Life Changing Slave Master 1 by jb_funn

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Life Changing Slave Master 1

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Sitting at my desk thinking I have achieved all my goals in life at age fifty. I am in great shape for a 50 year old male, 6 feet, 190 pounds, blue eyes, dark brown hair. I work out every day with a set exercise schedule. I have multiple businesses as well as more money than I can ever spend. I am single never finding a woman that I felt I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

I am a very dominant man both in my personal and business life. I have never had any problem getting a woman to have sex with me even though I have never had any relationship last more than a few months. Women always enjoy the attention I pay to their needs and satisfaction during sex but most are not into being submissive to my dominant ways. I know I cannot and do not care to change my dominant ways.

I turn my lap top on looking for something to pass some idle time thinking I will browse the internet searching for a new project to keep me busy. I have multiple businesses but I hire and train top quality people and pay them better than anyone else will pay. Therefore I get regular reports on the profitability of all my businesses. I leave my people alone unless things are not going as well as I expect.

I have a multimillion dollar home which I live alone in. I do have staff for domestic services as well as a regular grounds crew to keep the property in show case shape. Relaxing at my desk with the lap top booted up I notice a pop up advertising on line dating stating “Find your perfect female match”. I clicked on the web site which required personal information to browse the members. This I do not do.

I closed the web site and began to think about seeking a match for my personality. I typed in submissive women on the browser. I found a few sites showing profiles of women claiming to be submissive seeking someone to control them. After checking several profiles I could find none that peaked my interested. I decided to dismiss the idea of seeking a woman on line.

I closed the lap top and went to my work out room equipped with all the exercise and weight equipment anyone could need. While working out I began to think that any time I wanted anything I would created it to suit me. Why not find a woman and teach her to please me. I have always had a secret desire for BD/SM. When occasionally watching a movie I would get slightly aroused with any female bondage scenes. I finished my workout, took a shower and rebooted my lap top. I began to research BD/SM finding more information on the subject than I expected to find.

After weeks of research I decided to find a way to satisfy my needs and desires while benefiting needy young women needing help directing their lives. Having a large basement under my home and the time and money to convert it into an elaborate dungeon for training slaves I decided to start a new project of training young women to serve and and excel in the real world. I will pick those that seem to be heading for a disastrous future. One thing that has always irritated me is an intelligent young person with no ambition or direction. Even worse is an intelligent young person ruining their life with alcohol and or drugs.

The more I thought about this the more I decided to to take action with young women heading for disaster. I would not be doing them any more harm by taking them and forcing them to straighten up and make something of themselves. Even if I had to train them as slaves for deserving masters.

The more I thought about it the more I got excited about the project. More research on training slaves made me realize that the idea of actually training a slave aroused me immensely. Taking a few months to establish and equip my dungeon. I searched for discreet personnel to locate and abduct young women for my project. Finding three good men I could trust from within my organizations I paid them a large bonus as well as their regular retainer for each young woman or girl they brought to me. The promise of all the sex they could handle made it even sweeter for them.

I informed them I only wanted intelligent young women that needed help to get out of troubled lives. I insisted on a full background check and evaluation of each girl before she would be taken. Any young woman or girl to be taken would be approved by me before she would be accepted into my training program.

I was very nervous and exciting when Jim, my main contact for the women, called me telling me he had a half dozen young women prospects ranging from 17 to 21 years old. I told him to bring their files to me that evening. After receiving the files I reviewed each one extensively.

The top file was on Pamela Wright a 17 year old, blond, blue eyed, 5ft 6in, 115 pound, 36C-24-36. The photo showed a very intelligent looking girl. She had quit school and left home due to an abusive step father. She is currently living on the streets scratching to survive. Her school records showed she had been a straight “A” student. I decided she was a perfect subject for my training program and told Jim to make arrangements to bring her to me.

A week passed. Pamela was searching in a back alley to find a safe place to settle in for the night wearing a dirty light blue shirt, denim jeans and tennis shoes. Jim saw her enter the alley. Letting his companion out of the van to follow her Jim drove around the block to the other end of the alley turning in the alley he drove slowly toward Pamela. She became very nervous of the approaching van driving so slowly. As she turned to leave the ally the way she had come she saw Todd a few feet in front of her. Todd is 6 foot 2 inches tall with broad muscular shoulders with small waist and hips. She froze looking around for a way out. She felt the panic surge through her as she tried to dart to the other side of the alley to run past Todd. He moved like a cat to move in front of her to block her escape. She turned quickly to run past the van to make her escape. Suddenly she felt Todd's hand grab the back of her shoulder length blond her pulling her back toward him. She tried to scream as Todd clamped a hand over her mouth squelching any cry for help from her. She tried to hit and kick him only to be rewarded with a slap across the face. Stunned from the shock and pain of the slap she froze for a second and Todd forced her face down on the dirty alley floor. He quickly tied her wrist behind her back after forcing a ball gag behind her teeth.

