A Family of Building Blocks by Daddy+Warbuck

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A Family of Building Blocks

My Father, sister and I have always been alone. Not alone from other people, but alone as a family. My sister MJ, short for Mary-Jane, and I are twins, but not any where near identical. I can't remember anything before I was 4 years old. My father told us about our mother and how she died when giving birth to my sister and I. Dad told us too, our grandparents are from different backgrounds and that's why they didn't recognise us as kin. So my dad has done the best as father and mother, especially when MJ and I reached puberty. I can remember that dad got his nurse, Helen, to have a talk with MJ when she started having her periods.

Now as we start into our 18th year, we are very popular at school, we're very athletic. MJ wins a lot of gymnastic events, she also good at swimming and she's the captain of cheer-leading squad. Myself, I run track, again like MJ very good at swimming and I play a mean game of Basketball. I'm good at all sports. We also have done well on the scholastic side too and are both A+ students. MJ and I are also very popular. So you can understand that we're what you call the in crowd.

So, it was just recently that my father told us that whatever happens we should never leave the other one alone, especially me, I should always look after my sister. I'm not sure what that was about, as I've always been MJ's protector, or sort of. I agreed with dad and he slapped me on the shoulder as he does.

Anyway we were both asked to a little party, held by one of the college students at his place. MJ and I drove out to the property, turning up together and the party started swinging. MJ started hanging around with her girlfriends who started rating every boy at the party. Me, well I just started hanging out with friends and talking about the next Basketball game that was on next Wednesday night.

During the night I sort of misplaced MJ and started looking for her. I asked one of her friends and she told me that she went for a walk with a college guy. The guy's name was Rip, which I thought was stupid, who names their kid Rip. So, I went in the direction that her friends had pointed out to me. I'd just come to a part in the forest, where the path divided. I started making my way down one path, when I heard an angry sister. So, I turned around and started walking in the other direction. As, I got closer it sounded as if she was fending the guy off, so I quickened my step just in time to see Rip tearing MJ's new blouse off her.

I walked over to him and pushed him back. Rip started laughing saying he'd wipe the floor with me. Like I said, I'm good at athletics and sports. So, as Rip threw his roundhouse punch at me, which was really a feeble attempt. I had already gauged he was no boxer, but a thug.

He protected his right side to much, which made my target quiet easy. He was lazy in his defence, which getting under his guard wouldn't be an effort. So as Rip threw a lazy roundhouse punch at me. I stepped in, blocked his roundhouse hard on the Ulna and Radii, 2 bones in the forearm. This opened Rip up and I drove a straight forceful punch directed at his lower rib cage. Rip went down like a bundle of wet rags, and started crying too. I put my arm around MJ, and started walking her back to the party. After we got there I decided that we were leaving and we went. I put MJ in the passengers seat, walked around and got into the driver's seat.

The drive usually didn't take too long at all. But, along the way MJ started crying, so I stopped and hugged her. I wiped the tears from her eyes and She was the first to say something, "Al, are you going to tell dad?" I said,"I have to MJ, he'd skin me alive if I didn't." Then MJ started crying again, I took her in my arms and started telling her, everything was alright and not to cry, the usual brotherly thing. Then MJ moved away from me and said,"Did you hurt yourself?" I said,"No." Then MJ smiled and I loved watching my sister smile. She had this magical sparkle that lit anything up. Even when your down in the dumps, MJ's smile would brighten you up.

MJ was about 5'10', which is tall for a girl and about 4 inches shorter than me. She had filled out nicely, especially with swimming. She had 32B size breast and bright blue eyes, which reminded me of Limp Bizkit's song. You ask how I know, well there's not much I don't know about my sister. Anyway, MJ's got short blond hair, she needs it short for swimming. And after everything else there's not a blemish on her.

You know most girls usually have a little quirk about them, a mole, dimple lazy eye, you know something like that. But, MJ she is perfect. Sometimes, late at night when I'm knocking the top off, I would think of one girl or another but in the end I'd have a flash of MJ naked and then I'd come. I never told anyone that, as you know it's very weird. But, I've always loved my sister.

