Shelly On The Farm by Anonyinrc

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First things first. I did not right or have anything to do with the following story. I recently found a large quantity of some very high quality and original writings. proper credit is hereby given to the actual author of this and more stories that will follow.

Shelly On The Farm by Kent Collins

Chapter 1

All I could smell was Frank's liquored breath. All I could feel was his

callused, rough hands making my skin buck. It was awful. My own father.

Well, really he was my stepfather, but that didn't make it right. I

pulled at the waistband of my long-legged silk pajamas to make sure

they were still snug. Keeping them on was part of the bargain and so

was the tightly buttoned top that I'd fastened at the neck with a

safety pin just to be sure.

Frank kissed a wet spot in the hollow under my chin and I pushed my

face against the pillow and closed my eyes. I wanted to vomit. I wanted

to cry. Then I thought of the car. Yes, I could try to forget Frank and

think of the car--the pretty little powder blue coupe he'd promised to

buy for me if I agreed to let him maul me through a layer of silk

pajamas for a night. I felt his fingers touch one of my knees and

slowly edge upward. Even through the sheer material I could feel the

indentation he was making in my tan skin. It was as if the fingers were

melting me, scarring my body for life. Quickly I clamped my thighs

tight and shook my head.

"You said we'd just hug!" I swallowed to push away another wave of

nausea. "You promised, Frank."

He pulled his scarred face out of my neck and smiled. "You can't expect

old Frank to act like a corpse with his pretty little fifteen-year-old

in bed with him now can you?"

I looked at his short, cruel face covered with a grey stubble--the bad

teeth, the crooked eyes. Oh God, I wanted to die.

"But you said we'd stay dressed," I insisted, voice trembling. "And

already you took off your shirt."

Frank smoothed his palm over my long brown hair and let it come to rest

on my shoulder. Then he leaned forward and covered my mouth with his. I

could feel the tongue trying to work its way between my lips and a

funny, shaky turbulence went through my loins. Quickly I squeezed my

thighs even tighter. Oh Mama, I thought, I'm doing things you told me

never to do. Why did you die? Why did you die and leave me alone with

Frank? Now he was wiggling around down there and a new sensation of

something long and hard brushed over my tummy.

"Frank!" I cried, pushing his shoulders back, "that's enough!"

His voice was edged suddenly with whiskey and hate. "Listen you silly

little cunt, if you want that Goddamn car you'd better let me have some


My mind fell into a black fear as he covered me once more. The salt

smell of his chest and the stiff hair was pushing me down. I shut my

eyes and lay there ... too sick and scared to resist. The car. That

pretty little car with its leather upholstery and shiny paint. I'd have

my license in a month. I'd be sixteen and free. It would be worth it, I

said over and over again ... it would be worth it.

"Oh you beautiful little piece of ass," Frank muttered, "I oughta give

it to you good ..."

Frantically I jerked a hand free from his grasp and struck out with all

the force I could muster. The smack scared me and I felt Frank's head

twist as he tried to escape the blow. Then his ham-like hand caught my

wrist and squeezed until tears of pain roiled into my eyes.

"You try that again and I will fuck you," he growled.

My small breasts rose and fell as I sucked air. "If you do anything bad

to me I'll go to the police. I swear I will!" Why did my voice shake

so? And what was the awful tickling where my slit had gone mushy? My

face flushed with shame.

"Calm yourself down," Frank said. "I ain't that stupid." He grabbed the

bottoms to my pajamas and pulled them down to the place where my brown

pubic curls began. "Now pull your top up!"

"Frank ... I won't ..."

"You don't have to take it off. Just pull the bastard up." He pinched

my face between his big thumb and a rough finger. "Do it or I'll kick

your ass."

With shaking hands I did what he wanted. I heard him reach to the

bedside table and unscrew a jar lid. Now Frank was smearing something

thick and greasy onto my tummy. In the dim light of the room I could

see my exposed skin shine.

"Oh God, Frank," I whined. "That stuff feels awful."

His big arms went around me again and a hot tongue penetrated my mouth.

Frank was rubbing his penis up and down against the Vaselined skin of

my belly. It was so big and hot and hard. His balls bumped against my

mound each time he moved forward and I could feel the bulging ridge of

his horrible cock as it slipped over my navel and down again. My legs

felt so thin and weak under his hairy thighs and my crotch had begun to

feel oddly heavy.

"Kiss me!" he spit, but I made him have to take it. Frank was pushing

down against me harder and harder and grunting like a pig. The shame of

it! The horrible, horrible shame. I knew he was about to come, and the

bile pushed into the back of my throat.

Semen. That was what the book I'd found in the library called it. The

words had blasted out of the page at me, describing the way the fluid

spurted from the tiny orifice at the tip of the male glans. I'd had a

hard time breathing as I read those words. My hands had sweated until

the pages stuck to them and the wetness in my crotch had made me redden

with angry embarrassment. Finally I'd ripped the filthy words from the

book and flushed them down the toilet in the girl's restroom. Why did

men write such evil books? Why did people want to read them?

And now Frank was going to come on me. His movements had become more

frantic and his breath scorched my ear. "Little bitch," he gasped.

"No ... Frank ... please ..."

His fingers dug into my face. "Kiss me, I said!"

I opened my mouth and let him fill it with his tongue. His spit

overflowed and wet my chin and neck. Frank was hurting me with his hips

and I could feel my belly pressed inward by the enormous swollen cock

that slipped over the skin of my body. It was bigger than it had been

at first ... so horribly huge. All of a sudden Frank held his body up

and rubbed slower so that just the head of his organ touched me as it

slithered back and forth.

"Goddamn!" he gurgled. Something hot jetted against the bottom of one

of my titties. In the dimness of the bedroom I could see Frank's arm

muscles trembling. Another burning lick of semen sprayed onto my belly,

and a sharp sour odor filled my nostrils. So that was what it smelled

like. Frank pumped a few more times, fell into the slime and then

rolled over beside me. Something was oozing down my side, puddling on

the sheet. My stomach jumped violently, but somehow I managed to

stumble to the bathroom and lock the door before everything came up.

Gagging and coughing, I vomited my supper into the commode while the

long whitish strings of Frank's seed dripped from my tummy and

splattered on the cold floor.

After I had the tub filling with steamy water, I wiped the mess from my

stomach and breasts. It was then that I noticed the lips of my pussy

were a little swollen. Tenderly I touched them and my hand came away

slick ... slick with my own wetness. There was a light tap on the door.

"Shelly baby," Frank said from outside, "you done real fine. Come on

back to bed when you're freshened up and tomorrow we'll go down and get

that car for ..."

"Can't I get in my own bed now?" I cried at the door. "I let you come

on me ... isn't that enough?"

There was a pause and when Frank spoke again his voice was threatening.

"I said all night ... remember?"

Oh God! Yes, I had agreed. I'd agreed to spend the whole night with

him. All for that little blue Ford.

* * *

Frank worked as a laborer when he felt like it and drank away whatever

he didn't spend on groceries and rent. When Mom had been alive she took

waitress jobs to get us by, but there was never anything left for me. I

bought the few cheap dresses I owned with baby sitting money.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about fancy clothes, Shelly,"

she'd said once while sewing in a dark, cool corner of the living room.

"Just be a good girl and your time will come." Her eyebrows had raised

then and she'd leaned forward in the rocker. "You do know what I mean

by being a good girl, don't you?"

"Yes, Mom." Her advice had been indelibly imprinted on my brain at

least a hundred times, but still the words made my heart beat faster

with an unexplained excitement.

"Never let a man touch you around those ... special places." Mom always

perspired on her forehead first whenever she started lecturing me, and

that day the salty droplets were sliding down her nose.

"Lord knows I let your real father do it too often." Her fingers had

moved again on the material she was mending. "As soon as you were born

I drew the line." Mom had sighed then, her hands falling limply into

her lap. "It's awful for a woman. A dirty, ugly thing like that shoved

into your body. And the noises they make while they rut--It's a wonder

the Lord doesn't strike them dead on the spot."

Though I knew it was wrong to be excited, my pussy had gotten damp from

listening to her and in my confused and breathless state I'd blurted

out a question. "Why did you get married again, Ma, if you don't like

to ... do that?"

Outside the locusts had started up their whirring and I'll never forget

the way the sun came through a broken pane and tossed rainbows on the

rug. Mom had stood up without a word and come across the room to me.

Her lips trembled as she stared unbelieving into my face. Then she had

slapped me, slapped me hard across the mouth.

"Don't you ever speak to me like that again," she rasped. "I married

your stepfather so you would have food on your plate and clothes on

your back. Can I help it if sometimes he forces me to ..." Her words

had been choked off with an anguished sigh and I was left alone. A

month after that she was gone forever--dead in her sleep from a heart


Even at the funeral my stepfather was drunk. All the way home he cried

against my shoulder and hugged me close, swearing he'd take good care

of me. My own world had never been all that bright anyway, but now it

was torn in shreds. It wasn't Mama being gone that bothered me as much

as my instinctive fear of Frank. Being alone with him in that rambling,

ancient house would be strange, I remember thinking at the time.

At first Frank splurged on presents for me, and, of course, I was

overjoyed. He bought me two new dresses and a pair of brown penny

loafers I'd been wanting--even some new panties and a couple of slips.

With only a month or so to go until my sixteenth birthday the new

clothes gave me a grown up feeling, a feeling of sophistication.

Sometimes though, at school, I had second thoughts about my growing

older. Always before I'd felt skinny and plain, especially compared to

the more rounded girls my age like the cheerleaders and Senior Prom

Queen. But with my new clothes I began to get long looks from boys in

the hall, even whistles when I crossed the school yard on my way to

class. When Buck Johnston looked at me I just knew he was trying to see

the soft bump of my mound through the thin dress. The times Jerry

Tilson got up close behind me in lunch line so he could peek over my

shoulder and see under the low-cut blouse, I'd get so dizzy I'd have to

hold onto the lunch counter for support and my small, braless titties

blushed red under his gaze.

The way the short skirts and tight tops clung and rubbed against my

body made me feel wicked and slightly giddy. When I got home in the

afternoon I couldn't help but turn in front of the mirror in my room,

excited by the way my rear end swept out in a gentle curve under a

bright red mini. I never wore socks with my loafers and my narrow feet

and trim ankles complimented the long lean lines of my legs.

Once I was undressing for bed and noticed the way my still immature

breasts quivered with every move. For some reason I cupped my hands

under them, hefting their growing roundness. It seemed innocent enough

to touch the nipples, but when I brushed my fingertips across them,

they rose like magic and my slit went all buttery like it did

sometimes. I was immediately ashamed and began giving my hair long

angry strokes with a brush. What made getting undressed such a big

thing I wondered. Irritated at myself for letting my emotions get the

upper hand, I faced my reflected image once more and, with fingers

hooked in the elastic band of my panties, I started to skin them down.

I had to conquer that silly, fluttery feeling once and for all. But as

I slipped the sensuous material over my almost boyish hips, it was as

if my body wanted to be undressed in a certain way. Slowly I started

rocking my pelvis from side to side. That was all it took to tell me I

was sinning. The friction of my inner lips rubbing against themselves

sent shock waves of electricity up my back and tummy. Quickly I stepped

out of the clinging, lacy things and ran to the bathroom to splash my

face with cold water.

"I won't, Mama," I said over and over again. "I won't ... I won't."

Then I was asked out for a date.

At first I almost turned it down, but when Rodney Gibson told me he was

doubling with Bud Carnes and Trixy Goodman I decided to go. Bud was a

three-year letterman in football and Trixy was the prettiest pompom

girl in the pep club. They had been dating quite a while and, though I

didn't know Bud much, Trixy had always been nice to me, even though I

was a nobody. With Trixy along I'd feel safe.

As it turned out, my date was even shier than I was, and for the whole

first movie we sat there staring straight ahead while Bud and Trixy,

who had quickly taken over the back seat, moaned and kissed from

behind. My blushing escort finally asked me what I wanted from the

snack bar and bolted from the car as if it were full of rattlesnakes.

For a while I pretended to watch the movie again, but the noises from

the back seat were becoming more and more intimate all the time. Poor

Trixy was having to put up with Bud's advances. The more I thought

about it the more worried I became. I decided to take one quick peek

through the crack in the front seat, just to make sure Trixy was all


The first glimpse shocked me dizzy, but I opened my eyes again, heart

pounding and palms wet. It was awful. Bud had pulled Trixy's skirt up

so that everything from the waist down was clearly visible in the

reflected glow from the screen. Her white, pantyless hips, full thighs

and shapely legs seemed almost incandescent. I noticed then that even

her sneakers and white socks had been peeled.

Above her were Bud's equally white buttocks, all covered with black

swirls of hair. I could see that he had only dropped his pants enough

to get his cock out, and that made the already ugly scene even more


"God, you're nice and tight, Trixy," Bud whispered.

Hearing words that were not meant for other ears made my face go red,

but at the same time there was a tremble of excitement in my throat

from the knowledge that I was peeping.

Mad at myself for being so weak, I turned back around and tried to

watch the movie. It was no good. A slick, sliding sound had been added

to the murmurs and kisses. I'd look one more time, I decided. After

all, Trixy was alone--except for me.

Bud had slipped one leg out of his corduroys and I noticed that a randy

musk had suddenly permeated the car. I couldn't see him actually

penetrating Trixy, but every time Bud moved forward my mind conjured up

an image of the soft, wet skin of her hole being pushed inward around

the shank of his penis. They were just like a couple of animals. Why

didn't she stop him?

"Ohhh," Trixy mewed, "Bud ..."

Bud pulled himself almost all the way out of her, and for the first

time I saw his thing--glistening and slick all the way back to his

testicles. When he jammed it deep again, Trixy's ass quivered against

the car seat like a gaffed fish and my breath choked in my throat.

"God ..." Bud mumbled, "I'm gonna come."

"The rubber!" Trixy hissed back. "You forgot the rubber!" She was

trying to push him away, but Bud grabbed the tops of her shoulders and

held himself deep within her vagina.

I turned back to the screen, completely disgusted with the way my own

body was reacting. My crotch was more than just damp, and my nipples

were tingling like they'd never done before. Why had I watched? It was

filthy enough just hearing it.

"Nooo," Trixy whimpered, "Ohhh!"

"Trixy baby--Uhhhh."

It was then when I realized my hands were shaking and my breath was

shallow and weak. I felt like I was going to faint. What little

resistance I had left drained away and I jammed my face once more

against the crack in the seat. Trixy's legs were high in the air, her

toes spread apart as if she were trying to grasp something with them.

Her ass was moving like someone had slapped a bottle of stinging ants

against it--up and down and sideways, wiggling, jumping and tilting

against Bud's long, even strokes. It looked like she was enjoying it!

I panted there, confused and shaking. Mama must have meant that no

decent girl enjoyed it when a man put his horrible thing inside, I

realized. Trixy was obviously enjoying it.

"Commmmme," Trixy cooed, and her flailing feet fell across the backs of

Bud's legs. The two of them were squirming so frantically that I

thought they might fall off the seat.

"Jesus! Jesus!" Bud moaned.

I was shivering just to think of what was happening deep inside Trixy's

body. The white, thick stuff was bubbling out of the end of Bud's cock-

-I just knew it--bubbling out and filling Trixy's tube.

After that embarrassing experience at the drive-in I resolved not to go

on any more dates for a while. At least I wouldn't until I found out

more about boys and the trouble a girl could get into.

Frank bought me new gifts almost every weekend and I showed my

appreciation by fixing his breakfast mornings and ironing all his

shirts, I was too stupid to guess that he had something else on his

mind completely.

It began with a goodbye hug one morning that lasted longer than a

fatherly hug should last. By the time I'd caught my breath, Frank had

slipped one of his hands down into the inward curve of my waist and

then softly cupped my firm little bottom with his fingers.

"My little girl is getting to be a woman," he said, then added, "Ain't

there somethin' you want more than clothes?" He gave me a lewd grin.

"Somethin' you been too shy to tell anybody about?"

I was confused and bothered by the jittery feelings in my chest again--

like the way I'd felt at the drive-in watching Bud and Trixy. But I

wanted Frank to let go, and the quickest way to make him do it was to

humor him. I told him about the old Ford I'd seen on a used car lot

downtown, too dumb to realize what he was really hinting at. The car

had been fixed up by a boy who'd graduated the year before and gone to

the Army. Of course I never seriously believed I could own it, but the

shiny chrome made me stop every time I passed. A car of my very own! I

could take on more baby sitting jobs to pay for gas and ... No, it was

ridiculous. But I stood there in the kitchen and told Frank anyway

while he patted and stroked my ass.

"That wasn't exactly what I had in mind," he laughed. "But maybe we can

get you that car. That is, if you do something for me first."

I could hardly believe my ears when Frank said what he wanted me to do.

Of course I refused immediately and tore myself away from his embrace.

Stay with him all night in bed? Never! It even made me a little queasy

just thinking about it.

Three days later I found myself standing red-faced in the kitchen,

telling Frank I'd let him hug me all night with my pajamas on. Never in

my life had I wanted anything like I wanted that pretty little car.

* * *

The splashing, filling tub brought me back. Frank was outside waiting

for me to finish my part of the bargain ... finish the night crushed

against his hairy body. I jumped into the hot water and scrubbed my

skin until it hurt. From the bedroom I thought I heard Frank clanking

around with a bottle. I'd gone this far, it would be stupid to quit now

and not get the car. Drying in front of the bathroom mirror, I patted

the small pointed melons of my breasts. What did men like so much about

them? Why did they like to suck them into their mouths? I touched the

dry corner of the towel to my cunny, taking care not to rub. The sparse

brown curls fluffed up, hiding the plump little lips underneath. I was

pretty, yet that prettiness irritated me--reminded me that I was soft,

weak and vulnerable, reminded me that my body was bad. At least the

deep wet-warm slash between my thighs was bad.

There was the sound of a shattering glass in the other room. With

horror I watched the doorknob turn first one way, then the other. Thank

God it's locked, I thought.

In the next instant the door burst open, scattering splinters

everywhere as the lock broke through the frame. I stood there clutching

a towel to my breasts as Frank looked at me, a half-empty whiskey

bottle dangling from his hand.

"I broke my glass," he slurred. "Had to get another one."

Then he yanked the towel out of my fingers, hooked one arm around my

naked waist and staggered back into the bedroom.

"Oh, please, Frank!" I sobbed. "Don't do it ... don't fuck me!"

He gave a bitter, tight laugh. "I ain't completely crazy ... yet.

That's what you oughta get, though. A good screwin'."

I was thrown face down on the mattress and Frank drove his knee between

my trembling thighs to make me spread them apart. In the next horrible

instant I felt him slap a palmful of Vaseline into the crack of my ass

and spread it around.

"That's a sweet little asshole you got there," he laughed, pushing one

of his fingers deep inside. The feeling was so strange that I gasped

for air. Now I knew what he wanted.

"I'll do anything, Frank--but please don't shame me."

He laughed again and I heard him swallow deeply from the bottle. "You

mean you'd fuck me instead of this? Is that what you'd do, little


I shut my eyes and remained silent. I felt Frank spread my buttocks

with his thick fingers. I felt the broad cone of his cockhead shoved

against the swirl of my rectum. My mind screamed with the horror of the

moment, but Frank lunged forward with a groan and the tight muscled

ring opened around his glans. The pain was so intense that my cry of

protest was strangled in my throat. Frank's hands gripped my hips now,

as he jerked me first one way and then the other. He had pulled me half

onto my knees now and I felt his shaft go deeper. It hurt.

"Let me go, Frank," I pleaded. But he paid no attention.

I was on my hands and knees, arms braced in front of me as my head hung

shamefully between them. Frank was almost all the way inside my body,

shoving and pumping. I could hear the sucking sound of the grease as he

pulled back and then my guts were shoved full of his cock again, making

me wince with pain. It was awful.

Then something very strange happened. Frank was touching that place my

mother had warned me never to touch, never to let anyone touch that

squishy little ridge above my hole where the skin seemed to pucker out

and form a small, round tip--my clitoris. Lots of times I'd studied it

with a flashlight at night, trying to figure out what it was there for.

Frank was shoving it around in the slickness and slipping his

fingertips over the little BB of its tip. Almost immediately the

nipples of my titties mushroomed out and a hoarse moan rolled from my

throat. I hadn't meant to make any noise at all.

"Grab my balls!" he rasped.

"No. I won't." Frank was making me squirm. It was the way he was

touching me down there. I couldn't keep still. It felt almost like ...

"Get my balls," he threatened. "Or I'll make you wish you were dead."

Straining to reach back through my spread thighs I found his hot ball-

filled scrotum as it swung like a pendulum against my mound. I knew,

from talk I'd heard at school that a man's testicles were the tenderest

part of his body, so I touched them like thin-shelled eggs at first,

rolling them around in the slick sac.

"Yes, damn you, yes!" Frank bellowed, his cock spearing my bottom hard.

I was terribly wet from his handling and when he took his fingers away

so he could hold on to my hips, I realized that I'd been moving my

crotch against his caresses. Groaning crazily, Frank fell sideways on

the bed, still pumping his meat into me, ravaging my poor little hole.

Yes, he was spurting my insides full of come. After a while Frank was

quiet and his breathing steadied. In another minute the room was filled

with his snores.

For a long time I didn't dare move for fear of waking him and starting

the whole thing over again. Once my sphincter gave a tightening twitch

and as the muscles cramped down on his shrinking meat he grunted and

sighed. Finally I managed to pull my body free of his flesh and tried

to doze while the warm sap leaked slowly out of my bottom. I must have

fallen asleep, for when I awoke it was morning and Frank was gone.

By the time I had bathed again, dressed myself and gone down to fix

breakfast, Frank was sitting at the kitchen table, an open can of beer

in his hand.

"Man, do I have a headache today," he said, avoiding my eyes.

I cracked a couple of eggs into the frying pan and watched the

congealing whites start to bubble. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat

anything until later. "What about the car?" I asked.

After a long slug on the beer he wiped a hand across his mouth.

"Shelly, I've decided to send you out to live with your Uncle Nat for

the summer. Him and the boys can always use an extra woman around and

Aunt Linda will be glad to ..."

"What about the car?" My voice was shaking as I glared across the room

at him.

Frank passed a thick hand through his hair. "Well, you won't need a car

up there on the farm, will you?" He shrugged and reached for another

beer from the six-pack on the table. "Nat'll loan you the pick-up when

you get a license. I just betcha he will."

The foolishness of trusting Frank hit me then. I'd been crazy enough to

believe that he would actually keep his part of the bargain.

"You promised!" I cried, tears leaping down my face. It was useless, I

knew, but somehow the injustice of the whole degrading night infuriated

me. If only I was a man, I swore inside ... If only I was a man I'd

kill him.

"Shit girl, I ain't got enough money right now anyways. If I get

another job and get ahead of the bills you'll get that car." Frank blew

a foamy bubble off the top of his new can of beer and gave me a lewd

wink. "Besides I'll be coming up to see you sometime. When this next

job is finished."

Numbly I turned back to the eggs and flipped them over while my tears

fell smoking against the hot pan. I wasn't getting the car. But, worse

than that, I was still under my stepfather's power. He was, after all,

my legal guardian and could take me with him whenever he wanted. Even

being shunted off to Uncle Nat's farm was better than staying with

Frank now. I was afraid of him, afraid of what he wanted to use my body


The rest of the day slipped by with me hardly realizing what had

happened. It was the last day of school before the summer. Report cards

were handed out, autograph books signed, and the principal made a short

speech in the gym. When I got home there was a bus ticket to Connerton

and a ten-dollar-bill on the kitchen table. I was fifteen years old and

with no other kin in town. What else could I do but pack the few

clothes I owned into a cardboard box and take the cab to the bus


Chapter 2

I'd been to Uncle Nat's farm once before when I was ten and as the

Greyhound droned and swayed up the highway toward Connerton I thought

back about that summer almost six years in the past. Uncle Nat was my

only living kin, the brother of my real father. He had two sons, one

older than myself by a couple of years and the other a grade behind me

in school. Most of my memories of the country were hazy, but there were

certain details I did recall--like the way the boys took me into the

barn and watched while I peed. It was that same day when they showed me

their outfits and I remembered that dark-haired Jason had already

developed a few curls at the base of his cock then. Young, blond Billy

Joe had been awed by the delicate swirls and ridges which grew in the

fecund moisture of my slit. At ten, I had encouraged the boys in their

curiosity. Things had seemed so innocent and fresh then.

