Lonesome Willow Ranch by horny+fox

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‘I feel it,’ she whispered, her voice rasping from the ache that was throbbing everywhere, but nowhere more than where his cock pressed through the layers between them.

Marina and I have been seeing each other for a week. I have learned about why she left Russia, seeking to make more

money outside Russia. She is well-educated, but did not have access to a wide-ranging job market. Jobs in which she could put her skills to use are abundant outside Russia. She had a desire to see and experience the customs and traditions of a new culture. Russian men lack chivalry, they treat their Russian women with indifference or disinterest. Russian men are inclined to participate in a hard-partying lifestyle – a lifestyle of which the women tire of easily. Russian women desire to be treated with the courtesy and attention of a gentleman. Often times, the only place they can receive such courtesy and attention is from foreign men, who are more traditional and romantic in their approach to women. With a lack of men in general, and a lack of good men in particular, it makes sense that a Russian woman would look beyond her borders for a man to be with. Marina believes in a traditional family. She places a strong importance on marriage and child rearing and believe it is primarily the responsibility of woman to tend to the family’s needs.

Marina's ex-husband lied to her, after he brought her to America, she discovered he didn't want a family. His marriage to her was not important and after thee years, he filed for a divorce. She was working for Southwest Airlines when I seen her profile on the dating site. She is slowly beginning to trust me, and after three dates she has quit her job. I moved her in with me, I have been fucking her 3 to 4 times every night. She is slowly accepting my need to have sex multiple times a day. We are committed to having a family before she is 40. This morning we flew my jet to Tyler Texas where my LONESOME WILLOW RANCH - 239 acre ranch is located. Marina slowly growing accustom to my wealth and power. We landed at the ranch and went to the main house, Marina went upstairs to the bedroom to unpack since we are staying for a week. I went upstairs to the bedroom, I'm standing directly behind her now, she feels my breath on the back of her neck. My arms slide under the jacket and around her waist, pulling her back towards me. My hands are moving to the tops of her thighs, rubbing them slowly and sensually. " What are you doing?" She breathed, again feeling helpless against my touch, my hands exploring the tops of her thighs, the tips of my fingers moving dangerously towards her pussy. She gasps as she feels my hardening cock pushing against the small of her back.

" Just trying to warm us up," I sigh, " I've just remembered that you don't have any panties on right now," I purred into her ear, roughly biting the lobe as I took her hand guiding it into my jacket pocket to feel some balled up lace inside. Her mouth went dry as she immediately knew what it was.

She froze. " Shit!" She screams to herself, remembering back to being in the jet and me tearing away her panties. Her whole body is on fire. She can't move, she feels herself starting to tremble again, only this time it isn't from being cold, but instead the two fingers reaching under her dress to stroke her bare pussy. " I will have you, there's no point trying to fight it," I said, my fingers pushing their way through the lips, my thumb playing with her clit. " So wet," I whisper, as one finger sinks deep into her cunt. She has to stop herself from crying out in the quiet bedroom and covered her mouth. She feels herself losing balance and falling against me. " You taste incredible," I purred, and buried my face in her once more and lick roughly at her, ravenous, as if I had been starved for days. Marina begins to twitch violently, a red heat building up inside her from head to toe. She never knew it would feel like this. She grabs hold of the bed post as my tongue fucks her hot wet hole, almost convulsing causing the bed to shake. Just when she thought she'd pass out with pleasure, I stop. I move my way back up the bed so I'm on top of her, putting my hand behind her head and bringing her face to meet mine, kissing her with a hard, demanding, overpowering kiss, just like the first one I'd given her. She can taste herself on my tongue as it swirls around with hers.

" Oh no baby, I don't want you to come like that, not yet," I said, stroking her cheek with the back of my hand. I position myself at her dewy gate, rubbing my rock hard cock along the entrance moistening the tip, then slowly pushing my way inside her, groaning loudly as I filled her to the brim, her tight walls closing in and clenching around me. I pinned her arms by her sides as I fucked her, her cries spurring me on more as I rode her faster. She fought against me as I'm holding her down, her entire body shaking. My cock stretching her walls, burying itself deep inside her. Suddenly I sat up and pull her roughly up onto my lap. " Ride me," I said, looking deep into her eyes, knowing I had full control over her now," I want to look at you properly while I fuck you. All of you." She looks apprehensively at me, and down at my throbbing cock, and lowers herself onto me. I pull her down over me holding onto her hips, and lifted her up and down, bouncing her on my cock, over and over, my eyes never leaving hers. " That's good baby, yes just like that. You're so fucking amazing Marina," I whisper, taking a handful of her hair in my hand and pulling her head back with it, my eyes still fixated on hers thrusting into her repeatedly. She panted as I fucked her hard, she'd never been taken so roughly before, her ex-husband had always treated her like she was made of china, moving at a glacial pace that although was satisfying it never thrilled her. I had done things to her she never imagined could feel so good, but so bad at the same time. She is close to coming, she had never come through intercourse before, she didn't think it was possible. Until she met me, she has experienced many new sensations sexual with me.

