Club Gomorrah. The Sissy Saga. Chapter 5 The Red Room. by NumberNinetyFour

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Fiction | Anal, Asian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Extreme, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Rape, Stockholm Syndrome, Torture, Transgendered, Transsexual, Violence, Virginity

***(Dear Reader)***

You are about to make your first choice at the end of this part. (But lets be honest you will probably do both)

This is the first time I have created a multiple path piece of written work and though I will try to keep everything smooth and consistent. Well some things may seem odd if you make one decision in part six where you burn a characters cloths but in part seven they still have them because I wrote part seven trying to make all paths flow tougher correctly.

So please forgive and bear with any confusion.

“I will not cum unless I am told to cum… I can not cum by pleasuring myself… My pleasure is a reward not a right… The only pleasure I should feel is the pleasure of those I serve… Those I serve are superior to me in every way… I exist to serve… I serve to exist…” I mumbled over and over, despite the Reprogramming cycle ending minutes before. Ona sighed with pleasure as she watched me in the Reprogramming machine, the precum dripping from her cock as she teased both it and me. The headband and mask was removed and with a slap Sam brought me back to my senses. The restraints were released and I slumped out of the chair and onto the floor with a thud. My body was heavier than it had been all day and all I could do was repeat my orders while I drooled on the floor, it was refreshingly cold on my face, the taste of the gas still in my mouth as Sam lifted me up and over his shoulder. He carried me out to the hallway past an amused and very proud of herself Doctor smith. Ona followed close behind skipping as she did.

“Can she stay in my room tonight Sam?” Ona pleaded as she smiled up at me.

“You know the rules Ona, only your pet can stay in your room with you overnight. Tanya’s your pet, not Riley.”

“Hmm not anymore she isn't, I kinda… disowned her… this morning. Plus I already broke her.”

“So you say, but don’t forget El’s got her eye on Riley too Ona. There’s no point in arguing with me about it either you know my brother decides who she belongs to in the end. Until her claim day she’s just a stray sissy for the underground to use as they like during free time.”

“Humph… fine, I’ll just fuck with her head non stop, every day, until she submits to me.”

My room was a small empty box, just a hole as a toilet and no decoration. It was called a Kennel, meant for new girls during their induction period to the underground. Sam set me down on my small bed, he swatted my hand away with a sigh as I reached for his crotch.

“You’re not ready for me yet Slut. Trust me.” Whistling as he left.

Ona strutted over and held out her still hard cock, its oozing precum wet my finger as I began to stroke the length of her shaft, playing with her balls before she grabbed my hand and began chaining it to the wall. Still facing me she stepped away slowly, I desperately fought the chain, reaching with my free arm as she slipped from my grasp and left.

“Maybe I won’t need to fight El for you after all.” She whispered as she closed the door behind her, the lightless room swallowing me in complete darkness.

Compelled by an unfamiliar voice in my head I started to repeatedly chant my new sissy mantra again. It was difficult to sleep for more than a few hours at a time, the dark hid how long I was in my little box, disorientating me when I woke from my vivid sexual dreams. Hard as I may try, all I could ever accomplish with my fingers in my sissy pussy was a light arousal and my nipples and throat seemed to have lost their sensitivity, I had been stripped of any toys or means to masturbate properly, even on a was taken from me Ona. Not that any of them would have let me enjoy any pleasure I may have gained from them in my strange new condition. I again began slipping into a dream.

I screamed as the ice cold water washed over me, blinded by the bright light I cowered in the corner of my room.

“Good morning Riley.” Came Ona’s voice. “I hope I didn’t wake you from too good a dream… but you looked so peaceful and content I just had to make sure you didn’t oversleep.”

“Ona!. I was supposed to wake her up.” The second girl was peaking round the corner of the doorway at me, a bright yellow flower in her dark brown hair, highlighted with a deep red. She was totally nude like I was but had amazingly tanned skin, her breasts were bigger than mine too and she was covering her crotch.

“Hai (Yes) Maria, you were. But if you want to get your clit free today you’ll keep your mouth shut, or I’ll tell Sam you were trying to get your cage off again.”

Maria simply shook her head in submissively in response.

“You might not be the new girl anymore, but that does not give you any privileges! Now get Riley her breakfast before the bell.”

As Maria approached to unchain me Ona grabbed her hard by her hair, pulling her down to her knees. “What do you think you’re doing.”