A man sitting across the aisle was staring at my legs and when I saw

what he was doing, I felt my skin go prickly hot. Now I was old enough

to know the difference between right and wrong. How would I be able to

face either boy without embarrassment? The realization that Jason would

be almost nineteen made my stomach flutter. Maybe he would want to kiss

me or ... something worse. When the memory of what Frank had done to me

came flooding back, I put my face in my hands and took a deep breath.

For another male to even touch me would be the most horrible thing I

could imagine.

At Connerton I stood waiting for the driver to unload my box of things.

A voice behind made me turn.

"My, my have you grown into a beauty!" the tall man said. It had to be

Uncle Nat. His face was tanned and wrinkled from being in the sun and

the sandy lock of hair which blew across his eyes made him look younger

than he really was. Even when he took my shoulders and gave me a gentle

shake, I didn't mind. His smile was warm. Until that moment I hadn't

noticed that there were two boys behind him.

"This here's Jason," Uncle Nat said, pulling the tall, dark-haired boy

around in front. "And that's Billy Joe, blushing his fool head off

behind his brother. You remember the boys, don't you, Shelly?"

I was uncomfortable under their scrutiny. "Yes, I remember."

Jason had on a tattered plaid shirt and his hands looked too big for

his slender body. He showed no sign of embarrassment, but stuck out his

hand instead.

"Hi, Shelly."

I mumbled back a hello and let his warm hand squeeze mine for an

instant before jerking it back. Billy Joe just nodded. Uncle Nat guided

me toward the parking lot while Billy lugged my tied-up cardboard box.

Jason was looking at my legs, but I pretended not to notice.

The half-hour ride to the farm wound through heavy woods dotted with

fertile meadows. It was quiet and peaceful compared to the noisy bustle

of Connerton. Nat drove and talked about how they needed another woman

around the place. It made me feel good to be compared to Aunt Linda.

Jason's eyes devoured me all the while and once when I glanced over at

him, I saw the huge lump at his crotch which spread under his jeans

down one thigh. For the rest of the ride I directed my eyes out the


Aunt Linda bustled out of the house when we drove up and gave me a kiss

on the cheek. "We've got this little room by the tractor shed fixed up

for you, honey. It's usually for the hands, but we ain't been able to

afford any for so long you may as well have it. It's real nice."

Billy Joe lugged my box down and showed me inside. Someone had painted

the walls white and hung yellow curtains. There was a wide brass bed in

one corner and a small table.

"This'll give you some privacy," Aunt Linda said from behind. "Away

from these pestering boys."

Before I'd felt as if Frank had pushed me off on my unsuspecting

relatives without enough warning, but as the day wore on I gradually

accepted their show of hospitality as genuine.

After I'd changed into my only pair of jeans, Jason and Billy Joe

showed me the farm. Then they took me down to the river and we had to

take off our shoes to wade across the wide, sand-filled shallows. I

stepped in a deep, muddy hole and Jason took my hand to pull me out.

When he didn't let go I found myself looking into his eyes, almost

hypnotized. It was that giddy breathless feeling in my chest again and

my fingertips felt hot where they touched his palm.

"Let's go to the drive-in tonight," he said. "Nat'll let me take the


"No!" The answer had come from my mouth even before I'd thought about


Jason gave an easy laugh. "Aw come on. You're not afraid of me, are


"I'm not afraid," I said. But I was. Just the thought of being crammed

next to Jason in the pick-up made me panicky. I imagined him holding me

down and rubbing his cock against my bare belly until I was covered

with white slime. I looked up at him and shook my head. "I'm not

afraid, but I don't want to go tonight."

The evening meal seemed huge to me. There were biscuits and gravy and

pork chops with plenty of second helpings for anyone hungry enough to

eat them. The boys broke out a deck of cards afterwards and invited me

to play, but the day had been tiring and I excused myself and went to

the small room by the shed. Since it was so warm, I shed everything but

my panties and climbed on top of the sheets. In a few minutes I was


The sound which woke me wasn't loud, but the strangeness of it had me

sitting straight up in bed, my eyes wide open. It was coarse, like a

gasping animal. For a moment or two I was frightened, but as my eyes

grew used to the moonbathed room, I resolved to find out what it was.

If I was going to stay on the farm for any length of time, it would be

better if I knew all the demons right from the start. The sound came

again and there was a solid thumping of hooves in the direction of the


I grabbed the big flannel shirt Jason had given me earlier in the day

and slipped my arms in, not bothering with the buttons. It was too late

for anyone else to be up, so I decided to chance going out in my


The ground was cool on my bare feet as I crossed toward the barn. Two

dark shapes moved in a circle behind the fence and the thumping hooves

were louder. It was the horses. A breeze blew the shirt open in front

and I clutched it tight and hurried on toward the softly whinnying

shapes. While living in town I'd never entertained the thought of

walking out in the middle of the night, but here on the farm it seemed

as natural as breathing itself and I was enjoying the adventure.

By the time I'd poked my head between two heavy rails, the animals were

trotting in a fast circle again. I could see now that there were only

two of them--the little mare of Billy Joe's and Uncle Nat's stallion.

The whitewashed wall of the barn formed one side of the enclosure, and

as the bigger horse trotted by I saw the silhouette of his organ. It

had accordioned out into a long, wet, shiny tube of firm flesh, and the

way it swung and bobbed under the animal as he moved made my legs

tremble. I turned to go back to my room but the mare gave a little

snort and the hoof-beats stopped. Holding my breath, I looked back. The

stallion was touching the softly wheezing mare with his nose. Touching

her rear end. Then with a lunging burst of power he rose up onto her

back, hooves flailing. Oh God, I thought, he's trying to ... he's going

to ...

Again I started back to my room, but another shrill whinny made me

stop. I was ashamed of my weakness, ashamed of the odd feeling which

made me want to watch two beasts couple in the dark of night. With a

sigh I leaned shakily against the corral fence and clutched my arms

over my breasts. The mare had spread her forelegs for support and was

tossing her head up and down. The huge cock swung up and slapped the

smaller horse's belly and the stallion moved back, hunting for her


My nipples burned against the flannel material of Jason's shirt and I

pushed my fingers inside and rubbed the dark little stalks until they

were even harder. I knew it was wrong, but I felt drugged ... unable to

resist the temptation to touch myself. Then I remembered the way Frank

had touched me that night with his hand on my clitoris. With a little

moan of pleasure I pushed my fingers under the elastic waistband of my

panties and down to my hot cunt. Just as I shoved into the hot slick,

the mare made another noise and I looked up to see the stallion's cock

touch her where she glistened wetly in the moonlight. The big horse

strained forward and the organ slipped in half its length. The mare

tossed her head wildly and snorted foam from her nose.

My fingertips had searched out the turgid ridge of my tiny organ and

each time I passed them over it, my legs threatened to buckle. I was

panting too, just like the little mare, and each time the stallion

bucked his powerful ass under and filled her tube with his cock, a

whimper escaped my throat. It was such a fantastically huge organ to be

inside the smaller horse. But she stood braced there, holding her

ground while the huge male crashed his body against her again and

again. I could hear the sucking slickness of their fucking and my hand

moved faster against my sapping little slit.

Another shriek ripped the night air, this time from the stallion. He

was holding his cock deep inside now and bumping the mare with short

rapid jabs. My whole body burned with the heat of the moment, and as

the big horse began to give short, coughing snorts, I knew that huge

spouts of his seed were bursting and foaming into the mare's body. My

knees went all limp and I clung to the railing with my free hand. The

stallion drummed his hooves against the mare's back and the huge penis

slipped free, I watched a rivulet of semen pour from the smaller

horse's body and spatter onto the ground.

"Oh Mama," I gasped, rubbing myself all the harder, "please forgive


Footsteps close by. Strong arms encircled me, and I jerked my fingers

away from my itching cunt. It was Jason and he was pushing me up

against the fence. Everything had happened so suddenly that fear took

over completely. I brought a knee up between his legs with all my

strength, but one of his big hands grasped it a full foot short of the

target before I could flatten his balls against his body, before I

could make him let me go.

"Hey, you're really rough, aren't you?" he said, pressing my body up

against his. He was wearing no shirt, and mine had come open. The

feeling of my soft breasts against his chest was making me insane with


"Jason ... let me go."

"I saw you watching the horses," he laughed. "I'm glad to know that you

like it."

"I hated it!" I cried, trying to get loose.

Jason ignored me. "That's why I was out here too. It gives me a charge

to see them in there. That little mare can really take it."

"Please Jason ... let me go!"

But even as my nails clawed at his back and arms, Jason half dragged,

half carried me toward the barn. The musty smell of animals and damp

hay struck my nostrils and I struggled all the harder, but Jason had

both my wrists encircled with one of his large hands. I watched him

reach a moth-eaten blanket from a nail on the wall and throw it into a

pile of hay.

"Just let me kiss you," he said. "You'll like it."

For a second I broke free, but he caught me around an ankle and twisted

me down. I was panting so hard by now that the air screeched in my


"Jesus, you act like I'm gonna rape you or somethin'."

He covered me quickly, pushing his legs between mine and I felt the

bone-like ridge of his cock where he'd unsnapped his pants. He was

pushing his penis up against my sopping panties, pushing it hard

against my thinly covered slit. I tried to close my thighs to him, but

it only tightened the friction. My silk panties were being pushed

between my swollen labia against my clitoris. The tiny shots of

pleasure were beginning to grow stronger as he kissed my mouth and

face. Thank God I'm not doing anything bad, I thought. He doesn't have

it inside. Then I realized that my bottom was moving just like Trixy's

had that night at the drive-in.

"Jason," I gasped, tilting my pelvis so that he could push the soaking

crotch of my panties deeper into my twat. When he kissed me I tasted

spit and blood and teeth and Jason's tongue dove to the back of my

throat. I was making sounds I'd never made before and my loins burned

with the most intensely exotic itch I'd ever felt. Jason was going to

make me do that awful thing I had always resisted. He was going to make

me come.

"No, God," I prayed. "Please don't let it happen!" But my hands had

slipped to Jason's buttocks and I was pulling him even harder against

me, trying to scratch the itch that spread and grew and rolled across

my belly like wildfire.

"Jaaason ..."

I wanted to die, but it felt so good there was nothing to do but go on

thrusting my crotch against him and whimpering like a whipped puppy.

The fire turned from red to blue to white and then it burst upward into

my chest and I wrapped my legs around Jason's middle and kissed his

neck while I squirmed there on the ragged blanket in the hay.

"You and me are gonna have lots of fun this summer," Jason whispered.

"Get up!" I screamed. The suddenness of it made him roll off. I could

see the look of shock on his face in the single shaft of moonlight that

filtered in through the loosely boarded wall,

"What's wrong, Shelly?" he asked, but I was up and running before the

words were out of his mouth. Then my legs buckled and I tumbled over

into the haypile.

"Here, let me help," Jason said, lifting me up.

"Get your dirty hands off of me!" I spit at him. "If you ever touch me

again I'll ... I'll ..."

Somehow I managed to limp to my room, lock the crude latch and fall

into my bed. It was then that I realized that my panties were wet with

something else besides my own juice. I knew the smell and feel of the

slick stuff that was smeared all around my crotch. I knew it and hated

it. Shuddering with disgust, I stepped out of my soiled underthings and

pulled on a fresh pair.

With the prospects of an entire summer ahead of me, I felt trapped and

more confused than ever. But a strangely comfortable warmth seemed to

spread from my still glowing thighs and I fell instantly to sleep.

Chapter 3

The next morning at breakfast I didn't say much. Jason kept his eyes

down in his plate too, and though Uncle Nat and Aunt Linda didn't

notice how uncomfortable we were, Billy Joe sensed it right away.

Jason had to go to town for some feed in the pick-up so Uncle Nat gave

Billy the keys to his old Buick and told him to take me down the river

for a little outing. It was easy to see that Billy Joe was glad to have

a day away from his usual chores. Before we left, I slipped into a pair

of white bellbottoms and had Aunt Linda braid my hair. The sun was

already making things hot, so I wore my thinnest, coolest blouse.

Though he didn't have a license yet, I knew Billy felt four inches

taller as he backed the truck around and headed out on the rutted road

which led toward the river.

"Nat lets me drive any time I want," he said. "As long as I don't get

out on the highway or go into town."

I watched him shift gears smoothly as we climbed a short grade. Then

the road wound between huge cottonwoods and Billy turned the vent

windows in so the breeze would blow across us.

"What happened last night?" he asked without giving me any warning.

"With you and Jason, I mean."

Ever since I'd awakened that morning I'd tried to push the whole

incident to the back of my mind. The whole thing seemed almost like

some horrible dream. Watching the horses had been wicked enough, but I

wanted to forget completely about the way Jason had thrown me into the

haypile and made me act like one of the rutting beasts I'd seen in the


"What makes you think anything happened?" I asked, careful to keep my

voice innocent.

Billy Joe grabbed a leaf from a low hanging branch as he swung the

truck around a turn. "Jason and I have been going down to the horses

every night, but last night he wanted to go alone." Billy shrugged.

"Then I saw the way you two were acting this morning at breakfast." He

pulled the truck up beside a large willow and turned off the key. "He

didn't try to get in your room, did he?"

I laughed. "Jason? Of course not."

Billy's serious blue eyes were on me. There was no mistaking the

protectiveness he felt. "Jason's my blood and he's okay, but I just

know how he is with girls. Kind of crazy." Billy tilted his head "You

know what I mean?"

I nodded slowly. "I guess so."

I followed Billy Joe down to the river. We had stopped by a narrow bend

and there was a dam of large rocks which held back enough water to form

a good sized pool. Below the pool was a foamy, cascading waterfall and

I thought right away that the spot was like a small piece of paradise.

Billy Joe was already pulling off his shirt.

"Going swimmin', aren't you?" he asked when he saw that I hadn't

started undressing.

"I didn't bring any suit."

He wrinkled up his freckled nose and chuckled, "we don't use them

things out here. I keep forgetting you're from the city."

"I'm from a town ... not a city." I felt made fun of.

"Anyway, as long as you're gonna be in the country for a while, you

might as well get used to skinny dippin'."

It was my turn to tease. "Billy Joe, you're worse than you say Jason

is." I folded my arms and looked stern. "I'm not going to get undressed

while you stand there gawking."

He was pulling his faded jeans off over one foot now, balancing and

hopping around on the other. I could see his polka dotted shorts

underneath and they looked so baggy and ridiculous that I had to laugh.

Billy saw me and grinned back.

"Tell you what--I'll jump in and hide my eyes until you're in the


He didn't wait for me to protest. In the next instant I glimpsed his

bare, white bottom as he arced through the air and disappeared with a

splash. In a second or two his blond head bobbed to the surface.

"Wait," I said. "I don't know if I want to--"

"Okay," Billy interrupted. "I'm turned around now."

It did seem silly not to get into the delicious-looking water just

because I was used to public swimming pools with their silly rules and

regulations. Besides, we were miles from any main road and the land all

around us belonged to Uncle Nat.

Quickly I skinned my bellbottoms off and tossed my blouse on top of

them. I thought about keeping my panties on, but realized that if I did

they'd soak everything else when I got dressed again. In another second

I pulled them off and dropped them with my other things. I was afraid

that Billy might peek any second, so instead of waiting for my skin to

get used to the cold water, I plunged right in. When the water was

lapping around my neck, I called to him.


Billy Joe gave me a smile of encouragement and swam over to a flat

rock. When I saw that he was pulling himself up onto it, I quickly

looked away. It seemed stupid though to keep my back to him all the

time so I decided to act as if I wasn't bothered by his nakedness at


He just sat there on the rock, digging at a scab on his leg while I

watched. Dewy droplets of water hung in the reddish pubic hair around

his crotch and the little white snake that drooped down from the middle

of the fluff seemed so soft and harmless that I was soon losing much of

my self-consciousness. In a little while Billy stood up and dove. I saw

his white body knife through the water and he surfaced not two feet


"Hey!" I yelled, covering my breasts with my hands.

"Aw, it's blurry under there anyway." He snuffled some water from his

nose and grinned his toothy smile.

Maybe it was because Billy was a year younger than I was, or maybe it

was because he seemed so nice, but I didn't so much as flinch when he

drifted near and then pushed his mouth up against mine. For a long time

everything stopped. I held my breath as his lips moved tenderly against

my own. Billy's hand touched my waist and then his other one joined the

first. I can stop it any time I want, I told myself, but still it was

like the way hunters hypnotize rabbits with a flashlight while they

take aim. Just as I was getting jittery, Billy broke off the kiss and

dove beneath the surface of the pool again. Trembling, I turned and

started toward the rocky bank. That was why it was evil to be naked--

because being naked made things happen that you couldn't control. I was

half out of the water when I realized Billy Joe might be watching.

"You're awful pretty, Shelly," he said from somewhere behind me.

Quickly I clutched an arm over my nipples and spread my fingers over

the sparse diamond of pubic curls at my crotch.

"Turn around, Billy!"

"Not until you kiss me again," he teased, paddling towards me.

I plunged back in, feeling angry and excited at the same time. "All

right. Just one kiss."

This time we stood facing each other on tip-toes. I felt his foot touch

mine under the water and then his hands took my face and brought it

close. I closed my eyes and let him do what he wanted. It felt slippery

and nice, even though I was trying hard not to enjoy it too much. I

remembered the way Jason had made me feel the night before--the crazy,

itching explosions that had racked my body. Billy was touching me the

same way, and I could sense I was weakening again. I actually wanted

him to do it more.

"Come on!" I said finally, tearing myself away, "that's enough." But

Billy dove under the surface and clutched the backs of my thighs. We

were in deep enough water to make it hard to stand when the river

surged and Billy Joe knew that. I had my legs spread for support when

he pushed his face between them. I paddled with my hands and hoped he'd

run out of air. Then I felt his tongue slip softly against the outer

lips of my cunt and my skin flashed hot, even with the cool river

slipping over me. Billy moved again and his mouth opened to cover my

slit. I felt my vulva blossom out eagerly. He was eating my pussy!

Before this, I'd only heard of such things in the shower after gym

class, or giggled about at slumber parties. Even the more sexually

precocious girls I knew thought it was terribly wicked.

I looked toward the shore, but it seemed further away than ever. An

involuntary shudder swept over me and I moaned. Billy Joe had sucked my

swelling little button between his teeth so he could tongue it. I was

beginning to feel weak and soft all over when a rolling mass of bubbles

broke the surface and Billy's head appeared behind them.

"You're so fine I could almost drown," he said, blowing water from his

nose and mouth.

I tried to appear calmer than I really was. "Billy, I want to get out.

Right now."

Billy Joe slipped an arm around my waist and walked beside me through

the swifter part of the current. I knew I should get dressed

immediately, but every muscle in my body was trembling from exertion

and excitement and the thick green grass by the side of the truck

looked so inviting. I had to rest, if only for a second.

Billy's hands smoothed over my sides as I crumpled. I felt exploring

fingers on my thighs and then a wet tongue dove into my navel. Coming

to the swimming hole had been a mistake. Boys were far too dangerous to

trust. Billy was kissing wet spots down my belly now, but all I could

do was lie there panting. Why did it have to feel like that? It had to

be wrong to feel so good. The hot tongue which was tasting my body

pushed apart my crack once more and I felt the delightful flames engulf

me from waist to knees. Whimpering, I twisted half onto my side in a

last effort to make Billy stop, but he dug his fingers into the meat of

my ass and set off new and wondrous sparks. Even my tight little rectum

was glowing with a pleasurable tingle.

"Get away," I gasped. "Oh God, Billy, don't--don't keep on."

The point of his tongue was pushing at my hymen. I could feel the

pressure--like a soft little eel that was looking for a place to hide.

The slick, slurping sounds made me understand just how deep in trouble

I was getting. Quickly I put my hands down and grasped Billy's thick,

damp hair.

"Stop!" I cried. But even as I twisted my fingers in his blond locks,

something inside me took over, something I didn't understand. With a

choked sigh, I pulled his face even harder against my frothy cunt and

spread my thighs wide. I was up on tip-toes now, working my pelvis in

frantic plunging circles. It was even itching more than it had with

Jason the night before. It was itching so awful--awful good.

I screamed and a spasm of pleasure broke through my loins. Billy licked

harder and the tickle grew so intense I jerked with pain.

"Stop--Oh just a little now ... Uhhhh uhhhh."

And Billy did what I said, only just touching my jumping clit with his

lips as I clamped my thighs tightly around his head and rolled sideways

and squirmed and wiggled into the second, and most thrilling, come of

my life.

"Oh doll," Billy murmured, "you taste so damn good."

For a long while I was almost unconscious, my body trembling and

jerking as it cooled and calmed. When I did open my eyes again, Billy

was on his knees near my face. I looked at his flat, muscled stomach

and thin, strong thighs. The slender stalk that rose out of his curly

pubic hair really woke me up fast. I'd never really seen a man's cock

all blown like that in broad daylight.

"Shelly," Billy said, "will you suck me?"

"What!" I wasn't even sure I'd heard right. He reached out and touched

my cheek with his fingers. "I said, will you suck--"

"No!" I looked down. "Never."

"It's not as bad as you think." The blue eyes danced behind the

freckles and he gave a little shrug. "It's a nice thing."

My eyes were on him again. The soft hues of purple around the tip of

his cock fascinated and repelled me. I remembered the full color

pictures in a medical book someone had stolen and brought to school.

The organ in the pictures had been a lot like Billy's, and I found

myself growing curious about what was beneath the foreskin which

partially hid his swollen glans. The medical pictures had shown it

pulled back, but pictures were only pictures.

"Just touch it," he asked.

Even as he said it, I was wondering how the skin would feel sliding

back over the shank. But I knew everything had gone too far already.

"We'd better be getting back, Billy. Really we should."

"Touch it once and then we'll go."

Billy's eyes were so puppy-like and appealing that I felt mean by not

doing at least that one thing. As I reached out, I told myself that it

was only because Billy wanted me to so badly. My fingers trembled when

I took the white skin behind the tip. Billy made a funny sound in his

throat and closed his eyes. I realized that he must be feeling the

things I had felt when he touched and licked me down there. Fascinated

by my control over his body I circled my hand around the hot member and

pulled the foreskin back. The surface of his glans was shiny purple and

as the taut flesh slipped down over the flared ridge I felt the organ

grow heavier in my hand. It was getting even bigger. Gently I moved the

skin back and forth a few times, and each time Billy's cock surged with

blood. Now my own crotch was tingling with excitement. His penis wasn't

really ugly--at least not when it was resting in my hand. Billy had

started to pant, and I noticed a clear drop of lubrication hanging from

the tip. I moved my hand back and forth again and it fell warmly onto

my fingers.

"Can't you please taste it?" Billy breathed.

I shook my head emphatically. "That's an awful thing to ask a girl."

"But it's hurting me!" he groaned, clutching his abdomen with both

hands. "Don't you know anything about boys?"

He was writhing on the grass now and the way he bit down on his lower

lip made me feel awful. Maybe he was in pain and I'd been the one who'd

caused it.

"Jesus Christ, just taste it," he begged. "Please Shelly!"

The dark, brooding forces inside me welled up again and I bent over the

pulsing swollen head of Billy Joe's cock, closed my eyes and licked my

lips. I'm a virgin, I said to myself. I've never been fucked. What I

was going to do was bad, but I was still a good girl. Then I steadied

the jumping thing with both hands, made a little O with my mouth and

slipped down over the moist tip.

For a moment I didn't move at all. The knowledge that I was kissing a

boy's penis made me dizzy at first, but the warm musky smell was not so

terrible as I'd imagined. Billy Joe sucked air between his clenched

teeth and smoothed my hair with his hands. He liked it. He really liked


Maybe a few more seconds wouldn't matter.

Being as tender as I could, I slid the foreskin back further and glided

my lips down over his steaming glans. Billy pushed himself up slightly

as if he wanted me to take him deeper. Knowing it was insane, I made a

little trough with my tongue and let his rigid cock ride along it until

half of him was wet with my spit. There, I thought. That should satisfy

him and I can quit. But Billy's caressing fingers suddenly clutched my

head and, though he wasn't forcing me, I felt it would be hard to take

my lips away.

Slowly he guided my head forward and back, forward and back until I was

doing it by myself. His penis felt so heavy and hot in my mouth, so


"Touch me," he gasped. His voice sounded very far away.

As if in a daze I reached out and cupped one warm egg in each palm.

Billy's hands tightened even harder on my head and a low growling sound

started in the depths of his chest. The tip of his glans was almost

making me gag every time I pushed my mouth down over him, but his

clutching grasp was too strong to fight. It was only at that moment

that the full impact of what Billy Joe wanted filtered through to my

sin-drugged brain. He was going to pump my mouth full of his semen! He

wanted me to keep his cock inside my mouth while he came! He wanted me

to eat his white seed.