" Tell me Marina, tell me you're mine," I breathed, " tell me you want me to make you come." I'm still pulling her down over my cock, holding her to me, my eyes searching hers, pleading with her to tell me what I wanted to hear. " I'm yours, I want you, please," she panted as my cock slams into her over and over, her fingernails digging into my back. She is so close now, she is about to come harder than she'd ever come before. " Please what? Tell me, beg me to make you come, I'm so close baby." " Please, please make me come John I need you!" Those words sent me over the edge. I pulled her head towards me and bit down hard on her bottom lip, thrusting as hard as I could into her over and over. I'm grunting loudly into her mouth as she moans, our bodies covered in a sheen of sweat. " I'm coming! I'm coming!" Marina exclaims as I ram into her, digging her nails so hard into my back that she drew blood. " I'm coming with you baby!" I groan; and with one last thrust we climaxed together, my warm seed gushing inside her, her body convulsing as I held her, both panting with exhaustion. We got cleaned up and I took her out to the barn to see the horses and then to the pasture to see the cattle.

It is pretty dark in the barn with the rain beating hard against the roof, but there is dim light coming from the open loft door above and the barn door. Marina dashed towards the other end of the barn and then turns to face me as I move towards her. Our eyes are locked on each other as she backed up, luring me to her. Neither of us spoke as I move closer to her. She is now backed up against the wall between two piles of hay bales. She then put her hands on her tits and starts playing with them as she leaned against the wall. Watching her rub her tits like that is getting me turned on and she knew what she was doing. " You want to fuck me, don't you?" she finally said. All inhibitions are gone as we are now like caged wild animals wanting hot raunchy sex. Raw unbridled lust is in the air as I move towards her, our eyes locked on each others. She looks at my cock bulging in my jeans. I then grab my balls, as she plays with her tits, our hungry eyes locked on each other. " You want this big cock, don't you?" I said as I stood in front of her, holding my crotch as she held her tits in her hands. Suddenly I'm in front of her. I grab her arms and turn her around roughly and push her hard up against the wall. I spread her legs slightly and rub my cock against her ass. I quickly grab one of her tits with one hand and grip her pussy with the other one. " You're a little cock tease, aren't you?" I growl into her ear. " Yes, I am," she growls back. " What are you gonna do about it?"

" You're asking for trouble, baby," I said as I held her pussy and tit and ground my cock into her ass. "I'm going to fuck your brains out," I said.

" You are, are you?" she said, turning her head towards me. "You think I'm going to let you fuck me," she added. " You think you are in charge of me, do you? You think I'm going to give you my pussy?" " I know you are! I'm going to take your pussy," I said, grinding my cock into her ass, moving my hand up and down her pussy as I held it firmly. " I'm going to own your cunt," I added. " You're going to be my fuck slave," I said, growling into her ear. " You think so, do you?" she said and starts to squirm and buck me off of her. I grab her tighter. "Where do you think you re going, you little whore!" " Let go of me, you bastard! You can't have me! Let me go!" she shouted, squirming and rubbing her ass harder against my cock. I grab her pussy tighter, moving my hand against her as she squirms, trying to get away. Suddenly, I turn her around and threw her down on a hay bale and lay on top her. I spread her legs wide apart, my cock bulging in my jeans pressing against her pussy, her tight jeans stretched tight against her crotch. I pinned her arms over her head, my mouth just above hers and looked into her eyes. " Let me go, you bastard! Let me go!" she screams, squirming and bucking beneath me. " You want this cock, don't you," I said as I begin to grind and hump her. " NO! GET OFF OF ME!" she screams. " Shut up," I said and put my hand over her mouth. Holding her down, my other hand holding her arms above her. She squirms, trying to talk through my hand. I'm humping her harder now, my cock grinding into her pussy as she squirms underneath me.

