Eternal Awakening: Prologue by OnceForgotten

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***Disclaimer**** This is not my work, This is the work of Captius. I Am simply reposting. If you like this Captius has rewritten this series from scratch and reposted elsewhere.

Now that that is out of the way, I'm reposting this series because I truly loved it and it can no longer be found unless you have the right sources. I want everyone to be able to enjoy it and read it so I am sharing it again. If you have any authors from this sight that cannot be found anymore, I might be able to find their work and repost it. I plan to do Captius' Eternal series, and his defiance/divided, I also plan to repost most of the original work of Ka Hmnd.

Without further wait, I give you the magic of the Eternal series.


Eternal Awakening


In a world filled with fire breathing dragons, powerful magic, Kings, and castles, a war had been raging for nearly thirty years. It was the most terrible war in the history of this magnificent land and many proud and noble people had lost their lives due to the fighting. This was no ordinary war, centered over a dispute, or gold, or even love. No, this war had no reason and that's what made it so terrible. A dark evil swept over the largest continent of the world and plunged everything it touched into destruction. There seemed to be no end to the conflict in sight.

However, three brave mages stood on the front lines of this war and had been doing as such for their entire adult lives. When the war broke out the eldest of the group, Prince of a small nation at the center of the continent and heir to the throne, had only been nineteen. This group of heroes didn't fight for honor, or glory; no, they fought to right the wrong they had made. For you see, this war boiled down to one mistake and one mistake only. And the weight of that mistake hung heavy on their shoulders as they fought desperately to push this darkness back to the abyss it crawled out of.

When these mages had been younger, mere students learning the ways of magic, they had been blessed to have the strongest mage to ever walk the land as their master. He was an eccentric and odd older man who many had said was beyond his prime. Even in his twilight years though he held more magic in his veins than anyone ever had before him. He was known as the Immortal Sage. A name he took too literally.

When the Prince, his cousin, and their best friend came to train under him they learned more in a day than most people did in a year. Everything seemed to good to be true. Sadly, time would prove that was just the case. For one day the master challenged his pupils to a contest, to see if they were just as strong as he was in order to claim the title of being his students and crown a new master. It was this challenge that would shift the destiny of the world forever. Their task: to break the bonds of mortal men and claim immortality through the use of magic.

No one had ever tried such a dangerous experiment before in the history of the world, and for good reason. Magic was powerful, but not that powerful. When someone tried to use more than he should the side effects could be catastrophic. However, these students were not mere peasants. Their lineage traced back to the first mages to ever walk the land and that immense power ran through their blood. Even at such a young age, the three heroes were some of the most powerful mages to live; besides their master of course.

The task they had been given was supposed to be worked on alone, and in secret away from one another. Only one of them could graduate as a new master and all of them wanted that prestigious title. The Prince and his cousin were so blinded by the prospect of living forever and gaining that title that they were lost in their goal. Neither of them stopped to think that what they were doing was wrong. How could they? They were still young and naive. Their best friend however, well he saw the dangers lurking behind this test but was powerless to stop what was about to happen.

It turned out that it hadn't just been a contest between the three friends; their master was also working on his own solution as well. His knowledge, power, and experience dealing with the most powerful types of magic known to man gave him a strong edge and before any of the others had even begun to tinker with the idea, he had already mastered it. None of his students would graduate with the title of the new master. The Immortal Sage would always be the one true master, for all of eternity.

Or, at least, that's what he expected. But true to the youngest pupils fears, the magic and spells his master used to infuse himself with never ending life back fired. So much magical energy was released in the resulting explosion that most of the capital city, where they studied and lived, was taken out in an instant. The Immortal Sage had survived however. To be more precise, his body had survived but his mind was long gone; corrupted by the dark magic he had unwittingly used to grant his wish. What was left behind was a being of pure instinct, consisting entirely of magic and the need to feed. The only thing that could whet it's hunger was the magic of every living being on the planet.

Thus started this brutal war. One mistake, one little slip up had plunged the world into the pits of hell and only three people knew the truth of it. Only three people could stand up against their old master and stop him once and for all. Thirty plus years had passed though and the combined armies of man and the dark elves could do nothing to stop the spread of darkness.