"Now!" he coughed. "Slow ... real slow ..." His meat throbbed against

the roof of my mouth and the sounds he was making were stranger than

ever. "Lick it on the bottom, Shelly," he ordered. "Lick it or, swear

to God, I'll break your neck."

Scared half to death, I ran my tongue between the division where the

bottom lobes of his glans came together. On the third sanding rub a

heavy fountain of come sprayed into the back of my throat. I gagged and

tried to pull my head away from Billy's hurting hands, but he yanked me


"Suck me!" he mumbled. "Suck me good!"

I sucked obediently with rapid little movements around his tip.

"Jeeesus damn!" he groaned as another hot glop oozed out of the tiny

orifice onto the middle of my tongue. I couldn't help but taste the

sour salt sharpness of it as I forced it down. Billy started gliding my

head up and down again, and the next three jets were strong and full.

It was coming so fast that I couldn't help but make little wet gurgling

sounds in my nose when I gulped. My heels were tucked under my bottom

and when I felt them hotly covered with slick wetness I knew my body

liked what was happening. Billy wet my tongue with a last slippery

droplet and he fell heavily into the grass beside me. I sat there

dazed, wiping my slimy chin with a finger.

All the way back to the farm I sat against the opposite door, too

ashamed and mad to speak to Billy. Besides making me do those awful

things with him, I kept remembering that he was my cousin. Being blood

kin made it even worse. But I couldn't ignore the fact that half the

blame was my own. Was that why Mama had lectured me so often on being

good? Had she known that I had a dark cave of evil inside me that would

lead me astray?

"Damn it, Shelly, don't be mad," Billy said after a while. "I didn't

want to hurt you."

"Well you did!" I blurted. "I'm so humiliated and wicked feeling I wish

I could crawl under a rock."

He struggled the truck around a rocky piece of road and shifted gears.

"That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Jason says that anything

the animals do must be all right for humans."

Just hearing Jason's name made me madder. "I suppose Jason taught you

how to ... put your mouth on a girl like that."

Billy Joe's face reddened slightly. "Well ... sure. He's given me a few

pointers, but a guy has to find out for himself too."

So I had just been an experiment in sex for him. With my hands braced

on the seat and dashboard, I turned to face Billy. "If you ever tell

anyone what I ... what I did to you down there I'll ... I'll ..."

"There's nothing wrong with giving a fellow some head," he smiled.

"Lots of people do it."

Head. Yes, I had heard that word somewhere before and now I knew

exactly what it meant. I'd given Billy Joe head. How awful it sounded.

* * *

I spent the rest of the day sitting in the kitchen with Aunt Linda

while Billy tended to the chores he'd skipped during the morning. I was

completely disgusted with myself and sickened by everything that had

happened since I'd come to the country. Yet, somehow just watching my

aunt cook and sing as she drifted gracefully around the room made me

feel better.

It was late afternoon when Jason came clambering noisily into the

house. He had a paper sack of things from the dime store for Aunt

Linda, and after he'd handed them to her one by one his hand went once

more to the bottom of the bag.

"Close your eyes," he said to me.

I closed them and immediately felt something soft and silky touch my

face. It was a beautiful silk scarf all yellow and red and blue. I'd

been wanting one for a long time to tie in my hair.

"It's pretty. Thank you, Jason." I could see by his expression that he

meant it to be an apology for the night before.

"How about let's go to the drive-in tonight?" he asked.

Billy Joe had just come in from outside and when he heard what Jason

had asked, he frowned.

"Well, I don't know..." I stuttered. I was afraid to go, but it would

look funny to refuse in front of Aunt Linda. She turned then, her arms

white with flour.

"I think it would be nice if you two kids did that. I'll bet Billy

would like to go too."

Jason put his hands on his hips and looked irritated. "Do I have to

tote Billy Joe along everywhere I go?"

"Course not," my aunt said. "I was just thinkin' how Billy's been

bothering everybody to take him to a movie. Wouldn't it be nice if you

all went?"

Deciding not to make a scene about it, I went to my room and slipped

into a bright yellow miniskirt that laced up the front with leather

thongs. The blouse that went with it was awfully low cut, and I would

have put it aside for something else, except that nothing looked half

as good. With my sixteenth birthday only weeks away, my breasts were

firm and high on my chest. I smiled with the knowledge that I still

didn't need a bra. Maybe I never would. I combed my long hair down

straight and folded the scarf Jason had given me into a narrow band to

tie behind my ears. Finally I buckled on my leather sandals and took a

good long look in the old oval mirror that hung on one wall. Even the

past month had changed me. My lips had grown fuller and more

voluptuous, my coltish legs had gained a little shape and my hips were

beginning to take on a graceful, mature swell. That was one of the

things that bothered me most. If it was wrong to do things with boys,

then why did girls go around making themselves pretty all the time, and

why did their bodies get all curvy and soft?

For a fleeting moment I felt like taking all the pretty clothes off and

slipping back into a pair of patched jeans. Instead, I dabbed a little

perfume behind each ear and stomped out the door. Girls just had to be

stronger than boys, that was all.

"Would you look at her," Jason said as I walked into the house.

Aunt Linda turned and put down her rolling pin. "You make me wish I was

young again, Shelly."

* * *

By the time Jason turned the truck onto the highway, the sun was

starting to go down. I was in the middle and Billy Joe sat on the other

side, his freckled arm out the window.

"Billy," Jason taunted, "you're really shitty."

"What for?" Billy asked, shrugging.

"When a guy wants to be alone with a girl, he wants to be alone."

Billy's lips went white with anger. "What makes you think she wants to

be alone with you?"

Jason narrowed his eyes at his brother and muttered something. If I

hadn't grabbed the wheel, we'd have gone in the ditch.

"Come on, you two," I said. "You make me feel like a sack of feed or

something." But I had to admit to myself that it was nice having some

attention from two males at once.

Since it was a week night, the drive-in wasn't very crowded and Jason

found a spot up front. In the car next to us, a couple were already

entwined and half lying down in the seat.

Jason pulled the speaker inside and hung it on the dash. Then he fished

a thin paper sack from under the front seat.

"Look what I brung!" he laughed, peeling back the paper to expose the

unbroken seal of a pint whiskey bottle.

Billy Joe giggled and reached out for it. "Whooo boy!"

"Not so fast," Jason warned as he unscrewed the lid. I watched him tip

it up and take three huge swallows. When he passed it to me I shook my

head no.

Billy laughed, wiping the mouth of the pint with his palm. "Don't they

do this in the city either?" His Adam's apple bobbed three times and he

lowered the bottle again. It was true--the kids in town that I had

known never drank anything stronger than beer, and not really very much

of that.

"Aren't you afraid of getting drunk?" I asked--and felt foolish for

even opening my mouth.

Jason slapped his thigh and hooted. "I'd be afraid if I didn't get


Billy Joe was laughing with him. Before long they were both whooping

like they'd lost their minds. They thought they were so damned smart

that I felt a jolt of courage inside.

"Okay," I said, taking the bottle. "I'm not afraid of a little

whiskey." The first swallow burned like molten steel and I had to

cough. But when I tried to hand the bottle back, Jason pushed it toward

me again.

"The second swallow kills the pain of the first," he said. His brown

eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Oh all right," I said. Jason was right. The second jolt of booze slid

down my throat easily and I even chanced a smaller third swallow. When

I handed the bottle back a fiery ball of warmth was beginning to spread

in my stomach.

Halfway through the first feature the bottle was half empty and I

noticed a slight buzz in my head. I was a long way from drunk, but at

the same time it seemed like all my problems were so silly and far

away. Jason had sneaked his arm around my shoulder and one hand was

resting on my knee. I felt his little finger tracing circles on my skin

and, though it bothered me vaguely, I didn't stop him.

"Damn!" Billy Joe said suddenly. "Look at those two!"

The three of us craned over and peered out Billy's window. Since the

pick-up was higher than the car next to us, it was easy to look right

down into their front seat. The couple there had tried to cover

themselves with a blanket, but it had slipped half off and I could see

that one of the girl's legs was hooked through the steering wheel. Her

other foot was pressed tightly against a window, toes spread wide.

I swallowed hard as the bare white bottom of the boy on top gave a

short hard thrust. There was a muffled groan and the girl's long

fingers clawed at his back. Then the boy's hands slipped down to touch

the soft cleft his cock was dividing and he lunged again as if she were

some animal he wanted to stake to the seat.

The second cartoon was starting up and I turned my attention back to

the screen. My crotch was already damp and I made a promise to myself

that I wouldn't think about sex for the rest of the evening.

Jason stared at me for a few seconds, then jammed the whiskey bottle

into the glove compartment and gunned the old truck to life.

"Hey," Billy protested.

"Fuck this movie," Jason growled as he tossed the small speaker back on

the post. Billy and I watched him wheel the pick-up down the graveled

aisle and back toward the board fence behind the concession stand. He

pulled up in the last row and took another squawking speaker from its

hook. There wasn't another car around for a hundred yards.

"Come on!" he said, taking my hand.

"I want to watch the movie," I protested. I hadn't slurred my words,

but my tongue felt thick and heavy.

Jason twisted my wrist until the pain shot up my arm. "I told you to

come on--"

Billy sat there, staring straight ahead, as Jason dragged me out of the

cab and around to the back of the truck. My breasts bounced wildly

against the soft material of my blouse. I felt strong hands grab my

waist and lift me over the tailgate. There on the truck bed were an old

mattress and a few torn blankets piled nearby. I saw Billy Joe watching

us through the rear window.

Jason thrust a hand into his jeans and pulled out a crumpled bill. Then

he reached it around the side of the cab. "Go get yourself something to

eat," he said to Billy.

Reluctantly, Billy took the money and opened the door. He was still

looking back over his shoulder as he walked away from us.

I stood as far away from Jason as I could get, my back pressed against

the cold metal of the cab. He watched me with a funny kind of smile. I

could hear my heart pounding in my ears and the shallow, rapid heaving

of my chest. There were people not too far away--people who would help

me if they only knew--yet I felt as alone as if I were on a deserted

island. Then Jason put a hand on his big silver cowboy buckle and

yanked it open.

"Shelly," he said. His voice was clear and cool. "This is one night

you'll never forget--not as long as you live."

"Jason," I said, shaking my head so hard that my hair flew out over my

shoulders, "I don't want you to even touch me. If you do I'll ..."

He took a step forward and slipped out of first one cowboy boot and

then the other. "The other night when you were down there with them

horses, you were about to go crazy."

"No ..." I watched him pull his legs out of his Levi's and drop them by

his boots.

"That old stallion was really giving it to Billy's mare, and all the

time your pants were wringin' wet."

"Jason, stay away from me."

One by one the snaps of his shirt popped open and I watched him slip

his muscular arms out of the sleeves. The moonlight caught his firm

build and I knew I'd be no match at all for him. He looked strong

enough to rape two girls at once.

Jason took another step toward me and jerked down his shorts. His

thick, heavy-looking cock bobbed up like a snake. It was bigger than

Billy's, and Jason pulled the skin back with his fingers so that the

head of it glistened wetly in the blue-white light.

I glanced down at the ground to see how far I'd have to jump. He was

close now and I saw him reach out to grab my skirt.

The slap hit him full in the face and he reeled back a step, but just

as I had one leg over the side of the truck, a hard fist crashed into

my side. My legs went first and the mattress came up hard against my

body. I felt my blouse being shredded by Jason's thick fingers. My

breasts bounced free.

"I'll tell everyone," I sobbed. "Everyone!"

"Pretty soon you'll be begging me not to stop." He pressed my shoulders

down hard and covered one of my quivering titties with his mouth. When

he rolled the already thickening nipple between his teeth, I arched my

back and tried to scoot away, but Jason had jerked my tiny skirt up

around my waist and twisted his fingers in the narrow crotch of my

silky panties. With a quick jerk, he tore the material through. My

pussy was still sopping from watching the couple in the other car; it

infuriated me that now Jason knew it too.

"Shelly baby," he laughed, "your pussy sure is saying yes to me."

"No!" I sobbed, beating his back with my small fists. "Oh, no!"

A knee pushed painfully into my thigh and I had to spread my legs

apart. Jason slid his hips between them and sank his teeth into my

neck. A kaleidoscope of memories swamped my brain. "It's awful when

they stick that ugly thing in you," my mother had said. I found myself

wishing that I'd never grown up, that I was still a skinny, breastless

little girl with no hair on my pussy.

Something was pushing against the damp lips of my pussy as they swelled

open, and a new sensation shot up from my loins. Jason's cock was

pressing at the thin membrane of my hymen.

"Noooo," I pleaded. "Don't fuck me, Jason. Please don't!"

But he plunged his tongue to the back of my mouth and grasped the

outward curve of my hips with his callused hands. I wiggled madly,

trying to escape, but still the heavy, hot tip was shoved harder

against the delicate window of my vagina. It was no use. With a sigh of

surrender I stopped moving and let my thighs fall apart. Jason gave a

snort of victory and lunged forward. Every nerve in my body cried out

as the shank of barbed flesh tore into my softness, but I bit my tongue

and stayed quiet.

I won't cry for him, I swore to myself. I won't let him know he's hurt

me. Again Jason thrust his hard buttocks and I felt the blood-filled

bulb of his glans push aside my tender membranes. My closed tube was

opening, stretching around the invading cock and wetting it.

I murmured a sigh as a new sensation swept over the first tearing pain.

Jason plunged deeper with every passing second. I was being fucked in

the cunt with a cock. One of my sandals jarred loose and fell with a

thump. My neck was wet from Jason's kisses, and when the turgid stalks

of my nipples rubbed across his chest it made me squirm crazily. His

strong hands kneaded the flesh of my ass as I wiggled and one of his

fingers touched the tight knot of my rectum and stayed there. It was

good. I felt like a whore, but I didn't care. It was good.

"Put your legs over my back," Jason whispered.

I locked my ankles around his waist and clung there. My slit blossomed

even wider and Jason probed deeper. Then he pulled himself completely

out of my body and ran his distended glans up over my clitoral ridge.

"Ohhh," I cried, clutching his back with my hands. "Jesus God!"

"You like it, don't you?"

I swallowed hard and pressed my open mouth against his neck. "Jason,

what are you doing to me? Oh what are you doing?"

Quickly I felt him slip down again and the slick, smooth cock filled my

body again. There was no pain now--no nothing but the heavenly

electricity of fucking. I was full of prick, full of a man's prick,

Tossing my head like the little mare had done, I tilted my pelvis from

side to side as fast as I could. The bottoms of my feet began to itch

so intensely that I couldn't restrain a sensuous whimper.

"You been saving it too long, Shelly," Jason breathed. "Way too long."

"Just don't stop," I mumbled. I was being devoured, ravaged, raped--and

it felt like heaven on earth. Whether it was wicked or not really

didn't seem to matter any more.

My vagina seemed to clasp and suck at the huge thing that had invaded

and widened it, and the insides of my thighs were slick with my own

juice and blood. Jason pushed my legs even further back and hooked his

arms under my knees. Now his tip drove against the hard little mouth of

my womb and I squealed with pain. He eased back and licked my chin and

mouth before kissing my burning lips.

"That's where I want to put my jizz," he whispered against my ear. "As

deep as it'll go."

"Fuck me forever," I whined, biting his chin until he winced and pulled

away laughing. He let go of my legs then, and as they fell once more to

the small of his back, I dug my heels into him as hard as I could. I'd

never dreamed of acting like this, but now it seemed the most natural

thing in the world. Jason gave a moan of pain as I raked his back with

my nails, then jammed me full of penis again.

"Noo," I gurgled as a rushing pulse of pleasure grew and pounded and

spread from my aching crotch. And still Jason's hot core of cock

plunged and pulled and stabbed.

I came so slowly that my breath jammed in my bursting lungs and I

rolled my ass in circles, trying to catch the evasive, rooting animal

that teased and prodded below. Tears rolled down my cheeks as the

spasms of pure pleasure made the flesh tremble on my legs and arms. It

was like a crazed, wondrous convulsion, better than anything in my

life, and as it slowly subsided, I felt for some reason that I was

close to doing it again.

Jason gave a roar of passion and shoved his cock so deep that my tummy

was pushed out where the monstrous organ hunted for room. I was still

squirming with the last pulses of my climax, but I couldn't keep myself

from putting my hand to my belly. Through the flesh of my body I felt

the sliding lump of his glans as it reamed the slick tube of my


"Now I'm going to do what I said," Jason told me. "I'm going to shove

every drop of jizz in my body right up into your womb."

"Yes!" I cried, holding my palms against his ass. "Oh yes."

Just like I'd seen the stallion do, Jason tucked his ass under until it

was rock hard and then with his hands clutching my waist tightly, he

pumped his cock into me with short little jabs.

"Ahhh," he sighed and his legs grew rigid behind him. With each shove I

was pushed backwards on the old mattress and I knew that Jason's bubbly

seed was spewing into my most secret place.

I was still groggy and weak when I felt Jason get up from me and begin

pulling on his clothes.

"Jason," I shuddered, "I'm cold."

He picked up one of the old blankets and tossed it across me. "I'm

going to get something to eat," he said.

As I pulled the ragged thing up over my shoulders I heard him clamber

over the back end of the truck and crunch away through the gravel.

I don't know how long I just lay there on the dusty mattress in the

back of the pick-up, but the tremors of excitement slowly ebbed away

and a warm feeling seemed to try to make every muscle in my body reach

out for something ... something ... Yes, that was it. I wanted to be

held in someone's arms. But Jason had gone.

Then, through the dazed muddle of my consciousness, came the

realization that I'd lost my virginity, that I'd been penetrated by a

male penis--stabbed deep in the cunt with it and then pumped full of

semen. I'd been fucked, fucked for the first time in my life--and the

boy who had done it had walked away without so much as a backward


So this was what making love was all about. The boys emptied their

balls into you and then left you lying cold and sad and alone, maybe

even pregnant. No--at least I knew I wouldn't be knocked up, not with

my period only days away.

Shuddering with the emptiness I felt, I pulled myself up and slipped

into my ragged blouse. Half the buttons were missing and it was torn in

two or three places. My panties were nearby, the crotch ripped

completely out. I used them to clean my seeping cunt and stuffed them

under the mattress.

Though my legs were still a bit weak, I managed to find my missing

sandal and smooth my skirt back down. Then I climbed into the cab and,

with trembling hands, began to comb my hair. Billy Joe walked toward

the truck through the rows of empty speakers. For an instant my heart

leaped out, but then I remembered how easily Jason had bribed him into

leaving us alone. He got into the cab without a word and held out a

warm, slightly soggy hamburger. I unwrapped the paper and took a bite,

not really even tasting it.

"He fucked you, didn't he?" Billy said after a while. His eyes stared

straight ahead at the movie none of us had been watching.

I was horribly ashamed, but too proud not to face up to the truth.

"Yes, Billy. Jason fucked me." Using that word made me even more

ashamed, grinding the guilt deep into my soul. A cartoon came on, but

neither of us laughed.

"Did ... did you like it?" His voice was very quiet and far away.


There was a long, uncomfortable silence. "If I'd tried to stop him ..."

Billy said. "If I'd tried ..." His eyes turned down and he hit a

clenched fist against his knee. "Damn it Shelly, he's bigger than me,

and ..."

I put a hand on my would-be protector's arm, feeling a sudden sympathy

for his position. "It's all right. I guess it would have happened

sooner or later anyway. Jason always seems to take whatever he wants."

"The son-of-a-bitch," Billy growled. I thought I saw tears of anger in

his eyes. "The dirty son-of-a-bitch."

When Jason came back I sat there in heavy silence, pretending I had

other things on my mind. He started the truck up immediately and put

the speaker back on the pole. Of course, I thought. He hadn't come to

see the show anyway. His only target had been my soft, wet hole. With

that out of the way, what reason was there to stay? No one spoke all

the way back to the house, and Jason never even glanced my way. Once

inside my room, I fell across the old brass bed in tears, hating Jason,

hating the farm, and--more than anything--hating myself.

Chapter 4

In the two weeks that followed I shut my mind to everything but trying

to survive. It made it easier that the boys were kept busy from early

morning till late in the evening. The crops were coming up and Uncle

Nat needed all the help he could get. Besides the regular chores, Jason

and Billy Joe were hiring out to a neighboring farmer who was building

a new barn. They were doing it for the extra spending money, and I was

relieved that they weren't around so much.

I spent more and more time with Aunt Linda in the big, old kitchen, or

helping her hang the wash. Keeping busy made it easier to forget what

had happened to me, and in a few days I'd pushed even the most casual

thoughts of sex completely out of my mind.

One hot day a couple of people from a Bible study class in Connerton

came to the door with their pamphlets. Aunt Linda tossed the tracts on

the kitchen table and later I looked through them while I drank a glass

of milk. Seeing verses quoted from the Bible reminded me that the Good

Book was chock full of wise things on almost every subject. With all my

self-centered worries I'd forgotten that there might be answers for me


That night I borrowed Aunt Linda's big black leather bound Bible and

took it to my room. Sunday school had always been so uninteresting to

me with its goody-goody lessons and sweetness and flowers, but as I

leafed through the various books of the Bible it was like seeing the

words for the first time. I read some of Genesis and Exodus and then

flipped further, looking for something to do with my particular tangle.

For some reason I stopped at Song of Solomon. When I'd been just a kid

our Bible study teacher had always carefully avoided that book of the

holy scriptures--and I had never bothered to find out why.

It was hot again as usual so I was lying face down on the bed, naked

except for panties. Since my door locked securely from inside, it was

an easy habit to get into. Verse thirteen was the one that stopped me

and I must have read it a dozen times, the last few words aloud.

"... he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts."

I clamped my legs together and felt my labia slip wetly against the

inner softness of my slit. Then I took a big gulp of air and read on.

No wonder the teacher had skipped these parts. The girl seemed to be

talking to the boy and offering him her pomegranates, but any fool

could see it wasn't fruit she wanted him to have.

Another line caught my attention and I read it five or six times,

rocking my hips slowly against the mattress all the while.

"My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door ..." I swallowed

and read on, "... my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh dropped upon the

handle of the lock."

Why would the girl talk about her hands and fingers being perfumed just

to turn the handle of an ordinary door, I wondered, unless she was

talking about another kind of door. Like the door between her legs.

More than a little bothered by the passages, I pulled my panty

waistband up, but the damp material at the crotch slipped up into my

slit and rubbed ever so gently against my clit. Without being able to

stop, I rocked my hips faster, panting as I read and reread the lines

of Solomon. It sounded like the girl had put her fingers on the lips of

her cunt and pulled them open for the boy! Shutting the Bible with a

whimpering breath, I ran my hands down along my tummy and thighs. When

my fingers touched the thin, wet material that shielded my most secret

place I gave another panting sigh, hooked my thumbs in the elastic at

my waist, and wriggled free. With my soles flat on the mattress I

opened my thighs and put my trembling fingertips on my swollen little

labia, gently spreading them back. It struck me then how girls were

made--with a slick warm little pocket in their bodies, a little hole

almost exactly the same size as a male's erect cock.

Holding my breath, I touched the tip of my forefinger to the rigid

little stalk of my sex trigger. A shiver of excitement shot through my

loins and made me raise my bottom from the bed. I blushed suddenly with

the knowledge of what I was about to do. No! I would not do bad things

to myself. The fact was, I didn't even really know how.

Quickly I pulled my panties back on, slipped into my jeans and pulled a

blue sweatshirt over my head. I had to get out of my room for a second

to calm down. I could go to the house for a glass of milk.

Everything was dark when I came up to the kitchen porch, so I let

myself in quietly and headed toward the corner where the big white

refrigerator sat. I was almost going to open it when Uncle Nat's voice

rose in muffled anger from the bedroom just off the hall.

Though I'd never been a snooper, it was hard to resist the urge to

listen--only for a minute or two, I promised myself. Quietly I padded

across the kitchen and part way into the hall. Holding my breath, I

pressed my back against the wall and waited.

"Why in hell not?" Nat's voice hissed. "You used to do it."

Aunt Linda waited a moment before she spoke. "I never did like your ...

your stuff in my mouth, Nat. I just don't want to any more, that's


My knees felt shaky already and I pulled air into my lungs and clenched

my fists to fight down the electric effects my aunt's and uncle's words

were having upon me.

"Damn it to hell, woman. I can't put it in you and you won't suck it

either. What the hell will you do?"

"Be quiet, Nat," Aunt Linda scolded. "You'll wake the boys."

My crotch had begun to seep again with love juices and if I hadn't been

afraid of making a noise, I would have gone back to my room. Linda

spoke again.

"Get on your back then. I'll do it with my hand."

