Deep and lovely dark - Chapter 1 by Batman79

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Female, Horror, Monster, Submission

A story I'm writing containing a few fantasies of mine and friends of mine. Enjoy.

He walked through the street unnoticed by everyone. His stride was confident his face stern containing the scars of a thousand years. His name was Vlad. As he walked through the streets he scanned everybody who passed him. They walked by as if he wasn't even there. Vlad was a tall 6'2 well built man (Hugh jackman built), with long black hair that reached the bottom of his ears. He wore a black suit with a purple suit shirt underneath and a long black trench coat and black leather gloves to match.

He had come along way to get here. He was looking for someone. After years of searching he finally saw her. A petite woman probably in her mid twenties. She had long brown hair that reached her shoulders. Her ass was round and perfect. Her tits were at least 34DD. What attracted her to vlad most was her beautiful face. She was staring at a dress in a shop window. The look of desperation on her face suggested she wanted it but couldn't have it. Vlad stared at her for a moment, convinced he was trapped in some kind of illusion. He walked towards her and crept by her side. "hello" he muttered. She turned her head and her eyes widened as they fell upon this beautiful man. "oh my god what a hunk" she thought to herself. "heaven must be full because it appears to have lost an angel" said Vlad. She looked down and blushed. Vlad grew a smile at how adorable this woman was when she was shy. "I'm Rachel" she said. "Vlad" he replied raising her hand and kissing it. Rachel was mesmerized by this man his kind face and protective nature became obvious to Rachel.

"Would you do me the honour of joining me for dinner tonight?" Vlad asked. Rachel said yes before Vlad even finished his sentence. It was a heat of the moment choice. If she'd stopped think about it, she would have rejected him without hesitation. She didn't know this man, he didn't know her so why did he ask her to dinner? Was he just after the sex? Was he gongs lock her up in a cupboard and leave her to starve? But she could retract her acceptance now. "Excellent, i'll pick you up at 7" said Vlad.

Rachel went straight home to prepare and felt very horny from what'd just happened. Before doing anything, she dropped her jeans and panties and began to rub herself furiously. First remembering vlad, and then remembering his dinner request. This part made Rachel very wet and small moans began to leave her mouth. She then began to remember his voice as he asked her out. So soft, so smooth with no sign of fear or nerves. This turned Rachel on even more, she wanted to date a confident protective older gentleman who could look after her. She inserted one finger into her pussy then two, then three and finger fucked her pussy imaging Vlad ravishing her. "Vlad... please... please take me, oh fuck yeah" she imagined his hard cock splitting her in half, she began thrashing on the couch now as her orgasm overwhelmed her with wave after wave of limitless pleasure.

After catching her breath, Rachel looked at her watch. "Shit it's half 6 already!". Rachel bombed it through the house and into the shower, giving herself a 5 minute scrub down. She leapt out of the shower and into her bedroom. She looked through her closet and pulled out a claret red dress which showed plenty of leg and cleavage. She rushed to get her make up done and just as she grabbed her bag the doorbell rang. She studied herself in the mirror for a moment and took a deep breath. She walked to the front door and opened it. She immediately felt her pussy start dripping again when she saw him standing there in that black suit with his arms behind his back. "Good evening Rachel" said Vlad with a smile on his face as he looked her over. "Good evening Vlad" said Rachel while blushing. "come we have a good night ahead of us" said Vlad raising his elbow. Rachel slipped her arm into his and together the left the house and walked towards the parked car on the street. Vlad was a real gentleman as he opened the passenger door for Rachel as she sat in her seat smiling. Vlad got into the car and started the engine. "I've decided that we shall eat at my home is that ok with you?" you'd hear no complaints from Rachel her anticipation only grew. "Yes that's fine Vlad but can you cook?" she asked this as half sarcastic and half genuine concern. "I was taught by the best my dear" everything that Vlad had said since they met made Rachel feel really special. "well that's good. So what's for dinner?" she asked "my mother had a strong love for Italian food so I thought lasagne might be nice" "Sounds great" said Rachel.

When they arrived at Vlad's house Rachel felt poor. His house was Huge almost like a mansion. Vlad guided her in and pulled out a seat for her at the dinner table which was probably ten metered long. There were candles lit in the centre which were surrounded by flowers. He poured her a glass of wine and went into the kitchen where the food had been cooking whilst he picked her up.he came back a few minutes later with two plates of lasagne. Vlad placed a plate infrlnt of her and sat to her side. "Enjoy" he said.

