Covid19 and money troubles - Chapter 2 by StoryTeller101

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Oral Sex, Prostitution

With Covid19 ending my job and my husband too we embark on a method to augment our small income.

The success of my time with “S” spurred me to make another appointment. The guy was even reluctant to give a fake name. I wasn’t concerned. I was just interested in the colour of his $100 bills – 2 of them. David took a walk to the park again and the mystery man arrived. He was around 30 and was tall. Like all men I had met in my life he wanted his cock sucked and a very impressive cock it was too. While I was performing oral on him he said his wife never went all the way. I took that to mean he wanted a blowjob. Something David enjoyed on those time “Aunty was visiting”. I hesitated and he said he would pay $300 so I joyfully sucked him off. He howled and screamed and shout “Oh fuck yes” which re-enforced his comment that his wife didn’t do it. I told David when he came back and was nice enough to lick my pussy until I had an orgasm. I didn’t tell him how much of a mouthful the guy was. Guys get very “thing” about size.

Back on the internet and we scrolled a few more possibles. I reminded him about what I said about women who put themselves forward. I assured him that is was only sex for money. He wasn’t concerned so I wasn’t either. He clicked on a couple of profiles but I could tell he was concerned. I found his reluctance rather sweet. But I reminded him about the bills still coming in. He picked one. The silly bitch actually used her real name. Angela was 35, in a sexless marriage and wanted someone to make her feel 21 again. “I can do that” David said and I laughed. “I can” he snapped “I will make her glow”. I didn’t tell him but he always made me glow so I had no doubt he could make poor Angela forget the disappointments of the lack of sex. David made the appointment.

It was my turn to go to the park this time. As David told it later, she turned up and was shaking. He led her into the bedroom and undressed her. He then got undressed and she immediately grabbed his cock in a vice-like grip. “Fuck me” she cried “I haven’t had sex for months” then she actually dragged him onto the bed and he immediately mounted her. She squealed and moaned and begged him to ravish her. He said he lasted about 10 minutes the whole time she moaned and clung to him. My first idea of Angela was when David rang and I said I would be right there. I got inside and said “that was quicker than I thought” when Angela came out of the bedroom still naked. She had realised from the stuff in the bedroom that David had a female partner.

“Hello Joy” she said “David tells me you two are married. So am I, mores the pity. I thought a threesome would be fun. I will pay extra. Please honey. I want to relive my youth”. Now I had never been with a woman, ever, but seeing her standing there naked I must admit my pussy trembled. “Well I have never, you know” I said. She smiled “well I have so let me teach you”. We went back into the bedroom and I undressed. She did indeed teach me and I admit I enjoyed it. Lots on licking and finger work got us both off and David watched and his cock grew stiff again. Angela got me to sit against the bedhead while she was on hands and knees with her face buried in my crotch. David came up behind her and fucked her doggy style as hard as he could. All I heard were muffled moans and then my own moans. I have to admit my first lesbian experience was very enjoyable. Angela tried to give us $400, $200 each. We took $300 and made her promise to come back. She said there was no way she WOULDN’T be back. We even got kisses as she left.

David was very pleased with himself. I said it turned out ok and then admonished him for using our bedroom. “Use the spare bedroom” I said “I don’t want anyone else in our bed”. He apologised and I made him lick me until I got off again. He really does have a talented tongue. Finances were looking ok but I guess we had gotten a taste for money, or was it sex, and decided to keep going. Things were put on hold when my boss rang wanting a repeat. When I expressed some resistance he made it clear my further with the company, and that of my husband, was in jeopardy. The bastard was threatening me. No sex equalled no job. I drove to his house and he just laid $300 on the table. “Take it or leave” he said, knowing his threat was in my mind. “I’ll take” I said “sex was so good last time”. What a lie but he bought it. The things we do and say to survive.

When I got home David had been looking at the internet. He said there was a married couple wanting to meet another married couple for same room partner swapping. David had contacted them he was told they got off watching each other being fucked by someone else. I had to laugh. Why don’t they just do it in front of a mirror? “I think they enjoy the adventure” he said. It sounded too weird to me but they were willing to pay to make it happen. I said he should contact them. He said he had already done so. I guess I wasn’t going to get a choice. It was set for the following Saturday. They had said they would dress provocatively and we should do the same.

Saturday came and we had already worked out what to wear. David wore a shirt half unbuttoned and a tight pair of pants with no underwear. He cock was very obvious. I wore a short skirt and a front tied top and no underwear. David had an erection but I fondled him anyway and my pussy was already buzzing. Neil and Rachael arrived at 10am. Neil had dressed similar to David and he was nice and hard. Rachael was wearing a dress that literally clung to her and her lack of underwear was obvious. We had coffee as expectations increased. Neil slipped $300 to David and then outlined what he and his wife wanted. They wanted to swap partners and be in the same room. They wanted to be able to watch each other making out with David and I. It sounded like fun.

We decided to use the lounge room so there was plenty of room for all. Neil came up and untied my top and revealed my boobs with already hardened nipples. David moved on Rachael and had her dress of in seconds. Minutes later we were all naked. Neil went down on me and I enjoyed his technique. I looked over at David and Rachael and she was on her knees licking and sucking his manhood. He was obviously enjoying the attention as I was. Neil stopped and looked at his wife. He gave a little moan and then asked me to suck his cock. I did and his moaning grew louder. I suspected half of it was to announce to his wife what was happening.

Things progressed rapidly as David told me later. Rachael had whispered to him that Neil had never taken her doggy fashion. David, being always the caring sexual partner had her on hands and knees and pounded her while she squealed and wailed. I got Neil on his back and mounted his cowgirl style. We each looked at the others as we enjoyed sex. Neil was nice enough to rub my clit and made me cum before he did. I heard David groan and Rachael squeal as he filled with his juices. There were four very happy campers on the floor.

I led Rachael to the bathroom and she got under the shower. I joined her. “What are you doing” she yelled but as soon as my hand made contact with her pussy she sighed. “Yes that is nice Joy” she whispered and returned the favour. We got each other off a couple of times. As we dried ourselves I had to ask. “Why are paying for this honey? You could have done it for free with another couple” I asked. “Neil thought it would be sexier and dirtier if we paid” she said. I suppose it did seem that way to them. Certainly I didn’t mind as it helped David and my cash position. After they left we joked about what Rachael had said. We then ended up in the bedroom renewing our love for each other.

Rating: 88%, Read 1957 times, Posted Mar 24, 2021

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Oral Sex, Prostitution


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