I heard the bed squeak and Nat grumble. Then there was only a soft

bumping sound which went on and on without stopping for at least a

minute. My heart was in my throat with all the imagining I was doing. I

could see the skin wrinkling up every time Linda moved her hand up

toward the crown of Nat's cock--at least in my mind, I could. But

everything inside me was saying that I had to leave them alone, had to

stop hearing things not meant for my ears.

I started back across in front of the barely open bedroom door, but a

gust of wind from the kitchen pushed it all the way open. I was still

completely in darkness, but with the moonlight filling the bedroom and

the doorway both, I couldn't cross into the other part of the house

without being seen. The only other direction was down the hall toward

Jason's room. I knew I didn't want to go there.

Cursing myself for ever having given in to my curiosity, I stayed close

against the wall and stared into Nat and Linda's bedroom. The just-

risen moon was blasting its blue light over their bed, lighting it like

a nightclub stage. The tall, white pillar of Nat's penis stood straight

up from his crotch and I could see my aunt's thin hand pumping the skin

up and down just like I'd imagined, only uncomfortably more real.

My crotch was a soppy mess. I slipped my trembling fingers under the

waist of my jeans and searched through my pubic curls to the place

where my slit seeped honey. Nat had begun to make odd noises and his

excitement was having a devastating effect on me.

"Faster," he mumbled.

My aunt's pretty fingers flashed in the weird light and I could see the

big glans swell each time its swollen ridge was brushed. I wanted to

look away and I wanted to watch. Closing my eyes in guilty confusion, I

probed my clitoris again and again until my legs threatened to cave in

and drop me to the floor. I was holding on to the door frame now with

my free hand, panting quietly in the lonely hallway while Nat thrashed

on the bed.

The soft bump-bump sound of Linda's hand on my uncle's cock changed

suddenly to a slick, sticky noise and when I opened my eyes I saw why.

Spurt after spurt of heavy come was rolling from the tip of his huge

organ and oozing down over my aunt's fingers. A forceful jet smacked

against Nat's stomach and another plopped onto Linda's arm, but her

curved fingers rose and fell again and again until there was no more

seed in his balls.

I rubbed my own cunt harder and faster, feeling an odd electricity

building its tension inside my tummy. My eyes went out of focus and

then came back in again. It had been the first time in my life I'd

caused myself to get so excited just by touching my parts, but I

couldn't continue--not standing there in front of Nat and Linda's

bedroom door.

The moon went under a cloud and as the darkness filled the house again,

I slipped by the open door and out into the kitchen. In a few moments I

was safely on the back porch, resting with my back against the steps.

I'd almost pulled myself together enough to start back to my room when

the screen door opened once more and Linda came out into the still


"Oh, Shelly!" she whispered, surprised. "I didn't think you'd be up

this late."

My aunt was wearing only a thin, loose robe and I glimpsed her tittles

for an instant as she sat down. I thought they looked marvelously firm

for her age, but then I didn't really know how old Linda was.

"Couldn't sleep," I told her.

For a little while neither of us spoke, then Linda looked at me in the

darkness and gave a small smile. "I never can sleep either when Nat

starts wanting sex with me."

I knew I was blushing and was thankful Linda couldn't see. While I

looked down awkwardly at my bare toes, I felt guilty that I'd


"Hope you don't mind me talking a little," she went on, looking out

toward the river and cliffs which the moon had bathed with light.

"You're the only other woman on the place, Shelly, and sometimes I feel

like getting things off my chest."

I watched my aunt as she spoke, almost as if really seeing her for the

first time. Her dark hair was done for sleeping in one thick braid that

laid against her back and reached almost to her tiny waist. She was

slight in build, but her breasts pushed out round and full against the

thin robe and her hips were full and feminine. I looked at her long

nose and delicately flared nostrils, the way her lips curved into tiny

dimples at each corner. It was hard to believe that Linda was really my

mother's sister. She seemed so full of life, so pretty.

"Men!" she said after another long silence. "They just don't understand

anything about a woman."

"How old are you, Aunt Linda?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't mind.

"Thirty-four," she said in a flat voice. Then her brown eyes sparkled

and I saw the moonlight reflect in them. "I was only fourteen when Nat

and I met. Nothing else seemed important then--except being together--

so we got married. A year later Jason came along and the dream faded a

little." She looked over at me and smiled suddenly. Then her hand

sneaked into mine and she gave a squeeze. "Don't let me bore you silly

with my troubles though."

"I don't mind," I said quickly. "Anyway maybe I could use a little

advice too. I ..." Turning my face away from Linda's interested and

questioning look, I hated myself for saying anything at all. I couldn't

ask such intimate questions of my own aunt, couldn't tell her what had

happened between her very own sons and myself.

"Boy troubles?" she asked. Her touch on my hand grew warmer.

"N--n--not really." I gulped and started again. "It's ... it's just

sex. I don't know what to think of it."

There was a little noise from inside the house and Linda looked around.

"Let's go down to your room, baby," she whispered. "Too many male spies

around here. They're up all hours of the night, robbing the

refrigerator usually."

As we walked across the farmyard, Linda put her arm around my shoulder.

Maybe I could ask her a few things. It would be easy to leave Jason's

name out of it. I could even make up a boy and tell her it had happened

months before. No, I thought, better to stay silent.

Inside my room the only light was the moon-bright square of the window

on my sheets. My still unsteady legs were tired and I lay face down on

the mattress and closed my eyes. Aunt Linda sat next to me and gently

began rubbing the small of my back. It felt so delicious that I gave a

little sigh of contentment.

"Now what's all this trouble you've been having with sex?" she asked.

"I hope the boys haven't been bothering you, because if they have,


"Oh no, it's not that," I lied. "It's just that I feel so dumb about it


"You're all tensed up, honey," she said. "Why don't you take off those

hot things so I can get to your shoulders?"

I skinned quickly out of my jeans and sweatshirt and lay back down.

Aunt Linda's gently circling hands began to loosen the tightness in my

body as if by magic.

"A pretty girl like you shouldn't have any troubles--not with boys

anyway." She followed the inward curve of my waist with light fingers.

"Of course what boys want first is to put their cocks up inside your

body and squirm around until you're full of sperm. And you know what

sperm do."

Linda's words were so frank and shocking that I didn't know what to say

back. She sensed my embarrassment and gave my bottom a couple of

playful pats.

"Now don't go getting shy. Two grown women should be able to talk like

this, Shelly. And you know what I'm telling you is right."

Actually I didn't know anything for sure anymore. Linda stopped rubbing

me for a moment.

"You're not a virgin, are you, Shelly?"

"No," I said quickly, eyes clamped shut against the pillow. The hands

moved on my skin again, lower this time and down the smooth insides of

my thighs. I felt oddly excited by the confession Linda had just forced

from me, but decided not to say any more if I could help it.

"Did you like it?" Linda asked. "That first time?"

"No. I thought it was awful." I knew that part of what I said wasn't

true. There had been times when the feeling of Jason's penis and body

and mouth had almost killed me with ecstasy.

Linda stopped again, then started rubbing the cheeks of my bottom,

pushing deep into the flesh with strong fingers.

"Most times a girl thinks it's awful is when the boy doesn't take

enough time--doesn't get her ready." Her voice was matter of fact in

tone and it relaxed my anxieties somewhat. "It probably sounds strange

to you, but that's why I can't stand Nat any more. He never was very

good at loving, but as the years have passed, he's gotten even worse."

One of Linda's fingers was just touching the sopping crotch of my

panties and a new flush of shame filled me when I realized she'd know I

had been excited enough in the house to wet them with slick. Maybe

she'd guess I'd been peeking at her working over Nat. But she touched

it again and didn't say a word.

"Most girls," she said, moving a finger against the thinly covered

labia, "like to be touched here ... and here."

I swallowed and nodded my head on the pillow. "Y--Yes."

She slipped a hand under one of my shoulders and pulled me onto my

side. Then she rubbed a smooth, flat palm across the nipples of my

breasts. She smiled when she saw me take a shuddery breath.

"That's a nice place too, isn't it?"

"Uh huh."

"Look Shelly, see what it does to your tittie!"

I looked down and saw the soft protuberance rise out of my breast's

softness like a fast-growing sprout. It was hard and hot and tingly to

Linda's touch. The feeling wasn't new to me, yet Linda made it seem as

if it were. She was so tender. I realized at that moment that my breath

sounded like I'd been running and I was clutching the side of the bed

with trembling hands.

"I'm going to take off your panties, Shelly," Linda said, hooking her

fingers in the elastic band and pulling them down over my hips. The

sensation of them leaving the swell of my hips and tickling down my

thighs made a new tremble of niceness shoot through my loins, but I

wasn't sure whether it was right for two women to be talking like this,

naked in a bedroom in the middle of the night.

"Maybe I'd better keep ..."

Linda ignored my weak protest and guided the thin things over my ankles

and dropped them on the mattress beside us. "You poor thing. You're

soaking wet. Why didn't you tell me before this that you were so wound


"I don't know. I ..."

Linda smiled at me and nodded. "I know. It was the same thing when I

was young. Nobody offered a single word of advice and I was too shy to


Too confused to argue, I let my head fall back on the pillow and let my

aunt run her hands across my breasts and belly. Then her right hand was

at my crotch again, gently nudging my thighs apart. A thin, smooth

finger slipped along the closed slit of my vulva, picking up slick

moisture. Linda pushed it down and back and deeper. My pelvis tensed

and I involuntarily pushed it up from the bed.

"Oh Golly!" I gasped, not really meaning to say anything.

"See what I mean," Linda whispered. "Boys don't understand that. Not

all of them do anyway." She put her mouth closer to my ear. "You do

like it, don't you?"

"Damn it, Linda, I can't help but like it ..."

Her wet lips came up the side of my cheek, wetting me. Without

thinking, or knowing, or trying to understand, I turned my face to meet

her and our lips opened greedily. We were kissing. Every horrible thing

that had happened to me the past months rushed through my brain as I

clung to Linda frantically--my stepfather's crude lust, and Billy Joe

and Jason after me like hounds. But Linda was ... nice. I realized then

that her robe had fallen open and our naked bodies were pushed eagerly

together, breast touching breast, nipple probing perfumed skin. The

lips that searched mine were soft, like petals of a flower, and when

Linda tongue wanted into the wet depths of my mouth, I whimpered and

opened to her.

She had turned and stretched out next to me without breaking our

embrace and when her legs brushed mine, I hooked my ankles behind hers

and hung on even tighter, panting hard.

"Darling, darling," she cooed. Her fingers dug at the swollen bulb of

my clit until my head flopped back and forth with the insanely

beautiful feeling.

I was starving for physical contact. I wanted her to touch me more,

wanted her to rub my frothing little cunt until ...

"Touch me too, Shelly," Linda gasped suddenly. "Oh, please do."

And as I slipped my shaking hand down along Linda's smooth body, the

steady pulse of erotic joy began to build slowly inside. I was going to

come, I realized frantically. Another woman was going to make me come!

Chapter 5

I slipped two fingers between Linda's full thighs and found her sex

arch. The thick, dark hair of her pubes was like a lush jungle as I

forced my way through it and searched out the beginning of her crack.

Her sex place was bigger than mine--the lips fuller, the slit deeper.

When I pushed up against her risen clit, I could tell it was longer and

stood out more than mine. Linda's soft pumping motion against my

slickened knuckles told me I was doing it right.

"I'm not hurting you, am I?" I asked, hardly able to get the words out.

"No! Push harder ... harder!"

Accidentally one of my fingers slipped up into her vagina, and Linda

raised her bottom up so that I'd do it again. This time I pushed in

deeply, raking the sides of her seeping tube. I'd never even done that

to myself and when I felt Linda shove her own fingers into my cunt's

hungry cave, I gave a little cry of delight. Another moment or two and

I'd explode. I just knew it.

My aunt moved her ass suddenly from side to side as if she were trying

to escape my rubbing fingers but really didn't want to. Finally she was

wiggling so crazily that I wasn't sure I could keep my hand against her

clit, but in the next moment she gave a sighing little cry and came,

her lush breasts heaving hard against my own.

Linda had rolled over on top of me, and as the first throb of joy-

energy shimmered through my own cunt and tummy I tossed my head back

and pulled her mouth down to my neck. Nipping teeth prickled along my

skin and the tip of her tongue probed wetly into the twisted little

caves of my ear.

"Baby--Shelly ... come Shelly, come!"

The strange soft creature above me was no man, yet she was making me

feel so wonderfully alive, so right! While my shoulders and breasts

burned under her open mouth, Linda dug the nubbin of my slit until the

itching heights of pleasure enveloped the surface of my body and

consumed me. There was no world ... no bed ... no room--just me, coming

and coming and coming.

For the first minute or two after it was over, I was just alive--

wonderfully alive, but with no other thought than breathing in and out

and feeling the closeness of a soft being next to me. Then Linda moved

a little and sighed and I began to realize what we'd done to each

other. Never in my life had I imagined I would ever have sex with

another female. It was something so taboo that even my mother had never

mentioned it.

I waited with closed eyes for the guilt to pour in on me, but nothing

happened. Was there anything really nasty about it? Had there been one

evil word or thought passed between us?

Linda unwound the wondrous tangle of our arms and legs and sat there on

the edge of the bed, looking through the window at the starry sky.

"I didn't plan for this to happen, Shelly," she said after a while.

"It's just that I can't stand my stupid husband ... can't bear him

touching me any more." She looked at me lovingly. "But you're all soft

and gentle and smooth like a newborn kitten. I hope you won't think

badly of me. I'd feel awful if you did."

I hugged my aunt close and smelled the fragrance of her newly washed

hair. My voice quavered when I spoke. "I liked it, Aunt Linda ... even

if it is wrong."

"Maybe it isn't, baby." Linda put an arm around my shoulder and kissed

my cheek. "Maybe it isn't."

It took me a long time to go to sleep after my aunt had gone back to

the house. All I could think about was sex, sex, sex. One thing I knew:

It felt wonderful, whether a boy did it or another female. It was the

guilt afterwards that bothered me. Yet the longer I pondered about the

whole mess, the less I could believe it was wrong to do things to

someone that made them feel so good.

It was late when I woke up next morning. Uncle Nat met me in the front

room with a yellow paper in his hand. It looked like a telegram.

"Seems as though Frank's coming up to pay us a visit," he said smiling.

"Sure hope he doesn't decide to take you with him when he goes. Linda

has appreciated the extra help you've given her around the place." My

uncle noticed my white face and frowned. "Something wrong, Shelly?"

"It's nothing," I mumbled, sinking into a chair. "Just hungry, I


I read the telegram through a haze of fear. It was true. My stepfather

had been laid off his job and was on his way to the farm. I swallowed

back the bitterness that welled up in my throat and tried to give Nat a

brave smile.

"I haven't seen Frank in some time," he said, "but I know he likes

poker." He slapped his thigh and pushed a callused hand through his

hair. "I'll be lookin' to win some of his last paycheck off him."

Aunt Linda fixed me a late breakfast and I didn't look up once until

the plate was clean.

"Anything wrong, darling?" she asked finally, pressing my hand with

intimate warmth, a reminder of the night before.

"No!" I blurted quickly. "Nothing at all."

How could I tell even Aunt Linda that my stepfather had already put his

cock into one of my holes and was on his way to the farm now to take

care of the other one?

I spent a nervous morning helping with the usual chores--except that I

broke a cup while washing it and spilled a bowl of sugar on the

tablecloth and really wasn't much help at all. When the men had all

gone to the fields to work, Linda cornered me in the hall and pressed

me against the wall. I could feel her unbridled titties and hungry

hands. When she pushed her lips against mine, I let myself go limp in

her embrace. The beating of my heart said, yes, strip off your clothes

and fall naked in the bed. But something else cautioned me to wait.

"Linda," I gasped, twisting away from the fingers that had already

found the warm wet nest of my loins. "Can't we wait? I want to think

about things."

"Just touch me!" she cried. "Touch me or I'll die."

Gritting my teeth to strengthen my resolve, I slid a hand quickly under

the hem of her dress and up along the inside of a soft thigh. I'd just

pushed under the nylon of her panties and buried my fingers in her

soaking cleft when a screen door slammed in another room. It was Billy

Joe coming in the house for something. Thankful for the interruption, I

pulled myself away and left Linda shaking there in the hallway while I

went out to gather the morning eggs. I felt awful to cut her short like

that, but there was still a vague, nagging guilt in my mind when it

came to playing intimate games with another female. I had lots more to

learn about myself--and about other people--before sex could be so


At noon, Nat returned from the bus station in Connerton with Frank. My

stepfather saw me standing there on the front steps and held his arms

open to embrace me.

"How's my little girl?" he said.

"All right, I guess." I wanted to scream to everyone what he had

tricked me into doing, wanted to tell them about the Vaseline and his

penis sliding up and down against the skin of my belly until it gushed

seed, and the time he'd forced his cock into my very guts while I

sprawled in pain under him. Instead I stared back at him without so

much as a smile.

"Why, you're getting prettier every day, I swear!" Frank laughed

uneasily. His eyes looked bloodshot from too much alcohol.

After my stepfather had unpacked, I wasn't surprised to see him set a

bottle of bourbon on the kitchen table--"For emergencies," he told

everyone. Aunt Linda had made the boys double up in one room so Frank

could have a bedroom all to himself, but I could tell she didn't

approve of the uncouth manner with which he treated everyone but Uncle


All the rest of the day I stayed out of sight. By the time evening

rolled around and the supper dishes were washed and put away, Nat and

Frank had set up a card table in the front room and started to shuffle

a tired deck of cards that my uncle had found somewhere. The bottle of

bourbon was close by my stepfather's elbow and both men had water

glasses half filled with the amber booze.

More than anything I wanted to slip away quietly and lock myself safely

in my room, but Linda had some yarn to work on and wanted me to stay.

Helplessly I sat there with the yarn wound over my hands while Frank

leered at my tight-jeaned legs. I could have sworn that he was trying

to see the crack of my vagina beneath the faded material--and that made

me feel even more angry. Billy Joe was sitting across from me buried in

a paperback novel, but when I looked across to him for solace, he

lowered his eyes, closed the book and went to his room without a word.

Ever since Jason had forced himself on me in the back of the pick-up,

Billy had acted strangely--almost as if he'd lost an important battle

and no longer had the right to speak to me again.

I was relieved that at least Jason wasn't around to make me feel even

more preyed upon. He had gone into town in Uncle Nat's old Buick,

probably to sow wild oats, I thought to myself.

It was almost nine when Nat and Frank got up from the card table and

staggered laughing out the door. They said they had to go to town for

more liquor. I waited until I heard the pick-up start and lurch out of

the yard. Then I said good night to Linda, let her kiss me once on the

lips, and started across the dark yard to my room by the barn. It

wasn't that she didn't excite me with her whispered suggestions and

secret touches when no one was looking; but everything was coming at me

too fast. I wanted to be left alone.

I was halfway across the big, rock-strewn yard when the lights of the

old Buick swayed into view and illuminated me against the whitewashed

buildings. Instead of stopping by the house, the car swerved my way. It

was Jason, back from town and driving crazily.

I broke into a run and headed for the shed I stayed in, but before I

could reach it, the car careened in front of me and slid to a stop.

Jason was out before the dust blew by, standing in front of me.

"Where ya headin' in such a hurry?" His mouth was pulled down in a

strangely humorless smile. He took a long look at my shape in the glow

from the headlights and shook his head. "Goddamn it, you look good in

them Levi's. Like you're about to bust right out." Suddenly he reached

out and grabbed my wrists.

I wanted to scream, but the tight fear in my throat had paralyzed me.

Using every ounce of strength I could muster, I twisted my hands free

and darted toward the barn. Jason's feet pounded behind me as I burst

through the door, slammed it behind me and ducked into a pile of feed

sacks. The door crashed open again on squeaky hinges and I glimpsed

Jason's figure outlined in the entrance. He advanced into the gloom

quickly and I heard him curse when he tripped on something in the


As I backed up slowly, my shoulder brushed a wooden ladder. It was the

way into the hayloft. In an instant I'd slipped out of my sandals and

started softly up the crude rungs. If I could hide there, maybe Jason

would tire of the game and leave me be.

It was warm and musty inside the loft. In a corner I found a pile of

fresh hay and settled down to wait while below my pursuer shoved aside

boxes and tools while he hissed my name. After a while there was only

the silence of the night.

I'd almost decided that Jason had given up the search when the ladder

to the loft began to shake. He was climbing up to where I'd hidden.

Quickly I looked around, frantic for another place to escape to, but

the only light was what little seeped through the cracks in the

dilapidated roof. It was even too dark to see Jason emerge and step

into the hay, but I heard his rapid breathing and knew he wasn't far


A drunken laugh frightened me to the quick. "Let's get some light in

here and see where Shelly's hiding!"

Almost immediately a trap door in the roof crashed back and the

moonlight filled the loft. Jason's shirt was already unbuttoned and he

took it off and dropped it as he came toward me. The muscles in his

arms snaked powerfully and I watched them despite my fear.

"Well, well ... all barefoot and everything. Waiting for me, weren't


"Stay away from me, Jason!" I cried, my voice weak and shaky.

"Like hell I'll stay away," he said back. "You've been staying away

from me the last couple of weeks and all I been thinking about is that

fancy little body of yours."

I jumped up and started around him, but Jason had an arm around my

middle in an instant. He pulled me roughly around to face him.

"One thing for sure, though--I ain't gonna fight you this time to get

what I want."

"That's the only way you'll get it," I spit back. Jason's eyes scanned

the small loft as if he were searching for something. "Maybe. Maybe


Then I saw what he had in mind. There was a bunch of old leather straps

hanging from a beam near the ladder. Jason shoved me over to them and

pulled a couple down.

"Nothing like a mule harness to tame a balky mule," he laughed,

wrapping one of the wide straps around my two wrists and cinching it

tight. I fought him every inch of the way, but it was like battling a

water buffalo. Jason was big and mean and strong. In another second

he'd tossed the free end of the strap over a roof beam and pulled my

arms so far above my head that I couldn't quite touch my heels to the

straw below me.

"Jason, I'm begging you. Please let me go back to my room. I'll kiss

you. I'll go out with you again ..."

"You'll kiss me all right," he said, chuckling at my poor bargaining

position. "You know, you're mighty pretty all strung up like that. Just

like a choice side of beef."

I closed my eyes and felt like weeping, but the tears wouldn't come.

What kind of perversion was he going to try on me as I dangled from the

beam? Finally a hot tear fell down my cheek and I tasted its saltiness.

"Quit the damned bawling," Jason snapped. "You ain't gonna be killed or

nothing for Christ's sake."

When Jason started stripping off his pants I didn't want to look, but I

found myself staring anyway. His cock sprang free and bobbed up, hard

and heavy-looking, a muscled truncheon of lust. My mouth was so dry I

could hardly swallow, and when Jason unbuttoned my blouse and ran his

rough hands over my heaving little melons, I gave a whimper of

helplessness. With a long pocket knife, he cut the sleeves out of the

pretty little top, then tore the back down the middle.

"I'll buy you another one," he said, dropping the two ruined pieces in

the straw at my feet. "It's gonna be worth it."

When Jason reached for my pants I knew it was futile to resist, but I

tucked my knees up under my naked tittles anyway, trembling there until

the straps cut so painfully into my wrists that I had to submit. Jason

waited patiently until I stopped struggling, then slipped the denim

down sensuously inch by inch, kissing my navel and then the bones of my

pelvis and the hard little pubic bump below. I felt his lips all the

way down my thighs and legs until my clothing, panties and all, was in

a crumpled hall in Jason's hands. I wasn't ready when he snatched up

one of my feet and kissed the bottom of it, biting and licking until

hot shivers shot through my loins. I gnawed my lower lip and tried to

act completely unruffled by his technique.

He had tied me under the trap door which he'd opened to the roof, so

the moon cast its blue light over both of us. Jason circled me slowly,

touching all my curves and bumps, kissing, fondling, even tickling me a


"You got some fine-ass titties," he said after a long silence. "Not too

big, not too small. Just like oranges." A hand went out and I felt his

thumb working on one of my nipples. He was standing very near now and I

saw him lift his cock and rest the head of it against my bare tummy.

"This prick of mine wants in there," he said, giving me an evil smile.

"It's been saving gallons of come just for you, Shelly."

I could see one small glistening droplet at the tip, and as he shifted

his body it came away and hung there like dew above my tummy. Jason was

suddenly kissing my breasts, licking circles over the rosettes and

nipples, wetting them completely. I tried to fight the sensations, but

it was no good. He was exciting me.

"Don't, Jason ... D--d--don't!"