As they both ate Vlad barely took his eyes off of Rachel. "So what do you do." he said. "I'm a hairdresser I work a few blocks away from where we met" Vlad continues to ask her questions about her life as he had heard that this is the best way to make a good date. When they had both finished Vlad took the plates into the kitchen and poured Rachel another glass of wine. They continued chatting for a while. Rachel began to feel a deep attraction to Vlad as she gases into his emerald eyes. She felt a sudden desire to physically love him. Maybe it was his smile or how he'd been so kind even when she'd spilt red wine on his white carpet.

She had decided this guy was a keeper and she had to have him. She left her seat walked over to him and kissed him passionately on the lips. She didn't know where this new found confidence was coming from but she praised it. Vlad stood with her and his hands began exploring her body from her back down to her bum where he squeezed prompting a small moan from Rachel but never breaking the kiss. Rachel's hands began too explore too. Moving from his chest down to his crotch where it stopped. Vlad's desire began to burn like a wild fire. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom down the hall where he dropped her on his king size bed. He removed his suit while Rachel began working his zipper. She pulled out his now hard cock and was shocked at his 10 inches of meaty heaven. She held nothing back as she took it in her mouth and sucked with a vigor she hadn't used since college. As Vlad removed his shot and revealed his ripped chest, Rachel became very wet and couldn't get enough. She tried to deep throat but there wasn't a chance in hell she was gonna get all this cock in her mouth. It didn't matter though because Vlad was clearly loving every second. "mmmmhmm oh yes suck it, your really good at that", Rachel began to laugh as she stroked him.

Rachel couldn't take it anymore, she had a boatload of sexual tension that desperately needed to be released. "Please lick my Pussy, I need your tounge please". She begged looking up at this cruel man who had the power to satisfy her but decided to hold out. After much more begging Vlad pushed her back on the bed and pulled her dress up only to find she had no panties on. By now Vlad became an animal determined to take what was rightfully his. He spread her legs and began licking her wet pussy, triggering an instant orgasm for Rachel. "OHHHH FUCK YES! YESS YESS YESS DON'T STOP OH GOD! Vlad continued to eat her until she was on the point of passing out. "I'm going to fuck you now! Once I do you will be mine" said Vlad. Rachel hadn't really thought about what Vlad had just said. She just needed to be fucked hard and said anything to get what she needed. "Yes master I'm yours please fuck me!" Vlad positioned his cock on the entrance of her hole and entered slowly.

Rachel began to moan quietly but as he enter her more and more she got louder. When Vlad had all ten inches inside her her began to pump in and out slowly getting faster. Rachel was in ecstasy. "OH MY GOD IT'S SO BIG! Rachel exclaimed causing Vlad to laugh and go rougher. After a couple of strokes, Vlad fucked her faster with no remorse to Rachel's pain. He grabbed her throat and squeezed. Rachel had often wondered if she could be submissive but never tried it. Now she knew she definitely was.

Vlad pulled out of her and commanded her to undress which she did without hesitation. Without time to think vlad had bent Rachel over the bed and spanked her asks hard. She praised Vlad with each smack. SMACK! "thank you master" SMACK! "OH thank you master" SMACK! "OH GOD! THANKYOU MASTER!" Vlad entered her again and fucked her raw, starting another orgasm. "OH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK OH SHIT! YES! Rachel screamed so loud she was certain that the whole world could hear her. She heard Vlad grunting and moaning harder, she knew he was about to cum. "Please cum inside me master its ok I'm on birth control please fill my pussy with your com. Vlad was happy to oblige. And sure enough in one final push he erupted, cumming in her tight pussy.

Vlad collapsed beside Rachel and the two held each other under there covers. "That was amazing Vlad, I've never cum that many times before". This triggered a smile of cockiness on Vlad's face. It was now that Rachel began to think of everything that Vlad had said. "what did you mean I will be yours?" she asked unsure if she wanted to know the answer now. "you are mine now, my partner my friend my bride" Rachel began to feel freaked out and began slipping away from Vlad. She looked at him questionably. "Don't be afraid Rachel, as long as your with me you will have everything you've ever wanted. She realised she would be making her life all about pleasing him in exchange for everything she ever wanted. Thinking about it logically, that didn't seem like such a bad thing. Especially in light of the amazing sex they just had. So she agreed and snuggled up to Vlad again.

"There is one thing you should know about me though" said vlad.


"I'm a Vampire".

Chapter Two Coming soon

Rating: 77%, Read 12221 times, Posted Oct 05, 2015

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Female, Horror, Monster, Submission


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