Policewomen 5: Cindy Tries Girls by tw_holt

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Female, Lesbian, Solo

Author’s note: My first, and possibly my last Lesbian story. This story is the fifth installment of my Policewomen series and it has nothing to do with the previous four parts. Each is their own story with their own separate characters. This one is about a policewoman named Cindy who is unable to have an orgasm. The sex takes a while to occur. If you like it quick; feel free to find another story where the action happens earlier.

Policewomen 5: Cindy Tries Girls

Three years ago.

Chapter 1

She was almost there, so very close. A few more seconds and she would explode with pleasure. Cindy was in the hospital giving birth to her son. The 18-year-old felt her muscles contract and tighten, her spine starting to tingle, and warm waves, burning hot, to course through her body.

“Come on, Cindy! You can do it!” her mother, by her side, cheered her on. Cindy’s mother had no idea her daughter was about to experience her very first orgasm.

“Yes!” Cindy cried out, feeling her baby descend further down. “I’m, I’m cu – ”

Cindy went quiet, gritting her teeth, pushing, welcoming the orgasm that was so very close to washing over her. She kept quiet, embarrassed, not wanting her mother so know what was happening.

The lights were bright, the nurse was encouraging her as well, not to give birth, but to cum. “A little more and he’s out!” a nurse cheered.

This was it; she was going to fall off the edge. Never having an orgasm in her short life with her boyfriend, she was about to have one giving birth.

Cindy gasped in bed, arching her back, waking up in a cold sweat. She was dreaming of her son’s birth again. It was the last and only time she had an orgasm – nearly 15 years ago.

Cindy, sleeping nude, sat up in bed, running her hands through her long, dark hair. She sighed and shook her head; she wrapped a bathrobe around her body and exited her room.

She peeped in on her sleeping son, Collin, down the hall. He was fine. So was she. Cindy was used to the dreams, always waking up before she climaxed.

Heading back to her room, she checked her phone, four in the morning. She had to wake up in one hour. Sighing again, she removed her robe and decided to shower.

“Come on, please! Please!” steam enveloped Cindy in her shower. She was furiously rubbing her clit. She leaned against the wall, her hand traveling up her washboard stomach, over a breast, tweaking a nipple. Nothing.

Nothing worked. She slid three fingers in and out of her pussy, she felt nothing. She used body wash and rubbed her clit as fast as she could, still nothing.

Cindy gave up.

Exiting the shower, she glanced at her muscular, toned frame in the mirror. She thought about dating again. Cindy had spells of dating sessions over the years, after her divorce from Collin’s father. There was sex here and there but nothing brought her close to an orgasm.

Her own fairly large collection of sex toys, dildos, anal toys, and vibrators brought her no relief – wasted money.

She got ready for her shift, putting her hair up in a bun, putting on her bullet-proof vest, her uniform, her belt and gear. Cindy got into her patrol car, starting another day as a police officer in Los Angeles.

After a long, boring day, filled with a few traffic stops, paperwork– the only event of interest was dealing with a domestic dispute call at another troubled, young, actress’ house in Beverly Hills – Cindy changed at the station and went to the gym.

Cindy worked on her legs that day. Switching from various machines, she thought about the actress. She had heard of her, but never watched any movies. “Poor girl. Probably a drug addict too.”

Working at the smith machine, doing squats, she thought of her son. She needed to call him, remind him to warm up leftovers.

“Got it?” Cindy asked Collin on the phone a few minutes later.

“Yeah, Mom, I’ll eat that. No worries,” Collin said.

“Good. I love you,” She said.

“Love you too, Mom,” Collin cheerily replied.

“I’ll be here a little longer, then I’ll come home.”

She ended their phone call and got back to work, briefly entertaining the idea of trying out a new core exercise, hoping to elicit a “coregasm” she read about. Cindy shrugged, assuming that wouldn’t work either.

Finishing up her set, she heard a familiar voice, “Hi there.”

“Bea, hey,” Cindy said, removing a few large weights from the machine. Bea was several inches shorter than the six foot tall Cindy. She was fairly busty, had a thick mane of dyed, bright red hair, a nice tan, and a warm, infectious smile.