" I want you to beg for my cock. I know you want it bad," I said. " No way, you fucker!" she said when I took my hand away. " I know you want it," I said and got up on my knees and lowered my jeans and took my cock out and held it in my hand over her pussy. She looked at it, her mouth wide open and her eyes staring at me. I then unbuttoned her jeans and lowered the zipper. I move back and pulled her tight jeans off. She is squirming as I peel them from her body then I ripped her panties off, looking down at her dripping pussy. I grab her legs and pull her slightly forward so that she is lying on the hay bale with her feet on the floor, her legs wide apart. " You're going to beg for my cock before I'm through with you," I said as I got down between her open legs and place them over my shoulder and lower my mouth to her pussy, moving the flat of my tongue hard against her wet pussy and begin lapping her juicy pussy up and down from her ass hole to her clit. " OH FUCK!" Marina shouted as my tongue licks against her clit. " OH FUCK!' she repeated, her head thrashing from side to side. She then put her hand on my head, pulling at my hair as my tongue licks her pussy, going deeper with each lick. She lifts her ass off the hay bale pushing her hungry pussy harder against my mouth screaming, " EAT ME! OH BABY! YES! YES! EAT MY PUSSY! DON'T STOP! OH FUCK!"

Her screaming is urging me on and her pulling my hair and lifting herself against my tongue made me know what a hot, wild sex loving woman she is. I then found her clit and start sucking on it, gripping it with my lips as my tongue licks it, causing her to shudder and shake. She screams. " OH BABY! DO THAT! YES! YES! OH BABY!" I put my middle finger in her tight pussy feeling it grip my finger as I move it in and out. She is thrashing and bucking hard, it was all I can do to hold on to her clit as she is out of her mind. I hear the slurping sound of my finger going in and out of her wet tight pussy as my tongue licks her clit. I then shove a second finger and then a third in her, loving how tight she is as I devour her clit. I curve my fingers and rub her g-spot and that took her over the edge as she bucks and screams, " OHHHHHHHH FUCK I'M CUMMMMMMING! OHHHHHHHHH HERE IT COMES," she screams. Her body shook violently as a massive orgasm swept over her. I keep my fingers rubbing her g-spot as spasm after spasm cause her to orgasm again and again as she continues screaming, " OHHHHH YES! OH FUCK! YES! OHHHHHH BABY DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP!" she yells, pulling my hair as her cum gushed all over my mouth and fingers. By now my hard cock is a red hot pole, I'm determined to give her the fucking of her life. Behind me is another hay bale. I suddenly pull Marina up, gripping her ass in my hands and sat down on the hay bale with Marina straddling me. I wrap my arms around her as she came down hard on my cock causing her to scream, " OH FUCK! YOU'RE COCK IS HUGE!" she yell as I fill her tight pussy with one thrust.

" The height of the hay bale let her keep her bare feet on the ground so she can lift herself up and come down hard on my cock. It is as if her feet are in the stirrups and she cand stand up and come down hard on my cock. " RIDE ME!" I yell as she came down hard and lifted herself up and came down harder as if she were on a galloping wild horse, her hair flailing. " OHHHH BABY! RIDE ME! RIDE YOUR STALLION! RIDE ME, Hard!" She still has her tight t-shirt on and I see her tits bouncing underneath as she rode me. Suddenly she grabs her t-shirt, pulling it over her head and threw it in back of her. She then leans back slightly and put both hands on her small round tits and starts rubbing them. As she leans back, arching her back, she moves one of her hands to her clit, rubbing as my cock fills her tight pussy. As she leans back, her feet still on the barn floor, I love watching my cock going in and out of her dripping pussy as she plays with her clit, my hands holding her ass. I cannot imagine a hotter sight as we fuck each other with such abandonment. " I'M CUMMMMMMMING," she screams as she rubs her clit and my cock fills her pussy. " OHHHHHHHHH BABY! BABY! THIS IS SO GOOD! I LOVE RIDING YOU LIKE THIS.! OHHHHHH FUCK ME, STUD!" FUCK ME!" She is crazed with lust as she screams, " OHHHHHHHH FUCK! I'M GOING TO CUM AGAIN. I'M CUMMMMMMMMMING! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK! I'M CUMMMMMMMMMING!" she screams, looking up at the ceiling of the barn. Her body shook violently as spasm after spasm rippled through her causing her to shudder and then go limp as I held her.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer as this wild fucking and her screaming is driving me crazy. I lift her off of my cock and push her to the hay covered floor. She is on her back, her legs spread wide apart. I got down on my knees between her legs. Our eyes locked on each other. " TAKE ME! USE ME! RAPE ME!" she screams as I hover over her, my cock just above her dripping pussy. I'm crazed. My cock is so hard. I knew I could not hold back much longer. Her screaming is too much for me and I lean back and in one hard thrust, my cock went all the way into her tight pussy, screaming, " FUCK ME! FUCK ME! YOU LITTLE SLUT!" " YEs FUCK YOUR SLUT. FUCK YOUR COCK LOVING SLUT!" she yells, instinctively knowing that her dirty talking will drive both of us over the edge. I pull all the way out and then ram my cock deep and hard screaming, " GIVE ME YOUR PUSSY! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME YOUR CUNT!" I scream as I slam into her harder and harder. " YES! FUCK YOUR LITTLE WHORE BITCH!" she screams. FUCK ME!" This is the raunchiest, hottest fucking I had done and I can't believe what a wild passionate woman has been unleashed. She pulls her legs up to her chest, her round ass off the hay covered floor giving me an angle that let me come down into her pussy with even more power. My balls bouncing against her ass and my cock rubbing against her engorged clit with each thrust. " HARDER! HARDER!" she yells. RAPE ME! TAKE ME!"