Anyway, I started up again and drove home. When we got there dad was up and talking to Helen. Helen is our local nurse, she works with dad. Dad's one of our local doctors, I always though that she had a thing for dad. Though, he never did anything about it, even after mum died. But, they are very good friends and she always checks MJ and I over, for anything wrong, which there never is.

So, as we walked through the door dad and Helen saw that something was wrong. Helen took MJ to her bedroom and I think they talked. I told dad everything, even the fight. Dad asked why did I have to fight and I explained the situation. Dad just nodded as he always did. Then he did what he always does, He started asking questions about the fight, what I did, where I knew to hit and what I felt about him hurting MJ.

We talked and after it, dad just let it go as he always does. I told dad that Rip wouldn't have a leg to stand on because as soon as he reported it to the police, we'd have him charged with attempt rape. Dad just nodded and then said, “That's right that's what we'd do.” Helen came out and told dad that MJ was asleep and alright. I said my good nights to dad and Helen, then went to bed too. I heard dad and Helen talking about it, but couldn't hear what they exactly said.

I got into bed and started running my hand up and down my cock, which went to rigidity straight away. I started thinking of Chloe, MJ's friend. I had Chloe once one night when she stayed at our place overnight. I remembered that I went to bed really late that night. Chloe had kept on coming out to go to the toilet or the kitchen or something else. Chloe always stopped, sat down real close and chatted with me, every time.

It was finally about 1.30am, I was lying in my bed thinking about how sheer Chloe's nightie was, and the perfume that she wore. I had a hard cock and was just about to start rubbing it, when Chloe slipped into my room and asked if I was awake. I told her I was, and Chloe stripped off her nightie, then got into bed next to me.

Well I was real happy to see Chloe. We started kissing, which she wasn't that good at, but I didn't mind. I started feeling her pussy which was very hairy, which I didn't like. I then put my head down on to her closest nipple and started sucking it. I took it between my teeth and bit gently on it, Chloe just moaned. I told her to keep it quiet, because of my father. I got on top of Chloe and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy, and slid in. Chloe's pussy was very wet, but wasn't as tight like other girls I'd fucked. But, I slid in and started thrusting.

Soon, I was ramming into Chloe. Chloe had her legs around my waist and laid there. She was mewing and groaning, when I heard my door open up slightly. I looked over but couldn't see any one. So, I thought Chloe didn't close the door properly. Then I felt the tingling in my cock and knew I wouldn't last long, and I didn't. I shot load after load into Chloe until I finished. After that I rolled off Chloe, who kissed me and got out of bed. She dressed and left my room. I think one of my friends said it best - Any port in a storm. I didn't feel satisfied with Chloe and I knew I wouldn't do it with her again.

She was the only one out of all of MJ's friends who I'd fucked, when they stayed overnight. Anyway I kept on pulling on my cock and just as I started to feel the rising of my seed, I imagined MJ's face and her smile and that did it for me, I came in torrents, which was always the case. I cleaned myself up and then turned over and drifted off to sleep.

It was about 7am the next morning when dad came in telling me, he had to go to the hospital due to a major car accident and that he was on call. He asked about me doing my chores and then left. I went back to sleep and slept on till about 9am. I got up went to the toilet then into the bathroom to shower. I stripped off at the door as I've always done and walked in.

I hadn't heard the water on and the door wasn't locked, so I walked right into the bathroom. There was MJ standing naked in the shower stall. I looked at her and she at me, when she said, “Well come on.” This had happened a few time in our lives. When we were young we often bathed together or showered together. Then as we got older, and only when dad wasn't home.

I got in and rinse myself under the water. Then I reached up got the shower gel an started pouring heaps into my hand. MJ was standing under the water with her eyes closed, so I applied the shower gel to her back and started rubbing it in. MJ started mewing, so I pored more gel into my hand and started to wash up her front, which she would normally stopped me. But, today she just let me wash her breasts, including nipples, then her stomach and her groin.

After I finished I stood there, MJ turned poured the gel into her hands and started massaging my chest and stomach. I knew she could see my hard on, because it wasn't hard to miss. Then for first time in our life, MJ poured the gel into her hand and took hold of my cock, stroking the entire length of it. I knew it was strange because she would never let it even get to this. I just stood there, with my mouth hanging open, when she said, “Watch out for flies.”