“How are you?” She hugged Cindy.

“I’m alright.”

“You don’t seem alright. Are you still coming over Thursday?” Bea asked, ending the hug. “In fact you’ve seemed very sad lately. Too many bad guys. Diana?”

Cindy chuckled; she couldn’t help but smile back at her friend. Bea called Cindy ‘Diana’, telling her a couple years ago that she reminded her of Wonder Woman – whose real name is Diana. Cindy thought it was cute, somewhat agreeing with Bea. She had dark hair, blue eyes, a muscular frame, and was tall – like Wonder Woman from the comics.

“Alright, Thursday, come over, we’ll chat and you can tell me what’s bothering you. Ok?” Bea said.

Cindy nodded, “Sure. But promise not to laugh or poke fun at me.”

“I promise!” Bea’s smile faded, she placed her hand on Cindy’s forearm, squeezing it gently. “You can tell me anything. You know that, right?”

“I know. I trust you,” Cindy said. Bea hugged her friend again, causing Cindy to chuckle.

“Alright, I gotta get home to Collin. He’s supposed to warm up some leftovers,” Cindy said, grabbing her bag and towel.

Bea, not quite as muscular as Cindy, put only one, small weight on the smith machine, smiling and waved goodbye to Cindy.

Chapter 2

Bea hopped on her couch, sitting next to Cindy. “Alright, spill it. What’s bothering you?”

Cindy chuckled, “It’s quite silly.”

“No, if it’s bothering you, get it off your chest and maybe you’ll feel better.”

“Fine,” Cindy said, reaching for her glass of wine.

Bea crossed her legs, adjusting her pajama pants and waited.

Cindy sighed, looking to her wine.

Bea placed her hand on Cindy’s thigh, near her knee, “Hey, I’m here. We’re buds, remember?”

“Yeah,” Cindy nodded, took a deep breath and blurted it out. “I haven’t had an orgasm since Collin was born.”

Bea gasped, covering her mouth. Cindy winced, watching her reaction.

“Holy shit, I’m sorry,” Bea grabbed Cindy’s hand.

“It’s fine, Bea. Sort of.”

“But he’ll be 15 next month!”

“I know.”

“And you haven’t had one since. So you had one during child birth?”


“I’ve read about that. It’s a real phenomenon,” Bea mentioned.


“I’m so sorry!” Bea hugged her friend, causing Cindy to nearly spill her wine.

“It’s fine, I’m fine, just a little down,” Cindy pushed her off.

“Is that why you divorced?”

“No, not entirely. It was part of the reason, but not the only one.”

“You’ve dated since then, though. Nothing there?”

“Not very frequent and um, not enough – ”

“Sex? Maybe if you had it more often that would change,” Bea suggested.

“No. I did all the time with my ex. I never felt anything. And yes, before you ask, I have toys. They don’t help either,” Cindy said.

“Oh Diana!” Bea hugged her friend again, tighter this time. “I feel so bad for you!”

“Bea,” Cindy was chuckling. “It’s fine. I could have far worse problems. I have my wonderful son, I’m healthy otherwise.”

“You have a great friend too,” Bea ended the hug.

“Yes, that’s right. You.”

“Hmm, let me think. Let me think. You’re going to have to stop talking so much while I figure this out,” Bea joked.

Cindy felt better already, after telling someone of her issue.

The two friends watched TV, downing their wine.

After a couple hours, Cindy sat up, stretching her arms. “I need to head home. I have a later shift on Friday, but I want to catch up on sleep.”

“Women,” Bea said.


“Girls, ladies, have you ever tried one?”

“Tried one?”

“Do you want me to spell it out? Have you ever been with a woman?” Bea asked.

“Oh. That. Um, no,” Cindy shook her head.


“Well, what? Are you suggesting I try a woman out?”

“Yes!” Bea beamed.

“No, that’s silly. I’m not a lesbian. I’m not into that.”

“It’s just a thought. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t need a man’s touch. Perhaps a woman is what you need,” Bea suggested.

Cindy stood to take her leave. “I don’t think so. But thanks anyway.”

