Secrets of an Officer's Daughter by jintina

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Secrets of an Officer's Daughter:

While daddy is away on assignment Terri discovers why boys and girls like to play doctor.

Midshipman Emma Watson stammered down the moonlit hallway towards the kitchen. Once inside she made her way over to the refrigerator and opened the door. Emma stepped forwards into the refrigerator and drenched in the cool air escaping its constraints. The refreshing air cascaded over her naked body like a fresh fall cool breeze dissipating the hot steamy spring air. It was unseasonably hot for an April evening in Annapolis, Maryland. Reaching inside the dimly lit refrigerator Emma removed two green Heineken beers from their cardboard holding cells and then shut the door. As she began to leave the kitchen she began to squish her thighs together as her lovers secretion was slowly escaping from her tiny slit between her legs. Emma smirked knowing that she might actually have gotten pregnant as it was the first time she let her lover fill her love canal with his warm semen.

Emma stood there in the kitchen contemplating what it would like to be a mother and also becoming a Naval Officer. Once she broke her dreamscape she found herself in the hallway with nothing to clean her inner thighs. So she put the neck of her beer bottle between her thighs twisting it back and forth trying to capture as much of her lover’s secretion as she could. The condensation cleaned some of the chunky white seamen that had oozed out her pussy onto her thighs. She opened her lips wide and let the bottle slip inside of her mouth pretending it was her lover’s cock and the semen on the neck was his load that just exploded into her mouth. Emma loved the feel of a man’s penis in her mouth and she licked the neck of the bottle clean as she returned to her lovers bedroom feeling slightly refreshed.

Before she entered her lover’s bedroom she stopped at the door holding a beer in each of her hands. Emma gazed at her lover’s head that was tilted back on his pillow with his mouth open and still breathing heavily as he just inseminated her beautiful pink love canal. Emma felt a sense of pride that her lover just revealed he just had one of the most intense orgasms of his life. She ogled his body from afar his well framed chest to the slight hint of his six pack abs. A little smirk crossed her lips as his six inch cock lay half erect on his thigh still oozing its secretions. For Emma there was nothing more in the world that she wanted, a man that made sweet love to her and wanted a deep loving and caring relationship.

2nd Lt. Robert Mills mind was finally starting to clear as Emma had never made love to him over their three-year-secret relationship like tonight. It was three simple words that created a whole new mode of love making for Emma and they were, ‘I love you’. It’s the three words that every woman wants to hear from their lover’s and Robert just blurted them out and Emma showed a side of herself that he had never seen before. His mind was no longer dizzy and he heard her at the door and he picked his head up to look for her. When he finally found her she was standing inside of the door frame holding one of his favorite beverages.

Emma leaning inside the doorway looked stunning as her jet-black hair that fell over her shoulders as her one leg crossed in front of the other. Her perky round 32 C-cup breasts pushed together between her biceps created a line that stemmed from her cleavage down to the top of her well trimmed pubic hair above her clitoris. Half of her body was silhouetted in darkness while the other was softly highlighted in silver from the moonlight in the hallway.

Emma was once an Olympic hopeful when she was in her teens. Her specialty was swimming the 400 meter relay as well as the 200 meter butterfly. She since has achieved black belts in several different disciplines of the martial arts. First it was Karate then Kung Fu and finally Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that made her all the more attractive to Robert but the one thing that was causing the blood to rush back inside of his shaft was watching the mixture of his sperm and her orgasm slowly slipping out of her extremely tight vagina.

Robert smiled at Emma, “Thank you for bringing one for me honey.”

Emma smiled back at her personal Adonis, “Anything for you baby.” Emma noticed that the tip of his penis caught the edge of the covers and it began to rise over his pelvic area creating a very large tent. Emma thought to herself how lucky she was to be dating a 2nd Lieutenant that graduated from the Naval Academy not more than three short years previous.

When they met Robert was in his final year at the Academy. He was a Company Commander for the Midshipman Regiment while Emma was in her first year. While they were both at the Academy Emma was totally off limits to him as he wanted no blemishes on his Academy record but now a graduate of the Academy nothing could keep him from dating Emma.

This weekend Emma was given a 48-hour pass. It also helped that she was the Regimental Commander a rank that Robert never obtained when he was in the Academy. So Emma had planned some special alone time for her lover off campus. Now, on this particular Saturday night Emma would be able to stay overnight as she didn’t have any classes until Monday morning.

