An Ace with Two Queens Pt. 1 by Skarlett

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True Story |

My best friend, Mike, had begged my mom for what seemed like forever for me to stay the night. When she finally gave in, he was more than overjoyed not to mention I was amazed and happy as well.

There were two different reasons that he begged my mom for me to stay the night, one coming from him and the other from me. The whole real reason Mike wanted me to stay the night was because he never had a brother and plus he had a couple of new video games which he was overly excited about them and he wanted me to play with him.

Now the reason I wanted to stay the night was totally different from his reason, my reasons came with long blond hair and edible bodies, his sisters, Mandy and Sandy.

They were identical twins and they both had blond hair and blue eyes like the Caribbean Sea that could make a guy drown in. They had orange size breasts and tightly trimmed lightly-tanned bodies with not a single flaw. They were like two sex goddesses send down from Valhalla. They were a couple of months older than me but they had bodies that would make any man's mouth water. As far back as I can remember when I first met Mike's sisters, of course everyone imagines a neighbor, a teacher, or even a supermodel but mine happen to be his sisters, they were and still are my first sex fantasies. I can't count how many times I laid in bed and just beat the meat thinking of what it would be like to fuck one or both of them. I first met them when Mike took me to his house to meet his parents, but they weren't home which I later found out was quite often.

Mike and I had just finished working out and we went to the kitchen to get some Kool-aid. I was standing at the counter and Mike had been sitting at the table when his sisters walked in. They had just come back from cheer camp and they still wore their uniforms.

One went to the refrigerator and bending at the waist gave me a clear view of her panty clad ass. Her panties were almost into the crack of her butt, giving me more view of her fleshy cheeks.

The other was beside me, which I could smell her perfume, Dark Vanilla Musk; she was reaching into the cabinet to get a couple of glasses. I tried to keep my eyes on the both of them, which was so hard, not to mention the tent in my shorts.

"Hey, girls." Mike explained, “this here is Jayson Byrne. The one in the 'frig is Sandy and this is Mandy." Motioning toward the one that was in the cabinet.

"Hi," Mandy said with a smile and a twinkle in her eye as I silently said my greetings with a smile.

I looked over at Sandy's ass, when she said "Hey," as she saw me looking at her ass from over her shoulder, then I looked at her eyes.

Sandy had just shut the door of the refrigerator and looked at the table to notice Mike had poured the last of the Kool-aid.

"Brat, you just finished the cold Kool-aid. Now, I have to make some, damn you!" Sandy spat at Mike.

Mike just gave a smug grin as she grabbed the glass pitcher. She reached into the refrigerator to get cold water in a plastic milk jug. I was watching Sandy as she made the juice. I got distracted when Mandy asked, “Say Jayson, where are you going to school this fall?"

I looked back at Mandy as she sat with her legs straight out in front of her, then she placed one on top of the seat giving me a clear shot of her crotch, which I could see it was slowly becoming wet.

"I'm going to Teel View," I managed to get out of my mouth as I glimpsed down at her legs and where they lead to.

"We are going there to, aren't we sis?" Mandy said cheerfully.

"Yeaper," Sandy agreed as she placed the newly made Kool-aid on the table.

Meanwhile Mike and I later were playing one of his new video games when I had to go take a piss, instead of pausing the game I killed my character and got up to go use the nearest bathroom, which was upstairs. He kept playing, ignoring me as for he was too engrossed in his game as I went upstairs.

I went to the bathroom and I was in the middle of it when the door opens and in walks Mandy. She didn't seem bothered with me standing there with my lizard hanging out, if she was comfortable, I was to. She was brushing her hair as she had to stand adjacent to me where the mirror was and the sink. She was dressed in a tee-shirt and red spandex shorts which made her figure ever the more attractable.

She looked over at it and then looked up at me with a smile. "It's longer than what I had imagined it to be." she explained as she continued brushing her hair. Her allusion was quite reassuring because it told me that she had been thinking of me as I had of her.

I had not realized that I was done and I just stood there with my dick in my hand and watching her. "Something wrong?" she asked.

"No, why." I said with a small smile.

"Because, your done peeing, aren't you?"

"Yeah," I explained not knowing what she was getting at.

Then without warning, she grabbed a hold of it giving it a good shake. It started to get hard in her hand as she tried to stuff him back into my pants. She managed him inside somehow as she zipped it up. Mandy patted it and looked up at me and said, “If you’re not careful, he might try to escape."