Bea shrugged and followed her to the door. “When you get home maybe you could look at some girl-on-girl porn or something.”

“You’re too funny,” Cindy said.

“Alright, fine. Just trying to help.”


At home that evening, Cindy tossed and turned. She got up, putting on her robe in case Collin woke up, and walked around the kitchen.

“I’m not going to do that,” Cindy thought, recalling Bea’s suggestion to try a woman.

Back in her room, lying outside the covers, staring blankly at the ceiling fan above her, Cindy moved her hand down her tummy to her clit, rubbing it casually. She pictured kissing a woman, she winced, and shook her head. Next she imagined one eating her out, “No.”

Cindy exhaled deeply, rolled over, and eventually went to sleep.

The next night, Friday, Cindy got home later than usual, skipping the gym. Collin left a note, saying he was playing video games at a friend’s house – the parents had picked him up.

Cindy immediately undressed and started another fruitless masturbation session. She knew it was hopeless, but it had been months since she was home alone. Maybe, just maybe, she could make herself cum.

Rolling onto the couch in the living room, she rubbed her clit; she grabbed a pillow, grinding against it. Nothing worked, as predicted.

Cindy gave up, crossing her arms in frustration. “Girl-on-girl porn,” Bea’s words from the night before rang in her head.

“This is so stupid,” Cindy got up, shaking her head. She found her laptop on the floor on top of some papers and books in her bedroom. It hadn’t been opened in weeks.

“I’ll just take a look, no big deal,” she said, sitting on her bed, leaning back against pillow.

Like all porn, it was easy to find.

Her eyes widened when she saw the thumbnails for some of the videos. Clicking a random one, it was a scene with a girl going down on another.

“Ohhhhh!” the girl cried out when Cindy pressed play, startling her. She remembered she was home alone, no need to mute the laptop.

She listened to the girl moan and wail, “Yep, that’s a real vagina. Nothing fake there.”

Cindy looked closer, “Wow, her tongue is really in there.” She shook her head, closed the video and found another.

“Oh! Fuck me! Yes!” Two girls were on top of a pool table, their legs intertwined, grinding up and down.

Cindy cleared her throat, “Hmm, alright. Rubbing against each other. Makes sense, I guess.”

She chose another video. Two women were in the shower, lathering each other up. One was squeezing the other’s breasts, and then started sucking on them.

“This isn’t doing it for me,” Cindy said, closing that video. She found another one. The thumbnail looked like a still from an actual movie in the theater, not porn. She clicked and played it.

It was two clothed women, kissing, moaning softly. One looked to be in her 30s, like Cindy, the other, probably 10 years younger. There was no music, just the sounds of their kisses. “Sorry,” one apologized.

“Don’t,” the older woman whispered, running her hand through the other’s hair. “I knew this would happen.”

“Yeah,” the younger woman nodded. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” said the other. Cindy watched intently as they kissed again, making their way to the door, opening it and practically falling in.

The scene jumped to them in bed, one on top of the other, naked and kissing. It wasn’t shown, but the woman on top’s arm was presumably at the other woman’s crotch, her hand moving back and forth out of view of the camera. She was moaning, their eyes focused on one another.

“Yes, yes,” the younger woman on the bottom whimpered. The character was cumming. Cindy couldn’t look away.

“Wow,” she mouthed. The actress turned to face the camera, music started up, transitioning into the next scene of the movie. The video stopped; the face of the actress on the screen, Cindy recognized her. She saw her earlier in the week. She was at her house in Beverly Hills breaking up a fight with a boyfriend.

She looked at the title of the video. Same name.

Cindy rolled her eyes. She closed her laptop, sitting it back in the corner.

Chapter 3

“Hi there,” Bea said, arriving at the gym, not long after Cindy arrived. “Have a good weekend?”

“Not really.”

“Aww, sorry. Mine was good. Too bad you had to work, we could’ve hung out at the new art gallery I found,” Bea said.

Cindy shrugged, sitting a dumbbell down.

“Have you been, you know, looking at um, ‘educational material?’” Bea grinned.