" YOUR PUSSY IS MINE!" I scream as I ram my cock deep and hard into her." YOU'RE MINE! YOU'RE MY FUCK SLAVE, AREN'T YOU?" I shout. " YOU WANT THAT DON'T YOU? TELL ME YOU WANT TO BE MY SLAVE!" " YES! YES! OHHHHHH YES! JUST FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR SLAVE! FUCK YOUR WHORE SLAVE!" she screams. " FUCK ME HARDER. FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK!" she yells. I pull out and ram my cock harder and faster, ramming her harder with each thrust and suddenly feel I'm about to explode as I feel my cock begin to swell and get larger. " OHHHHHHHHHHHH BABY I'M CUMMMMMMMING! OHHHHHHHHHHHH Marina...Marina! I'M CUMMMMMMMMING!" " GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME YOUR CUM! SHOOT IT IN ME!" she screams as I fuck her harder and faster. Just before I explode, she screams, " OH NO! I'M CUMMMMMMMMMING TOO! I'M CUMMMMMMMMING! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! KEEP FUCKING ME!" Just then as if a dam had burst, my cum erupted and gushed out of me OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! BABY! BABY! BABY!" I yell as my cum fills her pussy. Both of us are screaming as our orgasms crash into each other, driving both of us over the edge of sanity. " OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...FUCK" she yells at the ceiling as she shudders though another huge orgasm. We both had cum together and then I collapse on her limp body as she stretched her long legs on both sides of my body. I lay on her unable to me, my deflated cock still in her, both of us gasping desperately for air.

The rain is pounding ring on the roof of the barn as we lay there. Finally, I lift my head and look at her beneath me. Our eyes met and we smile at each other. We didn't speak as we are both trying to catch our breath and comprehend what had just happened. I laugh and then roll on my back and got Marina to lay her head on my shoulder. We look up at the ceiling and listen to the rain. " That was a wild roll in the hay," I said. " It was," Marina responded. " Well, I never expected to meet anyone like you when I answered your profile." I said. " That just goes to prove it's good not to have expectations," I added. " Why?" Marina asked." "Because when you don't have expectations, you are never disappointed and often you are surprised—so I try never to have expectations," I said, looking at her. " Well, what do you expect will happen with us?" she asked. " We will see," I said. " I have no expectations." It had stopped raining and we lay there in the dim light of the barn. I got up on my elbow and look down at her. I smile and push a few strands of her brown hair back off of her forehead and kiss her there and then on her lips. " Let's go back to the house and get some lunch," I said. We got dressed and stood in the entrance of the barn next to the hay wagon. I took Marina in my arms and held her close. We kiss tenderly and walk quietly back to the house. Before we enter I said, " Remember, no expectations---we still have the rest of the week and who knows what surprises await us."

In the light of the sun I see Marina, asleep on the bed taking a nap. After all her tossing and turning she had finished up on her face, knees bent under her lifting her ass into the air. Her T-shirt had somehow rolled itself up over her breasts, leaving them on full display to my gaze. As far as I'm concerned, she is doing everything but giving me a written invitation, and I decide not to wait for that. I quietly close the door behind me. Quietly stripping, I studied Marina, planning my line of attack. Attack is a harsh word. Instead, let me say, I studied Marina, trying to determine the best course of action to bring the greatest pleasure to both of them. Sitting carefully on the side of the bed, moving slowly so as not to disturb her, I reach out and gently stroke her pussy through her panties. Not hurrying, I lightly scratch against the material, causing little tremors of sensation to ease their way into her sleeping mind. Still sleeping, her body reacted, pressing lightly back against that insidious touch, seeking something more. I continue my feather-light assault while Marina, without realizing it, succumbed to the pleasure of it. Her dreams start moving in exciting directions. Observing that Marina is starting to move restlessly on the bed, I took the chance to ease her panties down. That made things easier. Now I'm able to play with her bare flesh, and had a better idea of where to touch.