She kept on masturbating my cock. She would roll her hands around the head and then slide one hand down then slide her other up. She would rotate her palm on the tip of my cock and then start sliding her hand up and down quicker. She grasp my balls and rolled them in her other hand. I was so turned on, my cock must've grown another inch. I could feel I was nearly ready to come, I never got to that point that fast before.

I must've been dreaming, but I wasn't because I had the biggest ejaculation ever. I shot my seed straight onto MJ's tummy, and I shot at least 4 times, before it started to get less powerful. I saw where the four hits were and that they were running down MJ's tummy.

I started to go week at the knee, when MJ wrapped her arms around my neck, pressed her body against me and kissed me on the cheek, saying,”Just a little thank you for being my protector.” she kissed me again on the cheek and let me go. She washed her tummy, then step out, picked her towel off the rack and left the bathroom. I felt like that I was watching a porn movie or something because this couldn't be my sister. It just couldn't, but I did like it.

I stayed in the shower for another 20 minutes and then got out, dried off and went to my room to dress. After I put my short and singlet on, I went to start the whipper snipping of the edges and mowing. MJ was on the veranda on the back porch as I started mowing the lawn and every time I saw her, watching me intently. What was going on?

Anyway, I just couldn't get this mornings event out of my head. In fact I was walking around with a hard on, ever since starting on the lawn. I was halfway through when MJ tapped me on the shoulder. I took the ear phone out of my ears and turned to see her standing there with a drink in her hand. I took the drink and thanked her. She said,”You looked thirsty and hard.” with an emphasis on hard. I knew that I was sporting a hard cock, but she didn't make things easier. She was dressed in white hot pants, that went in her arse crack, you could see everything. A white ladies singlet and no bra underneath. I swear she was trying to make me horny.

I went back to mowing and listening to my music on my Iphone. In fact I started singing, because it took my mind off everything else, which helped me loose my erection. I knew not to look back at MJ now, because it would start all over again and I'd have another erection.

Then the music stopped and a call was coming through. I stopped took the call and heard dad's voice on the other end. Dad was asking about our chores and I told him that we'd vacuum and clean the house after I finished with the mowing. Dad was pleased and told me that he be at the hospital all day today, because there was an unusual amount of injured people coming through.

It was then that dad said,”That guy you hit yesterday, was that a fella by the name of Rip?” I told dad it was and dad said,”He's got three broken ribs and a hair line fracture in the Ulna.” then he said,”One block and one punch.” I said, “Yeah.” he said,”Okay, good boy keep going with your chores.” Dad was always mysterious when asking questions but I think that's how doctors are.

I finished the mowing and cleaned up, when MJ came up and asked who was on the phone. I told her dad and that he probably wouldn't be home for hours. I kept on finishing up, when MJ walked into the house. I wanted a shower first, before doing anything else. So, I went inside stripped at the bathroom door and walked in. I started the shower letting the water cascade over my body, when I heard the shower stall door open and a body slip in behind.

I knew it was MJ so I turned and grabbed her around the waist. I was right MJ was standing there naked and said, “Want me to wash you again?” I said,”Nah, we shouldn't do things like that, there might be complications.” She said,”Yeah what complications?” I said,”You know............ complications.” She said,”What, common spit it out.” I said,”You may get fucked by me if we keep on mucking around.” She said,”So, I might want you too.” I said,”Hang on, that's incest that's fucked up MJ.”

She said,”Yeah, well I was told that brothers and sisters do it all the time. It's like practising for a basketball game. You can't get it right on the night, if you don't practice.” I never heard MJ sound like this before. I was shaking my head I didn't want to go down this street. Because, I knew if I let myself go, I would really fall for MJ, and I didn't want anyone to get hurt.

MJ pushed me against the shower stall wall, and pushed her body on top of mine, rubbing herself up and down. I could feel her nipples, hard and pointing at me, they were hard against her small breast. I felt her nipples run up and down my body, it was turning me on so much, if she was anyone else, I'd be on the floor fucking her right now.

Then, MJ took hold of my cock, which didn't want any part of me and was standing up for itself. MJ started running her hands up and down. I knew that if I just didn't give in, I'd shoot my load and that would be that. MJ was rubbing me, when she knelt down in front of me. I never knew any girl that gave head, especially my sister. Here she was running her tongue around the head of my cock.