His mouth made a wet line down the middle of my chest and belly and

when he paused at my navel again and pushed his tongue deep into it, I

felt my labia swell outward with blood. I was getting all squishy down

there and instinctively I clamped my thighs together.

"Won't do you any good," Jason said, smiling up. He was on his knees

now, his mouth level with my fluff of pubic hair. His hands grasped my

hips firmly and he pressed his face against me. The snake of his hot

tongue traced the beginnings of my crack, then plunged into the slick

damp. I was helpless in my effort to stop the rising button of my

clitoris as it grew and pressed back against his caresses.

"Jason ... I w--w--wish you'd stop ..."

"No you don't," he laughed. Now his mouth circled one of my thighs and

started up the crack of my ass. For a brief moment I felt the wet heat

on the tight circle of my rectum, but Jason went higher, feeling out

each bump of my spine with his tongue and teeth. When he nibbled at the

nape of my neck, I couldn't help but lean back against the irresistible

sensation. The lobes of my ears were next and I began to moan a little.

Jason encircled my body with his arms and I was glad. What small amount

of resistance I had left disappeared when I felt him push his hot cock

between my thighs and up against my swollen labia. The blooming lips

opened wetly and Jason rubbed the ridged head against my clit until he

too was covered with my juice. His penis seemed bigger and harder than

it had the night at the drive-in; I could almost imagine it bursting up

into my soft vagina. I shook my head and whimpered with the wrongness

of it all. I had to get down and force myself to run.

Jason invaded my mouth next and the tantalizing sensation of his tongue

licking my lips and teasing along my chin brought another surge of

girl-slick from inside me, wetting the shank of his cock even more. My

breasts were flattened against his chest as he pulled me close, licking

my armpits, shoulders and neck until I was panting and yanking against

my bonds.

"Put your legs around my waist," he ordered.


"It'll take some weight off your arms." He kissed me again, sucking my

lower lip deep into his mouth. Weakly I pulled my knees up and locked

my ankles behind the small of Jason's back, Immediately I felt the new

angle his cock made at my crotch. It was pressed tightly against the

entrance to my body and when I gave a little cry of panic, Jason smiled

and nudged the tip of his shaft into the small circle of muscles. I

twisted violently against the straps, trying to bring my legs back down

again, but Jason had my ass firmly in his grip, my thighs pinned

against his sides by powerful arms. The muscles of my vagina opened and

I could sense the filling as my tube clung to the big cock, dividing in

front of it.

"Ohhh no," I sighed, knowing I was unable to stop rocking my pelvis ...

unable to stop twisting my body down on the luscious organ. The

wrongness was swept away by new fires erupting in my most tender

places. The feeling of being penetrated was too exquisite to fight


One of Jason's hands went up and there was a sawing, cutting noise. My

arms were jerked back and forth, then came free from the beam, but my

wrists were still bound tightly together. Jason pulled them down over

his head and I clung there while he lowered me into the hay below, his

cock still half into my twitching, tingling body. The muscles in my

arms were at once relieved and when Jason put his mouth to mine again,

I kissed him for cutting me down. He lunged forward and another inch of

his meat disappeared between my mound's lips. Having him on top of me,

weighing me down against the prickly hay, brought every grain of

passion rushing through my blood.

"Tell me you like it!" Jason hissed in my ear.

"Y--Y--Yes ... I do!" My climax was building fast and I thrust against

his movements, clawing his back as the drool ran from my open mouth.

Something was clearing at last in my head. I did like it, did like a

cock shoved up into my body until I was insane with the itch of it. But

I still hated Jason--hated and loved him for what he was doing to me.

"Oh Jason ... Jason, I'm coming. Oh! Ohhh!" I strained against the

straps that bound my wrists, sinking my teeth into Jason's shoulder. He

cried out and ground himself into me so hard I couldn't breathe. Our

slipping organs grew even slicker as his semen poured and jetted into

me and oozed out into the hay. Then all was quiet.

I kept everything out of my mind except the beauty and the warmth of a

body on mine ... a breathing, living man inside of me. Then suddenly

Jason was pulling away. I felt his cock slip out and tried to catch it

with my cunt, but he was already on his knees. No, I thought, don't

leave me empty again ... so warm, so wet, so slick to stay like that.

Don't leave, Jason. Don't you see that's why I hate you?


"Gotta go to bed." He cut the leather straps on my wrists with his

pocket knife and picked up his jeans. The familiar lonely feeling that

had saddened me at the movie that night was creeping through my guts

like a monster I couldn't control. Didn't he care anything about me?

Didn't he care at all?

"My things ... you ruined my blouse." For an instant I thought I'd cry,

but I clamped my eyes shut and forced back the sobs.

"Here, you can have my shirt," he said, tossing it at my feet. The

ladder thumped until he was down and I heard him go out through the

outside door. Slowly I cleaned myself up with the torn blouse and put

on my Levi's and Jason's shirt. How could anything that made you feel

so wonderful while it was happening leave you in shambles when it was

over? For a long time I stared up into the starlit sky, thinking. I

thought of Linda and her disgust with Nat, thought of my mother's

warnings. Sex was fun--oh God it was wonderful--but if men were all

such beasts, then a woman would always feel like one too whenever she

coupled. I stood up and clenched my fists in frustrated anger. Now I

knew how they were, how men wanted to make females grovel and hate and

be afraid. I choked back another sob and grinned bitterly. Tomorrow was

my birthday, and I resolved to begin again now that I'd be sixteen.

There'd be no more men forcing me into their evil games and lies. I

could be strong too.

My sandals were at the bottom of the ladder where I'd left them. After

slipping my feet in, I headed from the barn to my room. It was still

pretty bright out, and I saw the pick-up parked near the house. Nat and

Frank were back from town and probably drunker than ever. The old

kerosene lamp on the table brought an amber glow to my room when I lit

it and I'd turned to close the door when a voice scared me out of my


"No need to light that," Frank said. He was stretched out on my bed

with a quart of liquor in one hand. My brain almost refused to accept

the rest. He was naked from the waist down and his resting cock lay

against one hairy thigh. I clutched Jason's shirt tighter against my

breasts and shivered with fear and disgust.

"Get out of here," I stammered.

"Now you may as well shut that kind of shit up," he said, swinging a

leg off of the mattress and putting the bottle on the small table by

the bed. "Nat's busy in the house ..." His voice took on a filthy tone.

"With Linda."

A vision flashed before me of Linda trying to fight off her drunken

husband, but being forced down, her legs spread as Nat stuck his cock

roughly into her. My stepfather took a step, swayed and caught the

corner of the bed and then took another. I wanted to break and run, but

he had already gotten between me and the door. Oh God no, I thought,

not again! But if I humored him, maybe I could put it off until there

was a better chance to ...

"Aren't you at least going to let me get into something else?" My voice

hadn't given me away yet. I tried to smile and look sexually agreeable.

Frank narrowed his eyes with suspicion. "You mean I ain't gonna have to

convince you?"

I turned away, afraid he might see the lie in my face. "Not if there's

something in it for me. Once you promised a car ... or did you forget

again?" I heard him uncork the bottle and swallow heavily from it.

"Well now ... Hell, I haven't forgot nothin'."

I turned, feeling the advantage was mine again. "Make me an offer."

Frank scratched fingers through his mussed colorless hair and shrugged.

"Okay, okay. I'll get you that damned car. By God, we'll go in first

thing tomorrow. It can be your birthday present."

Of course I knew he was lying, but then I was too. Making my hips

slink, I came across the room and started unbuttoning his shirt,

praying all the time that my nerves would hold out. My hands trembled

terribly on each button, but Frank didn't seem to notice. He was

staring at the little mountains of my breasts pushed tight against

Jason's thin cowboy shirt.

When he reached out for me, I stopped his hand and smiled. "Why don't

you just get in bed and we ..."

"Oh, no," he shook his head. "You ain't gonna get out that door."

"Silly!" I scolded, taking his cock in my hand. "I was just going to

get out of these clothes."

Frank's face went soft as I moved his foreskin down over the enlarged

head and then back again. Over and back, over and back ... faster,

faster. He staggered backwards to the mattress and collapsed on it with

a sighing moan. I glanced quickly at the door, measuring how fast I'd

have to run, thinking of a place to run to.

"Damn Shelly, just keep doing that for a while," he grunted. "I knew

you were a hot-ass little girl all along."

"Oh sure," I said, caressing his balls with my other hand. "I just like

to get something in the bargain too." I was pumping Frank's huge cock

as fast as I could now and the head surged darkly with blood every time

I brought my fingers up.

"Jeeeesus," he gasped, closing his eyes. "You'd better lay off that ...

It ..."

Swallowing my nausea, I forced myself to lean forward and wetly kiss

Frank's stomach, praying for his semen to explode.

"Don't worry," I whispered. "We've got all night to do it again."

"Yeah ... But ..."

My fingers rolled the slick eggs inside his sac and I watched the

muscles along his thighs tighten with his building lust. Now I watched

the tiny slit-like orifice at the tip of his glans. A tiny droplet

appeared suddenly, glistening in the yellow light from the lamp. Then a

thick, whitish glop rose like a fountain from his shaft and fell wetly

against his furry chest.

"Shee--it!" Frank coughed.

I dropped his pulsing, come-soaked cock and broke for the door. As I

made the porch just outside, I glanced back long enough to see him

grasp his purging member and fall half off the bed, cursing while he

jerked the milky semen from his body.

The door on the pick-up stuck when I first tried it, but I banged it

frantically with my fist and it popped open. There was a growling call

somewhere behind me, but I switched on the ignition and shoved with all

my might against the starter pedal on the floor. Thank God, Uncle Nat

always left the keys in the truck. The old pick-up turned over lazily

at first and then a little faster. More than anything I wanted to pump

the accelerator, but I remembered watching Billy drive and his warnings

against flooding the engine.

Quickly I looked back at my room. Frank was coming down off the porch

now, starting across the yard. I could see the long lines of his shiny

semen reflecting the moon off his legs and stomach.

"Hey ... you!" he called.

The engine coughed blue smoke and bucked to life just as my stepfather

came up beside me. He reached for the door, but it was stuck again and

I let the clutch out fast while the motor raced.

"Little bitch!" he swore as the truck pushed him backwards and he

sprawled in the dust. I flicked the lights on and steered the old

clunker up the narrow, rutted road which led eventually to the highway

and Connerton. With no money and not even a driver's license I knew I'd

have to go back to the farm in the morning. But at least for now I was

safe. I thought maybe I could find a place to stop and rest and pull

myself back together. Any place ... just so long as another man didn't

try to touch me.

As I turned left from the dirt road onto the blacktop, I heard a

yipping bark behind me and turned to look through the rear window. It

was Napoleon, my uncle's German shepherd, pressing his black nose wetly

against the glass. He always liked to sleep in the back of the truck

and I'd brought him along with me by accident. For the past week, the

big friendly dog had been following me around a lot, so I felt just a

little less lonely now with him close by.

When the lights of the town grew closer, I gripped the big, worn

steering wheel and kept my toe down on the gas pedal, thankful to be

free of males for a while.

I'd almost driven by the big, lighted tent on the side of the road when

I realized what was going on and something inside made me pull the

truck onto the shoulder and turn around. It was a revival meeting on

the outskirts of Connerton--place where I might find some comfort.

Craning my head up over the steering wheel, I wound through the

battered cars and trucks parked all over the unused cornfield by the

tent. I found a place at last and told Napoleon to wait in the cab

until I got back. He scampered happily onto the seat and closed his


As I wandered up, a fat man in a shiny suit grinned pleasantly at me.

"Glad to have you, Sister." There were a couple of vacant folding

chairs in the back row and I took one and sat down to listen to the

tall, bony preacher up front. He wore a brightly checkered jacket,

floppy pants and wing-tipped shoes. I could clearly see the crazed

gleam in his eyes all the way from my distant seat.

"You have to take care of your neighbor!" he shouted, shaking his snow

white hair, "if you want God to take care of you."

Some heads nodded and a man hollered, "Amen, Brother!"

The preacher raised both hands and looked up at the top of the tent.

"People tell me they looooove God!" He looked at the audience again.

"Well, friends, I just tell them to give somebody in trouble a helping

hand and find out what God's love is all about!"

"Hallelujah!" a big, black woman shouted from the row in front of me. I

felt like shouting too. Something about the preacher's words made me

feel good inside.

"Don't say you love God and then call some acquaintance out of his

name!" The preacher made a sweeping gesture with his hands and studied

the people before him. "Backbiting ain't done nobody any good any time.

Why, you wouldn't do anything like that to God, would you?"

There was a shout from the front row and an old man got down on his

knees. "Praise the lord," he rasped.

People all around me got to their feet on a signal from the preacher

and the quartet of singers behind him broke into a fast-riding

spiritual while a black brother pounded out an irresistible throbbing

back-up on an electric organ. I stood up too, completely lost in the

music--so lost in it in fact that I hadn't noticed the tall blond boy

who'd taken the seat next to me.

"Want a sip of this?" he asked, pushing an open can of beer my way.

"It's kind of hot in here tonight, and Brother Clyde up there tends to

make it even hotter."

I shook my head and looked back to the front of the tent again. I

wasn't even going to speak to another male. Not here, not anywhere ...


The music roared and swirled around me and I rocked gently to the beat,

thinking about what Brother Clyde had said and hoping the boy next to

me would go away. After a while my curiosity got the better of me and I

glanced quickly over at him. He was wearing an expensive shirt, faded

Levi's and leather boots that didn't seem as though they'd seen much

work, not farm work anyway. Yet he was as strong-looking as Jason but

taller and better looking.

"Now listen!" shouted the preacher over the throbbing music. "We're

gonna show God's love tonight, you hear!"

"Thank you Jesus!" yelled a thin woman not far away. She threw herself

into the aisle and rolled around until her clothes were covered with

sawdust. A few other people stood close by to keep her from hurting


Brother Clyde smiled broadly and nodded like he knew everything there

was to know. "Now I want everybody here tonight to throw your arms

around that neighbor beside you and show him what Jesus is talking


I looked shyly to my left, but the woman there was already hugging

someone else. My face flushed red and for a moment I felt like bolting

from the tent and running back to the safety of the old pick-up and


"Well folks ... What are you waiting for?" The preacher's eyes seemed

to be burning right at me when he spoke and I turned away from them and

looked up at the blond boy's face. Our eyes met and I could see that he

was embarrassed too. Then he gave a little smile, dropped his empty

beer can on the floor and held out his arms.

"Hello neighbor," he said.

I put my arms around his middle and felt his hands warm on my back. We

stood like that for a few seconds, and I sensed the heat of his body,

its softness and hardness where we fit together. I closed my eyes and

thought of Jesus and thought of the Song of Solomon. I thought of my

mother and sex and Frank, my stepfather, and Jason and ...

A gentle hand pushed my head up and there were lips on my forehead,

pressing wetly. Then they were gone. "Brother Clyde is right," the

blond boy said. "That's what Jesus is all about."

I pushed my way out of his arms and stumbled through the clapping,

singing people until I was outside in the cool, evening air. I was

almost to the pick-up when I heard footsteps behind me,

"Hey, what's the hurry?" It was the boy again.

The damned old engine wouldn't turn over fast enough to catch and as I

sat there straining my foot against the starter, he leaned against the

door and watched me through the open window. I hoped that Napoleon

would bark at him, but the dog just hung out his tongue and tilted his

head to one side. The boy reached across and scratched Napoleon's ears.

"Look," he said, "I don't know what your troubles are, but I'd like to

be around when you work them out." He motioned back toward the tent and

shrugged. "You can't blame me for kissing you in there. Have you ever

looked at yourself in the mirror?"

"What do you mean?" I snapped, just as the old truck shook itself into


"I mean you're about the prettiest chick I've seen since I left New

York." He gave his easy smile again and the grey eyes sparkled. "Go

ahead--just go ahead home and take a close look in the mirror." His

next words were almost a whisper. "With or without clothes."

I let the clutch out with a jerk and steered the truck out of the lot

toward the highway while the blond boy stood watching me, arms folded

across his chest. After shifting into second I chanced a quick look

back. He was waving, but I snatched my eyes back to the road again and

chewed my lower lip. I was tired, awfully tired. Maybe everyone would

be asleep back at the farm. Maybe I could get some rest without being

bothered. But even before I got to the dirt road which wound toward

Uncle Nat's, I was wondering if Aunt Linda would mind letting me use

the full length mirror in her closet--just for a quick look, anyway.

Chapter 6

The next morning I felt surprisingly rested for what I'd been through

the night before. I was trying hard to forget Jason's coldness and my

stepfather's loveless lust, but one memory wouldn't disappear--the

burning kiss on my forehead which the blond boy had given me at the

revival meeting.

Uncle Nat met me as I came up the front stairs of the house and took me


"I found out what Frank tried to do to you last night, honey," he said,

his mouth white with anger. "Caught him in the yard missing his pants

and damn near beat bell out of the son of a bitch."

A rush of gratitude made me hug my big uncle around the middle. If only

he knew what Jason had done to me--twice. But I couldn't bring myself

to tell him.

"Your lousy stepfather told me he just got liquored up and lost his

head. I told him we don't need him around any more. Figure he'll clear

out in a day or two." Nat guided me gently toward the kitchen. "Now

look what Linda's gone and fixed for your birthday."

There was a big chocolate cake on the table with sixteen white candles

in it. Aunt Linda came across and gave me a squeeze. When her kiss on

my cheek lingered and grew sensual, Nat didn't seem to notice. I

sneaked an arm around her too and let her hold me as long as she


"After breakfast," my uncle said, "I'm taking you into town to get that

license you keep talking about all the time."

Linda got the boys to come in and I blew out the candles and helped

pass around the pieces. I tried not to pay any attention to Jason's

looks, though it was plain that he was gloating over his second

conquest and looking forward to a third, Billy was as quiet as ever.

Frank stayed in his room, probably too hungover and bruised from Nat's

beating to make an appearance. I was certain it wasn't because he was

ashamed. He'd never known what the word meant.

Linda had ironed the only blouse I had left and an orange miniskirt to

go with it and I went into her room to change. I had just fastened the

belt to my skirt when I remembered the mirror in her closet door and

what the boy at the revival meeting had dared me to do.

The sixteen-year-old who stared back at me from the silvered surface

was pretty, even prettier than she'd been a few months before. I

studied my legs and the way they were filling out in the calves, though

my ankles had stayed thin. My breasts would never be as large as

Linda's, but they had taken on more roundness and the nipples pushed

out brown and dark from the paler rosettes. I smiled and ran a brush

through my shiny brown hair. It had grown since coming to the farm and

when I pulled it down in front of my shoulders it reached way past my

breasts, covering them with a wispy veil. I imagined the blond boy

seeing me like that--wearing only a miniskirt. Then I shook my

shoulders until my maturing nipples thrust through the long strands of

hair. Feeling immediately wicked, I shut the mirrored door and finished


Uncle Nat was already waiting for me in the truck and when I got in he

laughed and spun the wheels in the thick dust. "I was gonna let you get

some practice with this rig, but after last night I figure you don't

need any."

I was terribly nervous all the way to town, and, to make it worse, my

uncle disappeared somewhere while I took my driving test. Still, I knew

I'd pass. For weeks I'd memorized every possible question and the

correct answers. After the policeman was satisfied I could handle the

old truck well enough to be safe, it was over. For a few minutes I sat

waiting for Nat to come back before I realized that I could drive

downtown looking for him if I wanted ... all by myself.

I'd only gone around the block once when I saw Uncle Nat coming out of

a liquor store, a brown package grasped in his right hand.

"Had to have something for my head," he said, climbing in.

By the time we'd gotten a couple miles from town, the bottle was

already a quarter gone and my uncle's complexion had flushed red. I was

too excited driving to pay much attention. Even when he told me to pull

off the highway and take a narrow road toward a small house by a wooded

hill, I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary.

"Gotta drop off something for old Ben Gordon," Nat said, swigging out

of his bottle again. "Won't take but a second."

Ten minutes passed, then twenty. It was too hot sitting in the truck,

so I got out and wandered around the side of the house where a big

willow was growing. Everything looked run down and gone to seed. The

rusting hulk of an old car sat in the back and nearby was a doorless

barn bordering a fallow pasture.

There was something about the name Ben Gordon that I knew I should

remember. When it came to me. Old Ben Gordon was supposed to be half

crazy, and his young wife was rumored to be loose with men. I'd heard

some farm wives talking once while visiting with Aunt Linda. I was

starting to question my uncle's motives for stopping at the Gordon

place when I heard soft laughter coming from a bedroom window near the

back of the house. A bed squeaked and I heard more laughter--Uncle

Nat's. The female voice floated as light as petals on water.

"You know how much I like you visiting me, Nat," she said.

I guessed what they were doing or about to do, but I flattened myself

against the side of the house anyway and scooted nearer to the closed

screen. What was there about people having sex that made me just have

to look?

"Come on, Connie," Nat said. "Do that dance for me."

I peered in the window, careful not to let myself be seen. Connie

Gordon was standing in the middle of the room looking across to where

Uncle Nat lay sprawled half-naked on the bed. She was wearing a black

lace bra and bikini-style panties to match, and her lithe body was

moving in a slow, undulating dance. She didn't look much over twenty-

four or five and her figure was everything I hoped mine would be some

day. I watched her close her eyes and wet her lips as she moved closer

to the bed. Uncle Nat's uncircumcised cock was heavy with blood and the

shiny glans was pushing its way out from the foreskin.

"Aw shit, baby, why don't you take it off now?" he said.

Gracefully Connie slipped a hand behind her back and unclasped the bra.

Then she let it slip down slowly until one large, firm breast popped

over the black, lacy edge. I swallowed hard and shook my head. Her

strip was even getting me hot. The bra fell to the floor and then she

began to skin down her panties, I saw the kinky brown muff of hair at

her crotch and then more of it. Connie pulled a leg out of one side and

pointed her toes straight like a ballerina would do. When the naughty

piece of apparel slid down to her ankle, she kicked it across the room

and Nat lunged to snag it in mid-air. Then he reached out for the

giggling girl, but she was already pirouetting away, her long hair

flying out behind her.

"Why, Nat," she teased, "what do you want with little old me?"

Nat laughed and swore and caught one of Connie's trim ankles. I watched

with a crimson face as she was dragged and wrestled to the bed. Connie

was acting so wanton, almost like a whore. Did men like their women to

behave like that? I wondered. Suddenly I was angry with my uncle for

his adultery, and angry at Connie Gordon, too--perhaps because she was

blatantly unashamed of her body and the power it held over members of

the opposite sex,

My labia felt heavy and hot. When I rocked my hips once or twice in

irritation at my condition, my clitoris pulsed and throbbed like a time

bomb as a hot gush of sex honey dampened my panties. I looked again

into the bedroom. Just one more quick glance, I promised myself.

Nat had forced Connie's thighs apart and was positioning his cock

against her glistening membranes. The glans was fully extended now,

shimmering darkly with purples and blues. My uncle's balls made his sac

hang heavily and I gave a little gasp as Connie reached out a hand and

hefted the loaded eggs.

"Is all that for me?" she simpered, pushing her tongue out between her


By now I had fallen against the window frame for support and both my

legs were shaking with passion. What was it that could let Connie

Gordon enjoy herself so much? The very same things she was joking about

only twisted my emotions into a tangled, guilty knot.

I had almost resolved to go back to the truck when Connie put her hands

on her knees and pulled them apart, opening her vulva completely. There

was an odd, slightly pained look on her pretty face as Nat inched the

head of his penis between her labia and pushed forward.

"Oh, damn it, Nat ... I've missed you," she sighed, squirming against

the mattress as she was penetrated. The head of his cock was gone now

and as I watched with a pounding heart, the shaft slipped into Connie's

body inch by inch. I put both hands tightly over my own crotch as if to

forbid anything similar ever happening to me again, but the sudden

pressure against my puffed and sopping labia brought a tiny whine of

frustrated desire from my throat.

My mind rebelled, but I left my fingers where they were and slowly

ground my pelvis against them. "Oh damn!" I mumbled. "Damn, damn,


The footsteps behind me snapped me back to reality. I turned quickly

and found myself looking into the unshaven face of an old man who was

holding a finger across his lips to advise me to stay quiet. Slung

casually across his bony forearm was the longest shotgun I'd ever seen.

He didn't have to tell me to keep my mouth shut. I was so scared I

could hardly draw a breath.

"Now get over here," he hissed in an ancient waver. I could only pray

that he hadn't seen what I'd been doing to myself. Quietly I went where

he motioned, even my blushes blushing.

"So you like to watch the two-backed beast, eh?" he cackled. He was

guiding me down the same narrow road we'd driven in on, and I realized

that the further away I got from the pick-up, the smaller was my chance

of escape.