Over the years of feeding and growing stronger, the entity had gained intelligence as well; or perhaps it was just tapping into the brain of its host body. Regardless of how it happened, the fact was that the creature of pure magic began to use others to obtain its goal of devouring all magic in existence. Weak willed men and women who got too close were driven mad by the powerful magic emanating from the monsters body and it found that it could mould their minds so that they would become its slaves. It even kept around powerful mage's that had fallen to its awesome power and created an army to fight off its enemies. In twenty five years more than ninety percent of the continent had fallen before the beast and the combined armies of man and the dark elves had little hope of continuing to fight. They were now on the brink of annihilation.

Only the three brave and troubled heroes stood tall and fought on.

Roku (Row-coo) stood by the opening flap of his small tent and gazed out on the snow covered land. Winter had come early this year and a chilling wind tore through the small military camp, tossing embers from the fire pits into the air and chilling every person to the bone. It was going to be a hard winter as most of the food had been depleted and his armies were on the brink of starvation. If something wasn't done soon they wouldn't see another spring.

This war had cost everyone dearly, but they had no choice but to keep fighting. They stood on the edge of fertile lands filled with cities, towns, villages, and precious farmland. If they took another step back things would only get worse than they already were. They were in desperate need of a staggering victory now and one of the last remaining Kings, his best friend's father, had tasked Roku and his two friends with getting that victory.

Many believed it was impossible, that their enemy and it's many slaves were just too powerful to stand against. Roku had been preparing for this for thirty years though. All of his energy, blood, sweat, and tears had been for this day and it was about to dawn on him. He knew what he had to do, knew what was needed of him and he would not shrink under that responsibility. He was not fighting to save the world though. No, that was too much to put on one person alone. Roku was only trying to right a mistake he had made as a child and fix the problems it had caused. He knew that's all his life was meant for.

'Do you mind,' a sweet yet annoyed female voice sighed from further back in the tent, 'It's getting cold in here, so close the flap and get under the blanket, General.'

Roku did as he was asked and closed the flap, tying it tightly so the wind wouldn't blow it open once more. He turned back to the source of the voice and gazed upon the beautiful woman who lay naked in his bed, her long cinnamon brown hair hanging over her shoulders and a worried look in her soft brown eyes. She was a picture of beauty and made Roku's heart skip a beat every time he saw her with his own eyes.

'Forgive me, Princess,' he said with a smile and took a few steps closer to the woman. Her name was Celia and she was the Princess of Alysia, younger sister to his best friend, the crown Prince of Alysia. However, they were siblings without a country, as it had fallen eight years ago and they sought sanctuary in the Dark Elves land.

'What do you think my brother would do if he knew I had snuck away from the capital to come to this camp on the front lines?' Celia asked with a twinkle in her eye. She was known for her disobedience, all the more proof for why she was in his bed and naked as the day as she was born.

'Lecture you lightly and then send you back home with three dozen guards. Wales has always been too soft on you,' Roku answered and Celia laughed softly and nodded her head in agreement.

'What about my father?'

'He would also make sure you got back to the capital, but with double the guards and a full honor guard. If he knew why you had come and where you had spent the night however, well let's just say I wouldn't see the light of another day.'

'Then it's best he doesn't know you were involved, right?' she teased and swung the covers off her body to reveal her magnificent body that always tempted him.

'Can I count on you to keep my secret, Princess?'

'How many times do I have to ask you? Stop calling me Princess!'

Roku smiled and climbed into the bed, running his calloused hands over Celia's smooth body, causing her to shiver from the cold. 'If I get caught and your father has the guards arrest me, I want him to at least know that I was observing some royal protocol, even if I am about to break about a thousand others.'

'Calling me by my proper title isn't going to make up for the hundred times we have laid together, General Roku.'

Celia wrapped her arms around Roku's neck and pulled him down until their bodies were pressed tightly together, his long night robe opening in the front slightly allowing some skinship. She brought her tender lips up to meet his chapped ones and kissed him passionately, allowing the heat of their combined bodies to warm her up once more. Roku wrapped his own arms around Celia's back and rolled her on to her side in the same moment she kicked her leg over his hip and held him tightly.

Celia's hard and yet supple nipples pressed into Roku's chest and he relished the feeling as he felt a wave of both pleasure and power rush through his body. This truly was the best way to recharge his body and mind for battle. He would never tell Celia that though. Instead, he focused on the tongue that had suddenly slipped into his mouth and he sucked on gently, feeling Celia's body shudder under the attention. It amazed him sometimes just how many sensitive spots Celia had on her body, but it made it all the better to touch and play with.