Then, she licked up and down the shaft. I was trying to get angry at her, she was acting like a slut, when she said,”Al come on fuck me please. I want you to fuck me please. I love you and I know you love me too. You proved it last night.” Then she started crying and I knew it was real. I can tell her pretend crying. But now she was really crying, so I knelt next to her and looked at her face. She looked up and said,”Al, why do you think that I never have any boy with me, or I go out on any dates with one. Because, I love you and I want you to be my first. I've taken protection. So please just make love to me, once that's all I ask. Please.”

Now she was begging me and crying. So I gave in and said,”Not here, come with me into my bedroom ok.” MJ smiled at that and we both got up, leaving the shower naked.

We dried off first, then I laid MJ down on my bed and got next to her. I looked at MJ in the eyes and said,”MJ, listen to me. I do really love you, but it's not natural. I'm your brother and things can get fucked up, ok.” she nodded her head. I continued,”If we do this. Then it's once and never again, please promise me it's this once. Ok.” MJ said,”I promise. This one and only time.” I said,”Good. Because if we went down this path, we'd be hurting both of us. We'd never have a normal life. Our kids would have a real chance of being fucked up physically and mentally. And I could never, never loose you. Ok?” MJ just said,”Yes. But you do love me don't you?” I said, “I do. I think of you when I masturbate. I can't lie.” MJ just smiled and moved towards me.

I couldn't believe it, a fantasy was coming true. But, I knew that it wouldn't stop, because we were in love with one another. I grasp MJ's small, but firm breast in the cup of my hand. I rolled my fingers over her nipple, which was already excited beyond belief. It was then that MJ moved her lips to mine. We had never kissed before, like never in a romantic way anyway. MJ planted her lips onto mine and we kissed.

It was strange, I thought that I'd be weirded out, but I like the touch of her lips against mine. It seemed different, most girls were wonderful to kiss and I like how their lips felt against mine. But, when MJ started to kiss me, it was different straight away. The whole kiss was explosive, I melt together with MJ. The kiss made me feel more alive and I wanted more. Our lips were locked and as our tongues touched, it was electric. As I started to explore her tongue and mouth, I hugged MJ closer because I wanted more.

The way I felt as MJ body touched my skin, and her kiss, made me want to drink in every part of her and keep it for myself. I pushed MJ back against the bed and started to draw my fingernails up against her body. MJ started mewing and I could tell she loved the feel of nails against skin. As I broke our kiss, I brought my mouth down to cover her nipple. I just started bathing her nipple with my tongue. I then circled her nipple, which brought more moaning and mewing from MJ. Her nipple was standing up hard, so I gripped it with my teeth and pulled on it. MJ loved it, as she started running her hand through my hair.

I let my fingernails go down her body, until I got to her pussy. MJ was completely shaved, which I loved. I dragged my fingers over her mons and then parted as I moved past her pussy. MJ just wanted to grab something, and my cock must have been the first thing, because she grabbed me tightly and squeezed it, which I loved that feeling.

I was biting her nipple, when I moved to her navel and started sucked on it. MJ went crazy, so I rimmed that little hole with my tongue. MJ was mewing hard, when I left her navel and went straight to her other nipple. Now, I gripped it between my teeth. I pulled on it, letting her nipple be dragged out from my teeth. This seemed like it was magic because my cock was harder than ever before, even harder than this morning. I dipped my index finger into her pussy, which was wet and tight. I never felt a pussy so tight on my finger before.

I started finger fucking MJ and dragging my teeth over her nipple. She was now groaning loudly. I could smell the sex in the air. Her aroma was strong and sweet, I just wanted to taste her. So, I moved down and got between her legs, pushing back on them, against her chest. I looked down into this hot pussy and knew I wanted to taste her.

I dipped my head and placed my mouth around her pussy and started sucking. MJ went crazy, grabbing my head and pulling me into her body. She started coming immediately, but I kept my mouth on her pussy, sucking for all I can. MJ's juice were flowing onto my lips, my face, down her arse and into my mouth. I had never tasted anything so wonderful. It was surprisingly tantalising and sweet to taste, so I devoured her as much as I could.