Cindy picked up on what she was saying, “Yeah, I saw a couple clips. Nothing major. It didn’t do it for me.” It was a half-truth; the video from the movie with the actress had an effect on her. Something about the sensual kissing, and love, albeit scripted for the movie, seemed lovely.

“Well,” Bea, said sitting next to Cindy. “The next step is going out on a date. I know a wonderful Latina from – ”

“Oh no. I don’t think so,” Cindy held her hands up.

“Hey now, be nice. Hear me out,” Bea pouted.

“She’s tall like you, black hair, and brown skin. I don’t think she’s a lesbian, but she likes everyone,” Bea said.


“No, not whatever. All I’m asking is that you go to dinner. It’d be a blind date. Just meet and talk, two people, enjoying a meal together,” Bea said.


“Please? I’ll arrange everything. No crazy sex, no expectations, other than food.”

“I don’t even know who would pay for the meal!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Bea said. “I’ll tell her that you aren’t sure, that you’re just wanting to try out a date.”

Cindy looked to her right, away from Bea.


She thought a moment, taking a deep breath, “Fine.”

“Great!” Bea hugged her again.


“I’m going to dinner with a friend, sweetie. I’ll be back later,” Cindy told Collin. She kissed the top of his head.

“K,” he replied, not looking away from his video game.

Cindy checked herself in the mirror by the door on her way out. Her long hair was down; she was wearing a black dress Bea picked out. She shrugged and left.

Her name was Suelyn. She was born in Venezuela, moving to America when she was a teenager. She had an accent, but wasn’t difficult to understand.

She was also tall, an inch shorter than Cindy. Her hair was very thick and black. She was wearing a tight, short, white dress, that exposed a little of her midriff. Like Cindy, she was very fit. Long toned legs and a great butt. She wasn’t as muscular though.

Cindy was nervous. She wasn’t expecting someone as pretty. The conversation was more one-sided, with Suelyn asking general questions about Cindy’s background, her life, and so on. Suelyn thought it was impressive that Cindy was a police officer.

Cindy did the same, learning Suelyn was in her late 20s and did part-time modeling.

“That’s, um, that’s no surprise there. You’re very lovely,” Cindy awkwardly stated.

“Thank you. So are you, Cindy,” was Suelyn’s reply.

“So um, you are here, and are a, I mean, you’re into,” Cindy stammered.

Suelyn laughed, “Cindy, relax. Yes I’m here to have a nice evening out with a beautiful woman. Bea was right.”

“About what?”

“You being beautiful!”

“Oh, uh, right. Heh, thanks.”

“Sometimes it’s just better. Women are sweeter, smell better, prettier,” Suelyn laughed.

“Yeah,” Cindy gulped.

The waitress brought the check; Cindy quickly reached for it, flashing a quick smile at Suelyn. She had no idea if she should pay, but instinctually did. The truth was that she was scared and wanted to go home.

“Walk me to my car?” Suelyn asked when the two women stepped outside.


Cindy flinched when Suelyn slid her arm around hers. They traded smiles and walked toward Suelyn’s car.

“Would you like to come to my apartment? It’s not far,” Suelyn asked.

“Oh, uh, that’s ok. I need to get home soon, I have a long day tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?” Suelyn said, stepping close to Cindy, her arms gliding around shoulder. Cindy was almost shaking with nerves.

“Yeah, I need to go home.”

“Pity,” Suelyn frowned, stepping away from Cindy. Suelyn turned around, her back toward Cindy and hiked up her dress, revealing her shapely ass.

“Dessert?” Suelyn asked, looking over her shoulder at Cindy.

“Um, uh, no, I, I have to go. Sorry!” Cindy stared at Suelyn’s butt, slowly backing away.

Suelyn nodded, pulling her dress down. “Take care then. Perhaps I’ll see you again sometime. Thank you for dinner.”

“Yep! Take care!” Cindy smiled, turned around and rushed to her car.

Chapter 4

“Aww, I’m so sorry, Cindy,” Bea sympathized with her on the phone. Bea was shaving her legs in a bubble bath.

“Don’t worry about it,” Cindy was driving home after her shift.

“I know! We can try again,” Bea said.