As Jim drove the van up to the pair of them Todd tied her elbows, knees and ankles with rope. She tried to struggle out of her bounds to no avail. Placing a blindfold over her tear filled eyes Jim and Todd picked her up putting her on a mattress in the van. She was crying and begging them to let her go the whole time. To her surprise they exited the van closing the sliding door behind them. She thought they would rape her right then. She heard the doors close as each of them got into the van and started to drive away. Her fear increased even more as she thought about being taken some where remote and repeatedly raped before being killed. She was crying so hard she began to choke with the gag so tightly held in her mouth. She was tied so well with rope around her upper arms, wrist, knees and ankles the only movement she had was to roll from side to side. Giving up she rolled onto her stomach trying to stop choking and relax.

She felt a gentle hand on her head stroking her hair. She heard Todd's voice telling her to settle down that they were taking her to her new life which will be much better than the one she is living now. She did not trust this strange man but she felt a little comfort in his voice and words.

She heard the man driving the van speaking and realized he must be on a phone asking someone if they were ready for the delivery of a shipment. She realized she must be the shipment and felt the knot in her throat as fear gripped her with the thought of being delivered to someone to use her until he was done with her and kill her. The thought of her mother or friends would never see her again. She knew that she would not be missed by anyone for days since she had not had any contact with anyone for months after leaving home.

I gave the staff the evening off and waited anxiously for Jim to deliver Pamela to me after receiving his call informing me that he had the shipment I had requested. I saw Jim's black van approaching and opened the door to the under ground garage. I stood inside the garage near the door to the dungeon as Jim pulled the van in stopping near me as I closed the garage door behind the van. I waited with the dungeon door open while Todd pulled Pamela out of the van swinging her over his shoulder with her head hanging down his back holding her in place with his arm across the back of her legs. I heard her crying and trying to beg us to let her go. Her body is shaking from fear and I felt a little sorry for the frightened young girl but realized what I was about to do was for her benefit as well as mine.

I followed Todd and Jim into the dungeon locking the door behind me. Todd lay the you girl on the couch and I approached pulling a chair in front of the couch telling Todd to take her blindfold off and sit her up. I sat in front of Pamela watching her blink adjusting to the light. She continued to cry hard trying to beg behind the ball gag. After a few minutes she quieted down some. I calmly looked her in those beautiful blue eyes and told her to shut up and listen to me carefully. She would not hush so Todd stepped forward with his hand drawn back as to slap her. Remembering the slap from earlier she drew back away from him and became silent. Todd smiled and stepped back away.

I began telling her that she now belonged to me to do with as I pleased. I told her that I had chosen her as a subject for a training program that would be as hard or as easy as she wanted to make it. I told her she had no choice and would not leave until I decided she would be free. I also told her she would not leave alive if she did not learn to obey me without question or hesitation and that she would give me the respect that I demanded. I told her that she would serve me any way that I wanted and that she would be rewarded for obedience and would be punished for breaking any of my rules that I would not tolerate even the smallest infraction.

I moved my hand to the side of her face making her flinch thinking that I was about to slap her. I saw the relief in her eyes as I gently stroked her cheek running my thumb over her upper lip around the ball gag. I could feel her shaking as I touched her and continued to talk to her. I removed the gag letting her flex her jaw to relieve the pain from her jaws forced so wide open for so long. Pamela you can speak now if you have any questions. The first thing she ask was if the training program I spoke of was as a sex slave. She was trying very hard to stop crying as she looked at me asking the question.

I told her she would be trained as a sex slave as well as receiving a valuable education to achieve any goals in life. I told her she would be my property under my total control until such time I felt like letting her free. I also told her that I would not ever let her free if I felt she would not excel in life. If I thought she would waste the education I am going to provide her that I would dispose of her like a sick dog.

