still want to... do more with me?" "Yes! Do you?" Jerry answered by kissing her while slipping his hands down the back of her shorts. Before I took my attention to my next target, I removed my 'everything is normal' conditioning from Dana. I heard her gasp a minute later when she realized Jerry was naked.

Penny was just standing around talking with the rest of the girls when I walked up behind her and pressed my hardon against her covered ass. Her only reaction was to push it away, just as I had expected. I sighed, regretting my decision to help her instead of teaching her a lesson. But I figured a little fun wouldn't hurt. "Ladies, you better start your showers. Penny and Lisa, you're feeling really horny for each other's bods. You can't wait to soap each other up." The two girls eyes fogged up a moment, then they started pulling their clothes off. I turned the shower on for them, finding the hot water was getting low, not that any of the girls would notice. Penny was busily working the soap onto Lisa's breasts when a loud scraping noise startled me.

Dana had taken Jerry's dick into her mouth causing Jerry to loose his balance and fall backwards against his chair. The feet of the chair had made a horrible noise against the tile, causing everyone except those who where showering to stop and look. As everyone else went back to their own business, I checked to see what kind of progress they had made. Joey had Trish on top of him 69ing each other with vigor. Mick decided Joey had a good idea and was maneuvering Amy around to get his first taste of pussy juice. Scooter was sitting on a chair nude busily sucking Barb's tits who sat on his lap with his dick lying across her front entrance. Paul was flat on his back with Rita on top, wiggling and worming her body while they continued to kiss each other passionately.

As I started to turn back to my soaped up lesbians, Rita suddenly sat up on top of Paul as she mounted his prick. She apparently didn't feel any pain since she laid back down on top of Paul and began her humping motions. Watching her ass as it rose and fell made me consider going over and fucking her ass. I instead turned to my two humping girls, finding the idea of fucking one of them impossible to resist when they were madly trying to do so with each other. "Lisa, you are feeling the need for a cock inside of you. You want to feel yourself full with a prick. You crave to feel the spurting of semen inside you. Penny, your orgasm is building. When I say cum, you will cum so hard you will have to sit down and play with yourself afterwards until I say stop. Cum, Penny. Lisa, look at my cock." As Penny shuttered and sank down wiggling to the floor, Lisa stared at my dick. "Lisa, you know you want it. Just looking at it makes you hotter than you ever felt before. Tell me what you want." "I want to fuck it." "That's right. You want to fuck it. You need to fuck it. You can feel its pull, forcing you closer, making you even hotter." "Yesss... Fuck me. Please.. I need it! I must have it!" Lisa cried as she thrusted her crotch over mine. "Shit! I think I over did it," I said to no one in particular as Lisa banged me standing up. "Lay down, bitch," I commanded.

Lisa laid down and spread her legs giving me easy access. I slipped my tool back inside her, and then kissed her eager lips. As I started my humping, I began fucking her mouth with my tongue. I kept a steady rhythm for several minutes, but had to stop my mouth fuck when our breathing made it impossible to continue. As my thrusts sped up a bit, Lisa started huffing out, "Yes, fuck me. Fuck me. I need it so badly." Her words excited me, bringing me to close to the edge. I gave her face a few licks with my tongue, and felt the familiar boiling in my groin. Just before I started spurting, I pulled out and shot it all over her belly. When my orgasm ended, I forced my dick to stay rock hard and plunged it into her again. Once I worked my lust back up, I thrusted hard and fast into Lisa. I sent surges of stimulation into her crotch, causing her moans to reach screaming levels as her head rocked back and forth. I felt her orgasm approaching its peak, and linked my own to hers. I pulled my prick completely out of her, then rammed it back in, repeating it three times before we exploded in pleasure. My second load felt even greater than the first, and I wasn't finished yet.

Once our orgasm had ended and I had recovered my wits, I removed my still hard dick from her sopping cunt and swirled it around the spunk on her belly. I worked my dick up to her breasts and proceeded to coat them with cum. Once I tired of this, I rolled onto my back and said, "Penny, look at Lisa. Doesn't her body look tasty? Doesn't my seed all over her look yummy? Why don't you clean her up?" Penny's glazed look was on Lisa's glistening belly as she jerked herself into movement and crawled over to her snack. I allowed my cock to soften, only to find it hardening again watching Penny's tongue action. Once Lisa's chest and belly were cleaned, Penny moved her mouth to Lisa's puss. I found myself horny again, and decided I would use Penny after all. "Penny, you love the taste of my cum, don't you. Why don't you let Lisa eat you out while you get some fresh. You really are craving for some nice fresh Timmy spunk right now." Penny had never given head before, and I knew I was breaking my own rule, but I figured it would be a down payment for the help I would be giving her later. Besides, she wouldn't remember it anyway.

