My Friend And I;) by Sexyyoung14

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True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Gay

Okay, So this is a story about my first sex with my best friend Mason.

Mason isnt the cutest but man does he have an ASS! Mason is about 5'3

and im about 5'7. Mason is chubby short brown hair and he is funny as hell

Me and Mason are both 13 yo. So one day after school we decided to have

a sleep over and hangout, We started off by playing xbox and eating all his food.

Haha, But Mason got bored and we we swimming athis house. Noone was home,

So we went skinny dipping i almost died laughing Mason had a tiny dick! soft it was

1 inch and hard it was 2 inches! My dick is 3 inches soft 5 inches hard. but i didnt mind

much. So while we were skinnny dipping he started to wrestle with me. this almost instatly

gave me a hard on. I could he his little dick poking me in the back, Mason starts to feel my hard on

and jacks me off, He started to kiss me. i told him that we should move this to his basement and we did:)

Mason started giving me a AWESOME Blowjob. It felt like i was in Heaven. while he was giving me head

he started to push his finger up my ass, i yelled for him to stop because he was hurting me without lube.

then he spit on his finger and shoved it up with ease, It was a little ppain but but i almost cummed on the spot!~_~

I Returned the favor to mason and i gave him head. i tturned him around and rimmed his nice Virgin anus. I liked

the entire thing and got it sooo wet. i shoved my finger up there and i could feel him squirm. he was loving this i

put 3 fingers in and fingered the shit out of him. them when i saw he was ready i spit on my dick and told him to

relax, I started to push in and i already had losened it up. when i was balls deep i reached arfound and started to

jack off his dick while i was pounding his sweet ass. i felt his ass tighten and he cummed alot in my hand. i took

my dick out and liet it all slid into his butthole. about 5 mins of punding his ass i was cumming! I Jizzed deep into

his ass, Then when i was done i told himm to push like he was pooping. So he did and it was sooo much cum

when it came out i licked it all up.




Rating: 41%, Read 30112 times, Posted Jun 18, 2012

True Story | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Gay


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