My mouth was ajar and my pulse had to be beating well-over hundred, and yet it all happened in less then three minutes.

Then, I get startled by the door opening again, it's Sandy. She is dressed in a tube top as well as daisy duke shorts. "Hey Sandy, Jayson here is longer then what you or I thought." Mandy explained.

"How long do you think it is?" Sandy looking me up and down like I was a slab of meat. I kept looking at Sandy then Mandy then Sandy, I was in the middle and at any moment I thought they would assail me any moment. But I knew I was in total heaven as I had two goddesses in the same room and they both were discussing my dick in front of me.

"From attesting to it, I would say a good eight to nine inches, but that was when it was limp. But I wonder what it is when it is hard." she said as she stroked her chin.

"Maybe it is ten or eleven inches fully hard," Sandy looked at me with a smile.

"Maybe longer," Mandy replied.

What they didn't realize was that I was semi hard with their gazes upon my dick. Of course, any guy in his right frame of mind would be hard as will.

I felt like a slab of meat about to be devoured by a two hungry wolves. They both were looking at me, with unknown intentions, it wasn't lust and it wasn't murder, I couldn't name it.

"Hey, do you want to join us for a shower?" Sandy asked. "Yeah, do ya?" Mandy chimed in. It was my ultimate fantasy to shower with them let along watch them.

"We just got done doing a grueling workout and we're stick and sweaty, we're just asking?" Sandy asked.

I was in shock as I saw Mandy removing her tee-shirt as Sandy was removing her shorts. My dick was beyond hard as I watched them undress. Sandy noticed it first, "Hey sis, you were right, it is huge." I quickly looked down and noticed it was lying along my pants leg. Somehow, I managed to say "I - I got to go- go downstairs and be - be with Mike." I had a hard time getting the words to come out.

I went to the door and I looked back, they both were naked, my mouth watered. I stepped outside and I closed the door. I placed my back to it, and thought, damn I'm really am dumb. I heard the water start and I started down the stairs.

I adjusted my package so it wouldn't be so obvious. Mike was still engrossed into his game, as I sat down. I was still in shock at the scene that just took place upstairs. I had just sat down, when down the stairs comes Mandy with just a towel on. The towel barely covered her body as she strolled past Mike and I. My eyes were glued on her and hers on mine, as she graced her movements to the kitchen.

Upon returning upstairs she had two Diet Cokes in each hand. I watched her ascend the stairs, as she watched me. As if one cue, her towel gave way and giving me a clear view of her flawless naked flesh and near hairless crotch.

Mike startled me when he spoke, "Man, I never saw my sisters parade around here in the skimpiest clothing or go as close to naked as they can." He explained to me then added which really shocked me by what he said, “it drives a guy crazy to see a naked chick walking around, let along my own sisters. They must really like you or something."

I dismissed what he said as I continued to play the game with Mike as nothing had happened, but my mind kept racing back to the twins being naked. I glanced down at my tent in my jeans.

A couple of weeks and several billion hard-ons later, Mike asked me to stay the night. Which my parents had never let me stay the night at someone’s house before, but my dad was away truck driving and my mom was the soul person to make the decisions, which she had finally gave in to let me. My mom explained she was going to grandma's house for the weekend so, she thought it would be alright for a couple days. This brings us to the where I started at the top of my story.

A little later that night, we were all sitting around the table eating dinner. The twins were eating across the table from Mike and I, as their mom and dad were at both ends. Sandy was clad in a tank top with cut-off sweatpants shorts. As for Mandy was dressed in a half-tee with blue jean daisy dukes.

I soon felt a foot running along the inside of my thigh. This made my dick strain against my shorts. As another foot ran the along the top of my thigh. I was never this hard except when I saw their naked flesh that afternoon in the bathroom. I glanced up to see Sandy was chewing on some ice when it slipped from her mouth and went down between her legs, giving her instant chills, from the way her nipples protruded from her shirt. That wasn't the only thing protruding either, I had a tent in my shorts from just the sight.

After dinner we all sat watching a movie, which I thought was boring, I looked over at the twins. Mandy looked like she was so engrossed in the movie as I watched her licking and sucking on a lollipop as if it was a dick. I was picturing it was my dick, and I got an instant rise.

I soon excused myself and went to the nearest bathroom, which was upstairs. I was washing my face with cold water when I heard the door open. I turned around as I saw Mandy locking the door. She then rushed me as she placed her arms around my shoulders and kissed me hard. She pressed her crotch right into my already stiff penis and grinded it fiercely, this was too much! I just held onto the small of her back, and groped her ass.