She began to cry tears running down her cheeks and begging me to let her go. I told her absolutely not. I stood and walked to a near by desk retrieving three envelopes with $100,000.00 in each. I handed them to Jim and waited as he checked all three. One for Jim, one for Todd, and one for David even though he was not present. Jim smiled and nodded his head with approval. I handed him the file with the information of the second girl I had chosen telling him I would like delivery within the next two weeks. Jim opened the file, smiled and said no problem. He and Todd turned to leave and I unlocked the door and opened the garage door.

After they left I returned to the crying fear filled Pamela. I sat in front of her telling her that I am going to untie your legs. If you try to kick me I will punish you severely. Do you understand? She nodded to indicate she understood. You will only speak when ask a question or given permission and you will address me as “Master”. Now do you understand? Still crying she nodded and said Yes, Master. Her answer and compliance pleased me very much making me think that she would not be that hard to train for her new life.

I removed the ropes from her ankles and knees. She sat quietly her eyes still full of fear and pleading. I told her to stand as I gripped her upper arms helping her to her feet. I had to support her for a few minutes as her legs were weak from the fear she was feeling. Her eyes let me know that she wanted to say something. Pamela you may speak. She stared into my eyes for a few seconds and shakily ask what I was going to do to her.

I explained to her I am going to show you what to expect if you disobey me, or break any of my rules which we will establish shortly. If you hesitate or question anything I tell you to do you will be punished. You must understand that I will not tolerate any infractions to this rule or any other. Understand also that I will get pleasure from your screams and tears of pain that I inflict on you. It will be in your best interest not to make me punish you. She ask if I was going to kill her. I answered her only if I determine there is no hope for you to become what I expect or you try at any time to escape. Which by the way is impossible.

She started to cry harder making it hard for her to breath or stand steady on her feet. I detected the immense fear she was feeling and it pleased me that she realized her situation. I walked her to a square ten foot steel frame standing her in the center I slipped a noose around her neck pulling it up by a pulley at the center top bar of the frame. The noose held her stationary allowing her to breath freely but unable to move.

I walked away from her to a cabinet with several drawers. I pulled a very sharp eight inch hunting knife from a drawer. I walked toward her holding the knife up so that she could clearly see it. She began to move about as much as the noose would allow and was screaming begging me not to kill her. I smiled and moved close to her holding the knife to her throat I told her she would be punished for speaking without permission. She froze with wide eyes and gaping mouth from fear of getting her throat cut.

I am about to strip you naked and if you don't want to get cut you will stand very still and not resist me. She stood shaking with pleading eyes, lips quivering, tears flowing from her eyes down her cheeks. She stood with her arms tied tight behind her back and a noose around her neck holding her up right. When I brought the knife blade to the waist band of her jeans she started shaking violently loosing strength in her legs she started to sag tightening the noose around her neck. When she started to gasp for air she forced her legs to raise her up loosening the noose to allow her to breath. I smiled and slid the knife blade down cutting through the waist band down the outside seam of the jean leg. The left side of her jeans fell to the side reveal her beautiful hip and leg to her feet.

She moaned trying not to speak when I placed my palm at the top of her left hip and slid it down the outside of her leg then moved it back up the inside of her calf and thigh. She tensed as my hand moved ever so closer to her crotch. She breathed a sigh of relief when I moved my hand away and moved to the right side to cut away the jeans. She squeaked feeling the denim jeans fall from her body to the floor leaving her tight cotton panties the only protection for her cunt.

I knelt behind her and watched as she turned her head to see what I was about to do next. Pamela tensed with a gasp when she felt the leather cuff circle her right ankle and buckle snugly. I got the same reaction when I cuffed her left ankle. I pulled the small chains attached to the ankle cuffs to a pulley at the bottom of the frame pulling her legs wide apart lowering her body causing the noose to tighten slightly around her neck. With her legs spread wide and restrained she could not get away or resist.

I removed the noose and untied the ropes holding her arms behind her back. She was still crying but started moving her arms while she rubbed them to regain feeling and flexibility. I gave her a few minutes as I watched feeling my cock so hard it surprised me. I never knew that having complete control of a woman would effect me in such a way. My control and her fear was arousing me more than I have ever been before.

After a few minutes I gripped her right wrist and buckled a leather cuff attached to another small chain and the frame around her wrist pulling it up toward the corner of the frame. She tried to pull away from the restraint without any success. She looked over her right shoulder with pleading eyes and quivering lips. I stepped to her left and restrained her left arm pulling it up and out to the upper corner of the frame. Stepping back I admired the beautiful young girl tied to my bondage frame under my complete control. Stepping in close to her back I ran my hand over her perfect little panty covered ass thinking I can't wait to she her naked ass. Shaking the lust from my thoughts for the moment I moved the sharp knife blade out between the shirt collar and her back and sliced the back of the shirt from neck to bottom in one smooth cut.