Robert held the bed sheet for his ravishing 21 year-old lover so she could slip into bed with him. Robert with his free hand grasped her firm waist and drew her close to him and he kissed her full on the lips. Once he was full lip on lip was when he realized his mistake as he could taste his salty cum on her lips. Emma began to giggle and laughing at him as Robert realized his faux pas.

Robert quickly took a swig of his beer hoping that it would change his pallet inside of his mouth. As he put his arm around Emma’s shoulder they lay side by side sipping their beer’s trying to cool off together as they felt the gentle warm breeze flowing through the open windows. The moonlight was bursting through his blinds creating and interesting pattern of silver moonlight and black stripes running across his bed. Robert turned and looked at Emma and asked, “So what’s in store for you on Monday?”

Emma took a second to think, “Well, I only have a month left of classes before my final exams. There is one interesting thing with my afternoon class we have a special lecturer coming in.”

Robert wanting to sound like he was actually interested in her day said, “Well, do you know the name of the guest speaker?”

Emma took another swig of her beer, “I don’t know who he is. He’s just another guy who works over at the Pentagon trying to come in and meet some Midshipmen they can snatch up and work for them or should I say a new gopher or slave. His name is Captaaaaiiiiinnn – Oh, I remember Captain Tom – Tom Wilkinson – Yeah that’s it Captain Tom Wilkinson. You know Instructor Gaumer he never sticks to his syllabus he’s all over the place.”

Robert was in the middle of swallowing some of his beer as he began to cough it back up. He wiped his face and Emma’s arm where some of the beer landed and said, “Tom Wilkinson? Captain Tom Wilkinson? And you say he’s stationed at the pentagon?”

Emma blurted back at him, “Yeah – he’s just another Midshipmen picker from the Pentagon.”

Robert sat up, “You’ve gotta be kidding me right? Do you have any idea who this guy is? I can tell you one thing he’s not a Midshipmen picker that’s for sure. He’s either looking for a new aide or for someone to work on his staff. Honey this guy is the head of my division.”

Emma laughed at Robert, “Honey I have no idea who this guy is.”

Robert said, “Well, let me fill you in on a few things. This guy is the Chief Commander of the east coast SEAL teams 2, 4, 8 and 10 down in Virginia.

Emma wasn’t really all that impressed as she shrugged her shoulders, “Okay.”

Robert became really enthused about this guy like he was a professional athlete of his favorite team or something, “No, No you don’t get it honey! This guy is like huge in the (ONI) Naval Intelligence community as well. Honey this guy is a spook like a real spook. He’s one of the leaders of the Beta-5 Division this guy is not to be messed around with.

Because of our new President cutting back on the fat in the military a lot of the fat cat Admiral’s are going to be asked to go into early retirement leaving huge spots to be filled. From what I understand he’s always been fast tracked but he’s going to be the youngest Rear-Admiral in Naval history honey. I think he’s being groomed to eventually become a Joint-Chief of staff.

You know my last year at the Academy – he came into my class to lecture us as well. I mean his lecture was quite boring to be honest with ya. Then after he asked several of us questions about what material he just went over with us. Then out of nowhere he pulled several upper-classmen from the class the Brigade Commander Wessex, Battalion Commander Parkdale, a Platoon Commander Winters, me and another Platoon Commander Knoll. He pulled the five of us out of class and we took some kind of evaluation test. By the end of the day he selected the Brigade Commander Sam Wessex to be his aide. Do you know that was four years ago and Sam has been fast tracked just like this Wilkinson guy and is in line to become Lt. Commander real soon.”

Emma turned her head, “That’s impossible to move that many pay grades so fast. You’re full of crap there is no way for that to happen.”

Robert was shaking his head, “You don’t get it honey I’m still really good friends with Sam. He became a SEAL and goes on all these top secret black ops. Wessex has been on at least 30 or so missions that he has let me know of or I should say are at least acknowledged by the Navy and God knows how many others he been on secretly. Combat experience always gives you a leg up for promotions and with Wilkinson overseeing his career there is nothing standing in his way. Wilkinson is doing the same for Wessex that Wilkinson got from his mentor the Navy Chief himself.”

Emma was actually becoming impressed by this guy Wilkinson, “So, what do you think he’s going to do at the lecture? Is he going to be looking for a new aide?”