As Penny's mouth touched the head of my dick, she shuttered. Her mind was rejecting my suggestions. I barely caught her thoughts as my commands suddenly unraveled. "What the HELL!" Penny exclaimed. Her mind triggered her defensive reactions, and I had barely realized what had happened when her fist made its first blow to my stomach. Penny got two more blows in before I managed to slip a sleep command out. She collapsed, leaving me gasping for the breath she had knocked out of me. By the time I was able to regain control of my senses, Joey was kneeling beside me asking what happened. I wasn't able to speak more than a few words, so I flashed him the basics mentally. "Well, I guess that's the last time you break you're own rules," Joey said. I grinned at him weakly and managed a "Fuck you" between my gasps.

The next group of girls arrived by the time I had regained control of my breathing. I sent them away since no one would be interested. My lust had been satisfied, leaving me feeling guilty for what I had done. Lisa had been more or less willing, but Penny had been so disturbed by the concept of taking a dick into her mouth that it had woken her out of her dream state. Several days before, I decided the best way to help Penny get over her hatred for guys was to be completely honest with her to build a trusting relationship. The plan was to not force her into anything, and take every opportunity to fall in love naturally. I found several aspects of her personality to be quite endearing. I wanted to give her my love in order to heal her wounds from her rape. But my foolish actions had seriously screwed that up. She would never trust me after waking up like that. I could command her to forget, but that would bother me since I would be trying to be honest with her about everything else. Lisa had already left after cleaning herself up. I put Penny back into a dream state, having her get dressed as I did the same.

Before I left the showers, I explained to Joey he was in charge of waking Barb, Amy, and Trish once everyone was finished messing around, was dressed and outside. The rain was coming down hard, so we stood at the entrance of the showers as I tried to figure out what to say to Penny. I didn't want to chance taking Penny out in the downpour, fearing she would wake up again. I needed to wake her up someplace where she would feel safer, and I couldn't use my abilities anymore than I already had if there was still a chance of being completely honest with her. (Using the dream state allowed me to suggest things to them even though they still were in control of their own actions. I couldn't make them do something they didn't like, but it did allow me to get around their initial inhibitions about doing something they wanted to do but just normally wouldn't.) (During the dream state, they behaved normally, ignored any unusual events around them, and most of them wouldn't remember their experiences at all. To me, it was the safest way of getting what I wanted without forcing it onto others. Okay, so it was a cop out. But it was better than changing their personalities and minds.)

"Penny, I'm sorry for what I tried to make you do. I guess I lost control. I never meant to force you into anything." She didn't say anything. While in the dream state they couldn't get upset by what I said, so I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere that way. After several minutes of silence, I was considering risking her in the rain. But then I spotted Smitzer walking to another building using a very large umbrella. I smiled and said, "Taxi!" Smitzer was very happy to escort us to Penny's cabin. Two of Penny's cabin mates were already inside, playing cards. I would have preferred being alone with Penny, but figured it would probably make Penny feel more comfortable if we weren't alone.

After moving two chairs to the farthest corner of the room beside a bunk, I said, "Penny, here.. sit down," offering her the seat with the full view of the cabin while provided her a clear path if she wished to escape. "Penny, I want you to remember what I am about to say before I wake you up. I know all about your rape, and how much pain it caused you. I want to help you. What I did in the shower was wrong, stupid, and... I guess I wouldn't blame you if wanted to kick the living shit out of me. But I truly am sorry. "I am not going to force you to do anything, and I promise I won't use any of my, er, special abilities on you. Well, except to protect myself. I'm still a little tender from your three wacks to my gut. "I know you will find it hard to do, but please try and trust me. I won't hurt you. Okay, you can wake up."

Penny's eyes turned cold while her face changed to a mixture of shock, fear, and anger. "I'm sorry," was all I could say to her face like that. "You bastard. If you ever come near me again... I'll kill you!" she said pushing me backwards. My head hit the floor, and the room spun for a moment while Penny pinned my arms and sat on my chest, giving on of my arms a painful twist. "How do you like feeling helpless?" Penny continued. "How do you like having someone else making you..." Penny stopped mid sentence when her hands let me go without her permission. "Shit. I told you I would protect myself. Damn, Penny. You almost gave me a concussion."

Her eyes displayed fear, but quickly turned back to anger as she raised her right hand to deal me another blow. I smiled as she brought her fist towards my face, and watched her hand miss me completely. After two more failed attempts, her frantic mind changed tactics, attempting to insert her knee in my groin at a painful speed. Her knee missed, hitting the floor with a "thop". "Penny, stop it. I'm not going to let you hurt me. But please believe me I'm not going to hurt you either." "How are you DOING this!" Penny said frustrated as her fist missed my chin. After several more tries, she got up and tried to kick me. Instead of letting her miss, I caught her foot and sent a warm pleasant feeling up her leg. "STOP IT!" she said shaking my hands free. Penny's fear overwhelmed her anger, and was about to run away. "Penny, what's wrong?" one of the girls at the table called. I sensed them coming closer. "Help me!" she cried.