“You said get her to.”

“Backa! (Idiot), I said ‘get’ her breakfast not take her to it…”

Maria looked up to Ona confused. “I don’t…”

Ona sighed, and slowly bean working her thumb into Maria’s mouth, past her plump lips. “Its Riley’s first real day here Maria… I want to treat her to a special breakfast to keep her energy up. Now… open wide.”

I let out a whimper as Ona’s cock slid past Maria’s lips into her warm wet mouth, she began to lick and suck the tip, her beautiful brown eyes gazing deeply into mine, taunting me as she worked the cum from Ona’s balls, the bitch winked at me as I held in my jealousy. Despite the way she was using her mouth Ona sighed in disappointment.

“Kore wa awaredesu… (This is pathetic)”

Maria’s eyes shot wide and the taunting look turned to terror as Ona, gripping tightly on each side of her head began to force herself deeper and deeper into Maria’s throat, building speed. Maria was Sam’s latest student, and she was being trained as an anal sissy, most of her oral skill lay in simply lubing her client’s cock or teasing the head. Sam was far too big to train a sissy oral skills, that was down to the other girls and to Jack. Unfortunately for Maria, she had never interested Ona, until recently Tanya would suffer the brunt of Ona’s sexual needs and most of the girls didn’t like oral as rough or as deep as Ona did, so Maria never got to experience the type of oral she was now. Ona did like to make people suffer after all, I had learned that form just a few hours alone with her. Maria was franticly fighting against the onslaught, holding Ona back by her thighs, Maria was even looking to me for help but all I could do was look back at her, the jealousy now freely burning on my face, and mixed with my newfound glee. Evan if I could make Ona stop… would I want to… how could I deprive a fellow sissy of the indescribable pleasure of Ona’s cock using their throat like a fleshlight.

“I’m almost done bitch, so listen very carefully. When I cum, you WILL NOT swallow and you most definitely WILL NOT SPIT!”

Maria blinked twice through her tears, a silent acknowledgement I would come to learn all to well.

After several more thrusts Ona withdrew her cock to the edge of Maria’s mouth, her lump lips sealing the head inside as Ona came.

The cum trickled from Maria’s mouth as Ona withdrew breathing heavily, beaming at me. She lead Maria to me by her hair, the cum dripping from her chin as she struggled to keep it inside.

“Now Riley, I want you to thank Maria for getting your breakfast for you and then I want you Maria… to feed Riley all that yummy cum.”

“Thank you for my Ona cum breakfast Maria.” As I slowly began licking around Maria’s lips, cleaning the dripping cum from her face before kissing her gently and letting her feed me my gift.

“Good girl Riley, make sure you get every last drop. I made it especially for you.”

With the last drop of cum from Maria’s mouth I began to probe the inside of her mouth, scraping any hiding cum from around her tongue with my own before she shoved me back, coughing and spitting what was left to the floor.

“Disgusting bitch! Why did you.”

Before She could finish insulting me, Ona had slapped Maria to the floor and now had her foot pressed onto her face holding her down. “Backa! (Idiot)” She screamed. “What did I say, and still you spat my cum out! But worse you shouted at HER!”

“So what you fucking psycho. She’s just a dumb new slut, in a week every.”

The kick was blindingly fast, landing in Maria’s stomach with enough force to knock her back a few inches. The mouthy Maria had been reduced to a crying wreck, coughing violently, pleading as Ona landed two more kicks into her side.

“Follow me, and bring her too! Drag the bitch by the hair if you have to.” Ona commanded as she unchained me from the wall and left the room.

Her hair was very soft, despite it being tangled and dishevelled. The pretty little yellow flower had long fallen off as I lead Maria down the hallway, I was still weak but the adrenalin was crossing through my veins, giving me the energy I needed. I also felt very calm, almost… happy as I pulled her along. The other girls were all watching, but none questioned what was going on or why. Ona simply strutted down the hall with us behind her. After several turns Ona stopped in front of a familiar looking door, and honestly. For some reason I felt a little sorry for Maria. The grey heavily spiked metal door with a large lock towered over us, Ona stood against the wall, stroking the door as Maria began begging with her head buried in my crotch, hugging my waist tightly.

“No, please please no, don’t… not there. Riley please, make her… help me make her stop. I’ll do anything just.”

