Let's meet at the Hotel for a fantasy by movie_fan1969

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Fantasy | At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Female, Hardcore, Male, Massage, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Romance, Voyeurism, Written by women

I see you from across the room. I see you watching me. I think in my mind how horny I am and how long it has been. You haven't had a man eat you out in such a long time. You love being eaten, licked and played with. You think of a hot tongue licking your wet pussy. How good that feels on your pussy. You miss it. You wonder if this man watching you is thinking of eating your pussy. If he is a real man he should love to eat pussy.

I'm in the bar at the hotel you are staying. You have a nice suite at the hotel and you've fantasized of meeting someone you could "use" for a toy. You fantasize of having sex and being watched. You know how sexy you are and how all eyes watch your body as you walk. There is nothing you like more than causing an erection.

I have always loved women. I love to lick their pussies. I love sucking their breasts and finger fucking them. You fantasized of a sexual encounter during this trip. You want to meet a man that will fulfill your fetish of hot long kisses, hands that explore your body, and having your pussy licked and sucked until you squirt all over his face.

I walk across the room toward you. You are beautiful. A Brunette with larger than average breasts. You are dressed in a short pink and black skirt, you are not wearing panties. I can see your sexy firm thighs. I watch you and think of how I would like to pull out my cock and push you over one of the bar stools right now and put my hard cock inside of you. You are wearing black high heels. How deep into your pussy would you let me go? Will you let me spread you apart as far as I want? Can I stick my tongue deep into your pussy?

I have always wanted a brunette. This is my chance. I imagine a beautiful hot clit in my mouth and how I could run my tongue deep inside your wetness. I want to suck on your hard erect clit. I want to Taste your juices. I savor the way pussy tastes. My mouth is watering. You finish your drink. You look at me and I wonder if you are wet. My thick cock is throbbing. I picture stuffing you with my cock.

I sit at your table. You start making small talk with me and I offer to buy you a drink. You tell me how hard you've been working. I ask if you would like to come up to my room for a cocktail. You ask, “No strings attached?”

“Of course not.” I reply.

I tell you that you are beautiful. You lean over and kiss me. I whisper that I want to give you a massage and make your body tremble. You take my hand and lead me to the elevator.

The walk to the elevator seems to take a long time. I think of stuffing your pussy with my cock. When the doors close you push me against the elevator wall and kiss my neck, my hand reaches under her skirt. I spread your legs apart to feel your cunt. You are wet.

The room is comfortable, a couch, entertainment center, whirlpool tub, bar, king sized bed. I lead you into the room, and closed the door behind us. I took you by the arms pulling her toward me. I kissed you on the lips. Your tongue enters my mouth and I felt the warmth of your mouth on me. I imagine your mouth on my cock.

I mixed us some drinks. You drink yours quickly. I refill your drink. You look innocently at me as I lead you to the bed. I am going to make you feel so good. You smile and sit on the bed. I lean down and kiss you on the lips. I pull up your skirt and pushed you back onto the bed. You spread your legs apart so I could look at your pussy. I can see a drip of love juice forming on your pussy lips.

I begin massaging you and you tell me how you want me to suck your pussy. You see that my erection has created a large bulge in my pants.

I wanted you to submit to me and enjoy this seduction. I began to remove your clothes. I pull off your silky top that clings to your breasts. Your bra is pink and only supports your full bosom leaving your nipples exposed. I suck on each of her nipples. You quiver when I suck your tits. You are moaning softly.

You ask me to pour two shots of Vodka. I know you will release your inhibitions with this shot. You smile a crooked smile. I ask if you would like some pampering, and I continue massaging you with my strong hands.

I slide my hand up your leg, under your skirt and begin stroking your pussy with my fingers. I rub you gently back and forth across your clit. You are wet. You spread your legs further apart. You beg me to take you. I stand at the edge of the bed and my hard dick presses against your pussy. I kiss your breasts and kiss my down your body to devour your sweet wet pussy.