"Wh--wh--where are you taking me?" I asked.

"Never you mind," the old man said. One of his claw-like hands grasped

my wrist and pushed me toward a grove of trees just off the road. "That

wife of mine thought I was gone up the creek. Thought I'd be gone all

day." He cackled again and spit. "Hell fire, I know what she's up to

and don't give a damn neither."

I opened my mouth to say something, but thought better of it and stayed

quiet. I was in no position to argue.

"Didn't figure I'd find Nat's niece slinkin' round my house, though."

He saw my look of surprise and nodded. "Oh sure. I know who you are.

And a mighty pretty little hunk of tail too."

"Please," I begged, "can I go back to the truck?"

He went on, ignoring what I'd said. "If your uncle can come in and pump

my Connie full of seed, I figure it's a fair exchange for me to take

you down here where I can get a better look."

It would be easy to outrun him, I thought, especially since we were

already heading toward the main road. I could be there ahead of him and

hide in a culvert until I could flag a car. But there was the matter of

his being kind of crazy ... would he be nutty enough to use that

shotgun he was carrying? I wasn't ready to take the chance. We walked

under the low-hanging branches of a big tree and Ben Gordon leaned his

gun against the trunk.

"All right, you can start peelin'."

I turned and gave him a look of shock. "What did you say?

"I said for you to uncover your hide. I want to see what it looks


Slowly, I started unbuttoning my blouse, taking as much time as I

could. When the last button came open, the old man stepped close and

stuck out his hand. I felt the hard nails of his fingers scrape along

my skin as he pushed back my thin top. A breast bounced out as the

material caught against a nipple, and Ben Gordon licked his chapped


"Why, you're plumb ripe, girl," he said. Then he gave a crazy coughing

laugh. "Let's see the rest."

I looked toward the house and then toward the main road. It was a good

quarter of a mile to the pavement and I was thankful that the old idiot

hadn't made me take off my sandals. Carefully I laid my dress and

blouse aside--in a place where I could grab them quickly. Ben Gordon

opened his eyes wide at the dark patch of wetness at my crotch.

"You can just hand me them pants now," he wheezed.

If he thought he was going to climb on me there under that tree, he

really was crazy. I knew I could stop him somehow if he got that close.

But Ben fumbled at his fly and pulled out his white, veined cock,

making no move toward me at all. By now I was out of my soaked panties

and waiting there naked in front of him, the flimsy things dangling

from my fingers.

Ben snatched them away and pushed the pink nylon against his grizzled

face. When he grabbed his cock with the other hand and began to move

it, I knew my chance had come. It seemed the old man had a thing for


Grabbing my miniskirt and blouse I put a tree between Ben and me, then

ran as fast as I could go, not stopping until I'd made it to the

embankment below the road. Old man Gordon hadn't bothered to give

chase, so I hid myself behind a rock and quickly pulled on my things

... all except my panties of course. After smoothing down my hair I

climbed up to the road and started in the direction of my uncle's farm.

A car whizzed by and disappeared around a turn. I knew if I could

hitchhike it would save a couple of miles of walking anyway. When I

heard the next sound of a motor, I turned and put out my thumb, but it

was only a motorcycle. I had already dropped my arm and started walking

again when the fellow driving stopped beside me anyway.

"Told you I'd see you again," the blond boy said, pushing his goggles

up on his forehead. It was him--the same boy I'd met at the tent

service, the one who'd kissed my forehead.

I motioned awkwardly up the road and shrugged. "I was ... I was just


"Taking a walk five miles from town?" he offered, grinning at me.

"Guess so." Self-consciously I tugged down at the hem of my skirt.

The boy slapped the leather seat behind him. "Come on, I'll take you

wherever you're going."

It was a long walk to Nat's farm, I thought, and besides in a way I was

glad to see whatever-his-name-was again even if he was a male. When I

threw a leg over and pressed my naked bottom down against the sun-

warmed leather, the strange sensation made me give a little cry of


"Name's Thad," the boy said and took off so quickly that I had to

clutch both arms around his waist.

"Mine's Shelly," I hollered back over the engine's roar. "Thanks for


The only place where the wind wouldn't burn my eyes was behind Thad's

broad shoulders, so I laid my head there and hung on. The vibrations of

the powerfully throbbing cycle made a strange and exciting friction

against the wet lips of my vulva, no matter how hard I tried not to let

it. I was so worried about my tumultuous emotions that I didn't notice

when Thad pulled off the highway and wound up another road. He pulled

the rumbling cycle into a clump of bushes and turned it off. Weak from

the excitement of being rubbed by the seat, I managed to get off and

wipe the shiny spot of girl slick from the leather with my hand before

Thad could see it.

"Hope you don't mind me stopping," he said, hanging his goggles over

the headlight. "I was afraid I might not get to talk to you if I took

you straight home."

It was nice and cool there under the trees and I told Thad a little

about the farm and my aunt and uncle, making it sound as innocent and

normal as I could. It was hard to keep the hatred out of my voice,

though, when I spoke of Frank.

"So you don't care much for your stepfather," Thad said, studying my

face. "Am I right?"

I nodded and looked quickly at my hands. It was so easy to talk to Thad

about things I'd never tell another soul. Then he told me a little

about himself. He was really older than he looked--twenty-eight to be

exact. He'd been heading for San Francisco when his truck had broken

down and stranded him in Connerton until the part could be shipped in

from upstate. He was planning to open a bar with a friend on the Coast

when he got there.

"You take your motorcycle with you everywhere you go?" I asked.

"Wouldn't have it any other way." He picked a long stalk of grass and

stuck it in the corner of his mouth. "When things get down on me, I

just roll that beautiful bike off my truck and let her rip. Best

medicine in the world."

Neither of us had spoken about the revival meeting or what had happened

there, but I was thinking of it all the time. Now that I'd gotten to

know Thad a little, I could see he wasn't like any of the other men I'd

met in my life, not that I'd met that many. I liked the way his hair

curled long around his ears and down over his collar, the way his

craggy nose had freckled in the sun.

It occurred to me that we'd talked for a half hour or more and Thad

hadn't even laid a hand on me. In fact, I was almost beginning to hope

he ...

Thad got up suddenly and pulled me up by my hands. I was trembling with

suppressed excitement and the magnetic attraction between us was so

heavy I could almost see it in the air. I wanted to say something,

anything, but the look in his eyes made me stay quiet. I knew what Thad

wanted to do. He wanted to kiss me.

Our mouths moved together like shy searching animals at first, so soft

and warm that it brought a sigh from my throat. Then Thad pressed

harder, exploring my tongue with his own. It was beautiful. Thad's

hands moved down my body, following the curve of my waist and the

outward swell of my bottom. I tensed. He had sucked my ear lobe between

his lips now and the sensation was driving me crazy. But what would he

think if he found out I had no panties on?

I twisted in his arms, but it was too late. Thad had slipped his

fingers down to the edge of my miniskirt and then under it. When I felt

his palms warm against my firm little cheeks, I looked up at him, ready

to make some silly excuse or explanation. Both of us were trembling

with the excitement of the moment, and when I opened my mouth to speak,

he put a finger to my lips and smiled.

"It's none of my business," he said.

I knew Thad could see me panting, but I couldn't help it. Closing my

eyes, I pushed my face against his chest and clung there, more mixed up

than ever about boys and how I should act around them.

"Shelly," he said finally, "I'm going to make love to you."

"No!" I said, stiffening in his arms, "Really. I don't want ..."

Thad cut me off. "Like I said the other night, I don't know exactly

what your problems are, but I can cure this one for you."

His assumptions made me suddenly angry. How did he know that I was

troubled with sex anyway? "I think you'd better take me home now."

"I will. After I take off your clothes and ..."

Again I tried to get away. "Please, let me go--" Thad had slipped his

hands down to my naked ass cheeks again and the sensation was lovely--

so lovely that I couldn't keep from giving another sigh.

"It isn't wrong to say you want to do something." Thad made me look up

at him. "Come on. Just say what you feel."

"I don't know what I feel," I cried. His fingers had found my wet mound

and each time he petted it, I thought I'd collapse right there.

Thad laughed again. His relaxed and easy manner had dissolved my anger,

but I wasn't going to give in so easy to what had always hurt me in the


"Look," he whispered, "just repeat after me, What can it hurt?"

"All right," I said, frowning, "but saying it won't mean that I mean


He pushed inside my sopping folds and rested his finger against my

clitoris. I fought down the shivery feelings and stared up at him,

resolved not to be weak.

When he spoke, Thad's voice was soft and romantic. "Say, Thad I love


"Thad, I love you," I said, not smiling.

"Good. Now try this. Thad, I know you want to make me happy and make me

come." He waited patiently for my reply.

"This is silly," I snapped. "Okay, I'll say it." Thad pushed his lips

against my neck as I began. "Thad, I know you ... W--w--want to make me

happy and m--m--make me ..."

I tightened my arms around his chest a little tighter and tried to

remember. My loins were melting like butter against his softly

caressing fingers and his teeth nipped playfully at the tenderest spots

on my neck.

"You haven't finished it yet," he urged.

"And make me ... come," I sighed, feeling my thighs pulled hard against

his, feeling his erect cock bound tight by his clothes.

We fell--or, I thought we were falling. It was only Thad lowering me

into the soft, wild grass that surrounded us on every side. He

unbuttoned my blouse and pushed it back. I felt the sun on my titties

and then the wetness of Thad's mouth and tongue. My tiny skirt was

wadded around my waist, but I didn't care. He was struggling with his

own pants now. Then our bodies pressed together warmly. Our skin rubbed

and tickled in a thousand places and I felt my turgid little nipples

slip along Thad's tan chest. I kissed his neck wet wherever I could

reach it.

"See how beautiful it can be?" he said softly.

I was afraid to say anything, though I wanted to beg him not to leave

me when he was finished, not to leave me alone to be ashamed. Instead,

I just held on to him like we were the last man and woman on earth.

"I don't know how long I can last," he said. "You're very pretty, and

I'm over-due." Thad pushed my slippery labia apart with his fingers and

I felt the hot glans of his cock nestle against the tiny head of my

clitoris and then slip down to my vagina. Tilting my mound up so he

could go inside easier, I let my hands hold him softly at the small of

his back. I hadn't even seen his cock yet, but somehow I knew it must

be beautiful.

There was a wet sound and I felt our bodies join, his member stabbing

upward with a glorious splash of feeling. Thad heard the hot little

rushes my breath was making and he touched my chin with his lips. "I

love you, Shelly."

"Oh, do you, Thad? Do you really?"

"Yes," he whispered back. "Already I love you." Thad's cock was all the

way in me now and when he began to pull it out, I squirmed my bottom

against the ground and whimpered. I felt like a soft little bunny who

needed it so awfully bad. Thad kissed me around the mouth until I was

murmuring words that weren't really words.

"Oh, darling," I begged, "make me feel good like you said you would.

Please, Thad ... please!"

Thad's cock slipped in and out of my body, making slick, soft sounds of

love. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and back until he winced a

little and bit me tenderly on one breast. My face was wet with his spit

as I moved my body under him. My come was starting already. The point

of no return rushed by and my groin and tummy spread fiery tendrils

through the rest of my body.

"Shelly," Thad moaned, "I don't think I can hold it any longer."

"Oh, don't hold it!" I cried, hugging him tight. "Don't hold it any


We struggled together, gasping and twisting on the grass. Thad rolled

over and for a moment I was on top, his cock planting semen into the

very back of my vagina. When he pushed me under him again I felt my

insides close around his penis tightly. I was crying with the

thunderous waves of pleasure that Thad was rubbing from my vulva with

his spurting cock.

"Gosh Thad ... Oh, damn it, I'm going to die!"

"Shelly, baby ... you're fucking me dry," he sighed and covered my

mouth again with his own wet lips.

I didn't know I was still crying, but Thad's tongue licking at my tears

brought me out of my day dream. Maybe I was sad because deep down I

knew that the joy and love was over. Thad would pull on his clothes,

take me home and go on to California. He probably had dozens of women

waiting for him on the coast.

"Why the tears?" he asked, cradling my head in his hands.

"Thad," I began, trying to be brave, "you don't have to hang around and

be grateful or anything. You can just take me home if you want, and

I'll promise not to beg you to stay or ..."

"Hold on a minute," he said, shaking his head. "Where did you get all

that crap?"

I lowered my eyes and pushed my finger over a freckle on his bare

shoulder, feeling terribly foolish. The breeze blew a strand of hair

across my eyes and Thad shoved it back.

"Well, let me tell you a few things before you freak out again, okay?"

I nodded and tried to smile. "Okay."

"You're gonna go to California with me for a starter ..."

"Oh Thad," I gasped, hardly believing my ears.

"Hold on. There's more to it than that." He studied my face closely.

"How old are you anyway?"

"I'm nineteen in just a--"

Thad shook his head. "No, you're not. Come on. How old?"

I looked away again. "Sixteen. Sixteen today."

He scratched the side of his head and narrowed his eyes in thought. "I

figured it was something like that." Then he looked at me again,

smiling. "Okay, no sweat. We can still do it."

Our bodies were still joined together and I could feel Thad's big cock

melting into softness, yet clasped firmly by my vagina. This is the way

it was supposed to be, I thought.

"Thad darling, I love you, I love you!" I pulled his face down and

pushed my open mouth over his. For a while we stayed that way, then he

looked into my eyes and smiled his loving smile.

"Now I think we'd better figure out some plans."

We stayed under the trees for another hour, playing with each other's

bodies and growing closer. I'd been right about Thad's cock. It was

beautiful. He let me look at it while it was soft and we both laughed

when my explorations and fondling started it growing again. The glans

was pale when small, but as Thad got excited it took on a dusky violet

and seemed to be almost bursting with blood.

Too soon it was time for Thad to take me home and get back to

Connerton. He had to pay the garage and pick up his truck before he

could load his gear into it at the motel. We agreed that I would meet

him at the crossroads early next morning with my things.

I showed Thad where my uncle's place was, but made him let me off a

half-mile away, just so nobody would see him and get suspicious. He

told me to leave a note that said I'd gone to New York ... or anywhere,

for that matter, except toward the West coast. There were still a lot

of things I couldn't yet bring myself to tell Thad about what had

happened to me at the farm. But there was all the time in the world for


My problem now would be to stay away from Frank and Jason until I could

get away the next day with Thad. I wasn't foolish enough to believe

that Uncle Nat's warnings would keep my stepfather away from me, and

Jason had obviously come to the conclusion that I was an easy lay any

time his pants got tight.

The sound of Thad's motorcycle droned away into the distance as I

started down the dusty road toward the farm, thinking already about the

next time I'd see him.

Chapter 7

Nat's old pick-up still wasn't parked by the house when I walked down

the hill into the yard. I only hoped that Old Man Gordon was true to

his word and didn't care about my uncle plowing his pretty young wife.

When Linda saw me dragging into the kitchen, she wiped her hands on her

apron and gave me an inquisitive look.

"Where's your uncle?"

"He let me off at the pasture gate," I said, making up lies as fast as

I could. "Said he had to get over to Johnston's to pick up some baling


Linda looked as if she believed me so I got a drink of water and went

into the front room. Frank was sitting on the couch blowing steam off

of a cup of coffee. There was a big bruise under his right eye and a

long cut on his forehead.

"That was a neat little trick you played on me last night," he


I looked at him coolly. "You're the one who plays tricks." I started

out onto the porch.

"Wait, don't leave yet."

I stopped and looked at his battered face. "How did you explain those

bruises to Linda?" I asked with a smile.

"She just thinks Nat and I scuffled a bit," he said, digging something

out of his pocket. "But unless you keep your voice down, she'll know

the rest."

I put my hands on my hips and frowned. "Maybe a few people should know

just how lousy you really are," I said. Somehow I felt more confident

around my stepfather now. More and more he seemed a tired old man with

no morals instead of a rampaging tiger on the loose.

"Okay, okay," he grumped, pushing a shaking hand through his thin hair.

"Look, I'm leaving tomorrow or the next day. It'll be the last chance

I'd have of ..." His beady eyes took in my long legs below the hem of

the miniskirt.

"I've got some things to do, Frank," I said, starting out the door

again. He stood up, almost spilling his coffee, and thrust a wad of

bills into my hand.

"Just let me come see you tonight." He looked like a man who hadn't

eaten in months. I smoothed the crumpled bills out and counted them.

About fifty dollars ... a down payment anyway on all that my horrible

stepfather had done to me in the past.

"Okay," I said, stuffing the bills into the pocket of my blouse. "But

don't come until morning. Daybreak would be best." By then I hoped to

be in Thad's warm arms and heading out of the state.

"Yeah ... sure." He rubbed his bleary eyes and picked up his coffee

again. "You won't regret it, Shelly."

Linda came in from the other room and Frank left the house quickly,

avoiding her face. She watched him go, then looked at me.

"Something funny's going on around here," she said. "Shelly, what made

you drive off in that pick-up last night? By the time I'd gotten away

from your drunken uncle there was all kinds of commotion, and then them

out there fightin' by the barn."

"I just felt like taking a ride," I said quickly. "Nat said I could if

I didn't go far."

"I don't like it," she said as I went out. "I don't like it at all."

Jason was coming across the barnyard with a bucket and, though I

pretended I didn't see him, he blocked my path and undressed me with a

lewd look.

"Wanta ride into town with me later?" he asked.

"No, Jason. I'm busy." He put down the bucket and grabbed my wrist.

When I tried to jerk free he squeezed until the pain shot up my arm. It

was his favorite trick and one that always worked.

"Tell you what," he continued, "I'll just sneak down tonight and take

care of you ... How's that?"

"What are you talking about?" I forced my eyes to meet his.

Jason gave me a twisted smile. "Hell, it's been about twenty-four hours

since you've been bred. You must be missing my cock somethin' awful."

I wanted to scream to Jason that I'd met a wonderful boy named Thad,

wanted to tell him how much better Thad was with a girl. More than

anything I wanted to tell my horrible cousin that I was leaving the

farm the very next day with Thad.

"Let me go, or I'll call for Linda." My voice was shaking, but Jason

recognized the anger in it and dropped my hand. I walked on toward my

room, Jason only a step or two behind.

"Listen here, cunt," he snarled. "I'll be down here when the sun sets--

and you'd better be ready for it, or I'll break down that silly little

shed you live in."

I slammed the door in his face and bolted the lock. Napoleon had gotten

up from his corner and was standing with his hackles up, growling low

in his throat.

"It's okay, baby," I said, petting him calm again. The big shepherd, it

seemed, was the only friend I had left on the place besides Uncle Nat.

Even Linda had been getting short with me since I'd tried to cool our

more intimate relationship.

By the time suppertime had rolled around, I'd stuffed what few things I

owned in an old duffel bag I'd found in the barn and hidden it under

the bed just in case someone wanted to snoop.

When I went into the kitchen, everyone was eating quietly. Frank was

eating in his room, still a little shy of Uncle Nat to face him over a

plate of fried chicken.

Jason immediately started touching me under the table, but I managed to

stay away from his greedy fingers long enough to stuff myself with

drumsticks. I knew I'd be missing breakfast the next morning and would

have a long way to walk, so when the pie came around for the second

time, I had more of that, too.

The sun was just going down when I went back to my room and locked the

door behind me again. It would only be a few hours and I'd be with

Thad. Already I was yearning to be naked underneath him. How could it

be wrong to fuck someone like him?

The mugginess of the night made me open both windows, but I still had

to shed my clothes to be comfortable. I thought of touching myself as I

lay on the sheets, but decided to wait for Thad to do it instead. It

was better somehow when he fondled my slick parts, when he made me


I don't know how long I'd been asleep when a terrible crash made me sit

up in the bed, hands over my bare titties. The door stood open and,

though it was too dark to see much of anything, I recognized the

shadowy form silhouetted by the moonlight. Jason!

Napoleon started across the room growling, but then there was a

scurrying scratch of his paws on the bare wood floor and a barking

squeal of pain as Jason grabbed the dog by the forelegs and sent him

somersaulting out the door. Then he slammed the door shut and blocked

it with a chair.

I tried to get out of bed, but Jason caught my shoulders and shoved me

down again. Already I could feel his cock pressed against my panties.

He was unshaven and there was the unmistakable odor of beer on his


"Jason," I cried, "I don't want you to do this. I don't, I don't!"

"That don't matter none," he said.

I bit and scratched, but Jason pinned my wrists against the mattress.

Oh, why did it have to happen now--after I'd found Thad? There was

another noise at the door, drowning out Napoleon's steady barking. Had

Uncle Nat heard the noise from the house and was coming down to help?

The door crashed open again, knocking the chair across the room on its

side. Someone grabbed Jason by the shoulders and jerked him off of me.

Then there was the sickening thud of a fist against my attacker's face.

"You bastard, Billy!" Jason spit. The two of them fell heavily to the


It was Billy Joe--and from Jason's groans, my younger cousin wasn't

doing so bad. Napoleon was in the room now, yipping wildly as he hopped

back and forth over the fighting boys. Then there was another enormous,

splintering crash and Billy fell through my table and slumped against

the wall.

"Crazy little shit," Jason said, wiping blood from his nose. "He

shoulda known better than try and kick my ass." He stumbled out the

door into the moonlit yard.

Billy pushed himself to his knees and then stood up while I struggled

with the kerosene lamp. For a moment I thought Jason was going to come

back in again, but Billy stood in the doorway defying him.

"You want some more?" Billy said.

"Aw hell no, you'd just get murdered." We heard Jason's boots clomping

back toward the house while Billy helped me get the door closed again.

"Sit down," I told him, getting a rag wet in my wash basin. "I want to

clean you up." I was still wearing only my panties, but with my rescuer

bleeding from a couple of cuts on his face, it seemed silly to stop and

dress. Billy's eyes studied my jiggling breasts as I scrubbed the dirt

from around one wound and then held the cool rag against it. I felt

myself blush under his gaze. "You've seen all of me before," I said,

grinning. "The swimming hole, remember?"

He looked shyly at his feet. "It's been a while, though."

After Billy's cuts had stopped bleeding we sat silently together until

finally I picked up his hand and pressed it between mine.

"Thanks, Billy Joe," I said. "For doing what you did tonight."

"Jason's had me buffaloed for a long time," he said back. "I guess it

took you to finally snap me out of it."

I looked at Billy's sandy hair and innocent face. He seemed a lot shier

now than he had at the river that time he'd asked me to do those sexy

things to him. I liked him better when he wasn't trying to be like his

older brother.

"Stand up so I can get your pants off."

Billy stood up, shuffling nervously. "You mean ... I'm gonna stay here

tonight?" I blew out the lamp and came over him.

"Maybe not all night," I whispered back. "But long enough to say

goodbye, anyway ... and for me to thank you."

While I struggled Billy's jeans off, I explained to him that I was

running away from the farm and my stepfather too. Just to be safe, I

didn't mention Thad or where we were going.

"I'd really hate to see you leave, Shelly." He put his hands on my

shoulders and pressed his body against my bare breasts. It was nice--

not as nice as Thad, but nice.

"This may sound funny to you," Billy said in an embarrassed way, "but

I've never had a girl before."

I really was surprised. "You mean after all that stuff that happened

down swimming that first day, you're telling me ..."

"It's true." He bit his lip and looked glum. "I'm just a good bluffer.

I don't know as much about girls as I let on."

I don't know what made me remember Connie Gordon at that particular

moment. Maybe Thad's sweet loving earlier that day had loosened up a

knot of guilty fear that had been choking me for a long time, maybe

Connie herself had made me see sex between man and woman in a new

light. I recalled her graceful movements and the way she had titillated

Uncle Nat to near-madness simply by taking off her underwear.

Everything she did had been light, carefree, even gay. Could I dare to

mimic her now in front of shy Billy Joe? He might think I was stupid to

act like that, or that it was disgusting.

Pushing these thoughts away, I stood up and danced into the pale light

which came in through my window. I would never know unless I tried what

magic I might contain. I cupped my hands under my smallish breasts and

leaned forward a little, as if offering them to Billy. He watched with

wide eyes, his boyish Adam's apple bobbing every so often. It felt

silly at first to weave my hips and dip my knees the way Connie had

done, but I did it anyway and soon I could tell that the sensual

movements were having an effect on Billy--and or myself!

I knew Billy Joe was looking at the dark patch of wetness which had

covered my panty crotch. Slowly, teasingly, I let my palms slide down

over my tummy until I'd grasped the elastic band. Then, keeping my

hands still, I let my bottom do the undressing, slithering out of the

pale blue undies like a snake.

"Jesus, Shelly," Billy Joe said, "I didn't know you ... you could

undress like that!"