Minutes pass while I continue my slow tantalizing torment. Marina is gasping and muttering in her sleep, my finger slipping inside her is met by damp heat and a restless squirming against me. My erection is ready for what is going to happen, I eased slowly behind her, taking my time so as to not rouse her in an untimely manner. Finally I'm in position. Edging forward, I press my cock gently against her slit. Her lips are pursed and open, inviting me in. Gently I ease deeper into her. Finally in full possession of my prize, I start slow thrusts, relishing the way her pussy clings to my cock as I move. Marina slowly woke up, feeling strange. She'd had wet dreams before, but these had been something else. She still feels me inside her, pleasing her. As she roused further from her sleep, she gives a horrified gasp. She still feels me inside her because there was! I'm fucking her while she is sleeping! Marina gave a squeal, trying to work out what the hell is happening. She feels me taking my pleasure from her, apparently in no hurry, as I'm just sliding in and out of her pussy and taking my damn time. What is worse, she is being betrayed by her body and is rocking in time to my gentle thrusts. Setting her hands firmly against the bed Marina pushes upwards, hoping to dislodge me. What happened is her hips stayed where they were, a prisoner to me pressing into her, while her chest cleared the bed. Not slow to take further advantage of her, my arms closed around her, hands clasping her breasts squeezing them.

A harder thrust has Marina tumbling back down to the bed, her face hitting the pillow. Now I'm leaning more heavily against her, preventing her from rising again, while my hands continue fondling her breasts and rubbing her nipples, I'm still doing long slow strokes, sinking deep into her body with each thrust, while to her frustration, her body continues to rise to meet me, enjoying the feelings that are being engendered within her. Twisting her head free from the pillow, Marina looks behind her to see me doing this to her. Moving in time to the slow strokes that are not so slow driving her wild. " Stop it!" she yells, or at least tried to yell. The sensations flooding her seem to be taking over her body, and it is all she can do to gasp out her plea. " Oh God, John" she begs. Still that relentless motion rocking her, bringing her pleasure, and leaving her feeling helpless. It isn't that she is helpless to fight it, Marina knew. It is just that her body didn't want to fight it, and is actively cooperating in her ravishment. She made a sound from deep in her throat, and she couldn't tell if it was a groan of fury or a moan of pleasure. I'm enjoying myself. Since Marina had woken up, she has become a lot more active, twisting and squirming under me, bringing more pleasure to me with her every move. She'd made one or two token protests but now she is lying there, her ass bobbing as her pussy accepted my homage to her womanhood.

Listening to the frustrated little mews escaping from her, I guessed that she is ready to climax. Smiling I slowed the rate at which I loved her. Marina feels her climax approaching. Very soon, she hoped, this will all be over. Her climax on the edge. When I slowed slightly, she is taken by surprise. Her climax is hovering there, leaving her balanced on a knife's edge, instead of driving home into her to help push her over, suddenly she is being held there, tantalizingly dancing on the brink, while desperate to topple over. I grin as I feel her trying to hasten her coming. Idly, I wondered how long I could hold her there. Grinning, I worked at finding out, adjusting the speed and depths of my strokes, keeping her hovering on that excruciating edge. All her attention is now on my cock that seems to have balanced her on a needle point and left her there, just seeming to give her an extra touch whenever she seems likely to fall. She is openly pleading now, desperate for that last push but unable to work out how to get it. The slow torment continues, as I stroke in and out slowly, keeping up just enough friction to hold her on the verge, leaving her almost weeping with the pleasure of it.

I finally succumb. Unable to control my climax any longer I suddenly drive in hard and fast, squeezing her breasts hard at the same time. Ejaculating explosively, I flooded her while driving her over the edge into her orgasm. Marina feels the first hard thrust with relief, happily toppling off the edge and into the abyss of her climax. She faintly hears herself screaming into the pillow while I'm slamming out my message of glory against her pussy, sending her into paroxysms of delight. She lays on the bed trembling, the after effects of the fucking slowly draining away, leaving her glowing but lethargic and half asleep. Slowly realizing that she is free to move, her hand darted out to switch on the bedside light, sitting up at the same time, her fury surging to the front. There is no-one to vent it on. Whoever it was had gone while she'd been lying there relishing the glow. For the entire time I was ravishing her, I hadn't said a single word. I had just appeared, ravished her, and then disappeared, all in silence.

Rating: 78%, Read 13198 times, Posted Nov 03, 2015

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