Reporting for Fuck-Duty by GemmaSwinger101

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Fantasm | Consensual Sex, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex

The Appointment

I wasn't sure what to expect.

Some Interweber being naughty with me? Well here I was ready to enter the lust zone ; as this was the number he had given me.

Knock Knock!

The door was open and my excitement was going crazy!

So I walked into his apartment with a smile and there he was.

An innocent looking young man looking totally surprised that this nympho had turned up!

Totally wide-eyed and eager he looked to my calculating eyes...yess this will do nicely I thought to my self as I approached the young guy. I guess my cunt was going to have its work-out with this young stud.

oh well, that was what I was here for.

What I had allways been here for....I reflected.

No need for words...

I simply took him by the hand and led him towards the open door of the bed-room. I had told him that he could have a sex party with me an invite a group of guys to do me. Well no, there was no group guys but I was secretly happy with that.

Inside the bed-room alone with him. There was no need for words, we both knew why I was here.

Fucking! Yes That was why!

So I shut the bed-room door with a rising heat and abandoned desire taking a hold of me and I kissed him hard on the mouth, pushing myself upon him with a urgency and need burning in my cunt.

This was great!

I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants. (just like being back at school I though).

I needed his dick inside my cunt, simple. I needed it bad !

So 'Mr Story-Teller' - as he calls himself, finally speaks up:

He asked if "we could do this on the bed" in a excited but nervous voice.

I smiled and said "Of-course."

Just like the kind sex-teacher I now was (again).


We got onto his bed and his pants were off in a split second revealing his awakened man-hood rolling and erecting right before my eyes.

And before my eager mouth!

I took his cock head inside my parted lips, to suck upon his dick.

I felt my cunt respond with its passion.

As I went for his cock he rubbed his hand against my cloth covered crotch. I was shocked and excited by his gesture.

My crutch was wet, my pussy steaming under, as his hand rubbed between my legs, which I opened to better accommodate him.

I interrupted sucking his cock for a moment.

"Oh aren't we a little excited?" I said.

In that moment he pounced on me!

He pulled at my pants and tugged them down, pulling them off my legs as quickly as he could.

My thong was dripping as his fingers poked around the lace and slid into my pussy.

I moaned and looked to him with wide eyes.

He leaned down and moved his head inbetween my legs!

His hand had moved my thong to the side exposing my pussy to him and his tongue. He licked my clit to taste me and then shoved his tongue into my wet cunt, deeper and deeper he went with it!

I ran a hand though my hair and could stand no more of it.

I was shouting !

Shouting for him to "Fuck Me! Fuck Me!"

I was gagging for it now.

Fuck Me !

His moment to fuck me had arrived and he knew it.

He said he had wanted to fuck me for years. And cum in me.

But I was too respectable, had just been a tease? all this time.

Well now it was fuck time!

He pulled my thong down and along my legs, taking it off.

My eyes never left his erect cock as he lined it up between my parted thighs.

He looked at my slit with calculation in his expression. Or so I felt.

He was big and his cock was leaking pre-cum, dripping from the end of his hard cock!

Then he rammed it in.

Yes, straight up my cunt filling me with it making me gasp. oh fuck yes! that felt great! total orgasm!

His balls slapped my ass as he fucked me, getting into a beat. Harder and harder he fucked sliding that cock into me, making my tits bounce and the nipples wobble around, back-wards and forwards.

I was tensing up more and more, wanting to cum and wanting to cum upon his fat cock. I couldnt take it anymore and I screamed and climaxed as his fucking was still going strong.

He leaned in and whispered to me as I moaned;

"That is two, one more and i'm good to cum"

Then he turned me over onto all fours.

There I was like a fuckable dog as he looked interestingly at me.

There I was a beautiful sophisticated woman, on all fours like a dog in heat waiting on nature.

To my delight he slammed his dick back into me again, even harder than before fucking me like the fuck I was and making me shake in anticipation. arms got tired of holding up my firm wobbling tits and so my head hit the pillow, my sexy ass still in the air with him behind me fucking my pussy.

He grabbed my arms and held them and rammed me even harder with his dick. I was screaming my third orgasm session and its waves washed over me. He gave it all he had as I was still cumming on his dick.

He squeezed my wrists and used them so he could ram into my tight pussy as hard as he could, making me scream louder and louder!

He begs me to keep cumming, an urgency in his voice.

My pussy was quivering as he let to of my arms and grabed a hold on my hips. He thrust into me as hard as he ever had.

cum on my face

I was near now.

I could just squeak for him to "cum on my face."

I wasn't sure if he was too far gone for that.

He wasn't so he turned me around onto my back and sat over my tits.

I was gasping for air as streams of white cum flowed from his cock and landed on my face.

Finally I had been satisfied after years of anguish.

I was exhausted.

He looked down at my cum covered face and smiled.

I felt Great!

He went to the bathroom.

Then he came back an lay down next to my exhausted body.

I could tell that he was pleased.

I was surprised by how good the sex was.



with thanks to storyteller1948

Rating: 60%, Read 25136 times, Posted Feb 03, 2013

Fantasm | Consensual Sex, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex


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