Robert smiled at her, “Don’t get any ideas. He’s only had males for aides and also he’s made them all become SEAL’s. I don’t think you’re going to have a chance but the Captain has an ever changing staff of about sixty people that work in his division so if you luck out you could work with him in that capacity. Even if you’re selected to work in his division you will still be fast tracked because of his mere reputation. I mean you have fantastic grades and with your background as Regimental Commander you would be a shoo-in to work for this guy. It would mean you and I would be working in the same Division at the Pentagon.”

Emma didn’t say anything but lay there and contemplated what it would be like to work at the Pentagon. The thought never crossed her mind before that very moment and to be working in the same Division as Robert would also be nice.

Meanwhile at Commander Chalmers home:

Commander Mark and Maria Chalmers where dining out at their favorite Thai restaurant, it was their date night. You see they promised each other after their daughter Carina was born that they would always make time for one another. Mark and Maria left their two teenagers Carina and Cody at home with their house guest Theresa Wilkinson (Tom Wilkinson’s daughter). There was Cody their 16 year-old-son and their 18 year-old daughter Carina and of course their houseguest Theresa was only 14 years-old.

For the last ten days Theresa Wilkinson has spent her time at the Chalmers home as her father Captain Tom Wilkinson was on assignment somewhere in Eastern Europe. Theresa or Terri (as she likes to be called) always stays with the Chalmers when her father goes away on assignment. Terri’s father Tom went through the Academy together with Mark Chalmers and they are still best friends to this day. Mark was the only real person who stood by Tom when his wife Sally passed away some six years ago. There is no other family that Tom would trust to raise his daughter other than the Chalmers he even has it written out in his will.

Even though it was late April and the one feature that the Chalmers family likes about their pool is that it’s heated although today being in the mid-nineties it was a nice refuge to keep cool for the three teenagers. As Terri and Carina made their way down the steps wearing nothing but the smallest string bikinis basically just covering their special places they passed by Cody who was sitting on the couch watching the Washington Senators take on the Philadelphia Phillies.

Cody couldn’t help but notice the two girls walking past in front of him as there was a lot of skin and just spaghetti strings linked to small triangular patches over their nipples and crotch areas but not their pink assholes that were on display. Cody being a healthy teenage boy immediately became dizzy as the blood rushed directly to his shaft as he soaked in the image of his counterparts.

The girls stopped just before they left the room and began to giggle as they leaned forward put their hands on their knees exposing their asses to Cody and began to shake their asses up and down for his amusement. With the two girls bending over it put too much tension on the spaghetti strings and the small triangle patches covering their pussies were sucked in between their pussy lips creating two wonderful camel toes. Then his sister put her finger to her mouth and sucked on it and said, “Hey Cody why don’t you come out and play with us?” Then both of them sprinted through the kitchen out into the backyard and dove through the steamy hot night air into the swimming pool.

Cody wanting to see more of Terri’s blossoming body stripped out of his shirt and shorts and made his way to the backyard with a stiffy trying to escape from the waistband of his boxers. Cody being your typical awkward teenage boy didn’t really know how to act around attractive young girls. Cody felt uneasy knowing that he wanted to escalate things beyond the point of just swimming with his sister and Terri. His immaturity showed as he began horsing around by dunking each girl under the water and grabbing at their tops and bottoms trying to pull them down or even off to catch small glimpses of their private parts.

Terri might be only fourteen but she started to develop into a woman when she turned twelve. Although she has yet to experience her first period her breasts have began to bud very nicely just a small but full 30-B cup size. Her body is very tight as her father has her enrolled in ballet classes since she was four, karate since she was nine and has now started taking yoga classes a few months ago. She only stands at an even five foot and 85lbs of pure energy with brunette hair that drapes down to the middle of her back and large brown eyes and has a devastating stare that makes Cody fall to pieces every time she looks at him.

Cody’s sister was a full bodied woman. She stood a full 5’6” and has completely developed into womanhood looking just like her mother. Carina breasts are 36-c’s that are tear-dropped in shape and a thick but not fat body. Carina had a very small cleft at the base of her stomach. Her ass isn’t bony but had a little junk in the trunk as the guys would say. It looked particularly good a few minutes ago as she was shaking it in his face. Her legs were long and shapely they looked particularly good when she’s in heels.