“No I don’t think that’s needed. I’m not a lesbian.”

“Well that’s fine, but maybe you could benefit from someone different, in a different environment. Instead of a formal dinner somewhere, maybe someplace more fun.”

“Bea, let’s drop it. Please?”

“No, humor me. One more chance. I know the perfect person! She sweet, loveable, easy to talk to, loves to have fun and won’t get all seductive on you like Suelyn.”

Cindy couldn’t believe she was listening to Bea. “Who?”

“My sister!”


“Hi, come in,” Cindy motioned for Bella, Bea’s taller, blonde sister to enter.

It was a Saturday night, the following week; Cindy had a horrible day at work. The young, crazy actress called the cops again. Cindy broke up a fight between the starlet and her boyfriend. Worse than not pressing charges against him, she cussed Cindy and another officer out, slamming the front door of her mansion in their face.

Bella was wearing regular clothes, not a tight cocktail dress, her long hair flowing over her shoulders. She gave Cindy a big hug.

“Thanks so much for hanging out with me tonight! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you,” she beamed at Cindy. Her personality was similar to Bea’s. Perhaps the evening would turn out great. Cindy didn’t know if that meant kissing or more, but she felt more at ease around Bella.

She was a few years younger than Bea and Cindy, but loved video games, movies, and going out. Bella was shocked at how much Collin had grown since she saw him a few years back. Cindy watched them converse a little.

“Maybe tonight will be better,” she thought.

“Ok, your mom and I are going to hang out. I’ll see you later!” Bella told Collin.

Cindy nodded and the two women left.

Bella talked the whole time, which Cindy liked. Bella was very pretty, like Bea. They went to a burger joint, rode around Hollywood Blvd, with Bella gabbing on and on the entire way. Cindy listened, laughing at her jokes.

“I could do this, yes, this is better,” Cindy thought.

Bella told her about a music festival in a park near the Griffin Observatory. Cindy drove them there. This is where things turned bad.

Bella and Cindy sat on a towel Bella brought. They listened to music, Cindy felt at ease that is until Bella started drinking.

She bought several drinks, Cindy politely declining; reminding Bella she was the designated driver. At first it was no big deal. Then Bella kept drinking.

She started dancing to the band. Other people were, so it wasn’t a huge deal. More drinks flowed down Bella’s throat, more dancing, and now flirting.

Cindy looked around, feeling uncomfortable; she saw a few people smoking joints. Her police instincts kicked in. She was off duty, so the best thing for her to do was simply leave.

Bella was stumbling about, luckily giving Cindy a reason to suggest they go home.

“Good idea!” Bella said. Cindy had to help her walk to the car.

She couldn’t let Bella drive home in her condition. But Cindy didn’t want her staying at her house either. She didn’t want Bella to wake Collin or make him weird being around a drunk. Cindy took Bella home instead.

“Thank you, sssssso much, Cindy!” Bella slurred, holding Cindy’s hand. “We have to do this again,” she struggled to say.


Cindy walked Bella to her apartment door, watching her fumbling with the keys. She dropped them, laughed, picked them up and tried again, finally finding the right one.

“There we go!” Bella said, opening her door.

“Ok great. I’m going to head back – ”

“Get in here!” Bella pulled Cindy in, slamming her against the wall, trying to kiss her.

Cindy moved away, avoiding a tongue. “Fine, hard to get!” Bella said, stepping back, throwing her shirt off, tearing her bra off, and revealing her bare breasts.

“Uh,” Cindy looked at Bella’s tits jiggling as she came at her again.

“Kiss me! You big sexy lady!”

“Bella, you’re drunk,” Cindy held her at bay.

“So? I want to make ssssweet, sweet love to you!”

“We can’t, alright?”

“Awwww,” Bella pouted.

“Let me help you to bed, then I need to go.”


“I can’t,” Cindy grabbed Bella’s arm, pulling the drunk to bed. She’s handled a few drunks in her day. She sat Bella on the bed.

“I’m leaving. Rest up, drink water, you’ll be better tomorrow.”

Bella started crying. “I’m so ssst-stupid! I ruined our night!”

