Over the road trucking_(1) by roofer2469

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It was a night of pure pleasure.

It was a night I will remember till the day I die, it was time in my life I will always remember.

Until you get a chance to drive an 18 wheeler you will never know the feeling you get in something that big in your hands rolling down the highway. And with today's advancements in the tech world if I had to do it again I might just jump at.

As the saying goes anybody can drive a Big Rig, The challenge is backing it up to a loading dock with other high priced trucks around you.

Trick is to get your truck between two other Big Rigs without tearing their trucks up.

If you approach this task slowly and set your rig up right you will see how easy it really is.

Time after time when you have to get it in the hole ( pun intended ) you get better at this maneuver.

It is one job I will always love to do and like I said it is the feeling you get from the power and control of The Big Rig.

Plus the fact that your office / home travels, KEEP ON TRUCKING !!!

To make the trip more interesting so to speak I told her there were other rules we would be following.

She gave me a look that almost made me stop and not tell her, until she heard what I was about to tell her.

We have 4 days to Portland, let us pick one sexual act we do only for 24 hours.

Oral sex is one. Two is fucking one or both holes no foreplay, three using dildos or and vibrators and four everything & anything goes.

She smiled at me with those blue eyes and I was starting to get hard!!!

Jill and I woke up around 8 am.

At least we got some sleep after pulling an all out fuck and suckfest. A lot of good making up sex rules did.

This little girl was something else, and not once did she ever say she wanted to quit. We fucked like rabbits,in every way possible.She found my karma sutra book and we tried half of the positions, after that we passed out from complete exhaustion.

We had breakfast and got back on the road by 10 o'clock, I know it was late getting back to working again but hell I had till Monday.I was working my way across I 40 to go across the small part of Texas.

Don't get me wrong here, I like Texas, not driving through it.

This is a company truck that is turned up to only 65 miles an hour meaning it will take you a day an a half to drive across it. So I avoid going across the big part at all costs.

We drove through Alabama, Mississippi, in to Louisiana and headed north up I 49 and got off the highway and drove the back roads to Arkansas up to I 40.

It was Friday morning now when I hit I 40 heading for okie city OK.

We stopped at a rest area and took a 2 hour fuck break.

It was blow job day, her turn to solo me all day. But we ended up fucking like rabbits to mind blowing orgasms.

I know what the rules were but fucking each to orgasm was the only way I could drive again, plus fucking her was a dream come true.

Me being 45 years old I was in heaven with this 22 year old bombshell.

It put a spring back into my step again, trust me.

We made okie city in the afternoon and I stopped to fuel up at the T / A truckstop.

It was hot out and after fueling up I parked the Rig and we went in for showers.

We got into the shower and cleaned each other up,then we went at it like crazy again.

She was to have her way and solo me to blasting a load down her throat.

chapter 4

We got dressed and had a nice meal.

Back on the road again heading west again heading for Albuquerque NM. It was 464 miles to Albuquerque NM. It went really good, weather was nice.

Nighttime came and we pulled in the truck stop at midnight.

I fueled up and we went in and got a lite bite to eat.

We went back to the truck, closed the private curtain and and got right into having fun.

She said " this is the fucking all day day Hun, it's after midnight, new day."

"Yes I said you are right doll so let the fucking begin."

I got between her legs and put my hard - on into her hot sweet pussy.

I told her no foreplay just fucking, " ok lets fuck our brains out"

And we did just that!!!

It is hard to put into words of the feelings I have fucking this little girl, it is the most wonderful feelings I have ever had fucking a woman in my life.

When we fucked I tried not to cum, but to keep fucking her,enjoying her young body, putting some mileage on her so to speak. She was very tight and I knew she knew how to fuck and found out later that she did it a few times up until she met me.So she was still like a virgin but with experience.

And the best part was she had no hang ups.

She wanted to try everything and she became to like all sex.

Later come to find out her favorite act was to get DP-ed. It was something else watching her getting off with both her holes filled up and fucked fast and hard.

I pulled out a Kong dong I had saved for a girlfriend I met every so often in Omaha NE. And yes that is another story.

Jills eyes when wide open seeing this piece of lumber.

"Holy shit " she said as I started to fuck her hot cunt with it. I lubed it up with super lube and pushed it against her pussy. The massive dick pushed her lips apart and you could see this was going to be a treat for both of us.

Her little pussy was going to be stretched wider then ever before and she loved it.For a little girl she took this giant dick into her pussy. She took it from my hands and fucked her little tight young cunt until she cummed at least 5 times in less then five minutes.Her juices coming out and dripping on every stroke in and out.