The three of them continued to dunk one another while playing the grab ass game. Cody was getting some very good feels from Terri as she wasn’t resisting his touches between her legs and at her breasts. Carina although was slapping him back as he caught his finger between her legs and penetrating her pussy several times. It wasn’t the first time that he had his fingers or other things between his sister’s legs just never in front of a stranger before.

Terri started taking the game over as she wanted to grab Cody’s cock or perhaps get his boxers off all together. Terri always thought that Cody was a hottie ever since she was about ten she has had a steady crush on him. Even though he was two years older than her she felt some kind of kindred spirit with Cody. It didn’t help that Cody was on the High School swim team and he was a 10 meter diver as well. He had the swimmer physique that was long and lean and Terri always liked the way his cock looked when he was in his Speedos during meets.

Carina and Terri teamed up together to get back at Cody as they individually couldn’t match his strength. Cody didn’t mind while he was under the water the girls unknowingly were still sporting their camel toes and both of their lovely pussies were turning on Cody more and more they horsed around together.

While he was still being held under the water both of Cody’s hands began their journey starting with Terri’s thighs. He was squeezing them ever so gently then he took the plunge and his hand made its way between her legs and then a finger finally penetrated her before they let him up to catch his breath.

As Cody surfaced he heard Carina’s phone ringing and she immediately released her grip on him and swam over to the side and hopped out of the pool to answer the phone. Unfortunately for Terri or maybe fortunately for Terri Cody’s hand began to roam and caress her whole body with no resistance. Cody’s hands went from her breasts down to her ass and then with a sense of empowerment he went for it and pushed his middle finger between her pussy lips once again. Cody was waiting for her retaliation but when Terri remained still in the pool enjoying the new sensations that Cody was providing for her as Terri sank deeper and deeper between his arms of seduction.

Carina noticing what her little brother was doing to their house guest shouted out, “Hey, that’s not how we play the game little bro!”

Cody let Terri go and swam to the bottom of the pool being embarrassed for being caught by his sister. He stayed under but as he looked up there was his little play thing still in the same spot in the pool treading water. He reached his hand up from the bottom of the pool and became even more blazon as he pulled Terri’s bottoms completely off and just stared at her bald pussy. It was a sight to see. For Cody it was the first pussy he got to see that wasn’t either his mother’s or his sisters. Cody would sneak peeks at both of them when they changed out of their swim suits around the pool area.

Terri’s pussy was slightly different from his mother’s and sisters. Terri’s pussy lips were either tucked inside of her outer lips or they were not as large as the women in his family. Her pussy was a perfect line that went right between her legs. Unfortunately Cody could no longer hold his breath and as his crested the water he was greeted with a slap to the back of the head and a mean look on Terri’s face. Cody thought to himself that he might have taken things just a little too far by removing her bikini bottoms. Carina didn’t notice anything that was going on between the two of them and she said, “Hey guys behave while I go upstairs to finish this call. I’ll be back in a little bit.” Then she walked back into the house.

Cody realized that he had a small window of opportunity to try some things with his house guest as his parents were out to dinner and his sister was on her way upstairs to probably get naked for her boyfriend on her webcam. Cody wrapped his arms around her and began to squeeze her tight wanting to show her his intentions but Terri began to squirm around trying to free herself from his gasp and said, “Let me go you jerk!”

Cody’s inexperience began to show once again as he took things too far with Terri but he quickly began his retreat, “I’m sorry about pulling your bottoms off but I thought that you were cool with it. I mean you let me feel your breasts and you let me put my finger inside of you. I thought that you might want me to take things just a little bit farther.”

Terri moved closer to him and gave him a small little smirk on her face, “Look the only reason I was upset was because your sister was here that’s all.” Then she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and pulled herself onto him and she could feel his hard penis poking her in the stomach she gave him a nice slow sensual kiss on the lips.

She then broke her hold from Cody and swam to the other side of the pool. When she got to the wall she began to slowly pull herself out of the water and she put her one leg on the edge of the pool to help herself out and that opened her ass crack revealing once and for all her tiny pussy and pink puckered asshole for Cody to ogle. When she was finally out of the pool she was on all fours as she crawled like a little baby over to the chaise lounge chair. Terri thought ‘well if he’s going to finger me and caress my tits he might as well get the full treatment.’

Once on the chair she flipped over her hair covered her breasts but Cody was not to be denied as she spread her legs for him. With her right knee up on the chair and the other straight Cody was getting a lot more than he bargained for not more than a few minutes ago. Terri smiled at him and she gazed at him with her big brown eyes as her fingers opened her tiny pink slit for him.

