My Virgin Harem by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

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My Virgin Harem

I was away at college but found a way to come home unexpectedly one weekend. I hadn’t been home in about six weeks. I got dropped off down at a main intersection and had to walk a few blocks but it was a nice evening. As I approached the house I noticed that there were no cars in the driveway meaning that both of my parents had gone out. However, the lights were all on in the house. I approached the house cautiously. We lived on the end of a dead end street and sometimes things happened that were not expected.

I put my backpack in the bushes and looked around carefully. I looked in the windows and eventually I saw a bunch of girls in the basement family room. There were four girls plus my sister. They were all naked including my sister. I recognized her friends. When I lived at home I referred to them as The Brat Pack.

My sister Katie was usually the ringleader. Michelle was her ‘yes man’ and would always back her up to get the others to go along, no matter how dumb the idea was. Rhonda, Peggy Sue, and Lucy were the followers.

I was curious as to what I had stumbled into.

I was nineteen years old and a college freshman at a state college about a two-hour drive away.

My sister Katie was sixteen years old, had long brown hair, and nice B-cup breasts. I liked to see her in bikinis, that’s for sure.

Michael was seventeen and the oldest of the bunch. She had short black hair and was quite athletic. She was on the girl’s field hockey team. I had gone to a couple of games and she was a deadly enforcer. She was my sister’s right hand girl.

Rhonda was a cute little blonde cheerleader. She wasn’t very good but she sure looked good.

Peggy Sue was fifteen and the youngest of the bunch. She was a cute little redhead and also a cheerleader. She and Rhonda made a nice pair of matching bookends. Their bodies were similar and they each took their positions on the ends of the pyramids right at the top. That usually put the lightest girl at the top.

Then there was Lucy. She had that exotic Middle Eastern beauty that drives me crazy. Her face was that of a Greek statue, her hair was long straight and black.

There they were totally naked, bent over, and holding their own ankles. Katie was going down the line with a ping pong paddle that I had left over from my early teens. It couldn’t hurt anyone. She asked them who they loved. When they shouted out my name Katie praised them and gave them a love pat on each ass cheek with my ping pong paddle. She asked them who they wanted to fuck them. Again my name came out right down the line and then they received their reward.

The next question really surprised me though when my sister asked it. “Who here is still saving their virginity for my brother?” Then she shouted that she was and tapped her own ass then went down the line tapping the girls as they too said yes.

I suddenly realized that I had a fan club, that I had loyal followers, and that I had a harem of virgins.

As they stood up Katie held out my old jockstrap and then bowed and kissed it. I remembered wearing it the last time I had been home. Apparently Katie had beaten Mom to my laundry and taken the last clothes that I had worn including my shirt, pants, underwear, and socks. I couldn’t believe that those girls were smelling my old socks. Then I watched as my sister put everything back in Ziploc Baggies.

I had to chuckle when Katie handed out see-through nighties that had slits where their breasts were so that they were totally exposed. It was kind of redundant with the fact that they were transparent in the first place. They looked very sexy, all of them.

After stating my name they recited together, “We are your virgin sacrifices. Come to us and take our offerings. Our pussies are yours for the taking.” Then they laid down on the plush carpeting in a star shape with their heads all in the center. They put their knees up and opened their feet wide enough to touch the next girl’s feet. They were pretty as a picture.

That was my cue to enter the house as quietly as possible and creep down to them. Then I calmly said, “I always wanted a virgin harem.”

When I spoke, I scared the hell out of them. They scurried around trying to cover themselves up. All that is except for Katie and Peggy Sue. I looked down and both of them smiled up at me.

Katie said, “I prayed every weekend that you would catch us worshiping you. I have always wanted you to take my virginity, big brother.”

Peggy Sue added, “Me too. My pussy longs for your penis.”

Michelle, Rhonda, and Lucy returned to their places, opened their pussies to my gaze, and then said, “My pussy is yours for the taking.”

I now looked down at five virgin pussies that I had thought about fucking over the years. Now they were literally offering themselves to me.

I looked them over and pointed as I said, “Katie, Peggy Sue, Rhonda, Lucy, and then Michelle. In that order. Katie, my bed, now.”

I watched her as she smiled, got up, and ran up the stairs. I looked at the other girls and said, “Amuse yourselves by getting Peggy Sue warmed up for me.” Then I followed my sister up the stairs.