"It's the first time I've ever done it," I whispered, bending close.

"And it's just for you." Now a few light curls of pubic fluff peeked

out. I snaked my hips again and felt my moist labia excite my clitoris.

I snaked again and a tremor of fire tickled my nipples. With a final

little bump, I pulled one foot out of my soaking panties and pointed it

straight out just like Connie had done. Billy gulped loudly and watched

the dripping lip of my slit wetly open. When my pants fell to the ankle

of my other foot, I hooked a toe in the nylon softness and flipped them

through the air toward my young cousin. The sheer things flopped

against his chest and then fluttered down into his lap, finally hanging

over the head of his erect penis like a flag of sex. Billy pushed the

soft material against his cock and took a deep lungful of air.

"I want you to marry me, Shelly," he rasped. "I want you to be my


I pranced close and took his face in my hands. "That's the sweetest

thing anybody has ever said to me," I told him. "But the time isn't

right. Both of us are too young,"

Billy started to protest, but I put a hand over his mouth.

"Shhhh. Let's just think of tonight--this hour, this minute." Moving

like I thought Connie might, I pushed my thighs around one of his knees

and let my juicy mound press against his skin. Then I circled my arms

around him and touched the nape of his neck with my fingertips. "Love

me, Billy Joe. Love me now."

He gave a moan of passion and tumbled me backwards onto the bed. I felt

his frantic fingers pushing the heated tip of his cock at the honey of

my slit, hunting for the hole that would take him deeply into my body.

"No, baby," I said, trying to guide his hand. "Down a little bit ... a

little further." His glans slipped suddenly into my tube. "Ohhh, yes.

Now you've got it!"

"Jeez, Shelly, you feel so hot down there!" Billy moved his bottom

forward and another inch sank deliciously into my vagina. He kissed my

neck hungrily. "And it's so ... deep."

We made love in silence, each of us getting hotter and more excited

until I sensed Billy was close to coming. He had gotten his fingers

under my thighs and was digging into my shoulder with his chin and

sighing like he wouldn't live more than a few seconds.

"Billy, sweetheart," I begged, trying to match him with my own

movements, "hold on just a little ... I'm almost th--th--there."

"Oh shit," he cried. "I'm gonna do it ... I'm gonna come."

"Suck my tittie," I breathed. "Suck it quick." I was running my hands

up and down his smooth skin, feeling every inch of his boyish body

weighing me down. Billy had pulled one of my nipples into his mouth

now, and as he bit and tongued it, I gave a cry of happiness and

wrapped my legs over his.

"Now you can go, Billy," I said, writhing in my throes. "Come inside

Shelly ... come inside."

"Oh Shelly! Oh God! Oh damn!"

I wanted him all inside me--cock, balls and all. The old bed squeaked

and groaned under us as Billy's cock spewed seed against the knotted

mouth of my womb and I choked on my own excited moans.

"Don't stop, Billy ... pleeease don't!"

It was later when I pulled my body from Billy's soft penis and bent to

look at it. More and more I was growing fascinated with those soft

little hoses that grew out of a man's groin and could become hard

enough to fit inside a girl's body. I knew that nothing really came out

of me when I had an orgasm--I just got a lot slicker with sex oil. But

a man was different. He had a complicated pump somewhere inside him

that forced the white, foamy jizz from his cock right up into the

girl's body. I could hardly wait until I would have the chance to take

a close look at Thad, my very own man.

Billy Joe kissed me goodbye some time around midnight and after I'd

licked the tears from his cheeks and promised him we'd meet again

someday, I made him go to the house. Finally I fell into an exhausted


Chapter 8

The dream was of Thad.

He was holding a wet snake against my crotch, but I wasn't afraid. I

twisted and writhed in the dream as the serpent touched my clitoris

again and again with his forked tongue. I guess I was getting very

excited when slowly I came awake in the darkened room--awake enough to

see that the door was still firmly wedged shut with a chair. I was glad

when the lovely sensations at my slit didn't stop. Spreading my legs a

little, I tried to slip back into the sexy dream. Then a wet, warm

something sanded my vulva so hard that the sensual sparks flashed

through every nerve in my body. This was no dream!

"Napoleon!" I gasped, pushing myself up on shaky elbows. The dog gave a

couple of friendly pants and pushed his muzzle once more against my

slick parts. The first wave of revulsion washed over me and I let it go

by, but still I couldn't keep from pushing Napoleon's head away.

It was pretty easy to see that dogs weren't bothered by sex hang-ups.

To Napoleon I was desirable--something he wanted perhaps as badly as I

wanted Thad. I remembered the time a week or two before when I'd seen

the big shepherd try to mount Fanny, a mongrel bitch from the

neighboring farm. Fanny just wasn't big enough to take the big, red

cock and finally ran off yelping while Napoleon thrust uselessly at

empty air, his trembling penis oozing dog semen.

I scratched Napoleon's ears and he laid his head against my belly

affectionately, making small whining noises in his throat.

"You horny old darling, you," I said, shaking my head at him. I felt

freer about sex now, freer than I'd ever imagined I would feel. But was

I free enough to have sex with a dog?

My foolish mother would die if she knew I was even considering such a

thing. And what about Frank, who'd been trying to get into my sixteen-

year-old cunny for three solid months? I looked at Napoleon again and

couldn't stifle a laugh. Now that I was fully awake, I realized just

how hot his tongue had gotten me. The big dog must have read my

thoughts because suddenly he was lapping at my tummy, spreading the

wetness around until I was coated with his saliva right up to the

bottoms of my breasts. Well, I could hug him anyway. He had earned some

affection for the way he'd tried to defend me against Jason. Napoleon

gave another little whine and lowered his big furry chest against my


"No kisses," I scolded when he pushed his muzzle toward my face. It

felt strange having his paws against my shoulders, pinning them almost

as if he knew what he wanted and was out to get it. Then I felt

something else. Something hot and wet against my pudendum.

The very first glimmer of light in the east was beginning to make my

window panes glow with a pale grey and I could see the shiny, red-wet

spear of Napoleon's cock pushing out of the furry sheath. Napoleon

tucked his rear under and the fantastic-looking organ slid over my

pubic curls and brushed my tummy, leaving a glistening spot of

slickness next to my navel. I'd gotten poor Napoleon hot now and he was

expecting more than I was sure I wanted to give him.

"Down boy!" I said, trying to be forceful. "Get down!"

The big dog just laid his head against my right breast and looked up at

me with sad, pleading eyes, panting against my skin.

I could feel the heated staff that jutted from his belly as he pushed

it up and down through the light brown locks of my mound. It probably

wouldn't work anyway. Besides, if Napoleon got too excited he might

hurt me without really meaning to.

"I told you that's enough, Napoleon!" With my hands gripping the fur of

his sides, I had just started to push him away when the big animal gave

another yip and spraddled his legs so that he could come up against my

loins at a lower angle. I wasn't ready for the sudden sensation of his

lean, hard animal cock dividing the soft membranes within my body and

slipping deep. A frantic sinking emotion filled my chest as I clutched

the dog's furry forelegs.

"N--N--Napoleon!" I gasped, but it was too late. Napoleon made three or

four quick little jabs and the swollen barb of his organ tapped against

my womb. The first wave of panic subsided and I swallowed hard, trying

to comprehend the situation, wondering confusedly what to do. Of one

thing, though, there was no doubt. Napoleon had taken me quickly and

with very little fuss.

I let my hands slip back over the pretty animal's coat until I could

feel his narrow, strong rear as it humped under rapidly with that quick

rhythm dogs always use. Poor Napoleon's legs were stretched apart and

behind him in an awkward position so that he could get low enough for

my body and he was straining terrifically to keep inside me. It was a

small truth I had to face--I didn't want it to end, at least not yet.

Grabbing a pillow from beside me, I stuffed it under my bottom so that

Napoleon could get at me better.

The soft, hairless skin under his belly rubbed against my clitoris now

and the panting dog braced his legs for power and punched hard.

"Gosh!" I squealed, as he wet both my breasts with his tongue and

worked even faster over my melting cunt. I kept telling myself that it

couldn't happen. But it had. The tickling little fuck-itch that could

never be scratched enough had my vulva pounding. Napoleon's hurried and

lusty attack made the flesh on my thighs quiver with each lunge; when

he lashed his hot tongue against my neck and chin, I didn't try to stop

him. The excitement was building faster than it ever had with a man. I

could feel my body's voltage skyrocketing up like a roller coaster as

the glands in my slit poured out slickness, wetting us both. Then,

almost before I could ready myself, I was coming. I gave a choked cry

and tightened my grip on Napoleon's back, crushing him down onto me

even harder.

"Oh ... Ohhh!" I whimpered, spreading my toes against the sheet,

holding tight to the thrusting, plunging animal. Something hot was

filling my vagina, something that foamed powerfully from the tip of

Napoleon's cock. I could feel it up there.

Napoleon gave a whining bark and began to move so rapidly that if I

hadn't hugged him, he would have fallen off the bed. His cock jerked

suddenly from my hole and flopped up against my tummy as he tried

frantically to get it back inside the warmth of my insides. A long,

scalding lick of semen shot up between my breasts and then another one,

wetting a nipple. The dog shivered from head to tail and fell sideways

onto the mattress, his wet shaft still pulsing against the sheet.

"Easy boy," I murmured, petting his chest. "It's all over now."

Napoleon lay curled on the bed and watched me contentedly while I

cleaned up and got into some clothes. I could see that his eyes were

more adoring than ever. In an instant I knew that I'd take him with me

when I left to meet Thad. No one else around the farm cared half as

much about him as I did anyway.

In another few minutes the sun would be up. I scribbled a quick note to

Aunt Linda and Uncle Nat and then, making sure I hadn't forgotten

anything, I slung the strap of my duffel bag over my shoulder and

started for the door.

There was a knock and someone outside shuffled their feet.

"Shelly?" Frank said, "you in there?"

"Just a second," I said back, "let me pretty myself up a little first."

I should have known he would have come early. The back window of my

room was big and not too far from the floor. The screen came off

without any trouble and I dropped my duffel through, then pushed

Napoleon after it, ordering him to stay quiet.

"Sure want to come in, baby," my stepfather pleaded.

"Almost ready!" I said and dropped into the weeds outside. With

Napoleon close on my heels, I circled the barn and came out on the

gently sloping ridge above the farm that would take me in the direction

of the crossroads. When I glanced back down at the barnyard, I saw

Frank standing there in front of the shed that was my room. He was

wearing nothing but a wrinkled nightshirt and his cock stood out hard

from his crotch.

I'd just started to turn away and go over the top of the hill when the

noise of a screen door slapping made me look back again. Uncle Nat was

striding purposefully across the farmyard, pulling on an undershirt as

he advanced against my still unsuspecting stepfather.

I didn't have time to watch, if I'd even wanted to. Smiling to myself,

I walked as fast as I could across the north pasture and up by the

irrigation ditch while Napoleon panted along beside me, happily wagging

his tail.

* * *

"I worried about you," Thad said as he tossed my duffel bag into the

back of the pick-up and slid it against the wheel of his tied-down

motorcycle. As soon as we were in the cab, he took me in his arms and

kissed me. By the time we broke it off, we were both trying to get our

hands into each other's pants.

"Shelly," he said, eyes laughing, "I'd just love to pull off every

stitch you're wearing and ..."

"I know." Sighing, I kissed one of his cheeks and then the other. "But

they'll know I'm gone pretty soon."

Thad started the engine and put the truck in gear while Napoleon jumped

into the back. In a few minutes we had left Connerton behind and the

wheels hummed and droned on the highway heading west.

As I rested my head against Thad's shoulder and watched the telephone

poles flash by, I knew that something new and wonderful was beginning.

A strong but gentle man wanted and loved me bad enough to take me with

him . .. wanted me bad enough to risk jail when we crossed the state

line. I put my hand against his warm thigh and waited patiently for the

moment I could show him how I loved him too.

Chapter 9

Thad stopped at a restaurant in a small town in Kansas around noon.

Both of us had missed breakfast and the eggs and toast and coffee

seemed to fill us both with new energy. Even watching Thad eat made me

feel sexy, but I didn't say anything until the truck was gassed and we

were on our way again. I'd had more sex in the past few days than I'd

ever had in my life, yet I was still hungry for the handsome male at my

side. Finally, as we were speeding along a four-lane interstate

highway, I knew my chance had come.

"What are you up to?" Thad laughed, watching me unbuckle his belt. My

fingers trembled on the buttons of his fly, but I managed to get it

open too.

"Thad, I w--w--want to put your cock in my mouth. It's okay, isn't it?"

"Oh, baby," he said, shaking his head in disbelief. "Anything you want

is fine with me."

It was warm and moist between his legs. Finally I got my fingers under

the heavy shaft of his swelling penis and lifted it out. It stood

straight and pretty, throbbing as if it had a life of its own. Thad

scooted his pants down further and glanced in the rear view mirror.

"I just hope I don't run this mother in the ditch," he said. His eyes

were full of love and affection for me when I lowered my head to his

crotch. I wanted it to last a long time for him, so at first I just

made my tongue into a point and started at the soft place where his sac

joined his shank. Thad took deep breaths and gripped the steering wheel

until his knuckles were white, but I still didn't hurry. I wet down

every inch of skin until I'd worked my way almost to the flared ridge

of his glans. It was purple now and jumping with each beat of my man's


"It's so pretty!" I whispered and made a teasing circle of the crown.

"So hot, too!" Thad tried to say something, but just mumbled instead.

His breathing sounded anything but regular.

Slipping to the softer underside, I found the two little bumps just

behind the orifice at the tip and flattened my tongue out. I licked one

first, then the other and finally both of them together. Thad pushed

his ass up from the seat, trying to make his penis slip deeper into my

mouth, but I pulled back. "Right now you could ask me for anything you,

want, Shelly," he gasped, "and I'd give it to you."

"Darling Thad," I cooed, "you don't have to give me anything."

Before he had a chance to say another word, I dropped my mouth over his

hardness until the tip barely touched the back of my throat.

"God damn!" Thad moaned.

Quickly, I pulled back and lapped greedily at his glans again. He was

beginning to make noises I'd never heard a man make before in my life--

not even when I'd sucked Billy at the swimming hole. The sounds excited

me and wetted my crotch. Careful not to take him too deep, I bobbed my

head about twenty times, my tongue ravishing every inch it could reach.

Then I stopped and nibbled tenderly on the drum-tight head.

"You're killing me," Thad coughed.

I didn't know how it felt to a boy to have his cock sucked by a girl,

but I remembered how it felt when my own slit was licked, so I didn't

want to tease him too much. I wet my lips, formed a little U-shaped

trough with my tongue and started moving up and down on the full length

of Thad's very rigid penis. It was what I'd done to Billy Joe at the

beginning of the summer that had made him explode. Thad writhed on the

seat each time I sanded the two sensitive bumps of his glans.

"God damn!" he gasped.

My mouth was suddenly swimming with thick glops of semen. I swallowed

fast, just to keep up with the forceful spurts. Though I really

couldn't say I liked the taste of it, I didn't gag this time.

My pants were soaked with my own dew. As I slipped a couple of fingers

down to Thad's balls, another huge spout of seed foamed into the roof

of my mouth and dripped onto my tongue. Happily I pushed the stuff to

the back of my throat and gulped it down.

Thad hadn't said a word all this time. When I finally took my lips from

his slowly sagging meat and looked up at him, I saw he was holding his

breath again. The speedometer nodded on twenty and the truck was

running half on the paved shoulder. Thad saw me laughing and had to

chuckle too.

"Doll, if you only realized what you just did to me."

I pushed my face against his chest, "I'm just glad I did it right."

"Kiss me!" he said, pulling back into his lane and speeding up.

"Well ... I'm kinda messy with your--"

Thad put a hand behind my head and guided our mouths together. I felt

his tongue deep between my lips and teeth, tasting and caressing me

while he drove. "And just sixteen," he said afterwards, "just sixteen

years old."

Ten miles from the Colorado border, Thad let me take over the driving

for a while. I was overly cautious at first, staying too far below the

speed limit, but he encouraged me not to be afraid and soon I was

tooling right along with the rest of the traffic.

"Guess you couldn't wiggle out of those jeans, could you?" he asked

after a while.

I gave him a smile. "I know you must have something nice on your mind,

but I'd be afraid somebody would see me, Thad."

"Nobody saw what you did to me."

I shrugged and wrinkled up my nose. "Well, okay ... if you can get them


Thad undid my zipper and struggled with my clothing while I raised my

bottom off the seat and tried to keep the truck on my side of the road.

After some hassling, he had me skinned from the waist down and it felt

absolutely wonderful to sense his eyes devouring my tummy and thighs,

teasing the fluffy veil of my brown sex hair. Then Thad put a palm

against my belly and moved it around in a circle.

"What are you going t--t--to do with me, Thad? I asked, trembling with


When I heard the glove compartment snap open I couldn't look because a

car had pulled out to pass, but when I heard a soft buzzing fill the

cab, I had to snatch a glimpse. Thad was holding a plastic penis-shaped

bullet about seven or eight inches long. He touched it to my cheek for

a moment and I could feel the vibration from the mechanism inside.

"What is it, Thad?"

"How would pretty Shelly like this gadget pushed up inside her?"

I swallowed nervously and hung onto the wheel. "It won't hurt, w--w--

will it?"

Thad leaned down and pushed the white tip of the thing against my belly

button. Then he slipped it down my tummy to the beginning of my slit.

Once more he moved it and the plastic cock touched my clitoris.

"Wow!" I gasped.

Thad smiled and began to pet my juicy flesh with the smooth end of the

vibrator. My nipples filled with sudden fire and sprang hard from their

rosettes while he pried my cunt lips softly apart. Thad was pushing the

thing down toward my hole, down my wet cleft. I wiggled crazily against

the seat and pulled air into my lungs in deep shuddering breaths. When

I glanced down at the long, white shaft, it was just in time to see it

slide inch by inch into my vagina until there was only the blunt,

circular base left between Thad's fingers.

Holding the thing firmly inside me, he put his lips to my vulva and

sucked my aching clitoris between his lips, tonguing and nibbling it

while my breasts heaved with passion.

"Thad ... oh Thad," I cried, dropping one hand to his curly hair while

he worked over my sopping cunny.

Thad must have sensed that I was going to come because he started

moving the cock faster in and out of my body while he licked. I must

have been completely lost in the excitement of it for the next thing I

knew there was the loud blast of an air horn beside our pick-up. When I

looked up, the amazed and greedy eyes of a burly trucker were taking in

everything--my naked thighs, Thad's cunt-slick mouth and even the

dripping, plastic penis jutting half out of my slit.

"Oh, damn it, Thad!" I yelled. "Look!"

"Pull over and let him go by," Thad said.

For a while we sat there on the side of the road while the huge semi-

trailer disappeared over the next hill.

"We can't do it any more like that," I said, pulling my pants up again.

"But baby, you must be ready to explode."

"We just can't, Thad. It's too risky."

At the next filling station, I wanted to freshen up a little, but there

was an out-of-order sign on the door marked WOMEN.

"Why don't you just go ahead and use the men's room, ma'am," the

attendant said when he saw me coming back. "Here's the key. You can

lock it from inside."

After finding the light, I washed my face and peed. Then I combed my

hair in front of the cracked mirror, laughing at some of the filthy

words scrawled here and there. I was just about to leave when I saw a

narrow machine hanging on the wall. PRELUBRICATED, the sign said, FOR


I knew what was being sold of course, but until that moment I'd never

really had a chance to see one. I was all alone and they only cost

fifty cents. Blushing a little, I pulled a couple of quarters that Thad

had given me out of my pocket and dropped them into the slot and turned

the dial. When a small cardboard package slid out of the machine, I

stuffed it into my jeans and walked quickly back to the truck.

Ten miles down the road, Thad saw me smiling and pushed a finger into

my ribs. "Okay, what are you up to now?"

"Not much," I said, tickling him back. Then I pulled the package out of

my pocket and held it up, giving him my most dumb-innocent look. "The

filling station man really looked funny when I asked him what these

things were for."

Thad's eyes were wide. "You've got to be kidding."

"Of course I am, silly. But all the same, I've never seen one." I

studied the small print on the foil wrapper. "How do you get it on?"

Thad took it out of my hand, read the label himself and handed it back.

"I've got some better than this," he said. "But since you told me your

period was just a few days ago, I haven't worried about it."

Just holding the rubber in my hand made me tingle. I suddenly had the

desire to put one over Thad's pretty cock all by myself--slip it over

the head and pull it tight. But I was still just guessing. I really

didn't know the first thing about how to go about it.

"Can I put one on you?"

"Now?" he asked, looking somewhat amused.

"You could pull off somewhere and then ... show me."

Thad laughed and pulled me against him with one arm. "Okay, you little

imp, okay." He shook his head, still smiling. "You're like having a kid


I put my fingers on the hot lump at his crotch. "But you're not

supposed to fuck kid sisters."

"You've heard of incest, haven't you?"

Before we'd gone ten miles, Thad found a side road that wound along

beside the banks of a dry creek before ending in a grove of

cottonwoods. We found a soft place behind one of them where the wild

grass was thick.

"Well," I said, giving Thad's jeans a tug, "take them off."

As he undressed, I could see that he was half hard already, so I made

him sit down while I dug the thing I'd bought out of my pocket again.

My love just sat there watching with a smile while I fumbled the condom

out of its wrapping and tried to figure out how to make it go on.

"Shelly," he said finally, "just put it on the tip of my cock and roll

it down."

He was super hard now and when I did what he told me, the rubber sheath

unrolled perfectly until his whole shaft was covered by the thin latex.

My hand was slick with the lubricant they had coated it with and I

started moving my fingers over the thinly covered penis.

"That'll get you a rubber full of sperm," Thad said, moving with my


"Oh let me!" I said, excited by the thought of seeing the thin

prophylactic pumped full of Thad's come.

"But it's really your turn." He touched my face with his hand.

"When I'm through making you come, you can do something nice to me,

okay?" I was awfully excited, but I had to watch Thad's penis in

action. He crossed his arms and nodded while the breeze blew a lock of

blond hair across his eyes.

The slick stuff let my fingers glide easily over every curve and bump

of my man's big cock and I could feel Thad's body heat against my palm.

"Is this the way boys ... do it to themselves?" I asked.

He seemed to have trouble talking. "That ... sure is one way."

Sometimes I moved the outer skin itself over the more rigid body of his

organ and then I'd just let my fingers slip over the greased rubber of

the condom. Thad seemed to like everything I did, especially when I

concentrated on the flared glans, making a tight little circle with my

fingers and moving as fast as I could. In just a couple of minutes the

muscles in his legs trembled and tensed and he fell back in the grass.

I put my face close, watching the tip while I thumped my hand up and

down. All of a sudden the end of the rubber swelled out with hot seed

and I heard Thad ripping grass out of the ground with his hands. I kept

rubbing him until he groaned for me to stop.

"Hey, that was neat," I said. "And it didn't take long either."

Thad pulled me down on him and kissed me until I thought my heart would

jump through my chest. Then he rolled me over and unzipped my jeans

inch by inch, kissing down toward my cunny as he went. I'd closed my

eyes and felt him begin to slip my pants off when there was the sound

of another car coming down the road.

"Stay out of sight," he told me as he pulled on his jeans. "It looks

like a cop."

I waited there in the tall grass, so afraid that I didn't even dare

pull my jeans back on. I heard two voices, Thad's and another man's.

Then there was the sound of a car leaving and after a long minute or

two, Thad came back.

"It was a cop all right," he said. "Told me he was just checking this

place out, but we'd better not hang around. I didn't tell him I had you

with me and he might just have a description." Thad shook his head and

smiled grimly. "If he'd wanted to look in that duffel bag of yours I'd

have been in jail for sure."

While Thad drove, I stayed down on the floorboard until we'd crossed

into the next county. He stopped in a small town for a pint of bourbon

to calm his nerves. Then we went on, hoping to make Denver before


"Poor baby," he said, hugging me close, "you must really be wired by

now with all those interruptions just when I'm getting you hot."

I kissed his chin and slipped my hand under his shirt so I could touch

his hard belly. "It's okay. Tonight we'll have a soft bed and plenty of

time." Thad had promised that we'd get a motel in Denver so we could

relax and clean up.

As the truck droned westward, I felt everything catching up with me.

The hassles at the farm, getting away from Ben Gordon--and then Jason,

had drained me emotionally, not to mention my last minute escape from

my stepfather. As the tiredness crept over me I thought of how nice it

was to have a man who would take care of me and keep me from danger. It

was true, I felt awfully unsophisticated when Thad talked of certain

things he'd done in big cities. But I knew he liked me more than just a

little. With my head on his lap and smelling the warm muskiness of his

body, I went to sleep.

