Feet and Toes - Part One by jeremymaxxx

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Ever since we were kids, I always thought my older brother John had the coolest friends. Even though he (and his friends) were only about three years older than I was, they just seemed so much cooler than I was. When I was eighteen, we were finally growing out of the “sibling rivalry” thing and becoming actual friends. By extension, I started hanging out more with his friends, and even though I was older, I still thought his friends were awesome. The crazy thing was, they thought I was cool too.

My favorite of his friends was named Sean. He was a really chill guy, just like me. He was the one who had invited me to hang out with their group of friends the first time, and the one who had convinced my brother it was OK to buy me beer. He was about 5’10” with straight, light brown, borderline-blonde hair. He was thin, but muscular, and had the kind of tan that came from being outside all the time.

For my part, I was around 5’7” with thick, wavy hair that was a dark brown color. I was fairly thin too, but with a solid, built upper-body. I loved to be outside too, but somehow couldn’t ever get a decent tan, so I was a little paler than Sean was. Not like, pasty white, just not dark-skinned.

I wasn’t “gay” in my opinion. Not officially anyway. I had never been with a guy, never even attempted it. Hell I had never even considered attempting it. But I couldn’t deny that a lot of late nights, when I was bored and horny, I’d detour from regular porn and watch gay porn instead. And maybe it was just my imagination, but I always felt like I came harder and shot farther when I was watching gay porn rather than straight.

But anyway, on this particular day, me and my brother and eight of his friends went out into the woods behind my house and had an all-out paintball war. Sean was there, of course, and by a lucky chance, he ended up on my team.

In the heat of battle, soaking with sweat, I felt closer to him than I ever had to any guy. There were a few times when one of us was about to get taken out when the other stepped in and saved him. I didn’t know if it was just the adrenaline and our hearts racing or something deeper, but I went from a sort of idol crush to genuine affection for him. And call me crazy, but from the way he looked at me, I felt like he liked me back. I felt even more certain when we won the last match and he pulled me into a tight hug that lasted a little longer than was strictly necessary for a victory hug.

We all headed back to the house, sweaty, paint-soaked and bruised. Six of the guys headed home, leaving just me, John, Sean and another of their friends named Matt. Those two guys were staying the night.

We had two showers in my house, so while Matt and John showered, Sean and I hung out in the living room and talked. The conversation flowed effortlessly, and in no time, it was our turn to shower. He went into the smaller bathroom next to my room, while I went into my parents’ bathroom. They were out of town for the weekend, so we had the place to ourselves.

My dick grew hard thinking about Sean in the shower, but I didn’t jack off. I thought about it, but felt like keeping a little tension. I waited until I was less “excited” then dried off and dressed in just boxers and athletic shorts, similar to what Matt and John were wearing, and presumably, what Sean would.

I didn’t see anyone on my way through the house to my room, so I figured they were outside on the patio drinking or goofing off. I tossed my shoes in my room checked the door to the bathroom. It was slightly ajar, and I couldn’t hear the shower going, so I figured Sean must be outside with the others. I needed deodorant from the bathroom, so I pushed the door open without a second thought.

There, stepping out of the shower, was Sean, beautifully naked and glistening with water dripping off his muscular body. His dick was semi-hard, and decent sized from what I could see. I looked for as long as I could without seeming weird, then quickly looked away.

“Oh shit, sorry man. I thought you were out already.”

“No problem dude,” he said coolly, not bothering to cover up. “I should’ve made sure the door was closed.”

He grabbed the towel and started drying his hair, then his chest and arms, finally moving down to his legs waist and covering himself up.

“Yeah, I uh…just needed some deodorant,” I said awkwardly, grabbing it out of the drawer.

“Yeah sure man, no problem,” he said again. “But I mean, it’s not really fair right?”

“What isn’t?”

“I mean, you got to see mine,” he said with a little chuckle, “Don’t you think you should show me yours?”

I looked up at him, eyes wide.

“Come on man, it’s no big deal. It’ll just make everything less awkward, don’t you think?”

“Uh…OK I guess.”

I slid my pants and boxers down and let him get a look. He glanced at it casually, then looked up at me and grinned.

“Not bad, dude,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said, still awkward, pulling my shorts up.

He winked at me in an “I won’t tell if you don’t” kind of way, then brushed past me, running his fingers along my chest as he went.