“No, it’s fine, you just drank too much,” Cindy lied.

“I’m just an idiot!” Bella flopped onto her bed, still topless, crying into her pillow.

“I’ll check on you tomorrow.”

Bella sniffed a couple times, “O-Ok.”

Cindy managed to stifle a laugh, pulling the covers up over Bella. “Sleep well.”

She heard more sniffing as she left Bella’s bedroom.

Sitting in her car before driving off, Cindy rolled her eyes, “Wow.”

Chapter 5

In her patrol car the next afternoon, Cindy got a text from Bella.

“Hey, it’s Bella. I’m so sorry about last night. You are a wonderful woman. If I hadn’t gotten so drunk we could’ve had a better night. Sorry I ruined it.”

Cindy texted her back, accepting the apology, saying there was no hard feelings.

That night after her shift, she went to the gym. Bea was there, looking apologetic. Bella must’ve confessed to her sister about what she did.

“Hey,” Bea hugged Cindy.


They ended the hug and sat on a bench in the women’s locker room. Cindy adjusted her sneakers.

“I’m sorry,” Bea said.

“Don’t be. You tried to help me date women and see if that’d go anywhere. Possibly to a lesbian experience in which I’d have the first orgasm since Collin was born. It didn’t work out. I’m ok with that.”

Bea rested her head on Cindy’s shoulder. “Ok. I tried.”

Cindy rested her head on top of Bea’s.

Bea sat up, “Valentine’s Day is in a couple weeks”

“I think I’ll pass on going out with more of your friends.”

“I didn’t mean that. I was thinking we could go out. Just to dinner. There’s a new restaurant I want to try. That’s all.”

Cindy thought nothing of it and shrugged. “Sure.”

“Great! What are we working on today? Our booties again?” Bea asked, following Cindy out of the locker room.


“Fuck you!” the actress, slapped her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day night. He was attempting to drive their car to another drug dealer, not their main one – a man named Shaun.

“Calm your ass down. I told you Shaun isn’t in town this week,” he snapped at her. “This guy will have what you want.”

“No he won’t! Shaun is the only one who deals the heroine I like!” she yelled back at him in the car.

“You’re gonna have to calm down. I’m trying to drive. Stupid bitch.” He muttered under his breath.

Cindy and Bea were at a new nice restaurant. They were laughing at a story Cindy told about Collin when he was younger.

“See this is nice. Isn’t it, Diana?” Bea joked. “Just two friends hanging out. Enjoying good food and good company.”

“Yes, I’m having a great time,” Cindy said. Bea reached across the table, placing her hand on Cindy’s. Cindy thought nothing of it, caressing Bea’s hand with her thumb.

“Get off me!” the actress’ boyfriend yelled, she was attacking him again while he was trying to drive.

He swerved, barely missing an old man walking a dog.

“Call Shaun now!” she demanded, scratching her already bleeding arm. She was craving heroine.

“Bella told me the dessert was great here,” Bea mentioned, looking at the dessert menu.

Cindy did the same, settling on a piece of chocolate fudge cake. When she put her menu down, Bea was smiling at her. Cindy returned one of her own, they held hands again.

“Look out!” the actress yelled. Her boyfriend swerved yet again. “I’m calling Shaun.”

“No!” the boyfriend yelled, wrestling with her to grab his cell phone. “He’ll be back soon!”

She started hitting him again as he drove. “Don’t you know who I am?!?! I could buy and sell you three times over! You piece of shit!”

The boyfriend swerved again, the young actress slammed against the passenger door, she was met with a backhand of his fist.

She lunged at him again. He had enough. He floored it, driving as fast as he could into a building up ahead.

Bea and Cindy savored their dessert. They decided to share the piece of fudge cake, taking turns driving their spoon into its perfect prepared center.

The wall crashed open behind Cindy, people were screaming. She instinctually leapt toward Bea, grabbing her, rolling her on the ground, landing on top of her. Cindy watched a car, driven by the boyfriend of the troubled actress, fly through the restaurant and its patrons. She watched in horror, holding Bea, as it crashed into the kitchen.

“We have to get out of – ” Cindy told Bea. It was too late. There was an explosion. Gasoline mixing with wood-fire oven.

