A Class for the Curious by FantasyTime

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A Class For the Curious

I had known Opal to be a good teacher for a long time. She was a teacher with a mission. She felt it was her duty to impart knowledge to her students and did her best to carry it out.

Of late she had started a class for the curious children of the age 16 years. I admired her new effort as it was a noble thing to do. She asked students what they wanted to know and if she knew the thing she explained it right there and if not in the next class she would collect the necessary information and explain. Sometimes she invited experts to share their information with the students. She usually conducted the classes on holidays for a couple of hours.

On one of my trips to US when I realized her restlessness in my company I asked her the reason. She loved my company but it was time for her special class for the curious. I asked her to go ahead and told her I would wait for her. Instead she said I could come to the class and share some knowledge with the students. I liked the idea and went in her car to a place outside the city. It was a rented room in a one-story building.

After getting down from the car before going inside we embraced and kissed. Opal was excited and soon we started groping each other. I squeezed her boobs and buttocks and tried to put my finger in her ass-crack. She wore a red short dress and it was easy for me to put my finger in her ass and push it towards her pussy. We soon realized that we had come to meet the students and separated from the embrace and hurried towards the building.

There were about 13-15 teenage boys and girls. They exchanged pleasantries with us and Opal introduced them to me and me to them. Then Opal asked them what they wanted to learn about.

There was a silence for a few moments. Then the students whispered among themselves. We could hear the words--"You tell, Tommy!"; "No, no Nancy, you should tell".

Finally a bold girl got up and said in broken words, "We--we would like to--to know about sex.."

Opal and I looked at each other. Finally Opal told the students, "Okay. Sex is a phenomenon which occurs when usually a man and a woman are attracted to each other. It is a physical union between the two. When a woman comes of age she has developed breasts and hips and her genitals are also ready for reproduction. Similarly a man comes of age--he gets a beard and hair on other parts of the body. Even a woman gets hair in her armpits and genitals."

The girl named Nancy shouted, "Just as Mr Frank there has his small beard."

Tommy said, "We know all what you said. We want to see. Opal, ma’am you are now grown. Can we see your breasts, hips and genitals?"

For a moment Opal was embarrassed and looked at me. I smiled and nodded. I helped Opal to remove her dress. Then I unhooked her bra. Two huge melons spilled out of her bra and there was a noise of "oohs" and "aahs".

Nancy was a smallish thin girl. She looked at her own small breasts and was probably envious of Opal's boobs. Timidly she asked, "Ma’am, can I touch your--your..."

Instead of Opal I answered, "Yes, Nancy, go ahead!" Nancy moved forward and slowly fondled Opal's breasts. Then she requested her "ma’am" to turn around and probed Opal's butt. She caressed her butt and even put her finger deep into her ass-crack. Again she asked Opal to turn around and explored Opal's pussy. Opal was excited so much that her love juices had started flowing. Nancy took a small smear of the sticky fluid on her finger and said, "What is this ma’am?"

Opal said, "Nancy dear it is a liquid which comes from deep inside from the pussy to lubricate during the sex act."

"Will I have similar fluid, ma’am?" she asked.

"See for yourself," Opal said.

Nancy removed her light blue dress; took out her bra and panties. She had small tits with perky little pink nipples. Her pussy was just showing a small fluff of golden pubic hair. She reaced to her pussy and put her finger inside and took out. "Yes, yes. I too have that fluid," she exclaimed.

"Oh, no. You are not yet developed like ma’am. You have very small tits. You will not have that fluid," Tommy teased her.

"Tom, put your finger and see--" Nancy commanded.

Tom did as asked and he smelled. "Oh, it smells lovely," and he licked it.

"Lick it at the source, you dumb guy!" commanded Nancy and sat on a chair on the platform spreading her legs. Tom licked her cunt and love it.

Still he had a close look at the petite body of Nancy and said sarcastically, "Your sister Linda is more endowed. She is perhaps as developed as ma’am!"

Nancy became a bit nervous and called out to Linda. Linda came and Nancy literally tore her clothes. Both girls stood naked on the platform.

"Now look--she is more endowed than I. She has bigger boobs and--and a deeper and wider cunt. But certainly not as much as ma’am's. Let us see for ourselves,"

Nancy pushed Linda towards Opal and started probing the cunts of both. "Look, ma’am's pussy is flowing. Linda's is just watering. Ma’am's boobs are huge and Linda's are not as big. Linda is two years older. When I become her age my boobs too will be like hers. But today her cunt is not even half as sticky as mine..." Nancy said victoriously and called Tom to see for himself.

Tom fingered both the females and even tasted their pre-cum and decided ma’am's juice was much more and tastier.