His lovers hand snaked its way between their bodies and gently grabbed a hold of his already rock hard penis, her fingers gripping it around the base stiffly and beginning to move up and down very slowly and deliberately. It was an exquisite feeling but it seemed both of them were through with the foreplay as they both brought their hips together and Celia lined the tip of his head up with her wet opening, the heat of her womanhood enveloping him. The last time they had been together like this had been six months ago and it was apparent they both needed a quick release. It was only further compounded by the fact that Roku would be going to battle the next morning. Neither of them wanted to waste their time on the more mundane side of sex.

Roku began to slowly apply pressure, his hard cock pressing deeper and deeper into Celia's folds as she let out a soft moan and had to break their kiss so she could breath. She cooed softly as more and more of him slipped into her body and the hands that were now wrapped around his back were digging their nails into his soft flesh. The tiny amount of pain only added to the feeling of closeness and Roku began to fully engulf himself in this gorgeous royal.

'Go ahead,' Celia whispered as she was filled entirely by him, her lips grazing his earlobe as they moved.

'Your brother's tent is right next to us, are you sure you can keep it down?' Roku asked as a tendril of worry about being caught crept into his weary mind. Celia simply nodded into his shoulder and tightened her grip on his back, pressing her rather large breasts into his chiseled chest further.

Roku didn't need any more prodding than that and he quickly began to pump himself in and out of her tight hole, the feeling of her muscles gripping his member causing a shiver of pure pleasure to run up his spine. Celia was a rather small girl in stature, and besides her breasts, the rest of her body was fairly compact. Roku loved the feeling of being squeezed on all sides more than anything else in the world and not even the rush of power his magic washed over him in combat could compare. It was a pretty close second though.

'A... a little... faster,' Celia moaned but kept her voice down lest she wake her over protective brother in the next tent over. Roku grabbed the younger woman by the hips and began to move his own at a faster pace, keeping it steady as she moaned and groaned with each thrust. Her nails had broken the skin on his back already and he could feel small trickles of blood dribbling down his flesh, but he quickly ignored that and focused solely on the immense pleasure Celia was providing him.

The feeling of tension right before an eruption was already beginning to well up in the pit of his stomach and his testicles had tightened in anticipation as he continued to drive his hard cock in and out of Celia's quickly swelling flower, her juices causing a pleasant sloshing noise each time. It had been too long since his last release that Roku wasn't going to last much longer, and he cursed his body for being so overzealous. He had been hoping that tonight he could make this last a lot longer than this.

He didn't seem to be alone in that aspect though as Celia's muscles inside her pussy began to pulse around his cock, each thrust he made making it more and more pronounced. Her moans had been getting louder with each forceful entry and she buried her face in his shoulder, clamping her teeth around his skin in an attempt to stop the strong sounds coming from her throat. All she succeeded in doing was breaking through the first few layers of skin with her sharp teeth, threatening to cause him to bleed even more than he already was.

Roku's own moans now mingled with Celia's and he forced himself to clamp his mouth shut as his cock pounded in and out of her overflowing honey pot, the wet slapping noise ringing through the cold air. He was really close to the edge now but before he could fully reach it, Celia tightened every muscle in her body and groaned loudly into his shoulder, her teeth finally breaking the last barrier of skin on his shoulder. Her pussy vibrated around him, clamping down with so much force he found his movement impeded. It was enough stimulation though and as Celia continued to moan and writhe on him his own body seized up and he unleashed his seed deep into the woman's womb, filling her up to the brim.

As their orgasms subsided slowly and some of his seed dribbled out from their union, Roku held Celia closer and snuggled into her body. He let the heat of their love making wash over his sore and tired body and tried to memorize every little nook and cranny of her. In the back of his mind he knew this was one of the best times of his life and he always wanted to remember it. No matter what.

After they lay there in each other's arms for a few minutes, Celia moved her head away from his now bleeding shoulder and looked up at his face. There was a smile on her lips and a hazy look in her eyes a small amount of his blood dripped from her lush lips and down her chin. She didn't seem to notice or care though.

'What will become of us, when this war is over?' she asked in a hushed whisper.

'What do you mean?' Roku asked in return, not quite sure what Celia meant by that question.