She then pulled away and she slowly made her way down to my shorts and pushed me down making me sit on the toilet as she pulled down my shorts to my ankles.

I was definitely hard at this point and she wasted no time. Mandy stood up a little as she pulled her jeans to aside and guided my cock towards her pussy; I just sat there holding the small of her waist. I was shaking uncontrollably in lust for this girl, and yet I was so helpless. She slowly sat down on my dick, and that was the best moment of my life. Slowly she bounced up and down on my lap, and I pushed up her shirt to suck on her titties as she thrush her head back. We were both uttering and moaning softly and silently, trying not to draw attention to ourselves.

She was so warm on my lap; I felt a little of pubic hair brushing against me and her vagina was extremely wet. The piston motion was getting too overwhelming so I held her still and said, "Stop, I don't wanna cum in you." I held her still and kissed her neck, my dick was still in her and I kissed her lips again. I could tell I wouldn't be able to hold it much longer so she stood up as she then pulled my dick out and pushed it in slowly again as she was looking at her pussy separate. I pulled and pushed in about four more times and then I knew that I was on the brink of a powerful come.

I felt her medium size breasts as I gently massaged them in my hands as I rubbed her nipples. She got up and I followed her, but then she sat on the toilet and pulled me by the dick towards her, she said "I want to taste your hot cum in my mouth."

She took my cock into her mouth and sucked slowly. I knew I was about to shot my wad when she suddenly stopped and softly pushed me out of the way to left the room. I was a little confused, but I figured it was that someone might be coming or something. So I dismissed the thought.

Later that night, the Sandy wore a white mid-thigh robe as she got ready for bed; Mandy wore navy blue pajama pants and a tee-shirt. Mandy had remained downstairs for some unknown reason. As I made my way to Mike's room, I looked over at the twin’s room just in time to see Sandy was tying her robe, she had nothing underneath. I was awestruck. She picked up her brush as I watched her was brush her hair. She saw me as I watched her, she gave a quick smile, and she closed the door quickly when we both heard her father coming up the stairs. I continued my way to Mike's room.

"Night Jayson," Mike's dad addressed me as he passed me in the hall on his way to the bathroom.

"Night Mister Bentley," I said as I went into Mike's room. Mike was listening to something with his headphones on, so he had no idea I was there. I gathered my toothpaste and brush, as I listened for the silence in the house to settle down.

I slipped out, went to the bathroom. I walked on in not even thinking anybody was in there. I shut the door behind me as I realized that Sandy was in the tub. She stayed perfectly still as she was immersed in bubbles, and if she moved she would expose such glorious goodness.

When she realized it was me, she then relaxed; I went to the sink to brush my teeth. I looked into the mirror to see that she had pulled herself up out of the water, as she stood to face me as I toward her. The foam slid in shimmering blobs down her body. Her nipples, bright pink from the warmth, stood to attention in the sudden cold. Her hair hung in sinuous ringlets over her shoulders, causing tiny rivulets of water to trickle between her breasts.

I got my usual hard-on as I watched her step out of the bath towards me, foam still sliding down her body. She smiled as she arranged her body in an alluring pose and opened her arms.

"I want the same thing my sister got, are you willing to share?" She asked as she started towards me, scooping up more foam to lather across herself.

There was a small explosion of foam as Sandy grabbed me and pulled me to her, hard. I knew I couldn't be in there long because of either Mike, his mom or dad might come in at any moment and I would be in deep shit, I didn't want to argue with her 6'3 250 pound father. So I tried to back away but found myself against the wall. Sandy just leered at me.

"Isn't this what you wanted? No? What do you want then?" she reached between us to find my dick through the soggy material of my shorts. "Do you want me to touch you? Like this?"

I shook myself free and headed for the door, slipping comically on the wet floor.

Sandy helped herself to more of the scented foam and she pelted me with it. For one moment I seemed to run in one spot as I encountered a particular slippery patch of floor, then I made it to the door and fled to Mike's room. I realized I left my toothpaste and brush back there.

That night I had a hard time trying to get to sleep. Maybe it was because of my constant erection, or maybe when I would close my eyes I would see Sandy and Mandy naked.

The next day, Mike and I played catch while his sisters relaxed in the sun in bikinis behind Mike. Sandy was wearing navy blue and Mandy was wearing yellow. I can't think how many times I nearly got pelleted with the football for not paying attention. One time was when I saw both of them turn over and showing their nice thonged asses.

