It's Garry's "PUSSY" now by travelguy51

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True Story | Anal, Gay

If you like this story please let me know, I am a novice so any constructive advice will be welcomed as well

My story is true and happened about 7 years ago. I had a couple of appointment to go to and had some time to kill between them so I went to a local park to enjoy the good weather and take a little walk by the river. I was going back to my truck and said hi to a guy sitting in his truck and we started small talk.

Gary seemed nice, he was older, mid late fifties. He was a large guy, thickly built all over and very masculine. We talked for a few and I need to find a bathroom and told him what I needed. He said the park bathroom was closed this time of year, just a porto john. He told me he just lived a short drive and I could use his bathroom if I wanted. I thought about it for just a second and took him up on it.

I followed him and it was less than a mile. Nice older home and well kept. We went in and he pointed to the bathroom and said, "make yourself at home...I sat down to pee, so I wouldn't make any kind of mess on the seat and he asked through the door If I would like something to drink. I told him some water would be good. I finished my business, washed my hands and joined him in the Kitchen.

It was at this point that I finally got a good look at him. He about 6'4 and as I said before, thick all over. neck, arms. chest, all the way down to his feet. He was a ginger and had just a little scruff on his face. He started talking again and had a way of leading the conversation and making it easy.

He showed me around the house and talked about some of the antiques he had. Then, out of nowhere he said, "You like to watch porn"? I laughed and said, "who doesn't" so he told me to follow him up stairs and he would put some on.

We went into a bedroom that had a small love seat at the foot of a bed and a large TV mounted on the wall in front of the seat. He told me to have a seat and make myself comfortable so I plopped down and stretched out as he was putting a movie on. It was Bi Sex scenes, and he asked if that was ok and I sad "OH YES" he chuckled and said he figured it would be the moment he saw me at the park.

He pulled off his shirt and sat beside me. He was tanned and had one of those large, round bellies that was solid, not fat but tight. I liked what I saw and he realized it. Why don't you get a little more comfortable and get out of your pants and shirt? he asked. So I stood and at that point I realized I was wearing a sexy lace thong and wasn't sure how that would work for him, but I stood up, slipped my shirt off then turned my back to him and slowly removed my pants making sure my panties stayed up. " DAMN, Your fucking hot in that thong baby" he said and it made me shiver just a little.

I bent over a little to give him a better look at may ass and I heard him move then his hands grabbed my hips and I felt his lips and tongue on my cheeks. I was startled just a little but it made my dick twitch in my panties and I started to leak a little bit. He turned me around and told me to pull his pants down. I undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped him with shaking hands, He told me to get on my knees and pull them down and I did as I was told. He wasn't wearing anything under them and his cock popped out semi hard. It wasn't very long, maybe 6 inches but it was almost as thick as it was long.

"DAMN! That's thick" I said. I took it in my hand, it wasn't hard yet and I couldn't get my fingers fully around it. I quickly licked the underside of the head and took him in my mouth. It was all I could to to open wide enough for it to fit.. I looked up at him and he gave me a sly grin and told me to lick his balls and the shaft and I did exactly as I was told. It got a little harder and thicker. "That's nice baby, you're going to make me feel soo good". At that point I got a little nervous, This thing was to thick.

He told me to get on the bed and lay on my back I said ok and he barked "that's YES DADDY, understand?" I meekly said yes daddy. Now, on the bed.

I crawled into the middle of the bed and started to rub my cock through my thong and he slapped my hand away and told me that it wasn't allowed. He was taking charge and I was so deep in now that I didn't see a way out . Yes Daddy

He crawled in and got in the 69 position, his fat meat above my face, his belly had my chest pinned to the bed and he said lick my cock baby and I did, like a starved kid with a lolly pop . He pulled my knees back and got them behind his strong arms and all at once burred his tongue in my ass. He was eating my ass like it was cake. Long licks through my crack and across my hole then flicking his tongue at my opening like it was a clit. I could feel his spit flowing down m crack and onto my back. I was in heaven when he said, You have a very nice smooth pussy girl. That's when I was sure what he wanted from me.

He reached over and grabbed some lube from the night stand, put a generous amount in my as crack , handed me the tube and told me to get a hand full and and stroke his cock. Yes daddy. I got a good bit in my hand and started stroking him. It got even thicker and he started rubbing his big fingers between my spread cheeks and across my puckered, in his words, "pussy". Soon he had a finger in me working it in and out slow and easy, the a second one, and I could feel the stretching. then a third, it was hurting a little now and at this point he said, You better get some more lube on my dick, you're going to need it.