“You know the rules Maria.” Spoke the Master behind us, his silent approach startled me but Ona had already took a respectful bow before him. “Such a shame Maria, I was so hopeful that you had learned your lesson from last time. You know this is your second strike don’t you? And so soon after your last one too.”

“No, please I didn't do any.”

The Master simply looked her in the eye, and she stopped cold. The her face even more pale than it had been a moment ago.

“Humph, such an ungrateful little thing aren't you girl. Perhaps I should have just let Mistress Smith and Ona here perform the procedure as the rules state! I am not a cold or cruel man, do I not have compassion and love for each and every one of you here in my home. Maybe Sam has been spoiling you, maybe you take advantage of him. I suppose we will see. When you are done come to my room upstairs Riley. Ona can show you the way.” Maria fell limply to the floor, sobbing at my feet as the Masters shoes echoed into the distance.

As Ona turned the oversized key in the lock the door came to life, several bolts and gears began moving before the door opened slowly. Maria gripping my legs tightly, as the inside was revealed to me for the first time, and I knew why I felt sorry for her.

The floor was red carpet, older and well used but still soft, its walls a red cushion with black detailing. The roof was mirrored, allowing the victims of the Red Room to see their torture and torturer in third person, there was no escape from this nightmare for Maria.

“Now then, what should Doctor Ona and Nurse Riley do today I wonder hmmm. Lets make her comfortable.” Ona knelt in front of Maria, still clinging to my waist and warned her not to struggle. “You know it will hurt more if you fight. Behave and it will be over quick…”

Maria was carefully restrained in a position that forced her rear into the air, exposing her caged sissy clit and ass to us.

Ona spanked Maria hard as I placed the gag in her mouth. “Me and Mistress Smith wanted to make an example out of her when Belle ran away, but Maria was following the command of a respected superior sissy. So Master gave her a second chance.”

“What, what did she do?”

“Nothing… and that was the problem. She just let Belle walk out, didn’t even try to stop her. There are two things you must never do In Club Gomorrah Riley. Never try to escape the club, and never ever betray The Master. Both acts receive the most severe punishment there is, you get turned into a Sissy Fuckpig. Don't worry, you’ll get to see one soon enough.”

“What are you going to do to her?”

“Well, she was going to get her cage removed today so. We, are going to do just that.”

Ona began wandering the room, looking for something to jump out at her from the vast ***********ion of tools and toys. Maria’s sobs continued through the gag as she continued to pleaded for help, looking up at me with her pretty wet brown eyes.

“Your extra sensitive nipples that feel like clits.” Ona began running the tip of a long black cane across my breasts. Her other hand gripping my throat tightly, sending a shiver of pleasure through me. “The pleasure you feel from sucking cock and having your throat rammed. Both those are permanent and irreversible. The remodelling machine does the physical, and the reprogramming changes your mind. The Red Room however.” Ona began swatting Maria’s exposed cheeks. “Is a room of a more cruel nature. Every girl in Club Gomorrah has been in here at least once, you will too Riley. So its good you learn now rather than later.”

Maria yelped through the gag with each hit of the cane, the force and speed increasing steadily one after the other until Ona grew bored.

“Pick something for me Riley.” She demanded as she dropped the cane to the floor and pulled to a ***********ion of implements hanging neatly on the far wall. I hesitated at first but took my time, choosing something that looked balanced, I wanted it to be painful yet merciful, enough to satisfy Ona and help maria evan a little. Unsure of my choice I pointed to the black leather whip in the centre, it was only as she handed it to me that I realised my choice was more cruel that I had intended. The whip had hung in such a way as to hide its true nature, it was spaced down the centre with intersections along its length, the split creating an almost bite like appearance.

“Isn’t that nice of her Maria, Riley chose Snakebite for you.”

Maria responded through the gag with muffled screams, sending a chill down my spine as Ona stood me behind Maria. I already knew what was going to happen next.

“Well…” Ona chirped “She insulted me Riley, she needs to be taught a lesson Hai? (Yes)”

My hand gripped the whip tightly, as I lifted my arm behind me and prepared to begin.

(Indulge) Whip her with Snakebite.

(Refrain) Drop Snakebite.

Rating: 85%, Read 5970 times, Posted Jan 07, 2020

Fiction | Anal, Asian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Extreme, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Rape, Stockholm Syndrome, Torture, Transgendered, Transsexual, Violence, Virginity


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