After about two hours I had to take a piss and I went inside as Mandy was fixing lunch. I went upstairs and I did my business. Upon returning down stairs, I went to change into shorts when I caught sight of Sandy she had her eyes closed and she had my shirt in her hands. She smelled it.

She then lay down on her back on Mike's bed and let the shirt fall over her face. I could see her breathing had deepened. She laid there for a long time breathing deeply, as I watched in silent vigil.

She then started rubbing the shirt over her face. I saw as she untied her bikini top, tossing it aside.

She then held it in one hand, she caressed her face and neck to the cotton material as I watched her other hand stealing furtively between her legs and into her bikini bottoms.

I saw push herself further on the bed and slipped the shirt down her shaking body. I watched as she teased her sensitive nipples; she teased them gently, until they were swollen and ripe. She involuntarily slid the shirt further down over her belly and between her legs. She had, without realizing it, discarded her bottoms, as she placed the lightly over her pussy.

I saw her push the bulk of the material between her legs and took hold of the arms, so that both her hands were full of the cotton material. Pulling first on one sleeve, then the other, she laid back and letting her imagination run free as quick shivers of excitement run through her.

She then pulled the material back up to her face; most likely, she could smell her own scent mingling with mine. She flung her head back as her imagination running wild, she plunged her fingers deep inside her hot wetness. She withdrew her hand then plunged them in once more.

Then something seemed to cause Sandy's attention to slip at that point. She then realized I was standing in there watching the whole scene unfold.

"Bravo! Encore!" I said to her as I applauded her softly so the others wouldn't hear, as I walked into the room.

"How long were you there?" She asked as she fixed her top.

"Not long," I smiled.

We both heard Mandy yell up that lunch was ready. She never said anything throughout the day and the evening. Later that night, I had to get a shower because Mike and I had worked out again.

I don't know how much later into the night Mike and I had stayed up but I knew it was well past midnight and I had to get a shower. I grabbed my clothing and went to the bathroom, laid out my clothes, and then went in. I was soaping my face when I thought I heard the door close, but I wasn't sure. The spray from the shower had beat against the head of my dick and it caused me to gain an erection that wouldn't go down. I finished up and shut off the water as I reached for the towel. I was reaching for the towel and I felt nothing. I looked out and saw that my clothes were gone and there was nothing to dry off. So I stepped out and looked into the cabinets, still nothing. I had nothing to hide my nakedness let alone to dry myself off with.

I looked outside, the coast was clear. I started making a beeline toward Mike's room. As I was sneaking to his room a thought came to my mind, what if his room is locked. I quickly countered the question by thinking, don't be silly just knock, he is a guy too. As soon as I got there, I heard a door open behind me. I feared the worst thinking that it might have been Mike's mom or worst, his dad.

I turned around and it was Sandy, clothed in a mid-thigh white robe. She stood in the opening with one hand upon the door, and the other upon her hip, her body slightly bent and she had eager eyes and parted lips. "Looking for this, perhaps," she asked holding a blue towel.

"Yes, I am." I said shyly.

"Come and get it," she explained as she held it out to me.

"What's wrong, you can show my sister and yet you can't show me?" She said. She could see that I was trying to be modest about my nudity. I placed both my hands front of me to cover myself as best as I could.

"There is nothing vulgar about the human body. Vulgarity is a mental creation. So don't be ashamed that I see your body, if it makes you feel any more comfortable. I'll do this," she stated as she untied the knot on her robe and let it drop.

She stood before me naked, as I could see she shaved her golden treasure as much as her sister. My dick was up and coming out of my hands. She could see it too as I saw her smile grow as did my pecker. Motioning with her finger to come over, I followed her invitation. I slowly made my way toward her; it was like I was in a trace.

Once inside, I received a shock. There was Mandy lying on her back with a hand between her legs playing with her muff. Sandy closed the door unnoticed by me. I stood there in total shock as I watched my best friend's sister play around right in plain view of her other sister.

I figured I couldn't get out if I wanted to, but who would get out of this situation being in a room with two nude flawless blond goddesses. So I went around to the other bed that wasn't occupied.

Mandy looked over at me and smiled as she remarked,” Good, the entertainment has arrived; now we can get started." Sandy came over and gave me a slight push to make me lay on the bed. As Mandy came crawling over to me, now I surely felt like a slab of meat about to be devoured by those wolves.

