lover of the moon by ryo

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i set on the egd of the forest looking out over the lake up at the the crecent moon.

i had been in this forest with my family for a few months now and i pracdily new every iche of it. our cabin set on a hill out looking the forest below. i loved the sight of the moon on the water, at a younge age my greatest joy was looking at the moon. i had my dack painnt my room full of smbols and creature having to do with it. mermaid, unicorns and above all werewolves. i stood and made my way back to the cabin i was in view of my home when a branch broke only feet from me. now most of you might think that living in a fores i would be used to sounds like that but the thing was that most anmilas in this forest were rather small and stayed far from bigger creature like me. i stay compleitly still hopping it was just a wolf far from it;s pack, but to my surprise a younge man came out of the shadows. i might have ran was it not for him being to hot.

he was tall and well built with a beautifuly well defined face, eye as blue/silver as the reflection of the moon on the lake. his long blond hair hung over his shoulder framing his face. it was only secound latter that my mind registered that he was only wereing a tight pair of ripped black jeens.

"sorry" he said " i didn't mean to scare you." his voice was enchanting to hear.

i shook off my shock with an uneay laugh.

" you starttled me was all" i said flipping my long curly black hair over my shoulder. i saw for a fraction of a secound his eye travel down my neck. then quickly back to my bright geen eyes.

" i saw you down at the the lake" he said coming closer. " you left befor i could say anything so i fallowed you." he was smiling and i couldn't help but feel weak in the knees. i pushed the hair hanging infront of his face behind his ear.

" what would you want to talk to me for." i was shaking from the effort of keeping myself standing but once againg my acting skill came inot play enough for me to conceal it.

" well i though you looked like you needed some company." he said coming closer to me.

" and i though you looked real hot so." ismiled to myslef.

" my name is kris" i said rubbing my neck.

" i'm gabreil>" he said. i think i fell in love but i wouln't dare mention it even iff he felt the same way.

gabreill and i spent day after day together, he knew so much and found beauty in every little thing around us. i loved him and i knew loved me and for that reason he held back on saying so. sooon a month had pasted and gabriel's vists became less and less untill for three night he didn't come to me. i set in my room looking up at the ceiling thinking of him. my dick grew hard as i imagined him touching me. i undid my pants and pulled out my dick i began to jerk offf as i though of gabriel's mouth were my hand was. i mouned out loud not realy caring that my mom and dad wer sleeping in the room next to mine. within moments i was bracing for the sweet release of an orgasm, the cum came in jets adn let out a long holw of pleasure. i soon grew angry at gabriel for abandoning me. the month flew by and i was sitting on the dock when i heard a twing snap i turned expecting to see gabreil standing behind me but what meat my eyes was a large wite wolf i was in shock, i scrammbled for the edge of the dock, trying to exsape. the wolf came close then licked my face. it dug it's nose into into the crouch of my pants and sniffed greedilly. i couldn't help but moun as the wolf contuinued to sniff between my legs.

i closed my eye for what seem like hours and when i opnedthem i gasped gabreil was the one with his face in my crouch. he lifted his head and gave a weak smile.

i'm a werewolf" i could speek, i wasn't at all as scared as i thought i would bee. i loved him and i would love him no matter what form he took.. i leen in a kissed him.

"yeah so" was i said.

hehad my dick in his mouth sucking furiusly i was moaning , my voice reaching hight so loud that a flock of birds took off from thier nest. he stoped and pulled his pantdown.

a twelve and a half inch cock srang to life befor my eyes and i whent strait for it. i was gaggging on it but i could take it and pluss the though of him fucking me soon made it worth the while.

" FUCK ME HARDER!" I CREAMMED AS HE RAMMED HIS DICK DEEPER INTO MY ASS . I COULD HIS FILLING ME AND STREACHING MY TIGHT LITTLE HOLE TO THE EXSTENT. i cried for him to go deep and he did me was fuck me like he was on fire. my hadr dick was hitting his pecks and it felt so good i thought i was going to come. i put his ahnd around my cock and told him to jack me off. he did as he was told and beet my dick harder and hareder untill i came allover him.

he licked upevery drop then told me was going to cum. i clentched my as around his dick and pushed back on his thrust.. iheard the most beautifuel sound of my life. a high mournful howl that seem to stop timeand it was all coming from his lips. i felt him shoot his juice into me. " get on your knees he said. i did as he asked then as the cum dripped out of my ass he licked it up.

we lay ineachtoer's arma i loved it but i knew this wasonly the begining of your journy together.

Rating: 40%, Read 12459 times, Posted Jul 26, 2006

Fantasm |


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