You squirm as I suck your swollen pussy lips. I bury my face in your pussy sucking and gently biting on your lips. I get off of you. I tell you to keep your legs spread. I want to look at your pussy. "Spread your lips." I ask as my hand moves to my hard cock. I begin pumping my erection slowly. You spread your legs and you reach forward and spread your pussy lips. Your dripping cunt is completely exposed to me.

I take off your high heels. You slide your hand to your wet pussy. You feel your wet pussy and your fingers begin working your clit as if by some basic instinct. You spread your legs further apart and begin rubbing your hand over your wet pussy very quickly. You slide your finger into your cunt teasing yourself with your finger.

I tell you that I have plans for you. I slide my tongue into your pussy. I suck and lick you with unbridled passion. My face is soaked with your juices. I stand up leaving her spread out on the bed. I tell you to keep your legs spread apart.

I walk across the room and come back with a bag in my hand. I put the bag on the bed and open it. You are watching with anticipation. I pull out whipped cream. You ask what I am doing. I reach into the bag and pull out chocolate syrup. You are about to be my desert. I blindfold you.

I pull out a huge dildo. I have toys to use on you. You lay there spread open in unknown anticipation. I will spread your legs and devour your pussy.

I begin massaging your clit. Your lips are pulsing. I can see how big your clit is. I can see your juices dripping out of your cunt.

I spread your legs further and my tongue, slides into your hole, back and forth. As I lick you and begin to suck on the lips of your pussy, I find your hole and push my finger in and out while I suck the lips of your pussy. I dart my tongue against your hard clit. I suck it and lick it. You love the way I lick you. You moan as my tongue licks and I finger you to ecstasy.

You feel me put something on her pussy. I am squirting your pussy with whipped cream. I put the tip of the nozzle inside your pussy and squirt white cream starts shooting out.

I lick it. You tell me how you love it. Your pussy starts convulse softly. You moan loudly as I lick your pussy. I lick all of the juices and the cream. I tell you how good this tastes.

I suck you over and over. You quiver as I suck your throbbing pussy.

I stuff my fingers deep inside your wet cunt. You can feel your juice running down your asshole. I put two fingers in your ass and begin fucking my fingers in and out. I gently rub your clit in a circular direction, slowly spreading you apart with my fingers. You can feel my fingers on the walls of your pussy. It feels so good when I massage it in and out and in a circle.

You are so wet and I continue rubbing your clit in a circle as I go deeper into my pussy and ass with my fingers. One by one I add more to stuff you. I have four fingers inside of you and you are slowly bucking your hips.

Your hole is wide from my fingering. I gently ream you in and out while your pussy is getting wetter and wetter. You quirt on my hand. I gently push four fingers in and out and slowly, your pussy is spread so wide that my whole hand is almost inside of you. You squeal as I pull out of you. I lick and suck on your hard pointed nipples and you play with your hole with two fingers. Gently massaging your pussy to your satisfaction.

I pick up the 10" dildo.

I try to get the tip into your pussy but it is too big. You squirt with anticipation as I rub the tip on your clit. I rub it on your pussy and begin to push it in.

I tell you what a sexy slut your are and how I am going to stuff you with this big fat cock. You inch your ass down the bed toward the dildo. You want it in your aching pussy. You tell me that you love it and want it inside of you. You grab the dildo and you pull it in and out slowly. You are working your pussy. I squirt chocolate syrup on your tits and nipples. I suck them hungrily. You are slowly, pushing the dildo in and out as I suck one nipple. You have began sucking on your other nipple. You like to way your pussy tingles as your lick the chocolate syrup off of your nipple.

I suck your pussy again. Your lips are on fire.

I turn you over onto your knees. I caress you and finger fuck you from behind. I lay you on pillows so your legs are spread wide so my tongue and fingers can have their way with you.

You are moaning loudly. You rub your clit.

You grab the 10" dildo and start fucking your pussy from the bottom, stuffing the cock inside and talking nasty as you move it in and out. You like it deep. Your hips are bucking wildly as you climax one more time.