Cindy covered Bea as best she could, debris blasting out of the kitchen, landing all around then. Bea was screaming, crying, holding on to Cindy.

The initial blasts ended and the fire spread. People were running out, tripping falling. Cindy looked at Bea, seeing tears stream down her face. “I’m getting you out of here.” Bea nodded.

Cindy squatted, holding her friend, and lifted her up. Cindy carried Bea out, occasionally ducking, and stepping over burning debris.

People were running out of the hole in the wall left by the car, Cindy followed them. A fire truck was on the way. She set Bea down and stood, watching the restaurant go up in flames from across the street.

“Cindy,” Bea was crying.

Cindy held her against her body, her hands in her red hair, “Shhh, It’s ok. We’re alright.”


They were silent on the way back to Bea’s, holding hands while Cindy drove. The paramedics checked them over, seeing they were fine.

At Bea’s door, she hugged Cindy again. “Will you stay with me? I don’t feel like being alone.”

“Let me go home, check on Collin and shower. I’ll come back ok?” Cindy answered.

“Ok. I’ll shower too; maybe we can watch a movie.”

At home Cindy told Collin what happened, hugging him tightly. “Mom! Ouch,” he joked.

“Sorry,” Cindy kissed his cheek. “I’m going to shower, then go back to Bea’s. I think she’s really shook up.”

“Yeah. I don’t blame her. Glad you’re ok, Mom,” Collin said.

After her shower, Cindy put on some pajama pants and a tank top. She drove back to Bea’s, finding her wearing a similar outfit. They hugged again, and made their way to the living room. Bea didn’t put on a movie; she instead snuggled up to Cindy.

Cindy put her arm around Bea, closing her eyes, enjoying the warmth of her friend next to her.

A couple hours passed, Cindy drifted off the sleep, holding Bea. Bea stirred a little later, nudging Cindy awake, whispering “Let’s go to bed.”

Holding hands they made their way to Bea’s bedroom. Cindy sat on the side of the bed running her hands through her hair, trying to make sense of the horrible event, while Bea was in the bathroom.

Her eyes to the carpet, she saw Bea’s bare feet appear. Cindy’s eyes slowly travelled up Bea’s nude body to see her softly smiling down at her.

Chapter 6

Cindy’s eyes widened, mouth hung open. “Bea?”

“Shh,” she said. “You’re my best friend. You saved me tonight.”

“I know, but, but – ”

“You’re a cop, you were there, you did what you had to do.”

Cindy gulped, looking over Bea’s large breasts, flat tummy.

Bea ran her hand through Cindy’s hair, “Don’t be afraid.”

Cindy nodded, looking up at her. Bea smiled, leaned down, grabbing the bottom of Cindy’s t-shirt, pulling it up. Cindy took a deep breath and went with it, her arms in the air raised above her head.

Bea dropped the t-shirt and slowly straddled Cindy. She stared in her face, caressing it lovingly. One final, sweet smile and Bea kissed her. Her full lips barely pressing into Cindy’s.

Cindy closed her eyes, the kiss sending shivers down her spine. It was so soft, sweet, and sensual. She kissed back, Bea moaning softly.

Their tongues met at the same time, ever so slightly touching one another, lapping at their lips. Cindy’s hands went to Bea’s nude body, gliding over her thighs, her hips, and her waist.

Their kissing intensified; their mouths now fully open, enclosed on the other. Cindy felt Bea’s tongue travel around the inside her of her mouth, Cindy did the same, imitating what she was experiencing. Bea moaned into Cindy’s mouth when Cindy gently squeezed Bea’s ass.

Bea broke the kiss, out of breath, hot breath on Cindy’s face. “Let me thank you, let me love you.”

Cindy nodded, Bea pushing her back on the mattress. Bea pulled Cindy’s pajama shorts and underwear off. Cindy watched her toss them over her shoulder and lay back on the bed. Bea climbed on top, straddling Cindy, kissing her passionately once more.

“You’re beautiful,” Bea broke the kiss, kissing at Cindy’s neck now. When Bea’s mouth covered Cindy’s nipple, Cindy couldn’t help but arch her back and moan.