Chapter 10

The truck coming to a stop awakened me and when I sat up I could see

the whole line of the Rockies spread out on the far horizon. The

setting sun was making the clouds all orange and red and purple. I

rubbed my eyes and smiled over at Thad.

"We'll be in Denver in half an hour," he said, rubbing the nape of his

neck, "Just stopped to pick up a hitchhiker."

I looked out the rear window and saw a lanky girl with jet black hair

done in pigtails running toward the truck. There was a knapsack slung

over one of her shoulders and a ragged-looking sweater clutched in her

hand. Napoleon was standing with his paws on the tailgate, watching her

come up.

"Thanks a lot," she panted. "Going to Denver?"

"Going all the way to the Coast," Thad said, taking a very close look

at our new passenger as she clambered in beside me.

"Far out!" The girl gave me an easy smile. "I'm Ronnie," she said.

Thad told her our names and for a while the three of us just sat there

as the passing countryside changed colors and the sun dropped behind a

peak. Then we were on Colfax Avenue and Thad was keeping his eyes open

for an inexpensive motel. I had to admit I felt a small pang of

jealousy--maybe because Ronnie's good looks reminded me that my man

probably had dozens of girls in San Francisco that liked to go to bed

with him. I'd have to get used to it sooner or later, though, so I

pushed my silly thoughts into the back of my mind and didn't let on to


She said she couldn't afford a room, but wanted to sleep in the back of

the truck if it was all right with us. I could see that Thad was

bothered by this arrangement and after we'd found a place and he'd

brought my duffel bag in, I sidled up to him and gave his cock a loving


"Why don't we invite Ronnie in," I offered. "The manager won't know the

difference and it might get chilly out there with only Napoleon to keep

her warm." Immediately I thought of just how warm my dog could be and

had to suppress a laugh.

Thad nodded. "Good idea. Won't cramp us any, will it?"

"You mean ... the pretty things you were going to do to me?"

"Yeah," he said, "we could still play. Right? Even with Ronnie sleeping

on the floor."

"I guess it won't bother me if it won't bother you."

When Thad went out to tell her, I had misgivings about being so polite.

She was probably lots hipper than I was about boys like Thad. What

would keep her from moving in on me, maybe even stealing Thad away?

Once when he'd held out a match to give her a light, she'd taken his

hand with both of hers and held it there long after the cigarette was

going. Ronnie was just a little shorter than Thad, and he was almost

six feet. Her body was stylishly lean, like a high-fashion model with

narrow hips and slender graceful legs--even through the baggy jeans she

wore I could tell that much. Surely Thad had already had visions of

being next to her in bed. I was wondering how big her breasts we're

when Thad came in, carrying all her junk.

"Oh boy!" Ronnie squealed when she saw the bottle of bourbon Thad had

gotten earlier sitting on the table. "Booze!"

Thad poured her some of the liquor over ice while she dug through a

pocket of her knapsack. Finally she pulled out a small plastic bag full

of green, dry leaves all crumbled up.

"I've got a little something for you all too, just to show you how much

I appreciate your hospitality."

I watched Ronnie lick a couple of cigarette papers and stick them

together. Then she poured some of the green stuff into the crease she'd

made and rolled up a cigarette, twisting the ends professionally and

wetting the whole thing finally with her tongue. Of course I wasn't so

dumb that I didn't know it was grass, but I couldn't help being a

little frightened. It would be my first time ever to smoke some and I

had no idea what to expect.

Thad was grinning in anticipation. "Thought I'd have to wait till I got

back to San Francisco for some of that."

Ronnie let Thad light it for her and I watched them both take huge

lungfuls, holding the smoke in until the last minute before exhaling.

Thad showed me how to suck in air with the smoke so it wouldn't be so

hot and by the second try, I'd figured out the technique. I was smoking

my first joint.

When the thing was about half gone, a giddy, light feeling seemed to

fill my body and my skin tingled. Thad was strangely quiet, studying my

reactions and watching Ronnie while her eyes blazed back at him hotly.

"That stuff always makes me so ... sexxxy," she purred, rubbing long

fingers down her abdomen.

"Uh huh," I agreed. There was no mistaking that my loins were buzzing.

When I moved my hips, my vulva felt all buttery.

"Why, take a look at your old man," Ronnie giggled, pointing at the

lump in his jeans. Thad blushed as red as I'd ever seen him.

"Come on you two. I was thinking about motorcycles until just a minute


Ronnie scooted over to me and cupped a hand so she could whisper in my

ear. "Has he ever balled you on that bike?" she asked.

At first I didn't know what to say. I'd just never met anybody quite

like Ronnie; her easy, frank manner was hard to adjust to after living

for so long in such a different world. She saw my hesitation and raised

her eyebrows.

"You can tell me, Shelly."

"It might be ... K--k--kind of hard." My face reddened. "I mean the

motorcycle is so small and ..."

Ronnie laughed and rolled backwards on the rug. "I really go for you,

Shelly," she said. "You're too much."

Thad was focusing all of his attention on me now, but Ronnie was

staring again at the crotch of his jeans. When I saw her lick her lips,

I jumped up nervously and took his hand.

"Hey," I whispered, "why don't you take me in the bathroom and ..."

"Just what I was thinking about," he laughed, getting up. "Somehow I

forgot all about motorcycles."

Relieved to get him away from Ronnie for a while, I pulled Thad out of

the room and closed the door behind us. Hurriedly we started undressing

each other.

"Let's take a shower too," he said.

"Can we make love and get clean at the same time?" I asked silkily. I'd

been waiting for some sex all day. Now, with the grass tickling my

insides, I didn't know how long I could wait.

Cupping my hands together, I gathered up Thad's lovely balls and he

pulled me against him, his big cock pressed tight between our bellies.

"Almost forgot about that surprise I told you about," he said.

Thad had mentioned something about a better condom or something when

we'd been messing around out in the middle of Kansas. Suddenly I was

very eager to see it.

"Show me, Thad ... please!"

He reached behind him, opened the little leather bag he kept his shaver

in and showed me a small box. Then he pulled it open and took out a

strange object, dangling it before my amazed eyes. It wasn't really a

prophylactic at all but more like a rubber collar exactly cock-size and

covered with raised bumps that looked over an inch long. Pushing my

finger against one of the protuberances, I found that they were firm

but flexible.

"Like it?" Thad asked.

"I think I w--w--would."

"Well, you can think about it while I scrub your back."

The shower was delicious and with all the giggling and tickling and

rubbing, it took us half an hour before we were patting each other dry

in front of the big mirror. Thad went to the sink and splashed cold

water over his parts until his penis lost some of its erection. Then he

slipped the rubber collar over the end and pulled it back tight against

the hilt of his body. His stiffening cock filled it quickly.

"Only way I know of getting it on," he laughed.

I was still awfully high from the stuff we'd smoked and the look of

Thad's penis, surrounded by blond curls, with the wide band of rubber

studs circling it, made my bottom go even squishier than it had been in

the shower.

Thad opened the door a crack and peeked out. Ronnie had the sound

turned down on the television and sat crosslegged in front of it,

another smoking joint in her hand. The blue glow from the screen was

the only light in the bedroom.

"Come on," Thad whispered. "She won't see a thing."

We ran quickly to the bed. Just like he'd said, Ronnie didn't so much

as turn her head. Thad pulled the sheet over us as he stretched out

between my thighs, but before we had really started working on each

other, Ronnie got up and walked as if hypnotized to the bathroom. In a

little while we heard the shower running.

"Good," Thad said, "now I can turn you over. Get on your hands and

knees, Shelly."

I did as I was told and immediately felt my lover kissing the round

fullness of my buttocks. He kissed first one cheek, then the other,

rubbing his hand between my cleft at the same time. I braced my hands

apart on the sheet and shook my bottom seductively. Suddenly his tongue

was moving into the freshly washed divide where my rectum nestled.

"Gosh, Thad ... that's really weird!"

"Even your sweet little asshole is beautiful," he breathed, tonguing

the tight vortex of muscles there until I found myself shivering with

the strangeness of it. Thad was rubbing my soaking crevice with long,

knowing fingers. Then I felt his weight over my back and the turgid

head of his cock as it slipped back and forth below my slickness as if

searching for a home. It was a funny, tight feeling when he pushed the

erect flesh inside my softness and I couldn't help but moan a little

from the erotic friction of our parts. Each time Thad shoved in my

tummy bulged full of male organ and the air was pushed from my lungs.

When he pulled his long penis out of me, I thought he would take my

womb with him too. I could feel every bump of the studded collar

gouging me delightfully.

"Th--Th--Thad ... oh God, it's--"

He tilted his pelvis under me and thrust straight up. The flexible

bumps dug into the walls of my vagina and I began to realize why some

of the ticklers were longer than others. The ones near the base of the

collar curved upward toward my clitoris and when Thad squirmed his full

length inside me, the things dug at my throbbing little stalk until my

own bottom was wiggling crazily against him. My head hung between my

shoulders with the passion of it and I watched my fingers curl against

the sheet.

"Faster, Thad ... please, please!"

He grasped my hips firmly and crashed forward, almost throwing me down

onto the pillows. His knees were beside my legs and I could feel his

firm, muscular stomach over my soft buttocks.

"Oh Jesus," he sighed as I felt his teeth dig into the flesh of my

back. Suddenly I had an overwhelming desire to be on top. It couldn't

be wrong to do it--just to see what it was like. If Thad didn't like

it, he'd tell me. Scooching forward, I pulled my sweet slit away from

his plunging member and pushed him sideways onto the mattress.

"Hey, what's happening!" he laughed.

"Shelly wants to play," I whispered. "Just lay back and enjoy." Thad

did what I said, smiling up at me with a curious look in his eyes. I

hoped I could figure out how to do it like this, but if I didn't there

was no time like the present to learn.

With my sopping cunny against his stomach, I began kissing his strong

chest, starting at his shoulder and working down to the dark little

man-nipples. Thad writhed under me when I got one between my teeth and

I could feel his glistening penis as it bobbed sideways against one of

my ass cheeks. At first I stretched my legs out next to his, but it was

too hard to get his lovely cock back inside my cunt. Finally, I pulled

my knees up beside his body and then wiggled back until the throbbing

head touched my tiny inner lips. Thad pushed himself up and forward

when he felt me, but I teasingly kept him at bay, only letting an inch

slip into my eager, slick tube. The sensation was tantalizingly

intense. I had to fight the urge to shove backwards all at once and

imbed that rock-hard thing into me fully. It was more fun to take him

slowly. Again he tried to force me down, his hands trembling against

the outward swell of my hips.

"Naughty, naughty," I whispered against his ear. "I've got you in my


Thad pulled my face down and kissed my mouth until my lips tingled.

"You're a witch," he said. "A sixteen-year-old witch."

When the full length of Thad's penis was finally completely inside my

vagina, I stopped for a moment and slipped my hands under his back.

Then, making sure I kept him all the way deep, I started to rock my

bottom from side to side ... faster, faster, until I could hear my man

start to breathe raggedly. Every time he started to say something, I

covered his mouth with my own and gave him my tongue to suck. He

stroked my back, digging into my skin with his fingers while I kissed

him. I felt my drool running down into his mouth and he drank it like a

man dying of thirst.

I pushed my open mouth over his again and again. The spiny collar was

about to drive me crazy and finally I couldn't keep from moving forward

and then down. Thad's slippery organ was spearing me deeply now and the

ticklers pushed into my tender flesh until ravished moans poured from

my throat.

"Oh ... oh ... ohhhh." Even faster I pulled my bottom up and dropped it

over the hot and swollen penis that would soon explode inside me.

The saliva ran from my mouth and wetted Thad's chest and neck and he

pressed my head with his hands until my face was buried in the soft

place under his chin. I bit him with my teeth, bit him hard.

"Tell me, darling," I murmured. "Tell me when you're coming." But Thad

didn't have to. His breathing stopped suddenly and I felt every muscle

in his body shiver with the tension. I was getting close too, so it

took all the will power I could draw on to slow down. Tightening the

muscles that controlled the entrance to my vagina, I rocked myself ever

so gently forward and then lingeringly back. Thad drew a thigh up

against my bottom and then stretched himself out again. His eyes were

closed and his chest was full of held air. I stopped moving altogether,

then twisted my pelvis in a circular motion, feeling the smooth walls

of my vagina rub lightly against his glans.

"Killing ... Me ..." Thad gasped.

It was killing me too, because my change in pace had forced one of the

slender rubber protuberances against the blood-filled tip of my

clitoris and the unbelievable jolts of nervous energy were building

fast in my loins.

"Oh Thad," I breathed, full of love for him, "come in me ... come now!"

I began to roll my whole body like a soft serpent while my breasts slid

along his chest.

Tearless sobs of passion burst from my lungs as I came and felt Thad's

powerful organ release its hot fluid into me. My sobs turned to

breathless cries of emotion that were too intense to make into words.

Now his frothing tip was flush against my most inner core and I slipped

my legs down alongside his and clutched him frantically ... still


"Thad ... Thad ..."

* * *

I'd forgotten all about Ronnie when I opened the bathroom door to grab

a towel. She turned, half-leaning, half-hanging against the shower

stall and took her hand away from between her thighs. I knew

immediately what I'd interrupted and only wished I could have made

myself instantly invisible.

"I'm sorry, Ronnie," I stammered, backing toward the door.

A smile twinkled at the corner of her eyes and then the pretty, curving

lips slanted humorously. "It's no secret. I'm a little horny. Don't be


I pretended to be busy with the towel, folding it over my arm and

fussing with a frayed edge. "We were going to try not and make any

noise," I said, "but you know how hard that is."

The tall girl's eyes swept up my body and returned to my face. For a

moment I thought of Linda and how she used to look at me. I turned

again to the door.

"Sweet Jesus," Ronnie said, half laughing. "That's some man you've


My hand was on the doorknob, but looking down like that made me realize

what she'd meant. There were red kiss marks over my breasts where Thad

had sucked and bit and loved me, and my nipples were still very erect.

Ronnie put a hand on my bare shoulder and I felt her nearness.

"Could I ask you something, Shelly?"

Slowly I turned to face her. "Ask it."

For the first time since we'd picked her up, Ronnie acted like she was

a little embarrassed. She looked at her long, pretty feet and then at

me again.

"Let me have Thad for a little while," she blurted suddenly,

immediately looking away from my eyes. Her eyes welled with tears and I

could see she was fighting back the urge to cry.

Everything I'd ever known about boys and girls and love was telling me

to refuse, warning me of danger. Yet when Ronnie's eyes turned back to

me again and I saw her exquisitely slender fingers trembling against

the pink nipple of one of her small breasts, something made me nod.

"I'll ask Thad," I said and gave a small laugh. "I really don't think

he'll say no."

"Oh, Shelly!" she sighed, hugging me against her lean body. The feeling

of her skin against mine wasn't unpleasing at all and I put my arms

around her waist too. Ronnie was the first girl I'd seen whose tittles

weren't as big as mine, and as I considered this, she must have read my

thoughts. "You've got darling breasts," she said, holding me back at

arm's length. "I wish mine were as big."

Blushing, I started out the door again, but Ronnie held me from going.

"You have to be with us in bed," she said, nodding. "With Thad and me,

I mean. I want you there."

If Ronnie was trying to put together an orgy she wasn't going to get

any cooperation from me. "No," I said.

"We're all friends," she insisted, "and I'm not going to be loving your

man while you're not around." Ronnie gave my shoulders a small shake,

"Don't you see?"

"Well ..." As always when I was confused, it was hard to be stubborn.

"You'll stay with me while Thad ..." Ronnie lowered her eyes shyly.

"Okay. I'll stay."

"I knew you'd say yes, Shelly!" She kissed my cheek and let me out the

door. Maybe it was the grass, or maybe just Ronnie's completely

unselfconscious approach, but I found myself a little curious about how

it would be to watch the skinny girl get thoroughly fucked by my man.

When the two of us tiptoed naked up to the bed, Thad was still on his

back, eyes closed. His cock lay small and damp and limp against one

thigh. I was trying to think of how to ask him what Ronnie wanted when

she nudged my arm and motioned me to be quiet. Then she reclined

gracefully on the mattress, snuggled up against Thad's side and nestled

her head into the hollow of his neck.

Thad pulled her body close, thinking it was me, while Ronnie pointed to

the place, on the other side of him and nodded for me to join her.

"Hey! What goes!" he said when he felt four hands smoothing over his

skin. His eyes stared at me in shock and then he turned to see Ronnie's

smiling face. "Jesus H. Christ--"

"It's all right, Thad," I said quickly and then pulled his face close

so I could whisper. "Ronnie needs ..." I blushed and started again.

"Well, she just wanted ..." I gave the whole thing up.

Thad tilted his head slightly and narrowed his eyes at me, but there

was the beginning of a smile on his lips. "And you told her it was


"Uh huh," I nodded. Thad's adoring look evaporated the last bit of

jealousy left in my heart.

"You're a fantastic woman, Shelly," he said, kissing the corners of my

mouth. "And no little girl any more."

Ronnie threw her head back with a hungry moan when Thad pushed his leg

between her thighs and covered one of her titties completely with his

mouth. The minute I saw it, my blood rushed heatedly to my crotch

again. The way she bit her lower lip as Thad pushed her cunt open and

tenderly rubbed her clit with a finger, the way her bottom squirmed

against the twisted sheets--it was exciting to watch. Ronnie's toes

pointed and spread, just the way I knew mine did when Thad was loving

me. As his hands explored the curves and crevices of her pretty body I

had to draw a shuddering breath and close my eyes for a second.

"My God," she gasped, opening her legs far apart and bringing up her

knees. Thad was between them now, and his cock was hard and ready,

though it had only been fifteen minutes since I'd drained him of every

drop in his body. The rubber collar with its ticklers lay beside me on

the bed where Thad had taken it off. Still feeling high, I picked it up

and pulled it over the fingers of my right hand while Thad pushed his

cock up against the thick, dark hair of Ronnie's slit.

She was really excited now, knowing that the emptiness of her body

would soon be filled with a living male cock. I watched Ronnie toss

excitedly and her black, unbraided locks splashed sensuously against

the white of the sheet. When Thad kissed her, she grasped the back of

his head and pressed him hard against her lips, making odd little moans

of hunger in her throat.

"Shit ... oh fuck yes!" she sighed and her voice was low and husky.

I felt like a peeping tom as I rubbed the rubber collar across my tummy

and watched Thad's cock slip another inch into Ronnie's cunt; but it

didn't make me stop looking. Ronnie's hands seemed to be everywhere at

once, kneading and clutching and digging at the male flesh that pushed

her down into the soft bed. I saw angry scratch marks appear across

Thad's back and he winced a little with the sharp sensation.

"Fuck it in!" she begged, whining. "All the way!"

Thad tucked his ass under and I watched the shiny shaft of his penis

disappear into Ronnie's quivering folds. Then she folded her knees high

against his sides while the cock worked as deep as it could go. Every

time Thad moved back, the lips of Ronnie's vulva clung slickly to the

sides of his cock, and as he increased his rhythm, her bottom began to

snap upward in short, fast movements that lifted even his heavy weight

a little.

"Fuck!" she cried. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" Thad moved evenly and

forcefully. The expression of combined pain and pleasure on Ronnie's

face told me he was stretching her a little to fit the size of his


Ronnie covered his neck with kisses. "God, you're so big!" Then she

looked at me. "Oh, touch me, Shelly. Just so I'll know you're close


I had no idea what Ronnie wanted me to do, but I had to admit that the

shyness I'd felt only moments before had quickly disappeared in the

heat of watching them make love. It occurred to me then that I still

had the rubber collar over the fingers of one hand. Ronnie's thighs

were cocked high, ankles crossed over Thad's back as I leaned forward

and slid the spikes of the tickler down her smooth skin to the place

where my man's body joined hers. Ronnie's pretty bottom quivered and I

heard her lungs shudder full of air.

"God, Shelly!" she managed to say. "Whatever you're doing, keep doing


The grass still had me giggly. I was straddling the backs of Thad's

legs now and could see his tensed buttocks rise and fall as he shoved

Ronnie's frail body full of cock again and again. It was like being in

a high hot dream where nothing mattered but the pleasure of the moment.

Something within me said yes. Almost as if I'd planned it beforehand, I

gently unlocked Ronnie's ankles where they pressed against Thad's

bottom and stretched out face down on his back. Ronnie looked up and

saw what I was doing and her face went all soft.

I could feel every rippling muscle in Thad's powerful frame twisting

and reaching as he pushed deep into the thin girl beneath him.

"Kiss ..." she mumbled, touching my legs now with her thin feet, "Thad

... Shelly ... kiss me."

Though her words made a shock go through me, nothing inside said no. I

put my mouth near her lovely face and while Thad kissed one side of her

lips, I tongued and licked the other side. In an instant our kiss had

turned into a threesome ... tongues and lips all intertwining until I

didn't know who was who any more and still we kissed while Ronnie

strangled and moaned and came.

Thad had her firmly by her narrow hips and I could see he was about to

overflow into that most feminine and secret place. At that moment there

was no jealousy nor fear nor uncertainty in my mind. Thad was going to

come and my only desire was to make it good for him, make it better

than good ... even if his cock was clasped deep within the body of a

beautiful girl we'd only just met.

Ronnie kissed his face passionately while I nibbled at the nape of his

neck and rolled his earlobes between my teeth. It must have felt to

Thad as if he were completely immersed in wriggling female flesh. And

he was. Slipping my fingers down under my tummy, I cupped his loose sac

and softly squeezed the heavy eggs inside. Thad's body went rigid as he

plunged his cock into the depths of whimpering Ronnie's vagina. The

familiar love noises he always made told me he was bubbling her full of

creamy thick come.

The next day on the road, Thad made good time and we hit Salt Lake City

in the afternoon. Since Ronnie had a friend she wanted to visit there,

we let her off downtown, stopping only long enough for her to kiss us

both goodbye.

"Keep this too," she said, shoving the plastic bag of grass into my

hands. "You're the most beautiful people I've met in a long time."

Thad drove out of town and got back on the highway. "Ronnie's not a bad

chick," he said finally, giving my knee a loving squeeze.

I still wasn't even a tad jealous, but I couldn't help tease him a

little. "We could have waited for her, you know. She'd have made a

lovely barmaid in the place you want to open."

Thad rubbed a finger across his chin. "To tell you the truth, one woman

at a time is all I really care to handle." He slipped an arm around me

and sneaked his palm up under one breast. I shivered against him

happily. "Besides," he said, "jailbait's more fun."

"Oh Thad!" I squealed, pinching his stomach, "you're awful."

That night Thad found an out-of-the-way campground for us to stay in.

He let Napoleon take over the front seat and rolled the motorcycle off

the truck so we could sleep under the stars in back.

When I'd skinned off my clothes and snug into the big sleeping bag

alongside my beautiful man, he pulled me to him and kissed me until my

cunny was wet and musky again. All day I'd been thinking of how it felt

when Thad's hands moved my arch open and he filled me with his pretty

cock. It was just as exciting that night too when he pumped himself

tenderly into my cunt and I felt the slippery membranes close around

him hotly.

"Thad," I whispered, "don't come tonight. I want to feel your cock

inside me while I'm going to sleep'

He smiled and tweaked my chin. "Just how much will power do you think

I've got anyway, little one?"

For a few silent moments we hugged and fitted the curves of our bodies

together while the woods filled with a crickety din. I noticed a dreamy

look on Thad's face and rubbed my nose against his.

"What are you thinking about, darling?" I asked.

"About how damned lucky it was for my truck to break down in

Connerton," he laughed. "I just went to that tent meeting for the hell

of it. Never thought Brother Clyde would bring us together."

"You don't know what you got me out of," I whispered while tears of

happiness stained my cheeks. "You don't know just how badly I needed

you to come along and make such beautiful love to me."

"If you don't quit squirming around, you won't get to spend the night

with that stiff cock like you wanted."

I covered his mouth with kisses. "Oh Thad, you know, I don't have any

will power, either." Wiggling like a happy little seal beneath his

solid body, I let our fires move us toward another thunderous explosion

of joy. I knew that soon I'd tell Thad all about my summer at the farm,

tell him about another night when I'd been under a boy named Jason in

the back of an old pick-up truck. I'd tell him everything that had

happened with Linda and Billy Joe and even my terrible stepfather, and

I knew Thad would listen and understand.

"Here we go again, Shelly baby," Thad sighed and his cock dug

delightful madness from my frothy loins while I clung frantically to

his shoulders, surer than ever that it was right.

The End

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