She tensed and jerked forward when she felt the tip of the blade touching her skin as it moved down from her neck to the top of her panties. She screamed as if I had cut her. I pulled the shirt halves apart to find she had not been injured. I used the knife to cut down the sleeve leaving the front and the back of the shirt in separate pieces. She stood in a standing spread eagle tie unable to close her legs wearing nothing but tight pair of panties and a tight white bra that hardly held her. I let the shirt pieces fall to the floor with her jeans and she started crying again pleading with me not to rape her.

I calmly told her that is more punishment for speaking with out permission. Can't you learn anything you stupid cunt? Suddenly I cut the bra away letting it join the shirt and jeans on the floor making her struggle against her bounds. As she struggled I cut her panties away. I could not resist rubbing my hands over her tits feeling her nipples. She tried to move away from my touch. Unable to get away from me I moved slowly from her tits down over her flat stomach moving ever so closer to her pussy. She tensed every muscle in her body as she felt my hand move over her naked mound to the top of her naked quivering cunt lips. I moved my hand over her pussy lips from the top to her ass and back up.

She was dry and her clit was hiding deep in it's hood. There is no arousal on her part at all. My thought was how loud she would scream if I rammed my nine inch cock balls deep in her. I wondered if she is still a virgin. I stepped back and swung my arm full swing hitting her beautiful little ass open handed the slap echoed through the dungeon as she jumped and screamed from the sudden shock and pain on her ass cheek. You are now getting your punishment for speaking without permission. She opened her mouth to say something then suddenly clamped her lips shut. She cried and moaned from the pain in her ass cheek as I struck her other cheek with a hard slap. She screamed again and struggled against the cuffs holding her in place. I hit her ass cheeks ten more times. She stopped screaming but continued to moan and cry while hanging limp in the restraints.

I moved in front of her telling her to look at me. She slightly opened her eyes letting more tears run down her cheeks. That was for the first time you spoke without permission. Now I will punish you for the second time. I slapped her beautiful left tit making it bounce and turn red with my hand print I continued to slap her tits hard alternating from one to the other. She was screaming and crying so hard she lost bladder control and I had to move back to keep from getting her piss on me.

She hung in her bonds head down crying. I moved back in front of her and slapped her inner thigh as hard as I could several times first one thigh then the other. After she began to pull herself back up to relieve the stress on her arms I ask her if she is a virgin. She did not answer so I hit her with open hand on the stomach. Her head jerked up and looking at me she said no Master I am not a virgin. I moved behind her dropping my pants to release a raging hard on I gripped each side of her hips pulling her up and back to me. She felt my erection between her legs rubbing across her cunt lips and started to cry harder.

As she struggle to prevent me fucking her cunt from behind her tears flowed down her cheeks onto her tits. I found her slit and pushed my cock parting the lips of her cunt. I felt the opening to her love canal and attempted to push my cock head into her. She was too dry and tight. She screamed from the pain of the cock trying to rape her little cunt hole. I released my grip and moved to the cabinet getting a tube of lube so it would not hurt my cock as bad when I raped her tight little cunt.

I moved back behind her squeezing a generous amount of lube in my hand I rubbed it on and into her pussy. I pushed my middle finger in her cunt as she squeezed it trying to prevent access to her love canal. I told her to relax or it will hurt more than it has to because you cannot prevent me fucking you. You belong to me and I have a very painful hard on that I am going to use on you and there is nothing you can do to stop me. I felt her pussy relax a little around my finger as she whimpered knowing what I told her was true.

I wiped the extra lube on her back and gripped her hips pulling her back to my cock. Rubbing my cock head up and down her pussy slit I could barely feel her little clit at the top. I felt my cock head at the opening to her pussy and pushed hard making it slide into her a couple of inches as she screamed I rammed the whole nine inches deep inside her cunt. It was so tight and dry I felt the pain in my cock. I stood still waiting for her to loosen up and lube up with her juices. She did not. I told her to relax or I would rape her without mercy. I felt her trying to relax her cunt muscles and started to move in and out slowly a few inches at a time.