Bea suckled hard on Cindy, moving to the next breast after several minutes. She eventually made her way down, kissing each of Cindy’s six pack abs, licking over her tummy, licking in her belly button. Cindy had goose bumps.

Bea went to the floor, kissing all over Cindy’s inner thighs. “This is it, it could happen,” Cindy thought.

Bea’s tongued plunged into Cindy’s pussy, swirling all around. Cindy arched her back, grabbing her own breasts and moaning.

“Will it? Will I cum?” she wondered in her head.

Bea was so skilled, so good, and so hungry. She lapped at Cindy’s pussy juices, sucking her clit, pulling her outer lips playfully with her mouth.

“Bea! Bea!” Cindy cried out.

Bea jumped on top of Cindy, her tongue in Cindy’s mouth once again. Cindy tasted herself. She sat up, still kissing Bea.

She rolled to her side, taking Bea with her. Cindy returned the favor, sucking on Bea’s large breasts, kissing her way down Bea’s body, arriving at her pussy. It was Cindy’s turn to experience worshiping a woman’s pussy.

She dove her tongue in just like Bea did to her, tasting the nectar, Cindy’s hands roaming over Bea’s breasts as she devoured her.

“Ahh! Cindy!” Bea cried out. “I’m, I’m cumming!” It didn’t take long.

Cindy grinned while sucking Bea’s clit, watching her friend shake, and spasm. Bea rolled over to her tummy.

Cindy grabbed Bea’s hips and brought her ass to her mouth. Cindy’s tongue licked at Bea’s puckered hole, causing Bea to cry out and squirm.

Finally Bea collapsed, out of breath, Cindy kissing her way up her back.

“We’re not done,” Bea said, rolling over, kissing frantically at Cindy.

Cindy, rubbing Bea’s clit, broke the kiss. “I know. We’re just getting started.”


Three hours later, both women dripping with sweat, were connected. Their legs wrapped around each other, their pussies grinding, mashing together.

“Cindy!” Bea threw her head back, her hips rolling, her pussy sliding against Cindy’s.

“Come on!” Cindy grit her teeth, urging Bea to climax again. Cindy kissed all over Bea’s feet at the other end of the bed, watching Bea’s sweaty body convulse again.

They were scissoring, the bed shaking with each impact, as their bodies went up and down over and over. “Ah fuck!” Bea cried out.

She climaxed again, her pussy contracting. Bea screamed with pleasure and her pussy exploded juices all over Cindy. Cindy’s mouth hung open as she watched pussy juices land on her stomach, breasts, and face.

“Wow,” Cindy whispered. Bea was a quivering mess.

Cindy backed away, Bea’s legs going limp. She climbed on top of Bea, looking into her pleasure contorted face, and kissed her. Sweat dripped from Cindy to Bea. They kissed, savoring their tastes.

Her tongue coiling back into her mouth, Cindy sat up, bringing Bea with her. She sat on the bed then laid down, Bea whimpering and moaning in her arms.

When Cindy caught her breath, she looked to Bea – she was out cold. Sleep found Cindy moments later.


It was morning, Cindy was dressed in her pajamas, her hair still a mess, looking in on a naked, sleeping Bea. The thought of seeing her again, making love again, feeling Bea cum in her arms. Cindy smiled, thinking of bringing toys into the bedroom. She imagined herself with a strap-on, Bea on all fours, while Cindy took her from behind. She shook her head and sighed.

“See you later,” she whispered.

At her home, not far from Bea’s, Cindy stood in the door way of her son’s bedroom. Images from her dreams flashed in her mind.

The nurses, her mother, cheering her on, telling her to push. The sensation of the birth canal expanding, her muscles tightening. She was so close; so close to pushing him out and cumming at the same time.

Cindy shook the memory from her head.

She closed his door, letting him sleep a little longer. Giving birth to Collin was the last time Cindy had an orgasm – nearly 15 years ago.

The end.


Don’t feel sad for her! Cindy’s second story is next. She’ll continue her journey to have an orgasm!


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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Female, Lesbian, Solo


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