"Ma’am, looks like you are ready for sex. We have noticed that you were fondling each other before you entered the class. Can you demonstrate the act of sex?" Tom inquired.

Again Opal looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and Opal began removing my clothes. My cock was not very erect. So Nancy and Linda asked if I was not yet ready for sex.

"Yes. He will have to be prepared for sex," said Opal.

"How?" asked Linda.

"Like this--" Opal replied and started sucking my cock. Linda and Nancy were visibly enjoying. They tapped Opal's butt and asked, "Ma’am, can we do that to Mr Frank?"

Again Opal looked at me and smiled. Nancy and Linda rushed and held my cock.

Linda protested, "I have got the permission" and she pushed Nancy. But I pulled Nancy near and said, "Both of you can do that to me!”

Then while Nancy who was fancying my balls started fondling them while Linda started sucking my cock. My cock started becoming tumescent.

Tom moved forward and said, "Ma’am's cu--cunt is becoming dry. May I make her we--wet?"

I nodded and Tom proceeded. he was a tall and lean but muscular guy. He started squeezing Opal's boobs. Then he put a finger in her pussy and another in her asshole. Opal started moaning. She became wet and her cunt juice started flowing again. My cock too had become stiff and its tip was coated with pre-cum.

Another boy called Pete was watching everything with amusement. He came forward and said, "Now both ma’am and Mr. Frank are ready for a--for a fuck. Will you please both show us how it is done?"

Opal looked at me with a smile. We were getting at something which we both wanted badly.

"What we will do now? My cock too is becoming hard," Tom said.

"My cunt is dripping wet," Linda said.

"Mine too!" Nancy added.

Opal lay on the table with her legs wide open--her heavenly hole seen clearly by everyone. Then she pulled me and guided my stiff cock slowly into her highly lubricated pussy. She herself started pushing her pussy towards my torso--she was so much horny.

For a while all the students gathered around us and watched with great interest. They touched us also. They fondled Opal's boobs tried to finger the tip of her pussy. Nancy even pinched my nipples.

Tom screamed, "I can stand it no longer. Shall I do this same thing to Linda." Linda said, "Yes, yes. Please fuck me, Tom!"

I took out my cock from Opal's cunt and said in a firm voice, "No, no. You can't do that. It is not legal."

"Then shall I suck his cock while he fingers my pussy?" Linda asked.

"Okay you may do that," I told them. Linda sat down and proceeded to suck Tom's dick. Tom was yet a hairless boy but had a rather long penis.

Nancy looked around and saw that my cock had become flaccid. So she on her own came towards me and sucked my cock till it became rigid. Then she pulled my cock towards Opal's cunt and pushed it inside.

Pete came running towards Nancy. He pulled down his pants and begged Nancy to suck his cock. Pete's penis was small but cute and Nancy loved it because she literally jumped towards it and started sucking it wildly. Pete put his fingers into Nancy's cunt and asshole and pinched her pink small nipples. They became hard and erect.

Soon Pete's small pink and delicate cock shook, he himself shuddered and emptied his virgin semen into Nancy's mouth. Nancy shouted, "Oh

my, my--it is so hot and tastes salty. But I like it." Pete relaxed though he continued to finger Nancy's pussy and pink hairless asshole. He soon got up and said, "I am going to do something different now."

"Can I join you?" Nancy begged.

"Yes, you may but I don't know if you would like it." Pete came forward to where I was fucking Opal in full view of the students around.

He patted Opal's butt and asked, "Ma’am, can I take these--I love these and I would like to kiss them." He was holding Opal's rather large size but thin and semi-transparent bra and panty.

"Oh sure. Guys--this is called fetish--when one loves the underwear or even shoes of other person." Opal explained between her "oohs and aahs" while getting fucked. Then she turned to Pete and said, "I like that you love my wet and sticky panty. But do me a favour. I want to kiss your penis for that and when you masturbate against my panty please do not waste your valuable cum. Just before you ejaculate come to me. I will like to taste you semen too.

“Why only Nancy should have it?" Linda complained.

"Oh fine!" Pete said and moved to a corner where he lovingly kissed and licked inner sticky part of Opal's underwear and soon started

masturbating with it.

Nancy turned to us and said, "That's okay with me too but I have a fetish with Mr Frank's armpits, butt and balls. So can I.." I smiled and nodded. Nancy proceeded to sniff at my armpits, balls and butthole too. That excited me more and I started fucking Opal furiously.

Nancy winked at me and said, "I knew..you too are enjoying this!" Linda moved close and was keenly observing our copulation. She suddenly said, "Ma’am you talked about fetish. It is queer but I like the smell of urine--and perhaps its taste too."