I finally felt her relax and start to moisten up on the inside a little. My cock was throbbing and I started to build up speed and depth with each stroke. I was so hard for so long I could feel the pleasure building in my balls. I could not last any longer. My orgasm erupted shooting strings of cum in her tight love canal. I held tight deep inside her until the last of my cum emptied in her. Leaning against her back spent I waited until my cock shrunk so I could pull out without hurting my cock.

Pamela hung limp in her bonds crying from being raped by a stranger that seemed to have no compassion for her feelings. I pulled my pants up and moved to the front of her. She weakly raised her head opening her eyes and stared at me. I could see the pain, fear and hate in her blue eyes but she said nothing. As I turned to leave I told her it could be easier with her submission. I will be back later and left the room leaving her hanging in her restraints. I was thinking leaving her in such a strenuous situation might help break her.

I walked up the stairs to the main house moving into the kitchen I made a few sandwiches, made some tea and got a few small bags of potato chips. I took a couple of the sandwiches with chips and a bottle of my favorite beer and sat in my recliner while I ate and watched some television. I decided to to wait for at least a couple hours before releasing her from her standing spread eagle. I checked the dungeon monitors every few minutes to see that she how she was doing. The first few times I checked she was weakly struggling to get more comfortable in her restraints. She finally stopped crying but whimpered and moaned periodically from the lingering pain of her punishment.

While I waited for the time to pass I relived the time I had with Pamela in the dungeon. I realized that what I had read about captive women being raped becoming aroused against their will was not true with Pamela. She did have a little moisture while I raped her from behind but she never showed any signs of involuntary arousal. I thought the little moisture she did have was her body protecting itself from injury. I realize this slave training might not be as easy as I had hoped.

Two hours past I gathered the food from the kitchen and went back down the stairs to the dungeon. As I entered the dungeon door I saw Pamela staring in my direction. I walked past her to a small room off to the side as she stared at me all the way. I moved into the small room where there is a bed, table, two chairs and a bath room with a shower. I put the food on the table and went back to her. She said nothing and made no sound as I stood looking at her.

I spoke telling her there is no escape and any attempt will get you severe punishment and possible death. So are you going to give me any trouble when I release you from the frame. She looked at me with less contempt in her eyes and said no Master no trouble. I took her cuffs off and held her up until she was able to stand on her own. I helped her to the room and told her this is your new home until I am sure you can be trusted with more freedom. She looked at me as I sat her at the table with the food in front of her. I ask when was the last time you ate a decent meal. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said two days Master. I told her to eat as we talked. She looked at me questioningly. Yes you are free to speak for now as long as you keep it respectful. I noticed a small sign of a smile. She ask if I was going to hurt her more.

I told her the truth saying yes, I think it is necessary for you to know what to expect if you misbehave or disobey me. Your first two weeks with me will be very hard but nothing you can't handle with some determination. You are now a piece of my property and just like any of my property I will not purposely damage you so anything I will do to you will at times be very painful but not damaging. You will recover from it and in time you might even learn to like it. I noticed a very visible grimace as she took in what I told her. She had not started to eat so I ask if she was not hungry. She looked at me and said I am starving. Then eat. She gulped down the first sandwich like she had never eaten before. Drinking about half the large glass of tea and one bag of chips. Before picking up the second sandwich she smiled at me and said thank you Master. Your welcome. Now finish your dinner and take a shower. Get some rest you will need it tomorrow. I walked out of the room closing the steal door behind me locking it securely.

I went back up stairs to my master bed room and turned on the monitor in her room. I watched her as she finished eating and scooted to the edge of her chair spreading her legs spreading her pussy lips open. She used her fingers to feel her pussy as if she were inspecting it for any damage from her rape. She went into the bathroom showered and dried with the towel I left for her. She wrapped the towel around her body covering her tits and ass. As she walked toward the bed I clicked on the intercom telling her to hang the towel in the bathroom. You are not allowed to cover your body without my permission. She had dropped the towel as soon as my voice came over the intercom making her jump with surprise. She stood frozen in the spot she dropped the towel looking around trying to see where the voice came from and where the camera was. She looked up and ask Master, you can see me and talk to me? Can you hear me also? Yes slave Pamela I can see, hear and speak to you at any time any where. Now remain silent and do as I told you. She picked up the towel and hung it in the bath room. She moved back to the bed and fell asleep within minutes. I thought to myself the poor girl must be exhausted.

I had thought to tie her to the bed for the night but the softer side of me kicked in and I decided to let her sleep comfortably as possible her first night with me. There is no way she can get out of the small room without my help.

I let her sleep until 8:00 am. At that time I activated the intercom. Pamela wake up. She moaned, rolled on her back and suddenly sat up looking around the room.