Cody’s erection was actually hurting him because it was so hard. Terri was brutal as she closed her eyes and tilted her head backwards and let out small little sighs of pleasure and then when her finger finally traversed her outer and inner pussy lips she let out a slight, “Oooh it’s so wet in there. See what you’ve done to me? You get me all excited!! You make me want to do things to you that I definitely know we can get in trouble for! Is this what you were attempting to do Cody? Were you trying to seduce me?”

Cody began his journey through the water over to his younger house guest as he heard his sister opening the sliding glass door from the kitchen. He wanted to get out of the pool but the head of his penis was sticking out of his waist band and he didn’t want his sister to see what Terri was doing him. He finally made it to the side of the pool and he pressed his waist as tight as he could to the wall to hide his embarrassment. He then crossed his arms and put his chin over his hands trying to act as casual as he could while Terri was still spreading her legs but was now drying them off with her towel as Carina made her way over to them still not noticing anything.

Carina wasn’t really paying attention to them as Terri placed her towel over her legs and then she finally looked up, “Hey guys Topher is coming over in a bit and he wants me to go to the movies with him – “

Terri said, “Topher who or what the heck is a Topher?”

Carina began to laugh, “I guess you never met him. Topher is my new boyfriend. His real name is Christopher but when he was young he never said it right and he just shortened it to Topher and it just became his nickname. So – you guys think you can take care of yourselves until mom and dad get back so I can go out?”

Terri shook her head, “Sure, we were doing just fine without you before you just came back out.”

Cody could still see Terri’s pink slit under the towel and then he finally looked up at his sister knowing how far things can really go if she wasn’t around, “Yeah sis we’ll be fine for an hour or so. I mean Terri is already out of the pool and I’ll probably just go back inside and watch the game or put on a movie for both of us.”

Carina turned and began walking back into the house and to Cody’s surprise Terri wrapped the towel around her waist and followed his sister into the house. Cody just punched the cement border of the pool knowing that he just got jilted of fucking her tight pussy. He was so damn pissed off at his sister. He vowed that he was going to get her back later on. Cody did the one thing he always did when he had any problems or was pissed off he would just swim laps. It helped him work out his frustrations and the faster he swam the more the frustration would leave him.

Terri and Carina made their way back up to Carina’s bedroom in silence. Carina was not bashful or shy around Terri and she quickly slipped out of her suit and was standing in her bedroom completely naked. It wasn’t the first time that Terri saw her girlfriend Carina naked but she was always in awe of her body because she was always several years behind Carina in her own development.

When they were little and Carina was 12 and Terri was 8 Carina’s breasts began to bud and she showed them to Terri. Then Carina took special pride and pulled her panties down a year later and showed Terri that her pussy hair was coming in. Later that year she even shared with her how to use tampons but Terri as yet not needed to use one. Carina wasn’t a virgin and every time she allowed her boyfriends to go a little bit farther sexually she always would share the good news with Terri.

Carina slipped on a thong and a miniskirt then a pair of low heels that were open toed. As her breasts swayed back and forth as she walked over to her chest of drawers she pulled out a tank top and put it on and then a loose fitting blouse. It was amazing to Terri that no matter what Carina put on she always looked so damn hot. She brushed her hair and then put it in a ponytail and then Terri said,

“I can’t believe that you’re just going to leave me here all alone with him. I mean – I’m willing to let him do stuff when you’re here because all I have to do is cough or say something and I know that you’re going to come to my rescue but who’s going to rescue me with you not here? His cock was so hard Carina – I felt it against my stomach when I kissed him. I’m not sure if I can do this without you being here.”

Carina smiled at her, “Oh come on we’ve been talking about this very thing for the past week.”

Terri smiled at Carina in the mirror, “Well, I already did make a move down by the pool while you were up here.” Terri then removed her towel to show her nakedness.

Carina smiled at her, “Damn girl you get right to the point don’t you.” Then they heard the splashing in the pool and Carina got up from her makeup table and went to the window and Terri followed her and she said, “See that Terri? See the way he’s swimming? He’s either really pissed off at me or he just sexually frustrated because you came up here with me and left him down there in the pool with a raging hard on. It makes sense why he was up against the wall of the pool he was hiding his hard on from me.”