I went outside, and he followed a few minutes later. We all had a few drinks, then decided to head inside and watch a movie. I went to the kitchen to get snacks while John set up the movie in the living room. When I got in there, John had taken the recliner, and Matt had stretched out on the loveseat, leaving only the big couch in the middle of the living room or the floor. I told Sean he could take the couch and I’d take the floor, but he winked and announced that the coach was big enough for both of us, and it wouldn’t be weird if we laid head-to-foot. He was right; the couch was easily long enough to fit us both.

He laid in front of me. I prayed I wouldn’t get a hard on and embarrass myself, but after what had happened in the bathroom, would it really be embarrassing?

He pulled a cover over us and the movie started. My heart was pounding. We were close enough that I could feel the heat coming off of his body. The very tip of my toe was just barely touching his warm, soft back, just above the waist. The soles of his feet were right near my belly button. By accident it seemed, he pressed them into me softly.

I began to think it wasn’t accidental when he began rubbing them on my stomach, up and down in a smooth pattern. Taking the hint, I began tracing small circles on his back with my toe. He shuddered but didn’t make a sound. Instead, he pointed his feet downward so that his entire feet were pressed on my stomach. I hadn’t realized how massive his feet were until that moment.

Slowly and subtly, I moved my hands in front of me, grabbed his left foot, and began to massage it. I felt him exhale quietly, and glanced around. Matt had passed out, and John looked like he was on the way there.

Sean twisted around very quietly so that the front of his body was facing the front of mine, but left his face looking towards the TV. He grabbed my foot and began massaging mine like I was his. The pleasure sent chills running up my spine. My entire body tingled, and I barely held in a moan. I switched feet, and a moment later, so did he.

I glanced around at the other guys again, still massaging his feet. Satisfied that they weren’t paying any attention to us, I dipped my head under the cover and stuck his big toe in my mouth. It seemed like this surprised him, because he gave a tiny moan, which he hastily turned into a cough. I popped my head back up quickly, which was good, because unfortunately, it startled John, who still wasn’t quite asleep, and he looked around groggily. After a second, he let his head fall back and closed his eyes again.

Sean withdrew his feet from me. I was afraid that I had messed up and he wanted to stop, until I realized that if he wanted to stop, he’d have quit rubbing my feet. I was on the verge of looking down at his end when I felt his feet creeping up my leg, and soon, one foot under each leg of my shorts. Next second, his feet were cupping my dick, and though I had been trying hard to keep it under control, I jumped to attention at once. I wasn’t huge, probably around six inches, but I was hard as stone, and my shorts strained to keep it contained.

He took his feet and hooked them around the top of my shorts and gently began to slide them down, all the while still massaging my feet, until they were around my ankles. Then, he slid them off and tucked them away behind me. Now completely naked, I pulled my feet away from him and slid them into his shorts. He inhaled sharply as I got all the way in, and I was delighted to find that he was already hard. I used my feet to remove his shorts just as he had done with mine, so that we were both laying naked on the couch together.

I slid my feet back up his legs, feeling him tremble as I did so. With my right, I began playing with his cock between my big toe and second toe, and I slid my left foot between his legs and rubbed it against his asshole. He brought his feet back up to me and began giving me my first ever footjob, rubbing both feet up and down my dick.

Both of our breathing was getting fast and labored, and we slowed down before we woke the other guys. I took my foot away from his ass and began mimicking him, giving him a two-footed footjob. I kept going until suddenly, without warning, he came. I felt him erupt all over my feet, the hot, sticky liquid running down them.

Him coming triggered me. I came right after. I didn’t shoot like normal, but sort of spurted like a geyser, and all of my cum landed on the soles of his feet. Next thing I knew, he had ducked under the cover and was licking his own cum off of my feet. Taking the hint, I did the same. My cum didn’t have much of a taste to it, but I licked it all up, making sure his feet were as clean as when I found them, albeit now soaking wet.

Both of our breaths were coming in great heaves that we had to struggle to keep quiet. We each pulled our boxers and shorts back on, then laid down, feet-to-stomach, and traced little circles into each other with our feet as we fell asleep.

Rating: 84%, Read 17776 times, Posted Jul 01, 2016

Fiction | Boy, Cum Swallowing, Foot fetish, Gay, Teen Male


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