Pamela blinked then tried to cover her tits as she sat on the bed with her legs pressed together trying to hide her privates. I could tell she woke then remembered where she was. Slave you have 30 minutes to use the rest room and sit on the edge of the bed. I had slipped into her room as she slept leaving a pair of police style handcuffs and a pair of steel ankle cuffs attached with an eighteen inch chain. You will use the cuffs on the table hands behind your back and legs open. Do not try to hide anything from me. You will wait until I come for you to start your training. Do you understand? She just looked around the room but did not reply. I smiled thinking that will give me a reason to punish her for part of her days training.

Pamela heard her captors orders and sat on the bed for a few minutes trying to think of a way to escape. She thought about her situation. She had been abducted, tied, blindfolded, gagged, put in a van and traveled for what seemed hours. She has no idea where she is or what kind of facility she is in. After being blindfolded the next thing see saw was the room that she is now being held in. The large room she was first in had numerous apparatus for restraining and torturing a person. This made the fear build in her and she started to sob trying not to cry. She had to be strong and wait for the right time to escape. She went into the bathroom, relieved herself, and washed her face.

She did not have anyway of telling how long it had been since she was instructed to wake and prepare for her captor. She took the steel cuffs from the table clamping them on her wrist behind her back and the ankle cuffs on leaving her just enough slack to shuffle across the room to sit on the edge of bed. As she sat waiting the fear continued to get worse causing her to tremble and tears run down her cheeks. Pamela anxiously waited for him to come for her. She knew she would be forced to endure pain just how much she had no idea. The only thing she could do was to try her best to mentally prepare to endure what ever he is going to do to her and hope for an avenue of escape at some point.

She remembered two things he had told her the night before. One that he liked to hurt her and that the first two weeks would be very hard. She assumed by hard he meant painful. This made her fear increase and she trembled uncontrollably. She tried very hard not to cry but started to sob and tears flowed down her face on to her breast and legs. She did not hear him approach but when the lock on the steal door clanked every muscle in her body tightened up and she looked at the door as he entered the room. She could no longer control her fear and started to cry and beg him not to hurt her.

The man she only knew as Master approached her with a blank expression on his face. His expression showed know compassion as she continued to beg for mercy. Suddenly she felt a slap across her left cheek that seemed to come form no where. He slapped her so hard it knocked her back on the bed.

How many times do I have to tell you not to speak without permission, bitch. You will remember and obey after I finish with you today. She heard him say. Then she heard him say on your stomach NOW. Shaking and crying she immediately rolled onto her stomach legs hanging off the edge of the bed . He tied rope around her arms above the elbows forcing her arms to almost touch in the back. She felt her tits jut out with her arms pulling her shoulders back.

She grunted and tried to turn her head back to see him when she felt his hands grab her hips and drag her pelvic to the edge of the bed. Her tits pressed into the bed as her knees hung over the side exposing her ass and pussy to her kidnapper. She tensed up when his hand rubbed over her ass cheeks. As he moved his hand down her ass crack over her rose bud he kicked the insides of her legs telling her to spread. She did as told parting her legs as far as the ankle chain allowed.

His fingers tickled the inside of her pussy lips making her squirm to get away from his unwanted assault on her pussy. Moving his fingers from her cunt to his lips he could feel no moisture and this disappointed him very much. He suddenly without any warning spanked her ass cheeks hard several times making her jump and scream from the pain in her sore ass. He spanked her ass cheeks turning them bright red and she was crying uncontrollably making it hard for her to breath. He stepped back and watched her beautiful ass as she wiggled and cried trying to relieve the pain on her ass. She heard him say that is just a warm up for your punishment.

Picking her feet up so that she lay parallel to the bed he crossed her ankles and twisted forcing her onto her back pressing her weight on her tied arms. He dropped her feet to the floor and grabbed her hair pulling her roughly to her feet. She looked into his stern eyes and knew she had fucked up and would be in some terrible pain before long. As she looked at him with terrible fear in her face he told her. Bitch, you are mine and you will learn to do as you are told and please me any way I want you to. You will obey me without question or hesitation or you will suffer pain like you never thought existed. What do you have to say to that you fucking worthless little cunt. With a trembling voice she replied yes Master I will obey and serve just please have mercy and don't hurt me anymore.

