My Boss, Mr. Paul Cooper: Part 1 by A9M

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My Boss, Mr. Paul Cooper: Part 1

Hello, my name is Ashley. I was the youngest and newest secretary in my firm with no experience what so ever. I could see that cutbacks were happening all around me, people who were hired along with me were being let go, I knew who was next and it scared me. Saturday morning my boss, Mr. Paul Cooper called me into his office and asked me to take a seat.

Paul Cooper was HOT. He was around 31, Had green eyes, light brown hair 6’2 and his body spoke for itself; he looked like someone who worked out a lot.. in the gym, and maybe between the sheets too. But call it my bad luck, he was engaged. He oozed charm and charisma, always dressed to the T. It’s a wonder I could work around him instead of just drooling all the time.

I’m 5’9, Long wavy hair, toned mile long legs, a bald cunt, a round ass.. [thank the squat gods] and chocolate brown eyes.

Today, he was dressed in a white shirt and cream blazer, the top button of his shirt was left open making me want to nibble at his throat. I was dressed in my signature extra tight black high waist skirt, fish-net stockings, red heels and a white shirt . Underneath I was wearing a pair of silk thongs and a pair of black half cupped push-up bra, and I had my hair tied up in a messy bun. I always got compliments how hot I was and how amazing my body always looked. Well, duh.. I worked out to fit that ass in that skirt.

I walked into his office which a nervous look on my face, freaked out that it was me next “Have a seat Ashley” Mr Cooper’s husky voice was like a shot of bourbon. “Why do you look so nervous?” he asked, “Well… Its nothing.. Just thinking about the cuts and I know I am the one who is going to be let go next..” I exclaimed.. “Ashley…” He tsked “Where did you get the idea about that you were going to be let go? I’ve heard so much about you from the staff. That you were such a motivated HARD worker. I called you in here today for a promotion, to be my personal secretary” I was shocked and so relieved that I jumped up and hugged Paul tight. He held onto me and hugged me back tight.. “You know that once you become my personal secretary you will have to spend more hours in office with me? Like after hours and stuff? But don’t you worry, there is always overtime pay right?” He smirked “You do know what personal secretaries do right Ashley?” Paul winked at me. “Yeah, Ofcourse I do Mr. Cooper. I don’t mind working late. And I do know what they do.., All your personal management at work and for your personal life, seeing your laundry is done, your schedule, at work and your private life is balanced. etc..” I smiled “Haha, Ashley.. Are you actually as innocent as you look? I've heard otherwise from the staff, hence the promotion” What was he talking about? Heard what and from whom? I my self was told never to speak about the office escapades. I loved sex, needed it a lot, I have practically banged everyone on this floor, including a few vaginas... I was hot and young and everyone wanted a piece of me and I enjoyed it so no harm done and it was not like I was dating anyone... “I’m sorry Mr. Cooper, I’m lost..” I freighted innocence.

He sat besides me and his and slid to my upper thigh, stoking it gently “I want you as my PERSONAL secretary Ashley, the one who works on days off and after hours when ever I ask.. You understand what I mean now don't you? I am a man, with a lot of tension to release during the day and I need someone to help me out, always.” WOW, He wanted me? As his someone to help him ‘release’ his tention? My cunt was doing a little happy dance! And to top it off, I'd be paid for it. I had been promoted firstly and secondly I’d get to fuck and him and work for him... Sweet.. I liked this offer a lot. “Yes, I totally understand Mr. Cooper” I said in my sexy come hither voice and spread my legs open, making the skirt ride up a little and giving him a peek of what he will be soon having for himself.

Walking behind me, he cupped my large melons and whispered in my ear. “I love your wardrobe collection Ashley, the clothes are tight enough to show me what I like. But I guess seeing that you are only going to be in my office from now on, I need to see you in less” he pinched my hard nipples through my shirt “I need less and slutty on you.” Saying that he slid a credit card into my hand. Then pointed in a room inside his office, which had a desk, an iMac, a closet for files and a couch.

“That is your new cabin. Inside my office, And your desk faces mine… So I can always have an eye on you and my goods” He squashed my boobs together and groaned. “Imagine me fucking these 34DDs when I am on a conference call, No one would be the wiser!” I could hear the arousal in his voice; it was turning me on. “Now off you go Ashley, Go shopping, get something scandalous” I had being given the day off to get into my new cabinet and buy some new clothes, I was then suppose to report tomorrow at noon to Mr. Cooper for inspection of what the office closet will be full with.

I bought some cup-less bras, crouch-less panties, sheer tops, mini skirts, lace dresses, lace linger, a trench coat, a few teddies, and whatever else got me hot and bothered just trying it on.

The next morning, I wore my black cupless bra, there only aim was to support my DDs into a full perky mode, making my nipples stand out hard through my sheer shirt. I wore a pencil skirt and though about forgoing the panties.

On my way in the next morning, Mr. Cooper messeged me asking me to stop by the adult store and one vibrator, two plugs and one anal bead string. I did just as he told me and was super hot now; my juices were flowing thinking about my day ahead.

It was my first day after promotion and I hade to get my boss happy with the decision he had made. Carrying all my new outfits and the toys I reached office in time where I saw Mr. Cooper waiting for me.

As I walked into his office, He pulled me close to him and pecked my lips “Its going to be a great noon Ashley, Lets get your cabinet set up now shall we?” He tapped my ass and led me into my new office. I handed him the bag filled with toys, displayed the new clothes and linger I bought on my desk and retuned his credit card. “Thats what I shopped for you.” Seeing the toys and the naughty outfits he had a fire starting in his eyes. “Sexy Ashley, I love them all… I’m going to be looking forward to using them on you soon” he smirked.