He rolled off me onto his back grabbed the lube and but a big gob on his dick and gently rubbed it around. Climb on here and ride me baby. His cock was as thick as a beer can, and about 6 inches long, I said, "that's not going to fit" He just grinned and said, OH,It's going to fit. Either you can ride it ORRR I'm going to ride you. NOW mount me baby girl. Yes Daddy was all I could get to come out.

I swung my leg over him and squatted over that massive shaft. I lowered my hole toward it and reached down with my hand to guide it to its target. When the head touched me I stopped and rubbed it against my opening and gently pushed myself down. I felt good, but there was no way it would fit. I squirmed on it and lowered my ass a little more and it started getting a little uncomfortable but not more than I could stand then With a sting and shooting pain through my ass hole the head was in and I felt my cock start flow wit slick pre cum. it was running through the front of my thong and it dripped onto his lower belly. I had to pause to make sure I could do this. It hurt bad but I wanted it now.

I guess he could see it in my eyes. He said, MMM that feels so fucking good to me, Just stay right there and let me enjoy it while that pussy gets adjusted to a real dick. In just a moment the pain was starting to fade and the stretch was starting to feel warm and comfortable. I looked him in the eyes and sad, "Daddy can I have it all now? He grabbed my hips and pushed down and at the same time he thrust his cock all the way into me. He held me there and I was in some pain and was trying to raise myself off of this post of a cock but he wouldn't let me. You said you wanted it so you got it SLUT. Now just try to relax. you're really going to like it baby.

He was right, it did feel good and I was starting to squirm around a little. Let me ride it daddy, PLEASE! He let my hips go and I raised up a little then back down. Then I started riding him, long full strokes. OMG it felt great. He started moaning and I knew at that point that I would have to ride him till he was cumming deep in me. That thought triggered something in me and I could feel my orgasm start to build a little. He reached down and pulled my thong down freeing my rock hard dripping cock. He never touched it though. That is the wettest clitty I have ever seen, Your going to cum for me, aren't you?

My eyes were clamped shut my legs were burning and all I could do was whimper, un hu daddy. He started rotating his hips as I was riding up and down and it happened. I started to shudder and my hole started to contract and relax around his fat hard shaft and ropes of cum shot out of my cock and were spraying up across his belly and onto his chest, neck and face. I was moaning and grunting like a whore. My pussy was trying to milk his cock with each spasm. I was about to collapse when I slid all the way off of his rod then right back in and all the way to his balls he yelled AGAIN, NOW my hole was still quivering and I raised full off again and slammed back down then a third time and he held me down this time his head rolled back and he was raising his hips and lifting me as he tried to get as deep as possible. Then I felt it, that fat hard shaft started convulsing inside me, he was filling me with his seed and with each shot I could feel his cock pulse in my opening.

I collapsed on him, He put his strong arms around me and said, That's my pussy now. I knew my place with him. I said Yes Daddy Its your pussy, and I meant it. He told me he knew he was going to fuck me as soon as I agreed to come to his house. He wasn't going to take no for an answer and that I really should be careful about who I agreed to go to private places with. I could tell by his tone that he meant it.

He said lets get a shower and get cleaned up. He pointed me to the bathroom and told me to go get the water started and he would be right there. I was in the warm water when he stepped in and started talking. He looked me in the eyes and said, " You cum like a woman, and I like that a lot" I asked, " what do you mean? He said, You didn't cum, you had an orgasm. your pussy was squeezing me, milking me. just like a woman." I smiled a little and blushed at the same time. He just laughed a little and asked me if I had ever thought about doing porn. UM NO...Not something I would do...I explained that he was only the second guy to ever fuck me and I was very in the closet/on the down low...all that. He said, hate to hear that, it could be a lot of fun. I know several guys that would love to use your pussy and I would love to video it..

I needed to get to my appointment so I got his number and headed out. He told me to call him a day or two in advance the next time I was going to be in the area and he would instruct me how to prepare myself for our next meeting. I smiled a big grin and Said Yes Daddy, I will and Thank You for making it YOUR PUSSY.

Rating: 79%, Read 7530 times, Posted Feb 05, 2019

True Story | Anal, Gay


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