Pamela screamed from the pain in her head when he pulled her hair dragging her out of the small room into the dungeon. She screamed and struggled to get free as he dragged her to a wooden apparatus with a padded top and lower shelves. He forced her to kneel on the lower shelf of the apparatus slamming her face and tits flat on the top of the table. He slapped her ass hard sending more pain through her ass cheeks telling her not to move. She did not resist as he used leather straps attached to the bench to spread her knees and secure her so that she could not move her legs. She lay still as he untied her arms and then stretching them over head and buckled them with leather cuffs and straps to the end of the bench.

She felt a strap pulled tight across her back pinning her to the bench. As she lay on the bench legs, arms and back tied firmly she watched as he went to the cabinet and got a ball gag and blindfold she whimpered as he approached. Stopping by her head he ask are you going to open you mouth wide or do I hurt you? Crying she opened her mouth as wide as she could. He forced the ball gag in her mouth behind her front teeth and buckled it behind her head to hold it tight. Her mouth was stretched wider than the previous gag stretched it and her jaws began to hurt. She was forced into darkness as he strapped the blindfold over her eyes.

She pulled on her restraints but could not get any slack to relieve the strain on her muscles. She lay very uncomfortable on the bench feeling the pressure in her tits as they were pressed hard onto the top of the bench. Suddenly she felt a movement under her tits as the bench under them dropped away letting her tits swing in an opening of the bench top. She felt happy that he had relieved the pressure on her tits. She listened in fear trying to detect where and what is was doing. She could hear him at the cabinet again and then his approach back to her. She started to cry and whimper worried what instrument of torture he had to use on her.

She felt his hand caressing her right tit and nipple. She felt a little pleasure from the soft tender caressing of his hand. She felt his thumb and finger lightly pinch and pull her nipple sending a tingle of pleasure through her tit. It was a welcome change from the pain she had endured so far. Suddenly the pleasure change to fiery pain in her nipple as he released the jaws of a clover clamp on her nipple. She was screaming into the ball gag as he clamped her left nipple. He watched her as she screamed from the terrible pain in her nipples trying to shake them off. Her breast looked so hot swaying side to side as she desperately tried to free her nipples from the clamps. Realizing there was no chance to dislodge the clamps and the motion of her tits swinging only made the pain worse she stopped and lay still.

He felt his cock get hard watching his little slave girl writhe in pain and the sound of her muffled screams. When she settled down and seemed to accept the pain in her tits he knelt down and hung a quarter pound weight on the chain connecting the two clamps on her nipples. She screamed an ear piercing scream when the weight sent terrible intense pain from her nipples through her whole body.

She finally lay still moaning and crying forming a pool of tears on the bench top under her cheek. She silently preyed for the pain to end. After several minutes of no movement or sound she thought that it was over since she was in more pain than she felt she could handle. Just maybe he was satisfied for now. She struggled in her bonds when a terrible pain shot through her body from a hard slap of the paddle as he hit her ass across both ass cheeks. The weight on the clamp chain swung stretching and pinching her nipples. She kept screaming and struggling as he paddled her from the top of her ass cheeks down the backs of her legs. Finally she passed out with more pain than she could endure.

He put the paddle back in the cabinet and removed the clamps from her nipples. She lay unconscious sobbing and breathing hard not moving . After removing the nipple clamps he moved behind her dropping his pants releasing his throbbing hard cock. He squeezed lube from a tube in his hand rubbing the lube on Pamela's pussy and ass hole he pushed two fingers in her cunt lubing it for preparation of his ensuing rape of her cunt. Satisfied with the lube on and in her pussy he applied a generous amount of lube to her ass crack pushing his lube covered finger deep in her tight little ass hole. He worked the lube covered finger deep in her ass loosening it up before he slid a second finger and fucked her ass with the two fingers. She still lay unconscious but her body flinched with the intrusion of her ass.

Pulling his fingers out of her body he held her pussy lips apart with his fingers and pushed his nine inch hard cock slowly deep in her cunt. With his balls pressing on her clit he began to work his cock in and out of her cunt. Her unconscious body began to accept the intruder in her cunt and he felt her cunt muscles grip his cock as her juices started to build around his huge hard cock. Her cunt juices made it easier to rape her cunt.

He felt the arousal building in his loins with an orgasm not for away. He slowly pulled out of her cunt sliding his cock head up and down the crack of her ass mixing the lube with the pussy juice on his cock. Feeling her little pucker of an entrance to her ass hole he pressed hard slipping the head of his cock past the outer ring of her ass. He saw her body jerk from the stretching pain of her tight little ass hole. She moaned in her unconscious state from the pain of his big hard cock as he pushed deeper into her bowels. He finally felt his balls press against her pussy lips as he bottomed out deep inside her colon. He saw the blood ooze from her ass.