Terri was shaking her head as she watched her fantasy in the pool below her churning out lap after lap, “Yeah it came up past my belly button. You know I’m kinda scared that it might be too big to fit inside of me.”

Carina moved her hand to her chin and kissed her on the lips and then Terri moved her tongue inside of Carina’s mouth and when they broke their impromptu kiss Carina said, “I think that the girl on girl action that’s been going on up here for the past week has been a whole lotta fun but I need some cock in my pussy instead of your glorious tongue. Besides I think it’s time for you to finally know what it’s like to feel like a woman. Listen, tell him to cum on your face or your tits just don’t let him finish inside of you because you’re not on the pill, okay?”

Terri’s palms were sweating and her nerves began creating goose pimples all over her arms, “I don’t know what to do? I meant I’ve taken every suggestion that you’ve given me to throw myself at him but he’s too damn dense to take the hint. I mean I was down on the chair with my legs open and that was the first time I think he was ready to actually do something to me other than feeling one of my tits or trying to rub my pussy. So far he put his finger inside of me but that’s when we were horsing around in the pool. I just played it off as an accident – I mean I was the one who had to kiss him first.”

Carina put her arm around her shoulder and pulled her away from the window so that Cody couldn’t see them staring at him and talking about him and said, “Look, be patient. Sometimes with boys the heads on top of their shoulders are just too dense to let anything inside their damn brains. Now, the little head has no conscience and there is no thinking involved – it knows exactly what it wants – besides that’s the head we are after here. The good news is that you got him nice and hard and he was staring at you so he now knows that you want something to happen.

Now, go back down to the pool and sit down on the chaise lounge like you were before. This time pull your knees up to your chest wrap your arms around your legs and just pretend that I’m about to put one of my vibrators inside you.” Carina moved her hand between Terri’s legs and rubbed the outside of her pussy and then let two of her fingers slip inside, “Oooh damn you’re already wet.”

Terri put her hands on Carina’s shoulders braced herself as she played with her and said, “Well, I was on the chaise with my legs spread open playing with myself as he watched me. It was one of the hottest things I did in front of a boy. Then you came out and I got kinda freaked out. I never masturbated in front of a brother and sister before.”

Carina smiled, “Look you have things completely under control you don’t need me and if you were masturbating for him you’re not going to need me to come and rescue you from his cock. Once you feel that thing slip inside of you – Oooh you’re not going to want him to pull it out trust me on this one. The thing to do now is to get him back in the mood. Jump in the pool and attack him and play some grab ass with him again. Listen he can handle it. I mean when he turned 14 a couple of years ago I couldn’t get him to keep his hands off of me. He plays grab ass and tits with me all the fucking time so I returned the favor and grab is cock whether it’s hard or not I don’t give a damn.”

Terri was shocked, “You mean you’ve let him feel you up?”

Carina said, “Look we were both curious so we kinda played with each other and explored one another – I mean it was actually kinda hot a couple of times. I swear we went all the way a few times just to see what having actual sex was like.” Carina spun her little pupil around and smacked her on the ass, “Now get your tight little ass down there and get that nice eight-inch cock inside of you. Go get the one thing that I’m not allowed to have in this world. Later tonight when I get home I bet you that you’re going to try and sneak inside of his bedroom to get more.”

Terri smirked as she picked the towel up off of the floor and flung it over her shoulder, “I hope so because I’m tired of waiting to become a woman.” Terri was smiling from ear to ear knowing that she now has permission from her secret lesbian lover to fuck her brother. Now the only thing she could imagine was his eight-inch thin cock slipping between her legs and makes her a woman.

When Terri made it to the bottom of the steps the doorbell rang. She then realized that she was naked from the waist down and as she was wrapping the towel around her waist Carina was flying down the stairs to open the door. It’s one thing for her brother to see Terri naked but it’s another thing for her to share Topher with this little girl.

Carina opened the door and Topher slipped inside. Topher was 22 and was about to graduate from college in a month. He looked at Carina and gave her a kiss and then he hugged her as he couldn’t take his eyes off of Terri and the way the towel was draped over her hips nice and low. “So, you ready to go honey?”

Carina said, “Yeah let’s get out of here. Hey, good luck with my bro.”