You turn over and lay trembling from coming. I start sucking you breasts. You sucking like I want to suck something out of them. I know you are turned on.

I begin to lick your pussy again. I suck on it and suck on it, licking you to a point that you feel like you are going to explode

I want you to squirt on me. I tell you so.

I bring your pussy to my lips again. I pull my cock out of my pants. It is an 9" cock. It is thick and I now you know why I had to work your pussy so much. So my cock could fit inside your tight pussy.

You spread your legs apart. I gently put my cock on the entrance to your pussy. I can feel how hot you are. You put the tip inside. You want the whole thing and you can feel me tremble toward your cunt in desire.

I push my hard cock 3 inches inside and pull out. One more inch, and out. Each time I go back in deeper. You start to feel full with my cock. I have more to go, my cock is only halfway in.

I keep pumping you. I am filling your pussy up with my cock. Your pussy feels ready to explode in pain and pleasure.

I tell you to squirt on me. You squeeze your pussy around my cock and I feel the juices drip onto cock. I pump me deeper. I fill you up with my whole cock. You scream and I pull out a little bit but to give you relief momentarily. I slide gently back into you holding my cock up against the top of your pussy. You are pushing you ass back against me. As my big cock goes deeper you moan.

I am deep inside you and I begin to collapse. My legs go limp as I thrust you. My arms are holding you and I keep pumping deeper with my cock. My cock is getting bigger and pumping so hard that you feel so stuffed.

You can feel my cock far up inside you throbbing pussy.

I pump you and pull out as you squirt. I fuck in and out and as you come and squirt. My cock goes deeper and deeper in you as I pull your legs up and further apart. I fuck until you scream. I fuck harder and faster. I am about to cum. I pull out and my pulsating cock starts squirting all over. My cum is all over you.

You pull me down in the bed again and you start sucking my cock with your pussy juices all over it. You are licking me dry and sucking me while I am squirting all over you. You fist fuck me and keep me squirting in your mouth. You are sucking it out of me. You won't stop.

You have excited me so much I can't stop squirting on you as you suck me. You suck me and suck me. It feels so good when you suck me that way.

You pump me and pump me until I am fully hard again. You suck me again and start licking my balls and ass hole. You start to squirt again. You finger fuck yourself, adding two fingers and three as you go deeper. You massage your clit in a circular motion.

You fondle me inside, stroking my hard cock. You lick the large purple head and tickle the shaft with your long nails.

You lick me and suck on me a little more. Your pussy is so wet. I want to put my cock inside you again. You cannot resist so you fuck me one more time. You spread your legs willingly. I fuck in and out of your pussy. I have stuffed a finger inside your asshole and you grunt. I work my finger in and out of your ass. You often fantasize about being fucked in all of your holes and your begin to squirt again. You pull me up and lay me down on the bed. You get on top of me. You want to ride my cock.

You mount me slowly and start pumping your pussy up and down my hard thick cock.

You fuck me faster and faster. I grab your ass and hips and guide your body up and down using you to fuck my cock. Your expression is one of pure ecstasy. You forget that we are in a hotel fucking on a bed with the curtains open and the lights on. You are fucking my so hard and your moans are so loud. You feel like an animal fucking in the wild without a care. You want to feel this way always. You look over at the window as you see something flash outside. You have my whole dick deep inside your cunt. You see the faces of people staring at us a we fuck in reckless abandon. You rub your tits on my chest. My cock is so deep as it rubs your G-spot. You feel a wave of juices releasing from your pussy and you squirt again. I can feel you squirting. Your juices are flowing down the crack of my ass. Your pussy is throbbing. You are squirting everywhere you pull off of my cock.

We come together. The room is spinning. The watching crowd is cheering as they disperse.

Rating: 62%, Read 20506 times, Posted Jul 14, 2011

Fantasy | At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Female, Hardcore, Male, Massage, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Romance, Voyeurism, Written by women


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