Dough's Fantasy by Alex+MacDonald

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Fiction | Masturbation, Voyeurism

He was standing under his favourite tree, lost in thought- again.

It had been his chosen spot since he moved to this area some years ago. First of all the tree was huge and old. The mossy ground around it was soft under the soles of his trainers. Hidden behind the bushes he would stand here for hours at a time, thinking and watching the world go by.

The joggers on the track below to be precise, just passing by or stopping at the rail for some light stretching.

He had named every regular, every female regular, imagined their lives, their bodies without clothing.

It was late already. The woods seemed empty, the sun was setting and it got dark. In the dim light he could see one more coming down the the path. Sally, he had named her. She had shown up three or four years ago. First he had thought her young, a mere teenager. Mainly because of her slender figure and her underdeveloped breasts. But she had not changed over the years and he came to the conclusion that she might be in her twenties.

As usual she was dressed in shorts and a tight fitting black tee, her long black hair bound to a ponytail.

As with her age, her story had changes over the years. From being a girl at high school to some college girl he now fancied her to work in a shop. Something fancy, dressed in a tight fitting skirt, a blouse. She had no particular times, sometimes he had not seen her for weeks or month, then she was back. One day he would talk to her, ask her out. Just as the others. One day, but not today.

She stopped at the bridge across the dried up river and leant against the railing and started stretching.

Noiselessly he stepped forward for a better view. Her shirt clung to her body. She seemed more exhausted than usual, her tiny breasts heaved with her heavy breathing.

The snap of a branch made him look down the path.

A guy was coming her way. Tall, broad shouldered, crew cut. Though he was in jeans and t shirt Dough knew the type. Army, a bully, one of the cool, tough guys, always out to bully the guys with brains. Like himself.

Dough snorted with disgust and looked back at Sally. Her shorts were hugging her butt cheeks as she bent forward. He smiled to himself, enjoyed the sight. The tiny red string she would be wearing would slip right in between, being wet with sweat by now.

Entertaining himself for a short while with the vision of her undressing for the shower he realised too late that the guy was walking directly towards her. Only when she turned around and made a small step back he tuned back in.

Oh he knew the type. He would mock her, make fun of her small breasts and after he had had his fun he would move on. But he did not. They exchanged a few words which he could not hear. Sally shook her head, Army guy laughed. With two steps he was next to her, grabbed her arm.

“Run”, Dough whispered, felt his heart beat faster. Visions of how he would step in, help her, rescue her flashed before his eyes. Telling the bloke to get lost, escorting Sally home.

But that would not happen. Instead he pulled out his mobile. No signal. What did he expect, in the middle of a wood.

He looked up again. That guy was touching her, had one hand on her nice firm ass he had admired just moments before. She struggled, tried to break free. But he was taller than her, bulkier and he had not been running.

Dough could see her lips moving, he just laughed again and looked around. Dough held his breath but he was well hidden in the bushes. No-one knew that he was hiding here.

The man grabbed her by the arm and started to drag her towards the bushes.

“Shit”, Dough swore under his breath. What was happening here? He would not, would he?

Slowly he moved, advanced to get down, circle them. The thought of her being fucked – raped- by this guy. He stopped. Things he did not even fantasise about. Until now. And he might be able to watch.

Through some branches he caught a quick glance. The guy dragged her towards a hedge. Beyond that hedge was a small clearing with a fallen tree. Dough knew his way around here. The small animal path would bring him right to the other side. He could hide there, watch.

He did not even think about what he was going to see. Just getting there unseen.

As he finally reached the spot from where he could see he gasped. The guy stood between her legs, pinned her to the tree. His hands were all over her body, she was wriggling in his grasp and trying to get away.

He had to do something.

She tossed back her head and laughed, wrapped one leg around his waist. With one hand in his short hair he pulled him closer and kissed him.

That was not supposed to happen. Dough was startled. In his fantasies girls like her rejected guys like that. But reality was different.

He pulled free, bit her throat and Dough heard her moan. “Come on”, the man's voice was hoarse but clearly used to giving orders. And she obeyed, turned around. He stepped closer, his right hand slid in her tight shorts. Dough could see the finger moving, searching for something. She flinched, laughed again. “Fuck, David.” “That is the plan.”

The fingers moved under the shiny fabric and Dough started to rub his crotch. As Army guy pulled them down he opened his pants.

No red string, only a plain black panties which went down as fast as the shorts. She was shaved. His tanned fingers moving over her pale skin was an interesting sight. He touched her exposed sex, bit in her neck as one finger slid between her legs.

Trying hard not to moan Dough started to rub his cock. Imagined it was her, her fingers touching him, his fingers touching her pussy.

One hand still between her legs the guy opened his pants. She had closed her eyes, was breathing heavily. He moved closer, positioned his cock between her legs and she moaned again, bent over.

Dough held his breath. This was so much better than jerking off to some fantasy.

Sally gasped as David buried his cock with one hard thrust deep inside her, immediately started to fuck her.

The clapping sound of skin on skin, her low moans, his panting filled the clearing. Fast, hard. She had to steady herself on the fallen tree.

Without noticing Dough took up their pace. Fast and hard he stroked his cock. A loud moan escaped his lips and he closed his eyes. He felt his balls harden, the orgasm as he shot his load. Hot cum on his hand, hot breath leaving his mouth.

Panting he stood there, had to lean against a tree. He did not dare to open his eyes again. It had gone quiet. Had they noticed him? Had he been that loud? That was a scary thought. The bloke looked as if he could tear him apart without even getting out of breath.

Eventually he opened his eyes.

The couple was still oblivious of him. Leaning against each other they were sharing a quiet moment. He brushed a strand of her black hair aside and kissed her neck, murmured some words against her sweaty skin.

Quickly Dough cleaned himself, tidied himself up and closed his pants. As quietly as he could he stole sway. That was something he could replay in his mind for weeks, months.

And maybe he would see them again.

Rating: 65%, Read 4533 times, Posted Nov 19, 2019

Fiction | Masturbation, Voyeurism


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