'Will we remain like this? Or will we ask for more?'

Roku could hear the longing in Celia's hushed tones and he closed his eyes as he tried to pick out the right words. He had been hoping she didn't bring this subject up, it was just too painful to deal with that night. But he couldn't leave her with no answer, and considering what tomorrow meant he couldn't leave her with a bad answer. He owed her more than that.

'When this war is over you will go back to being the Princess of Alysia, a country that will no longer have a need for a General like me. As for us, well... I will approach your father and ask him for your hand.'

'Really?' Celia breathed and her eyes suddenly lit up. Roku nodded solemnly and his lover embraced him tighter, wrapping every inch of her body around his.

Roku let her get as close as she wanted, sleep dragging at both of them from the depths of the darkness. He knew he had just lied to her and he knew it was wrong. He would end up hurting her in the long run but he couldn't stand to make her sad right then. There was too much else going on that was enough to make anyone sad and he didn't want his words to become one more reason for this woman not to smile. He would protect that smile of hers until his dying breath.

Morning came far too early for Roku's liking. The sun must have only been up for a few minutes when the flap on his tent was opened and soft hands pushed him until he was awake. With bleary eyes and no memory of where he was for a few moments, Roku gazed up at the sleek form of one of his best friends, Lady Monica Rysto, first cousin to Celia and Wales and a member of the Royal Family. Her soft and long straw colored hair hung over her face like a curtain and she wore a grim smile.

'It's time to get up, sleepy head,' she said gently and then shook him once more for good measure.

In a fit of sheer panic, Roku jumped out of bed totally naked and turned around, sure he would see Celia still lying there in a peaceful slumber. Instead he found his bed empty and no trace the Princess had even been there, which was very good. If Monica knew he had slept with her cousin the night before she would surely scold him. That was the kind of person she was. Oh, she would probably also say something to Wales as well which would only make matters a hundred time worse.

'What happened to your shoulder?' Monica asked from behind him and Roku shifted his eyes until he could make out the form of his shoulders. Sure enough, Celia had left quite the mark and even now it bled a little.

'I was sparring with some of the knights yesterday,' Roku made up, 'One of them nicked me pretty good.'

'Always have to show off your superior sword skills, don't you?' Monica sighed and seemed to buy his story. 'You are the strangest mage I have ever known. Most of us don't see the need for martial weapons when we have so much power at our finger tips.'

Noticing that he was still naked, Roku began to dress in his military uniform in front of his friend while he answered. 'If someone's coming at you with a sword and you falter in your incantation, you're as good as dead.'

'But you don't use incantations, do you? So what's the point?'

'Are you making fun of my magic?' he asked with a smile and was greeted by one of Monica's own smiles. 'Just because I can't use elemental magic like you and the rest of the mages doesn't mean I am a freak of nature.'

'Oh, but you are a freak of nature, friend.' Monica laughed and patted the man roughly on his sore shoulder. 'You are the only person in all the world who can't use one of the elemental magic's but still has more power than everyone else. To prove how smart you are you even went off and found a new form of magic that no one else can use.'

They both laughed for a moment while Monica helped Roku put on his heavy plate armor, the weight of the steel cutting deep to his bones as the chill air of the morning crept into his brain. Having finished getting his gear on he grabbed his unique sword, forged from the metal of a meteor that fell to the ground almost twenty years ago, and tied it to his back.

'Is everyone else ready?' he asked and Monica nodded.

'All the preparations have been made and everyone is waiting in the valley just like you wanted them to. I was going to rouse earlier, but Wales asked me to let you sleep a little longer. Must be nice to be best friends with the Prince.'

Roku ignored the jab and instead walked out into the snowy camp, the wind instantly cooling his armor down to an unbearable temperature. Both he and Celia quickly walked towards the makeshift stable area and found their trusty steeds waiting for them, their own set of armor over their bodies. Their mounts had been gifts to the Royal Family from the Dark Elves King and the three friends were probably the only humans who could ever ride them. They were large green dragons, the pride of the Dark Elf nation, the only sentient species who could train them.

Roku walked up to his friend and patted the dragon hard on the side of the torso, rubbing his hands over it a moment later. This magnificent beast had gotten him out of more trouble than he could count and the two had bonded in the fires of war. He was truly blessed to have this dragon as his friend and comrade.