As her bunkmates joined her, I saw her fear give way to anger again. "He's done something to me. I can't hit him!" she spat. "What do you mean you can't hit him?" Mary asked staring at my helpless state. "Watch!" Penny said as she tried to kick me in the head. I controlled her blow and timed my reaction to make it appear as if she had actually succeeded. I faked a moan, and pretended to be senseless. I found Penny to be as shocked as Mary and Joanie, thinking she had actually hurt me. I misjudged her second attempt, allowing the heel of Penny's bare foot to deliver a partial blow to my upper cheek bone. Mary and Joanie forced her away from me while I fought back the tears. My head hurt, my cheekbone throbbed, and then there was a lot of yelling behind me. I focused my efforts to reduce the pain, then concentrated on what was going on. Joanie had run out to get the nurse while Mary stayed to try and calm down Penny. When Penny couldn't explain what I had done to make her so mad, she ran of the cabin in tears.

While Mary called to Penny to come back, I moaned from realizing I had really screwed things up. Hearing my moan, Mary came over to me and asked how I was. "Apart from a king kong headache," I said as I attempted to sit up. "I think... I think I will be okay once the room stops spinning." The nurse, Joanie, and Smitzer came in, making me realize I was going to get into trouble if I didn't do something. Boys were not allowed in the girl's cabins. Just as I was about to put them in dreamland, Penny showed up. She was expecting me to do something to get myself out of trouble. I checked Smitzer's thoughts to find out what kind of punishment I would receive. I almost grinned when I realized that if it had been anyone else who I had been caught visiting in their cabin, I would have probably have been sent home. But because of Penny's past record of teasing guys, the worse I would get would be a week of kitchen duty.

When Smitzer asked Penny what happened, I said, "It was my fault. I lost control for a minute and tried to get her to do something she didn't want to do. After I tried to apologize and got knocked backwards in my chair, I kept her from hitting me. When Mary and Joanie came over, I faked it when she tried to kick me." I smiled weakly at Penny and said, "You did get me a little bit on the second kick, though." The nurse had me stay in my cabin the rest of the day, and I didn't mind having the rest. Smitzer did put me on kitchen duty for two of the remaining four days of camp. I was very relieved to know I wouldn't have to be on kitchen duty when the final activities took place that Sunday. Because of Penny's past history, and my honesty in admitting what I had done, the only other action they took was giving me a long lecture on how bad it was for a soon to be counselor to break the rules he would be responsible to enforce.

Penny was given a similar punishment for attacking me after I was down. I begged Smitzer to let her off, resorting to telling her I thought Penny had been raped. I managed to avoid using my abilities by bull shitting my way through why I believed this. Smitzer wasn't really convinced herself, but saw I was sure of it. So Penny got off with only a warning. That night, Jerry told me Penny talked to Dana about what happened in the showers. Penny had apparently went to find Lisa when she ran from the cabin. When Lisa didn't remember it happening, but remarked that it did sound like a dream she recently had, Penny had returned to the cabin to try and catch me in the act. Since Dana had been awake for nearly the whole time she was there, her response to Penny's questions made Penny suspect she knew more than she was telling. She begged Dana to go to Smitzer and tell what she knew, but Dana refused.

Joey filled me in on what happened after I had left the showers. Trish had mentioned she wanted to fuck, so Joey happily complied. He was sure Scooter and Mick hadn't gone any further than what I had seen, but Joey thought Jerry and Dana had gone all the way on the chair. I peeked in Jerry's head and found they sorta did. His dick had worked its head inside her, and they let it continue to slip in. But when it reached her hymen, they stopped their movements and held each other for a minute before he pulled it out. By the time everyone was ready to get cleaned up and dressed, Rita had fallen asleep in Paul's arms. Joey said Paul must have been very uncomfortable on the floor holding her like that, but Paul wouldn't wake her up until Joey said it was time to leave. Scooter told me later he had told Gina his feelings for her after dinner, and choked up when he told her about Paul's earlier remarks. Gina surprised Scooter when she admitted she had suspected Paul had been faking it and that she had wanted to dump Paul for Scooter ever since the day Scooter had joined their love making. Gina had been sure Paul would have taken it out on Scooter, so she hadn't dared. With Paul out of the picture, Gina happily accepted Scooter's invitation to be his date to the dance that Saturday.

Joey had made up with Tracy at dinner and asked her to go to the dance with him again. Tracy had taken interest in another guy and apologized to Joey when she said she already had a date. Joey was more stunned than hurt, and didn't seem to hold it against her. I figured he couldn't blame her since he had been screwing Trish when Frank Thomas asked her. Mick and Jen settled their differences, but decided they wanted to just stay friends. Jen still accepted Mick's offer to go to the dance with him, as friends. Everybody except me was in a good mood that evening. My own attempts for some romance with Penny had failed disastrously, and I decided to forget Penny and let her be. And by my own doing, half of the guys were again hopelessly devoted to spending as much time as they had left with their girls. I knew only Joey and Mick would be interested in having some fun at the beach tomorrow.

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Fantasy | Boy, Female, Gay, Lesbian, Male, Mind Control, Oral Sex


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