Taking the Maid by Sissywoo2000

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Fiction | BDSM, Bestiality, Domination, Female, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Submission

It was never that dirty, and it wasn't even that big. Mr. Chambers house was Leifang's favorite to clean. And Mr. Chambers himself was a nice man, she came early and he gave her breakfast and coffee in the morning and they talked. He was in his fifties, balding, and a widower. He lived here alone with his big mutt, Buster, who was well trained, but a total goofball.

Lei was nineteen, and had immigrated with her mother when she was four, and spoke fluent Mandarin as well as unaccented English. Since her mother had died two years ago, she had been supporting herself as a maid. She was small and cute, with light brown skin and shoulder length hair.

This particular Tuesday, breakfast was laid out, bagels with lox for Mr. Chambers and just cream cheese for the vegetarian Lei. She smiled. Mr. Chambers was so considerate. He always asked about schooling and paid her more than average. Lei really liked him, even developing a crush on the middle aged construction manager.

Today Mr. Chambers wore a suit, not the usual jeans and flannel. “Lei, could I ask a huge favor? Could I leave Buster here with you? He's usually fine to come to the site with me, but I have a meeting in the city and I can't really take the big guy. Just for the morning, you understand.”

“Of course, Mr. Chambers. I love dogs! I wish I had one actually.” Hearing his name, the big brown half Dane half something else sauntered up. “You're just a big sweetie aren't you?” she said, scratching his head.

Buster snorted happily and pushed against the little Asian woman and she laughed. He had thirty pounds on her and was almost as tall as she was.

Mr. Chambers left and Buster went off doing whatever dog's do. He really was good, but if he was left alone he might tear the place up. Lei set to work in the kitchen, scrubbing counters and cupboards and floors. She flit about in her short maids uniform, which she wore for male clients as it always lead to a better tip, scrubbing both the bathrooms, even though the second one hadn't been used since she was last there. Lei took pride in her thorough job.

The house was scrubbed clean by 11:00 and Mr. Chambers wasn't scheduled to be back until after noon. Lei pursed her lips, deciding what to do. Normally she just left and found someplace private to eat and... Take care of herself.

Lei was in the habit of a midday masturbation session. She had always had a very strong sex drive, even though she had never really done it, and she found that if she didn't take care of herself she was miserable for the rest of the day.

She drank a glass of water and decided, hey, she was done and she had an hour, she may as well make herself at home on the plush rug in the living room. She took a towel and laid it on the rug. The she took off her lacy knickers. And sat her bare butt on the towel.

Lei licked a finger and spread legs and began fondling her hairless slit, gently. She found herself thinking about Mr. Chambers. If he ever asked her out she would have said yes. She had seen cocks in porn and wondered what his looked like, if it was big. She hoped it wasn't too big though, she was a small woman and she was a virgin, having only put tampons and a small vibe in there.

She was starting to feel really good. Her fingers worked circles on her clit. She was breathing hard and her eyes were closed. She never could cum laying on her back however, and rolled over onto all fours and stuck her butt in the air and continued rubbing her now wet and dripping slit, resting her head on one arm while the other did the work.

She didn't hear him come in, and had no reasom to think anything of it if she had. It wasn't until a cold wet nose pushed against her tight little asshole that she knew Buster was even there, and she yelped in surprise. “Buster! No, bad dog!” she chided. She started to roll back over and Buster must have sensed he was losing his chance and mounted the horny little female. He knew the smell of a bitch in heat and he knew what to do about it.

“No! Buster, no! I'm not a girl doggy, you can't!” she protested trying to get away. He was so strong though. His grip on her sides firm and his furry belly was hot and heavy on her back and he was already humping like crazy. His thick red member began snaking out of his sheath and searching for a home. Leifang's body began to betray her brain and she found on a deep level a desire to be taken by this huge brute of a dog. She was weakening her struggles, and just as she realized she wasn't going to get away, the inevitable happened.

Buster was a good boy, well trained and friendly, but as a mate he was not a gentle lover. Eight hot inches of dog cock hit her tiny hole and plunged deep. She screamed in pain and Buster began pounding her like a jackhammer.

It wasn't long before the pleasure eclipsed the pain, and she surrendered to it. It wasn't purely physical, she later realized. The humiliation of being dog-fucked was a tremendous turn on. Then with a hard push, something the size of a baseball at the bottom of his cock forced its way into her battered young pussy. It hurt and she cried out, and came hard all at the same time. Her brain went empty as she jerked and spasmed in the most powerful orgasm of her life.

When she finally stopped, she felt a little clearer headed. Buster was still in her, cumming, hot liquid shooting into her already overful pussy. “OK, just let him finish and then clean up and pretend this never happened. Nobody needs to know,” she told herself.

She came again when he roughly pulled one leg over, screaming as he turned and they were now butt to butt. She realized, to her horror, that he was stuck inside her. “Oh, no, Buster, you have to get out!” she moaned. She pulled, but she was already practically hanging from his huge knot, and it was clear that she wasn't going anywhere. Leifang was learning first hand what knotting meant in mating dogs.

She tried to take deep breaths as his sperm was filling her more and moreand the pressure grew. Ten minutes, twenty, every once in a while she would tug on the tie but they were stuck together tightly. She came, involuntarily, twice more. Her heart pounded in her ears.

Then it happened, the moment she dreaded. They had been ass to ass for twenty five minutes when the door opened. She frantically tried to pull away, but Buster was inside her until he was done and that was that.

“Oh, my.” Mr. Chambers said calmly. Leifang was in tears as he looked up from her position on all fours, but her arms gave out and she was face down ass up again.

“M-mr. Chambers! This isn't what it looks like!” she stuttered.

“It isn't? Because it looks like you and Buster are getting along better than I expected.”

She saw him, her head on the carpet go over to the shelf across the room and pick up a decorative box.

“I must admit I was a bit surprised to see you begin frigging yourself on my nanny cam.”

“Oh, God,” she sobbed.

“Desi, my late wife, was a little doggy bitch too, and we bought Buster to be her dominant lover. I guess you didn't know he was trained to mount an upturned ass like that.”

“Nooo!” she whined. She had never been so humiliated, not even close.

“Lei, it's OK,” he said, sitting on the floor. “I'm never gonna tell anyone and the nanny-cam video is as good as deleted, if you want.” He stroked her hair.



He stroked her while she lay tied, soothing her softly. “He usually ties for about an hour. That's longer than most dogs.” The tie actually lasted 72 minutes, 4 seconds, she later found out by the time stamp on the nanny-cam.

“He's pulling out now,” he warned. His knot had finally shrunk down again and she moaned loudly as his huge member pulled out with a wet popping noise.

A flood of thin dog-cum gushed out of her. Mr. Chambers led Buster to the other room and returned to find poor Leifang curled up, crying. Her pussy was dripping onto the towel.

“I'm sorry,” she sobbed.

“I'm not mad, sweetie.” Then he left the room.

To be continued...

Rating: 95%, Read 133525 times, Posted Jul 08, 2020

Fiction | BDSM, Bestiality, Domination, Female, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Submission


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