My BBW ex wife part 3 by Burlingtonguy

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It had been 25 months since Beck and I separated. Since the split, regardless of dating situations we always seemed to hook up every now and then, including her brief spell needing a second income. Almost 25 months to the day I got a call from my lawyer out of the blue saying the divorce had been finalized and she had received the judgement from court house.

I shot Beck a text "congratulations, you're a free women"

Almost immediately I got a response "I suppose I should celebrate next week when I don't have the kids"

"Sucks to be you, I'll be going full out starting with lunch today" I replied.

When work was over I raced home, walked the dog and waited for my girlfriend to pick me up to go for dinner. After dinner a couple of friends dropped by the bar to begin the celebration. Shortly after my girl had to leave as she had to work in the morning. I chose to stay and kept drinking against my better judgement.

Around 10:00pm and several pitchers of beer later I received a text "how's your celebrations going?"

"Going great, only better way to cap this celebration would be wild drunken sex lol"

"Well you're more likely to achieve that than me tonight" beck replied

"Well how about I come over and service that pussy one last time to officially close out our marriage?"

"No! I am not sleeping with your drunk ass lol how about you go home and sleep so you can get the kids on time tomorrow morning"

I heeded her advice and called it a night. Before plugging my phone in for the night I fired off one last text. "Remember that time we both called in sick for work and spent the day in bed?"


The next morning I picked up the kids as was the plan. They both had dentists appointments so Beck and I took them together. After the appointments we dropped them at school and the plan was to drop Beck at her office. As we approached my car I opened the passenger door for her. She paused and looked at me with her bright white smile "thank you" she said as we locked eyes. I pulled her close and our lips locked, her tongue immediately met mine as we passionately kissed. Our bodies pressed together as I pushed her against the car as our kisses grew in passion.

We peeled our lips apart and jumped in the car. When we arrived at her office she looked puzzled. "Why are we here?"

Without saying a word I sped away and headed towards her condo. As we pulled in she asked me to stop out front. "We can't go up, they are doing unit inspections today. I'm going to grab some stuff and I'll be right down". A few minutes later she was back. "What did you need to get?", "just a few things so I can do some work from your place"

We weren't even in the front door of my place and we were all over eachother. Once inside, beck kneeled on the stairs and lifted her dress "don't fuck around, cause I'm not waiting"

I grabbed her hair and shoved her head into the stairs. I dropped to my knees and licked her from her soaking wet pussy to her ass. Beck let out a loud "Jesus Christ" as she moaned. I stood up and plunged my cock into her soaking wet hairy pussy. I grabbed her hair and yanked it hard back as I slapped her fat ass. I thrusted hard as we banged around the stairs. I pulled out and turned Beck over, keeping a firm grip on her hair. I shoved all 7 inches down her throat. Relentlessly thrusting into her face. Beck continued to gag as tears streamed down her face. I was about to nut when she shoved me off and began walking up the stairs. When she got to the top she got on all fours again. I plunged into her pussy. I thrusted hard, maybe a few times before I erupted inside her pussy. I collapsed on the floor next to her. Beck hoped up and stood over my face. "How dare you cum inside me!" She said sternly. She dropped down on top of my face "remember you always begged me to sit on your face? Well use that tongue of yours to get all your cum out or I'm not getting off of you". I grabbed her thighs and pulled her down onto my face. Her pussy was so wet I could barely tell what was mine or hers. I worked my tongue all around her deliciousness. As I did I could taste my cum slowly working its way out of her slit. I focused on her rock hard clit. Feeling daring I gave it a gentle pull with my lips. Then again, and again. I could tell this was beginning to drive her wild. I latched on one final, sucking long and hard. She began to tremble. Her thick thighs gripped my head as she began to bounce on my face. Then wave after wave of sweet juice flowed from her. She collapsed onto her arms leaving her pussy resting on my face. After A minute she stood up and proceed to crawl on to my bed. A few minutes later I got up to join her. She was laying on her stomach, legs spread giving me a great view of her pussy and ass. I spread her cheeks and gave her a long slow lick up and down her ass crack. I then spit onto her hole and took my index finger and began to rub it. Oddly enough she didn't fight it.

I spit onto her hole again but this time I used my tongue to push my spit inside her. I could tell this was driving her wild. Everytime I did it she was push her big ass into my face. This continued for about ten minutes. Eventually I took my index finger and gently started playing with her cornhole. I slowly inserted my finger and held it there. Much to my surprise she put up no resistance. I licked her crack again as I began to massage her thick booty. I worked my massage up her back until I got to her neck. I move her hair and began to kiss her neck. She gasped and pushed her ass back on to my cock. I pressed my cock on to her hole. She immediately flipped over, firmly saying "no, never going to happen". I climbed up and she began to devour my cock going straight to deep throating me.

Rating: 86%, Read 6818 times, Posted Nov 24, 2020

True Story |


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