My College Days As The Intern: Part 2 by RICHDARKNINE

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True Story | Black, Blowjob, Cheating, Oral Sex

Monday morning came way to quick if you ask me. It felt as all I did was blinked and Monday was here again. Even though all I did was slept my weekend away. Didn't even shower, the only thing I did was stripped down to nothing and got under the covers and didn't move unless I had to. My roommate would just look at me confused considering I missed our workouts and didn't eat for two whole days.

But by Monday I was back to my normal self just with a little more peep in my step seeing that I had the best blow jobs ever on earth just a couple days ago. I went to my last class and went to work as usual. And pretended like nothing really happened, then around five the big boss had a surprise for me that I didn't like at all. She told me that I was going to be working on a special project with Derek for the next 6 weeks. Derek just so happen to be my boss who had the head game like no other person in this world. She told me to report to him and thanks for breaking the stereotype with him since she thought that she was going to have to let him go because he couldn't work with younger people and people of color. (And especially since most of the company were younger people of color that extended all races)

I tried to avoid him for the rest of the day but there was no way to do so when we both work in the basement where there are only 2 offices, 6 opaque cubicles, a glass break room and a bathroom. When I got back downstairs Derek was rushing everyone else home. Stating that they did a great job but there was nothing else for them to do until we get the external quotes for the marketing project. In my head I was screaming that there is a god since I get to go home and not have to run into Derek. However, on my way to my cubicle Derek was one step ahead of me by telling a co-worker to tell me that he needed to see me in his office and to wait by his door. My heart dropped and in my head I screamed NO NO NO NO!

Once everyone left I was still at my desk wondering what he wanted. He came up to me desk and said "to my office Mr. Davenport" in a strong deep voice like I was in trouble. On the way to his office he was still making sure no one was here with us. Once he opened the door to his office he let me in first and I stood by the door like a kid, not wanting to look him in the eye or go near him but then the conversation started.

"Since you heard the good news how are we going to do this" he said with a smirk on his face.

Still not looking at him I said “not sure what you are talking about".

He smiled and said "what's wrong you’re not your usual big smile self today, I thought you would be glad to work with me and that I stuck your big huge stiff black juicy dick in my mouth Friday". With every word my cock moved, so I sat down and put my coat on my lap; not wanting him to see what I really thought of those words.

He got up from his office chair in his dual light office and came around to me and stood behind me. He kissed the back of my neck as he massaged my shoulders and said "come on, I know you enjoyed it the way you came in my throat and in my hair, so why are you playing hard to get today".

I used every bit of me to turn around to say " that was a onetime thing, it will never happen again, no doubt it was one of the best blow jobs I had ever gotten but your married and my boss so that's leave it at that." I got up to leave but he blocked the door.

He said “I will only ask you once and then I won't bring it up again" with this hurt look on his face. As he continued he said " I told you that my wife already knows and please don't stop this, I've wanted this for a long time. I trust you and it seems like you trust me or you would have told someone. So I'm going to ask you a second time (as he walked closer staring me directly in the eye and placing his right hand on my crotch area) do you want this to stop (he reached and unzipped my pants and stuck his hand inside). To his shock I had on underwear. HOWEVER, he already had me hard and leaking pre-cum so I thought to myself HELL NO, and I pushed his hand away and tried to start to walk away but before I could take my first step he had dropped to his knees and placed his warm wet mouth on my dick and I was enjoying it to the point of no return.

My pants and underwear sled to the floor so effortlessly. He was already making me moan and he lifted my left leg over his shoulder, slipping off my dress shoe and sock and one of my pant legs. And all I could think was how come my ex didn't want my cock as bad as he wanted it. I opened my eyes and looked down he had completely stripped me from clothes from the waist down. All I had on was my Wal-Mart polo shirt. He looked up at me and moaned a thank you with dick half way in his mouth.

I was enjoying this so much that I took my shirt off and stopped him to say "suck my dick better than you did the other day". He smiled but even though he was stroking my cock with his hands and his mouth I wanted more. So I pushed my cock further into his mouth while holding his shoulders I pushed him onto his butt, off his knees and into the door. His grip on cock had gotten tighter not to lose my dick which was buried inside his throat. My confidence rose to the point of when I usual have sex with someone making me the more dominant one. I placed his head on the door and started face fucking him. I grabbed his hair and went full force.

His smile grew bigger and he moaned over and over thank you. I should have been the one to thank him because I was in heaven. Never in my life to face fuck anyone before, it felt like his mouth was made to suck my cock. And to be an older gentlemen his strength was no problem because he had gotten back on his knees, picked me up off the floor carried me to his desk and sat my bare ass on his cold desk without losing my cock. And all I could think is here “comes cloud 35 again”.

My body started to tighten up and he knew I was ready to cum. He stopped and said "no not yet" so he reached up and took my head closer to his and kissed my lips with such passion it made me melt on his desk. Then I noticed he had already undone his pants and was sliding his cock onto my mine.

He said "now you may cum and don't hold back I want it all in my mouth, now". I smiled as he went back to deep throating me, wanting me to touch the back of throat with the head of my penis. He buried his face into my forest of a pubic area while placing my legs over his shoulders. He lifted his face from my pubic area to give my balls some attention. He tried to stick both of them in his mouth at the same time and it felt as if he had given me the best gift of all. Then he removed them and went straight for my hole. I was in shock that he did that but it was the best. Without entering my whole he licked all around it and over it. Without any notice he spit right into my whole that made me jump and I arched my back, tilted my head back and gripped his hair and quietly said "don't stop, don't never stop".

Five minutes after he stopped me from cumming the first time he stopped and said " I never had anyone last this long". I laughed and said "because you’re not dealing with an amateur and I didn't tell you to stop". He laughed and said "we going to see about that" and with that he put my legs back on his shoulder and stuck his face between the crease of my cock and thigh and lifted me up off his desk. I was shocked considering I am over six feet tall and over 200 lbs and this forty something year old man could lift me like I was nothing.

He placed me on the wall and started sucking faster and faster. He had me stuck and ready to give him as much cum as he wanted. I stiffened up and cock filled his mouth and it happened. I exploded with cum going down his beautiful throat. I became a fountain of ever streaming sperm. It felt as if I was never going to stop. I gripped his hair with one hand and a picture frame with the other while I was still enjoying him bob up and down like no tomorrow.

A good while later I was done, I was exhausted and satisfied to no end. He placed my feet on the floor but I couldn't stand so I just slowly fell to the floor. During my free fall I notice he had came on his pants without even touching himself because it was still dripping from his stiff cock. He laid next to me and gave me another passionate kiss as if I had did him the biggest favor on earth. Then he said "you’re wearing my favorite colors amateur" (blue and grey). I said "I made you cum without touching yourself so you in fact sir are the amateur" in my sophisticated voice.

Then the conversation changed while I was still lying there completely naked. He said "can I be serious", I shook my head yes. He said "I wanted you every since you started here and I hope this doesn't stop anytime soon". Still catching my breathe from that world wind he took me through I said " you do know I'm straight, your married, and my boss how can we continue this in this very small company of only 60 people".

Rating: 88%, Read 10074 times, Posted Aug 01, 2014

True Story | Black, Blowjob, Cheating, Oral Sex


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