Then Topher smiled and laughed, “You mean to tell me that dude bro still hasn’t like made his move on that pre-teen fine piece of ass.” He smiled at Terri, “Look we’re out of here to see the movie stars and all so like their parents are gone grubbing. You’ve got about an hour or so dudette. You better get a move on and put that poor dude like out of his horrible misery and finally make a man out of him. The poor dude called me like four days ago – he was like crying that he doesn’t know what to do to get you to have some bed time sweetie. Let me give a piece of advice – Grab is huge junk between his thighs and lead him upstairs to his bed and don’t let go until you push it inside of you.”

Terri smiled at Topher, “Don’t worry about it. I think I have everything under control here go out and have some fun. I don’t have a whole lotta time to fuck his brains out – now, get outta here so I can get started.”

Armed with the knowledge that Cody wants her and everyone knows that they should be fucking already Terri pushed her nervousness way down inside and was ready to make her move. She locked the door and dropped the towel from her waist and untied her top. When she made it to the kitchen she dropped her bikini top on the floor and now completely naked she walked to the side of the pool and timed her jump and landed right in front of Cody.

Cody was shocked as a nude body just plunged right in front of him. When he got his wits back there was his fantasy completely naked in the pool. Cody’s eyes began to bug out of his head, “What the hell are you doing? You almost killed me Terri!”

Terri wrapped her naked body around his, “We’ve got less than an hour of alone time to do this thing. I need you naked and on top of me before your parents come home or Carina and Topher come back. Let’s do this thing, let’s get it on studly.”

Cody took the green light cupped her slightly boney ass with both hands and began pushing both of them to the shallow end of the pool. As he made his way Terri began kissing him like she kissed his sister Carina. Her tongue hitting the roof of his mouth was making him dizzy and his fingers moved between the cracks of her ass. As they both were experiencing new sensations of pleasure they became lost in their moment.

Terri’s small pussy walls were beginning to coat Cody’s fingers as his warm fingers created an unusual sensation as the cool water splashed inside of her and his hot fingers stabbing inside of her was throwing her into wave after wave of passion as her fantasy was coming true. Then something unexpected was happening as she felt his pinky finger teasing her puckered asshole and her body for the first time in her young adult life was coming alive with a special fire between her legs.

Over the last week Terri and Carina shared many special moments between them. Neither one of them were actual lesbians but for this past week they practically fucked each other crazy with dildo’s, fingers and tongues as they explored each other’s bodies but all those ecstasy filled hours did not turn her on as much as Cody was doing right now. Terri’s anticipation of having Cody on top of her feeling his weight pushing her deep into the mattress and her head pushing against the head board of the bed and feeling his strong hands and arms constraining her was what she was looking forward to.

The swimming pool at the shallow end had steps so that you could walk out of the pool and as Cody slowly took each step Terri’s true weight began to push down on his body. Terri is only 5’ tall and a total of 85lbs her ballerina legs wrapped around him tightly squeezing his waist Cody could feel her hot wet pussy up against his belly was helping the blood push inside of his shaft.

Cody pulled her closer to him and by pushing her upwards her breasts came up to his mouth and he took full advantage of his situation as he began sucking on her nipples of both breasts alternating back and forth as he carried her to the chaise lounge chair that she sat teasing him not more than fifteen minutes ago. His tongue was very slowly and gently followed the circle of her areolas as her nipples came fully erect. They were small but sensitive as Cody could feel her pussy secrete her juice onto his stomach.

With her fantasy lover doing better than her expectations Terri wanted to return the pleasure that he was providing her. Terri’s skin all over her body was now on fire this was something that she never felt in her life. Terri then moved her hand between their bellies and found his mushroom head. Terri slid down his waist and her pussy felt how hard his penis had become and just like in nature your body knows exactly what to do. Her vaginal lips separated to accommodate the thickness of his manhood.

Terri felt like a little girl that was given a brand new toy to play with. As Cody sat on the edge of the chair Terri became self evident of his true length and girth that brought a very big smile to her face, “Oh Cody, I’ve waited all week for you to make your move – Oh Cody. Now I can’t wait for it to push my pussy open.” She then pushed him down on his back and rose up allowing his hard cock to slap against his stomach. She placed her hot crotch pot back down on his shaft and began to grind on his shaft. They both began to moan with pleasure as Terri was in total control of this situation.

Cody began to show her his strength as he pulled her down and kissed her. This kiss brought his full passion to the young girl. This time when Cody’s tongue slipped into her mouth Terri’s head became dizzy. Cody thought to himself, ‘all those times Carina his own sister wanted to make out with him was now paying off for him.’

