violent sex with the computer tech continued by misswales

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Fantasy | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Male, Oral Sex, Submission, Teen Female, Torture

john the computer technician was alot older than me but he was tall strong and dangerously good looking. even though my laptop didnt need fixing i still had to pay him. but i had no money......fortunatly he had over ideas of how i was going pay

With one hand holding me against the wall, john used his other hand to feel my boobs and rip off my thin crop top. He started massaging my nipples and cupping my boobs. He spat on my tits and rubbed his spit all over them. When he concentrated on my nipples my breath got faster and faster. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the feeling of having my tits gropped and rubbed roughly.

After about 10 minutes of constant kissing and touching, john moved me to the kitchen table. He picked me up by my bum and gently threw me on the table. With his mouth still on my boobs he unbuttoned my shorts and took them off. I threw my head back at the feeling of his cock and hand pressed against my pussy and his tongue biting vicously at my nipples. He looked up and whispered into my ear “you dirty slut, not wearing any knickers”. He grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the table and then kneeled down to my pussy. He started kissing my thighs and planting gentle kisses on my clit making my body spasm in want. He rubbed his hands over my smooth hard belly and made his way up to my boobs and flicked at my nipple, then with his other hand he aggressively shoved 3 of his fingers my mouth, telling me to suck them hard. Every kiss he planted on my clit made me push my hips more into his face. Knowing i couldnt bear it much longer he started sucking my clit and juices.

Then with his tongue is forced it into me, making me gasp out loud and bite onto his fingers. He let go of my boobs and started playing with my clit, getting faster and faster making me even closer to climaxing. He forced 2 of his fingers into my pussy making me wince with pain. Slowly he pulled them out then shoved them back in quicker making my spine shiver with a mix of pain and delight. He finger fucked me until my body became limp and i begged him to stop. He stood up, leant over me and kissed me passionately, making me taste my juices.

With one quick swift move he put his arm around my back and chucked me over his shoulder. He marched me upstairs and found the first room available. He flung me onto the bed, ripped his t-shirt off and jumped on next to me. Greedy with want i crawled my way between his legs and started sucking on his balls while using my hand to stroke and caress his cock. When i got quicker his breathing became deeper and faster like when he was wanking earlier. Looking at his cock i saw precum which i hungrily sucked up. I teased the end of his cock with my tongue, making it more and more sensertive. Sick of being teased he violently grabbed my head and pushed my mouth over his 8 inch cock until my lips were brushing his dick and i was gagging. He kept pushing while i tried to free my self from his hold and not puke. Eventually he let go and i gasped with the lack of breath. I started sucking on his cock again, not wanting to annoy him. Getting faster and faster i could hear him gronning in delight. “ im going to cum” he shouted, i was going to wank him off until he came and then lick off all the cum but he had a different idea.

He roughly grabbed my head again and pushed me hard onto his cock. He made me deep throat him until i could feel all his cum in the back of my throat. I swolled as quickly as i could but some still dribbled down his cock shaft and onto his balls. After he finished cumming he demanded me to clean him up, which i was happy to do.

John pushed me off and i went flying to the floor and hit the wall. He came round, grabbed me by the hair , made me stand up then pushed my back and head towards the floor. He started spanking my bum cheeks really hard that each time i screamed out with pain. After about 10 slaps he parted my bum cheeks and inserted his dick deep inside me which made me groan in delight and pain because my vagina was burning with being split so quickly and violently. He pulled out of me quickly, just leaving the tip of his cock still in me, he repeated this over and over again, getting quicker and quicker. I placed one hand against the wall to steady myself and the other over my boobs to stop them wobbling so fast. John reached out and grabbed my hair, making my face look to the ceiling. He fucked me so fast and hard i must of came about 3 times thought im not 100% sure because i kept blanking out and waking up in a daze of delight.

After about 10 mins of fucking me from behind he grabbed me from the waste chucked me on the bed and crawled ontop of me, using his one arm he grapped my legs and forced them above my shoulders which made my bum stick up. And then put his fist into my mouth like a gag. Using his other arm he directed his dick past my pussy and towards my bum hole, once i realised what he was going to do i shook and kicked trying to stop him because im a virgin to anal sex and knew that my arse hole would be so tight that it would rip apart when he tried to fuck me with his dick. Fortunately he lubed up my arse hole using my cum from my pussy. Slowly he forced his dick into my arse which made me whine and cry in pain. As much as i tried to get free from his grip i couldn’t because he was so strong. I just lay there biting down on his hand and groaning in agony.

I blacked out because of the pain and woke to see i was now on my stomach and i could hear and feel john fucking my ass hole quick and hard, his breathe was against my neck and i could tell it wasn’t long until he would cum and i really wanted him to cum in my pussy. With all my force i pushed him off me and climbed on top of him. I took his dick in my hand and quickly put the whole thing in my pussy. This time i was i charge. He was about to say something but i shoved my fingers in his hand and bounced up and down on his body. After only a few seconds of pulsing up and down i came close to a climax but i knew if i didn’t start rubbing my clit he would beat me and cum all inside me. I rubbed my clit quickly getting my self closer and closer to cuming. After what seemed like a life time we both came, me drenching his cock in my pussy juices and him filling me up with all his cum.

I crawled up his body, placed my pussy over his face and said “this time you can clean me up” he used his tongue to lick up the mixture of both our juices. After i was licked clean i sucked his cock and balls clean and fell asleep next to him in bed. When i woke up a few hours late i panicked realising my parents would be home, i rolled over to luckily find him gone and a piece of paper saying “thank you, ring me anytime”.

Rating: 78%, Read 15315 times, Posted Nov 05, 2011

Fantasy | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Male, Oral Sex, Submission, Teen Female, Torture


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