MJ was starting to pant, as I kept up my attack, now on her clitoris. It was hard and slippery, so I caught it with my teeth and planted my lips around it, sucking for all I was worth. MJ just started panting harder and gripping my head. I couldn't tell if she was trying to push me away or pulling me into her. But, I kept on sucking and holding her legs back against her. If this was the only time we ever did this then I want it to be memorable for me. Now, MJ was groaning hard and saying,”Oh yes, babe, Yes do me again please please.” Then all of a sudden she started,'Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Yeeeeeeaaaaasssssssssssssss.” and I knew that her orgasm had hit.

She froze and stayed rigid like that until she subsided. I licked her pussy for a little while and then stopped, letting her legs fall back around me. I looked at her face, which was flushed and sweaty, her eyes were closed, and she was gasping through an open mouth. I couldn't believe what I had done to my sister. But, I loved her and I wanted more. I wanted the cherry on top of my sundae. I wanted her not to be my sister.

I rolled away from her legs, moved around and laid down next to her and waited till she was finished. I propped my head up, using my arm and my hand to hold my head up. I watched as the sweat rolled down away from her belly which was still heaving, up and down. I leant down then a licked her sweaty nipples and breasts, and was rewarded with that magical smile. Then MJ said,”Oh, boy, Al that was so beautiful......(pant)..... I have never had two orgasms ...... (pant) …... and I never had an experience with someone ..... (pant)..... going down on me before. I don't think I'll ever .... (pant)..... have that again.”

I just stopped licking the sweat of MJ and looked at her face, which although sweaty, was beautiful. It took several minutes until MJ settled down enough to roll over and kiss me on the lips, which I still found exhilarating. I decided that, seeing MJ had two orgasms we didn't really need to fuck. MJ looked at me and said, “My turn.” MJ pushed me onto my back and started kissing me. I loved her kisses. I can't explain the feeling of her touch, it was just exciting and electrifying.

MJ kissed down to my breast, and started licking around the nipple. Every so often she would bite my nipple and then start licking all over again. Then she teased the other nipple and sucked on it. If this is how women felt when they had their nipples licked and sucked, then yes give me more.

By this time, MJ was stroking my hard rigid pole. Her hands were like a feather touch, not rough or firm but feathery, soft. I was having a hard time on what to concentrate on. She was really good at what she was doing, which gave me a fleeting thought,'Where had she leant to do this?' Like I said it was fleeting, because I was still being astounded by her lips, teeth and hand as they attacked my senses.

It was now that I wanted MJ to carry on what she started in the shower. So, I ran my hand through her hair and pushed her head down to my cock, which gave her the idea. At first I watched as MJ just looked at it. Then she stuck her tongue out and licked up towards the head. Then she seemed to wrap her tongue half around the shaft and lick downwards. Then she left the shaft and again looked at my cock.

MJ stuck out her tongue again and rimmed the edge of the head, coming over the top, she flicked the slit and then rimmed me again. I couldn't hold on any longer. I said,”MJ I'm comiiiiinnngggggggggg!!!!” She quickly stuck my cock into her mouth and I shot several heavy loads into the back of her throat.

She held my load there and when she was comfortable she quickly swallowed what was in her mouth. She kept on sucking and sucking, like I was a straw, until I started to wilt. She sat up and said,”Happy?” I said,”exceedingly.” MJ started to wipe her lips of the left over seed on her lips. Then she leant forward and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste myself, on her lips and inside her mouth and it was different. I don't think I would go looking for cum, but on MJ's lips I didn't mind.

MJ laid next to me, then rolled over onto my chest. I put my arm around her body and pulled her close and that's the way we stayed for a while. I must have drifted off at some point because MJ, rolling onto her side, woke me. I looked at the girl and smiled thinking, that I've stayed off taking her hymen for a little while. I got up and went for another shower. After I was done I dressed and started cleaning up like dad asked.

As I was vacuuming, MJ came out still naked. I stop and turned off the vacuum, to watch her walk towards me. She was a beautiful sight. If I had to compare her at this time I would be reminded of a young Anna Kournikova with short hair, you know the hot girlfriend of Enrique Iglesias. She was better than Anna in fact.