He started fucking her ass with long slow strokes building in speed with each stroke. Pamela moved her head regaining consciousness. She tried to raise her head then screamed with extreme pain in her ass. She felt pain and fullness in her ass that felt like she was being torn apart. She then realized her insensitive kidnapper was raping her ass. Her screams and struggling pleased him making his cock harder and bigger. He started butt fucking his little captive harder and deeper. When he could not hold back any longer he rammed his cock balls deep in her bowels and released his cum deep insider her. She had stopped screaming and lay still crying from the painful intrusion of her virgin ass. He lay exhausted on her back as his cock spurted loads of cum deep in her ass. When his balls finally emptied in her he lay quiet until his cock shrunk and slid from her ass.

He walked away through the door and back up the stairs. She lay on the bench crying and trembling feeling pain in her tits, cunt, ass inside and out. The backs of her legs hurt with a burning pain from the paddle. She wished silently that she could pass out or die to avoid the pain. He left her there for several hours before coming back to release her. Once he had her free he pulled her to her feet by the hair on her head.

I watched Pamela on the monitors as I ate, watched television, and relaxed. After about an hour she seemed to relax and stopped crying. She had to be completely exhausted from the pain and crying. I left her alone for the next couple of hours. I found some left over fried chicken, fried potatoes, green beans and bread and warmed it up to feed her. She has not had anything to eat for the past twenty plus hours. I took her food into the small bedroom leaving it on the table I went back to her. She was out either asleep or unconscious. She apparently had not heard me return. I got a zapper from the cabinet and zapped her left tit with an electric charge causing her to scream behind the ball gag and struggle against her restraints. I zapped her tits alternating from left to right making her squeal and struggle until she just lay still and moaned each time I zapped her.

Are you awake now you lazy little cunt? She nodded her head and I heard a gagged muffled yes, Master. She lay completely still as I removed the blindfold, gag and restraints freeing her from the bench. I left the ankle cuffs. Pamela did not resist as I pulled her from the whipping bench standing her up. Her legs were so weak she could barely stand. Bent over and placed my shoulder in her midsection forcing her to drape over my shoulder and carried her to her cell.

I sat her at the table and told her to eat. She said yes, Master thank you Master and slowly began to eat. I ask if she were alright. She said I hurt all over Master. My vagina and rectum feel like they are on fire, Master. I felt satisfaction that she had learned to address me as Master. I told her the pain was part of her training. I want you to know what to expect if you disrespect or disobey me. Is the rape part of my training too, Master. I told her the rape is to impress on you that you are mine and sex is part of serving me. I can take you anytime, any where, in any of your holes that pleases me.

She looked at me with sadness and fear in her face as I told her she would soon give herself to me and even enjoy it as much as I. She sat slowly eating looking at me. Then I noticed a change in her expression. She ask Master, you said I would have a very hard two weeks. How long has it been, Master. I smiled and told her it had been two days. She cringed at that answer to her question. I then told her I know you are a very smart young woman. What have you learned to this point.

Pamela chewed on the food slowly thinking about my question. She then said, Master, have learned that I willing give you my submission mind, body and soul to avoid any more pain like I feel right now. I plead with Master for mercy and give me a chance to prove my total obedience. I looked at her with compassion and pride. I told her I would think about it over night and make a decision on her request tomorrow.

She finished her meal as I sat watching her. I told her to get on the bed. She did not hesitate saying yes Master and shuffled with hobbled ankles to the bed. She turned to face me beside the bed and ask does Master wish for me to sit or lie on the bed? I told her to sit. She sat on the edge of the bed and put her hands behind her back. She kept her eyes cast down as I approached. I pulled a leather collar attached to a small chain from under the bed and padlocked it around her neck. The other end of the chain was padlocked to a ring mounted in the cement floor.

Her eyes remained down cast but flew wide open when I locked the collar and chain to her pretty little neck. I lifted her chin with one finger so that she looked into my eyes. She listened closely as I told her the chain was long enough to give her access to the bathroom. She said thank you, Master. As I moved to the door with the dishes from the table I told her she could get some rest now.

When I check her cell monitor she was still sitting on the bed crying. She finally lay back on the bed and immediately moaned and rolled onto her side to avoid as much pain in her sore back side as possible.

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