Frustration_(1) by Morgg

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True Story |

Sixteen, incredibly horny, a virgin and no clue about sex. That was me.

David was driving his dad’s Vespa scooter that summer night and I was riding on the back when we passed a house about four down from where I lived. Damn, there were two hot looking girls standing out in front by the street light. Both looked and were 15. The blonde, Melody was about 5’7’ and teen girl skinny. Jeannie was 5’ 4”, nice figure and brown hair. Both were pretty, and one said hi as we passed by. We circled the block and came back. Both were going into freshman year and would be starting high school with us in the fall. We stood around exchanging teen talk and Melody let it slip that they were out trolling for us and she had had her eye on me all summer. David, who lived several miles from there, had to leave and Melody told her mom she was walking over to Jeannie’s house, about a block and a half away. Instead the three of us walked around to the back of her house into an open field. I found a grassy spot and we sat looking at the full moon. The girls sat on either side of me and snuggled in. I put my arms around them and then laid back with each of them cuddled close. I pulled Melody over and kissed her wetly and long. Jeannie was next and I soon discovered after a couple of kisses that each girl was trying to outdo the other. Damn, that was fun. Jeannie raked her hot little tits against me while Melody was almost on top of me and had her tongue down my throat. I learned a lot about kissing that night.

“Oh my God” said Jeannie. “I’m late. I’ve got to get home now.” We walked her there and Melody said goodnight too.

Next night David and I went directly over to Melody’s house and sat on the front porch with the girls. David was getting friendly with Jeannie and I liked Melody’s sexy aggression.

“Let’s go to a movie on Saturday.” I said.

“My mom won’t let me date until I’m 16 and it has to be a double.” Melody whined. “But my birthday is next month.”

Almost every evening after that found me sitting on the porch with Melody. Her mom watched her like a hawk, but I soon realized that she only came to the window and peeked out when a commercial came on the TV program she was watching and if I leaned against the door I could plainly hear the TV. Program on, I had both hands on Melody’ boobs or a finger in her cunt. Commercial on, she scooted away and we were just talking. Everybody was happy.

Melody was a teen boy’s dream. 90% of what she wanted to talk about was sex. And she was the horniest girl I could wish for.

“I can’t wait to get fucked. All I think about is you fucking me. I held a candle between my legs and fucked Jeannie. I masturbate every day.”

She drove me crazy.

“Can you get your dad’s station wagon?” I asked David. “Melody is turning 16 on Friday and she said her mom will let her double date with Jeannie. She wants me to fuck her.”

We left the movie and headed out looking for a deserted spot. A dirt road led to a farmer’s field and I already had Melody wet from having my finger inside her for an hour. She had been actually begging for me to fuck her and I was harder than Chinese algebra. David drove right out into the rutted field and the station wagon bounced to a stop. There was plenty of room in the back of that station wagon and we leapt over the back seat. Melody was panting and getting naked as fast as me. The little slut spread her legs wide and I got right on top.

“Do it! Do it!”

I kneeled over her and had my hard prick in my hand and was beginning to push when the noise came.

Wham, wham, wham... “You kids stop that. I’m calling the police. Get out of here”. The farmer was beating on the roof of the car and screaming at us. His reddened face was just inches from mine as he stared in the rear window.

“David” I yelled. “Get out of here!” I was terrified. David hit the starter, slammed it into gear and took off across the rutted field. Melody and my naked bodies were on the floor one second and bouncing off the roof the next. We were trying to dress and getting thrown violently around as David sped across the field. The girls were crying. “He said he was going the call the cops.” cried Jeannie. “My father will kill me.” Waaaahh.

Nothing was going to happen that night. We took the girls home.

Next weekend was a no go and we planned for the next one. Melody reminded me every day that masturbation wasn’t cutting it and she wanted the real thing. David got the station wagon but Jeannie couldn’t make it. He got a date with a girl Melody and I didn’t know. Dave and I had learned our lesson and had found a road used by fisherman and at the bottom of a hill by a river. It was totally remote, but the rocky seldom-used road was just as rutted as the damn field.

After the movie we headed out. The girl in the front seat was asking where we were going and sounded a little concerned. Dave navigated down the hill and got us turned around. Melody had been jacking me off and I had finger fucked her until she was soaked. David cut the motor and once again we hit the back where David had thoughtfully provided a thick quilt. Melody was squealing and we were both shedding our clothes. Melody got totally naked, spread her legs and began vigorously rubbing her wet cunt. ‘Fuck me.” She whispered. Once again I was kneeling and poised with my dick at the entrance.

Unfortunately, the smell of hot pre-sex had permeated the car and according to what David said later it had driven him to proceed more rapidly than his first-date girl was comfortable with…a lot more rapidly it turned out.

SMACK! What are you doing?? Take your hands off me. Take me home. What’s going on back there?”

Frustrated, David hit the starter, slammed it into gear and d? vu. Those dammed bumps and bruises that were about healed got another go round. We sped up this rocky trail at a speed that can only be attained by a pissed off teen; Melody and I bouncing off the roof and each other again.

Two more weeks and not a place that we could sneak off to. Melody’s dad was in the Army and suddenly they were moving to California.

Getting fucked and not getting fucked was all Melody could talk about.

Saturday morning the moving van was at her house. She knocked at my door. “I came to say goodbye.” She said tearfully.

“Where’s your mom?” she said looking around.

“She and my dad went fishing.”

“We’re alone?”


“Fuck me now.”

We ran into my bedroom and tore off our clothes. She dived onto the bed and spread wide rubbing her cunt. “Do it!”

I poised again, cock in hand and pushed.

Ding dong. The doorbell… we panicked and dressed as fast as possible.

Jeannie stood there. “Your little brother said you were here and I wanted to say goodbye.”

“Jeannie, we were just going to fuck!” said an exasperated Melody.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry.”

“Go down to my house and I’ll meet you there.”

Back to the bedroom…clothes off…same position exactly. Almost in.

Ding dong! Scramble!!

“Dad said come on. We’re leaving.” said her 8 year old brother.

I walked her to the car and watched them drive away. I never saw her again.

A month later when David had a new girlfriend and I was fucking Jeannie who had crawled in my bedroom window at midnight she told me.

“On that last day I saw your mom and dad leaving and I was afraid you were going to screw Melody so I waited a little and rang the doorbell. I was so damn jealous. I wanted you to be fucking me.”

Rating: 78%, Read 17139 times, Posted Jan 12, 2011

True Story |


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