MJ walked up to me and kissed me on the lips. She said, “You should've woke me I would've come and helped.” I said,”No. It's ok. You looked too peaceful and beautiful to wake. My sleeping beauty. So I let you lay there.” MJ smiled at my mentioning that she was beautiful. I continued and said,”Go and have a shower and we'll have lunch. Ok?” She just nodded and turned away, walking off towards the bathroom. I watched as she walked away. A beautiful naked body walking with a radiant glow. I sighed at her figure, until she walked into the bathroom. I was in heaven.

I kept on with the vacuuming and then stated the cleaning which wasn't much. MJ had returned wearing her white hot pants, white top and helped with the rest. Afterwards we had lunch and cleaned up. As we were washing our plates, MJ asked,”So, what are you going tonight?” I stopped and looked at her. I didn't have any plans. I didn't feel like going out, so I said,”How about a few DVDs. We'd each pick one to watch, ok?” MJ just nodded, then said,”That's ok with me. I was thinking along the same lines too.” I looked at her and she winked. Hell what was I going to do with this woman

We finished cleaning and started to walk down to video shop, when I remembered her actions with my cock. I said,”Where did you leant to suck cock like that? It was really fantastic.” I looked at MJ and she smiled and replied,”Chloe and Steph showed me how to umm,... pleasure a guy.” I stopped and said,”What? With who? Or what?”

MJ stopped too and looked at me and put her hands on her hips and stated, “With a banana, Al. What do you think that I got a guy there just so I could do that to him. No way.” I said,, “A banana. Wow, that banana must have been ripe for the blowing.” I laughed at that. MJ just shook her head. She said, “No Chloe told me how it was done. You should know about that. Mmmmm. Anyway Steph well she had done it to someone and she showed me on a banana.” MJ started to go quiet now, “Anyway I practice and she showed me certain things and well ….....” MJ sort of trailed off there and blushed. I said, “What MJ? What happened? come on tell me?” MJ started to act like a naughty girl.

MJ looked at me blushed again, then she replied,”We sort of kissed.” I came closer and said,”Tell me everything.” MJ started to tell me. She described how Steph showed her with one banana and MJ got hot watching. About this time we started walking again. MJ went on to say she practice, Steph got hot and they started licking the same banana which then led to kissing each other. I asked about the kiss. MJ stated, that they just kissed lips first then the started to open their mouths to each other. I realised how MJ leant to kiss now. Well MJ went on to say how they start licking each others tongue and rubbing their bodies against each other, and MJ stopped. I wasn't going down that street, so I left it at that.

We arrived at the video store and on entering who was there, but Steph. MJ and Steph got together and started chatting. I began to look through the new releases. Every so often I'd look over at the two and they were whispering and giggling like little girls. I caught Steph's eye also and she gave me a knowing wink, which I blushed at. Steph laughed and left shortly afterwards.

MJ came over and gave my arm a quick squeeze. I looked at her and she winked too. We picked our movies and walked home. On the way MJ told me that she told Steph about our oral sex together. I turned to Steph and said,”Look MJ if she tells anyone, I'll be sent far away...” MJ covered my mouth and said,”Who do you think she practice with all these years.” I thought about it and realised that her brother Scott was a bit older than me. I went on and said,”You mean Scott?” She replied,”Yes. They've been doing it since Steph was about 14years old. I've known about it for at least 6 months. I caught them doing it in Steph's bedroom one day.” I was blown away, Scott's been doing it to Steph. We kept walking along and arrived home shortly afterwards

Well we got on I started my homework, that I had to do and Mandy went to her room. Later she came out and we both started dinner. We cooked dinner sat down ate it and cleaned up afterwards. We settled down to watch the first movie. MJ sat next to me with her feet tucked under her body and head leaning on my shoulder. We started to get engrossed with the movie, when MJ snaked her arm around my body. I didn't want to push MJ away, but a lucky thing happened, dad got home about then and I was relieved.

MJ sat up then and we talked with dad about his day. He was tired and told us he would eat dinner and go to bed. Which nearly went to plan, except that after dinner he started to watch the movie with MJ and me, and that put away any plans MJ had. So, I was off the hook.

Part 2 Finally a Union and then a surprise

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