Terri’s body began to shiver with excitement as Cody’s hands and fingers continued to work on her. Terri could not handle the sensation anymore. She broke free of Cody’s grip and stood up. She remembered what Carina told her about facing away from Cody so that he could concentrate on her ass as it bounced up and down on his shaft. With either leg now on the sides of the chaise lounge she lowered her ass down and her vagina open naturally and Cody held his penis straight and with his other hand he guided Terri’s pussy to the tip of his penis.

Cody noticed a small droplet of her pussy juice dangling from the tip of her clitoris. Terri lowered herself and Cody’s penis pushed her walls apart. She continued to allow him to slowly fill her pussy with his penis. Cody’s penis wasn’t the largest that she had seen in her life and the vibrators that she had been using over the past week were larger as well but the feeling of a real hard throbbing penis penetrating her small vagina was finally making her a real woman.

Terri rode Cody and her pussy opened wide as she pushed downwards over his shaft. Losing her inhibitions to Cody was everything that she wanted and the pleasure that she was giving him was well beyond what he was expecting from her, “Terri I want to see your face.”

Terri complied as she let him fall from her pussy and two rather large strings of pussy juice kept the connection between them. Terri turned around and then once again grabbing her lover’s cock held it still as this time his cock slipped directly inside of her. As her ass came all the way down her pussy consumed his whole shaft. They both remained silent as Cody began thrusting upwards as Terri began slamming her ass fast and hard on his shaft.

While the two teenagers were enjoying themselves unbeknownst to them Cody’s parents were pulling up into the driveway as their sexual escapade was becoming a deeper love making experience. Mark and Maria Chalmers walked through the front door and found a note, ‘Mom and Dad went out with Topher. We went to see a movie. See you after the movie Carina.’

Maria was leaning up against Mark as she was a little tipsy and Mark began reading the note from her daughter out loud. She must have had too much to drink at the restaurant. Maria blurted out, “So – so – the little ones are in the – “

Mark put his hand up to her mouth to shut her up and he put his other finger up to his mouth as he pursed his lips, “Shhhhhh……. I don’t think the kids heard us come in. Come on let’s go upstairs and get a quickie in! It’s been more than a frickin week since I fucked your pussy honey. I know that you don’t want to do it with Terri here but god damn my cock is so ready to be inside of you honey. I’ve just gotta have you honey!”

Maria moved his hand from his mouth and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and smiled at her husband and kissed Mark full on the lips then she whispered softly in his ear, “I want you just as bad sweetie. Terri leaves tomorrow morning, I swear to God that tomorrow night you can ravish me any way you wish. Look just not while she’s here okay? I don’t want Tom her father to think we just fuck like rabbits around his kid, okay?”

Mark released her from his embrace completely dejected and said, “Sounds like the game is on in the family room I’m sure Cody must be in there Terri must be upstairs.”

They both made their way into the family room and Cody wasn’t there but his clothes he was wearing were scattered all over the floor and a white pool towel. Mark sat down in his favorite chair to watch the game and Maria said, “I’m going into the kitchen to get something to drink.” As Mark was watching the Phillies beating up on the Senators he heard from the kitchen Maria whispering, “Honey come here, come here you’ve got to see this honey.”

As Mark made his way into the kitchen expecting to see it in shambles he saw his wife leaning over the kitchen sink peering out the window with her panties around her knees and her skirt hiked up over her hips as she was fingering herself. Mark loved looking at his wife’s ass. Maria works really hard to keep her body toned as she competes as a tri-athlete and he figured since she was already taking care of herself maybe – just maybe – he would actually get some pussy now rather than later.

Mark took his cock out as he made his way over to the kitchen sink and was planning on planting his cock hard and deep inside of his wife and as his cock began to push between her ass cheeks as Maria pointed out the back window, “See?”

Mark wasn’t interested in anything outside he just wanted to get some pussy. Maria slapped his cock away from her ass, “What? What is it? What the hell am I looking for out there?”

Maria turned her head, “Shhhhhh….. Will you hush up! Look at what your son is doing out there!”

Mark began to focus on the backyard and there was his son sitting on one of the chaise chairs with his boss’ daughter on top of his cock bouncing up and down like it was her favorite toy. Mark whispered in his wife’s ear, “What the fu – Holy shit would you look at that! I think they’re both losing their virginities together.”

Stay tuned for part 2 Daddy is coming home

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