I laid flat on my back as the two girls began kissing, sucking, and biting their way up and down my body. Of course, I was dying to have my cock sucked as they did this, but they were teasing me by just giving it an occasional kiss. This became excruciating after a while, and I begged them to please suck my cock.

One of them took my cock in their hand while the other started sucking it. I was getting jerked off and sucked at the same time and it was fantastic. I had one of them on each side and it was a perfect angle to finger both of their pussies while they continued their work on my cock. They were both nice and juicy and I licked my fingers to get a taste of their sweet pussies. After a short time, they'd switch, so the one that was sucking was now stroking, and vice versa. Soon, they were both going at my cock, sometimes two tongues licking it, sometimes one mouth sucking my cock and the other licking and sucking my nuts.

It was an incredible feeling, having two mouths at once working on me, and I had a very hard time not cumming. Adding to that, I sometimes couldn't tell who was who.

After around ten minutes of this, Sandy straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. She sat upright as I ate her, and her sister continued to suck and stroke my cock. Mandy straddled my hips, sliding her hot, wet pussy along the top of my cock, and I could see her start kissing Sandy. This was a huge turn on for me. It must've turned Mandy on, as well, because her already wet pussy started getting extremely wet, coating my face. Mandy kept grinding her wet pussy around on top of my cock as she continued making out with Sandy.

Then, they switched places, with Sandy straddling my cock and Mandy straddling my face. Her pussy was so dripping wet that my face was even more drenched than before, as I sucked her clit and tongue fucked her. Sandy used her wet pussy to tease the head of my cock, and then eventually mounted it, slowly. She continued making out with her sister while she started riding my cock. She would slide all the way up on my cock and then slowly down on it and then grind her pussy into me. We were all moaning and panting by this time, and I knew that one or more of us were going to cum soon. My face was dripping wet with pussy juice, but I didn't care because I was in heaven.

Sandy said, "Make me cum, then I want you to fuck her and make her cum." I don't think my cock could have been any harder, it was absolutely swollen to the max and throbbing, ready to cum a wild stream. I began a new rhythm that I figured that it would make her cum. She started moaning, which was muffled by Mandy deeply kissing her. Soon, Sandy shuddered, started bucking her hips, and creamed my cock, nice and long. Her body completely tensed for a few seconds, and then relaxed. Having her cum on my cock definitely had me ready to shoot my load, but I had another girl to satisfy!

Mandy climbed off my face and moves down to mount my cock. I couldn't believe that I never even had to get off of my back for all this fabulous fucking.

Sandy began kissing me and licking Mandy's juice off of my face. Then I felt her sister slide her pussy down onto my cock. It was unbelievably hot and tight. She began rocking back and forth on my cock, taking my long cock all the way in, deeper than Sandy, who's taller, can take it. I was so deep into her, it was amazing. Then, she started to ride me with several quick pumps and then a slow, grinding pump. By then, Sandy was sucking on Mandy's nipples and, before you know it, Mandy was cuming all over my cock.

I couldn't take it anymore, I said, "Girls, I'm going to cum." Mandy climbed off my cock, and Sandy began to stroke it the in such a way so they could watch me cum. My cock was plenty wet from all that pussy juice and creamy cum. She stroked the shaft a few times and then started stroking my head. This sent me over the edge, the cum shooting out of me in long spurts, all over my stomach and chest, drenching me with my own cum. The girls licked all of my cum up.

Years went by and we saw each other a lot more, I'm not talking about Mike and I, but the twins. When I moved out of my parent’s house in my junior year of high school and into a penthouse suite, they moved in with me. We had a lot great sex together and they helped me live my dreams, which I later confessed that I had whacked off just thinking of them and they explained they played with each other thinking of me also. So our secrets were out, but we were fulfilling each others dreams even further. They asked me close to the end of the year to take some photos of them and when they go to New York they could see if they can make it into Playboy. Which I was glad to do it, I would and still do anything for them. They later moved out because of their scholarship in New York. I had wondered if they had ever made it into Playboy when I found a package in the mail. I opened it and an aroma of Dark Vanilla Musk made my dick hard as I saw that it was a copy of Playboy with them on the cover, with their signatures on it in red ink stating, "We love you Jayson, and we will see you soon! Love and Kisses, Mandy and Sandy Bentley." There were two lipstick kisses, one red and one pink.

Rating: 75%, Read 29349 times, Posted Mar 17, 2006

True Story |


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