'Are you ready, Zygo?' he asked it and the dragon made a deep sound in its throat as it gently tossed its head back and forth in answer. 'Good boy. Then we shall ride.'

Roku quickly climbed up into the large leather saddle and grabbed the reins in his right hand, preferring to keep his dominant hand free jus incase he needed it. With a gentle kick of his heels Zygo flapped it's large wings, creating a swirl of pure white snow, and jumped into the air. Monica was right behind him and together, on their dragon steeds, they flew head on into the bitter wind and towards the site of the upcoming battle.

Less than ten minutes later they were softly falling from the sky, an army ten thousand strong lined up neatly beneath them at the mouth of a large valley that would play host to bloody combat. A lone dragon with a regal rider sat at the head of the army and that's where Roku landed, calming his dragon as the tension filled air made it nervous.

'And the great Hero General finally arrives,' an authoritative voice called out through the wind and Roku looked upon the handsome face of his closest friend, Prince Wales, who sat upon the great dragon Zephyr.

'I humbly apologize for my lateness, Your Highness,' he spoke and bowed his head in recognition.

'It is too early in the damn morning for that crap, Roku! We are on the verge of battle and official greetings and titles should be the last thing on your mind!'

'Forgive me, Your Almighty-ness,' he spoke and tried to keep his voice sounding as noble as possible. They both sat there for a moment before breaking out into laughter that even some of the soldiers lined up behind them caught on to.

'It is good to see you, friend,' the Prince said happily and Roku returned the sentiment. 'Are you ready for today?'

'Not even close,' Roku joked and kept the seriousness from his voice, 'but I think I'll manage, as I always do.'

'Alright you two, let's keep the jokes to a minimum. The troops can hear you,' Monica sighed in frustration as she touched down on the other side of the Prince.

'Come now, cousin, we're just making a little levity. I wouldn't want the soldiers going into combat without laughing one last time.'

Monica simply shook her head at her cousin's cheerful attitude and fixed her gaze on Roku. Roku shrugged his shoulders, trying to tell her to just let it go, and then looked out over the wide valley that would be pivotal in their campaign. They needed to push the enemy back here or risk losing everything. It wouldn't be an easy task, but Roku had a trick up his sleeve he had been saving for this exact occasion.

It only took another five minutes for the first sign of their enemy to arrive appear. Thick black clouds gathered on the far end of the valley and threatening lightning swirled about, their thunderclaps shaking the ground they stood on. A few moments later the front lines of the slave army appeared and Roku's heart sank as he realized it had grown in size from his last scouting mission. This would not be an easy fight by any means.

'It's time,' Wales spoke and his voice was suddenly serious. 'We'll be sticking with Roku's tactics that we decided on last night, with one change. Monica, I want you to lead the Dark Elf Dragoons in the initial attack.'

'Me?!' the woman said loudly in surprise and even Roku thought he had heard wrong. 'I thought Roku was leading them into battle!'

'Please cousin, do not question my orders. You are a strong mage and will be able to handle yourself. Go and make sure they are ready.'

Monica really looked like she wanted to disobey the orders she had been given. She was staring angrily at her cousin, her mouth open slightly as she tried to formulate scathing words to get him to reconsider. The Prince's mind would not be changed however. You could see it in the way he sat on Zephyr's broad back, proud and tall with an air of authority hanging over him like a cloud. Roku had never seen him more serious before and it was a little surprising.

'As you wish, Your Highness,' Monica said stiffly as she seemed to come to the same conclusion as Roku had. She gripped the reins in her hands tighter and then looked towards Roku, a concerned glint in her pale green eyes. 'Roku...' she said softly but the wind carried her words to him, 'I have to say this... I-'

'You can tell him what's on your mind after the battle, Lady Monica,' Wales cut her off. She glared angrily at him for a second and then nudged her dragon into the air, disappearing from sight a moment later as she went to hook up with the Dark Elf Dragon Riders.

Roku and Prince Wales sat there in silence for a few moments and it grew to become uncomfortable. Even his mount was shifting under the pressure of the moment and he had to rein him back in gently. Roku was about to open his mouth to say something witty, as was their custom before going into battle, but his friend turned to him with the still serious look and gently shook his head.

'Master Rydo will probably be in the cave on the face of the mountain to the east of here,' he said and Roku couldn't stifle the gasp that escaped his lips.