I left my bedroom door wide open and even put a heavy object on the floor to keep it from closing. I looked at Katie and she still had her nightie on.

I said, “I’m home until eight o’clock Sunday evening. Where are Mom and Dad?”

Katie smiled as she said, “Mom went to visit grandma and is expected back late Sunday. Dad took that opportunity to go see his girlfriend. He probably won’t be back until just a few minutes before Mom returns. The girls are here until six o’clock Sunday. You can have your way with us, any of us, or all of us. We worship you.”

I got on the bed but I was still dressed. I got between her legs and she assumed the same position as she had been in, in the family room. I leaned in and kissed my sister’s breasts. She giggled and she panted for breath. I sucked her nipples into my mouth and pulled my head back stretching them like an elastic band. Then I pulled back so far that her nipple popped out of my mouth and snapped back making her breast jiggle. She giggled. I then kissed her on the lips and accepted her tongue as it was offered. Her arms reached around my head and she tried to kiss me to death. All too soon I was pushing her away and she was trying to figure out why. Then I stood up and undressed. She now knew why I had pushed myself away. When I got back between her legs we were both ready for what was about to take place.

I looked down at her pussy to get my bearings and then I looked into her face. Katie was smiling up at me, she wanted me, and she was offering herself and her girlfriends to me. I pushed and it slipped into her. I wasn’t going to tell my sister but I really wanted Peggy Sue more. I didn’t want my sister to loose face. I also didn’t want to give my virginity to anyone but her either.

I leaned in pushing my cock in further and said, “The best part of this is that we lost our virginities together.”

Katie said, “I prayed that I would be your first. Thank you God!”

I got on my elbows and applied just a little pressure to her body as I rocked my hips to and fro slipping my cock into her. I had dreamed of the day that I would finally fuck a pussy instead of my hand. I also dreamed of fucking my beautiful sister but I never actually thought that it would happen…until now. Slipping my cock in and out of her wet velvet tunnel was just wonderful. Before I realized it I was getting that all too familiar feeling and started pumping my seed into her. Katie held on tightly and told me that she was having an orgasm. I refused to pull my cock out of her but eventually it shriveled and fell out.

I walked Katie down to the family room before she could clean up. The girls got to see me naked and they saw the slimy mess on my sister’s crotch. I took Peggy Sue’s hand and asked her if she was ready. She smiled at me and waved goodbye to the other girls.

When we got to the second floor Peggy Sue asked me if she could use the bathroom first. I said as long as I can watch. She got very self-conscious and asked what if she had to poop. I told her that I still wanted to watch. She took my hand and walked to the end of the hallway entering the bathroom. Peggy Sue looked me over and then sat on the toilet with her knees spread. Then she started peeing. A light yellow liquid flowed into the bowl making a splashing sound.

Peggy Sue looked up at me and said, “Okay now you go to your room and I’ll be there shortly.”

I said, “I want to watch.”

Peggy Sue replied, “I said no. I let you watch me pee, I’m going to give you my virginity, and I’ll let you fuck me whenever you come home but you are not going to watch me poop. Close the door on your way out.”

I smiled knowing that she was perfectly correct. I was getting a lot more than I actually deserved from that little spitfire.

Soon enough Peggy Sue was in my room and on my cock. As she slipped her virgin pussy down onto my cock she smiled at me and placed my hands on her breasts. That little spitfire fucked me the first time making sure that I knew who was in control. She may have given me her pussy but her willpower was all hers. It’s like Dad always said about Mom, she let me chase her until she caught me.

Peggy Sue was tighter than my sister was but not quite as deep or at least not in that position anyway. When she came all the way down on my shaft I could feel myself bottoming out inside her. At that point she wiggled around trying to get even more of it inside her. I just lay there on my back enjoying the fucking that she was giving me and thinking about the day that I would get to fuck her. That little angle knew that I had fucked my sister and that I was going to fuck her other three friends but she didn’t care. She knew that my heart belonged to her just as I knew that her heart belonged to me. I already knew that I would grow to love that girl very deeply, that I would marry her, and that we would have children together. With that thought in my head I cum inside her as she cried out during her own orgasm.

The End

My Virgin Harem


Rating: 83%, Read 81191 times, Posted Sep 24, 2009

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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