I got behind her and lubed up my fingers, pushed one finger into her, more she said. I gave her two fingers and still "more" she said.

I stuck 3 fingers into her tight young ass and it made her blast another BIG O.

All this time she is fucking her cunt with KD ( Kong Dong ).

She has it with both hands pushing in and out of her wet gushing pussy.

My cock was now so hard it was hurting and it was time to insert it into her ass.

Out came my fingers and in went my hard - on.

She was relaxed and it sunk all the way into her.

I could feel the KD filling her little pussy up. I could feel the head of it pushing against my hard pole from the bottom to the throbbing head.

This was going to be difficult not to load up her ass with my Baby Batter.

I was slowly stroke her tight ass, pulling out all the way popping out her little hole.Pushing back in going to the bottom. This long slow stroking her made her blast another cum soaking orgasm. She was cumming and started to ram the KD in and out of her with speed and force, She was fucking her cunt with a purpose. She looked like she wanted it being done to her, without her holding it and it gave me an Idea for later to try on her.

It also was going to be good watching it later, I was camming it onto my laptop taking it all in.

I kept fucking her ass as slow as I could. I wanted to fuck her all night long like this. Her ass felt so good around my cock, A feeling hard to put into words. Better then any drug on the planet I guess I would put it.

She was cumming again and her juices were running down onto my cock, lubing her up and helping it go in and out of her. She would cum so hard and gush like a hose the superglide was not needed anymore.

I am slowly going in and out still but it was not stopping me from getting my balls to tighten up and blow a load,

This slow deep long stroking her ass was making me want to cum faster. Faster then ramming my cock up her ass with brute force. Blasting her with another hot load.

Feeling the KD stroking my cock and fucking her to dream land was making me struggle with all my might not to cum.

It was the hardest ( no pun intended ) I have ever tried to keep from cumming.It was making me hotter then I could ever remember before.

Like the saying goes fucking a woman in the ass is not like in her pussy,It is by far more intense the pussy pounding.

And they can control their muscles and drive a man insane with pleasure.

It was about time I let loose, I tried my best to last as long as I could and could not prolong what was about to happen. I told her I was cumming and she said " cum in me Bill, blast my inside with that hot spooze of yours, My cock swelled really big and it was hurting to let go. I could feel the batter coming up the pipe, trying to get out as quick as it could, I felt like a volcano ready to blast lava around the world.

I blew with force with larges amounts of hot thick babybatter.She screamed feeling it blast her ass, " It's so hot, I can feel it deep inside me, Oh My God" she screams into another gushing orgasm.

I was fucking her fast at this point pounding into her, as hard as I could, she is screaming "FUCK ME HARDER"

I'm blasting her and pounding her and it was all I could do until I collapsed, her with the KD still inside her, her not moving, just shaking like she was cold, only it was not cold, it was many more little orgasm's. One right after another, she just kept shaking and cumming.our juices were just oozing out of her and wetting the bed.

We fell asleep and woke up at 3, I was still in her and hard, the KD was still inside her and resting.I started to fuck her ass again, only this time as fast as I could. She woke up to an ass pounding she will never forget, but wants more during this trip.

I pulled her up to doggie style and pounded her with reckless abandonment.

I was fucking her with brute force,trying to fuck her as hard as I could,to hurt this little fucking hot cunt, rapeing her ass, taking what was mine now, All Mine.

I pounded her to another blast of cum. I blasted her at least 10 times, each blast harder then the first.

I drained myself and once again collapsed on the bunk.We woke up at 8 o'clock still my cock inside her.The KD was still in her and she pulled it out and along came all the juices that were being held into her, like a giant plug.

We were soaked but it was great and very wet. We kissed for along time and she said" if this keeps up she was going to fall in love with me," " I told her I was already in love with her."

She kissed me harder and said she loved me and this was going to be a very fun trip for her.

I said "it is going to be more then fun Little Girl," she giggled and said" ya think? this has only started hun. "

We got up and showered again, had breakfast and back on the road again.

I told her next stop was Flaggstaff, and lots of sex, she giggled and said " bring it on loverboy"

I had to do a lot of driving that day to make up for lost time.

I went to the fuel stop in flagstaff but did not stay there. I fueled up and back on the road we went.

She was getting randy again and I had to keep her check, I reminded her no horseing around driving, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I said we need to make time, I want to get within 300 miles for sunday so we have a short trip to unload monday morning.

Rating: 89%, Read 10998 times, Posted Apr 01, 2010

Fiction | Female, Male


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