'Wales?' he said slowly, 'Wha-'

'I've known what you have been planning to do for years now, Roku. Do not hide it from me any longer.'

'I'm sorry,' he said softly and he couldn't meet his friends eyes anymore. 'If you knew what I was planning then why didn't you say something? Or even try to stop me?'

'It was not my place,' the Prince answered and pulled his reins to the right so his dragon turned to face Roku head on. 'This mistake belongs to all of us; me, you, and even Monica. We are all equally to blame for what happened, but you are the only one who can redeem us. With your unusual magic you can put an end to this senseless war.'


'I have done everything I could in keeping this from Monica, which is why I sent her away just now. Otherwise she would have followed you into battle and gotten in the way when you needed to concentrate the most. Do what needs to be done, brother.'

There was a massive ball of guilt roiling in the pit of Roku's stomach as his friends words struck him hard. To be honest though, he was glad Wales knew what would happen this day. He had originally been planning on not telling anyone and just disappearing from the battle, but now that his best friend knew what he was sacrificing he felt better with his impending fate. Someone would know what he had or had not accomplished.

'Thank you, Your Highness,' Roku bowed and this time Wales didn't complain about it. They embraced hands and looked deep into each other's eyes for a moment, the weight of implications bearing down on both of the men who stood before the armies of destruction.

'No, thank you, Master Roku,' Wales spoke and added the title of master onto his name. 'When the battle begins it should provide enough cover for you to find him. Just promise me one thing: end this today.'

Roku nodded slowly and then broke the embrace, putting his right hand over his heart in an emotional final salute to his superior and best friend. The temptation to ask Wales to tell the Princess that he was sorry hit him in that moment, but he quickly shook it away. He couldn't be thinking about her right now, he had to stay focused. Everything was coming to a head here and he needed to be ready for anything.

The signal for the first attack rose through the air and suddenly the world around him erupted in chaos as the final battle finally began.

Monica and her Dark Elf Dragoon's attacked the slave army first, elemental magic and dragon fire raining down on them in a devastating display of power. Their job was to provide cover for the bulk of the army behind them and take as many enemies out as they possibly could. Even with all their powerful attacks, many of the dragons and their riders fell from the skies as powerful spells plucked them from the heavens.

They had completed their job though. The mages and knights of the combined nations slammed head long into the slave army's ranks, spilling blood everywhere the eye could see. Prince Wales led the attack, his powerful wind and lightning magic tearing huge gaps in his enemies as the soldiers rallied around him and pressed ever forward. This was a battle that would live in the annals of history for thousands of years to come.

The real battle began shortly after the initial attack though. The man who would later become known as the Eternal Master fought his way through his fallen masters guards that had hidden in a cave in the center of a large mountain not far from the battle that raged on outside. Not much would be known of this battle, but it served as the biggest moment in history. Pupil against Master. Good against Evil. It would all be decided in those dark caves hidden away from view.

The key battle raged for six hours, neither mage able to get the upper hand. Roku had become exhausted, all his efforts now just trying to stave off the killing blow as the powerful magic entity pressed him hard. But he had still yet to use his final move; the one that would end it all right then and there. If there was ever a moment to use it, it was now. And Roku knew it. He could feel it deep in his soul. All his long hours studying, training, and secrecy had come down to this one moment.

No one would ever know just what happened to end the war. They just knew that one moment the massive battle in the valley was raging hard, and the next it was over. Everyone who had been corrupted by the powerful magic that emanated from the monsters body suddenly dropped to the blood soaked ground dead. It was as simple and enigmatic as that. After thirty long years of near apocalyptic and catastrophic destruction, the war was over.

Prince Wales would later venture to the cave where the real battle had taken place, hoping to find his friend there waiting for him. When he entered the last chamber though, he was stunned by what he saw. A massive and almost mirror like surface sat on the other side, one with the cave wall and a powerful and evil magic radiating from it. Besides this strange sight there was nothing else that caught the distraught prince's eye. Until he turned to leave and caught sight of something written on the wall near the entrance.

I kept my promise.

Four words, that was all. It was written in charcoal and looked like it was a hurried work, most of the letters touching one another and poorly done. Prince Wales knew exactly what it meant though. Roku had been successful. He had disappeared, but he had done what needed to be done in order to bring peace.

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