Opal was gasping on account of my sudden outburst of fucking but managed to say, "So..?"

"Well, after you both finish your--your fu- fucking I would like to smell and taste your pee. And Mr Frank's too."

"Okay," Opal said and we resumed our sex act. I was about burst and empty my cum into Opal's hot cunt when we heard a woman's voice yelling.

"What's going on here Opal? I thought you were teaching the kids!"

A white petite female wearing a short shirt and a tight skirt was standing in the door frame.

"Marty,” Martha’s pet name that only Opal used, “how come you are here?" Opal half sat on the table dislodging my penis from her steaming pussy.

"Answer me first. I saw your car outside and thought should give you a surprise," said Martha (Marty) and advanced forward.

"Oh you are getting a sound fucking from your latest boyfriend but in front of

these kids.."she gasped.

Suddenly Tom, Pete and Nancy shouted in unison, "We are not kids.."

Martha was subdued and said "You are all underage, and if the police is called, someone will go to jail.” I froze, as did Opal. Pete had a better idea.

“No one is calling anyone. You Ms. Martha will join us. I am curious and I would love to taste your dripping pussy. I can see the wet spot in your crotch. Close and lock the door. No one needs to know our secret.” Martha was shocked at how bold the youngster was, “Okay, okay. Relax."

Then she smiled and turned to Opal and said, "Did you know, Opal that I have had a crush on you for a long time."

Opal looked bewildered and stuttered, "No, no. I--I didn't.."

"Okay. Now you know it," Martha came closer and pushed me aside. She started caressing Opal's boobs and put her hand under her butt.

Linda whispered but loud enough for everyone to hear, "Look that lady is--is a lez."

"What is a le--lez?" Tom asked.

"Lez means a woman making love to a woman.. Lez is actually lesbian," Linda explained. Opal curtly nodded.

"But how can a woman love a woman?" Tom insisted.

"Watch for yourself," Linda smiled and pointed her finger to Martha who was fingering Opal's ass and pussy.

At the point, Martha and Opal were oblivious to anyone else in the room. So engrossed were they in their passion that no one else mattered. Nancy, Pete, and Linda watched captivated at the sight before them. Mr. Frank stood stroking his hard cock as he watched the two women bringing each other to climax over and over again. Finally, Linda, the quietest of all the girls was gazing longingly at Frank’s cock.

Mr. Frank” she whispered, please let me…” she didn’t have to finish. Frank eagerly shoved his cock into her wet and willing mouth. Now Pete and Nancy were randy from watching Frank and Opal fuck earlier. Now they had an idea of what to do, Pete moved behind his young classmate and had her bend over.

As hard as he could he shoved his prepubescent cock deep inside her dripping cunt. The young girl moaned. She loved the way he felt ass hid slid in and out of her body.

Not to be left out Frank and Linda too joined in the fun. Linda lay on her back as Frank climbed between her thighs entering her love box and fucking her furiously. Linda loved fucking Frank’s cock; his musky smell made her cunt swell with and flood with her juices. He had her stop and repositioned her body so he could fuck her doggy-style. He fingered her hairless cunt as he rode her with enthusiasm.

Soon Opal moaned and Martha continued to bury her face inside her pussy. Frank shouted as his seed ‘s spurted deep inside Linda’s small canal. Soon everyone was spent, depleted in coital bliss. Soon, Opal noticed the time. The parents would be by to collect their children. She and Marty hurriedly dressed and helped the young ones with their clothes. The tutoring session was done for this day. Opal and Marty made sure to clean the room, spraying to get rid of any telling smells. We all met back in her classroom. She spoke and reminded the kids to say nothing.

“Ma’am, Ms. Marty, Mr. Frank, can we meet again and study some more next week?” Linda asked. I liked Linda, she was eager. Although I feared if her mother learned that I’d fucked her my freedom would end. Opal was uncertain. I had fucked a student, and I was not supposed to. She hesitated, but Nancy, Pete, and Linda spoke. They swore they would not tell, and our secret was safe. However, Pete added, if we tried to end it, he’d make sure their parents knew why. He smiled evilly, and I must admit. I liked his gumption. The next time, I would introduce him to ass play. I would have the girls lick is asshole. Then I’d bring with me a special toy just for him. He’d like that.

Opal, Martha, and I looked at each. We smiled. Our teenaged lovers had no idea of what awaited them. What started out as a class for students ended in a lesson for the teachers.

Rating: 85%, Read 19980 times, Posted May 30, 2014

Fantasy | At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, Girl, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, School, Young


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