He pulled me close to him once I had everything kept away, untying my trench coat, he whistled, “My My! That is some sight” he beamed, bending down to put a nipple of mine in his mouth though my blouse and biting it hard.. “OH MY!”I moaned out loud. “Like what you see Mr. Cooper?” I questioned. “Love it Ashley” He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me towards him so that my boobs could touch his muscular chest and my pussy could feel the bulge in his pants..

Kissing my mouth, My neck.. Nibbling on my earlobe his hands tracing my breasts through my shirt, Squashing and squeezing them hard, Excitement started to build in my body.. Soon his hands slid down to my bottom squeezing them hard “Your ass fits my palms perfectly Ashley” he whispered in my ears.. and started to grind against my pussy rubbing his bulge on my bald pussy after pulling my skirt up, making me pretty horny, I couldn't take his teasing anymore and yelled “Fuck me already now will you Paul, You are a bigger tease than me too” and started to tongue kiss his mouth with passion.. In a matter of a minute I was naked on my desk, His thick huge cock was out of his pants and his fingers already finding its way into my vagina. He rammed two thick fingers inside me “So bloody wet for me!” “Oh yes! I need you inside me, please Mr. Cooper” “Yes, Call me Mr. Cooper, I love to hear your moany voice calling me that” he said and pinched my nipples hard. “Are you on the pill or do I need to use a condom Ashley?” “I am on the pill, But a condom too please” He put on a condom and soon slammed inside of me. His thick meat was tearing my pussy and I loved the feeling.. Gaping my pussy.. “You are so tight, The guys have been telling me, but to feel is to believe.. and gosh this feels good.. I'm glad I called for the toys, We'll use them pre-sex to open you up a little when I want to get rougher” he was ramming is cock deep in and out and the storks were pretty darn fast and painful… the excitement was building. “Oh yeah PAUL, Fuck me just like that.. Ah haa, Yeah just like that.. Deeper now.. Harder.. PUSH IT IN.. AHH YEAH BABY..” I couldn’t believe it, MY BOSS IS RIDING ME AND GOD THIS FEELS SINFULLY GOOD “Crap ouch, faster Mr. Cooper.. Ah Bossssssss” was all I was yelling through out the sex we were having I was so close, I needed to come so badly. “Please Mr. Cooper, I need to come.” He picked up pace, “I’m right here Ashley” he said and started to spank my clit “Oh yea baby, I love the way you moan..” “ahhhh” I came so hard so fast as he continued to slap my clit hard.

“I am going to CUM, Your pussy is squeezing my cock so nicely. I need you on your knees NOW” he barked slid his cock out of my now very used cunt hole, pulled me off the table and pushed me onto my knees removed his condom and shoved his thick rod inside my mouth, I could taste the pre-cum on his cock and I began to suck him fast and hard, playing with his balls and got him cuming in a matter or minutes.. He shot loads of tick warm salty cum deep down my throat and I swallowed all with pleasure.

“That was fun Ashley, But I better get going.. Lindsey is awaiting me at home. I promised her sex today.. I'll meet you tomorrow morning..” he said and began to tidy up and left soon. I got dressed back into my clothes arranging all the folders and stuff back on the desk.. Wiping off my juices cleaning the desk and thought 'this man is engaged, why is he banging me when his fiancé can give him all the sex he wants? And what am I now? A slut who is having an affair with her boss who is going to be married soon? WOW this was complicated and so not something I want' I thought and cleared all up and got his office arranged too and got back home..


The next morning I got a text from Paul greeting me a good morning ‘Had fun time with you in the office yesterday. ;) Hope to see you today again without any panties on, EASY ACCESS.

Love- Paul xxx”

I knew his xxx meant much more sex and not lots of kisses.

I dressed in a simple office outfit today, wearing a white shirt, high waist skirt, no panties as he had requested and a half cupped bra and blue heels.

I was early to office today, Got coffee ready for Mr. Cooper and me, arranged all his files and made a schedule of his meetings today. He had 1 web conference meetings and 1 overseas call. That means he was going to be in his office room the whole. It was 10am and everyone was getting into their work station. Mr. Cooper entered his office room and walked into my cabinet and bend over and gave me a nice kiss with a lot of tongue “I hoped you had no underwear on today, But I see bra and I feel disappointed.” he said and went and sat down in his chair. 'Oh, Underwear meant no inner clothes' I thought and removed my bra and waved it to Mr. Cooper “There you go, Its off. I am underwear less now” and put the bra into my side draw.

“I am liking the view already” we winked and called me there to help him with his web cam call.. I got Mr. Cooper connected and Mr. Charles and they started talking about the proposal

“If you fuck the hot girl now on cam for me and ask her to do a strip tease for me right away, Its a deal” Charles middle aged man who looked pretty average told Paul in the end of their conversation and I happened to hear that. No wonder there was always a girl inside the room when conference calls were made, this must be the usual.

I nodded to Mr. Paul Cooper “I'm in.. Anything for a nice pay cut” I winked he called me towards him adjusting the web cam in such a way it would give a fine view of the sex and strip tease which was about to happen on the couch for Charles.

Part 2 coming soon…


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Rating: 86%, Read 18715 times, Posted Feb 25, 2016

Fiction | At work, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, Male, Written by women


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